Neighbors – Part 1

Neighbors — Part 1 (F/F)

{{I wrote this story so many years ago, long before I developed the story style that I now employ. Anyway, I cleaned it up a bit to make it more presentable. You won’t find in this story the normal build up and character development that I now use, but hey, you can at least pretty much get straight into the meat and bones part of the spanking ? I know the story isn’t up to par with my normal work, but I hope that you enjoy the first part anyway. By Wednesday I will make another post as I am off to Vegas on Thursday}}


Jamie was a recent New York college grad and had moved into her own apartment in the City. On the second floor apartment lived a couple with whom she had quickly became friends with, Jim and Sarah. They were a few years older than her but the age difference didn’t affect their relationship in any way.

It didn’t take long for the girls to start shopping together and share lunch in their apartments. One afternoon they were at Sarah’s and Sarah asked if Jamie could help her move a dresser in the bedroom, Jamie of course was delighted to help her friend.

Once they had moved the dresser Jamie couldn’t help but notice the plaid skirt, along with the other items that made up a school outfit, hanging on the back of the closet, “A bit early for Halloween, isn’t it?” Jamie stated and giggled.

“Oh that’s not for Halloween” Sarah replied “That’s for when Jim spanks me”

Jamie’s mouth flew open in shock “He spanks you?” she asked.

“Only when I’m naughty, and of course sometimes when I’m not”

Jamie blushed a deep red “Doesn’t it hurt?”

“If I’m being punished, sometimes it hurts a lot, the other times though, it hurts, but not too bad”

“And you don’t mind?”

“No, not at all, it keeps me in check and when it’s not for punishment, I really like it”

“You actually like it?”

“Well yeah, haven’t you ever been spanked?”

“Not since I was about 9”

“You are missing out sweetheart, you could probably benefit from a good spanking” Sarah said as she smiled. Jamie just smiled back and Sarah continued “If you like, I can spank you and you can see what it feels like”

“Don’t you think I’m a bit too old for that?”

“Heavens no Jamie, you are never too old for a spanking. Why don’t you pop in the bathroom and put the plaid skirt on?”

“Oh I don’t know about this”

“No go on, I’ll be gentle with you and we can see how you take it”

It took quite a bit of coaxing but Jamie finally agreed and left to change into the schoolgirl skirt, when she re-entered she noticed that Sarah had placed a straight back chair in the middle of the bedroom. Jamie asked if that was how Jim spanked her.

“To start with, yes. I go over his knee for the hand and the hairbrush, and then when I get the strap it is over the back of that armchair”

Jamie was a little cautious but Sarah reassured her “But don’t worry dear, you could probably only take my hand for now”

Sarah sat down and motioned for Jamie to join her. Before Jamie went over the waiting lap, Sarah said to the trembling girl “Okay, I’m going to start with spanking you over your panties, and we will take it from there. If it gets too much for you then you say mercy, okay? You might want to say please, stop, etc; but I will only stop when you say mercy, because then I will know it’s too much for you”

Jamie nodded in agreement and Sarah guided her over her lap. Sarah had to help Jamie get over further so that her head moved closer to the ground, and just so that the young girl could touch the floor with her toes. Jamie was feeling a little excitement in her tummy and Sarah began to pull her skirt up. Jamie was wearing a high cut pair of pink nylon panties which Sarah admired. Sarah began by smoothing the panties out “Such pretty panties” she said “And you have such a nice little bubble butt as well, Jim would love to spank this butt. A word of advice for you Jamie, if Jim ever spanks you make sure you wear pretty panties, because he is much more likely to leave them up longer if you do”

Jamie’s head went in a whirl over the thought of exposing herself in this way to Jim. “That isn’t likely to happen, Sarah”

“I wouldn’t be so sure Jamie, he has already mentioned to me on at least a half dozen occasions that you need a good spanking, especially when you play your music too loud”

This caused Jamie to blush a deep red, and very soon after Sarah began the spanking by giving Jamie a little swat to her rear, followed by another mild one but a bit firmer. Jamie lay motionless as Sarah spanked her with a series of mild spanks. After about 20 light smacks she paused as she straightened the panties out once more and said “Okay so far dear?” to which Jamie replied confidently “Yeah”.

Sarah then increased the power in the next smack a little bit which caused Jamie to mouth a silent “Ow”, Sarah continued at this strength and after about 10 firmer spanks came the first “Ouch” from Jamie’s mouth, as she began to squirm a little over the older woman’s lap. Feeling that Jamie was totally comfortable being in this position over her lap, Sarah continued spanking her like this for two whole minutes. She would deliver half a dozen firm swats and then begin to rub Jamie’s bottom. This was starting to arouse Jamie sexually. “I think in a minute we should pull these panties down, don’t you?” Sarah asked as she started to slide her nails up and down Jamie’s cheeks.

This rubbing of the nails began to cause Jamie to start lifting her butt slightly, which was very apparent to Sarah. She gave her six more smacks at an increased force, rubbed the butt, and then slid her nails all the way from the top of her bottom to just above her knees, and then back up the other side. A mild excited noise came from Jamie’s mouth.

Feeling safe to do so, Sarah inserted her fingers into the waistband of Jamie’s panties and pulled them down as the freshly spanked girl lifted her hips up willingly. Sarah noticed when she pulled the panties down that Jamie was quite damp, “If your panties are any indication young lady, I think you are enjoying this a little bit too much” Sarah said, which caused Jamie to blush even further. “Now that you are bare bottom over Aunty Sarah’s lap, I think it is time that we show you what a proper spanking feels like”

Sarah picked the pace up now and started with 20 solid whacks to the pinkening flesh which had Jamie bucking about over her knees, and then came the rubbing. As Sarah’s hand neared the bottom of her butt, Jamie opened her legs slightly. Sarah’s fingers brushed her mound which caused Jamie to arch a little. Taking this as a cue, Sarah slid her hand in between the open legs, Jamie let out an explicit moan. With that, Sarah thought she would assist the little minx and started to gently rub her hand up and down over Jamie’s vagina as the young girl totally relaxed herself, writhing her body backwards and forwards. Withdrawing her hand, Sarah returned to spanking Jamie, this time however, it was with nice hard spanks, and she kept the spanking up until Jamie bottom was bucking about all over her lap. After several minutes of this hard spanking, Sarah instructed Jamie to get up on all fours on the bed. In no time at all Sarah was spanking her bottom solidly as Jamie began to masturbate herself. Not wanting to spoil the experience any, Sarah ceased the spanking at this point.

As Jamie remained in position and continued working herself with her hand, Sarah opened up the dresser drawer and pulled out a dildo, she rubbed it up and down Jamie’s mound before inserting it. As she worked the dildo from behind, Jamie began to furiously bring herself to a climax. With the spanking, the masturbating, and finally the use of the dildo, Jamie was able to produce a series of sensational orgasms.

Leaving her friend to roll happily on the bed, Sarah began to undress herself as Jamie smiled at her. Yes, indeed, this was going to be the start of a wonderful spanking relationship. Sarah climbed into the bed with Jamie and returned the smile, then said to her friend “Jim is probably going to spank us both for this when he gets home tonight, Jamie. Be sure to put on some pretty panties”

Jamie grinned from ear to ear and replied “I will Sarah, I will”

As Sarah pinched Jamie’s nipples she said to her one last time “Well, if we are going to get spanked like naughty girls anyway, we just as well have some fun in the meantime” and with that Sarah leaned down and started to kiss Jamie.

Richard Windsor.