The Fly On The Wall

The Fly On The Wall

A different type of spanking story for you compared to my other ones. This story contains F/f,  f/m,  F/m and F/f spankings.

It was a hot and humid summer in North Carolina, the small town offered little but the sense of community was strong. Kyle had grown up there his whole life and this summer break was different for him. Two months prior, the owners of the house attached to his had relocated to Florida, in their place had moved a single Mom with her grown up Daughter. Kyle was pretty smitten with the next door girl immediately, and for the past couple of weeks they had spent their summer break doing things together.

For some reason today was different. It was approaching supper time and the two of them were sat on the stoop of the local library. Tara had been unusually quiet that day like she had something on her mind. Kyle had tried to be the Knight in shining amour, attempting to make her laugh, or talking gently while trying to display a sympathetic ear, but Tara remained pretty withdrawn that day.

Very shortly they would be leaving the steps of the library to head home for supper. Kyle’s parents were actually not going to be home until much later, which left him with a TV dinner and another endless boring night playing video games. So out of desperation he tried to prolong his time with Tara as much as he could as this would be the last human contact he would get for three more hours. So he pressed on with his questions, attempting to evoke a response from Tara as to what was troubling her. Through the silent breaks she finally caved in, like she had wanted to share with him all along but was afraid of the ridicule. “I’m in big trouble” she stammered.

Yes, finally a breakthrough after several hours of trying. Now he would get his chance to display his sensitive side and provide the ear for her to share with. “Why are you in trouble Tara?” he asked caringly.

Another short period of silence followed, torturing him thinking that once more she was going to back out of telling him. She placed her arms across her upturned knees and rested her chin on the backs of her hands in deep thought. “Before Mom left for work today she came into my room to wake me for breakfast” she said softly, before once again going into deep thought and speaking no more.

Kyle was somewhat concerned and wanted to know the problem, so he pretty much echoed her words back to her “So your Mom came into your room to wake you for breakfast?”

With a pout now on her face Tara quietly pressed on “As she talked to me she picked up my jeans off the floor and noticed a packet of cigarettes in the pocket”

Now Kyle was a little bit surprised that this was all that was troubling her, okay, maybe her Mom didn’t like smoking, but Tara was grown up now and other than having to deal with her Mom’s disappointment, surely she was free to do as she chose. “So what” he said with little sensitivity “Just don’t smoke in the house”

Surprised at his sudden lack of care, Tara shot a semi look of indignation towards him “You don’t understand Kyle, while I live in her house I have to follow her rules” she said curtly.

“What, is she going to ground you or something?” he asked sarcastically.

Returning her chin to her hands Tara sighed “No, worse than that, after dinner she is going to spank me”

This opened Kyle’s mouth. Surely not, surely he didn’t hear her say that. This was North Carolina, so the idea of a parent spanking in and of itself was not exactly an unheard of thing, but come on; she is far too old to be spanked. Thinking he may be being lied to he asked quizzically “Are you serious”

Without looking at him Tara replied “Deadly serious, after dinner I have to go to my room and wait for her to bring her hairbrush”

Kyle was left speechless, a mixture of shock, disbelief and perhaps a little excitement swept through his body and he was left with little to say. The only thing he new to offer her was a hug, which she gratefully accepted as they sat on the stoop of the library and embraced for 30 seconds. The human contact was enthralling for him as he smelled her hair. They soon released and stood up, ready for the short walk home. Not much more was said between them as they walked home. As they approached their attached house, they bid each other goodnight and promised to see each other the next day.

Even though he wasn’t that hungry, Kyle prepared his little meal and sat there picking at it, the whole time thinking of his friend, which you could really say was his crush. He looked at the clock, it had gone seven, and he wondered if now was the time that his friend was paying for her crime.

He wasn’t sure why he did it, but something drew him there. With his half eaten dinner still on the table he had headed towards his parents bedroom, the side of the house that was attached to Tara’s. He walked into the closet and pressed his ear against the wall, hoping that he could hear something from the house next door. He wasn’t even sure where Tara’s bedroom was, it could be on the other side of the house for all he knew.

The length of time he spent in that closet was absurd, he probably wasn’t aware himself that it had been nearly an hour. All through this time he heard just very faint sounds, nothing much to go on but he could at least hear human voices. Not once did the thought cross his mind to leave the closet, it was almost intoxicating just to listen in to another household like he was a fly on the wall. He had even pretty much forgotten what had drawn him there in the first place, that was, until he heard a voice, followed by what sounded like a chair was being dragged across the floor.

His mouth opened wide as he pressed his ear tighter against the wall until it was almost numb. The voices were too far away for him to hear a conversation; all he could pick up were the occasional well spoken word. But now it was silent, had he missed it? He pressed his already bloodless white ear harder into the wall. He didn’t need to do that, the first smack of the brush was a very clear sound, followed by another, and another. Tara wasn’t lying; she really was going to get spanked after dinner. Kyle stood there amazed as he heard the sound of the brush land upon his friend’s bottom, he was completely in shock. After he had heard the sound over and over about 40 times, it stopped suddenly and the only clear word he heard of the sentence from the other side of the wall was the word “down”.

It wasn’t clear to him at first, the word ‘down’ didn’t register in his mind for 5 seconds, but then it hit him, was he thinking right? Is she right now pulling down her little denim shorts? The thought of this now stirred a different reaction in him. Up to that point it had been purely a voyeuristic event, but now with the thought of Tara pulling down her shorts it had become erotic to him. He imagined her pulling down her shorts and revealing those white nylon panties she had on. His right hand reached down to his growing cock and he slowly unzipped his own shorts to pull it out. The image was thoroughly exciting to him.

He totally knew what panties she was wearing that day from their time on the stoop and started to masturbate as he pictured her. While they had been sat on the stoop, Kyle must have mock stretched about 30 times, each and every time with the purpose of peering down the back of her shorts which had lowered and were clearly displaying an ample amount of her flimsy white panties above them. In fact, when they hugged from the seated position, he deliberately made sure that his lower hand came into contact with them, knowing that if she felt it that is was purely coincidental due to their seated position. Unbeknown to him, Tara was fully aware of where his hand was and what his reason for constantly stretching had been for, and she didn’t for one minute think any of it was accidental, which is perhaps why she held onto him for a full 30 seconds with a sly grin on her face. She loved the attention that Kyle gave her.

Kyle continued to stroke himself as once more he heard the sounds of the brush landing, this time however he could also hear a slightly muffled sound which he assumed was the whimpers of Tara. His imagination was running wild as he pleasured himself faster. Again the sound of the brush landing stopped after about 40 times, a pause of a few seconds and it began again. Now Kyle himself had never been spanked, but he wasn’t stupid either, he knew that the pause between the spankings was her panties being pulled down. Now he had the image of Tara naked from the waist down in his mind, and with his eyes closed and mouth open he started to furiously pleasure himself at the thought of his half naked friend. The spanking itself had become secondary to his thoughts, the continuous sound of the brush striking bare skin only served him as an alternate reality that contact between the two of them was still there. It was halfway through this final round of 40 smacks that Kyle released himself and climaxed, the last 20 of which he spent propped up against the wall in a state of sheer ecstasy.

The voice grew louder; Kyle’s pleasurable few minutes were brought back to earth in an instant as the voice drew ever near. It was stupid to think but the first thought in his mind was that he had been caught. He was still in a state of shock when the voice that was now only inches from him on the other side of the wall finally registered in his mind. “Now you stand there young lady until I come and get you”

Just a few inches of plaster separated them, Tara standing there with her bare bottom on display and tears in her eyes, Kyle with his face forward against it with his palms pressed openly towards her, his manhood hanging down freely. He stayed there until he heard a muffled voice in the distance.

After cleaning up after himself, Kyle spent the evening thinking of his friend. Even the family evening was interrupted by Kyle’s decision to go to bed early. His mind was rampant and more business needed to be taken care of. He finally fell to sleep with a crush on Tara ten times the size that it had been when they had said goodnight a few hours earlier.

The following morning Kyle was busy in the yard when Tara’s Mom headed to work. He shyly greeted her with a face red full of embarrassment from guilt, but she was oblivious to the fact of his wrongdoing, simply putting it down to the shy boy she knew from next door who her Daughter had befriended.

Kyle waited for Tara to appear by pretending he was actually doing something, 75% of the time his eyes were firmly fixed on her front door. After half an hour she finally appeared, dressed in denim shorts and a t-shirt once more. She sat on her stoop and watched with a smile as he came towards her; subtly reaching behind herself to make sure that he was going to have a good view and that she would get the attention from him that she wanted. Kyle sat down and asked her how things went the night before, she smiled and told him she really could use a hug, wrapping her arms around him and smiling as his hand came in contact with the underwear she had deliberately ensured would be available to him. The thought in her mind being “What excuse can I use to get him to come inside my house this morning?”

Chapter 2:

Maybe it was the spanking from the night before that made Tara feel mischievous, perhaps a rebelling nature of a lesson not yet learned, but with Mom at work today and a house free, she was determined to get Kyle in the house for an impromptu make out session.

The first course of the day though was to go to the grocery store for her Mom. It was a wonderful hour and a half, the two of them flirting with each other, playing with the food items and generally having a blast like two good friends should. As they headed home with the bags of groceries, sinister thoughts crossed Tara’s mind. She would tease him with a kissing session then break for lunch, which should drive him nuts she thought, what a great day this will be.

It was now past Noon, but the day was still pretty young. Tara led Kyle into the kitchen and the two of them started to put the groceries away. When the chore was finished Tara prepared sodas for them and the two of them headed towards the living room. Kyle sat all the way back on the sofa and watched as Tara sat on the edge, “ouch” she said and stood up quickly. This was to be the beginning of the tease for her and she started to rub her bottom in front of him “It still hurts” she continued. Kyle’s eyes were transfixed on his pretty friend’s bottom, watching as she slowly rubbed her cheeks through her jean shorts.

“Did she spank you hard?” Kyle asked, knowing all to well she did.

“I’ll say, that brush sting like the dickens”

“Well you shouldn’t be so naughty then, should you?” Kyle laughed, mocking her discomfort.

Tara sneered at him playfully “You won’t laugh so much if I spank you” she stated.

The grin on his face was like a Cheshire cat as they looked at each other. Tara seductively stepped back to the couch and eased herself down “Take your shorts off and come over my lap” she ordered.

“What, no way, I’m not taking my shorts off and being left in my boxers”

Tara sighed and eased herself back up, then unsnapped her shorts as she cheekily looked over her shoulder at him. Kyle became aroused as he watched her pull them down over her bottom, slowly revealing the powder blue nylon bikini panties she had on, he could see the still pink cheeks that her bottom displayed from the spanking the night before. Tara kicked her shorts off and adjusted her underwear, smiled once more and sat back down. Kyle now felt more comfortable, but with a raging erection he decided to remove his shorts from the seated position. They both grinned at each other as Kyle began to shift towards her, the sight of her creamy white thighs and the little V of her panties gave him other ideas though. Regardless, Kyle lay over his friends lap. Tara herself was beginning to get very hot, and now with the sight of his 19 year old bubble butt beneath her just increased her sexual desires. Tara didn’t really want to spank him, but she did want to get her hands on his butt. The cold air of the humming air conditioner causing little Goosebumps to appear on his bottom.

Using her right hand, Tara began to massage the plump cheeks straining against his cotton boxers, kneading, squeezing, pinching, even occasionally slapping. Before long both her hands had a handful of fresh bottom as she looked like she was reading a Brailled book. The more she could feel his manhood pressing into her thighs, the more she manipulated his bottom. At this point Tara wanted some attention herself, so she leaned over to her side until her face was next to his, their arms wrapped around each other and they began to kiss, starting out petting, but passionately locking lips soon after. Their bodies shifted to the point that Kyle was on his back and Tara was between his open legs, grinding her torso against his body as Kyle’s hands squeezed her bottom. They petted heavily for a long time, each one thoroughly aroused at the human contact of the other. At the point that the living room door opened, Tara was sat on Kyle’s lap rubbing the back of her hand over the front of his boxers, slowly going up and down over his hardened erection.

“WHAT IS GOING ON HERE” Tara’s Mom bellowed. The two of them jumped up in a state of shock, quickly making grabs for their discarded shorts.

“MOM, what are you doing here?” Tara frantically replied.

Mom ignored the question “I can’t believe you two are doing this in my house” pausing as she looked in shock disbelief at the state of the two partially clothed 19 year olds. Logical thought was not going to happen at this point in time in Mrs. Collins angered mind. “You, young lady, are going to get the spanking of your life right now”

Kyle was beside himself, not only thoroughly embarrassed, but upset that Tara was going to get spanked for what they had just done. He tried valiantly to come to the aid of his, dare he say it, girlfriend. “It’s my entire fault Mrs. Collins; we were just playing around and we got a little carried away”

Mrs. Collins looked him up and down in disgust, certainly spotting the huge bulge in the front of his boxers. “Yes young man, you are as much to blame as Tara, and I dare say that you deserve YOUR backside warmed far more than my Daughter does”

“I’m sorry” he offered weakly.

“SORRY, you have no idea what predicament you have just put Tara in. Well, as I can no longer trust you, you will no longer be welcome in this house and you will no longer be allowed to see Tara. I can teach Tara that she won’t be engaging in this type of activity in my house again, but I can’t teach you that”

Tara was totally devastated and began to cry. Not being allowed to see Kyle was far worse than any spanking she could get, for the first time in her young life she was starting to fall in love. Kyle’s heart was broken; he wanted more than anything to be with Tara and would do anything to earn that trust. His eyes left his crying girlfriend and went back to her Mom’s. “It was way more my fault than Tara’s, Mrs. Collins, I agree that I deserve at the very least what Tara is going to get. I want to see Tara again and will do anything to earn your trust”. Tara’s heart fluttered at his noble words, and through her tears she looked at her Mom’s face for the smallest sign of hope to come from it.

Mrs. Collins raised her eyebrow, unsure if she should do what she really wanted to do to him. She stood silently, looking at him intently with her piercing eyes, and then she spoke as the first rational thought came to her mind. “Very well, you are going to get every bit of what Tara is going to get, and then some. You will not be allowed to see her for a whole week, and when you do you, the three of us are going to sit down and go over a few rules”

Mrs. Collins threw her bag down and dragged a chair out into the middle of the room. Curtly she ordered him over her lap and he very apprehensively put himself over the firm thighs. Kyle had never been spanked in his life, he felt totally vulnerable as his bottom stuck high up in the air, and while he was not familiar with the position, it made him feel a lot younger than his 19 years. Mrs. Collins took a firm grip of his waist and placed her right hand on his bottom. She looked at her daughter sternly and barked out an order “Tara Elizabeth, go and fetch my hairbrush”.

Tara fairly leaped up, knowing that any time that her middle name was used; her bottom would be very quickly ablaze moments later. She stood up shakily and walked right past her boyfriend, who himself was stuck in the time honored classic naughty boy position. With his mouth open, he watched as her panty clad rear slowly got smaller and smaller as she headed towards the door, he had always got aroused whenever he had seen her panties peeking over her shorts in the past, but the arousal was not there this particular time because something else was on his mind, and that was the firm application that Mrs. Collins hand was doing on his backside.

Mrs. Collins was relentless, by the time that Tara’s legs came back into view in the hallway, he already felt like someone was holding a blowtorch against his bottom. It was his first spanking from anyone, but he was willing to bet anyone that Mrs. Collins had the hardest hand in America.

Mrs. Collins anger towards Tara was very evident, as soon as she came into sight she demanded of her daughter “Bring that to me right now” and Tara didn’t hesitate in two stepping it to her Mom. Taking the brush from her daughter she pointed it back in her direction, she quoted sternly “You’re next young lady, and wobetide you by the time I am finished with you”. The sight of her daughter clad in just her t-shirt and panties only served to remind her just why this young man was over her lap in the first place, and that reminder wasn’t going to serve him well at all. Looking at the back of Kyle’s head, Mrs. Collins said to him “By the time I am finished you naughty boy, you are going to… SMACK…. Learn to respect… SMACK…. My house” and with that she began to pepper every inch of his thinly covered bottom with firm smacks with the back of the stout backed hairbrush.

Tara sat silently in a state of shock and awe as she watched Kyle buck and writhe over her mothers lap, still thinking that he had such a cute butt as the brush bounced off it. Her mother wasn’t playing around either in administering the punishment, as she spanked his upturned bottom she spoke to the pair of them in clear concise words, punctuating each word with yet another sharp spank upon Kyle’s upturned backside. “The..smack…pair.. of.. you.. think.. you’re.. so.. grown.. up, .. don’t you? I.. bet.. you.. don’t.. feel.. so.. grown.. up.. right.. now.. do.. you.. Kyle?”

Kyle had tears in his eyes as he began to answer “No.. OUCH.. Mrs. Collins.. OW.. I don’t, it really .. ouch .. hurts”

“Well it’s supposed to hurt young man, and it’s going to hurt a whole lot more because I am now going to take down your underwear and spank you on your bare bottom.

Mrs. Collins inserted her fingers into the waistband of his boxers and drew them over his bright red bottom, Tara’s stomach flipped at the color of his cute cheeks, knowing all too well that her own bottom would soon be in the same predicament. Mrs. Collins studied the glowing buns beneath her and asked him how he felt; Kyle replied that he was very embarrassed. Always with an answer, Mrs. Collins responded quickly “Well I’d be embarrassed to, if I had done what you and Tara were just doing.” And then began to apply the hairbrush to his bare bottom. This got Kyle’s attention very quickly, he didn’t think it could get any worse, but now that the last remaining slither of clothing was gone he realized that the hairbrush applied to a bare bottom hurt a whole heck of a lot more than one being applied to ones underwear.

Tara studied the brush’s impact, each time it smacked his bottom that area went white for the briefest of seconds and she thought that her bottom must do the same thing when she is being spanked. The color of Kyle’s bottom did not go unnoticed to Mrs. Collins either, nor did the sniffling coming from the young man’s face. Deciding that he had probably learnt a very valuable lesson she spoke to him one final time “Are you — Ever–Whack! Ever–Whack! Ever–Whack! Going to do that in my house again, Kyle?”

Kyle would have agreed to run down the street naked at this point, and he was very quick and emphatic with his response “No Mrs. Collins, I won’t ever do that again”

“Very well then” Mrs. Collins finished with a quick flurry of spanks to his sit spot then stopped abruptly. She reached for his boxers and drew them up, not wanting her daughter to be exposed to his genitals. Kyle rose and with a tear streamed face began to rub his bottom which felt on fire. He looked at the woman who had done this to him but she was rather cold at this point “Tara Elizabeth, get your buns over here right now”. Kyle backed up as Tara stood, her hands instinctively flying behind her in an attempt to maximize the ultra thin material of her panties, very consciously trying to stretch the flimsy nylon fabric vainly in an attempt to cover as much of her exposed bottom cheeks as she could. Kyle stared as she lowered herself over her Mom’s lap into a position that she was all too familiar with. He had spent much time trying to sneak a peek at her panties but this time was different. His only thought now as he rubbed his scorching hot bottom was how little the flimsy nylon material covered her bottom; while she still looked pretty he was in no real mood to get aroused at the sight.

Mrs. Collins had little to say to her daughter, simply opening with the line “You, young lady, are going to rue the day you disrespected my house” and set about bringing the brush down swiftly upon her thinly covered rear. Still holding his own bottom, Kyle watched in amazement as her milky white bottom began to redden right before his very eyes, and it didn’t take many spanks at all before it was turning a bright shade of red, he could even see the area that her panties did cover shining brightly right through them.

Tara kicked and bucked as the brush mercilessly rained down over and over on her bottom, she didn’t even notice that Kyle was watching, she just wanted the spanking to stop, yet it had only just begun. Mrs. Collins paused in the spanking of her daughter and looked at Kyle. “I want you to put your shorts back on young man, this young lady is about to have her panties pulled down for a long bare bottom spanking and you will NOT be allowed to see that”. Though he didn’t laugh, the thought amused him because due to the kicking of her legs and the relentless spanks raining down, most of her bottom was now bare anyway, the panties had bunched up so much that her right cheek was completely bare and her left had just the minimal of protection. Still, he was in no mood to point out the obvious to Mrs. Collins and instead just went about retrieving his shorts.

Kyle was very gentle as he pulled the shorts up over his rear, but it went unnoticed to the other two, Mrs. Collins was still busily applying the brush to her scantily clad daughter’s backside, and Tara was still busy trying with all her might to avoid the harsh sting of the brush. Kyle continued to watch as Tara’s bottom glowed just like his own did, even allowing himself to see the sexier side of it, she still had her panties on in theory, but not a single inch were protecting her bottom at this point, not that they were of much help to Tara in the first place.

Mrs. Collins stopped the spanking for the final time while Kyle was there, even doing her daughter the dignity of straightening her panties for her. Her Mom wasn’t giving her any dignity really though, she wanted to speak to Kyle and she knew from her own spankings growing up that the nylon was just going to hold the heat in until she was ready to start again.

“You can leave now Kyle and you are NOT allowed to see my daughter again for a week. Next week you can come back over and the three of us are going to sit down and have a little chat, now you may go”. Kyle looked at Tara’s face and she fought hard to offer her new hero a little smile, it was going to be the last smile that she was going to have on her face for quite a while. Kyle turned and headed for the door, walking rather uncomfortably, telling himself that he will listen intently when the three of them sat down next week. Of course, he didn’t realize that when Mrs. Collins said that the three of them would be sitting down going over the rules of the two of them dating, what she actually meant was that she was going to be the one sitting, and the two young lovebirds would be learning the rules by taking turns over her lap and having the seats of each of their underwear soundly warmed. That has always been the best way to teach youngsters the rules in her eyes, a good old fashioned method of learning.

Kyle closed the door and listened as Mrs. Collins spoke to her daughter one final time “Tara Elizabeth, stand up and take your panties right OFF”. As he passed in front of their house he could clearly hear the sound of the brush striking its naked target, and the yelps coming from his new girlfriend. He wondered how many people had passed the house while he was getting spanked.

As Kyle got in to bed that night he was nursing a very sore and bruised bottom, he fidgeted until he was comfortable lying on his side, then his mind flashed back to the day’s events. The image of Tara’s upturned bottom came into his mind, the brush bouncing off the flimsy material of her little panties, the way her bottom glowed all around and through them. With a slight smile on his face his hand went beneath the sheets until he found what was growing beneath them, the heat radiating from his own bottom just increasing the sensations in what he was now holding.

Richard Windsor.

This is just a one off story, there is nothing practical for me to go on,  just my intuition. I can only go back forty plus years for anything close to an understanding as to what the build up to a Maternal spanking felt like. As I have mentioned a few times on this blog before,  there was this one occasion where curiosity killed the cat as a spanking was obviously taking place,  and yours truly,  of course,  had to  “accidentally”  on purpose walk in and investigate said spanking. It didn’t last long before I was busted,  but I watched in awe as one of the neighbors was applying her strong Maternal hand to the seat of her daughter’s light blue panties,  who was kicking for all her worth over the Maternal lap. I was sent out within seconds,  but I clearly remember listening to the remainder of spanking and then it stopped,  and that’s when the fear of the horrible monsters under the bed kicked in as I watched and studied the door,  dreading that it was going to be opened by a woman with folded arms,  and that the same witnessed Mother/Daughter spanking a few minutes prior was going to be repeated on the nosy little neighbor who was obviously in need of a good Maternal spanking himself. That spanking never happened of course,  but I do remember the feeling of dread that I was going to be summoned in by the neighbor for a practical discussion on privacy. 


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  1. I like too much reading stories about a big bottomed boy spanked and humiliated by girls.
    Can I hope you ‘ll write some stories in this scenario?

  2. Hi Vergani, as you will probably see from my archive, the F/M genre isn’t one that I write about. In fact this is the only F/M spanking story that you will find on this site. In the latest story, Mother spanks Daughter, a number of people have requested that the lad in the story should get spanked by his girlfriend’s mom, so maybe there will be a second story in the near future.

  3. I enjoyed the story, it reminded me of my situation while growing up.MY next door neighbor was a girl two years younger than myself and she was spanked by her mother. I overheard many of her spankings, especially in the summer time when her window was open. She had heard me being spanked so there were no secrets about our situations. One time , I found out about two years after the fact that she had sneaked up to my window and watched as I was spanked. When she confessed I told her I should spank her. She hesitated but then agreed to let me turn her over my knee and spank her fully covered bottom. This changed our relationship, it became more sexual.

  4. A very good story. Those things in the story really do happen. I got spanked by a girlfriend’s mother when I was young. Not for anything sexual, it was for starting a paper fire in her parent’s barn, Her mom smelled smoke, ran to the barn a put the fire out. She told us to go in the house and said the only fire around here is going to be in your pants, when I spank you. We went in the house, she came into the kitchen, pulled out a chair, sat down and said who wants to go first. We both went over her knee and got a spanking that did make it feel like I had a fire in my pants.

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