Streetcar Sundays – 112

Time that I got back to posting some MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS pics,  isn’t it? Well I have a treat for you today,  especially the collectors. I have cut out the spanking image from the page,  but,  if you scroll beneath my latest project video below,  then I have also added the full page that the image came from. All you will need to do is click on that image,  right click and then save.

Here is my latest vanilla video up on Youtube,  I am much happier with this effort than I was the last one. In this video I do a tour on the outskirts of Madison Square Park filling the viewer with a bunch of knowledge about the surrounding area. If you have a spare couple of minutes it would be a big help to me if you guys could watch just a small portion of it.

And here is the full page of the image at the top that includes all 6 photos from the MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS spanking image.

Streetcar Sundays – 111

Number 111 in the MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS spanking series. After 110 different entries I’m getting down to the  ‘Best of the rest’. These are the images that are somewhat poorer in quality,  so I have to work extra hard to make them presentable. This image is from Benecia in 1951.

Streetcar Sundays – 110

In all of the MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS pics that I have,  they are divided into two camps. An OTK spanking given with the hand,  or an OTK spanking given with a newspaper. Obviously as a spanko then I will take the hand over a newspaper any day of the week,  and indeed I have shared virtually all of my Streetcars hand pics already.

When it comes to being  “Spanked”  with a newspaper then it is nothing more than symbolic. From an embarrassment perspective I guess that it has a place,  you know like the whole ritual other than the actual spanking itself.

Thankfully,  with the tools at this young man’s possession,  he does at least make an attempt to improve on the spanking by using a copy of the white pages  🙂

The image is from Milwaukee,  WI in 1953.

*Disclaimer*  –  It isn’t definitive that it is a copy of the white pages!!

Streetcar Sundays – 109

This weekend I took off to enjoy the lovely weather,  but I am back now and there will be a new post every day this week so keep checking in. I’ve come to the realization that if I don’t start increasing my production then you guys are never going to see my complete collection. It also keeps growing so there are some weeks where I find more than I post.

I’m a day late for the Sunday post,  but that will give me some time to clear one of the lesser MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS spanking pics. The quality is poor,  but the angle is great. All I could think of is that if the guy raised his right leg then we would have been treated to a wonderfully shaped booty. It looks nice and round from this angle as it is.

This pic is from Ainesworth,  NE in 1957.

Streetcar Sundays – 108

If you are only here for the pictures then scroll down because this week I am doing a combination post. Not only will you get the weekly Streetcars pic,  but Chas from SCARLETT HILL left me a wonderful message yesterday that I wanted to use the blog to respond to. Coincidentally they also have a MEMORIAL DAY BLOWOUT special that is worth checking out. I would do it soon because I doubt if there is much time left. They have a stockpile of 29 years worth of spanking magazines that our now all in digital format. You can see the latest releases in the image below.

Before the days of the Internet I used to buy magazines from this company all the time. Stories,  letters,  features,  you name it then these publications have it. Check out the SCARLETT HILL website today and browse around there vast collection of vintage and modern online spanking magazines.

To read the full version of Chas’  reply to my SPRING CLEANING post simply click on the recent comments to the right,  or CLICK HERE to read Chas’  response to me. In the image below I have cropped out just a small section of his reply just to give you an idea as to what I am responding to in this post,  though I would recommend reading the entire response first.

So this is directed at Chas,  though obviously it is for all of you to read if you so wish.

A few years ago I actually said this to friends of mine after a particularly memorable scene,  that everything that I have ever wanted to do in the scene I had just done. There is this vision in my head as to what spanking means to me,  and while they may overlap with others in the basic principles of it,  EVERYONE has their own idea as to what spanking is and what it does for them. My views are far,  far out there when it comes to spanking,  and I would say that 90% of the time people do not understand where I am coming from because it doesn’t correlate with their understanding of spanking. Neither view is the one size fits all by the way,  it is different for each individual.

What Chas said above about the flame flickering out has been very true for me,  but the flame does still flicker on. In terms of spanking I am a prude concerned to a great many people,  and perhaps in a party atmosphere I would say more so than most. As all of you who read this blog are going to be fully aware,  a spanking given on a clothed bottom is more genuine to me than a bare bottom spanking. Right from my early origins having watched spankings on TV,  read in the comics,  observed playful spankings in print,  and on those very rare occasions actually witnessed a spanking in person,  never once did I see a bare bottom spanking when growing up. The two most memorable events of my life in regards to spanking were one spanking in particular that I witnessed,  and the other being the FIRST SPANKING that I gave.

The origins of my MOTHER SPANKS series does include some memories that I have incorporated into the story,  albeit with some literary licence added. The spanking that Tim observed through the basement window is a combination of a spanking that I observed,  and the memory of a reader of this blog. I actually observed the spanking through an open door and the mother in question of that spanking was only using her hand. The point is though, it was the first time that I had witnessed a girl getting spanked with her skirt pulled up,  to me it was the coup de grace. Like the girl in the story,  the girl that I saw getting spanked had on a pair of sky blue panties. I’ve always considered the exposure of ones underwear to be the most embarrassing part of a spanking,  it is deeply ingrained in me. Anything that goes beyond that gives me a different mindset. The same goes for Bri’s spankings from her father. While I never once witnessed the girl in question getting the belt from her father,  I do remember the tales about them from the girl in question. A part of me thinks that she was just cock teasing,  but I would be lying if I didn’t say that I savored every minute of it and wanted to hear even the minutest of small details regarding the belting.

Now I’m not saying that there shouldn’t be any bare bottom,  I do love pajama spankings and for some reason I fully expect that a pajama spanking ends up on the bare bottom. But when we are talking full leg spreadies,  naked shower scenes,  vagina cam to a point that you don’t know if you are watching a porn movie or a spanking film,  that is far beyond my concept of what spanking is. Again though,  don’t get me wrong,  I understand that the pinnacle for some is when the panties are pulled down. Because of the intense feeling that I have that a real spanking is when ones underwear is exposed,  it is why I can fully understand and appreciate that to others that when the underwear is being pulled down over the red bottom,  to them that is the pinnacle moment that makes the spanking film a spanking film.

I can still appreciate a good bare bottom pic. Over on Twitter yesterday I posted the image below which is an old Nu-West spanking photo. It has turned into one of my most liked Tweets ever on Twitter. If you don’t FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER already,  you should do so,  I often post material on there that I don’t post on this blog.

The reason that I typed what I did above is in relation to my withdrawal at spanking parties. Everything evolves and I am not saying that it is a bad thing in any way. When I first started going to parties the things that I liked were very prominent even in a public room,  as time has gone on though the focus now has evolved into a different presentation at parties. I want to stress that I don’t see this as a bad thing,  it is just that I have outgrown it. My flame was very small to begin with,  and in the spanking world as a whole it is nothing more than a pin prick anyway. The desire is still there in the background,  but I have become more and more private as the years have gone on.

While I am on this subject I would like to address something else that comes up quite often,  and that question is how do I get to play with so many girls.

First of all it is a bit of a myth,  at spanking parties I play far less than most men in attendance,  the only difference is that I write about my adventures and most other men don’t. This isn’t lip service either,  I play far less than the average man. Secondly though,  and I am most adamant about this,  but I believe that one of the reasons for my success is that I am very vocal in what it is that I like in a spanking scene and what I don’t like. Many times a woman will say to me that whenever she asks a guy what he wants,  his response is along the lines of  “Whatever you want is fine with me”.

It isn’t for me,  I have very strong opinions as to what works for me in the spanking world,  what my spanking turn on’s are what makes a scene special for me. From my experience women seem to appreciate that confidence and desire to fulfill ones desires,  and more times than not will go out of their way to ensure that they give of themselves in return. I’m very straightforward,  this spanking isn’t just for your enjoyment,  it’s for my enjoyment as well. Conversely,  you tell me,  or indicate to me that you are not going to take my opinions into consideration,  then I couldn’t care if you are the hottest model on the planet,  I have no desire to play with you. And you know what,  that is another secret to my success. You tell a girl that you are not interested in playing because of a conflict of styles,  and you see what she does in return. There are occasions that she will see you as the demon seed,  but more often than not they are willing to compromise for mutual satisfaction. I’m not talking about playing at a party here,  in a party setting most people are there to play in a group atmosphere,  so I’m not talking about refusing to play with someone and I would quite happily play in public without any criteria attached. What I was referring to was in regards to meeting potential play partners for private sessions.

My funniest story there I think that I have mentioned before,  when talking about possibly playing and a girl said to me,  and I quote  “I’m not buying a pair of panties just for a spanking”. So I politely said that I wished her well and that we weren’t compatible,  and the next day in my inbox was a photo from the girl showing her underwear covered bottom with the caption  “Look what I bought”  🙂

Going back to my original point though in relation to Chas’ comments,  the light does still flicker,  but he is 100% correct,  there are only so many ways to serve our preferred delicacy,  and after so many adventures I probably don’t savor it as much now as I once did before. Or at the very least I now treat it as the delicacy that it once was to be enjoyed on special occasions. I’ve reached that stage in life where I am questioning my own mortality and I look at the things that I still want to do. When it comes to a spanking party and I look at all of the costs involved,  then once I reach the $1,000 budget I end up saying to myself,  that would pay for your flight to Vietnam,  or to Laos or to Helsinki or somewhere else on my never ending bucket list of cultures to explore.

I think one day I will return to the spanking scene full time,  but for the next few years my focus is going to be on travel,  and most of my play moving forward is going to be private one on one play.

Now it is time for the MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS spanking pic for the week. This image is from Greenville in 1952. I do believe that the guy in the background is supposed to be attempting to stop the spanking,  but in this case he looks like he is going to take his time in doing his job  🙂

Streetcar Sundays – 107

Today I watched this interesting video on Youtube on Kawaii culture. The video is RIGHT HERE if you want to watch it  (turn on the subtitles). What is interesting is that while the direct translation is  ‘Cute’,  the broader definition is more of a concept rather than a physical trait. The underlying tone kind of applies to all of us really,  and that is to be true to ones self. It is an interesting video so it is worth checking out.

Speaking of being true to ones self,  I will make no apologies in announcing that I will be returning to Japan later this year to watch the band that I love over there. They are releasing an album in July so I am fully expecting them to do a winter tour to promote the new material,  and as soon as they announce that tour I will book a trip to Japan and my trip will also include 5-7 days in Taiwan. I’m really stoked about it.

When Japanese artists release albums they generally do so as three separate deals,  either the CD,  or a CD plus a DVD of a live performance,  or the ultimate first edition Blu Ray which is stacked. I’m not that much of a fan so I will go with the CD/DVD package. Now they haven’t announced what the live show is that is included on the DVD,  but I have a sneaking suspicion that the concert footage in the video below is what will be released. This concert was a special one off where they performed most of the tracks from the new album and the crowd just looks insane. You have no idea what it feels like to stand in the middle of people going crazy like you see in the video below. The trip isn’t just about seeing the band,  I will also be staying in Osaka and Hiroshima,  but it is a big part of the trip.

I lap this up and it is a wonderful hobby to have. In the video below they actually combine footage,  the crowd in the second song are actually jumping up and down to a different song called Beautiful Sa,  and the last song that they are performing is called Orchestra and not the one being dubbed over it. The blond haired girl is the captain of the group and she is normally a very stoic girl. While it is not unusual for any of the girls to cry during a performance,  it is rare for the captain to do so. So I really want to see what caused her to cry to a point that the audience had to sing her lines for her.

To be honest I can go to Japan any time that I want to,  so if July comes and they don’t announce a winter tour then I will go to Japan in August instead. There is a huge festival going on called Summer Sonic. While the girls from BiSH are also performing this event,  it is loaded from top to bottom with some awesome acts,  mostly on the Saturday.

This week is also my birthday,  in fact it is going to be the first birthday that I have had since my last family member passed away,  so it is going to be a strange time. I’m going to do something special on Thursday,  I’m just not sure exactly what yet. I always love giving away stuff so it will probably be a streaming video or something. I’ve got a few days to go before I fully decide but I do like to share the love.

The Streetcars image this week required a lot of attention by myself to make it presentable. The image was so dark that I had to try a whole host of filters to lighten the image to where it was visible. I think that you will agree that I did a reasonable job with it. When you consider that this production from 1952 had two performances,  plus the pose for this shot,  and lord knows how many rehearsals,  I would imagine that Barbara spent an awfully long time in the OTK bottoms up spanking position. Well,  it is the 1950’s after all,  I’m sure that she had more practice than we will ever know.

This will be added to my MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS spanking folder. Click on the image itself for the full sized version.

Streetcar Sundays – 106

A day late and a dollar short as always. Took a few days off from posting to refresh the mind,  I didn’t get much feedback on part 2 of the MOTHER SPANKS SERIES. I’m probably going to make the story into a book to put on Amazon with six chapters or so,  it will be free for Kindle unlimited readers and a nominal fee otherwise. Of course if there is more interest shown then I will happily write for free,  but if the interest isn’t there then to heck with it,  I will make a few bucks on the side  🙂

Please also remember that my VINTAGE SPANKING site is back up and running. Unless I take a few days off here and there I will be updating the vintage site daily. The difference between the two sites is going to be this,  on the vintage site I will be posting already known vintage photos,  even if some of them are on the rare side,  and on my main site  (this site)  I will continue to post my rare,  unique finds. So if anyone wants to piggyback off of my hard work you will now be able to do so from two sites  🙂

This weeks MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS spanking photo is from Leechburg,  PA in 1951.

Streetcar Sundays – 105

Before I begin with today’s post I just want to make you all aware of something. Yesterday I spent a lot of time rebuilding my VINTAGE SITE so that the vast archive on there is now visible to everyone. Moving forward this will mean that the Vintage site will have daily posts being made to it,  so bear with me promoting it for a few weeks to get it back to where it once was. There will be a daily picture along with snippets to cross link with this site. Click on THE FOLLOWING LINK to see my offering for today. The image today is a guy sat on a picnic table in the 1970’s with a girl on his lap getting spanked,  only she is in the diaper position on his lap,  quite unique if I say so myself. Bookmark the site for daily posts.

I hope that everyone enjoyed my latest story,  MOTHER SPANKS DAUGHTER – THE BEST FRIEND. As the feedback to the story was garnered from a single,  solitary reply,  I think that what I am going to do moving forward will be to create something that has been a goal of mine for a while now. That would be to write all of the subsequent chapters and then make it into a mini novel to put on Amazon Kindle. Right now I have around 9,000 words so far in this story and ultimately I would want to be around 50,000 words to sell the book. A lot of work goes into writing,  for example on Friday I spent roughly six to eight hours writing this chapter of the story,  and I think that if I was to put them on Kindle then it might provide me with the motivation I need to keep producing stories. I envision a scenario where I will always give the first chapter for free,  but the full novel will go to Kindle unlimited. More on that later though.

My MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS photo this week comes from Foxcroft,  ME in 1966. A little late for a Men Are Like Streetcars spanking pic, most of them happened in the early to mid 50’s,  but nonetheless there were still a few productions putting out the play.

Streetcar Sundays – 104

Today I bring to you an absolute dandy for my MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS spanking series. This one took a lot of work because I found this image in a 1958 publication but it had no identifying marks attached leaving me to guess that it was a Men Are Like Streetcars spanking pic. In the end I had to research a different one of my paid subscriptions and I found the background to the image in a 1957 publication. So while this photo appeared in 1958,  it was actually taken in 1957. I’m sure that you would agree that this is an excellent find!! It is indeed from Men Are Like Streetcars.

What we have is a very rare ACTION shot where you see the spanking hand in full motion indicating that this image was taken during the spanking itself. I hope that you enjoy it. The image is larger than what you see so you have to click on the image for the full sized version.

On Wednesday I am leaving for Atlantic City for the annual BBW spanking party,  so for the next week my posts may be limited. I think what I am going to do though is do a video giveaway starting on Wednesday. What I will probably do is ask readers to submit a question to me and in return I will send them a link for access to one of my spanking films. Enjoy.

Streetcar Sundays – 103

I’m going to try my hardest to get a follow up story done this week for one of the serials that I started but never finished. It is just two weeks away before the annual Boardwalk Badness Weekend party so I need to get some catching up done fast.

This weeks MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS spanking photo comes from Argentine,  KS in 1958. This is a newspaper clipping as opposed to the normal yearbook photo. Enjoy.


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