Windsor’s Girls

Ellee Evergood

In 2012 I had started to come out of the rut that I was in and along came elleebutt. This girl helped me find my mojo again and since that time I have been a spanking maniac. Our friendship is in the early stages,  but already we have created some magical scenes,  and we will be seeing each other at least twice more this year which I really look forward to. Here are the posts featuring the very special girl known as ellee. Read More…



Amber Pixie Wells

One of the longest friends that I have in the spanking world,  even to this day we still speak to each in one form or another every day. Pixie was the very first person that I met when I joined the online community and the pair of us have appeared together on film many times,  either for a company or just for fun. Here are the links where you can find Richard Windsor and Pixie together. Read More…



Amber Grey

The page for the little Texas cutie who I have talked with since the first time that I came online. When we first met neither of us were involved in the movie side of things, but now we seem to make movies together all the time. Aside from the movies we often play at parties and at the last party we were at we were even roommates for the final night. A spanking model but a good spanking friend of mine. Read More…


2 thoughts on “Windsor’s Girls

  1. Hi Richard,

    I saw that you are located in NY! Do you perchance do private spanking sessions? =)


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