Three Girls Part 2 – Nicole’s Maiden Spanking

Think about this for a minute, I haven’t written a new spanking story for eighteen months, and then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, I come up with a giant, 6,200 word plus brand new spanking story. There is something very special about positive reinforcement and inspiration. I have felt dragged down for the longest time, and now I feel rejuvenated, there is actually a spanking spark that has returned. If you surround yourself with positive minded, like-minded people, then that will rub off on you. My decisions this year are beginning to feel better by the day.

It is actually 2am here in New York right now, and ordinarily I wouldn’t post at this time of night, but here is the deal. On Friday I am hoping to prepare yet another blockbuster post for you all, but I literally worked my tail off writing this brand new spanking story, in fact it might even be the longest story that I have ever written. So because I worked on it for so long, I really want it to get the prime spot (opening page, first post) on my blog for at least a couple of days, you know, like all day Thursday and for a good part of Friday. So for once the remaining people who are still up on the West Coast, and all of Europe that is now waking up, for once you guys get first dibs on a new post by yours truly.

Please leave feedback or a comment if you feel that it is warranted, I spent many long hours writing this story and encouragement is always welcomed warmly and appreciatively. Now, please enjoy the first spanking story that I have written in over eighteen months.


It was the usual early evening for Nicole, she had finished work and was now driving home thinking about what she still had to do for the rest of the day. There was nothing outlandish on the menu, in fact like any small town in America, the rest of her schedule for the day would be considered rather mundane by all accounts. There was certainly nothing exciting planned, nothing like, say, maybe, a SPANKING!!

Weeks had now passed since Nicole’s friend, Tina, had found herself unceremoniously dumped over “Uncle Jim’s” lap for a firm birthday spanking. It wasn’t like Tina had complained any, well, Nicole giggled to herself, except for the part perhaps where Jim pulled up her skirt.

As she drove past Jim’s house the butterflies came back, no matter how many weeks had passed by, Nicole had only one thought in her mind, the words that Jim had uttered on that fateful day “I only get to spank you girls once a year”.

While it may seem quite trivial, throughout the entirety of Nicole’s life, not a single person had raised so much as a hand to her. In fact his veiled threat of a birthday spanking was the first and ONLY time that someone had even remotely mentioned applying their hand to her bottom, much to her chagrin.

What would ever possess a young woman who had never been spanked before in her life, to imagine herself lying face down over a man’s lap as he proceeded to turn her bare bottom into the color of a ripe tomato?

It was probably those old time movies that planted the seeds in her mind, who could forget when Elvis Presley spanked Jenny Maxwell in Blue Hawaii? Nicole certainly couldn’t, especially when Elvis said to Jenny “You know what you need, a good old fashioned spanking”, and Jenny had replied “Maybe I do”.

Yes, yes, yes, maybe she does, and I definitely do!!

Nicole must have worn out the tape on her old VHS cassette at that part in the film, watching it over and over again and memorizing every single word that was spoken. Of course it wasn’t the only film that she remembered fondly in regards to spanking, there were the old classics of McLintock and Kiss Me Kate as well, and all of those old time westerns where a spanking was likely to happen at any point in the show, or at the very least a warning of an impending spanking. It was probably just a phase that she was going through she had convinced herself, year after year, but the phase didn’t leave her. In fact now that she was about to turn 22, the need to know what an actual spanking felt like was stronger than it had ever been. That is why those words “I only get to spank you girls once a year” had such a profound effect on her. Sure, it isn’t what she had always imagined, but at least it was better than nothing.

Nicole had finally arrived home, it was only 4 days until her birthday!!

After Nicole had finished for the day she retired to her room, the place that she really wanted to be since she had got home. Just four days until her birthday and her plans needed to be finalized with Becky. Tina was working on Saturday, but she would be joining them for the night, but Becky hadn’t even mentioned Nicole coming around to her house. Why would she though? What happened all of those weeks ago was a perfectly natural event, it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, as common as American apple pie, certainly nothing that required any planning. The spanking happened on the day, and by the following day it had been forgotten about, but that was because Becky wasn’t Nicole.

Nicole hadn’t forgotten about it at all, indeed, it was just about the only thing that she had thought about for the last few weeks. It was something that she had always wanted that was so close, but in reality it was just as far away now as it had always been. There was only one thing that Nicole Grant wanted for her birthday, desperately wanted, and that was for ‘Uncle’ Jim to fulfill his promise of putting her across his knee and spanking her for just that one time this year. Nicole had all night to try and come up with a plan, one that would involve her somehow making an appearance at the Wilson family household on the day of her birthday.

Once she arrived at her room, Nicole stretched as she once more pictured herself across Uncle Jim’s lap, and then, a strange feeling came over her as she went to switch on her computer. She pulled the chair out from under the desk and instead of turning the computer on, she looked towards the seat of the chair.

Nicole was in the safety of her own room, so there was no danger involved of someone inadvertently walking in on her, and tapping in to her thinking cap she flipped the chair around so that it was facing outwards, towards her bed. A big mischievous grin came over her face. She stepped to the side, paused, and the very slowly laid herself across the seat of the chair, just to get an idea of what the feeling must be like of a naughty little girl being put over the lap of a stern paternal figure. Of course a chair is no substitute for a firm lap, but even so she craned her neck over her shoulder to get a look at her bottom and desperately tried to picture Tina getting spanked all those weeks ago.

How could she forget, Tina had her skirt pulled up, didn’t she?

Nicole reached back, grabbed the hem of her skirt and wriggled it upwards on both sides until it was free of her bottom. Grabbing hold of the bottom rung of the chair again she thought really hard, oh for sure, that was definitely going to be super embarrassing. Even as she was there in her bedroom all by herself, she still blushed at the thought of Jim lifting her skirt up, she could never let that happen in real life, could she?

There was an obvious hold up for Nicole. She most definitely could picture Jim lifting her skirt up, she could even imagine him pulling her panties down as a matter of fact. The only problem that Nicole had was that Becky was going to be there as well, for she was Jim’s real life niece after all. The thoughts that she had over the years had never entailed being spanked in front of someone else, however, if this is the only chance that she was going to get for a spanking, then she would take it and make the most of it, even if it wasn’t perfect.

Nicole arched her bottom up higher on the chair, how could she connive her way over to Becky’s house?

It was two days before her birthday and Nicole’s world was about to collapse. She had been speaking to Becky on the phone, trying to come up with an excuse or a plan for a Saturday visit, when Becky told her the dreadful news that she was going to be working the 11-7 shift on Saturday, so they would all have to meet up on the night of Nicole’s birthday, Becky would just join them all after work. Nicole’s face sank, the one thing that she had been looking forward to more than anything in the world, on her birthday, had just been snatched away from her.

They girls continued to talk and Nicole said that she hoped that they wouldn’t get too drunk on Saturday, because she would have to make a quick recovery by Sunday, especially as her family excursion began on Monday after. That was something that Becky had completely forgotten about, and it started a whole new line of conversation, the dreaded family outing. They were both laughing when Nicole swung for the fences, desperate to try and get something to stick.

“That is such a shame that you have to work on Saturday, I was going to give you your pink jacket back. Now we are going to get sloshed, be out of commission for Sunday, and I won’t even get to see you again for a whole week afterwards. Do you want me to bring it with me on Saturday night”?

There was a pause in the air as Becky pondered the question. The jacket in question of course was something that she needed, but how badly did she need it in the next week? It was pointless bringing it on Saturday night because for one, not only would she already have a jacket, but two, she was just as likely to lose a second jacket if they were all out drinking.

Nicole waited patiently, there was perhaps a glimmer of hope. Becky said that she was working 3-11 on Friday and could Nicole drop it off in the morning maybe. Nicole laughed and replied that she could stop by at 7am on her way to work if Becky wanted. As if, was what Becky thought, and she pondered again whether or not she really needed the jacket back for the next week.

The adrenaline pumped through Nicole’s body as she waited, hoping against all hope that Becky would make room for her on Sunday night, the day after her birthday. What happened next though was even better than any situation that she could have ever imagined.

As Nicole stared at phone in an excited state, Becky replied to her.

“To save any fuss, is there any chance that you can just drop it off to my Uncle after work tomorrow”?

Oh my goodness, it was like the genie from the magic lamp had granted her one final magical wish. Her fists clenched as she smiled through gritted teeth, but then she had to quickly regain her composure and sound convincing. “Uh, yeah, I can do that, no problem”. Nicole then paused for added effect and added “This way we can get hammered and completely veg out on Sunday without any worries”

Nicole’s heart was pumping, awaiting any last second change of heart from Becky. It didn’t come, the only reply that came from her was the following “Yeah, like it takes much for you to get hammered as it is”

Nicole laughed, though if the truth be known it was more from relief than it was from the diss from her friend. “Hey you” she responded “I can hold my own”

And that was that, the conversation completely changed to what the plans were on Saturday night. Who was coming, where they were meeting, and to top it all off, they even had a designated driver to get them all home safely afterwards.

Once the phone conversation had ended, Nicole leaned back in her chair and sighed. This beautiful, lovely, luxurious jacket had just saved her bacon. This was a much better option to use as a reason to go around and see Uncle Jim, because had that option not turned up, then her only option would have been to go around to his house on Saturday and just blurt out “It’s my birthday, give me a spanking”. While that may sound farfetched, Nicole hadn’t ruled it out entirely. At least now she could maintain some form of dignity as she laughed to herself.

Nicole then set about choosing her outfit for work on Friday, but more importantly, she also had to select an outfit to wear once she got home after work tomorrow. Obviously a skirt or dress was required, but she couldn’t make it too flashy and seemingly out of place for a Friday afternoon.

The tennis skirt would be totally perfect for what she had planned, and as much as she wanted to wear it, it would be absurd to use that as a normal, everyday skirt. However, the idea led to another skirt in her collection, a white summer skirt. Cut a few inches above the knee, very classy, and most importantly it was flared, like super easy to life up in a nanosecond.

Now that the skirt was sorted it was time to move on to the panties. With a white skirt then it has to be a pair of white panties underneath, but with a dozen or so pairs to choose from, this choice wasn’t going to be an easy one. Nicole started by discarding the thongs and the satin panties, which left her with 6 pairs to select a single pair from, an equal number of boy-shorts, nylon and cotton panties. Cotton seemed too innocent, so now we have four pairs left. One pair of the boy shorts was low rising and didn’t feel very flattering on her body, while the other pair felt just like a thong as it left a huge part of her bottom bare. So now she was down to a choice of two pairs, both of which were nylon, each with their own features. The regular pair covered most of her backside, whereas the string bikini pair were sexier, but they left the bottom of her cheeks bare. It was a really tough call, one that she didn’t have to make until tomorrow, so she left both pairs out on top of her outfit. Her mood at 3.30pm on Friday would dictate which pair she was going to go with.

Now Nicole had some plotting to do. Going around to see Uncle Jim was as easy as making toast, getting him to take the lead and suggest a birthday spanking, well, that was a whole other matter. She needed to create scenarios where she could leave the tiniest of hints, and that would be a whole lot easier if Uncle Jim would invite her into the house. BINGO, she was sure she know how to go about that.

The minutes ticked by ever so slowly at work on the Friday, which wasn’t helped by the ever present clock in the room. The day was torture, Nicole found herself looking at the clock every third or fourth minute. It was boring, like super boring, with a capitol B.

The hardest part of all in this adventure was managing to find a way to pay Uncle Jim a visit on Friday. The conversation that Nicole had with Becky was the most testing evening for her, she really didn’t know whether she could pull it off or not, and even when she did achieve her goal she had to think long and hard afterwards as to whether or not she had sounded too corny. It wasn’t the easiest conversation to have, but she did just enough to get through to the next round.

Perhaps the funniest part of this really long boring day was when Nicole caught herself in a moment of catatonic boredom. As she sat there, Nicole suddenly became aware that she had been sat in the same spot for ages. With her elbow on the table and a hand pushing up under her left cheek, with a completely inattentive look on her face. The moment that she caught herself doing it was right about the exact same time that her mother’s words rang through her ears, “If you keep making that face it will get stuck like that”!!

That actually broke the monotony, it gave her something to laugh about, at least for a few minutes anyway. It was still two o’clock, there was still another hour to go at work, followed by another half an hour on the road. The finishing line was in sight though.

Half an hour had passed and Nicole was busily trying to finish the work that had been slacking from her desk for most of the day. It is funny how things like this happen, completely out of the blue and when you least expect them to happen, but as Nicole sat there a jolt of electricity suddenly went through her. Her head raised up and she had the literal ‘Deer caught in the headlights’ look on her face. If this was candid camera then the audience would have been laughing their hearts out at the sight of the look on her face. Her mouth opened and she audibly said to nobody in particular….. “Oh. My. God”

All of that stress that she had put herself through over the last several weeks, the mental strain of trying to connive, machinate and scheme her way into getting a spanking from Uncle Jim, and it had been sat there the entire time just staring her in the face, and she just didn’t know it. In fact, she could have even said the same thing to Becky and it would have got the exact same outcome, how could she have been so stupid to overlook it?

What was that magical potion you may ask?

All Nicole had to do when she was alone in the presence of Uncle Jim was the following. Just think of any little, silly, trivial thing about her birthday, look him square in the eyes and say the following…

“I know it sounds silly, but, IT’S THE GRANT FAMILY TRADITION”

Weeks of joy seemed to pour out of her. Shoot, she could have said that to Becky as well, and there was no way that Becky would have avoided suggesting Nicole get a spanking from her Uncle Jim. However, on the plus side, she didn’t say that to Becky, so she would have Uncle Jim all to herself. I guess that old saying is correct, all good things come to those who wait.

Nicole arrived home from work at 3.30pm and quickly dove into the shower, partially because she needed it, but also because it would help her relax and bring her down a little bit. The whole thought of an actual spanking, especially as it was something that she had thought about for so many years, was almost overwhelming.

After she dried herself off she had that huge decision to make, which panties was she going to wear?

She really, really wanted to wear the bikini pair, but surprisingly for a girl who had always wanted to be spanked, for once she was actually feeling extremely shy and embarrassed. Unfortunately for her, that just made the whole thought of the spanking even more exciting.

Her final decision was based upon weighing up all of the option, wisdom was the better part of valor. She decided on the pair that would cover most of her bottom, reasoning to herself that the nylon was so thin anyway, that she was sure to feel every single spank as if it was given to her bare bottom.

Nicole felt like a million dollars as she walked back to her car with her skirt swishing delightfully against her thighs, why, when she arrived at Uncle Jim’s house, it would be just like she had finished work for the day and stopped by his house on a whim to be a good friend.

Of course that’s not what was happening here. What was actually happening here was that a naughty little girl was plotting and scheming to get her little bottom spanked.

After a short drive she pulled up in front of Uncle Jim’s house, and her heart was beating ten to the dozen, it was exhilarating. She had wanted this spanking so badly that there was no turning back now, she had made her mind up. As she exited the car her mind said to her ‘When I sit back in that driver’s seat, it is going to be on a glowing pink bottom’.

Nicole tentatively rang the doorbell and shifted from foot to foot as she waited for Uncle Jim to open the door, in just a few seconds he had done so and he was now stood in front of the naughty minx, an excited thrill swept through her body.

Uncle Jim was a little surprised to see Nicole standing there and quite apologetically said to Nicole “I’m sorry, Nicole, but Becky is at work right now”

Men aren’t very smart, she smirked to herself, of course she knows that Becky is at work. She steadied herself though and put part one of her plan into action, making sure that he was about to be dumbfounded by her words without even getting a chance to respond mid-sentence.

“Oh I know that, Uncle Jim” she began “It’s just that I said I needed to return her jacket for her and she told me just to drop it off if it wasn’t such a big deal. Only, it totally has to go into this garment bag before it can be hung up. It will just take me a couple of minutes if that’s alright with you”

Uncle Jim was dazzled in a sea of words, almost dizzy as he had to try and process the audio barrage, but he got the gist of what she had said “Uhh, sure thing, you know where her room is, go right ahead” he replied

Score one for the naughty girl who needed a spanking!!

Of course it was complete nonsense that the jacket needed to go into a garment bag. I mean, when she picked it up after having it dry cleaned it was returned in the garment bag, which made the scheming miss quickly realize that it was a perfect excuse to get her foot in the door.

Nicole stood in Becky’s bedroom, her heart still racing away as she tried to calm herself down. She paced for a little bit, not wanting to seem overly eager to find out where Uncle Jim was, but after two minutes she exited the bedroom.

“Uncle Jim” she called out, and the reply came back from the living room “I’m in here”

Nicole smiled, opened the living room door, and stepped inside. This was it, this was the big moment that she had waited for, for years.

Nicole stepped into the living room and with a big sigh went “WHEW”. It was like she was making herself at home as she took a few steps into the living room. “I’m so glad that I was able to do that, our family is going away next week and I’m not going to see her otherwise”

Uncle Jim looked up from the dining room table, looking a bit perplexed as he replied “But you guys are going to see each other tomorrow night, aren’t you”?

Nicole’s face contorted as she looked back at him, like he was talking Swahili or something. “Umm, HELLO” she replied, giving extra emphasis on the last word “We are all going out tomorrow, and as it is my birthday I don’t think that any of us will be in any fit state to worry about an extra coat”

There, a big round of applause please, the CAT had been let out of the bag.

Jim was rather perplexed at that revelation, at least from the side of a naughty girl wanting a spanking anyway, so he just cheerfully wished her an early happy birthday.

Nicole pounced on his words before they had even completely left his mouth “Yeah, thanks” she said “All my Grandparents will be coming around tomorrow, booooooooooorrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiinnnnngggg, but at least we get to go out and have some fun tomorrow night to wipe some of the old people rust off”

“Nicole” he said, showing genuine concern at her rudeness “Have some respect for your elders”

Her hands flew out in front of her “I do, I do, I just don’t want to spend the entire day being surrounded by false teeth and giggling old biddies. But, it happens every single year, that’s like the Grant Family Tradition for this birthday girl” and then she threw in a cheeky little twirl.

When she twirled around there was of course a chance that Uncle Jim was going to see her panties, but, Nicole was already clearly aware of that. If her plan was successful, he was going to be seeing them anyway, it wasn’t that big of a deal.

A fleeting thought might have crossed his mind the moment he heard that it was Nicole’s birthday, but he certainly wasn’t going to make her feel at all uncomfortable as she was here all by herself. However, when she twirled around and mentioned a “family tradition”, it did give him a “legal” segue to at least mention his own family tradition in a joking sort of way, and, as Nicole had planned and connived for weeks to hear those words, he did just that.

Turning around in his chair he smiled and said “Yeah, we also have a family tradition in this house”

Like, oh my God, there it was. Nicole’s Nirvana had finally arrived, and it was like a hundred times easier than she had ever imagined it to be. She was actually going to get spanked!! She was going to be put across a man’s knee, her skirt was going to be lifted, and she was going to get a good hard spanking for being such a naughty girl.

Alright, maybe it wasn’t going to be “exactly” like that, but she was definitely going to go over his knee and get a small taste of what a spanking would feel like.

Nicole’s eyes bulged in amazement, and with a dramatically over the top time out sign made with her two arms, she replied “Woah, time out, Mister, I’m like wayyyyyyyy too old to get a spanking”

The challenge was accepted. Resting his arm on the dining room table and with a smug look on his face, he replied “Oh, really” putting an extra drawl on the last word “You wasn’t exactly organizing a rescue and recover party when your friend, Tina, was getting a birthday spanking”

Nicole waved her hand in front of her face “That’s different, she needed a spanking. In fact I’m a bit surprised that you didn’t spank her harder, but, you’re a guy, not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer, are you”?

Ooh, the testosterone was rising, now he had both hands resting on his knees “It was just a birthday spanking”

Again, with her hands pointed outwards in a dramatic “Whatever” pose, she said “Like I said, men didn’t exactly get an overdose of the thinking tablets when they were created, did they? But, it’s not your fault that you didn’t know that a naughty girl needed a good spanking, and that ship has long sailed on by, Captain” and she finished by performing a ‘Dab’ to point towards the distance. Before swirling one finger on either side of her head to give the universal ‘crazy’ sign.

Oh, she was taking a BIG old bite out of the spanking bar, let’s just hope that she wasn’t biting off more than she could chew.

Well, we are about to find out right now.

Jim stood up, picked up the chair that he had been sat on and moved it to the front of the table. He made eye contact with the anticipatory young woman as he sat back down, and quite confidently said “I think I do alright for myself, and I also think that it is time for the WILSON family tradition!”

Maybe not as convincingly as she had hoped to perform, she switched dramatic roles and began to try and play coy “Oh come on, Uncle Jim, seriously, you’re not serious. I’m going to be 22 years old tomorrow”

With the same testosterone fueled look on his face that had stayed there for a minute now, he nodded his head and said “Yes, I’m serious, I only get to spank you once a year”

Inside Nicole’s mind she was saying ‘More’s the pity’, but outwardly she was playing the all of a sudden shy introvert who ambled in his direction at a very slow pace.

“It’s like, really undignified as if you didn’t know” she said, surprisingly trying to give the impression that she was a seasoned pro in the having your bottom spanked department.

Nicole was thinking that she was going to draw it out and savor the scene just a few seconds longer, but no sooner was she within grabbing distance, Uncle Jim seized her left wrist and pulled her quite firmly, clear over his lap.

Nicole was genuinely surprised at being manhandled in this manner, but maybe not even in a bad way, it was very reminiscent of Elvis grabbing Jenny Maxwell and turning her over his knee.

There was one glaring difference between Nicole and Jenny though, she was certain that Jenny Maxwell had some type of foot traction. Unlike Nicole, whose feet were well clear of the ground and couldn’t have touched down if she tried solidly for four hours. It was actually quite exhilarating, it certainly added to the helpless feeling of a naughty girl about to get her bottom smacked.

Jim wasted little time with the formalities as each cheek of bottom got a hearty smack over her skirt. It stung way more than Nicole thought it was going to. “Ow, Uncle Jim” she whined.

Uncle Jim, just as he had with Tina all of those weeks ago, confidently reached down, and as he started to speak, he also started to pull the white skirt up “You seem….”

His concentration was broken when Nicole wailed “Nooooo” and threw her hand back to try and prevent the inevitable. His sentence was broken as he seized the struggling girl’s arm and held it firmly to the side of her tummy, which also served to hold her securely in place. He began again as he easily raised the skirt with one hand.

“You seem to think that I don’t know when a naughty girl needs a good hard spanking” he stated

A wave of cool air swept over the gossamer thin layer of the white nylon covering her bottom “I was just messing around, Uncle Jim” she pleaded

And with that his hand began to slowly and firmly smack down on each nylon covered cheek in turn, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, he had already surpassed the required number of birthday spanks and he was only just starting.

If anyone had of happened to peer through the window at that moment, it would have looked like an exact replica of a strict uncle thoroughly warming the panty clad seat of a naughty niece. Indeed, Nicole’s response to this initial flurry of spanking would have affirmed that thought.

“No, ow, no, ouch, Uncle Jim, ow, ouch, that’s too, ow, hard” the birthday girl stammered out.

Uncle Jim had now passed double the amount of required birthday spanks, which were still being delivered in a steady cadence of around a spank a minute.

Inadvertently, Nicole had definitely chosen the right pair of panties for this spanking when she was trying to decide which pair to wear, because if she had chosen the bikini panties then she more than likely would have been effectively getting spanked on her bare bottom at this point. As it was, she was at least offered a faint layer of comfort, if it could be called that, because at least this pair covered most of her bottom. Unfortunately for her though, what she didn’t know was that this full bottomed layer of nylon was going to keep whatever heat Uncle Jim imparted onto it, for quite a while once the spanking had finished.

Uncle Jim had been spanking for just over a minute now when he paused and addressed the girl who was making all those silly sounds as she was getting her maiden spanking. He looked at the back of her head and said “How am I doing in the spanking a naughty girl department, Nicole”

She genuinely had no intention of affirming that he was doing a fine job of spanking a naughty little girl, that was not her intention in the least, it was just pure happenstance that it sounded like that was what she was saying. It was actually her way of trying to say that she had most definitely gotten the point when she growled “Oh, just fine”

It was meant to get him to chill out a little bit, perhaps soothe over his ego somewhat. Unfortunately, it just emboldened him to spank her just a little bit quicker and just a little bit harder.

It was perhaps premature to say earlier that anyone peeping in the window would have thought that the scene resembled a naughty niece getting a good spanking by her uncle, because if they had looked in right now, then this definitely would have displayed an image of a naughty girl getting the sound spanking that she was long overdue.

Uncle Jim wasn’t as stupid as she implied he was, he was fully aware of the little game that Nicole was playing, he was a lot smarter than that. If she wasn’t deliberately playing the role of a naughty girl who needed a good spanking, she would have walked out of the door just as soon as the word spanking was mentioned. No, Nicole definitely implied that SHE was the naughty girl in question who needed that spanking, and her Uncle Jim was more than happy to oblige this request.

For the next two minutes a pair of little legs kicked up and down, the slim hips squirmed from side to side, all the while as a firm paternal palm repetitiously went from one well spanked panty clad cheek, to the other, back and forth, back and forth, up and down and all over again and again.

By the time Jim decided to stop spanking that naughty little bottom, each bottom cheek shone like a bright red beacon through the thin layer of nylon covering it. He released his grip and Nicole bolted up as quickly as she could. Not in a sign of distress, not in an effort to get away from him, she just needed to do what all naughty girls do once they have received that spanking that they have so richly needed for a long time. She stepped from foot to foot as she furiously tried to rub away the sting of a really well spanked bottom.

Nicole was relieved, not only was it exactly as she had imagined it would be, but it was ten times better than she expected. She had had an itch that had been needed to be scratched for a really long time now, but the only problem was, was that it had very quickly become a rash that was going to require further expert treatment.

She finally broke the ice, partially out of fear that she was going to bite a hole in that bottom lip of hers that she was currently gnawing on. Without any indication of resentment at all, she actually smiled a little bit as she said “Oh man, that stings so freaking badly” as she continued to rub away at the seat of her panties.

Jim laughed to himself “So do you think that I have improved in the department of recognizing when a naughty little girl needs a good, sound spanking”?

Nicole took one hand off her bottom, gave the okay sign, and replied “Ab-so-lute-ly, goodness gracious me”

She knew immediately once the spanking had finished that she was in big, big trouble, hoping against all hope that she wasn’t going to have to have a confessional with Uncle Jim, but sadly, she knew the truth. In fact, what was the point in even waiting for it, she couldn’t be any more embarrassed than she already was having spent about the last five minutes over Uncle Jim’s lap. So she swung for the fences one more time.

“I really, really did need that, Uncle Jim”

Jim laughed and replied “You couldn’t have been more obvious if you tried” and then Nicole joined him in the laughing, he had seen right through her little ruse.

Can you imagine having to sit there and tell your surrogate Uncle, all the while that your bottom is burning underneath you, that you had wanted a spanking for the longest time?

A couple of hours passed and a delightful conversation took place, but it was time to end the day of fulfillment. Uncle Jim was much more playful this time as he walked Nicole to the door, patting her recovering bottom a few times as they walked.

Making sure that this time she was out of arms reach, Nicole spun around and looked at the man stood in the doorway. With a cheeky grin on her face she said “I mean, technically, I’m still 21, it’s not my birthday until tomorrow”

Jim was happy to see the spunky attitude return to the sprite “Well, lucky for you your grandparents will be there for you tomorrow”

With an even broader grin she continued “Yeah, but they will be gone by two, you know, they are like as old as Abraham Lincoln or something….” And then she paused for dramatic effect before cheekily adding “…. Where’s my manners? Of course you would know that”

At least she already had a pair of panties laid out for tomorrow!

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21 thoughts on “Three Girls Part 2 – Nicole’s Maiden Spanking

  1. Absolutely great fun! The plotting and planning make a fine build-up, and what ‘older uncle-type’ hasn’t dreamed of having a pretend niece over his knee? I thoroughly enjoyed the first part all those years ago and I’m so glad part 2 has finally arrived. I’d like to think that Jim and Nicole have a nice May/December relationship in their future. Thanks for the fine follow-up!

  2. Thanks for your kind feedback, Warmhand, this story took so darn long to write, it is up there as maybe one of the longest that I have written. It was actually nice to be inspired to start writing again, I have listened to several audio spanking stories lately and they were really motivating in getting me to start typing again. Appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment.


  3. Ed,

    Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate you taking the time to tell me that you enjoyed the story.


  4. I really enjoyed this story very much.the spanking movie references,the descriptions of seeing the spanking through the window and the way a birthday spanking turned into a real spanking.the positioning and heat of the bottom was quite outstanding.well done.and I really do loved the characters names for some reason and getting a chance to spank young adults is a dream come true.Thanks and have a great day. It looks like another spanko is discovered maybe even two.

  5. Great story. Window into the young lady’s mind was well done and delicious.

    If you write more, I’d love to see one where our first time spanked young lady finds that in the moment, pinned over a strong caring man’s knee…. Despite it being the most excitingly erotic experience of her life…. What is preeminent is her feeling that this spanking really HURTS!! And despite her arousal this reduces her to a kicking and crying little girl desperately trying to PROMISE anything and everything to make it stop!

    After it’s all over listening to her reflect how satisfying delicious experience it was would be wonderful.

  6. Jim,

    Thanks a lot for leaving some feedback for me. There is nothing more motivating than someone taking the time out to let you know that they enjoyed your story after you have spent so many hours writing it 🙂


  7. Spankingsoulmate,

    It is somewhat ironic that you leave a comment today, because I have a really big post prepared for later today where I reference your spanking video. Even though the video is no longer online, the post is continuously in the top ten popular posts every day, so much so that I had to stick a placeholder video in place of your one just to give people something to watch when they go to the page. Thank you very much for taking the time out to leave a comment, I really do appreciate that. I spent far too long writing the story so it feels good to get a pat on the back.

    I very much like the ideas that you shared, they are very much in my line of thinking and I can certainly see something like that down the line. I have three of your videos saved, so there is certainly enough material to draw from as an inspiration to give the story a direction. We will see how it goes. This is the first story that I have written in 18 months, and I was fortunate enough that a handful of people, out of the 1,000 who have read the story so far, took the time out to offer words of support. That type of encouragement is always nice.

  8. I really like how Nicole’s inner dialogue contrasted with her outward actions and how this reveals her.

    For me, a lot of the appeal of young woman being Spanked is how it reveals a sweet vulnerability.

    A young lady’s genuine surprise at learning her limitations… That something as silly and juvenile as a spanking can involuntarily strip her of all her womanly composure… leaving a frantic, desperately promising to be good little girl in her place.

    That different parts of her experience her spanking simultaneously. The woman in her both aroused and annoyed as she observes her inner little girl, in complete possession of her body and voice, embarrass her.

    And in the aftermath, as she reflects on the experience, seeing character development that makes us like our adorable little protagonist even more.

  9. I will be honest, the story took off on its own, I am not sure if I have written one as long as this before. It was actually quite difficult to finish it in time because I also have a bumper post made for today, and I want to give the story at least a couple of days to be the featured post on the site.

    In regards to the inner feelings of a woman, I’ve been in the scene far too long to even comment on that, lol. The moment that I try to describe how a woman feels then the “Spanking Karen’s” will all be rounded up to launch an attack 🙂 I will let the words of the story tell my tale without offering any analysis, and if a woman feels that they can offer a different alternative for me to use then I would gladly listen.


  10. It`s MY birthday soon, Uncle Richard, can I return a coat to you? A very well written story, and thoroughly enjoyed. Good to see you back, and in fine fettle. Just wish I lived nearer to you. Unfortunately, I have no living parents, nor indeed unces. But would still like to “celebrate” my birthday this way. Bless you, and keep the stories coming. Lia.

  11. Lia,

    The story took far longer that I had anticipated, but perhaps it was cathartic that I could finally let the words flow. I knew that I was in trouble once I had hit 3500 words and Nicole hadn’t even arrived at Jim’s house yet. While I did leave an open ending like I normally do, I will probably close this story for now and look to finish other stories.


  12. I love to read your stories, and sincerely hope that you consider continuing to write them. My own birthday rapidly approaches, and I have trepidations about that. As you know, my parents passed away some time ago, but I do have lots of cousins and aunts that I just know, would love to give my sweet rear end a warming. (See my earlier account of my 2st birthday). Maybe covid will float away, and I could visit you in he US. for a more friendly time over your lap.You may like to make a story from that incident. There were about 120 people watching as I was basted.Some of the family still mention the event, often with a twinkle in their eye. Its lovely to see you back in circulation, so keep up the good work. Best wishes to you. Lia.

  13. Stan,

    Thank you so much for the feedback. It is always motivating when people take the time to notice your efforts, your comment is much appreciated.


  14. Really enjoyed this story. Thank you for sharing your imagination! This is exactly the type of story I enjoy…a good spanking with good humor and kindness.

  15. H,

    Thank you for taking the time to drop me a line. I always really appreciate it when people feel the need to leave a comment, it makes the effort that I put in seem really worth it and it inspires me to want to write more. Thank you for your kind words.


  16. Had to read these all straight through too! Love your character development! Great stories again!!

  17. Thank you for that story, I really enjoy Birthday spanking stories, but there are so few about.

  18. Tony,

    Thanks for your feedback, I appreciate it very much. I enjoy writing and posting birthday spanking stories.


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