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So what a wonderful weekend I had filming for this weekend!! I arrived on Friday night and went out to dinner with David Pierson and his lovely wife, Dorothy Parker-Posey. It was quite a surprise as I had no idea that Dorothy wanted to meet up for dinner. Let me tell you this, she is one hot cookie and I concur with David, she really should do a spanking video for punishedbrats!! We had a wonderful dinner followed by a trip to the wine bar where I got to witness David give her a pretty decent swat. Both David and Dorothy were very charming and I had a fantastic evening, it was a real pleasure to have met Dorothy and I hope we can meet up for some Indian food on my next visit.

Saturday morning and it was time to head to the shoot, both David and Pixie met me at the hotel and we proceeded to head to the studio. We were the first to arrive to meet David’s brother, Eric Blair Brown, but were shortly joined by Juliet and Tony and then Susan and Violetta arrived. Everything was going smoothly as the lights and cameras were being set up and the first scene was to be done by Tony and Juliet, providing us with an Uncle/niece scene as a follow up to the Democrat/Republican spanking that punishedbrats had recently done. The chemistry between these guys is fantastic and the one thing that they seemed to have more so than anyone else, they didn’t miss a single line in their dialogue, lol. It was great to see these guys in action.

My first scene was next, it is rather early in the year for it but I was to reprise my role as Santa. Pixie chose now for my benefit as it is still relatively cool outside, though I must say that it was still as hot as Arizona once I had the suit on. Not only that but it was near impossible to breathe under the beard and I hope that my deep breathing as I was spanking isn’t picked up by the microphone. Remember, I had to spank 3 brats back to back, and that is hard work for anyone.

Violetta was first and this was her first spanking for With that in mind I decided to go a little easier on her so that we could get an idea of what she could take for her later scenes, not that it was light by any means, but I kept it shorter than I did for the other two girls. Three naughty schoolgirls all in a row, was I in heaven? For this scene we only had an outline of the concept, a big part of that is that I like to ad lib as opposed to doing lines. When Violetta’s short skirt came up I noticed that she had on purple satin panties, now I would have loved to have done the inappropriate panties line, but I needed to save that until I did a one on one with Juliet. Pixie was up next, and she was a big part of why I wanted to ad lib. I broke away from the scene for a little bit and started to address Pixie’s run of staying up too late recently, I told her I was going to spank her for staying up too late, little did she know that I had planned it all along for the Santa scene.

Finally on this scene it was Juliet’s turn to be spanked. I was trying to pace myself a little bit knowing that I had 3 girls to spank back to back, but I was quite surprised that once I toweled off I still had plenty in the tank. Poor Juliet, lol. The usual spanking progressed, up until her skirt came up. Juliet had selected a pair of Christmas panties with writing on the back, the only problem was, I was so hot under the costume that my glasses had steamed up and I couldn’t read the writing!! I tried to, and managed the first two words, Juliet even subtly turned her bottom a little bit to let me read them, but it was no use, I could hardly see out of the glasses and Juliet expertly picked up my dilemma and told me what was written on them. They said “Kiss me under the mistletoe”, to which I replied that I am going to “Spank you under the mistletoe”. Yeah, I know, a totally lame line and I kicked myself. Anyway, Juliet’s spanking lasted longer than the other two girls and I was finally done in my sauna. There are a couple of little extras that ended the scene but you are going to have to go to punished brats at Christmas to watch them.

After this scene we broke for lunch.

First up after lunch was Juliet and I, with me playing the English tutor and Juliet the limerick writer. This is where you will see the difference between a professional actor and me, lol. Once again, Juliet didn’t flub a single line, nor did she have to stop to review the lines, guess who did? Lol. There was only a script to start and finish, during the spanking itself we were allowed to ad lib, which is something I love to do. This is where I got to do the line about the inappropriate panties, because Juliet had on a pair of cotton panties with little doggies on them. I’m not going to lie here, Juliet really took a spanking in this one, it was only a hand spanking but she knew she was getting spanked. After a while on the bare bottom I had noticed a bruise starting to develop on Juliet’s bottom, I wasn’t happy with this so I called a cut as I could tell from her body language that this was obviously uncomfortable for her. As we cut, Juliet stood up, I was as guilty looking as could be as Juliet stood up, the poor thing was shedding a few tears.

Yes, it is spanking after all, and spankings are supposed to hurt, but I couldn’t help but feel guilty as I probably took her to her limit. Juliet was an angel, she reassured me that she was making more out of it than it really was and she even reached out to hug me, I couldn’t help but feel bad for her though. The scene finished there and we went straight to the final lines of the script.

I am actually ahead of myself here, prior to the scene that Juliet and I did, Tony and Violetta acted out a scene called ‘Negotiations’. It was a great concept and Tony is such a great actor. He spanked her a lot longer than I had done, in fact, she still had her panties on when I was thinking that this is already a really long spanking. The script was fantastic and both players were awesome.

The next scene after Juliet and I was with Pixie as Goldilocks and Tony as a cop. I’m not going to go into detail here because I am going to devote a whole separate post to this scene. Suffice to say though, it was the best scene of the day and totally deserves its own write up. In fact I would go as far as to say it is one of the best spanking scenes I have ever witnessed, it was that good.

During all of this time, David had been waiting very patiently while Tony and I did all the spanking, but it was now that David finally got his opportunity to perform. His first scene was with Violetta as his niece/secretary, this was going to be a wake up call for her. There is an initial set up to get a scene underway, which results in a few spanks then the cameras are put into their final positions. The initial part was done and after 6 spanks Violetta arose for the camera changes and rubbed her butt, issuing the startled comment “Man, you spank hard”. Violetta had of course been hired to be a spanking model, and I think she knew at that point that a spanking she was about to get. David didn’t disappoint, you could already see Violetta’s reaction before her skirt came up, when it did you could clearly see a bright red butt shining through her little satin panties. This was going to be Violetta’s hardest spanking for the day and her reactions were as true as any naughty girl getting a spanking, it hurt, and she found out what a lot of people have found out, David has one heck of a hard hand when it lands upon their bottoms.

The next scene was with Pixie and I. About a year ago I had offered a suggestion to punished brats about a scene idea I had. I already knew that Pixie owned a ‘Dorothy’ costume, and I had suggested that Dorothy get spanked for running away from home. David and Pixie acted out that scene and it is included on the ‘Pixie’s Fantasies’ DVD that you can get at the punished brats DVD store. As good as it was I couldn’t help but being a little green with envy as I had always wanted to do that scene myself. Pixie of course knows this full well and she was really kind to me to suggest that she and I do a ‘Dorothy’ scene with me as a farmhand. The premise was Pixie’s attitude towards Miss Mulch and that was all we had as a script idea. I have shot a few scenes with Pixie and because of the chemistry we have we work better totally ad libbing. As we discussed her behavior, Pixie said that “It wasn’t this way over the rainbow” which gave me a lead in to a perfect comeback of “I wouldn’t worry about going over the rainbow, you should be more worried about going over my knee”

The idea we had was that I was going to spank her on the bare from the start, Pixie even asked before we started “You’re really going to let me have it, right?” It was a question she asked because even though she is known for being able to take really hard spankings, she also knows that I’m not just going to go to town simply because she can take it. I have too much respect for her to do that and I wouldn’t abuse my position. But she had asked me because she wanted me to spank her hard.

Anyway, once in position I flipped her little outfit up and there she was wearing those white nylon panties with the ruffles on. Ok, it was supposed to be on the bare from the start, but if you read my real life story about the very first spanking I ever gave, you will know that I simply had to start the spanking over the panties. Yes, I broke the script, but I couldn’t resist the temptation to start her spanking over the panties, it means too much to me and I wasn’t going to waste what perhaps could be my only chance to spank ‘Dorothy’ in such a manner.

True to my word, I made sure that Pixie got the spanking she had asked for, I spanked her hard. By the end of it I was sweating like a trooper and I even had a blister on my finger, lol, but she wanted a hard spanking and that is what she got.

The final scene of the day was up next, and I can’t help feeling sorry for Pixie. The final scene was supposed to be David and Juliet, but due to the fact that I had marked Juliet earlier and caused her discomfort, that scene had to be scrapped. The most important part is the safety of the models, and it was determined that Juliet had had her share for the day, her scene with David will be done at a later time. Being the true pro that Pixie is, she offered to step in for a final scene with David, even though her spanking with me had just finished. The talent of this girl is amazing, she had just taken a spanking and now she was offering to step in and take yet another spanking from a guy who spanks harder than I do.

For this scene I took a position up on the balcony, I had never watched one from high above before and I wanted to try it. Yet again, there was no script, the punished brats team made a scene up on the fly, they are all so adaptable, and David gave Pixie the final spanking of the day as her agent. It was getting late so Pixie kept on the Dorothy costume that she had just been spanked in. Soon it was over and a red tailed Pixie was free to go and change, two spankings back to back, and two hard spankings at that, what a girl 😉

So that was how the weekend went at, I just love getting invited to go down and I always suffer withdrawal when I have to wait too long to do so. The whole weekend has got me my spanking mojo back, look out girls of New York, I have a spanking need. The Goldilocks scene is already on the members section of punished brats, make sure you visit regularly for the other scenes that will be upcoming soon.

Richard Windsor.

P.S. Pixie was able to correct me in what scene went where. As it was her bottom on the line I’m not surprised that she remembers, but the last three scenes were actually Tony spanking Pixie, Me spanking Pixie, then David spanking Pixie. Yep, you read it right, Pixie took three spankings back to back and not the two I mentioned. Now how much talent does this girl possess? She is one remarkable lady.

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