A Simple Birthday Spanking

A Simple Birthday Spanking

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So today was the day,  Sue Jackson had turned 21. The early morning shower felt heavenly as she sang happily to herself,  smiling from time to time thinking of her neighbor, Dominic Russo, a studly Italian in his late 30?s. Sue had been at Dominic’s the night before flirting for all her worth with the handsome man. As She was leaving the night before,  he had told her to come back the next day for her present,  being quite cheeky,  Sue quipped, “Is it a birthday spanking” with a huge grin on her face. This caused Dominic to smile and he replied,  “Come to think of it, we can give you one of those as well” and he winked at her.

Now drying off,  Sue was all excited,  won’t be long before She finally gets the dashing Man’s attention. What to wear though,  Opening her lingerie drawer she pondered,  oh how I wish he will be brave enough to lift my dress she thought to herself,  after studying the contents of the drawer,  Sue selected a cute red satin panty and bra set with white polka dots,  carefully checking her butt in the mirror,  yep,  there is plenty of bare cheek popping out the bottom of these,  allowing herself a quick couple of smacks. Now for the dress,  something as short as possible,  a nice loose fitting summer dress that stopped at the top of her thighs. Sue studied the mirror once more,  flipping up the back of the dress a few times. Now content,  Sue fairly bounded down the street to her fantasy lover.

Standing at Dominic’s front door,  Sue’s stomach flipped in excitement as she waited for him to answer. Dominic answered and Sue’s heart fluttered as he stood there in a wife beater and shorts,  looking like a stallion. Full of joy,  Sue hugged him and kissed him on the cheek. Dominic was happy that Sue was joyous and followed her into his living room,  without wasting any time;  Sue went to the dining table and pulled out a chair,  inviting him to sit down. She licked her lips as she stared down at the huge muscular thighs below her,  hoping he was going to pull her over them,  it didn’t seem like he was going to,  so Sue hooked her bottom lip with her index finger and looked at him coyly. Taking the lead,  Sue moved closer and pressed her thighs against his massive right thigh and slowly placed her hands on his left thigh,  staring at his piercing eyes the whole time.

Dominic still offered her no help so she slowly eased herself over his lap until her feet were off the ground. Dominic’s left arm circled her waist and with his big right hand,  he grasped her right cheek firmly,  kneading it through the cotton material of her dress, hardly raising his hand he delivered a sharp wrist smack to her right cheek,  Sue tilted her head and emitted a sigh of pure pleasure. Without wasting the chance,  Dominic used both hands to lift the dress up,  with Sue lifting her tummy slightly. Dominic admired the sight below him,  he placed a finger into the legging of her panties to adjust them,  slowly rubbing her bare bottom as he did,  Sue laid her head down and put her forearm to her head,  sweeping back her hair with her arm. Dominic began to slowly bring his hand down with firm spanks onto the polka dot pantied bottom,  caressing each cheek as he did. Sue was also fully aware that Dominic’s manhood was pressing firmly into her side.

As the spanking continued,  the dress slipped further up her back,  even as her bottom was being warmed,  Sue was able to pull the dress over her head to leave herself in her matching bra and panty set. Though the spanks were not really hard,  Sue felt her bottom glowing. Dominic could see Sue’s butt turning a nice shade of pink below her panties as she squirmed below him,  taking his left hand from her waist,  he grabbed the panties between his thumb and index finger and pulled them up into a full wedgie,  then continued to hold them with his left hand. Dominic knew he couldn’t keep this up much longer,  so he began to spank much more firmly. Sue bucked below him,  caught between that place of pleasure and pain. The spanks pretty much subsided to rubbing,  with the occasional firm swat.

Before long, Sue climbed up and sat on his lap,  then began to passionately kiss him,  very conscious of her glowing hot bottom pressing to his thigh. They both began to rise,  with lips still locked,  Sue reached behind her to free her wedgie,  letting the elastic snap against her sore butt. This caused her to grin against his lips which somewhat changed the mood,  reaching down,  Dominic put his left arm around the back of her thighs and hoisted her up over his shoulder. Though her hair was cascading over her face,  beneath it was a Lady almost overcome with delight. Dominic headed towards the stairs,  the whole time using his free hand to further warm the already hot butt. As they went up the stairs, Sue continued to feel his hand whack her buns,  the realization quickly came to her in a flash,  she knew she was just about to get the best birthday present she could have ever wished for.

Richard Windsor.

13 thoughts on “A Simple Birthday Spanking

  1. Hi thanks for this – a very hot story. What is a “wife beater”? Is it an American thing?

  2. Hi Richard, always enjoy your work. I liked this story the best because I could see it happening…..the others were a little hard to believe in this day of cautious interaction between teenage girls and older men. I would have maybe added more actions on the part of the girls to deserve a spanking, that was later carried out without witnesses, and eventually on the bare bottom. My own feeling about spanking is such that unless the bottom is bare, it isn’t a REAL spanking, but that’s my opinion only. I would still love to have the video if available, but know I am writing late. Either way keep up the great work.
    Scott S.

  3. Note to Theo:

    A wife beater is a huge paddle with a brick taped to it for increased thud.

    Just kidding.

    A wife beater is slang for a type of sleeveless T-shirt that guys wear sometimes. Pictures are available on Google.

    Note to RW: Thanx for the story! Very cool.

  4. I just LOVE birthday spankings. Fortunately I get his too so I am lucky enough to get 2 a year lol

    We would like a video too, please 🙂


  5. I love otk stories and this was amazing. I do wonder what her other present was supposed to be as she wanted the spanking although in a way it did seem that Dominic was not that into spanking her until he got started. Highly erotic and I wish every girl could get that type of birthday spanking.
    Thank you and have a great day.

  6. What a shame, Lia, and there was me thinking that there is a big difference between birthday spanks and a good old fashioned spanking on ones birthday 🙂

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