53 Today

So it is that time of year again where one year gets added to the age and one less fuck is given. Those of you who are around my age will understand,  the older that you get the less you worry about things that are not that important. It is a wonderful place to be,  however,  I will say that there is a little of me that says  “Yikes,  53”!!

Anyway,  I am pre-posting this at 10pm on Sunday as I have to be up at 4am on Monday for work,  so by the time that you guys get to see this I would have already done a full days work 🙂  Which also means that I have to get to bed,  so enough of the jibber-jabber,  to celebrate my 53rd birthday,  here are 53 pics of me spanking 53 different girls,  and you wonder why there is no hate in my heart?

My Story World

Even though I haven’t written a story in ages,  and for the only reason that I don’t have as much time anymore,  I am always amazed when I check my stats to see how many times my stories are read each day. Obviously my focus nowadays is finding rare pics for you,  but people still come here just to read the stories.

Now somebody who I communicate with has a birthday coming up and she wants me to write her a story for her birthday,  and being that I don’t mind writing birthday stories then it should be an easy task to do. With that in mind I thought that I would share a list of my stories on this site,  each with a brief synopsis so that you guys can choose what you want to read. The comment section is open on all of them so feel free to let me know your thoughts on each story,  I would love to hear some feedback and get your opinions on the stories.

This list is done in order of popularity based on how many times each story has been viewed so far this year.

1979 – The First Spanking

This is where it all began for me,  the first time as a teenager that I ever spanked a girl. Even 35 years later I remember it clearly and this is where the mystery of the white nylon panties comes from,  for that was what my girlfriend at the time was wearing. It isn’t the longest spanking by any means,  but it is perhaps the most important one…. READ MORE

Missy Gets Spanked In Public

This is a big entrance page story mostly for people looking for public spankings. Unfortunately the title is a little misleading as the spanking took place at a spanking party. However,  it was done very publicly with the intent of causing her some embarrassment. I even spanked three girls while I waited for her just to add to the anticipation…. READ MORE

Jane’s Birthday Spanking

Jane is a junior counselor at a summer camp and is boarding with the camp director and his wife during the summer. It was the night of her 19th birthday and the old custom of birthday spankings had raised its head. Jane happily played along and before long the seat of her panties were getting warmed…. READ MORE

Birthday Spanking For Laura

A man is visiting his next door neighbour when her bratty daughter arrives and starts to lay down subtle innuendos about what the two of them are up to. When he finds out that she has a birthday coming up he threatens to spank her and is encouraged to do so by her mom. When the spanking is over a further threat is made to the mom who has a birthday coming up. Part two has yet to be written…. READ MORE

Ellee Gets Spanked

In what was the first of many spankings for ellee,  we see each other for the second time and this time she gets a spanking. What was very unusual for spanking a girl for the first time I used my hand,  hairbrush and the cane. Part two of the story happens two weeks later where I put the extra effort in and created a full blown scenario,  all unknown to her at the time,  in what is still one of my favorite roleplays. Lots of great pics attached to this story…. READ MORE

Getting The Cane

A real life story from when I was at school and where the cane was still employed as an instrument of correction…. READ MORE

Three Girls Part 1

Yet another in the collection of birthday spanking stories. This time three young women are on their way out for the evening when the father of one threatens to give her friend a birthday spanking. After he is dared he follows through quite intently,  much to the arousal of the other friend who is watching…. READ MORE

Meeting Amber Pixie Wells

My first venture out in the spanking world and the first person that I got to meet was none other than Pixie. We spent a very memorable afternoon together which began when I got to the lobby of the hotel to meet a girl wearing a schoolgirl outfit. My red face soon gave way to Pixie’s red bottom…. READ MORE

The Fly On The Wall

The only story on this site that features an F/M spanking. Originally written for a spanking story contest,  two neighbors discuss the spanking that the daughter had received and fool around a little bit. The fooling around soon becomes heavy petting and they get busted by the girls mom. What follows is a long painful spanking for the both of them,  courtesy of the hairbrush…. READ MORE

A Simple Birthday Spanking

An erotic story of two neighbors and a birthday spanking. It is a very short story where your imagination is left to decide what happens once he carries her upstairs…. READ MORE

Scenes From A Film Shoot

Back when I used to shoot with Punished Brats,  this is a story of one of those film shoots. Spankings for Pixie,  Juliet Valentina and Violetta…. READ MORE

Emily And Tom

Written in anticipation of meeting up with someone,  who eventually did not come. However,  there is still the story which is sexual in nature…. PART 1,  PART 2,  PART 3.

New Years Eve Party

A New Years party at the Tanner house ended up as a wonderful evening,  and it culminated with Pixie bratting me and getting a good spanking. Within a minute of the spanking ending Pixie was fast asleep…. READ MORE

The Errant Schoolgirl

A long time ago I used to visit a wonderful girl by the name of Raven. We engaged in a full roleplay where she played Miss Gallagher,  a mischievous student. This spanking ended with a very long application of the cracker barrel paddle to her bare bottom…. READ MORE

A Weekend With A Good Girl

Many spankings occur when the beautiful Aurora comes to stay with me. This weekend was also the very first time that I used a cane,  albeit from a one inch distance. When this story was originally written it was one of my most popular on spanking sites…. READ MORE

Nurse Byron And The Manor House

Probably the darkest story on the site,  about a nurse who takes advantage of her unconscious patient,  only to find out that his security cameras captured the whole thing. Set in a stately home,  the house also contains a special play room which she is forbidden from entering. Once the video footage is reviewed,  she is taken to the special room for her punishment…. READ MORE

Santa And The Gingerbread Elf

At one time the video to this story ranked as the fourth most watched video on spanking tube of all time. When it was eventually pulled it had been watched nearly a million times. Think about that! Even to this day I am asked about this video. I play the role of Santa and Audrey Knight is the most delectable naughty elf you could imagine. Pictures accompany this story…. READ MORE

Need A Ride Home

A man offers to drive his co-worker home in the heavy snow. On the journey she finds out that he spanked his daughters and it brings out the brat in her. What started as a plan to give her a playful birthday spanking ended up being a proper spanking due to her behavior…. READ MORE

Saturday Night In Vegas

At a weekend party in Vegas I hosted a small room party with friends which turned into an all nighter. One attendee was a vanilla girl who only came to the party with her friend. At 5.30am someone called my room,  it was the vanilla girl,  and soon after she received her very first bare bottom spanking…. READ MORE

Now at this point I am going to break the post up into two different posts. There are still half a dozen stories to add that are already listed,  but as I was going through the list one thing was becoming apparent,  I don’t yet have all the stories listed under the story categories. It dawned on me because one of the most popular stories to appear on this site wasn’t listed. I figured I had missed it in the stats but then I realized,  I don’t have a story page created for it yet. The story was The Saturday Spanking Show which has been viewed thousands of times since I wrote it,  but I neglected to create a page for it. That was the point that I realized that all of the stories featuring ellee,  barring one,  have not been added to the story section. I think this was because ellee has her own section on this site anyway as posts featuring her are incredibly popular. So this week I am going to create separate pages for all stories which I have yet to do,  and that will also include older ones that I have yet to create pages for.

Eight Year Anniversary

It was December the 24th 2006 that I decided to start this blog,  and eight years later we are still going strong. My original concept began when I first started appearing in spanking movies and I wanted to have a place to chronicle not only my journey but my background as well.


As things have evolved obviously the focus of the blog has changed some,  I’ve made all of the films that I am going to make,  well,  there is perhaps one more that I would consider doing but that will be down the road. My focus for the last couple of years has been bringing you the rarest spanking pictures that I can find. Virtually 99% of what I post is unique to all but a tiny fraction of the spanking community,  and it is the one thing that I pride myself on,  bringing items that are new.

You may have seen me mention a few times that this blog isn’t going anywhere,  even if circumstances change this will not affect the blog at all. My plan is for the blog to continue for at least another eight years.

On a personal level things have changed a bit for me this year. Even though I have been to parties the last time that I actually played was in May. Don’t get me wrong,  there was more than enough opportunity to play,  it’s just that my desire to do so has waned. I’m not even sure if I can pinpoint why but I do have some thoughts on the reasons for it.

What I think is the biggest reason is that I have done everything that I ever wanted to do,  in fact I climbed so high up the mountain that it is hard to maintain that level of enjoyment. The eighteen month period leading up to my decision to back away was probably the most exciting that I have had. I can’t even begin to tell you how blessed I felt when I started to play with ellee,  where so many of the items I had always wanted to do I was able to and I had a person who was willing to do them with me.


A lot of people look at ellee’s pics,  and let’s be really honest here,  they are a pure delight to look at,  and make their own thoughts from them. The reason that I consider myself blessed though is that I got to spend time with ellee the person. Anybody who has met her knows of that major gift she has,  which is the ability to make everybody around her a happy person. It got to a point that I began to feel spoiled in the sense that I would say to myself  “That is how a person should act”. This isn’t new,  in fact I told her in person in April,  every interaction I have ever had with her has been a positive one and I have so many great memories. There is nothing that I could wish more for her than to receive the same happiness that she gives others.

So why is it important for me to say what I did above? It is simple really,  when you see such joy it is also very easy to see what isn’t fun anymore. Fetlife was one of those places where there was always a love/hate relationship. You love to spend time with your friends,  but at the same time you hate that a select number of people do nothing but spread hatred or try to attention grab by disrupting threads by saying something controversial,  or obtuse or just argumentative for the sake of it.

That ship sailed long ago.

In the realm of spanking parties the same principals apply,   though the boundaries are different. I’ve always been drawn to warm,  caring and kind people. When I look back at my experiences I think that I reached the top of the mountain in getting more than I ever wished for,  so why not bow out while you are at the pinnacle of happiness?

Eventually I will start going back to parties,  it won’t be for a while,  at least not until the BBW party in April,  but for now I am happy in my contentment.

Now next week I will have my annual top ten of the year,  this is the ten posts that have been viewed the most on this site in the last 12 months. Every year there always seems to be one post that is the most popular by a large margin,  and this year was no different however it also presents a problem. The most popular post this year was an Egyptian video that I found and edited,  but unfortunately it fell afoul of Youtube’s copyright laws and was pulled. So right now the contest is actually very close with 50 page views separating the top two of the year. The picture below currently leads but that may change.


Anyway,  a Merry Christmas to you all and I look forward to another eight years of supplying you with spanking love.

The Richard Windsor Spanking Files - Part 9

So I should be on my way home from Vegas right now, hopefully with a few well spanked bottoms under my hand 😉 You should have new pics by the end of the week.

The Richard Windsor Spanking Files - Part 8

My dear old friend, Sarah Rocks steals the show in this set of spanking pics, such a great girl.

The Richard Windsor Spanking Files - Part 7

It is a hard life, but someone needs to spank all of these naughty little girls, don’t they? Still four more sets of spanking pics to come after this one so check back every day.

The Richard Windsor Spanking Files - Part 4

Lots of naughty girls getting their bare bottoms spanked, I am such a lucky man 🙂

The Richard Windsor Spanking Files - Part 3

We have our first Pixie sighting, along with Amber Grey, Caroline Grey, Lily Anna and Audrey Knight amongst others.

The Richard Windsor Spanking Files - Part 2

Munchkin makes her first spanking appearance in this set, and she isn’t in the corner…. not yet anyway 🙂 In this set you will also see my long term friends, Sarah Thorne and Kat The Brat, plus the following girls, Audrey Knight, Leia Anne Woods, Erica Corvina, Kay, Naughty Freckles, Sarah Gregory, Miss Chief and Cookie. There is even an appearance by a vanilla friend of mine whose bottom I remember swatting a couple of times back in 1987, can you spot who she is?

The Richard Windsor Spanking Files - Part 1

It is coming up on five years that I have had this website and this morning I went through the archives and culled all of the pics that I have posted where I am spanking a naughty girl, sometimes two 😉 Now over the years I know I have deleted many pics, some when I transferred over from blogspot, and others that I  no longer wanted associated with my site. In the archives there was 212 pics where I am spanking a girl, and guess what, with Shadowlane coming up this week I am going to re-post them all over the next 11 days just in case you missed any. The only order they will be in is alphabetical, and there may be the odd double pic that I had renamed, but other than that you can get to see all of the pics over the next 11 days. Now, if you were to go to my Fetlife profile, you would see a whole bunch more pics that I haven’t posted on this site. My goal is to take more pics at Shadowlane and I will post them on my return along with the ones on my Fetlife profile that I haven’t posted here yet. Okay, are you ready? Twenty pics a day for the next 11 days, so check back everyday and you may see something that you missed the first time around.


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