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50 Quid Caning

Tomorrow will be the 17th anniversary of this blog and I have a special Christmas spanking picture ready for you. In relation to my post yesterday, if anyone knows the person behind the persona “Jameslovebirch” could you get them to reach out to me? I’m not on social media anymore so I have no idea if they have a Fetlife or Twitter profile. That was the username, to my knowledge, that edited Pixie’s wiki page and I want to make sure that the information is corrected. They can email me at richardofwindsor@gmail.com

I’m only throwing this post up so that I can ask the question above, but as I am here I will share a newspaper article. I’m not sure of the exact year but it is before 1979 as that is when Rhodesia became Zimbabwe. Salisbury is now known as Harare.

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 266

A switch in time spanks nine!!

In a short while I will give you all an update on the blog. It isn’t over by any means, I’m just taking a bit of an extended break for now. In a nutshell I have lost interest in spanking, can you believe that? A lifelong obsession just disappeared.

Something happened a while back that turned me off of the scene, but who knew at that point that it would also lead to me not even thinking about spanking for days at a time?

In a short while I will give you a full update but do keep in mind this, I still have reams and reams of spanking pics that have barely been seen before, and I fully intend on providing those to you. Hopefully in years to come many new spanking blogs will arrive and my site can provide a foundation where they can build their own sites off of the back of my hard work. Something that I have been providing for years as it is.

Anyway, I will update you all very soon on how I will progress from here.

Letters To The Editor

There wasn’t anything that I had planned to post for today, but as I was sorting files I figured why not share some clippings that are unlucky ever to get posted unless I make a conscious effort to do so.

So again, no need for me to blather on, you can all read 🙂 Do the clippings represent real life? Debatable in my opinion, but back then nobody had any spanking magazines to send their fantasies to 🙂

Birthday Bonanza 13 – Playful Spankings

One of my favorite topics enters the discussion for the 13th episode of the birthday bonanza posts, all of which will be added to my PLAYFUL SPANKINGS folder.

I may interrupt the Birthday Bonanza posts this coming Tuesday by swapping the amazing image that I have scheduled for June the 14th. There is a user on one of the archive sites who is sharing his finds publicly as clippings, and I’m a little fearful that he might discover the rare find that I have scheduled for next week, lol.

While many of his finds are new to me and are wonderful to look at, I did not include them in the number of new images that I found on my most recent purchase. His images are in addition to that. Plus, we may have some duplicates, but I download images in a different way to include far more detail than he does. In fact he only just clipped one image two days ago that I already have included as part of my Kiss Me Kate post tomorrow.

What is funny though is that he is providing clippings for free (with his own crop of course) while I am trying to get as much juice out of the $35 that I paid, lol. It might end up with him finding every new find that I have saved already, hence why I might bump up next Wednesday’s post. In fact now that I think about it, I am going to swap the posts from Tuesday through Thursday of next week and swap them with what I have scheduled for this week.

The first image is actually a two part posting. First of all a St. Trinian’s lass is getting a mock caning, and then in the second image she is sat on the right with the guy who caned her.

Six Of The Best Spanking Comics/Cartoons

This isn’t something that I do very often, and even when I do I always direct you to the CHICAGO SPANKING REVIEW website as that website is the premier source for spanking comics. As always the website is welcome to take anything that I post if it is an addition to their collection. The review has always been very generous in linking back whenever they use material that I have posted and I appreciate their ethical approach to sharing with the community.

Now when it comes to comic books/cartoons, I’m not always very studious when it comes to writing the publication name on the image, but most everything that I find has been found on Ebay so it should be easy to get the information.

So let’s start in 1948 with The Two Gun Kid #5.

And here is the two page spread for those who enjoy such things. Click on the image for the full sized version.

Next up, unfortunately I do not have the name of this publication. Ah, the romance of spanking. I guess this is what they refer to as the good old days, right? Lol.

When I was growing up in the UK the holiday resorts were always chock full of saucy postcards such as this one. In fact for some of us this was the only exposure that we would get to any spanking related material. Long before the Internet. Click on the image for the full sized version.


Here is another one that unfortunately I do not have the details on, but I am sure that someone will recognize it.

The next image is from 1928 and is currently on sale on Ebay. You can find the auction using the search of Pep Pulp Magazine 1928. Based on early bidding this one is probably going to sell for a good price.

Finally, this image actually came from Tumblr. But the appearance of what appears to be white nylon knickers is always something that will capture my interest 😉

Hope that you enjoyed the cartoon spanking collection. I’m going to try and write a Christmas spanking story. The idea that I have in my mind is a take on the ghost of Christmas past, present and future. My idea is slightly different though in that a former spanker appears, then the current one spanks and finally the future of her life takes the woman in hand. I’ve got a lot of work to do but I am excited to work on this.

F/M Friday 49

This week I am cheating a bit as the F/M Friday pic is actually an M/M pic. In fact, as I am going there then why not post two pics? Obviously I understand that the majority of my readers prefer M/F and F/F spanking pics, but everyone is welcome here.

The reason for the first pic is pretty obvious, it is a 1950s hairbrush spanking and it is as clear as day by the motion of the brush that the spanking is actually taking place. The reason that I find it interesting is the briefcase on the floor behind them both. Could this be the veritable Fuller Brush man demonstrating his wares? Many writers get their inspiration for a spanking story from a single image, I wonder if this image will inspire a writer or trigger some imaginations somewhere? Or maybe it will provide inspiration for a spanking video producer to do a hairbrush salesman video.

Of course the briefcase could also signify the “Wait until your Father gets home” moment 🙂

Did you know, in my archives I actually have a story that I wrote about 25 years ago. It is a story about the Fuller Brush woman in the 1950s who has to get very creative to make her commission, and she makes that commission by putting her own butt on the line to guarantee a sale. Obviously it would need a complete reworking as my writing style is a hundred times better nowadays, but maybe this image will even inspire me to work on that old story. Click on the image for the full size version.

The second M/M image is one that I have sat on for a while now.

Maybe the Brits can enlighten me here as I no longer know if the following still holds true to this day. I left England in 1987 when I was 24 years old and while I try and keep up with old Blighty as much as I can, obvious there is an awful lot that I miss out on.

When I was growing up in the 1970s and 1980s it was as common as muck for there to be fancy dress parties, and more often than not the theme of these parties was Back to School/St. Trinians.

Do St. Trinians events still take place in the UK? When I lived in England it was very common for the more adventurous male party goers to cross dress and wear a St. Trinians outfit. And I mean like the whole works complete with stockings etc. Then of course there was always at least one, though sometimes several headmaster and headmistress outfits, each of whom carried a cane of some description.

Obviously I understand the timeframes nowadays may be so different that it isn’t a part of British culture anymore outside of fetish events. In the late 1970s/early 1980s the cane was in the final stages of being eliminated in the UK. It was outlawed in 1986 but the practice had virtually disappeared by the time the 1980s had come around anyway.

With that said though, obviously caning was still a part of British pop culture well beyond that, even if the practice itself no longer took place. I wonder if in 2022 the cane is no longer a part of British culture? Whether it is an archaic reference similar to a rotary dialed phone or a cassette player?

Anyway, that was some background info for you as to what you are seeing in the picture below. Both males and females dressing as a St. Trinians schoolgirl was very common 40-45 years ago.

Mix And Match

For Mobile users, if you click on the title of this post it should take you to a Mobile friendly version of this page.

Every now and then I go through my archives and dig up half a dozen spanking photos to post as a group that would otherwise be unlikely to make it into a post of their own. As a long time collector of spanking photos though, I am fully aware that one mans trash is another mans treasure. There are some spanking images and videos that some people would barely look at, yet for me they would be classics.

On that point I do want to point out a video that has been re-uploaded to spanking tube this week. The GRACE’S BEDTIME SPANKING is a video that I have featured on this blog several times and it was always hugely popular. The problem is though, the owner of the video (as is their right) would just as often remove the video from spanking tube and I would be left with an empty post. So instead of embedding it as I have done several times before, this time I am just providing a link where you can watch the video. Simply click on the highlighted text above. It is one of my favorite spanking videos.

Now onto a half a dozen spanking related pics that might mean something to someone.

The first one really makes me laugh, if only because I put a sentence into the woman’s mouth “Dafuq you think you are going to do with that”? 🙂

The second image I believe is from a spanking site, but I don’t know which one. It is quite likely from one of those brutal Russian/Czech sites. I only say that because I don’t recognize it and I never viewed those particular sites. The rubbing of a well spanked bottom is always an enjoyable sight though.

One should always be prepared to carry an extra plimsoll with ones self. Now I could be wrong here, but this young lady doesn’t appear to be minding the impending spanking 😉

There are many stories out there that talk about roadside spankings, well here is an actual roadside spanking.

Here is one of those images where you can barely make out the spanking, but I am sure that there are a few people out there who will enjoy it.

Lastly, not really a spanking pic at all, it just reminds me of Richard Windsor in the 1980s, lol.

Bang For Your Buck

So as you know I have been on this audio spanking kick for about a week now and today I will continue with that theme. I don’t really know if anyone likes or dislikes it because I haven’t received any feedback on the previous posts. At some point this week I am going to record the first part of my MOTHER SPANKS series, and while this wasn’t the original plan, I’m actually going to stick it up on my clips4sale site. That is really just to get an idea as to whether or not this would be a viable product. My guess is that most of my readers would only want to listen to a Female voice reading a spanking story (I know that I would) but who knows, perhaps there are a few who want to hear a guys voice. If for nothing else, as I have blogged continuously for 15 years, maybe some people will buy an audio to support the work that I am doing.

Now on this site I try to promote as many people as I can, and today I am going to promote PANDORA BLAKE who has also recorded a number of audio stories.

When I was going through the clips4sale audio spanking stories, something caught my eye right away. There were two particular stories by Pandora that will give you a lot of bang for your buck. Now you have to understand that on clips4sale you only have a limited amount of flexibility when it comes to setting a price for your products. It has been a number of years since I have uploaded so I don’t remember all of the details, but basically anything up to a certain point (I think that it is 8 minutes) you can only set a price of a dollar a minute. So for an 8 minute clip you would have no choice but to set a minimum of $7.99 for that clip. It might be less than 8 minutes but we will use that for arguments sake.

The longer that a clip runs for then the more flexibility you have to offer some type of deal for your product. Now many studios from all types of kinks have their own criteria for setting their prices. Some of them will only offer a clip for a dollar a minute plus a dollar on top, so like $33.99 for a 33 minute clip, but then likewise there are just as many stores that offer bigger savings on their longer clips. For example it wouldn’t be unheard of for a 30 minute video being sold for $19.99. In my own store for example I think that I have every video clip price set at the lowest price that clips4sale will allow me to set it.

Obviously there are two trains of thought here. One is to get as much money as you can while perhaps selling less products, while the other is selling more products at a lesser price. I prefer to go the route myself of lowering prices, because I want people to come back and buy more. Plus, there is always a chance that if the price is low enough, then someone might “Take a chance” with your product and who knows, maybe you get a new customer out of it for a long time. I wouldn’t criticize either philosophy, I just personally prefer to sell more products at a lesser price.

So that brings us to two awesome offers that Pandora Blake has for two super long spanking audios. Before I go any further though, here is Pandora’s CLIPS4SALE site where you can peruse her entire collection.

Now I will confess that I haven’t purchased either product just yet, but I have a feeling that one of them for sure will be purchased this weekend 🙂 Both stories are F/F stories so if that is your personal interest then this should be especially good for you.

The first of the stories is AUNTIE GILLIAN’S HAIRBRUSH. Coming in at a whopping 55 minutes long, this audio story will cost you just $15.99. This is basically the same cost as a digital album and it is also something that you are likely to listen to over and over again. In this story Pandora stays with her Aunt and two twin cousins and by all accounts her aunt has a fearsome wooden hairbrush. Now what do you suppose that Auntie does with that hairbrush when Pandora and her two naughty cousins misbehave? Unfortunately I couldn’t find much of a preview anywhere online, but if you click the link above then you can listen to a 20 second preview clip. That should be all you need to get you in the mood for a spanking good story. 55 minutes for $15,99, that’s plenty of bang for your buck there.

The second audio that I noticed was WRITING LETTERS which comes in at a super long 74 minutes, and it only costs $16.99, now how about that for a good spanking deal? Even though these stories were only recently added to Pandora’s clips4sale, they have been on her site for a while now. In fact this particular story was originally posted on Pandora’s site on my birthday 🙂 Once again you can click the link and listen to a short preview clip, and even though the clip is very short, it will give you an idea almost immediately as to what you can expect to hear.

Now even though Writing Letters is a better deal, I am still going to opt for Auntie Gillian’s Hairbrush myself for my first purchase. The Writing Letters story contains caning, which of course I have no problem with, but give me a naughty girl over her Aunt’s knee getting the hairbrush any day of the week 🙂

Go ahead and give them a try, you will certainly get your money’s worth that’s for sure. I couldn’t think of a better way to be sat in a traffic jam than being sat there listening to Pandora talk about spanking!!

The Land Of Misfit Spankings

Over the years I search for and discover all kinds of spanking pics, but the thing is, many of them never see the light of day on this blog because I always find something better. Every now and then though I will package up a 6 pack of misfit spankings because as I can attest, just because a photo might not look good to me, there is always someone who will like it.

To start with, this image screams “Don’t make me pull this car over”, only it already seems to have happened.

The thought was swirling around her mind “Shall I, or shan’t I”

I’m not too sure what is going on here. The guy in the picture seems to be dressed ready for a play or something. Maybe one of you guys recognize the costume?

As you may have noticed in the last image, this is why they are called misfit spanking images. The next one is all warped and out of alignment, but, like I said, someone might like an image of two grown adults playing.

I am sure that I could say something here about spanking and wood 🙂 I’ll be careful though, don’t need the spanking Karen’s wagging their self righteous fingers.

And last, and definitely least, lol, out of focus, bad lighting, and just a tiny trace of a watermark 🙂

We can never predict the future, but it is likely that I have now attended my last spanking party, at least for the foreseeable future. Which is just as well really because I look at what I own on a daily basis, and I need to find time to start getting rid of it all. My starting goal is to get rid of 50% of what I own which I just don’t need anymore. Maybe I will Ebay some of it, or perhaps I will have a yard sale. Literally everything for a dollar, just to see people’s faces 🙂

Merry Christmas 2021

There isn’t much to write today as I am sure that you are all enjoying Christmas and not reading spanking blogs 🙂 A few times over the year I get asked my email address, so I will stick it here for now until I find a place for it. richardofwindsor@gmail.com

Obviously this is a flashback to 2008 when Audrey Knight and myself made that Santa and naughty elf film. When it was originally uploaded to Spankingtube it was one of the most viewed videos on the site. At the time that it was pulled from the website it was just 2,000 views shy of a million hits, and if I remember correctly I think that it was the second most viewed video on spankingtube. The funny thing is, as old as the video is I only just found the outtake reel from that scene, there are some very funny comments in there, lol.

So how did Christmas Eve go for you? Did you make the naughty list and if so, did Santa or Mrs. Clause pay you a visit? Or perhaps you were Santa and you had your own naughty list to work through? 😉

Either way, a Merry Christmas to you all and I hope that you all have a wonderful time.