The Countryside

I’m posting from my phone just so that I can get an update out. Right now my brother is visiting me from England so that has eaten into my free time.

This photo I found on eBay and it brings back memories of England. A spanking in the countryside,  on a hike,  camping,  just anywhere really where there is a chance of getting caught. There was a couple of photo sets from Janis back in the day that probably fueled this fantasy.

A Friday Funny

There is this huge folder that I have on my external hard drive that contains completely weird spanking paraphernalia,  and on this drive I have only a little bit. Thing is,  these items will never see the light of day because quite frankly they aren’t exactly wonderful spanking pics.

So what I think I will do this weekend is post a few in batches for the weeks ahead and pre post them all on Friday’s. There will always be something of interest to someone. Here is a t-shirt that I am just sure some of you girls would love to wear in public!! Works better for the ladies who really don’t want to wear it 🙂



Windsor Wednesday Classic – 106

My Wednesday classic this week is a little different to my usual offering,  and quite frankly I am cheating. Normally I have to edit what I give you,  catalog it in a spreadsheet and then add links. The reason that I use a spreadsheet is that a few years from now the inevitable questions are going to come up as to their origin and I will be able to enlighten them. I mean shoot,  people lift photos from this blog already and post them under the  “No idea where this came from”  category already,  so science only knows what will happen when a few years pass 🙂

It is also the start of the fantasy football season which does take a bit of my spare time. Last year I won the 24 team,  two conference dynasty league,  and I think that I did it in time because I compare my roster to the other rosters this year and I have my work cut out. Just as a side note to that,  in the 13 years that we have done this league,  I’m the only team out of the 24 never to have posted a losing season since the beginning. At worst my record has been 500 and that was only once. Then I also had a draft this week for the league I have been in for 14 years. This league is a 16 team league and is as tough as can be. I won this one back in 2007 but haven’t come close since. This year though I think that I have drafted my best team in a long time. Remember for you fantasy football fans,  there are 16 teams so imagine the dregs that are left for your second RB. Matched up against the other teams though I like what I have,  a primary of Newton,  Forte,  CJ Anderson,  Crabtree,  Desean Jackson and Antonio Gates,  plus on the bench I have Christine Michael,  Chris Johnson,  Tannehill etc,  etc. Just trust me,  for a 16 team league I did well this year.

Anyway,  on to the spanking photo for this week. Like I said,  I got a bit lazy because I have to start work super early tomorrow and I need to get to bed. So I snagged this one off of Ebay and even though cartoon spankings are not normally my thing,  this one is pretty cool. My German friends should especially enjoy it. Maybe one of them can translate it for us all?


Night Nurse

As you can tell,  I’m trying my hardest to devote some extra time to posting more frequently. As I stated the other day,  if it is just the pics you want then they are at the bottom of this post,  so if that is all you want then scroll away and grab them. Today I have three vintage  ‘Nurse’  spanking pics that you should enjoy.

Pretty soon I am going to have to start preparing for the 2016 events. As I have stated,  for the last couple of years I have scaled back a bit on attending parties,  something that was very necessary. The biggest reason in all of this was that it stopped being fun for me,  a lot of the excitement and anticipation slowly eroded over the years from a variety of factors. They are pretty much all self induced,  my core values trump everything and I have my own vision of what fun and enjoyment should entail. The thing is though,  you are always in control of your own destiny. I know what works for me and I know what doesn’t work for me,  both in terms of play and interacting with other people.

So right now I have two parties coming up where I get to take a leading role in how much I enjoy them. Both parties are right up there in terms of potential enjoyment so as the old saying goes,  the ball is in my court. First up,  and while I haven’t booked my vacation or tickets yet,  I fully intend on going,  and that is the 50 freaks party.

Being that I backed out of the last one I would have understood if there was not a place for me,  but I sent a text to Cousin Joe and he responded that I was always welcome. Actually,  that shouldn’t surprise me at all,  if there was ever a role model as to how to treat other people,  Cousin Joe’s picture would be on it.

Now I don’t even know who is going other than the people who I hung out with on New Years. I don’t go to Fetlife anymore so I am clueless as to who will be in attendance. There are two girls who I occasionally text who at one point said they were likely to go,  but that was a while ago so I don’t know for sure anymore. But I hope to roll back the clock though. I want to take my spot at the bar which at one point was affectionately known as  “Windsor’s corner”,  and most importantly I want to enforce my time. That means setting goals to spend several hours each day with the SSNY crew,  spend more time in the party room,  and the biggest of all,  when I take my  “Me”  time,  that I get up and rejoin the party.  “Me”  time is very important at a party,  it helps to avoid burnout. When we are in Vegas or Atlantic City I tell people until I am blue in the face,  if you see a party attendee playing the slots,  leave them the fuck alone,  they are on  “Me”  time.

After that there is of course the annual Boardwalk Badness Weekend. Now the organizers of BBW have had an incredibly busy year with a vanilla project,  and my own work has increased dramatically this year,  so New Years was the first time that I got to spend a weekend with them in 7 months. So BBW planning is something that I have done very little of as of yet. Now don’t get me wrong,  the BBW crew are on the ball and they have the framework already laid out,  but we haven’t had one of those nights yet where a dozen of us sit there and start throwing ideas out. Perhaps we will do that at the 50 freaks party.

So those are my early plans in a group setting. I do have some private play plans set up but I will avoid talking about them in detail. I will only write about them if I have the permission of the other parties when we actually play.

Okay,  time for the pictures. Be sure to come back tomorrow,  the huge version of an already posted Men Are Like Streetcars pic will be posted tomorrow. It is so good that it looks like an old lobby card.

$_57 (26)



$_57 (36)


All Hallows Eve

In this wonderful world of ours there are so many different aspects to choose from. One would think that spanking is simple,  but like any relationship,  people find what it is that works best for them and gravitate towards that. In fact in the past it was one of my annoyances whenever a guy would act like a whiny little bitch wondering why certain people play together,  it’s all to do with chemistry.


Because I have so many things that are personal spanking turn ons,  I honestly believe that it is because of what I like that it is almost impossible for me to get jealous in our scene. If someone forms a dynamic that works for them,  it can only be a good thing,  right? I know how I feel when things work out for me,  so if someone is able to find half of that feeling then I am elated for them,  especially if they are a friend of mine. That’s worth repeating,  if someone is a friend of yours and they find something that makes them happy,  be happy for them,  even if it means that you lose a piece of them.

This all brings me on to the topic of the day,  costume spanking. Now I fully understand,  from experience,  that this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. From a personal standpoint though,  I love to roleplay and get into character.

My first introduction into the world of spanking was with one of the best examples that the spanking world has to offer,  Amber Pixie Wells. You can read that story RIGHT HERE. It is something that I will never forget,  my first meeting with someone in the spanking community,  pacing up and down until she finally arrived. Going down to reception to meet her and seeing this cutie wearing a schoolgirl outfit as the receptionists stood all too knowingly around. I don’t think that I have ever been that embarrassed in my life. Amazing what 12 years will do to you,  now I am as open about spanking as anyone in the community,  I couldn’t care less who knows what I do.


Let me pause for a second,  I have so many schoolgirl pics that it almost seems like they are the exception to costume pics. So here are half a dozen with various girls before I carry on.


In all of the costume scenes that I have taken part in,  it is pretty noticeable that Pixie appears in half of them. We have done everything from Santa to Harry Potter to Little Red Riding Hood,  in fact there is so many I can’t even list them all.

Before I finish though,  what are your thoughts on costume spanking/Roleplays? Is there a certain character that you would like to play or perhaps one that you would like to spank? One promise that I hope to cash in on at some point in the next year is with ellee. She has told me that she owns a  ‘Dorothy’  outfit and I am panting like a little puppy imagining being her uncle who is going to spank her for running away from home. I’m sure Uncle Henry will have to get his heavy strap out for that one.

Now then,  as a special treat for you,  I have two unseen before costume pics. Four years ago a guy in Malaysia had a special request for a scene that he wanted Pixie and I to do. He was so into it that he actually mailed me an authentic Malaysian schoolgirl outfit for Pixie to wear and wanted a custom video. Now I know that some companies charge for custom videos,  but I was more than happy to do it for free,  and Pixie was just as happy to do something nice for someone as well. Now unfortunately I can’t find the video right now,  in fact Jules Tanner edited it for us so I might not even have it,  but should I find it then I might post it on Thanksgiving. What I do have though is a couple of screen caps. There is a third of the otk spanking which I also can’t find at the moment. I’m sure I have the video so if I can find it I will post some more caps of the spanking and caning in a few days times. Like I said,  these are never before seen pics from a private video.



Into A Far Away Place

Here is a new story for you. The audio to the first part is on this site in the archives,  but this is the first time that I am posting it in full on this site. Of course it will be added to my fictional story page.

Part 1

Yanina sat in her bed engrossed in the literary classic  ‘Tom Brown’s Schooldays’.

Yanina,  an American Latina,  had developed a strange desire for anything remotely resembling English heritage,  certainly anything pertaining to schooling in the olden days. This fascination stemmed from her obsession within the world of domination.

There seemed to be no logical reasoning for this fascination,  sure there had been spankings growing up,  probably more than average,  but nothing to substantiate the desire to be dominated by a strict man. The only thing close to this experience as an adult was really of no consequence,  a few smacks here and there from playful boyfriends,  and one very prolonged birthday spanking from a landlord with whom she had developed a sexual relationship with soon after,  and while that came close to a proper spanking,  it was still done in fun and her modesty was protected by her underwear,  even if they felt nearly invisible for the most part.

Yanina had read of Tom Brown’s caning over and over again,  the description and the strictness of the event stirred her emotions into a fantasy playground. She sank further and further under the covers and read the part one more time,  drifting off as she once again imagined the swish of the cane coming down. Very soon,  Yanina had entered deep into her sleep and the land of her unconsciousness took over what was to be an exciting dream filled night.

Yanina strolled through the sweet smelling meadow holding a fresh flower to her face,  swishing her dress as she walked,  how beautiful England was. The further she walked the closer the old school came into view,  SCHOOL,  oh no,  I don’t want to be late. Yanina broke into a run,  trying to gather as much speed as she could,  her mind full of the dreaded punishment that awaits any boy who arrives at school late. BOY,  but I’m not a boy,  but I can’t be late, I mustn’t be late.

She was running as fast as possible,  why are these other boys walking so slow,  don’t they know what will happen,  I can’t be late. I look such a mess,  my shirt is hanging out,  doesn’t look like I have showered in a week,  my satchel is dragging on the floor as I run,  and where on earth did these horrible looking shorts come from?

Looking behind her,  Yanina watched her pretty dress fly away into the meadow,  pausing for a moment as she marveled at the beauty of the scene,  then she heard the bell ring. Her mouth opened and she realized that that was the first bell,  when it rings again she needed to be sat at her desk. There was no way she could make it. Yanina broke into a sprint to make the second bell. The faster she ran the less she seemed to be getting anywhere,  her heart pounded as her mind ran over the consequences that awaited her for sure.

It seemed like an age before she arrived,  but finally she reached the side of the old schoolhouse,  peering up the side of the old building,  the schoolhouse seemed to be about 50 foot tall. Yanina ran her hand across the wood as she slowly walked up the side of the building before coming to the corner,  she turned the corner and her heart sank. There,  stood at the door,  was the old schoolmaster with his handlebar mustache. Her eyes met those of the red faced man and then to his side at the crooked handled cane he was holding.

The schoolmaster pulled the watch from his pocket and gazed at the approaching boy with a stern glance. Yanina approached with her head held low,  shuffling her feet as she went. It what seemed to be the loudest voice she had ever heard,  the schoolmaster bellowed at her  “WE DO NOT ACCEPT TARDINESS AT THIS SCHOOL MASTER URTEAGA,  I AM GOING TO MAKE AN EXAMPLE OF YOU TO THE WHOLE CLASS”  and with that she felt her ear being tugged as she was led at lightning pace into the school classroom.

The first thing Yanina thought of was the deep musky smell of old wood as she floated into the classroom. There was dead silence in the room,  as she now stood at the head of the class all alone. She looked at the faces of all the young boys and her heart went out to whatever unhappy state they lived in. Not one of them looked healthy and the fear was spelled on each tiny face. The tiny circle she stood on seemed to be illuminated from everything else. Out of the corner of her eye she saw another group of people,  they were sat in what looked to be a jury box. In the forepersons chair was her Mother,  shaking her head and sniffling into a tissue,  Yanina felt such shame for her Mother to see her like this. Also in the box were her Brothers and Sister,  neighbors,  even the storeowner from the local deli.

Right at the very end of the bench,  in what seemed to be an attached seat,  sat her old landlord. With her head slightly bowed she blushed at his gaze,  this was the Man who last year had stirred emotions within her that she had never experienced before. He was not a real handsome Man,  but her heart was with him as she fondly recalled when she half heartedly struggled over his lap as his hand came down over and over again on the seat of her underwear.

SWISH………… Yanina’s gaze left her landlord and turned into an open mouthed fear as she watched the schoolmaster begin to swish the thin cane through the air. Her legs went to jelly as her arm was grabbed and she was led to the master’s desk. With her back to the rest of the class,  the schoolmaster roughly pulled the suspenders off of her shoulders and yanked her britches down. His big hand pushed her between the shoulder blades all the way over the desk. Lying down,  Yanina reached for the far end of the desk and held on tight to the fraying wood. The schoolmaster then stood behind her and reached for the hem of her shirt,  Yanina buried her head into the desk as the master raised her shirt to reveal the pristine white tap panties she wore. As this happened the classroom of boys began to giggle heartedly at the sight of this boy wearing such dandy underwear. The schoolmaster fumed “SILENCE,  IF I HEAR ONE MORE WORD FROM ANY OF YOU AND YOU WILL GET TWICE WHAT MASTER URTEAGA IS ABOUT TO GET”

Yanina laid there prone,  turning her head to her left she looked squarely at her Mother who was still sobbing. Yanina tried for all her might to apologize to her Mother but no words came,  she just lay there feeling ashamed.

The thin rattan cane now rested across the seat of her tap panties,  turning away from her Mothers look,  Yanina placed her forehead on the desk. Not a sound could be heard as the room went eerily quite. The cane left it’s target and WHOOSH,  came down with lightning speed across both buttock cheeks. The fiery burn startled Yanina as she clenched her butt cheeks tightly together to try and fight the fiery sting coming from her nether regions. Her eyes clenched tight as she prepared for the next stroke,  SWISH,  down it came again and Yanina’s right foot left the ground very slightly,  this time,  not only her butt clenched,  but also her right ankle and foot seemed to fuse into one as it tightened. The third stroke came down,  SWIIIIIISSSSHHHH,  this one caught her by surprise,  catching the lower part of her bottom,  her right heel came off the floor all the way to her scorching butt as she shouted out loud “OWWWWWWWW”. Trying to rock her body from side to side only made her tap panties move over the raised lines across her rear,  causing her great discomfort. SWIIISSSHHHHH,  the 4th stroke opened her tears as her body began to go limp over the desk.

With eyes now a puffed red,  Yanina swiveled her head to her left as the 5th stroke landed,  SWIIISSSHHH. Greatly aware of the fire behind her,  she looked through tear stained eyes directly at her landlord,  she shook her head softly and murmured  “Why have you done this to me”. As the tears flowed her eyes transfixed on his as the last hard stroke landed,  SSSWWWIIIISSSHHHH. It was over,  her landlord seemed pleased as the schoolmaster helped her to her feet. With a body sapped of strength she struggled to pull up her britches and fix her suspenders.

Yanina looked at the class and they all had their heads buried into there schoolbooks. She turned back to her landlord who was now sat at the bench by himself. As she rubbed her butt very gently her eyes dropped to his hands,  there he was smacking HER hairbrush into his palm. She didn’t need to hear his words,  his actions spoke very clear,  the next birthday spanking young lady,  is going to be a lot longer,  and we will be using this wooden brush as well.

Yanina’s eyes never left the slapping of the brush into his palm and the schoolroom went pitch black,  with only spotlights on the pair of them,  SNAP,  Yanina shot up in her bed sweating profusely.

What a horrible nightmare she had just had. Almost instinctively,  she reached behind her and rubbed her hand over her butt to make sure it was a dream,  it was. With a trembling body,  Yanina wrapped her arms around herself and headed into the bathroom. Re-emerging,  she sipped at a glass of water as her body shook with a chill. Walking over to her dresser she caught sight of herself in the mirror,  cold,  shaking,  with sleepy eyes she put down the glass and rubbed her body warm with her hands. From the bottom of her eye she caught sight of it. Now her dream began to come back to her as she reached down and picked up her wooden hairbrush. Holding the brush there was only one image on her mind,  the image of her previous landlord holding the brush,  smacking it into the palm of his hand. For the next few weeks,  whenever she brushed her hair in the morning,  the same image kept replaying itself over and over again in her mind,  her old landlord,  holding her brush.

Part 2

Three weeks had passed since Yanina had her vivid dream,  and not a day had passed where she didn’t picture herself face down over her old Landlord’s lap,  getting her bare bottom spanked.

Many a time a cold sweat came over her as she relived that dream,  it was all so real,  yet it was so far away. She knew one thing,  if she didn’t act upon this dream now,  she would probably never act upon it. Easier said than done though,  how on earth could she possibly approach this subject with Mr Robinson,  her old Landlord. What if he was to laugh until his ribs hurt,  how could she live with that shame?

One thing that hadn’t crossed Yanina’s mind as of yet,  perhaps he doesn’t even live in that house anymore. These were the thoughts going through her mind as she drove up the street upon where she once lived. Slowly pulling to the side of the road opposite the house,  a ream of butterflies went through her stomach as she spotted his car in the driveway,  he did indeed still live here.

Time had stood still for the young girl,  she had barely realized that it had been nearly half an hour that she was sat there daydreaming. All the time she kept telling herself how stupid it was for a 24 year old young lady to have these desires,  a complete mixture of emotion,  some sadness,  some excitement,  even a little bravery. Could she at least go and knock on the door and say hi? He wouldn’t suspect a thing and was sure to be happy to see her.

Perhaps it was because she had taken such a long time to get dressed that day,  perhaps secretly knowing that she wanted to see him prompted her to dress so seductively on this day. Whatever it was,  a sudden urge of bravery saw her open her car door.

Like she was in a dream again,  Yanina found herself standing outside her car feeling vulnerable,  straightening imaginary wrinkles out of the white summer dress she had chosen to wear. Within a few seconds she had convinced herself to stop being so silly and at least go and say hi,  she hadn’t come all this way for nothing. Even though nothing was going to happen,  her imagination would be racing after talking to him again.

Confidently, Yanina bounded towards the front door,  pausing just slightly before ringing the bell. The 10 seconds it took for him to answer it felt like ten minutes to her. And there it was,  the door opened and a shocked Mr Robinson smiled with delight at the young girl he hadn’t seen for nearly two years.

Giving the girl a hug he remarked  “Yanina,  what brings you here?”

With a friendly smile in return she replied  “I was just in the neighborhood so I thought I would take a chance and see if you were in”

“Well come on in my dear,  it is a pleasure to see you again”

They both entered the living room and hugged once more before Mr Robinson went to the kitchen to make some coffee. Yanina was pleased at her decision and chastised herself for being so foolish in the first place,  of course everything was going to be okay.

The atmosphere was very relaxing now,  the two of them sipping coffee and catching up on both old times and new. Everything was perfect until Mr Robinson chose an uncomfortable memory,  one that immediately had the girl blushing,  the memory of the birthday spanking he had given her.

Mr Robinson chuckled at the colour of the young lady’s face and kind of revelled in her embarrassment. “Come come Yanina” he said “there’s nothing to be embarrassed about,  it was only a little birthday spanking”

Yanina tried to put on a brave face,  knowing what she was feeling inside,  “I know Mr Robinson,  but it was a funny position to be in over your lap an’ all,  I’m just glad it wasn’t a proper spanking”

Oh my,  the breath just left her body,  did she really just say that,  the hot feeling of flushed cheeks descended upon her once more and she looked down.

“Well I don’t think I ever had a reason to give you a proper spanking,  did I?”

Yanina’s cheeks were hotter than ever,  now all she wanted to do was change topics,  and quickly. “I don’t suppose so Sir”  What was she doing? SIR,  oh geez,  she wished that internal voice would stop interrupting.

Mr Robinson chuckled once more but decided to tease her a little  “Then I hope you don’t give me a reason to anytime soon”

Yanina was beside herself,  almost to a point of tears,  so close and yet so far. Is that sentence the end of it,  does she press on,  will she die of embarrassment in the meantime?

Part 3

Yanina needed a break. A break from the embarrassment,  a break from the excitement,  sheesh,  just a break just to clear her head a little. Still blushing madly,  Yanina excused herself to the bathroom. Walking slowly across the room she smiled coyly as their eyes met,  then subconsciously put both hands on her butt as she passed him. Mr Robinson smiled with a nod of some unknown approvement as he watched the young girl scurry by out of the room.

It was in the bathroom that decision time was fast approaching,  what did those eyes mean as she passed him? Did he know? Is he thinking the same thing as she is? Even though her mind was not made up,  she was certainly taking her time in front of the bathroom mirror making sure she was looking her best. What holds in store when she returns to the living room,  is it over with,  or is it just beginning?

Yanina began the slow walk down the stairs and headed towards the door to the living room,  upon entering she was slightly shocked to see Mr Robinson standing. This was unexpectedly intimidating to the slight girl to see his huge frame in the middle of the room. Peering out of the corner of her eyes at him,  she headed towards where she had been sat,  nervously. Mr Robinson watched her scurry by again and once more grinned at the minx.

Mr Robinson noticed the young girl sat fidgeting and walked towards her,  waiting for her to look at him,  which of course she was flatly refusing to do. He remembered now how Yanina used to be,  how her shyness seemed to almost be like a game to her,  there was always something so wonderfully appealing about her.

Looking down at her,  Mr Robinson asked  “So why was you holding your bottom a few minutes ago when you passed me,  Yanina? Did we miss a birthday or two?”

Yanina now sat not knowing where to look. This is where she wanted to be for so long now,  but could she go through with it,  what was holding her back. It wasn’t perfect,  she wanted a proper spanking,  but would have to settle for a birthday spanking instead. Is it worth a final shot?

“I guess so”  she replied timidly  “Amongst other things”

Mr Robinson’s eyebrows raised intriguingly  “And what other things would they be Yanina?”

Yanina slumped into the couch wanting to pour her heart out,  almost on the verge of crying. “I don’t really know Mr Robinson,  just sometimes I don’t know if my motivation is what it should be. I spend days daydreaming when I should be focused on my work,  I just don’t know if I can cope with the pressure anymore”

“Young lady,  you are 24 years old with the palm of the world in your hand,  what pressures can you possibly have”

“I don’t know,  I just never focus on what I should be doing and I get really depressed and stressed when I fall behind”

“So you need to get motivated so that you can focus on what you should be doing,  eh? Is this the real reason that you came to see me today?”

Yanina sat there silently,  feeling slightly ashamed at herself.

“I asked you a question Yanina,  is your lack of motivation the real reason that you came to see me today?”

“I guess so”

“So how do you propose that I can help you with your motivation?”

“I’m not sure really”

“Oh I think you are fully aware young lady. Perhaps that is why you were holding your bottom a few minutes ago”

Yanina felt herself sinking further and further,  she wanted to scream yes but was now really ashamed. “I don’t know”  she replied.

“Well I was about to give you a birthday spanking,  but something is telling me that perhaps I should go a step further,  is that what you want?”

Yanina sat there,  unable to reply to his question,  instead just offering a shrug of her shoulders. Mr Robinson nodded his head,  even though she was not looking at him,  and walked to the other side of the room to pull a straight backed chair into the middle of the room. Yanina pouted as she watched him from the top of her eyes,  still with her head bowed low. Mr Robinson sat down and looked at the shameful girl.

“Yanina,  come over here please”

With her stomach in knots,  Yanina stood slowly and pigeon stepped her way to Mr Robinson with her head remaining low. She finally reached his side and stared down at the huge lap beneath her tiny frame. Mr Robinson reached up and lifted her head from underneath her chin,  staring intently into her eyes. “This is nothing to be ashamed of Yanina,  by the time we are done you will feel much better about yourself”

Even though it is something that she had hoped for,  Yanina really had no idea why. It wasn’t as if she was necessarily looking forward to it,  but just looking at him almost reassured her that this was the right thing to do. Slowly Mr Robinson took her by the hand and guided her over his lap,  guiding until her feet left the floor and she grabbed one of the legs of the chair,  while her other hand grabbed his ankle.

Even though she was 24,  at this moment she felt no more than 10 years old as his hand rested upon the seat of her summer dress,  gently patting the small bottom it encased. Yanina looked down at her hand as his hand descended downwards towards the hem of her short dress. Her face grimaced as he slowly drew it upwards,  slowly exposing the seat of her pink satin panties. The grip tightened around her waist and she felt his hand leave her bottom,  Yanina grabbed on tightly to what she was holding just as his huge hard made contact with her bottom,  she gasped at the sudden sting and then again shortly thereafter.

Very rhythmically,  Mr Robinson began to firmly spank the young charge under his control,  alternating his hand from one cheek to the other. Yanina concentrated on the warmth he was generating on her bottom and occasionally raised her right leg when the smacks rained down. After perhaps a minute,  Yanina was starting to squirm under the relentless smacks raining upon the seat of her panties.

Mr Robinson paused with the firm smacks and rested his hand upon her hot bottom,  gently caressing the pinkening cheeks. “I am going to help you regain your focus Yanina,  and hopefully this is something that you will think about in the future”

With that,  Mr Robinson inserted his fingers into the waistband of the girls flimsy underwear and slowly drew them downwards towards her knees. Yanina just let her head hang low at the sudden embarrassment of her bottom being exposed for the first time. Once more, she felt the grip around her tighten and prepared herself for what was to come,  little did she know that it was going to hurt a lot more than she had thought it would.

It took only 8 firm spanks on her bare bottom before her head started to move from side to side,  her legs now beginning to involuntarily move with the motions of the spanks that were landing. Little noise had appeared by this point,  but now they were beginning to hear the little whimpers emanating from her mouth,  punctuated with the occasional ‘ow’.

Steadfast in his approach,  Mr Robinson picked the pace up. He could already see her bottom turning a delicious shade of dark pink,  and he watched as she attempted to squirm from side to side to avoid his hand. The noises coming from her mouth were now loud ones and he had to hold her tightly. Still,  he continued to give the girl what he thought it was that she was missing. As her bottom burned under his hand,  Yanina began to gently sob. Mr Robinson was aware of this and finished spanking her with a few well placed spanks.

The spanking was over. Mr Robinson ran his hand over the flaming cheeks then aided the girl to her feet. Yanina’s shoulders dropped as her hand went to her eyes to cover her tears. Mr Robinson pulled her close and sat the crying girl on his lap,  embracing her as she sobbed. Yanina buried her head into his broad shoulder and wrapped her arms around him,  allowing Mr Robinson to rub and soothe her burning bottom as she hugged him.

They sat in this position for several minutes,  neither one wishing to let the other go. Finally,  Mr Robinson eased the girl back and offered a reassuring smile to the red eyes that looked back his way. After gently patting her bottom,  Yanina stood up,  reaching for her falling underwear as she did so. Gingerly,  she eased them up and grimaced as the elastic slid up her sore bottom,  both of them smiled at this. One more hug and the pair of them headed back towards the couch. Mr Robinson offered Yanina another cup of coffee,  to which she replied  “Yes please”

“Good”  he said  “I think you and I need to have a talk”  and then he left the room. Yanina watched as he left,  then felt the catharsis escape from her body. Boy did she need that,  she could only hope that the conversation that he wanted,  was the same one that she wanted. A discussion about future events,  and what the consequences would be should her focus wane from time to time in the future.

Flashing Her Panties To The Boys

Any excuse for a spanking,  right? Well,  in a way,  but not when your mind works like mine does.

As time has gone on I have found out what it is that makes me tick. Now despite having been to many parties and developing many friendships,  I’m really of the opinion that I am more of a private player than most. Sure,  I take part in as much as I can and a few years ago I used to be that person who would play publicly with just about anyone. As time has gone on though I have felt more and more that I am most comfortable using the  ‘less is more’  philosophy.

There are times when I think that other folks don’t think that I am having a good time,  but nothing could be further from the truth. The only difference is that my definition of a fun time differs slightly from others. I’m not alone in this,  there are many people who take a more docile approach at parties,  but that is the great thing about attending,  you can do things at your own pace.

What happened on Friday at the Boardwalk Badness party,  going into Saturday,  was one of those special moments that I strive for. Certainly it was an event that was the highlight of the party for me because of the way my mind works.

Just prior to the party I had introduced myself to Bertha Mason online after reading her profile on Fetlife. Now at the SSNY party in December I had met Bertha but it was nothing more than just hello really. On Fetlife I simply do not seek friendship requests any more,  I always approve them but I never actually seek to add them. After I read Bertha’s profile though,  and answered a public question or two that she had,  I requested her friendship through a private message.

Her profile interested me and there were a number of items on there that I felt we had a common interest in,  none more so than the simple comment that she liked kindhearted people. That is something that gets me at my core every time as I thrive on kindhearted people. So my plan was to friend request her,  say more than hello at the party and that pretty much was it,  I had no intention of seeking play.

On Friday morning at the party there was a meet and greet for the new people at the party and Mike Tanner had asked me to go along as a familiar face. Because of the time that I got there I was only able to stand in the hallway craning my neck,  along with a group of other people. Bertha was one of those people and she was a few feet behind me. She had actually been in front of me at one point but I got the feeling that she was getting  ‘boxed in’  by a growing plate of testosterone. Now call it spanking radar if you like,  but I just knew what was about to happen next,  and my thoughts came to fruition almost right away. Clearly someone must have asked her how her bottom was and from a side on view for me,  Bertha raised her dress to show her bottom. From the angle that I was at I got the awesome view of her from the side as she showed off her white panties hugging her curves wonderfully.

It wasn’t long after that when I sought Bertha out to tell her that I thought that what she did was really hot. Hey,  look,  I’m a spanko and I know what I like. It reminded me of the first time that I played with Pixie,  when,  after spanking her,  the giddy girl ran to the mirror,  flipped her skirt up and looked at her red bottom whilst grinning from ear to ear.

The whole day went by where I thought no more about it. Okay,  the image may have flashed through my mind once or twice,  but that was it. It was only when I went to bed that night did something strike me,  and as tired as I was it was like I had just had a shot of espresso. My devilish mind started to work overtime and I began to devise a plan. This wasn’t something that I discussed with Bertha,  and I was taking a big chance with being overly presumptuous,  but I had a feeling that this would work,  and from my conversations with her that weekend I also felt that this was something that she would enjoy.

The thoughts in my head were this  “Naughty little girl,  flashing her panties to the boys like that. Why I ought to spank her for that”

Now a couple of weeks ago I had seen the class rosters for the Boardwalk Academy for girls,  so I knew Bertha was in one of my classes during the schoolgirl academy,  I actually remembered it because her name was one of the few where I was asking Jules just who these girls were. Which of the three classes she was actually in I had no idea,  but I did know that she was on the roster.

As Kor-E and I did our pre class run through the wicked thoughts ran through my mind once again. We had 45 girls to cater to,  but I was going to give one of them a little extra attention. If what I had in mind worked,  it could be something that she remembers for quite a while.

As a gag I had put a  “Naughty chair”  sticker on one of the chairs in the front of the class,  basically it was for the unlucky girl in each class who couldn’t see it when she sat down,  and to provide giggles to all of the girls sat behind her. Not in Bertha’s case mind you. When she walked in with her classmates she was already looking frightened and her mouth opened as I met her entering,  telling all of the girls to find an empty seat but stopping Bertha and saying  “Not you,  Bertha,  you sit right there”. She did not look like a happy camper.

I was feeling wicked and I had a plan to enforce. I asked Bertha to stand up and from the look in her eyes I knew that I was going to make this work,  after all,  I had planned it all the night before.

When I invest myself into something I go all out with all of the little idiosyncrasies that can make a scene special. If it is important to me then I want to make it equally as important to the person I am playing with. Everything that I did that morning from the moment Bertha arrived was deliberate,  every single thing.

Bertha was standing at the head of the class facing forwards,  just as I had planned for her to do. I walked behind her and addressed the rest of the class as she looked away from me,  making sure that I didn’t use Bertha by name,  just talking about her in the third party. I’m not going to lie,  I was getting a kick out of watching her looking at the floor and shifting uncomfortably from foot to foot as I sternly spoke about what I had to say to the class. Now I don’t remember it word for word,  but this is the general gist of what I had to say.

“Hello ladies,  and welcome to your geography class. Now one girl in particular has not gotten off to a very good start already. Just yesterday,  during orientation,  I observed this particular naughty girl doing something egregious on her very first day.

Do you know that I observed one girl in this very class flashing her panties to the boys yesterday? Now,  that particular girl has earned herself a private detention with me after class”

At this point I started to head towards Bertha to enforce my plan of arriving at her feet to deliver my final line,  the timing had to be perfect.

“So,  as this girl likes to flash her panties to the boys,  she should have no problem flashing them to me in detention when I take her over my knee…….”

I arrived in front of her at her feet with perfect timing

“And I give her a GOOD. SOUND. SPANKING”

It couldn’t have turned out better if I tried. The final three words were drawn out individually and I could almost hear her whimper. The little that I could see of her face was bright red as she looked at her feet. As I backed up I added  “You can sit down now,  Bertha”

I watched Bertha sit down and without a word of a lie,  she looked petrified. She wouldn’t look at me,  she just stared straight past me with her mouth open and she genuinely appeared scared. Her heart must have been going ten to the dozen. The thought even crossed my mind  “I hope that she doesn’t start crying”

As I continued the lesson with Mr. K I kept my eye on Bertha and her expression changed very little,  she still had the look of a scared girl on her face and it was almost like she was trying to digest every single word that I had said. I really felt like fist pumping the air,  it worked out way better than I hoped it would. In fact it was near perfection,  the look on her face is something that I won’t forget in a hurry I can assure you,  in my dreams I had hoped for that response and I got more than I had hoped for.

What was really cool was during the spanking portions of the class. Due to our positions,  Mr. K had to spank his girls in front of the class,  which,  as luck would have it,  were just a few inches from Bertha each time. It is one of those little things where I wished I could have read her mind. Was she really that scared? Had my words really had a profound effect on her where everything now seemed all too real? Whatever it was,  whenever Mr. K spanked a girl,  Bertha looked EVERYWHERE other than at the girl being spanked. Looking at the floor,  looking at her skirt,  looking at her neighbor,  ANYWHERE but looking at the girl being spanked. Every swat was met with a wince from Bertha. I’m not sure if her reaction was the same when I spanked a girl because I was too busy concentrating on matters at hand.

Once class was over and there were a few giggles as the girls were leaving,  I stopped Bertha on the way out and said  “And remember young lady,  I will see you later”  as I tried to maintain my stern character.

With her mouth still open and a red face she replied  “Yes, sir”

Hours went by and self-doubt started to creep in. Bertha had genuinely looked scared senseless during class and I started to question myself as to whether or not I had overdone it. After all, this was her first big party and the last thing that I wanted to do was actually scare her for real. There will be plenty of time for that later.

The first person that I saw at the banquet that night was her roommate,  DragonEmrys. I pestered her to make sure that Bertha wasn’t genuinely scared and Emmy assured me that she was fine. Pandy joined in the conversation and not long after I saw Bertha arrive. While it may be a scene killer I had to make sure that she was okay,  and while my words had still resonated with her,  she assured me that she was fine,  that what happened was scary,  but it was a good scary. Once I found that out I also reminded her that I was serious,  she had a spanking coming.

Later that night everyone was on the suite level and I bumped into Bertha a couple of times. A lot of play was going on and I was prepared to be patient and wait my time where we could dart off. Well I didn’t have to wait long before Bertha found me and she asked me if now was a good time for us to go away for a bit. Talk about being giddy,  there is something really special when a girl seeks you out specifically to play.

It was scene killer time again but I had to enforce some scene rules. I like to see myself as a role model so I simply had to ensure her safety. Before starting I told Bertha that she could stop the scene at any point if she started to feel uncomfortable,  and she wasn’t to hesitate if that happened. She happily agreed and then I switched into character.

This was something that I was relishing as I dragged the chair into the middle of the room. What could be better than a shaking girl feeling repentant,  not wanting a spanking and submissively following my every lead? I began my opening talk with the following question  “So,  why have I called you here today young lady”?

This was it,  I was expecting some serious squirming and I was going to milk it for all it was worth. Give me an inch and I will take a mile,  scolding is one of my fortes and if I think that I can make a girl squirm then I will turn her face as red as a beet. What I got in return though was the complete opposite of what I was expecting,  the complete opposite,  her reply to me was  “I don’t know what you are talking about”

That genuinely threw me for a loop. The last thing that I was expecting from this meek girl was resistance,  petulance and combativeness. It took me a minute to get my game plan back on focus and she had me stumbling on my words for a little while there. It was just beginning though,  little did I know that I was literally going to have to spank a confession out of this little sprite.

It was like Bertha had planned this just as much as I did,  even when I took her over my knee and I started spanking her. There was no way that she was going to say why I was spanking her.

Now you know that there are certain things that I find aesthetically pleasing,  but I do have to say this. When I lifted Bertha’s skirt and starting spanking her on her cotton panties as she pounded her fists into the carpet  (Yes,  she really did this!! It is the little things you know)  there wasn’t an image that could have topped it.

Want to know what I was dealing with? This should give you an idea.

“Now Bertha,  why are you being spanked right now”?

“Because my skirt came up and YOU were looking at my panties and YOU didn’t like it”

Believe me,  if this was someone who I spank frequently that had said that,  I would have bared them right there and then and I would have spanked their bottom bright red with no further questions asked. What a brat!!

The first thing that I had done when I arrived in Atlantic City was to put a special hairbrush on the dresser and it was going to stay there until I used it for the purpose that I intended it for. Due to Bertha’s behavior however,  that time had been moved up to NOW. This was the first time that I was playing with her though so I wasn’t going to spring this on someone all of a sudden.

Without breaking character I wanted to make sure that this was something that Bertha was okay with,  so I said to her  “If you don’t answer me,  Bertha,  I am going to get that hairbrush on the dresser and I’m going to spank you with it”

The game continued and she continued to play innocent,  just a flat out refusal to acknowledge why she was being spanked. So I had given her the warning with no response,  and now it was time to let her know that I was serious. If she answered me then I knew that she didn’t want the hairbrush,  but if she resisted me then it was telling me that she was okay with it.

“This is your final chance,  Bertha,  you either tell me why I am spanking you or I am going to take that hairbrush to your bare bottom right now”

Silence!! Just an air of willfulness lingering around the room. Right,  that was it.

I stood Bertha up and as she rubbed her bottom I went and got the hairbrush. She had been fairly warned and now she was going to get the hairbrush,  and unfortunately for her it is a pretty mean hairbrush.

Now I can’t remember if I spanked her over her panties with the brush first,  or whether I went straight to the bare. The image that I do remember is applying the hairbrush to her bare bottom.

The hairbrush was very effective!! It didn’t take long before Bertha told me why I was spanking her,  it didn’t take long at all,  but if she thought that the spanking was over she was clearly mistaken. I’m pretty sure that I had told her that her spanking would begin once she told me why she was being spanked.

Okay,  so that wasn’t exactly true. After all,  I had this little mite over my knee for ages already so I could hardly start over from the beginning. I did however make sure that I gave her quite a healthy dose of the brush on her bare bottom before I was done. That was the point where we had genuine squirming and writhing as the brush repetitively bounced off her bottom.

Even though we had been there for a while it seemed like the scene was over far too soon. Realistically I shouldn’t have felt that way because for me the scene had started more than 24 hours before we actually played. It was one of those scenes that I strive for though,  an idea in my mind that turned out to be way better than I could have hoped for. The moment that I told Bertha to sit in the chair that I had designed with her in mind,  the game had begun. If I could bottle up the way that she acted as I scolded her in front of the whole class then I think I would be the happiest man in the world. Though,  the look on her face when I told her that she could sit down after I scolded her was as priceless as could be,  a genuine look of a girl who has just realized that she really is in trouble,  it was perfection. All in all the game had been played for about 14 hours in total.

After the spanking and the hugs I had to get out my Malaysian cane,  she is Asian after all. I was hinting at using it and then I just came out and asked if she wanted to try it. This was the happy part of the scene as she willingly lay over the bed for a few gentle strokes,  and then it was over.

There may be other scenes down the line,  that is something that I would love to discuss with Bertha at some point,  and there may also come a day when I spank her for real with no games being played. If that time ever came then I think Bertha herself would tell you that it would not be a pleasant experience for her,  however,  it would probably be a pretty powerful one for her mind.

There are certain things in this world of ours that totally define who I am, and Bertha Mason had just given me one of them.

Spanked The Girls And Made Them Cry

Before I was able to post this I wanted to make sure that I had the approval of all of the girls concerned. Through some very long email replies I am glad to be able to post this with the permission of them all.

So far in this little world of ours I have always considered myself to be a blessed individual. Where else can you go to have such an emotional connection with people,  many of whom you would have probably never met had it not been for what we do.

Throughout my first 50 years I have had one method of play,  though within that play there are many different variations. Of course the play itself has only happened in the last ten years pretty much and I really think that this works to my benefit. I’m not somebody who knows it all,  there is no one area that I excel in and dare I say it,  there are more people who are far more experienced than I am in many different aspects of our chosen lifestyle. Despite the running joke about Richard Windsor’s ego,  I honestly don’t have one,  I’m a really humble man. There is still a large scope that I have yet to learn and I never want to be complacent enough that I think that I have all the answers to everything.

What I am going to talk about today is going to be very long so get your popcorn ready. I’m going to be talking about discipline,  submission and the biggest one of all,  the conflict that I am going through in my own mind.

There is no secret to Richard Windsor,  I have been very open about this lifestyle of ours,  how I fit into it and going through a long process of realizing what it is that motivates me and what makes me tick. Sometimes I have encountered negativity through this,  because of my feelings regarding dress code I am susceptible to a certain portion of the female audience feeling that I am a chauvinist. By becoming more aware of what it is that I want though it has helped me progress with the battle that I have in my mind.

Many people have an idea of what it is to them that makes discipline work and I have found mine,  It is very unconventional I will be the first to admit,  but asking someone to dress the way that I like is more than something that I find physically appealing,  though of course that has a lot of importance to me,  it is all to do with the origins of discipline and submission. Every situation has to start somewhere and mine generally begins in that area.

You might be surprised as to the relatively small number of people who take a step for me in that direction. A lot of times you will hear tales of women asking men what it is that they want,  and the man responding with a variation of  “Whatever you want is fine with me”. That drives me nuts because I can lay out a hundred different scenarios that would work for me,  yet I consider myself lucky when I get just a small portion of that. I have told you all dozens of times though,  the girls who do something with me in mind increases my fondness towards them tenfold. Those are the origins of submission to me,  because those are the girls that I invest in emotionally.

One thing that has often been said to me is that at a party it just isn’t possible to cater to everyone,  and to some degree that is true,  but not always. I can guarantee that at pretty much every party I am able to connect to the special people in my life. I bring to the table what they want and in return they bring to me what I want. Clearly I understand the comments about parties,  but if you want it bad enough you will make sure that it happens,  and it is so important to me that I make sure it happens.

I’m at that stage in my life where I am not sure whether or not I am selfish,  or whether I have accepted what is in my mind that I know what I want to strive for. You may have possibly read my writing regarding having an interest shown in me by the other person and how important that is to me. Seriously,  I would rather play 5 times with people who want to play with me than play a hundred times just for the sake of playing. To say that I am as stubborn as a mule is an understatement,  but it isn’t through choice,  it is through my mindset.

There are triggers that work in a big way for me,  both positive and negative. I don’t mind doing the dance in regards to spanking,  but there has to be a point where your potential partner wishes to dance with you as well. I can lose interest in a heartbeat when I feel like I am getting the cold shoulder. Despite the UPT moniker it really isn’t that easy. For me to function in any type of play my potential partner has to have some interest. I’m very basic in that manner,  if a girl is super gung ho about playing then guess what,  so am I. If she is blasé then my approach generally follows in line. We might actually play but there isn’t much investment in the scene. At the very far end of the scale are the potential partners who want to make you work for it. Now I have no problem putting in a little extra effort,  but little is the key word here,  I’m not chasing anyone. If I have asked at various places 3 or 4 times and we still haven’t come close to playing,  why would I waste my time? I’ve never gone short of play time. Seriously,  think about it,  why spend countless amounts of time chasing something that you might or might not enjoy,  when you already have what you want waiting for you? It is a no brainer for me. Yeah,  I come across like an asshole for saying that I know,  but life is way too short not to enjoy yourself.

One thing that I have never really written about is submission and how it applies to me. Do I like girls of a submissive nature? More than you could ever imagine,  it turns me on emotionally in the worst way. You only have to take a look at my history to get an idea of play partners. Honestly,  some of my thoughts will never be shared on this topic,  but they can run pretty deep. Submission at its core began in the paragraphs above,  the connection made through the desire to interact. I’m quite a simple creature really,  if you please me then I will want to please you.

Now we get in to the subject of punishment, an area that is a new one to Windsor. Over the last few years there has been a transformation for me. While I still love to play,  there is a darker side. In fact some of my darkest fantasies involve some very deep events,  so much so that I doubt if I will ever get to act them out. This past weekend I delivered three punishment spankings which all had the same effect,  the end result of all three is that each girl cried.

You would have seen me write on the topic a great many times but in this post I am going to take it up a notch,  which might perhaps alienate more girls from me but I am cool with that,  I can live with it in order to be honest with myself. What I hope is that the people that it doesn’t turn off will have a better understanding of who I am.

When I ask someone to dress the way that I would like it isn’t just for me to get my visual jollies off,  when these requests are met there is an empowering gift given to me that somebody wants to please me. This is the origins of submission that I already spoke of. When somebody invests in me then I become invested in them. Sometimes I think that I sound like a broken record because I have spoken about this topic many times,  but a part of me really believes that a lot of people just don’t get what I am saying.

There is a slight conflict there though when it comes to punishment. Where punishment is concerned it really shouldn’t matter what a person wears because that equation shouldn’t come into it,  but it really does for me. It is all part of the package that increases my dominance and it is a level of submissiveness that is important to me. All three of the girls mentioned above who shed some tears during their time with me,  each one of them dressed with me in mind on some level. We speak often of the head space involved for a submissive but it is rarely spoken of for a top. Now I am fully aware that for a lot of tops they really couldn’t give a shit about what a girl wears,  however,  I’m pretty sure that there is “something” that makes it work for them.

There are a couple of things that I would like to put to rest before continuing. Whenever I write about things that make everything work for me there always seems to be a universal acceptance that some people will tell you that it doesn’t work for them so deal with it. What they are forgetting though is this is what does it for me,  my writing is done through my eyes and not through the eyes of another. Dress is just one aspect in a vast cove that embraces me. It goes along with demeanor,  respect,  friendship,  how one interacts with others etc. Right now I am about to really open up and give my feelings on some of these areas.

The first girl in my story made a comment to me a long time ago that really helped me see things for the way that they were. Now I have a huge conflict here with my own demeanor and approach to life and how it can affect the dominant personality that I also want to portray. There is no denying that I am a bit of a clown,  I like to perform,  there is no fear inside of me that I am going to make a fool of myself. Many of you would have seen the fun videos that we have done for BBW. Whether it is the creepy guy,  the asshole,  spankback mountain or any other role that I set myself up for,  it is pretty clear that I have a very good sense of self-deprecating humor. There are times though that I think that I can set myself up where girls might not take me seriously.

I’m one of those people who really isn’t into bratting in any way,  shape or form,  but the line of what consists of bratting can be so vast that we might not even be able to measure it. There is nothing that I love more than cute and playful (think ellee acting like a prairie dog),  being naughty for a reaction and a real sassy persona. My friend once described to me what is was,  based on her interpretation,  that the line was for me. It is to do with being emasculated. This isn’t just in person but in the written word as well,  when the behavior never ceases. Every interaction is designed to make you feel like less of a man,  and in this instance we are solely talking about spanking here. When there is a never ending license to do what one wants with no chance of repercussion. It may not even be deliberate,  though there are many times that it can be. You only have to follow my posts on the spanking world to see the amount of times that the same people will try to undermine me. It is the biggest turn off.

We all have our own chemical makeup and that is one area that I learned really was an area that bothered me. Girls 2 and 3 in this story fell into that category in my eyes for a short period. The first of which is a longtime friend who I allowed to continue doing what she did and said nothing,  mainly because she is a friend and what was happening was harmless,  even though it really bothered me. For the most part that was my fault for not expressing my feelings,  however,  when I did express those feelings and asked for it not to happen again,  it took very little time and with the aid of peer pressure it did indeed happen again. It is one of the few times that I was genuinely mad. You allow your friends some extra leeway when it comes to accepting things that you don’t necessarily like,  you even allow them to undermine you publicly,  but there has to be a point where your friendship is more important. While it hasn’t happened yet,  the girl who applied the peer pressure and is also a longtime friend will also have that talk with me. More tears will be on the horizon. She should pay special attention to this post.

The final girl that I will write about I had a 100 questions going through my mind,  the first of which,  and perhaps the most important,  was did I have any right to punish her at all. What she did,  in the grand scheme of things,  was pretty insignificant. In fact a good number of people are going to ask  “You spanked her for THAT”?  When you read why you will know how I feel. In this situation I very much like what I have,  and the last thing that I want is for that to change by a behavior that gets to me. Trust me,  I have gone over the incident many times,  even questioning myself,  but I came to the realization that this really was important to me. I wanted to set a bar as to what I feel will make our friendship a very good one for many years to come. It will appear trivial to you I’m sure,  but I don’t regret doing what I did at all. It is perhaps the biggest change in my life since turning 50,  I’m drawing lines in the sand. For the first 49 years of my life I had never made a girl cry from a spanking,  in a span of 24 hours three girls shed some tears this past weekend.

Have you ever sat back and evaluated yourself? What it is that you like,  what is it what you want,  and what it is that you are willing to sacrifice in order to get it? I think that as one gets older it becomes a lot easier to know what it is that you want. At one point in my life I’m pretty sure that I did everything in my power to be liked,  even compromising a lot of self-worth in order to get it. That is something that has slowly dissipated over the years. Like anyone,  I think that we all want to be liked,  but as the years have gone on it isn’t something that really bothers me anymore. Life is way too short to make friendships hard work. I’m open to letting anyone into my life,  but just as quickly I am open to shutting the door as well. I’m as blessed as any man can be,  I have such wonderful people in my life that I don’t need to work to get friends.

In a way I feel like I should have my biography written already so that people can understand the reasons that make me act the way that I do. When I grew up I had a horrible life,  but I made a vow when I became an adult to never let anyone treat me that way ever again. There really is no middle ground in my life,  if you like me then I like you,  that’s all I ever ask for is for people to be nice. If you are unfriendly towards me,  whether you are male or female,  then move on,  I want nothing to do with you. I’m 50 years old now,  I know how people are supposed to treat each other. Like I said,  I know where I come from and I will never allow myself to be treated as less than equal to anyone.

The first girl in my story will not be named. This is someone who has helped me improve my respect for myself. I have always been pretty confident but she added a female perspective to it. It would be fair to say that over time this has been the first friendship where I stepped up my game a bit and started to institute rules. They were very simple,  it wasn’t much of a request,  but many spankings later we got to a point where what I was installing at spanking parties started to have an effect on her real life. The rule that I had in place became common practice for her in her everyday life and she freely admitted that it helped her.

At a party this year the improvement was remarkable,  we went the whole weekend without incident,  until the final day. In fact it was KlutzofNY who first heard that there had been a lapse in the rule and she feared for my partner. She was right to feel that way because I addressed it immediately,  in front of everyone. Let’s be real though,  once in an entire weekend wasn’t so bad so a hand spanking would suffice. Unfortunately,  not 30 minutes later the same mistake happened again,  only worse this time.

Due to the party finishing it was an owed spanking and this weekend is when it was cashed in. I took the girl down to my room and let my feelings be known,  telling her what the potential consequences could have been had it not been for me. In fact I told her it was the maid and it is only as I am writing this did I realize that I was the one who saved the day. I’m not going to say what it was,  but the girl could have left the party and caused herself some major grief had I not made a discovery.

So now the punishment,  it was intended to be swift and hard,  make no mistake. It wasn’t long by any means but I talked throughout and laid the leather paddle down without mercy. She held in well,  right up until I told her that she had ten to go. On number 7 the whimpering stopped,  it was replaced by tears. For the first time in my life I had spanked someone to the point that they cried. It wasn’t really from the severity of the spanking,  it was with the combination of my words. Years ago that would have bothered me tremendously,  but in this instance I didn’t blink,  there were still three swats to go. The punishment was well deserved,  a benchmark had to be placed and I laid it down. If it happens again I have a feeling that the tears will come long before the spanking is over.

The second event that happened just so happened to be the very next spanking that I gave. It wasn’t planned,  it was just supposed to be a play session,  but as the spanking began Kat made a sassy comment that put me in a toppy mood. I reminded her of what she had done and that she was still owed what I had promised her,  and I quickly turned the play into something serious. Okay,  perhaps I didn’t follow the punishment mantra here,  but the timing was right.

A long time ago at a spanking party, an event happened which was very humorous for the girls. It was actually funny and I played into the joke,  gave a fun spanking and all was done with. The picture of me that was drawn was then posted online and again,  I’m game for a laugh and I played into it. Then another pic was posted,  and another,  and another,  in fact it never ended. Practically weekly the joke continued without my involvement. Now as I mentioned earlier,  these are my friends so I sacrificed my feelings in order for them to have their fun. Yeah,  it did bother me but it wasn’t worth getting in a tizz over.

Here is the thing though,  it is that one line that I not only have a problem for myself,  but for other tops as well. This never ending process of undermining a top for a cheap laugh. Now I know that there are going to be many girls who disagree with me here,  and one person’s play is another person’s nightmare,  but I really draw the line at the point that I think it becomes disrespectful to the top,  especially when everyone else can see and people start to feel sorry for the top. If there is one piece of advice that I can give to girls it is this. Have your fun,  but know when to stop!! Never get to the point where other people are thinking that this is now becoming disrespectful,  because I can assure you that the top thought that long ago,  no man ever wants to feel emasculated,  most especially in this world of ours. Even in online conversation and banter,  know when to draw the line and offer some acceptance of the tops role. This might make for a good discussion,  but I feel pretty sure that we all know where the line is.

So it had happened again,  this picture once more surfaced with a threat and I clearly stated that I didn’t want it posted. Amber Grey decided to join in and egged Kat on and the picture was posted,  that really made me mad. This time I wasn’t playing around and I very quickly requested that the picture be removed immediately,  and did so quite sternly as well. The seal was broken,  all of a sudden two girls realized that they had stepped over the line,  and in my mind it was way over the line. A long discussion followed and while I understand that Kat was upset over it,  so was I. She removed all previous pics which really wasn’t necessary,  as I have stated both to her and on here,  I can’t hold her accountable if I never said anything.

So the mood has changed and I am now spanking Kat and reminding her of her transgression. My understanding of Kat is quite high and I know that her mindset here will affect her if I am spanking her for real. The feisty Kat has long left us and now I have a contrite girl on my hands. At what point she started crying I have no idea,  it could have been during the hand spanking but if it was then I didn’t hear it. During the caning though it was quite apparent that there were some sobs.

Kat was due to get 12 with the cane,  but on the 5th stroke the cane broke. Now my room was mere feet from where I was standing and I could have retrieved another cane,  but here’s the thing,  Kat was already crying so my point had been made. I don’t need to be that rigid to make my point,  the point had already been made long before the spanking ever occurred and I know that Kat felt dreadful over it. The caning was almost irrelevant really,  just a tokenistic enforcement of how I was made to feel.

It is a very difficult balance and I never want to take away anyone’s fun,  but when that fun is at the expense of someone else there has to be a line drawn,  whether it is self-drawn or enforced. So my advice to anyone if something is bothering you,  speak up about it and nip it in the bud. It was never Kat’s intention to upset me over this,  and by not speaking up I allowed it to blossom. On the other side of things,  don’t give yourself free license to constantly go after someone,  at the very least check in with them,  especially if they stopped participating six months before. Even the BBW owners check with me first before casting me in the role of an asshole to be seen by the entire spanking world.

Now we come to the finale,  and out of all of the tears from the weekend,  this was perhaps the most unexpected.

If you have followed me for the last 8 months you would have seen many a picture and read many a story involving the wonderful girl who is known as ellee. So many wonderful memories already,  and keepsakes that will provide us both with enjoyment for decades to come. This is ellee we are talking about,  a girl so good you could almost feel guilty for spanking her,  if she didn’t enjoy it so much.

Now I’m going to lay a true confession down as I mentioned at the beginning of the post,  when I spanked ellee for real it was for the most trivial of reasons on the surface,  and I’m even going to tell you what it was that she did.

It was somewhere around 6am and we were all playing a game where the girls always seemed to end up getting spanked. During one round ellee and KlutzofNY were hugging right in front of me so I waited for them to finish to be seated,  before I could do that though,  ellee looked at me,  pointed at my seat and said  “Sit down”. The top gene rose right to the tip of my forehead which was very quickly noticed as she scampered back to her seat. Unfortunately for her she was sat right next to me. That simple gesture bothered me,  in fact I won’t tell you what it made me feel like but it wasn’t pleasant. There was a small piece of humiliation wondering just how many people saw it and what they might have thought,  how many pairs of eyes rolled.

It doesn’t sound like much at all,  does it? To me though it was something that I didn’t want to see,  nor do I want to see in the future,  to be directed by hand gestures. Ellee is a very special girl and she means a lot to me,  in fact I have even gone as far as to say that she is the one person who dragged me out of the shell that I had fallen in to. Every thought that I have of ellee is a positive one,  she makes me a really happy person,  I can’t allow our friendship to take a different direction by not addressing an issue that came up. There are certain creatures that you direct with hand gestures,  I’m just not one of them. I did what I did simply because I like ellee too much and I value our friendship tremendously.

Despite my feelings, and even after admonishing her immediately,  when the next day came around I really figured that I was making this a mountain out of a molehill,  but I was bothered by it. During the day on Sunday I took a long walk around the lake,  playing things over in my mind and wondering whether I should let it pass. A hundred questions I asked myself,  the most important of which was this,  do I even have any right to spank her for real? We were at a spanking party after all and this is supposed to be fun. The thing is though,  she really does mean a lot to me and if I let it happen once then I just as well accept it as standard. I think too much of her to allow that to happen. I think of ellee as that mock prairie dog who was looking over the couch every 5 seconds to see where I was,  who ran and hid behind and under things when a spanking was coming,  the girl whose energy rubs off on everyone she meets. I never want to think of her as the girl who issues directives by pointing a finger as to where she wants you to go. Yes,  I admit that on the surface that it appears trivial,  but she was important enough to me to want to draw a line quickly.

For once it wasn’t a game for me,  and I don’t think it was for her either. In fact ellee herself may have felt it was trivial,  I’m really not too sure about that,  but I do think that she feels that if I felt it was important then she would too. You can put your own thoughts on a postcard,  but do bear in mind that I don’t need a reason to play with ellee,  I simply have to ask her. At no point do I go looking for reasons to play. ellee is an incredible person,  one of the nicest people I have ever met.

When the event occurred I took her by the wrist and led her to the library room,  for some reason I felt that the ambiance would add to the mood. As soon as we got to the room I put ellee in the corner and told her to wait for me,  and then I went back to the living area. Now ellee doesn’t know this,  but while I was there I talked to Jules and at one point I shrugged and stated  “I think she might cry”.

It wasn’t something that I was banking on,  it was just a feeling that I had from looking at her face. When I returned to the room I called her to me,  took her hands and placed them on her head and then pulled her skirt up. I had run this over in my mind beforehand during my period of reflection,  I stated to her the following sentence “Now I’m going to ask you a question,  but before I do so I am going to help you with your answer”  and I proceeded to spank her thighs 6 times.

Next,  I asked her the question  “At what point in our friendship did you become comfortable enough to direct me around with hand signals”?

Ellee couldn’t answer right away other than to say she was sorry,  she just covered her face and despite being warned to put her hands back on her head she just couldn’t do it. Six more spanks to the thighs later and we were back to where we started. The mood was pretty dark and her answers were very quiet,  all of which were interspersed with the words  “I’m sorry”

I have played with ellee many times and I have spanked her pretty hard on occasion,  but this spanking was a simple hand spanking. As I lectured her during the spanking I could see that she was uncomfortable,  covering her face or playing with her pigtails when I asked her a question. Now I had planned to spank her for far longer than I did,  but the heat in the room was gross,  but I made sure to announce that I was pulling her panties down to her knees during the spanking and that is exactly where they ended up.

Perhaps this one gesture had a small part in how she felt. Ordinarily when we have finished playing I pull her panties back up,  but this time I didn’t,  I simply told her after her hand spanking to pull her own panties up and to go back to the corner as she had a caning coming.

Now I am not totally sure of this,  but I think that ellee became teary eyed and started to cry as I was spanking her,  once she got to the corner however,  that is when the tears really came. For three minutes the only sounds in the room were the sounds of ellee sniffling and sobbing. Ellee was in the room by herself but I had an audio running of our interaction,  and I only found out just how much she cried long after the event.

Why this happened I have no real idea other than ellee knew that she had really done something that actually got to me. When I moved ellee into position for the cane I will have to be honest,  I actually thought that she was going to cry throughout it,  but she didn’t,  between the corner and taking up position she managed to pull herself together. Okay,  during the first two strokes there was still a lot of sniffling,  and towards the end as I looked at her,  I noticed that she started to shake her head in a no motion and I thought that she was going to start crying again before the final strokes landed,  but she didn’t,  ellee managed to hold it together. When it was over we talked for the longest time with her curled up on my lap. Even then I asked her whether or not she thought the reasoning was trivial,  and she started to answer but decide against it and just laid her head back on my shoulder.

Upon reflection it doesn’t seem like much,  but I adore ellee and I want nothing but positive thoughts of her. In my heart I really don’t believe that she understands what that gesture meant to me,  and at the same time I won’t over emphasize it. What is important to me is that ellee understood that I felt she had crossed the line and she accepted it,  that means an awful lot to me,  it really does. Throughout everything that happened over the weekend,  this is the one moment that was the most powerful for me,  it was very moving. If I have listened to ellee alone in the corner once,  I have listened to it a hundred times.

Why it happened that way I have no idea,  that is something that only she can answer,  but to tell you the truth she doesn’t need to,  I am fine with her keeping that to herself. There were two lines that she said to close the event that had a big impact on me,  firstly it was the line  “I haven’t cried from a spanking in a really long time”,  and the other made me feel really proud,  and that was  “Thank you for spanking me”

The first two spankings I had expected tears,  and while I thought the third spanking might produce tears,  I was still surprised that ellee cried.

Now for the important part,  did any of this bother me?

Not in the least!! At one point in my life I never wanted anyone to cry during a spanking,  in fact it would have bothered me,  but now I am far removed from that. In situation one the tears could have started immediately and I would have carried on. Kat held herself together for the most part and only really cried at the end,  and if I’m really honest,  I wanted ellee to cry throughout the caning just to let it all out.

A big part of me changed this weekend,  even KlutzofNY had moist eyes when I finished spanking her right at the very end of the party. I was pleased with how I handled things,  my demeanor was calm during the lectures,  perhaps it worked well because I am normally a super happy guy that it was strange to see me act in this manner. These events contributed heavily I think to the post party drop that I am feeling right now,  it was a good place to be. My views on submission increased dramatically and my role I also think increased significantly.

Where do I go from here though?

My dominance is at an all-time high and the first thought was to offer my services to the girls in question,  that if there was anything troubling them that I could help with then I would gladly do so. That isn’t my position or role to do though,  these were one off events and we all have our own lives to get back to. Perhaps there is an outlet for them though,  if they ever find themselves in a position where they do have no place to turn,  they know that I can help them free themselves from what is on their mind by reaching out to me.

Do I have any regrets from the events that took place? Not at all. I think that my bond with each girl became stronger and even if they don’t feel the same way,  they each mean a little more to me because of what took place. I enjoyed steering them right,  providing guidance and some catharsis,  the tears didn’t bother me in the least and I was more than content to spank a sobbing girl,  as I will be in the future.

Things have changed,  Amber Grey and Prux will find that out firsthand the next time that I see them both. I’m still the same person that I always was,  but now I draw lines in the sand. Many girls like to tread that fine line between good and bad,  it’s just that now I plan to call them on it.

The Saturday Spanking Show

Part 1: Friday Night Lights

Part 2: Uncle Richard Is Back

Part 3: Quality Time With Alex and ellee

We had now reached Saturday night at the party,  which is funny really when I think about it. Up until now I have had a Modus operandi at spanking parties and it always seems to follow the same path. My inner self spends the first few days in a laid back mode,  watching and observing,  passing up play opportunities and yes,  dare I say,  moping around for a bit.

Quite frankly I don’t know why I was going through this period,  but I’m going to take a guess that it was a combination of events. Firstly my Brother passing away a few years ago combined with a complete lifestyle change to get myself healthier. There were also other factors I am sure and ordinarily I wouldn’t even mention it,  but I know what I am feeling right now and I know that I feel differently to how I felt before. It is also noticeable to others. Over the last few months it has been mentioned to me many times how I seem to be a different person,  how much happier I appear to be and just as importantly,  how mean I have become,  lol. That is an important factor though in making up my character as a whole. By feeling good about myself it has increased my personality for the positive,  and it’s not that I ever really felt negative,  I’ve always been a positive person in general,  I think what is different is how I now feel about myself internally. Perhaps depression is too strong a word for it because I’ve never really been unhappy,  maybe it is the changes in my lifestyle that have taken me a while to get used to.

This is something that is addictive as well,  people notice the difference and are quick to tell me that they like seeing me like this. On the outside I appear meaner,  but my friends can see that I have that special glint in my eye and they are really happy for me. That’s something that I get,  a few weeks ago I was sat with Jules and Heather and they were talking about all of the exciting things going on in their life and I beamed from ear to ear,  it pleased me to no end that they were happy and excited. That’s what you do,  when your friends are happy and excited then you are happy for them.

So how does this translate to the current party? Well, normally I sit on my hands for days and come Saturday night I am trying to catch up on everything that I missed out on and I play like a mad man. At this party we have just arrived at Saturday night,  and already I have played more at this party in the first couple of days than I have at other parties combined. Spanking ellee and Alex also did something else for me,  it made me feel extra macho and manly. When we arrived at the suite it took very little time at all before I started to play. Now even though the lack of sleep was catching up with me,  this was going to be a big night.

On the way to the suite I had picked up my Malaysian cane and I was feeling mean. Perhaps no sooner than ten minutes in I once more gave ellee the meaningful eye. Producing the cane I asked if she would like it. Seriously,  it was like asking her if she wanted some chocolate. After some discussion we decided on 12 strokes,  and while I held back some,  this was still a nice healthy application. ellee and I have discussed some future plans for a serious caning and as I had seen a prelude to this I am going to have to say that this is the one thing that I want more than anything at the moment. Anyway,  I put my hat on ellee’s head and began to apply the cane. Do you want to know how mean I have become? When we got to stroke four I did something that I rarely do,  I took aim at the crease area between the bottom and the thighs and delivered a beauty to that spot. Beth Eisley captured that stroke landing perfectly in these two pics.

IMG_8796 IMG_8797

Two strokes later I did something that I never do,  I gave ellee a cane stroke across the back of the thighs!! It’s a strange feeling,  years ago I would have been horrified to apply the cane to the thighs,  but now,  not only did I do it,  but I wanted it to hurt and I wanted her to have a memento from it. The latter very much came true,  ellee carried that mark for more than a week.

The scene was short but it was really,  really hot!! It was hot for a number of reasons. Firstly ellee was wearing my hat and I don’t know why,  but in my mind I think that it made her warm and fuzzy. It might not be true but that is what I was thinking. The other factor was that ellee was watching her own caning in the full length window and for some reason I found that hot as well. With with this combination of events it was good for me,  especially ellee’s reactions to each cane stroke. Man I wish we had filmed it. Up until now I kind of felt that I had hogged ellee at this party a little bit,  and we still had one big event to go on Sunday,  so now that I have given her a caning I also felt that I needed to give her a little space.


There were a few guys that I wanted to talk to and I was engaged in a conversation when I caught Missy out of the corner of my eye. Other than for a short time in her group suite,  I hadn’t seen Missy hardly at all up to this point,  so I was eager to catch up with her. Again,  it isn’t normally my style but I really didn’t take too long at all before I asked her if she wanted to play and she was more than happy to oblige. I have to say,  it was pretty darn awesome.  Missy has hardly played at all since the last BBW so it didn’t take much of an application from my hand before she was wiggling and squirming all over my lap. It is a weird feeling,  I was feeling pretty sadistic,  and while I wasn’t spanking hard by any means,  I was reveling in the fact that she was feeling it. The more that I spanked the more she was clutching at things and trying to avoid the swats.

Once we were done I believe it was Missy’s suggestion that we try the cane. I say this because I was pretty stunned that Missy wanted the cane. At the parties that we had been at before I had never once given Missy the cane,  and now she is asking for it? In four weeks time at the BBW party,  Missy and I are sharing a room once more,  and now she tells me that she likes to be caned? That is going to be a long 5 days for her.

As I always do with someone new I started somewhat lightly with the cane,  and despite Missy jumping forward before the cane landed and generally having a hard time staying still throughout the event,  I was really delighted at this new development. The longer the caning went on the happier I was becoming. Poor Missy might well have some nightly caning’s coming to her before her bedtime spanking in a few weeks. It was so nice to get to play with her once more though,  it had been a long time.

Now going back to the first night I told you about giving ellee a birthday spanking and how someone was watching that spanking very intently. It is the look that I personally look for when I observe people. Now I could be well wrong about this,  but the look was telling me that a spanking from me would be welcome. It is a topic that I have talked about until I am blue in the face,  an indication from the girl that an advance is welcome. Nothing pisses me off more than hearing after a party that someone wanted to play with me yet they made no effort whatsoever to try and make it happen,  just the smallest of indications that they actually wanted an interaction with me. Tops aren’t mind readers and a lot of the time they have to be careful about who they ask to avoid making a girl feel uncomfortable. In my eyes a girl has to show an interest in playing otherwise it probably isn’t going to happen. They don’t have to ask,  but they can put themselves in an approachable position where the guy is allowed to ask.

Anyway,  the girl who was watching the spanking was Lostkitten and I caught her eye as I was spanking ellee. From the look on her face I could see that she was enjoying watching the spanking and I knew at some point in the party I was going to ask her to play. It was Saturday when I finally asked her if she would like to play and she was more than happy to oblige. So we went off to the back bedroom where she pulled her jeans down and took her position over my lap.


Being that I had not played with Lostkitten before,  nor having observed her playing,  I started off quite easily on her. It didn’t take long before I realized that I could step things up a bit and began to start handing out a nice healthy spanking. It was only after being in the scene for a while did it occur to me that this girl can take quite the spanking. As you can see by the pics,  there wasn’t an area that was left uncovered and I thoroughly enjoyed the session. After finishing I gave her a hug and had hoped to talk with Lostkitten for a while,  but unfortunately no sooner was she off my lap when someone else grabbed her and she was getting spanked again. Maybe at a later party I will have the time to sit and talk with her for a while.


As you can tell,  I was in my groove now. Now I had spoken a little to Sara Fields for a little bit and I couldn’t let a party go by without playing with her. Even though there seemed to be a little tension lurking around in the air,  I went ahead and asked her and she seemed happy to oblige. Now Sarah was another girl who I had given a pair of nylon panties to,  which were purple this time. I actually figured that she still had them on her and I felt a bit bad that she had to go back to her room for them as it wasn’t that important.

We went into the back bedroom where we were soon joined on the other bed by Ralph Marvel and ellee. Sometimes it can throw you off a bit when you can hear the sounds of someone else being spanked,  almost like you try and remain with your own rhythm,  which for me is hard because I love the sound of two bottoms being spanked in unison. Perhaps this wasn’t the longest spanking I had given,  but I was beginning to get hot. Still,  I soldiered on and spanked away at the naughty young miss. Sara and I tend to get to play at each party so I was happy that we managed to do this,  even if it was no more than a 5 minute spanking. Kind of wished I had got to spend more time with her,  but like I said,  something was in the air that night and I’m not sure what it was. Maybe at the next event we can sit back and hang out for a while.

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For me the night was beginning to come to a close in the suite and I wanted to spend some time with my East Coast friends. After dropping off something in my room I headed upstairs where I was greeted by Missy. Now she was in the middle of some type of training and I didn’t want to interrupt,  so I headed into the back room where all of the other girls were. Going to be some serious spanking, huh? Well,  Stacey,  PTL and Beth were snuggled up on one bed and Jules was playing dropping eyes on her bed,  fighting for all her might to stay awake. After talking for a while we were joined by YoggSothoth,  ellee and Alex,  and then Mike Wood and Olympia Spanker arrived.

It took a while for the girls to get up but when they did they all took part in what seemed to be some type of ongoing game. So I watched for a while,  chatted to Kor-E for a bit and then before you knew it everyone was back. Now I admit that I was getting pretty tired at this point,  but not too tired where I couldn’t give Missy another caning. I had bide my time for quite a while,  waiting for a chance,  and it finally arrived. I’m a bit of a caning right now and to know that my BBW roommate will play with a cane gives me tingles. After asking Missy if she wanted a swift dozen we headed to the bedroom.

Now over the end of the bed it was much easier to cane Missy. You see the poor girl has a hard time keeping still and the bed frame really helps her to stay in position. This time I put a little extra into the cane strokes,  trying to judge what it is that Missy is able to take for future reference,  and I like what I see so far. Now I didn’t go too low with Missy,  rather using the middle of her bottom,  and I have to admit that she took it way better than I thought,  hardly making a noise at all. In the next few months I have a feeling we are going to become quite acquainted with this procedure.

It’s now the early hours and I think I am done. On Sunday I still have two awesome scenes planned with Alex and ellee,  two events that I had put a lot of work into,  and I was suffering badly from sleep deprivation. As we exited the bedroom I was all set to put my cane away when I happened to catch the look on ellee’s face,  it was such a beautiful,  cheeky smile and I knew what it meant. There was still one more caning left in me and in a second I said  “And would you like 12 of the best as well,  young lady”?

It was delightful,  ellee floated into the bedroom with a big smile on her face. Of course by now I have caned ellee several times,  so I am beginning to feel really comfortable with her. At the same time though it is like 4am and I’m not going to be super mean,  so I saved her thighs and sit spot from agony (this time anyway) and like Missy before,  delivered the cane square on her bottom. It is a special place,  being able to cane a girl firmly and seeing her keep a smile on her face throughout. Let’s hope that at BBW when I cane her and Alex together that the smile remains,  I’m going 50/50 on that one as it will depend on what those two have been up to.

So that wrapped up Saturday night. I took my cane back down to my room,  had a smoke and then headed back up. Once I got to the suite floor I saw Alex,  ellee and YoggSothoth walking down to their room. After saying goodnight I asked if everyone was still up in the suite. ellee informed me they were and that they were about to start playing a game,  but to be honest I was way too tired to play trivia games. Instead,  I went back downstairs to get some much needed sleep,  but I still had to be up in 4 hours anyway,  there was an important caning that I had to give and I had to make sure that I was in the right mindset for it.

Part 5 next: Mr. Windsor is NOT a little bitch

Sorority Spanking Sundays – 11

They do things differently in Sooner country. This is from Oklahoma State University in 1936. This is a very unique sorority spanking in that the housemother is using a long cane like implement to use on the pledge. Mostly they would get the paddle but in this sorority house I guess the girls got caned. Click THIS LINK for all of my weekly sorority spanking pics in one place.


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