Birthday Spanking In Pajamas – WWC 131

I’m off to Iceland today guys, I will have my iPhone and iPad with me so I should be able to post updates from Iceland. Also, my intention is to book my trip to Vegas today for next month as well. As mentioned in a previous post I will be doing my annual interview with Dana Specht and I’m seeking questions to ask her. In return for asking a question you can get 56 vintage F/M pics that don’t get posted anywhere if that floats your boat. SEE THAT POST HERE.

Today, for my Windsor Wednesday Classic number 131, we take a trip to one of my favorite topics, birthday spankings. This is a great one as well because it leaves a lot to the imagination that allows you to create your own scenario.


What do you suppose is playing out here? A daughter on the way to college getting her final birthday spanking in front of her friend? Or perhaps, and this is my favorite, her friend has stayed over to help her move and it is the friend getting the birthday spankings from the dad? The upstairs neighbor coming to borrow some milk, AGAIN!! Or perhaps a niece is staying over?

Which scenario do you think is playing out? Most of the time I get very few comments, but I think a lot of that is because people don’t know where the comment box is. So I have made it easy, just click on the YOUR COMMENTS image below and you will be taken to straight to the comments section.

For you older folks out there like me, how many of you also thought that maybe this is Chrissie Evert’s tennis coach giving her some final early morning instructions πŸ™‚

This will be added to my WINDSOR’S BIRTHDAY SPANKINGS collection.

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10 thoughts on “Birthday Spanking In Pajamas – WWC 131

  1. Indeed it does, Ron, as a young man I adored her, well, I especially adored that she ALWAYS wore frilly panties on court with a super short skirt πŸ™‚

  2. The young beauty OTK on her 21st birthday is renting a room in the house of the spanker; whose daughter, kneeling, is a friend on the same university course.
    It is morning and she has come down to get breakfast, only to be jokingly offered a birthday spanking which she is more than happy to accept.

  3. First and foremost, I hope you have a great time in Iceland. DON`T forget your woollen underwear ! Even if it means that some lucky lady will be removing it during your stay ! My sincere thanks for your daily messages, all much enjoyed. I don`t remember Chris Evert,a bit before my time. But the young lady seems to be happy enough to be getting her birthday spanks. I often wish that was a practice here in the U.K. too. That said, as you already know, from my previous emails, I received mine on my 21st birthday, in front of all the family. Do take care on holiday, it is very icy and slippery in Iceland at this time of year. Best wishes. Lia

  4. Lia,

    No man of my age or thereabouts forgets Chrissie Evert, she was so adorable. Being an Englishman myself, I had also never heard of birthday spankings until I first came to the USA in 1985. As I am an open book, I have probably given more birthday spankings to playful vanillas than I have actual spankos πŸ™‚

  5. Richard,
    Timbir had a birthday spanking blog with collected photos and Facebook videos and then it was gone.
    Same with Yahoo groups. It is a shame to allow all those delightful artifacts to just fade away.
    Any chance you might share your love of birthday spankings with us by resurrecting all of those otherwise to be forgotten


  6. Well I tend to stick to my chosen forum of posting vintage spanking photos. I also try to find my own material as a way of being unique. There are other blogs/Tumblr sites out there that happily coral the work of other spanking bloggers, so hopefully one of them could take up this mantle. Unless it is exceptional and could tell a story, I tend to stick to vintage material.

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