Emily And Tom (Part 3)

Emily and Tom (Part 3) – The good girl.

With the ice in the bucket, Tom glanced sideways and admired the adorable bottom sticking up facing him and smirked a big grin. She was like a mannequin, a fine sculpture, laying there waiting for his admiration.

Tom returned to the turned on girl and set the ice down on the chair, eying the leather belt dangling between her open legs. Slowly he reached between her thighs and took hold of the soft leather and lifted it upwards, making sure that his firm fingers made contact with the wet silk as he did so, slowly lifting it and tracing his fingers up the soft silk covered mound as the belt raised. Emily’s mouth opened at his touch, letting out a soft moan as his fingers rubbed against her hot lips.

Surveying the girl one more time Tom rubbed his hands all over her bottom, the red silk straining with his firm hands. Reaching into the bucket, he took out an ice cube. Sliding his hand under her, the cool ice made a circle around her belly button, then headed upwards towards her pert breasts. The ice made contact with her left nipple and Tom pressed it firmly against the hardening skin, gently circling it, then slid it across her cleft towards the right breast, which also felt the delight of the cool wet ice hardening the nipple.

Tom dropped the ice and continued to manipulate her right nipple with his fingers, pinching it and firmly pulling on hardened teat, the whole time his other hand sat in the cleft of her bottom, tantalizingly close to her moistness. Reaching for the belt he patted her little bottom “You won’t be needing your panties young lady, take them off please” Tom said.

Emily rose submissively and pulled the red silk panties down her legs, letting them fall in a puddle on the floor below her. They gazed into each others eyes and Tom reached for the shivering girl, taking her in his arms and pulling her tightly to him. Cradling her head in his chest and her waist with his other arm, the belt dangled and brushed her thighs. The warmth of their bodies staying in the contact of the hug for a minute, her sex throbbing as she felt his erection pushing into her stomach. Tom placed his hands on the sides of Emily’s face and gently eased the girl backwards, leaning down and kissing the girl on the forehead as he did.

With a deep intake of breath hoping to cool down her quivering body, Emily climbed back on the bed and resumed her prior position, her legs open slightly wider this time. Tom placed his hand on the small of her arched back and laid the belt across the upturned cheeks. Emily’s hand clutched the pillow as she felt the leather leave her skin and then WHACK, a searing stripe grew across both her cheeks, slowly and methodically Tom applied the same three more times, then raised the belt higher and struck the quivering cheeks very hard. Emily bucked and jumped as the searing heat of that strike rose to the surface of her skin, gently being comforted as Tom rubbed the stinging cheeks, her right cheek involuntarily quivering as he did so.

The pattern continued, Tom would land four or five firm spanks with the belt, followed by a searingly hot hard stroke, making sure to rub the bottom each time the leather hit hard on her rapidly rising bottom. Emily was lost, her head swung from side to side in the pillow each time the belt made contact with her skin, her moaning growing louder and louder as her bottom grew hotter and hotter. Her lips protruded and ached as the soft breeze washed up against her moistness. Still the belt continued its descent upon her heavily striped bottom, though Emily could no longer distinguish between a firm stroke and a hard one, it was all blended together, like she was floating in space.

Tom was enjoying landing the belt across her bottom over and over, admiring the stripes it was creating each time it landed. It was obvious the pleasure that Emily was in and Tom decided to increase that pleasure. Raising the belt high one more time, he landed it fully across her cheeks hard, this time rubbing the sting out longer, his hand soothing the burning sensation. Tom transferred the belt to his left hand as he continued to rub with his right, slowly rubbing his finger down the parted crease and across her puckered anus. His hand slid further down and found the wet silky mound to her sheer delight and Emily screamed her pleasure. It was going to be hard, but Tom raised the belt with his left hand and slapped it sharply against her right cheek as his fingers brushed over her wet hot slit.

Now Emily was everywhere, a belt striking her bottom at the same time his hand was rubbing her pussy. Emily grasped the pillow hard and parted her legs further, begging for him to enter her in some way as the soft leather kept slapping both her red cheeks. She didn’t have to wait for long, at almost the same time the belt landed, a finger entered her hot opening, causing Emily to utter a loud ‘ahhhhh’. Tom pushed his finger slowly in as he tried to co-ordinate the strokes of the belt. It was difficult, but he was able to land the belt then follow it with his finger moving in and out of her vagina as the girl writhed and bucked below him, Tom entered a second finger into the hot mound and gradually began to increase the pace of them going in and out of her.

Letting the belt fall to her side, Tom concentrated more on his firm fingers pushing deeper and deeper inside of the screaming girl, every 4 seconds or so using his left hand to smack down firmly on the high bottom beneath him, each smack causing Emily to jut her body backwards to push harder against his fingers thrusting into her.

The moans were loud and Emily’s body was thrusting everywhere at Tom’s touch. He stopped the spanking part abruptly and concentrated on the rapidly increasing panting from the girl, allowing his left hand to slip under her body and seek out her throbbing clit. The combination was electric, his right hand thrusting into her sternly while his left hand gently rubbed the soft tissue surrounding her clitoris. Emily’s legs opening wider by the second and her hands grasping far out in front of her. The orgasms had begun. Her hot ass tingling as the waves of ecstasy swept through her shaking body, her hands clawing at anything she could grab, moaning her joy loudly. She had reached the crest and her body bucked as she screamed her delight, all the while Tom grinned from ear to ear at the joy he was bringing her.

Slowly, Tom began to reduce the ferocity of his fingers entering in and out of her as Emily’s body began to show the signs of slowing down. Very gently he rubbed over her sore mounds. Emily’s sighs showing their appreciation of his loving touches. She needed to be held, and held tightly.

Tom sat on the bed and his hands continued to caress over her body. A deeply flushed Emily slowly got up from her dream state. Her hand held his shoulder as she climbed over his lap, spreading her knees on either side of him and pushing her groin up to meet his hardened manhood. Emily threw her arms over his shoulders and let him engulf her in his arms, his hands reaching down to her scarlet bottom and pulling her up as tight as he could towards him. Emily tightened her arms around Tom and buried her head into his chest and stayed there, she wished she could stay there forever.

Richard Windsor.

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