The Phone Conversation

The Phone Conversation

Four years ago,Kim had moved away from her neighborhood and was in the final year of her college. It had come as quite a surprise to her,but she had received a birthday card from an old neighbor that week and in it he had included his phone number. Tom Hansen was a 54 year old widower with 3 grown daughters,his wife having died about 3 years ago. Kim decided that she wanted to call Tom and thank him for the birthday card;we get to listen in to their conversation.

Kim:“Hi Tom,its Kim Wood”

Tom:“Well hello Kim,what a pleasant surprise”

Kim:“Listen,I just wanted to thank you so much for the birthday card,that was very thoughtful of you”

Tom:“It was a pleasure my dear,how is school going?”

Kim:“I’m in my final year,I will graduate this year” Tom:“So you’re all grown up and ready to tackle the world huh?”

Kim:“I’m not sure about that yet;I still have one more spring break to get through”

Tom:“What does that have to do with anything?”

Kim:“Oh you know,wild times,crazy parties,boys,I just hope that I don’t get so drunk that I mess up my schoolwork by frying my brain cells”

Tom:“And that’s something that you find amusing?”

Kim:“Not really I suppose,but it is great to have all this freedom”

Tom:“How do your parents feel about that?”

Kim:“They don’t care so much,just as long as I am careful. Of course,I don’t tell them EVERYTHING that I get up to”

Tom:“You always were quite a wild child,you’re lucky that I ever let my girls hang out with you”

Kim:“What do you mean,I was a wild child?”

Tom:“You know full well,Kim,you had trouble written all across your forehead”

Kim:“I have no idea what you are talking about”

Tom:“Would you like a list of examples?”

Kim:“Nah,that’s okay,I doubt if we have that long”

Tom:“I doubt it too. I’m sure many of the spankings that my daughters got were as a direct result of your behavior”

Kim:“You spanked your daughters?”

Tom:“But of course! You don’t see them going to any wild parties and getting drunk,do you”

Kim:“Maybe you should have spanked me instead of your daughters then”

Tom:“You always seem to find some humor in everything,Kim. Trust me;many times I considered putting you across my knee and warming the seat of your panties back then”

Kim:“Yikes. Well,at least I would have kept my panties on”

Tom:“Back then you would have. You wouldn’t keep them for very long now though”

Kim:“Get real Tom,I am 22 years old. Welcome to the 21st century dude”

Tom:“Are you suggesting that you think you are too old for a spanking”

Kim:“What? Get with the program Tom;of COURSE I am too old for that”

Tom:“I would suggest on your next visit home then,that you not come over to my place alone”

Kim:“Tom Hansen,I know you’re not threatening to spank me”

Tom:“It’s not an idle threat;there are a lot of things we can discuss. You are more than overdue a spanking I’m sure”

Kim:“You wouldn’t dare spank me”

Tom:“I sense a challenge. I will look forward to pulling your panties down over your bright red bottom”

Kim:“Will you stop?”

Tom:“Then don’t ever think that you are too old to be spanked”

Kim:“Can we change the subject please?”

Tom:“Sure we can,but it will have wait for another time I’m afraid. I am going to have to get ready for work”

Kim:“Oh ok Tom,well it was good talking to you after all this time,I hope to see you again one day”

Tom:“I will be waiting eagerly for you young lady”

Kim:“Tom,STOP,sheesh. Ok,I will talk to you again,bye for now”

Tom:“Goodbye Kim”

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