Pajamas And Panties

Now I have not been shy in telling you that my interest in spanking has waned over the past few years, even to a point that I am now on the verge of taking a long break from the active party scene. In reality though, I’m not sure if it is my interest in spanking that has waned, or if it is because I have been to so many parties over the years that it is beginning to feel like Groundhog day to me. There are definitely still scenes in my mind that are super hot, but 15 minutes does not a party make, lol.

Today I am going to focus on one of the hottest scene thoughts that I have had for many years, and if I was to give it a rating anywhere, what I am about to describe would easily make my top 3 all time spanking fantasies. How high on the list would depend on the day and all of the circumstances regarding the spanking. It was just the other day that I was gathering something for Dana Specht’s site and I saw the film sat in my folder, and I couldn’t help but play my favorite scene from the film for like the 100th time.

The film in question is PAJAMA PARTY PUNISHMENT which you can find on Dana’s site by clicking the highlighted text. In fact, you can find ALL of Dana’s films that are available for digital download in one handy location. Just visit DANA’S DIGITAL DOWNLOAD PAGE for a sortable list of all of the spanking digital downloads that Dana has for sale.

So before I start, today’s post is a Windsor fetish post. The items that I am talking about are real hot buttons for me, and they have a deep psychological hold on what I like and what I absolutely love. I pass no judgement on anyone, and I have a full understanding of what it is that I like and why I like it. At this point it doesn’t need to be said, you should all know me by now, but bare bottom spankings have zero psychological effect on me whatsoever, it just isn’t something that appeals to me. A spanking of some form of clothing resonates deeply with me as being more of a real spanking than a bare bottom caning would.

In the film listed above, PAJAMA PARTY PUNISHMENT, there is a perfect storm of three events that put the selected clip from the movie into the A+ category for me. Firstly the OTK spanking over pajamas (with an extra plus that you can see the outline of the panties beneath the pj’s), followed by a spanking over what appears to be a pair of white nylon panties, which are like the holy grail to any spanking scene that I like, and of all this is combined with one of the greatest spanker’s on the planet, Miss Dana Specht.

There have been a lot of spanking films that I have watched over the years, and in the age of digital downloads, I can now edit my favorite scenes into separate clips, almost like creating my own mini movie. It is quite rare though that I can get enough footage to actually make a clip of a decent length though. More often than not spankings go straight to the bare, or two swats over the panties and down they come or up they go. So for me to be able to get a good 3 minute clip from a film, I will be honest, that would be money well worth spent as I would get as much out of those three minutes as someone could from a 30 minute film.

In the clip that I love the spanking starts out on those ultra thin pajama bottoms, and you can see the panties right through them, how awesome is that? It is a great set up for what is to come, and of course Dana isn’t shy about scolding as she spanks. In just this little segment alone, 130 spanks are delivered.

Next up comes the part that I couldn’t write better myself, though I will give it a shot when I film with Dana the next time that we collaborate. Dana Specht giving a good hand spanking over the seat of a pair of white nylon panties. That is like my peanut butter and jelly, or my coffee and cream, the firm maternal palm of Dana Specht warming the seat of a pair of white nylon panties is just about the hottest thing that I could dream of.

The opening lines have such a strong affect as well, something that I also enjoy immensely. A spanking scene can improve dramatically if the right words and key phrases are used. In this particular scene Dana opens by saying, as she spanks “Oh now, we don’t have jammies on so it stings a little more, doesn’t it”? which of course inevitably leads to the all time classic line “Well a spanking is supposed to hurt”

As you can see from the image above, there is a slight problem with the panty spanking portion in this scene. In theory Adriana is getting spanked on her panties, and of course it has been long noted that a pair of panties offers little protection to a paddle like hand anyway. In this scene though, Dana Specht is just downright mean, because I don’t think that a single spank actually landed on the panties. Dana began by spanking the cheeks poking out at the bottom of the panties, and with a few seconds of wriggling the panties had headed north and the bottom became more and more bare the longer that the spanking continued.

I will say that normally this wouldn’t appeal to me, but for some reason in this film it did. It probably has to do with the interaction between Dana and Adriana that made me think “Oh you poor thing, it doesn’t look like those panties are offering you any protection at all”. The only slight drawback that I had was that only 100 spanks were delivered in this segment, but that is purely selfish on my part. I understand that they still had bare bottom spankings and a strapping to come. But if there were 130 spanks on the pj’s, then I was hoping for like 150 on the panties. Even so, 230 spanks on a clothed bottom, that is more than plenty for me to enjoy on rewind.

There are many pajama spankings to be found on DANA’S DIGITAL DOWNLOADS PAGE, but I am like ultra fussy, even if I will watch all pajama spankings. For the spanking to jump into the A+ category then the panties simply have to be appealing to me from a psychological standpoint. Plain old cotton does nothing for me, the panties have to be silky and sexy. Take for example the model Ten and Dana in the film SPANKED SOBER.

Am I a pervert? Absolutely!! But Dana Specht doing the spanking, a pair of light pajamas, and then a pair of white nylon panties on underneath those pajamas, that is probably the most perfect spanking scenario that I could ever possibly imagine.

In this video clip Dana is playing the role of best friend’s mom, but the spanking roles for a scene like this are endless. When I hire Dana and two girls to make a spanking film we will use the role of Camp Director and camp counselors, but think of the other potential roles that this scene could invoke.

Sleeping over at the neighbors, you know the old “Under my roof” rules. Or perhaps a landlady dealing with her naughty tenants. The spanking aunt is easy to imagine, or how about a sorority housemother? What do you think would be the best role?

Of course pajama spankings can also go with a variety of implements. The belt sounds really bloody hot, and of course a hairbrush at bedtime would seem quite natural. I have never quite grasped slipper spankings, but perhaps a nice stingy sandal? Can you think of a spanking implement that would be perfect for a bedtime spanking?

So there you have it, my spanking fetish for the day. Dana Specht, a lady at the top of her class for giving OTK spankings, a set of pajamas, and a nice flimsy pair of panties on underneath. I’m about to take a nap with some really, really happy thoughts in mind. Now get your butts over to Dana’s site 😉

4 thoughts on “Pajamas And Panties

  1. Brilliant post and thank you for saying all of this. You know I am on the same train. It is my jam. Love your candor and just well I am right there with you.

    Best post ever.


  2. You are without doubt overwhelmingly more experienced with parties than I am. In total I have been to three or four parties and have had three one-to-ones. All this happened quite a long time ago now. I have no complaints at all with the conduct of any of these events. I could perhaps add that the girls although very professional are notoriously unpunctual. However, that can be put to one side All these event took place in the UK. May be in the USA these things are different to what they are like here. I would not say I have lost interest but having sampled these things I found my apatite did wane. There was a certain coldness about these events that in the end left me unsatisfied. May be the problem resides within me rather than anything else. The amount of travelling involved did not help. Just to give my story a bit more credence I will say that the parties took place in Hackney in a not exactly glamorous upstairs photographic studio. May be some of your readers will know the place.

  3. Honestly I know for a fact that most of the problems revolve around me, lol. Away from the spanking scene, in real life, I have very few friends. The last text that I sent was in May to wish someone a happy birthday. I’m very much a loner, which may surprise a lot of my readers. For example it took me many years to get a cell phone, and that was only because my work forced it upon me. Not that we had Goth’s back when I was in high school, but if we did then I totally would have been one 🙂 I’ve never had a desire or a need to be a part of the cool kids club.

    One has to take ownership of their own deficiencies, and I know what mine are. I can certainly go to a party and “Perform”, I can act the clown for everyone’s amusement for a period of time, but at the end of the day I am very reserved. There are a host of wonderful people out there in the scene who I am delighted to know and I enjoy spending time around, but I never want to create a fuss. I’m 57 years old, I know by now what my strengths and weaknesses are, but I think that the question has always been in my mind, what I consider a strength some people may consider a weakness and vice versa. At the end of the day I am proud of who I am and what I stand for, and I think that my biggest strength is that I am honest with myself.


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