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There Appears To Have Been A Malfuntion

If you have visited this site in the last couple of days you would have noticed a critical error. The good news is that my host fixed it for me, but the bad news is that I only have a month before the change that caused the issue will be permanent. So I have to backup my website just in case a major error occurs. If my site goes down in four weeks time just know that I will be working in the background to try and fix it.

The image this week I have no earthly idea where I found it. I’m not one of these people who builds their own websites by taking globs and globs of spanking pics from other spanking websites, I prefer to build my own little corner of the spanking world by providing original material as much as I can. If I took a pic from another spanking website then I would be sure to mark the image as such because I have a code of ethics that I adhere to. As this image isn’t marked as such then it means that I found it on a non spanking source somewhere, quite likely on Ebay but I’m not certain.

Anyway, a bare bottom spanking pic is quite rare for this website, so enjoy it while you can. The location is apparently Fairplay, Colorado. I think that the going rate in today’s money has to be somewhere in the region of $150 – $300 an hour, right?

Richard Windsor’s Hard Hand

I don’t think that I have shared this video before of me, Richard Windsor, giving a hand spanking to a young lady by the name of Johanna Sullivan. Nothing over the top, just a good hard hand spanking. Unfortunately I don’t know which company owns the video but I am sure that it is on clips4sale somewhere.

Her Best Friend’s Dad


The last story that I posted I believe was the longest short story that I have written to date coming in at more than 6,200 words. Well I just surpassed that with my next story which comes in at a whopping 6,451 words. Once I started editing the story that I recently found I came to a realization, I don’t think that I ever have posted this story anywhere because it wasn’t finished. The initial concept had come from a story that I once read a long time ago on the Spanking Classics discussion board, and it has sat dormant for more than a decade. So yesterday I edited it and added the final 2,200 words or so.

It was very tempting to do a word play on the real Mr. Rogers, lol, you know like naming the story “Welcome to the neighborhood” or something like that, but I wanted to make sure that I separated the two characters and didn’t post anything cheesy. I’m also in a bit of a story writing mood so I might just begin my next story which would be part 4 of the Mother Spanks series.

So here is the new story, all 6,451 words of it. If you have feedback at the end of the story, both pro and con, then I would love to hear it. Because stories like this take hours to write, it is always comforting to hear words of encouragement and acknowledgement for your efforts.

Her Best Friend’s Dad:

Chapter 1:

Today was Amanda Vines’ 21st birthday, it was a day that would be very special to her and it would be a day that she wouldn’t soon forget. Now I wonder why that is?

The morning had come and gone, Amanda had arisen nice and early and was soon enjoying a lovely shower. As she dressed a smile had come to her face as only it could when somebody had a birthday. Breakfast with the family was a joyous affair as she got to open her presents soon after, mostly they were items she had requested so there was very little in the way of a surprise, though of course she was delighted with the new gadgets that she received.

Her day had already been planned, she was going to go to her friend Julie’s house, and later on in the afternoon they were meeting up with the rest of their little group for a day at the mall. Amanda wasn’t totally happy about the mall trip being that she was not exactly the cool kid amongst the group, she wanted the day to be about herself but she knew that Elizabeth would command all of the attention and would somehow bring the day around to being about her. She tried to shake the thoughts though because until the afternoon, the day was about her and she joyfully made the trek over to Julie’s house.

When she arrived at the Roger’s household it wasn’t long before she was in Julie’s room opening what she considered to be her best gift of the day. The gift itself was under no circumstances the most expensive gift she had received that day, nor again was it a complete surprise, but she loved Julie dearly and just the fact that it had come from her made the present very special indeed, in fact the wrapping itself must have taken half an hour to do, so much so that she didn’t even really want to ruin it by opening it. Open it she did though and the new hello kitty shirt couldn’t wait a single day to be worn, she quickly took off her white blouse and put the hello kitty shirt on, tucking it carefully into her short light blue flared skirt, heck, even the colors matched like she knew what skirt to wear that day, which of course was something that she fully well knew.

Soon enough it was time to get a bite to eat and the girls headed downstairs. When they stepped into the kitchen they were met by Julie’s dad, immediately Amanda began to play with her hair, her crush on him more than obvious now than it had ever been to anyone watching. When he asked them what they were up to today, Julie told him how it was Amanda’s birthday and that she was treating her to a day out. Mr. Rogers’ smiled at the blushing girl and said that he hoped that she would have a wonderful birthday, but then totally took her off guard when he said “Did you get your birthday spanking already?”

Amanda’s face could not have gotten any redder than it was the moment that he said that. Why couldn’t he have asked her that when the two of them were alone, she would have been over his lap with her panties down around her knees in a nanosecond if he had. Her face wasn’t red with embarrassment at the indignation of his suggestion, it was red from the embarrassment that she would have secretly loved a spanking from Mr. Rogers.

There was this one time about a year ago that Mr. Rogers playfully threatened her with a spanking, and while it wasn’t carried out Amanda would be lying if she said that she hadn’t thought about it long and hard afterwards. Despite her blushing she at least managed a cheeky response, perhaps with a secret long shot hope that maybe she would get a spanking. “Not yet Mr. Rogers, but here’s hoping”

Julie giggled at this playful exchange and said “Perhaps you should spank her daddy”

Trying not to be obvious, Amanda slapped her friend on the arm “Julie, you just stop, your daddy wouldn’t spank me”

Perhaps sensing that Amanda was being a little coy, Mr. Rogers pulled out a kitchen chair and sat down “Oh I wouldn’t eh, why don’t you come here and find out whether I would spank you or not”

A rush of excitement swept through Amanda’s body, had it not been for Julie being present she would have practically flown over his lap, but with Julie there she wasn’t giving up so easy, turning to her friend she said “Now look what you’ve done, maybe you should be the one getting the spanking”

Julie replied “It isn’t my birthday, is it Daddy?”

To which her father responded “No darling, only Amanda has a birthday today”

Amanda scrunched her nose up and went a little closer to Mr. Rogers “Fine, whatever” she said “Just don’t spank me too hard”

“And how old are we today”?

Oh boy, such a tough question. Amanda’s head tilted from side to side as her mouth moved as if she was trying to say something. In her mind she was pondering ‘can I get away with saying I am 260’? Obviously she couldn’t, but she could add a little sass to her demeanor “I’m 21” she replied “You know, so I’m clearly old enough to know right from wrong”

Mr. Rogers reached out his right hand and took Amanda by her hands and moved her next to him “So that is 21 spanks plus one for luck and one to grow on”

Amanda pressed her thighs against his and smiled sexily at him, Mr. Rogers smiled back and placed his hand on her lower back and guided her over his knees. Amanda felt totally vulnerable bent over like this with her bottom sticking up high and she quickly reached back to make sure her skirt had stayed down. Mr. Rogers watched her display and waited for her to put her hands back in front of her, then as quick as a flash he whipped the skirt all the way up. Amanda jumped and her hand flew back once more, first to grab the skirt that was now up her back and then to place her hand on her panties. Julie jumped for joy “Ooh, Daddy’s going to spank you on your panties”

Amanda scorned at her laughing friend “You are going to get such a spanking from me later, mark my words”

Mr. Rogers comfortably took Amanda’s hand and held it by her side, he looked down at her little bottom now encased by a tiny pair of pink nylon panties, the tone of which almost matched her skin tone, and patted it firmly half a dozen times. Looking at his daughter he said “Look at your little friend here, bent over my knees like a naughty little girl with her bottom sticking up in the air, seems to me she has been needing a spanking for a while now”

Julie laughed once more “Oh yes daddy, spank her good”

Amanda gave her friend the evil eye once more, feeling the warmth from Mr. Rogers palm resting on her bottom. She wondered whether all these pats were the actual birthday spanks or not as he patted her bottom several more times, her mind switching between embarrassment and excitement. One thing was for sure, he was certainly taking his sweet little time over the proceedings. Even Julie was wondering what the delay was as she eagerly awaited the spanking of her friend.

Mr. Rogers studied the target beneath him and picked his spot, he raised his hand a foot from the target and brought it down firmly on her right cheek. Amanda jumped at the impact and emitted a vocal sound from her mouth, quickly followed by “What the hell was that? That stung”. Mr. Rogers smiled and repeated the measure with five more steady spanks, alternating butt cheeks as he did so to the bucking woman beneath him. Amanda had scrunched her face up, the spanks were a lot harder than she thought they were going to be, though at the same time she would have been disappointed had they not been hard enough for her to feel them. As Mr. Rogers had paused in the spanking and as the warm glow started to build in Amanda’s bottom, she looked over her shoulder and said “I thought I said not to spank me hard”

Mr. Rogers caught a faint glimpse of the smile on her face and replied “I can spank you a lot harder if you want” to which the girl replied with the word no several times in a row. Now in a teasing mode, Mr. Rogers quickly snapped the hem of her underwear and said “Perhaps if you wore more sensible panties you would have a bit more protection back here”

“They are sensible, it’s not like I am wearing a thong or anything” she replied, then reached back to prevent them from riding up any further. “Besides, you have no right to even be looking at them”

“Well they are very pretty” Mr. Rogers added and patted her bum several more times.

Amanda looked over her shoulder and looked straight at Mr. Rogers “Look, can we just stop talking about my panties and get on with the spanking already”.

Mr. Rogers smiled and replied “As you wish my dear” and he delivered six more solid rapid spanks to the upturned bottom. Amanda bucked and twisted at each swat, thinking how fruitless it was to try and straighten her panties as they rose once more.

“How many is that?” he asked

Amanda was incredulous “Probably about sixty by now”

“No, that was twelve, and this is thirteen, and fourteen and fifteen and sixteen”. Mr. Rogers was spanking firmer than before and he watched with delight as each cheek started to glow.  Aiming at the bottom part of his cheeks he landed one more to each cheek, before delivering the last three right across the center of her bottom. He then announced “One to grow on” and delivered a real stinger to her left cheek, and finally one for luck as he did the same to the right cheek.

Amanda quickly got up and started to rub the seat of her panties as she walked back to Julie. Mr. Rogers grinned and thought to himself ‘For a young lady who was so concerned about me seeing her panties, she sure is showing them a lot now’

As Julie laughed both girls headed out of the kitchen, once at the door Amanda looked behind her and smiled at Mr. Rogers. Amanda didn’t stop rubbing her bottom for five minutes afterwards and both girls studied her pink bottom for quite a while longer. Before long the birthday spanking was forgotten and the girls talked about their day ahead, though not both of them had totally forgotten about the birthday spanking, it played over and over in Amanda’s mind. Yes, it did sting an awful lot, but Amanda loved every minute of it. Within the hour the girls headed back downstairs to leave for the day, but before they left Julie said she was going to get them some water to take with them. For a brief minute Amanda was alone with Mr. Rogers in the living room. He smiled at the blushing girl and asked “How is your bottom?”

Amanda just grinned back and replied “It’s tingling, but it is a nice feeling” then she winked at him.

Mr. Rogers enjoyed the sass and replied “You really must be a naughty girl then”

To which Amanda replied “I guess you were right, I have been needing a spanking for a while now”

As she said this Julie came back in and soon the girls headed towards the door, as Julie went through Amanda looked back at Mr. Rogers and flipped her skirt up with both hands “Thank you for the birthday spanking, Mr. Rogers” she said as she headed out of the door.

Chapter 2:

In the weeks that followed, Amanda had seen Mr. Rogers at least half a dozen times. Every time that she saw him her mind went back to her birthday spanking, yet Mr. Rogers made not one reference to it, even when she teased him there was no threat of a spanking nor an attempt at a quick swat, something that he had done numerous times in the past. The mind of the twenty one year old girl took over and she wondered what it was that she had done wrong, did she frighten him when she teased him by lifting her skirt and telling him that she had been needing a spanking?

As Amanda sat with Julie she felt really nervous and apprehensive that she had done something wrong, as if the spanking wasn’t embarrassing enough, she now felt like she had also humiliated herself with her parting comments. The phone rang, cutting off her thoughts, and she listened to Julie greet her Mom. If she wasn’t feeling lonely before, now she was going to have to sit here and listen to Julie talk to her Mom for half an hour. Not that she blamed her of course, if her Mom no longer lived with her she would want to talk to her all the time as well.

As the conversation went on Amanda excused herself to go and get a drink, Julie asked for a soda for herself when Amanda came back up. Making her way downstairs she was startled by Mr. Rogers in the kitchen, blushing like a bride she opened the fridge and took out two sodas. Mr. Rogers was of course his usual cheerful self and greeted her as she bent to retrieve the drinks. Amanda said hi in return and felt her face get even redder, something that Mr. Rogers noticed and he asked her if everything was okay.

Amanda stuttered as she set about her reply “Well Mr. Rogers, I’m a little embarrassed”

With a strange look on his face Mr. Rogers said “Why are you embarrassed, Amanda”

With her face still blushing, Amanda went into her explanation “Well Mr. Rogers” she said, taking a long pause as she did “The other week when you gave me my birthday spanking, I made a silly comment as I left that day and ever since, every time I see you, I’m embarrassed that I think I might have embarrassed you as well by saying it”

All Mr. Rogers could do was laugh “Ah, I see, you think I was embarrassed when you said that you have been needing a spanking for a while now?”

“Yes, Mr. Rogers”

“Not at all, Amanda, I wasn’t embarrassed one little bit”

A relief came over the girl like a big burden had just been released “Thank you Mr. Rogers”

“Not at all, now where is Julie?”

“She is on the phone with her Mom”

“I see”. Mr. Rogers grinned and sat on a kitchen chair, just like he had a few weeks earlier. He gazed at Amanda and once more she felt a flush come to her cheeks. “As Julie will be on the phone for a while, perhaps now is as good a time as any to give you that spanking”

Amanda’s mouth opened “You can’t be serious”

“Oh I am serious my girl, why don’t you put those drinks down for a minute and let’s take care of this little problem, shall we?”

Amanda’s face was as red as it had ever been “I was only playing with you”

“Put the drinks on the table and come here young lady”

As nervous as she could be, Amanda put the sodas down and slowly walked to the smiling Mr. Rogers. Probably resigned to her fate she was happy to know that she had a pair of jeans on as she approached him. Before she was able to go over his lap, Mr. Rogers stopped her in her tracks. Telling her that she knows he isn’t going to spank her over her jeans, Amanda stood there unable to move as he reached out to unbutton them. Every instinct she had was to stop him from doing it, but at no point did she try to stop him, in fact when he undid them he told her to pull them down the rest of the way.

As she peeled the jeans down over her plain white cotton panties she asked him “What if Julie comes down?”

“I’ll just say that you teased me into giving you another birthday spanking”

For some reason Amanda thought that was a reasonable solution as she tried to maximize the thin material of her panties behind her. Mr. Rogers put his hand around her waist and guided the young miss over his lap. A wave of excitement went through Amanda yet again as she felt her bottom raise up in the air once more as she was lowered over Mr. Rogers’ lap. Once in position she felt Mr. Rogers pat her bottom several times like he had done before. Mr. Rogers in turn knew a sassy little minx when he came across one and studied the cute little bubble butt beneath him straining against the thin material of her panties.

Mr. Rogers asked her if she was ready, but all Amanda could do was utter a vague sound to show that she was. Pulling her in tight around the waist, Mr. Rogers began to spank his young charge.

Now the spanking wasn’t hard by any means, but it was firm and it was steady, vastly different to her birthday spank. Mr. Rogers spanked from one cheek to the next quite methodically, admiring the girls cheeks bouncing beneath her thin panties. Amanda writhed over his lap like an eel, her legs kicking in the air, still though, it wasn’t unbearable, but she could definitely feel her bottom getting very hot. This time around Amanda made no attempt to fix her panties as the spanks continued to come down, even though she could feel that the left side of them had risen up so much that she must be getting spanked on the bare bottom on that side.

Perhaps a hundred spanks had come down when Mr. Rogers paused in the spanking and began to rub her bottom through her thin underwear “I guess after this your slate is clean, Amanda” he said

Amanda’s face began to flush once more as she replied “I guess so”

Smiling broadly he continued “At least until next time” and once more he began to spank the now pink cheeks. This time Mr. Rogers began to spank just a little bit harder, making sure to cover every inch of her bottom. Amanda gritted her teeth and tried in vain to keep still, something that of course she couldn’t do as the spanks rained off her bottom.

Once he was satisfied, Mr. Rogers patted the young girls cheeks and said “Now that is one well spanked naughty little girl”.

Amanda rose very slowly and began to rub her bottom vigorously in front of Mr. Rogers. Once she was comfortable that the sting had subsided she reached down and pulled her jeans up, not even bothering to straighten out her disheveled panties when she did so. With the jeans snugly in place, ensuring that the warmth in her bottom would stay for a while, Amanda reached over and picked up the sodas. For a brief moment she thought of Julie and wondered just how long she had been over Mr. Rogers’ knee. The uncomfortable silence was broken by Mr. Rogers when he said “Now then, I hope that you feel better after that”

Like a broken record the young lass blushed bright red one further time, yet she managed a cheeky reply “Well I am no longer embarrassed about what I said, but I might be a bit embarrassed to go back upstairs to Julie knowing that I am sporting a bright red bottom”

Mr. Rogers laughed “Don’t be too embarrassed, Julie has had her fair share of warm bottoms over the years.

Amanda got really sassy this time around “Yeah, but I doubt if she enjoyed them anywhere near as much as I did” and she winked.

Mr. Rogers shook his head “I can tell that this won’t be the last time I have to spank you”

Turning to leave Amanda muttered out loud “Not if I can help it” as she giggled.

It was a very surreal feeling as Amanda sat there listening to Julie finish talking to her Mom, especially knowing that 15 minutes earlier Julie’s Father had actually been spanking her. When the conversation finished, Julie was delighted to tell her friend that her Mom was planning on picking her up this weekend to take her away for a couple of days. Amanda of course was a little sad to hear about this as it meant that she wouldn’t have her friend around this weekend, however her evil mind plotted as she thought to herself “If Julie isn’t around, that must mean that Mr. Rogers will be alone this weekend”

Chapter 3:

It was Saturday morning and only one thought corrupted Amanda’s mind, can she find a way to get a third spanking. It wasn’t going to take her long to find out, regardless of how ridiculous an excuse she could make to pay Mr. Rogers a visit. All of these thoughts were running through her mind following her shower as she agonized over what pair of panties she would wear today, she even grinned at one point wishing that she had a pair that said ‘Spank me’ on the rear. Silly thoughts engaged her mind as she tried to select a pair and finally she decided on being a bit risky. Mr. Rogers had spanked her over a pair of pink nylon panties and a pair of white cotton ones, let’s shoot for the stars this time she smirked.

The reason that the move was so daring was because this particular pair of panties were cut higher than the others, in fact she rarely wore them for that reason alone because when she did, she was always having to try and find a way to fix them when they worked their way upwards no matter how she moved. A short skirt of course was in order as well, something that would be very quick to flip up should she find herself over his knee again, like there was any danger that wasn’t going to happen. So the skimpy white silk panties now adorned her bottom complete with a rather daring red plaid skirt.

Checking herself in the mirror and smoothing her skirt out, Amanda spun around and flipped it up to see what Mr. Rogers was sure to see that day. In literally any other circumstance she would never pair this skirt with these panties, if she did she would barely move at all from the fear of an accident happening, or a sudden inappropriate gust of wind.

Content with how she looked in her sexy outfit she headed out of the door and started the short walk to her friend’s house, still unsure exactly what her excuse was going to be for paying Mr. Rogers a visit. As she approached his house a wave of excitement came over her, even though she knew what time Julie was leaving she was going to pretend that she had hoped to catch her before she left, what a genius idea she thought.

A big smile came to her face as she rang the doorbell, while she waited she fussed over her clothes until finally Mr. Rogers appeared with a quizzed look on his face. “Is Julie home” Amanda asked joyfully.

“Um, no Amanda, Julie is with her Mom today”

“I thought she was leaving this afternoon”

“No dear, her Mom picked her up this morning”

“Oh drats”

An uncomfortable silence then came as Amanda waited for Mr. Rogers to say something, he of course was at a loss until he politely asked “Can I get you a drink or something?”

She was in, Amanda tried to stifle her grin as she quickly accepted. She followed him into the kitchen and he asked her what she wanted. Trying not to be too eager to ask for what she really wanted, she asked for a diet soda instead. Mr. Rogers was totally oblivious to any plans that the girl may have had and he handed her the drink. She asked if she could sit down to which Mr. Rogers graciously pulled out a chair for her. As she took the seat she could contain herself no longer “Makes a change to be able to sit in this seat”.

The penny had still not dropped for him when he responded “How do you mean?”

Amanda grinned from ear to ear “Well every time that I am anywhere near this chair I somehow find myself bent over your lap getting a spanking”

Mr. Rogers laughed “Oh right, yes, you have had a couple of trips over my knee, haven’t you?”

Amanda was a little perturbed that he seemed so blasé over it, like it was of little importance to him. Since her birthday spanking it was the only thing that she thought of morning, noon and night. Of course the second spanking had just sent her into overdrive and she frequently spent many a night under the covers thinking about it. Still, she wasn’t here just for him to blow her off, she had come for a spanking and she was determined to get one. So picking up on his last comment she began to manipulate herself over his lap.

“Yes, and the last one was so uncomfortable having to sit there in front of Julie knowing that I had a red bottom under my jeans”

“Well you did ask for it”

“From what I remember I didn’t do much asking, all I remember is you unbuttoning my jeans, putting me over your knee and then spanking the seat of my panties until my bottom glowed”

“It certainly was glowing, I could see the areas that your little panties didn’t cover”

Amanda scrunched her nose up “It’s not right for an old man to spank a young woman on her panties”

“I agree, that was wrong of me, I really should have spanked you on your bare bottom” he retorted with an evil smile.

Amanda’s mouth opened, she hadn’t planned on that, she was almost speechless until she was able to blurt out “I would die if you did that”

Mr. Rogers smiled “I doubt if you would die my dear, but you sure would have a very red bottom”

“Suddenly a spanking on my panties doesn’t sound so bad”

Mr. Rogers studied the 21 year old sat in the chair and finally the penny was beginning to drop “That’s a rather unique outfit you are wearing today, Amanda, is that your old school skirt”?

Despite wanting another spanking, all of a sudden some nervous butterflies entered her tummy when he started to lead the conversation. She responded with “What, this old thing, nah, I just grabbed any old thing this morning”

“Let me get this right, you show up hours after Julie has left, and I’ve never figured you to be the type of girl who isn’t very smart and alert to their best friend’s moves. You’re wearing what can only be described as a schoolgirl skirt and, Amanda, and you mention spanking no sooner than you walk in here. Something tells me that I’m going to need to spank you again”

“I think you are being awfully presumptuous to think that you are going to spank me again”

“And I think you will be lucky to leave this house today without getting another spanking”

All of a sudden there was an uncomfortable silence as Amanda blushed slightly.

Mr. Rogers finally broke the silence when he asked Amanda a question “Does Julie know that you were coming to see me today”?

Mr. Rogers was actually surprised at her answer, he thought for sure that Julie would know about this, but Amanda simply blushed and shook her head ‘no’.

There was yet another uncomfortable silence, only this time Julie’s dad was actually weighing up what he was sure was being requested of him.

When Mr. Rogers began to talk it was surprisingly of reassurance to Amanda. Rather than flat out refusing, or even taking the approach of hiding a little secret from his daughter, he talked quite frankly and with great understanding to her. In fact what he was saying was giving her the opportunity to form her own excuses should she need to with Julie.

“Obviously you need some help, Amanda” he began as Amanda guiltily blushed “This can’t be a regular thing because I think what you are looking for is a little bit more than something that is playful. However, if on the rare occasion I can help one of my daughter’s friends out then of course I am always happy to help them, do we understand each other”?

Amanda was trying to process all of his words to make sure that she understood everything that he was saying, yet Mr. Rogers wasn’t finished as she sat there thinking of his words.

Almost as if he was relieving her of any sense of guilt he added “I would never want to do anything behind my daughter’s back, but sometimes there are situations where I can do something to help people out. If a date doesn’t have a tie, do I need to tell my daughter that I gave her date one of mine? If a friend wants to buy her a birthday present but doesn’t have enough money, do I need to tell Julie that I put my hand in my pocket to make up the difference? If I see a friend of hers who is drunk, does she need to know that I drove them home? Sometimes a Father can show kindness to a friend that will actually strengthen the bond that the person has with their offspring”

Amanda had no idea how wise Mr. Rogers was. A father can do something for a friend that strengthens the bond for their daughter. His wisdom resonated with her, but she hadn’t spoken for several minutes now, and she still found herself listening as Mr. Rogers took full charge of the conversation.

Once more he began to talk “So my guess is that I was actually correct on that first day, that you really do need a good spanking. If that is correct then I can certainly give you one, but only as a favor, it cannot be a regular event. I’m fully aware that there is a certain catharsis attached to getting a spanking, and if getting one means that you get to spend more quality time with my daughter, then I would be foolish not to help that friend out as I would in all of the other scenarios that I mentioned. Just remember though, this is just a temporary fix, not a long term solution”

Amanda, now feeling completely relieved and relaxed finally spoke “Wow, you are just so smart, everything that you said makes perfect sense. It’s probably foolish of me to even think this way in the first place, my loyalty should always be with my friend first and foremost without any qualifying criteria”

And before she could go on and perhaps convince herself to go in a different direction, Mr. Rogers cut her off at that point.

“Which is a pretty good reason for a spanking in and of itself, even if I do say so myself”

The atmosphere was completely different this third time around, though not entirely in an unpleasant manner for Amanda. To her it felt like she was joining the big leagues. Mr. Rogers had spoken in such a way that he had not only convinced her not to feel guilty, but also gave her confidence in herself. In fact maybe she didn’t need a spanking after all.

Amanda sighed “Sometimes it is hard to break fantasy from reality, I really should know better, what you just said has helped me clear my mind, I guess that is all part of growing up”

Mr. Rogers stood up and took the two steps towards Amanda, not that he needed to, he already had a chair that he was sat on. He was purely doing this for the psychological effect “So let me have my chair if you please, there is something else that is also a part of growing up”

Amanda was actually flustered, she had gone around for a spanking, he had helped her convince herself that she probably didn’t need one, and now he was going to spank her. What type of a messed up universe is this?

Mr. Rogers sat down and patted his lap and it was actually funny to see Amanda’s reaction. The young woman who had specifically gone around for a spanking, now all of a sudden wasn’t sure that she wanted one, and that in and off itself was such a powerful sensation.

Suddenly a very authoritative voice rang out “If you need this spanking you had better get a move on, I don’t have all day”

Amanda pigeon stepped her way towards him and as soon as she arrived he wasted no time in pulling her firmly across his lap and flipping her skirt up in the same motion. Everything went silent for more than a few seconds as Mr. Rogers looked at what was beneath him. He delivered six stinging blows on the layer of silk covering her bottom and then said “Clearly you came prepared for a spanking today so I won’t disappoint you, but I also told you that you were getting a spanking on your bare bottom”

For the first time in their interactions Amanda actually gave a genuine plea as she halfheartedly struggled and tried to suggest that it wasn’t necessary. But to no avail, her panties were soon at her knees, and then at her ankles seconds later as the slippery material fell all the way down.

Mr. Rogers placed his hand on her right cheek and addressed her “You are not going to like this, Amanda, but I am determined to give you exactly what you need, and I am not going to stop until I think that the message has got through to you”

Poor Amanda was frantic, she had wanted a spanking for so long now, and now that she was actually about to get one she had all of the apprehension of someone who didn’t want to be spanked. The hand had left her bottom and before it even landed she just knew that it was going to sting like crazy.

She was right, she yelped out and within seconds was struggling and bouncing over his lap as his hard hand went to work all over her bare bottom. High, low, side to side, across both flanks, there wasn’t an inch that Mr. Rogers was going to miss. He wasn’t playing either, this was an honest to goodness bare bottom spanking, relentless in its application and methodic is its severity.

For two whole minutes Mr. Rogers spanked her bare bottom soundly, like he was a musician tuning his implement. Amanda’s bottom was literally red all over, there had been no preliminaries. Around the two minute mark he paused very briefly as Amanda continued to kick her legs, almost as if she was on an automatic pilot. The pause was indeed brief, Mr. Rogers said “As I told you, this is not going to be a regular occurrence, but if I feel that it is necessary you will be right back across my knee”. He didn’t even wait for an answer, he simply resumed from where he left off and Amanda wailed away as she received the very spanking that she had wanted for a long time.

By the time Mr. Rogers had finished Amanda was a crying mess. Yes, genuine tears, she had always wanted a good hard spanking and by heavens she got one, and then some. She had never dreamed that she would be sat on Mr. Rogers’ lap being comforted as she cried on his shoulder, her panties halfway across the kitchen where they had flown off several minutes earlier. It was indeed cathartic, even though the spanking was 5 times worse than she had ever imagined it would be. And as stupid as it sounded at that very moment because her butt was on fire, it was like she instinctively knew that she really did need a spanking just like that.

Within ten minutes Amanda had gathered her panties and was slowly pulling them on as her puffy face gave the last of the sniffles following her post spanking cry. Then like two responsible adults the pair of them talked in all sincerity. Mr. Rogers was genuine with his thoughts, Amanda wasn’t to use him for some type of flirtatious game, and that this spanking had been outside of the norm as a favor to her just like he would do a favor to any of Julie’s friends. It was kind of like a last resort situation, however, the option would always be on the table for her if she really needed it.

Somehow Mr. Rogers thought that after the spanking he had just given her, she wasn’t going to want another one for a long time to come. Amanda felt the same way funny enough, especially right after the post spanking phase, her bottom was literally on fire. She didn’t like the spanking one little bit, at least the physical aspect of it. The emotional aspect however, that was an entirely different story.

Amanda was fully aware of Mr. Rogers’ opinion on the situation, and through his words and actions he definitely imparted his knowledge onto Amanda. Her focus was on her friendship with Julie from that day forward, but she knew, she knew deep down that the option was always on the table for her. Indeed it wasn’t going to be a regular event, but it didn’t mean that it would never happen. In fact both of them were fully aware that it probably would happen again at some point in the future, it was just a matter of how long it will be before the next time.

Richard Windsor.


A Stout Wooden Hairbrush

Do you know what is funny? Just yesterday someone asked me if I still had a picture that I posted ten years ago. Now I don’t know why it disappeared from the blog but the photo had been sent to me by the photographer Roy Tersley. So I went through my email archive and true enough I found the image that had been requested. Here is the thing though, as I was going through Roy’s emails I found one that I hadn’t responded to, which was quite unusual in and of itself. I open the thing up and there are two pictures of a woman bent over displaying her white knickers, and there is a tag hanging from her panties that says “Reserved for Richard Windsor”. How on earth did I miss that email ten years ago? Roy, if you are reading this I apologize for not responding to that personal bit of fun. We continued emailing for years afterwards so I don’t think that it bothered him, but it bothered me finding that unanswered email.

Okay, here are two spanking pics for you featuring what can only be described as an awesome looking vintage hairbrush. Just look at the back of it, that thing has probably been spanking naughty bottoms for years. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any images with the frilly knickers up in place, but for once I will post a couple of bar bottomed spanking pics as I am sure you will appreciate.

On A Nostalgia Trip

Yesterday I had some free time so I got out my box of DVD’s and dug up the first two spanking DVD’s that Shadowlane produced in the latter part of the 1980s. The videos in question are Tony and Eve – A College Fantasy and Temptations By Eve.

If you have read this blog for any length of time then you already know that Tony and Eve – A College Fantasy (my review) has always been my favorite spanking film, and it remains so to this day. The first time that I bought this film, roughly, was around 1989/1990. Out of courtesy to Shadowlane I will add that in regards to quality, this film is not reflective of Shadowlane’s current high standard of video quality. It was filmed in 1986, long before even the common man could own a high definition camera. In fact now that I think of it, with the video editing software that I have for my Youtube channel, I wonder if I can improve the quality of the video?

It’s funny that I mention Youtube actually. When I first started out on Youtube I had read a very important article regarding the quality of videos. The expert writing the article had said that you can get away with a lower quality video, just as long as the audio is high quality. However, you cannot get away with a high quality video if the audio is sub standard. That is the reason why to me the video quality of Tony and Eve is insignificant. What matters most is the dialogue exchanged between the two of them, the spankings themselves, and, it is rarely said like this, the mischievous imp that is Eve Howard. The pacing of the film is astonishing, none of this wham, bam, thank you ma’am type of spanking, the film is completely about the interactions between two people. Don’t get me wrong, the spankings themselves are awesome, I think ‘Sound’ is an appropriate description for them.

Do you want to see the current selection of high quality videos from Shadowlane? Then look no further than right here. SHADOWLANE STORE.

When I came to America I had all of these wonderful spanking thoughts and dreams, but whenever I would see or read about spanking in the UK it always seemed to be done in a cold, uncaring environment. Everything had to be the cane, the absolute cane and nothing but the cane. It didn’t reach the fantasies that I had by any stretch of the imagination.

One of the first videos that I purchased in America was a Nuwest title called ‘Out of the closet’. It starred Eve Howard and Tony Elka along with Ed Lee and Michelle. The first spanking was Eve over Michelle’s lap, then Eve and Michelle are spanked simultaneously over the laps of both men. Finally, Michelle gets the hairbrush from Ed in a scene that I couldn’t even watch. Quite likely you won’t find a harder hairbrush spanking on video, which, unfortunately for me is the polar opposite of what I seek to watch. It goes along with that cold, uncaring environment that I spoke of earlier.

On my next trip to the spanking store, Kinematics (quite likely the next day back then, lol) I found another video featuring Eve Howard. This time it was the above named Tony and Eve – A College Fantasy. Now had the severity of ‘Out of the closet’ been severe right from the get go for every spanking, quite likely I would have never bought Tony and Eve. But I had seen something that I liked that I wanted to see more of.

Now I have heard from both Tony and Eve regarding the quality of the older videos compared to today’s videos, and in fact Tony and I had many a conversation about it at spanking parties over the years. I really do understand where they are coming from, but I hope that Tony understood before he passed away just how important that video was to a great many of us. A spanking film with oodles of levity in it, it was exactly what we had all dreamed of seeing.

I would even go as far as to say that the film completely changed my life. Back then I thought about spanking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but up until that point I had never seen what I had wanted to see in a spanking film. Nuwest had given glimpses of it for years, certainly from the old fashioned spanking point of view. Shadowlane on the other hand, why it was like they put their hand into your mind and said “I think this is what you want”. Man alive how true they were, it was everything that I had ever dreamed of and hoped for. Are Shadowlane responsible for Richard Windsor emigrating to America? No!! However, they are a huge part of WHY I wanted to move to America. Their vision is exactly the same vision that I had and wanted, and dare I say craved. Back then spanking was my everything, and I finally found what I had always hoped for. I never wanted to leave America after that, and save for an enforced 18 month residency in the UK between 1992 and 1994, I have been here since 1988 having spent 6 months here in 1987.

Nostalgia is good!! I lost my way in the spanking world a couple of years ago, mostly because of the personal trauma that I had to endure when all of my family passed away one after the other. It even got to a point where someone completely turned me off of spanking. Think about that for a minute, the one thing that I have always devoted my life to, now all of a sudden I hated it all and wanted nothing more to do with it.

My guess is that everything came to a head. With the trauma that I had personally suffered combined with the thoughts that I had about spanking for years, all of a sudden it came crashing down when the disrespectful behavior became intolerable. The spanking thought’s that I refer to was everything up until around 2016. It seems rather silly to put it into writing and perhaps even harder to explain, but I had spanking scenes between 2003 (when I became active) and 2016 that at one time I could have only ever have dreamed of. Everything that I ever wanted, times ten, I was lucky enough to get. I met some truly wonderful people and play partners who I will always have a soft spot for.

The best thing that I ever did was to delete my social media accounts. It was difficult at first because that was the main way that I kept in touch with people, but as I mentioned in the paragraph above, it became intolerable. I deleted all of my social media, scrubbed this website of all pictures, stories, mentions, videos and comments that no longer had a part in my life, and then did the same on my external drives. I deleted everything, both vanilla and spanking related that turned me off of spanking.

Do you know what happened on the way to the fair though? Slowly, very slowly, spanking started to be exciting again. We are talking like a three year break here, from my last days at the Atlantic City spanking party in 2019 when I was as close as I have ever been to hollering at some incredibly rude people, lol (Thanks InspectHerHide for noticing and acting upon it, you saved my reputation :)) to now, where I haven’t actually played in the traditional sense for three years.

There are still things that I want to do, there are still scenes that will fill out my bucket list card, and most importantly there are probably still people who I have yet to meet who are going to have a positive, impactful bearing on my life. Unfortunately I don’t think that I will ever return to spanking parties, that isn’t something that appeals to me anymore. However, when I originally started in the scene I first attended some small gatherings, and that is perhaps something that I may do in the future. In fact I might even be the person organizing these gatherings, I am sure that there are many of my kind who have the same values that I do regarding spanking.

There is still much to learn.

One other thought that I often have is someone in the spanking world who I respect, but who will no longer talk to me. On Facebook I always had two accounts. One of the accounts was me, Richard Windsor in real life where everyone knows who he is and what he does, but I also had a vanilla profile for spanking friends who were not ‘out’. One day a friend posted a linked story on the vanilla account and I took that same link, posted it on my real account along with some smart assed comment such as “Can you believe this religious bullshit”?

Now first things first, I was the one at fault, nobody else. At the time I was not aware that the person who originally posted the article was going to see my post as a “Friend of a friend” which is what my Facebook post settings were set to. Had I have known that they were going to see it, never in a million years would I have posted it. That’s so important for me to say because I would never go out of my way to be spiteful or malicious towards another person, that’s just not in my character and I was horrified that she saw the post, truly horrified.

The thing is though, I did post it, and she did see it, and perhaps quite rightfully she felt betrayed by my posting. Now my thoughts on the posting are as true now as they were then, we both feel strongly about our respective viewpoints, but as a friend I should have never have posted what I posted because it was disrespectful. So my friend confronted me, and that is important to say because I respect her. She didn’t get someone else to do her dirty work for her, she didn’t trash me online to court public sympathy, she confronted me privately where only her and I are aware of what was said.

The bottom line is that it cost me a friendship, my long time friend wasn’t able to remain friends with me because of what I had done and what my opinions were on the subject matter. And there is nobody to blame but myself, it was my behavior that caused the friendship to cease to be. There were a few things afterwards that were said that I didn’t appreciate, but I am smart enough to know that these were comments made in the heat of the moment. You may also be wondering why I am still calling this person a friend seven years later after they have disowned me, lol, well, they were always a friend of mine and they still are, I’m just not a friend of theirs anymore.

There was a lesson that I learned that day, a very important lesson. Since that day I have not posted about my Atheist views. My opinions on theology will never change, and if asked I will respond honestly with my truthful opinion. However, there is no need for me to shout it out from the rooftops that I am an Atheist, sometimes it is much better to keep your big mouth shut 🙂


I spotted the hairbrush!! Don’t ask me how I saw it, but there it is 🙂 The other day I was going through some 1970s magazines and for whatever reason this picture caught my eye. Caught quite put my finger as to why, but there is something quite appealing here.

While I perv away at that beautiful panty clad bottom, here is a spanking pic for the rest of you 🙂

Never A Fan Of The Spatula

It just never seemed like the perfect spanking implement to me, though I have seen some really spiteful looking ones 🙂 This image was actually a part of an adult picture set, but old Windsor here managed to siphon out the spanking image that it is very unlikely that you will find anywhere else.

You know what is funny, I was looking around DEVLIN’S SITE the other day and based on what he had posted, I took an educated guess that he would have posted the famous Baron Von Lind ‘Cowgirl’ picture at some point, which of course he had. This is the picture that I had modified into a tattoo the covers my left inner forearm. Then I searched my blog for a photo of the tattoo, and can you believe it, I have never shared that tattoo on this blog!! What is wrong with me? So here it is, the naughty girl on my left forearm along with the good girl on my right forearm.

And finally, I subscribe to the Youtube channels of many Korean vloggers. One of my favorites is Jinny. Yesterday (at the time of writing this) Jinny uploaded a new video where she shows her mom her new tattoo (posting my own tattoo reminded me of that) and her mom proceeds to cover it up and then smacks Jinny on the back of the arm and then on the butt. Funny enough, in the video before this one she smacks her on the butt again. In that video Jinny has been travelling the world on her own for 8 months and then decides to go home without telling anyone 🙂 Anyway, the tattoo smack is right here and the video starts right at the point that Jinny is showing her mom the tattoo. What is really funny is what she says afterwards. “See, my mom’s cool, she just smacked me two times and that’s it” LOL.

If you enjoy videos like the one above then search for Tyongeee, another Korean lady who I follow on Youtube. She went viral for smacking her friend on the butt and now has about 50 videos where she is smacking her friends, including Jinny above. In fact why don’t I share Tyongee’s whooping at the Heart Attack Grill 🙂 You should subscribe to her, Tyongeee always has playful spanking content.

Bang For Your Buck

So as you know I have been on this audio spanking kick for about a week now and today I will continue with that theme. I don’t really know if anyone likes or dislikes it because I haven’t received any feedback on the previous posts. At some point this week I am going to record the first part of my MOTHER SPANKS series, and while this wasn’t the original plan, I’m actually going to stick it up on my clips4sale site. That is really just to get an idea as to whether or not this would be a viable product. My guess is that most of my readers would only want to listen to a Female voice reading a spanking story (I know that I would) but who knows, perhaps there are a few who want to hear a guys voice. If for nothing else, as I have blogged continuously for 15 years, maybe some people will buy an audio to support the work that I am doing.

Now on this site I try to promote as many people as I can, and today I am going to promote PANDORA BLAKE who has also recorded a number of audio stories.

When I was going through the clips4sale audio spanking stories, something caught my eye right away. There were two particular stories by Pandora that will give you a lot of bang for your buck. Now you have to understand that on clips4sale you only have a limited amount of flexibility when it comes to setting a price for your products. It has been a number of years since I have uploaded so I don’t remember all of the details, but basically anything up to a certain point (I think that it is 8 minutes) you can only set a price of a dollar a minute. So for an 8 minute clip you would have no choice but to set a minimum of $7.99 for that clip. It might be less than 8 minutes but we will use that for arguments sake.

The longer that a clip runs for then the more flexibility you have to offer some type of deal for your product. Now many studios from all types of kinks have their own criteria for setting their prices. Some of them will only offer a clip for a dollar a minute plus a dollar on top, so like $33.99 for a 33 minute clip, but then likewise there are just as many stores that offer bigger savings on their longer clips. For example it wouldn’t be unheard of for a 30 minute video being sold for $19.99. In my own store for example I think that I have every video clip price set at the lowest price that clips4sale will allow me to set it.

Obviously there are two trains of thought here. One is to get as much money as you can while perhaps selling less products, while the other is selling more products at a lesser price. I prefer to go the route myself of lowering prices, because I want people to come back and buy more. Plus, there is always a chance that if the price is low enough, then someone might “Take a chance” with your product and who knows, maybe you get a new customer out of it for a long time. I wouldn’t criticize either philosophy, I just personally prefer to sell more products at a lesser price.

So that brings us to two awesome offers that Pandora Blake has for two super long spanking audios. Before I go any further though, here is Pandora’s CLIPS4SALE site where you can peruse her entire collection.

Now I will confess that I haven’t purchased either product just yet, but I have a feeling that one of them for sure will be purchased this weekend 🙂 Both stories are F/F stories so if that is your personal interest then this should be especially good for you.

The first of the stories is AUNTIE GILLIAN’S HAIRBRUSH. Coming in at a whopping 55 minutes long, this audio story will cost you just $15.99. This is basically the same cost as a digital album and it is also something that you are likely to listen to over and over again. In this story Pandora stays with her Aunt and two twin cousins and by all accounts her aunt has a fearsome wooden hairbrush. Now what do you suppose that Auntie does with that hairbrush when Pandora and her two naughty cousins misbehave? Unfortunately I couldn’t find much of a preview anywhere online, but if you click the link above then you can listen to a 20 second preview clip. That should be all you need to get you in the mood for a spanking good story. 55 minutes for $15,99, that’s plenty of bang for your buck there.

The second audio that I noticed was WRITING LETTERS which comes in at a super long 74 minutes, and it only costs $16.99, now how about that for a good spanking deal? Even though these stories were only recently added to Pandora’s clips4sale, they have been on her site for a while now. In fact this particular story was originally posted on Pandora’s site on my birthday 🙂 Once again you can click the link and listen to a short preview clip, and even though the clip is very short, it will give you an idea almost immediately as to what you can expect to hear.

Now even though Writing Letters is a better deal, I am still going to opt for Auntie Gillian’s Hairbrush myself for my first purchase. The Writing Letters story contains caning, which of course I have no problem with, but give me a naughty girl over her Aunt’s knee getting the hairbrush any day of the week 🙂

Go ahead and give them a try, you will certainly get your money’s worth that’s for sure. I couldn’t think of a better way to be sat in a traffic jam than being sat there listening to Pandora talk about spanking!!

Spanking Audios

Alright, I know already that spanking audios aren’t going to be as popular as other posts that I write, but, I have something to share, it is spanking related, and I personally enjoy it. Plus, I get to do the one thing that I love to do more than anything, I get to promote the work of other people.

Don’t get me wrong there either, 99% of the time when I promote someone they don’t even know that I have done it. Take the dozens of clips4sale sites that I have listed under three categories, I can guarantee that almost all of the spanking video producers don’t even know that I have linked to their stores. I’ve never asked for anything in return and I never will, I do this out of my love for sharing the lifestyle. Today is going to be another one of those days, I am going to link to a whole bunch of spanking related material in the hopes that a lot of it is new to you, and unless these site owners are visitors to my site, they will never know that I am promoting them.

Let me throw two disclaimers up there as well. If you see your clips4sale site listed in my links (or any link to a site of yours) and you don’t want it there, either because you want to do your own promotion, or perhaps you just don’t like me and don’t want to be associated with me, or maybe your friends don’t like me so therefore by default you have to follow what they do as well. Whatever the reason, you don’t even have to tell me. Just shoot me an email at richardofwindsor@gmail.com and ask me to remove the link to your site, I would be more than happy to do so. The same goes if you want your spanking store added to my links, just ask me, I will be happy to oblige.

Secondly, whatever I list is not an all encompassing list, these are just things that I have found. Don’t be a salty Sally, nobody likes a salty Sally, I am happy to promote any site of any gender orientation. The reason that I am doing this is to make people aware of sites that they may not be aware of. Well likewise, there is a lot of spanking audios that I don’t know as well. So enlighten me, I will link to anyone just as long as it is spanking related. Same as above, richardofwindsor@gmail.com .

Now on to the audio spanking material, and you know what is funny, this is my second attempt at writing this. When I started yesterday I got up to the point where this paragraph begins, and then I veered off into writing War and Peace due to the spanking world imploding this week. That’s not what this post is supposed to be about, so I saved the draft of the other post, cut the opening 4 paragraphs to post here, and decided to try again. So here we go, spanking audios.

In topics that I have discussed before you will know that I love audio spanking stories. Just yesterday in fact I was listening to one of my old interviews that I had done with DANA SPECHT where we were discussing audio spanking. After I had mentioned my love of them, Dana responded by saying that she understood, that she gets how you can build your own story in your head as you are listening with the characters that you want in there. That is so true.

At the same time though, as an extremely fussy and particular person, the same rules that I apply to spanking videos I also apply to audio stories. Perhaps not as deeply in terms of aesthetics, because an audio is more about feelings and mindset than it is the actual spanking, but I am still very particular. The crux of the story has to be about spanking, I don’t want to listen to a story that is rooted in another kink, with a quick splash of spanking thrown in for good measure, I want the whole premise of the story to be rooted in spanking. There are adult erotica story sites out there, with audio, such as Literotica and Lushstories where almost all of the audio spanking stories fall into those categories. The spanking is secondary to what the real story is about, and on those two sites it is all about sex.

I’m not saying that other kinks shouldn’t be blended in, not in the least, in fact that’s none of my business, I’m only speaking in terms of what I enjoy. If the guy gets a wank at the end of a story, or if both players adopt roles or costumes for the spanking, none of that matters to me if the main purpose of the story is spanking. Throw whatever you want in there.

My mind goes back to a story that I once listened to about thirty years ago now, I only wish that I knew where I got the audio and who did it. Maybe by writing about it somebody might remember. It could possibly be a Shadowlane cassette, but I tend to think not because their audios almost always had a cast that enacted a scene on cassette. This was a full on story where a girl was going to get a spanking as told from the girl’s point of view. She didn’t know what to expect (it was a school setting), but had heard possible rumors as to what could happen. She then obsessed over the impending embarrassment over the spanking that was soon to come. The build up was so freaking good, and when it got to the actual spanking she was somewhat relieved that she was spanked over her skirt, even though the spanking still hurt. She had just about resigned herself to knowing that this was how the spanking was going to be, when all of a sudden her skirt got flipped up. The whole thing was just perfection personified. Of course it helped tremendously that it was a woman reading the story, I don’t think that it would have been the same if it was a guy reading the girls part.

As a lot of long term readers are aware, I have also recorded many of my own stories as audiobooks over time, but I do often wonder if my listeners have the same problem that I do. I believe that my audience is about 75% male, so are my audio stories only important to the remaining 25% women? I’m not going to lie, because of my gender preferences, I exclusively want to hear a woman’s voice telling me a spanking story. I’m sure in the right setting that I could listen to a male narrated story, but I don’t normally get that far because I would always select a story read by a woman before I even started. Is that important to you? Do you prefer to listen to the voice of a gender that you are attracted to? If your not sure, ask your friends what they think so that they can tell you what your opinion is!!

Obviously I’m still rambling, but I am in it for the long haul now, lol. Another thing that I have reconsidered doing, and this is because the excitement of spanking is coming back to me, is doing audio interviews again. These were always really popular with a select audience, and even to this day, 12 years later, people will still ask me about certain audio interviews that I did. In the post that I halted, that was the direction that I was taking. About how spanking is becoming fun again for me, simply because I left spanking social media and stopped being an active member of the community. I’m going back to my roots and it is so enjoyable leaving all of that negativity behind me. So if I do start the audio interviews again, who would you like me to interview?

One little side note, I also saw that dreaded spanking phrase the other day that is like eating chalk to me “It is not a real spanking unless it is given on the bare bottom”. I’m steadfast in my thoughts there, to me it isn’t a real spanking if it IS given on a bare bottom 🙂 For some people a real spanking is getting six swats to the seat of their pajama bottoms. We have to get out of that mindset that a spanking has to be on the bare bottom to be real. If that was the case then 99% of spankings that I have given haven’t been real ones, because I never spank on the bare bottom 🙂

That brings us to our first link, and it happens not to be an audio link.

A few days ago I was watching a British video and loved the opening, a good 50 to 75 spanks on the skirt. A great start to the video and then the skirt came up, this is right up my alley…. but, instant full wedgie. I’m like what the fuck man, you just ruined the whole video for me!!

Listen, I’m not stupid, I understand what sells and that I am in the minority, and many times when I buy a video I have to know what I am getting because the only important things to me are what happens before the bottom is bared. So with that said, there is one spanking producer out there who totally caters to what I like. A person who gives full spankings on leggings, shorts, spandex, jeans, pajamas, you name, he does it. Don’t get me wrong, there is also a wealth of bare bottom spanking as well, but if you have a certain clothing fetish that works for you, check out the videos of SPANKING 101 THE BOOK . I’m a full on Youtuber now so I did have an initial critique, put a picture in the thumbnails dude to capture people’s attention, lol. But look, it’s simple, use the search this store bar at the top to search for spandex, shorts, pajamas or whatever else it is that you want to see. Remember, these are full spankings given on a clothed bottom, and I think that this is the only store that does that. But don’t forget, they also do full, straight to the bare spankings as well if that is your thing.

Now let’s get to the audio spanking!!

There are two sites that I have linked to before, and in fact each one of them has their own individual post on my site. First of all I did a review of Miss Jenn Davis’ TRADING PLACES audio spanking story. On the highlighted link you can actually find the 41 minute opening chapter of the spanking story, and if you like spanking audios then this will be right up your alley. The story is an F/M story, but that doesn’t matter to me. To me it is all about the interaction and the build up, it is very exciting.

In terms of spanking audios, Miss Jenn is probably the premiere source for constantly updated material. Now it isn’t all about spanking at her store, she also features both ABDL and feminization quite heavily as well. However, if all of those items are up your alley then you will be quid’s in. Here is the DIRECT LINK to Miss Jenn’s store for you to peruse.

Now as I mentioned earlier, I am very particular in what I want to listen to, my proclivities are strictly spanking. This was something that I mentioned to Miss Jenn and she actually provided me with a direct link to stories that she had read with the same author of Trading Places, and that link is RIGHT HERE, so that way you will know that the entire premise of those stories is spanking.

Now don’t get me wrong, the other areas of expertise that Miss Jenn caters to doesn’t bother me in the least. All I am talking about here is a personal preference as to what I want to listen to. I don’t want to listen to an ABDL story or a feminization story with a sprinkling of spanking thrown in. If it was the other way around, just as long as the story is a spanking story then throw in whatever else you want, well, within reason. If the opening sentence of the story began “In the year of 3748, on the planet star Zwog”, I’m not going to lie, I might have a hard time getting through that, lol. I just like listening to something that I can relate to 🙂

The other audios that I have featured here before were done by Dana Specht. Once again, I had posted chapter 1 of an audio story that was free on the Internet, and if this is something that you like then be sure to check out Dana’s site to purchase the remaining chapters of the story. Here is CHAPTER ONE.

Next up is a link that I have not shared before, but if you enjoy audio spanking, ESPECIALLY done so with an English accent, then head on over to PANDORA BLAKE’S Dreams of Spanking. I have done the hard work for you, and if you click on the highlighted text you will be taken directly to the audio page. To be honest I am surprised that I haven’t purchased any of these audios myself yet, that is something that I will need to rectify. It is quite possibly because audios and stories of the cane are way, way down on my list of enjoyable material, and I guess that I naturally assumed that all stories on a British site would involve the cane. I was quite surprised that there are several stories that are simply spanking stories that don’t involve the cane, I was quite happy with that.

It’s funny really, I’m English, I was brought up during the time that canes were used in schools, and at a completely rough guess I have probably caned around 200 girls, and yet it is something that I derive no pleasure from at all. It is something that I solely do for the benefit of others. Any stories that involve the cane I simply don’t read because I can’t relate to them. The number 200 by the way is not a braggadocios number, almost every girl that I have played with has wanted the cane, and this one time at a party I set up shop where I was giving girls either 6 to 12 strokes of the cane during an event. The exact number I will never know, but I left that one hour plus event with an ice pack on my shoulder, lol. If I was to guess I would say that I caned 35 girls just at that one event. There was literally a line of women formed waiting their turn. Ordinarily I don’t have an ego, but I know that some guys were pissed at the action that I was getting that day, lol.

Now to round this up I want to share with you just a few podcasts that I have found, and like I mentioned at the beginning, if yours isn’t listed don’t go getting all salty about it. If it isn’t listed then it is because I don’t know about it. Just send me an email, I will be happy to include your audio entry in a follow up blog post.

Now let me throw a caveat out here, I also like listening to audio podcasts, but as before because of my preferences, there has to be a female presence in order for me to enjoy it. Almost all of the audio podcasts that I have come across do indeed have that, a female interviewee and/or a female host. We are all entitled to our personal preferences for the PC crowd out there. Let me also add that when I listen to a podcast, I want to listen to a mature adult discussion. If you are English then you will understand that I am more Radio Four than I am Radio One 🙂 I have absolutely no problem with people having a laugh and a joke, but I don’t relate to giggle fests whatsoever. In fact I was watching a spanking video on Spankingtube just this week, and I’m completely cool with playful spankings, obviously, but I had to switch it off after a couple of minutes because it was non stop giggling between the two participants. By all means have a laugh, but like anything else in this life, less is more. So here are a list of frequently updated podcast that each have many episodes for hours of entertainment for you all.

NEVER TOO OLD FOR AGOODSPANKIN. Yes, a podcast hosted by the same individual who has done (still does?) that awesome series of spanking videos on Spankingtube. You know, the videos where the spankee is wearing the tight blue shorts 🙂 It looks like on average he does a podcast every month, and there has to be a dozen or more already done with women and men in the spanking community. Interviewees such as Erica Scott, Dallas Spanks Hard and Miss Chris. I have listened to several of these podcast already. So click on the highlighted text to peruse the different episodes.

SPANKO PODCAST. A group of spankos who host a frequently updated podcast, also with a host of interviewees in the scene, but not only that, the re are also discussions about scene related topics such as crying and punishments. At the moment they currently have 41 episodes and it would appear that they try to update weekly, but if they don’t then it is too far beyond a week that they update. Check it out, each episode is between 20 to 60 minutes long.

DUDES SPANKIN’ DUDES. Yet another podcast that has 41 episodes, each of them it would appear is about an hour long. Plus, they seem to have a whole bunch of shorter podcasts on specific topics, so I dare say that the number of podcast is far higher than 41. This isn’t a podcast that I have personally listened to, however, it deserves a mention here just like any other podcast. I am fully aware from previous polls that I have done that at least 10% of my audience has a preference for Male/Male spanking. Heck, one time I was featured on a gay blog as a Hetero Spank Monster, haha. True story!! If that is your interest then check it out, and by all means let me know what you think.

This blog is an open book, I don’t give a shit what your proclivities are. I only have limited contact with people in the scene, I certainly don’t have a moral support group to worry about to tell me what I should say and think. For better or worse, I stand on my own two feet with my own opinions, and spankos of any gender orientation are more than welcome here. Not only to read my offerings, but also to contribute as well, you are all welcome.

Finally, you can also find full length spanking Audiobooks on AUDIBLE!! Now if you click the highlighted link, just be aware that there are far more spanking books on Audible than what shows in the link that I provided. If you just edit out the word ‘Stories’ in the search bar it will throw up a whole bunch more of spanking related material. The reason that I added ‘Stories’ was to eliminate books on parenting. There are spanking books up to 23 hours long. Yes, I said HOURS!!! 🙂 Shit, all you need to do is sign up for a free month and you will get a whole stack of spanking audios.

So there you go, a list of spanking material done in audio format. Not a comprehensive list, but as I mentioned several times, if you want your spanking audio included in part 2, just shoot me an email. Despite what you may have heard or read, I’m actually a very easy person to get along with who is friendly to everyone that I encounter. Put your neck out, you might be surprised by just how warm and friendly I am 😉

The Top Ten Of 2021

It is time for the annual post where I list for you the ten most popular blog posts that were made in the year 2021. The criteria is simple, the post had to be created in the calendar year 2021 and is based solely on the number of hits each post got.

As I am no longer on social media I very much doubt that any of you will know, but I went and caught the virus just before the New Year. I still have COVID but the symptoms have all been mild, and as of today I am beginning to feel a bit better overall. Of course it has delayed this post by a couple of days but I doubt if anyone will mind much. So let’s get into it, the top ten of 2021.

1 – Three Girls Part 2 – Nicole’s Maiden Spanking

As it always seems to be every year, whatever new story that I write it is always the top post of the year. This year is no different, however I will say this, even though this story was the most read blog post of 2021, compared to previous years it wasn’t read nearly as much as other first time stories were. In fact while it was still the clear winner, the post in second place was actually within shouting distance. Normally a new story will get three times the views of the next nearest post.

Part two of the three girls story features Nicole, a young lady who is just beginning to explore the fun side of spanking. This was also one of the longest, if not the longest, chapters to a story that I have ever written. READ MORE…..

2 – Colorizing Old Spanking Pics

This turned out to be a surprisingly popular post, so much so that I will share another batch of images in the near future. There are a bunch of online tools available that will easily convert old spanking pics into color. The issue though of course is that most of the old photos are not in high quality, so not every picture is able to be made into a colorized version. This is a tool that I have seen other bloggers use, and some will even go so far as to pretend that the colorized version is the actual genuine version. Shady practices indeed. READ MORE…..

3 – Plus One For Luck And One To Grow On

This year I celebrated my 58th birthday by putting together 60 spanking pics in one post. This might not be the cream of the crop when it comes to spanking pics, however it was a popular post just by the sheer number of images that were included in it. READ MORE…..

4 – A Genuine Birthday Spanking?

It is very rare that my personal favorite spanking pic of the year ever makes a top ten list, but this year it did. I’m really happy about that because I consider this spanking photo perhaps one of the best spanking images that I have ever found. Eilene Janssen, the girl in the image, turned 18 on the set of “The search for Bridey Murphy”. Because of this photo I was also able to search through newspaper archives where I found the same image in a newspaper clipping. The clipping also provided more context, though I would hazard a guess that they were applying literary licence.

The newspaper article specifically states that Eilene had the seat of her Pantaloons spanked by everyone in the cast, and that the actor here, Louis Hayward, was the first to get his licks in. READ MORE…..

5 – Windsor Wednesday Classic – 220

Rounding out the top 5 is the first spanking cartoon to make the list. One of the many newspaper clippings that I shared with you all over the year. The spanking image accompanied a short story entitled “Fraud in the Laundry Basket”. READ MORE…..

6 – Windsor Wednesday Classic – 213

Coming in at number 6 this year is another nondescript image that on face value doesn’t appear much different than any other image that I post. For some reason though it was enjoyed by the viewing public. A double spanking featuring a hand and a paddle. READ MORE…..

7 – An Old Spanking Cartoon

The second spanking cartoon on the list and this one is one of those rare finds that was discovered in a local regional newspaper. This is one of the fun things about searching through newspaper archives, there are always national newspaper stories that might involve spanking, and on occasion the regional newspaper will commission a local artist to draw a picture to accompany the article. This is one such image. It might not be anatomically correct, but I think that you will agree that it is a really fun spanking pic. READ MORE…..

8 – 58 Candles

The second post to make the list this year that revolved around my 58th birthday!! Because I was a little late in putting together the full 60 spanking pictures for the main post, I actually stuck this one up on my birthday itself to tide you all over for the day, and it turned out to be the 8th most viewed post on my website in 2021. The picture features myself and Lily Anna from a movie that I made for LAP productions. READ MORE…..

9 – Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 104

The one and only stage play to make the list this year. Kind of surprising really considering the sheer amount of stage spankings that I post, but an image from the play “Seventeenth Summer” was the only one worthy enough to make the top ten. READ MORE…..

10 – Spanking The Maid On A Ship

Rounding out the top ten list for 2021 is another newspaper article. Not that it is really surprising, after all, I spent a lot of money on a newspaper archive subscription 🙂 This post including not only the spanking image but also the story that went along with the image. READ MORE…..