Funishment Spankings


This is one of my favorite subjects and to be honest with you, I thought I actually created the word ‘Funishment’ only to find it listed in the Urban Dictionary with a date many years before I used the word. I wonder how many of you out there actually use the concept though?

There have been some circumstances recently where I have had a hard time getting my point across about what I like in the world of spanking, even though I hold no shame in what it is that I like. People use punishment as one of their motivating factors and I have no problem with that, in fact when I watch somebody like Dallas even I can appreciate it, and to a certain degree enjoy what it is that he is doing. His punishments are about control and learning, certainly he himself is fully in control when he delivers a spanking. Soothing yet authoritative, disciplinary yet deliberate, everything done in a calm manner that both reassures and at the same time educates the lady about to get a strapping. The style is something that an artist can appreciate and perhaps even learn from.

Then there is the other side whose idea it is to beat a woman as hard and as fast as they can like there is something to prove. Just recently at the Texas All State party I was challenged on my style of play during a fun session in the main ballroom. Basically my manhood was challenged, albeit I am sure that the person thought they were joking, and I was referred to as a less than adequate spanker.

Now then, there are a few things to address with that. Number 1, you do NOT know how I play, you do NOT know the tolerance level of the person I am spanking, and you do NOT know what we agreed upon. Secondly, since when does somebody feel that they have a right to interfere in somebody else’s play session just because they think the spanking should be done harder? And last, but by no means least, Richard Windsor has nothing to prove to anybody. I do not need to hit a woman as hard as I can to prove that I am a man, I already know that I am a man. In fact, I would go as far as to say that my care and consideration towards my play partner shows that I am more of a man in the first place. It is a serious pet peeve of mine and I really believe that people should keep their fucking noses out of someone else’s playtime, unless they are doing so as protection for the bottom. If I hit a woman continuously as hard as I could, especially knowing my strength, and whipped her until I was personally satisfied, that wouldn’t make me a man, that would make me an asshole!!

So let’s move on to Funishment, and before I get going let me just point out that I am not putting down any other lifestyle preference here, Funishment just happens to be my preference. There are several couples out there who are friends of mine and they do things differently, ZED and Ginger spring to mind, as they practice a D/D lifestyle yet remain some of my closest friends in the vanilla world, let alone the spanking world.

It was a bit hard to get into a flow so I figured, maybe if I pull her tights down I might start to get somewhere. The room went silent and what should old Richard Windsor see? A pair of white nylon panties with the words ‘Funish Me’ written on the back of them. There was an uproar of laughter as the pup sat there stunned at the revealing of the panties. Not only did she purchase a pair of white nylon panties, which anyone who reads this blog will already understand their deep meaning to me, but she also paid to have them decorated as a show of support for my choices. Here is a picture of the panties.

During the spanking pictures were taken, however, I haven’t received them yet, but at the very least I can show you what the panties look like. Yes, not only did she make these panties with me in mind, but she gave them to me as a gift afterwards. To say I am stunned that someone would go that far out of their way to make me happy would be an understatement. The scene was a very special one and it is something that I will treasure. Not necessarily because of what I got out of it, but for the simple fact that someone thought enough of me to do such a thing.

Following the party, and upon returning back to New York, I was fortunate enough to have another play date arranged with a delightful young miss. Now then, if you know who she is then please keep it to yourself as she wishes to remain anonymous. This was pretty much our first proper play session, there had been one the week before but on that occasion a little too much Jesus juice had been consumed to actually do a roleplay. On this occasion though, the roleplay started through emails.

The Minx from a different spanking

As the young lady’s guardian, I had been sent an email from her school detailing her lack of application to her studies, her general attitude problems, and the need for my charge to apply herself the following semester to the best of her ability. Now I will admit it can be a bit hard getting started on one of these. I could perhaps have started the role the moment I walked in the door, but I like for people to feel at ease so I thought a nice little conversation beforehand would be appropriate. Of course, with me being in a jacket and tie and her being in a schoolgirl outfit it wasn’t the most conventional conversation, lol.

So after a while I decided the time had come. I needed a short break to have a cigarette and that was a perfect excuse. I announced my intentions, but before I left I reached into my pocket to pull out the email I had received and I placed it on the table. “You might want to read this before I get back” I told her. The look on her face was priceless, she hadn’t been expecting me to do that at all. Sharp as a tack though, she responded “It’s illegal to read someone else’s mail”. I headed out of the door with a big smile on my face, not only is there a cute girl dressed in a school uniform, but she is a sassy little minx as well. I had a strange feeling that I was going to thoroughly enjoy this evening.

When I returned the minx was lying face down on the futon, on the table was the note, which by now was shaped like a paper airplane. It was tough to keep a straight face and I don’t think I actually did, but then the verbal banter began. This is where the Funishment part comes into it, the minx knows she is going to get spanked, but there is a whole lot of smart that needs to come out of her mouth first. It is just a matter of how far she can go before I take her over my knee, which of course wasn’t too long.

And so it begins, the minx is punished for all the reasons listed above, she protests and pleads her case on each and every point, then proceeds to add just enough smart remarks that it begins to cost her the school skirt and the panties she is wearing.

Make no mistake, this little girl got her bottom well and truly spanked. It isn’t often that I spank a girl as hard as that with my hand and by the time we were done her bottom was on fire. She was even required to do some corner time and her sass in the corner told me that we were not done yet.

There is a mixture of roleplay which is interspersed with reality. The spanking scene itself may well have some elements of truth to it, like there may have been a previous issue along those lines. During the scene though, it is perfectly okay to break character and have some fun as well. One example of this is as follows. Just prior to the second spanking, and perhaps it was my favorite part of the whole evening, the little minx forgave any earlier modesty that she had. As she was preparing to go OTK again, she lifted her skirt at the back and started to fix her underwear. Being a bit of a smartarse myself, I joked “Are you finally comfortable” to which the minx responded with a big smile on her face “Have to make sure I get as much protection back there as I can”.

It was totally out of character but it was nonetheless fun. Later on, when the spanking was in full motion, I asked her if her panties were offering her enough protection to which she responded with the following “Well they would, if you would stop spanking me”. Total fun and a spanking that had the young minx rubbing her bottom a full ten minutes after the spanking finished. It was a corker that’s for sure, and that was one well spanked little girl sat on a red bottom afterwards.

The minx from a different spanking