Windsor Wednesday Classic – 116

So I said over the weekend that I was going to pay $50 for access to an online library,  well that didn’t work out as planned. Instead,  the material that I knew was there was actually in the premium tier,  lol,  so it ended up costing me $75!! It was worth it though,  I only got to search on Sunday but I managed to get a nice trove of pics on the initial search and now on the weekends I will be able to start doing deep searches. Managed to grab some great Men Are Like Streetcars pics. Being that I paid for the service I do hope that there is some courtesy shown should other sites decide to post my offerings,  but other than that I am happy to pay the money so that I can bring you this wonderful material.

My first photo is from Louisville,  KY in 1961. The details are in the caption.

This will be added to my KISS ME KATE folder.

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 107

It is with trepidation that I write this,  because it always gives me trauma that people aren’t going to understand what I say and will leave a comment offering support when none is required or wanted. Don’t make me add your IP address to the spam list and have your comments swallowed up by the hungry cyber bin 🙂

It was this time last year when my Brother texted me to let me know that our mom was now entering her final phase with cancer. She did live for another two weeks but it was this day last year that it all became too much for my Brother and he needed to talk. The two of us have always been really close and as I hadn’t had to deal with even the smallest fraction of what he had to deal with,  my role was to be the counselor. Today I was reading through his texts and smiling a little bit at our conversations,  and then I got to the final one which still to this day gives me a laugh,  though I will never tell him.

It was on the 25th that he called me to say that this was it,  the final days had approached. To give him a break I started calling the family members,  for two reasons really. Firstly to give my brother a break,  but also to give them a little surprise being that they hadn’t spoken to me in years. Thank goodness that I have a Cardiff phone number through my work,  lol. Anyway,  I spoke to mom on the Sunday and soon after she slipped into a coma. I’m sure a lot of you have been through this already so I don’t need to tell you how harrowing it is,  with the news just getting worse and worse each day for weeks on end. Anyway,  my Brother had to deal with everything from day 1 and I said to him,  because we knew that it could come at any minute,  I said just to send me a text when it finally happens and I will start making the phone calls and catch up with him later.

So he did,  he sent me that text,  and whereas I would have loved a  “She fought a tough fight,  Rich,  but she is gone now”,  that wasn’t my Brother’s style. Nope,  in the text he proceeded to give me a play by play of exactly what happened and how awful the final hours were. It’s really funny,  but I can’t help but laugh at that text. He finishes with  “I know it is tough reading,  Rich,  but I thought that you would like to know”. In my best Ricky Gervais voice I was like  “Nnnnnnno,  a simple  ‘at peace’  would have done it”. It is strange the things that make you laugh,  and I knew he meant well,  but I would never tell him that it was just a little much TMI as a final notice 🙂

So please,  no sympathy or anything like that. I don’t dwell on the past and I’m content with everything. It is like any anniversary,  you look back and reflect a little bit. So I re-read that final text and nitpicked it  “Ya coulda skipped that part,  and that,  eased up on that one,  lol”

My spanking photo for this week is from KISS ME KATE,  and as you know I am not a big fan of Kate pics by any means. However,  in this one it actually looks like the skirt is thin enough that she might actually feel it a little bit.

This is from Lansdowne,  PA in 1955 and will be added to my KISS ME KATE spanking folder,  where I must say you will find a collection of some of the best Kiss Me Kate spanking pics out there,  from a vintage standpoint that is.



Windsor’s Sunday Candids – 52

Yesterday I delved into the possibility of sharing some videos this week in honor of my birthday tomorrow and then the Windsor Wednesday Classic number 100 on Wednesday. A problem occurred almost right away,  I’ve already given away hundreds upon hundreds of free videos,  so why was I making that the gift this week? If you think about it,  all of my regular readers would have already seen my videos for free based on past giveaways.

So what I am going to have to do is dig deep and find something a little extra special. So tomorrow I will post 53 pics of me spanking 53 girls,  that should be something unique,  and then on Wednesday I will try and grab half a dozen rarities if I can.

For today though,  we are going to go back to 1960 for the production of The Taming Of The Shrew in Central Park in New York. I’m afraid that I haven’t located the names of the actors yet,  but I will find them.

This will be added to my KISS ME KATE spanking folder.

Shakespeare in the Park ny 1960

Top Ten Classics And Stage Spankings 2015

This section is somewhat unique being that I believe these type of pics are what I am most known for. They are unique because despite their popularity in filling up other blogs and Tumblr sites,  it is an extreme rarity that they are ever linked to directly. So virtually all of my Wednesday classics and Sunday stage spankings are based on raw hits. So while they are lower down on the hit list for the year,  as they are my most popular series of pics I decided to put together the top ten for the year. In fact because they don’t get linked,  these results are about as genuine as they come as these pics are viewed solely on the value of the content.

So until I look at the numbers,  not even I know which ones were the most popular,  so this will be as much fun for me as it will be for you.

Number 1:

Wednesday Classic 88

This one I held out on posting for the longest time,  so to see it at number one means that it was enjoyed as much as I enjoyed it. A genuine birthday spanking from 1974. Read more….

terryville 74

Number 2:

Wednesday Classic 84

The spanking scene from the 1956 production of  ‘Child Wonder’  from my VARIOUS SCHOOL PLAYS folder. A classic OTK with the feet off the ground and an audience watching on. Read more….

Child Wonder Appleton ME 56

Number 3:

Sunday Candid 33

I feared for a moment that the top ten was going to be made entirely of Wednesday Classics. Here is the first Sunday entry,  a 1972 stage production of  ‘We Dude It’,  which is also from the WE DUDE IT folder. Read more….

wedudeit fairfax 72

Number 4:

Streetcar Sundays 42

The first entry from my collection of MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS spanking pics. This entry is from 1953. Read more….

Swissvale pa 53

Number 5:

Sunday Candids 24

This post is worth clicking on because not only does it contain this SENIOR SUPERLATIVE,  it also includes contains another dozen vintage pics that I had posted that particular week. Read more….

elizabethton TN 59

Number 6:

Sunday Candids 29

Here is the second entry in this list from the stage play WE DUDE IT. This time the Female/Female action is from 1962. Read more….

wedudeit oakley 62

Number 7:

Back To The Fifties

This was a Wednesday Classic,  but it was a classic that wasn’t numbered. Due to the excellent rare find I made a special post for this vintage KISS ME KATE spanking find. It goes all the way back to 1954 and has to be one of the first Kiss Me Kate spanking depictions. Read more….

findlay oh 54

Number 8:

Sunday Candid 35

Well now I am officially surprised. The THIRD entry from the stage play WE DUDE IT to make this list. As I have another dozen or so of these that are unposted as of yet,  I have a feeling that I will post the rest pretty soon. This one is from 1979. Read more….

wedudeit dewey 79

Number 9:

Wednesday Classic 78

This particular picture I am not finished with yet. While I discovered this version of the spanking pic,  Harry sent me the complete collection of this entire photo play. So some time in 2016 I will post this in its entirety. Read more….

$_57 (1)

Number 10:

Sunday Candid 38

Rounding out the list we go back to 1955 we have a depiction of an OTK switching. Now that is something that is very rare indeed. Not the best pic in the world,  but it is a reminder of how normal some things were in the 1950’s. This pic is from my SUNDAY CANDIDS collection. Read more….


There is still more to come this week. I will have the top ten stories,  a reprisal of the spanking scene from the movie Juke Joint. This is a video that I have had on youtube for three years now and I actually own the film in my DVD collection. As I recently posted the new version of the lobby card spanking from the film,  and as it is not posted anywhere else in the spanking world,  why not give it a second running. The movie clip features a lot of off screen spanks,  but most importantly it also includes a good number of hairbrush spanks to the seat of the spankee’s panties. It probably hasn’t been posted elsewhere yet as the clip has my website address on it. That will probably be posted tomorrow.

Windsor’s Sunday Candids – 42 – Kiss Me Kate

The fact that I haven’t posted this week should give you some indication as to how busy I have been with work. Lot’s of long hours and accompanying stress 🙂

If I keep in mind though that there are others who work longer and harder hours than I do,  and some with multiple jobs,  then it should be easy for me to put some effort into posting. What better things are there at the end of a stressful day than to look at some spanking material.

Before I give you half a dozen pics this week,  one exciting development that arose at work is that we are expanding our location in India. That will mean that in the new year during the first quarter,  somebody will go to New Delhi to set up servers. Now I volunteered to do the job,  and it was accepted,  let’s just hope that they don’t change their mind. One thing that you won’t know of me through my blog is that I am a lover of different cultures and the people from those places. I’m always fascinated by people who live a different life to me. Places on my hit list are Japan,  India,  The Czech Republic,  in fact I could probably list every country and find something about it that appeals to me. For the British folk out there,  as you can imagine,  my DVD case is filled with documentaries by Michael Palin and the entire BBC Earth collection.

My favorite one of all? It is obviously a hard choice,  especially as I am a huge fan of David Attenborough,  but my favorite I would have to say is WILD CHINA. Narrated by old Yosser Hughes himself,  Bernard Hill. If you are a nature lover like myself and you also love culture,  without a doubt that is one recommendation that I would make to you. That is just one thing that you might not know about me,  I love people of all races,  ethnicity,  and backgrounds.

Right,  as promised,  six spanking pics from Kiss Me Kate. The first thing that I will do is defer to my fellow blogger,  but one who is an archivist in the truest sense,  Harry. It is a fundamental courtesy to link into a fellow collector when you know that their input on the topic is far greater than yours. Even though I post my own collection I would be denying you the pleasure of Harry’s wonderful work if I didn’t link to him. So here are all the links to his Kiss Me Kate/Taming of the Shrew pages,  though I have no doubt there are more there than I have listed. Link 1,  Link 2,  Link 3,  Link 4,  Link 5,  Link 6,  Link 7. Each link has a multitude of spanking pics to see in each.

Now for my offering. Picture number one is one of the better versions from my collection,  a professional press photograph from 1959 which is huge. You will have to click this one for the monster sized version. These will all be added to my own KISS ME KATE FOLDER where you can find all of my rare black and white contributions to the spanking world.

1959 Press Photo 2x2 Negative HS Play Boy Spanks Girl Kiss Me Kate

The second pic is also a larger one which is a panoramic view of all participants from 1969.

Fayetteville AR 69

Pics three and four are two Kiss Me Kate’s that I enjoy,  and you may have read in the past that I am not a big fan of Kiss Me Kate spanking pics by any means. In these two though at least the girl is in the proper OTK position and the guys hand is where it should be,  around her waist. From 1974 and 1970 respectively.

brunswick 74 christopher dock 70

And here are two more to finish off this post. Whenever I post Kiss Me Kate pics I generally do so in batches,  because like I said,  they aren’t favorites of mine,  but luckily for you I have dozens of them.

belmont hill 80

hillcrest mo 78

Friday Frolic

As I have mentioned,  my posts are going to be sporadic until I complete my move on May the 1st,  at which time I will return in full. So for today here are a couple of pics from my collection of rarities. The first one I have in my Kiss Me Kate folder,  but as it is from 1943 I have a feeling that it is a misplaced pic. While the second one is definitely from Kiss Me Kate where it would appear that Petruchio is getting in some extra practice 🙂

I’m going to add these to my WINDSOR’S SUNDAY CANDIDS folder.

Cedar City Utah 1943Kenwood MD 97


Zero time to even talk,  and I’m posting this at 6.30am just so that I can get something on the blog. I will explain tomorrow what has been happening and why I have been absent, Until then,  here is a spanking variety of newspaper clippings for you all to browse.

1949 Clipboard11a TUC19090920.1.5-700w-call-3513-1397-1346-14551967 Clipboard17


In Honor Of Murray

Valdor over at the Spank Statement recently posted about the passing of Murray Roberts,  a lifelong collector of historical spanking memorabilia and avid fan of Kiss Me Kate spanking pics in particular. Now I am not going to steal anyone’s thunder,  if you wish to read about Murray you can do so RIGHT HERE. I have already left my comments on Valdor’s post so I encourage you to click the link and read the tributes to Murray.

Having exchanged emails with Murray I had sent him a good number of Kiss Me Kate spanking pics for his own collection and we had even discussed the play and my disliking of KMK spanking pics. It’s sad,  but true,  I have never been a fan of Kiss Me Kate spanking pics,  though I can’t exactly put my finger on the actual reason why. It is probably because the participants are in period wear which is something that I have a strong dislike of,  though perhaps it is also because the billowing dress,  multiple petticoats and with the bloomers on whoever plays Kate probably can’t feel a thing.

While I have a small folder of Kiss Me Kates on this blog,  most of my pics from this play sit in a folder on my laptop and I have dozens of them that I rarely post. Anyway,  to honor Murray,  I shall give you one of them today to enjoy. The reason I chose this one is pretty obvious I think,  that is one spankable looking butt!!

This will be added to my KISS ME KATE spanking folder.

Lemon Bay FL 90

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 76

A little bit of extra stress occurred today when I got a call from my landlady telling me that they are selling the house. She did give me an option of renting from another of their locations,  which I will probably take them up on,  but I will still have the hassle of packing after having lived in the same place for 17 years. Let’s hope that when I move in a few months I have a quieter living space where I can have visitors for some spanking fun 🙂

This was a tough call this week. Two days ago I promised you a rehearsal spanking pic from Kiss Me Kate,  and after I posted that I found a new rehearsal pic so I was torn between two options. So what I am going to go with today is the second option simply because it features a double spanking.

This version of the play is from 1970 and featured TWO performances,  each with a different cast. So for their promo pick they decided that both Kate’s should deserve an extra spanking together.

As always,  this will go in my special collection of KISS ME KATE SPANKING PICS.

alameda ca 70

Back To The Fifties

Last night I had very little time when I got home from work so for an hour I went on a Kiss Me Kate hunting mission. These pics are the easiest to find,  but as I have mentioned earlier,  Kiss Me Kate spanking pics aren’t my favorite ones. I think that it has a lot to do with the fact that the spanking scene is in period costume and that is something that I hate with a passion.

So during the search last night I came up with another couple of dozen to go with the ton of pics that I have yet to post from the play,  so now would be a good time to make a Kiss Me Kate post. There was one really good one that was a rehearsal so the actors weren’t in costume,  perhaps I will share that one tomorrow for my Wednesday classic.

This one is good from a historical standpoint though and is from 1954.

As always,  this will be added to my KISS ME KATE SPANKING COLLECTION which includes some super rare finds that get their first run on this site.

findlay oh 54

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