F/M Friday 13

So it has been a couple of weeks since I updated this feature, but I will try my hardest moving forward to keep the updates regular. There is also some exciting news on the horizon of a new project that is going to be taking place on DANA SPECHT’S website. It isn’t fully launched yet and I am jumping the gun a bit, but probably within the next week or two there will be some changes taking place that I hope you all enjoy. Hopefully by next Friday I will be able to share the additional direction that her website is going to take. I acted as a guinea pig this week to help test the product and service and it worked a treat so I think that it is close to launching.

Without delving into it too much, if you like audio spanking stories then this is going to be a big stop for you on the Internet. I personally love them, perhaps because I grew up back in the days where we used to listen to the radio. Dana sent me one of her stories as a test to make sure the process worked without a hitch and I have listened to it twice already. Anyway, I won’t belabor the point because it isn’t finished yet, but look for some serious spam in the next week or two when this product is launched. Here is the summary from one of the polls that I once conducted in the past. As you can see, there certainly is a market on the Internet for audio spanking stories.

Anyway, none of you are here to listen to me jibber jabber, onward to the free spanking photos for this week.

First up there is a role reversal paddling for you where the student paddles the teacher from 1962, for those of you who like tables turned spankings. This will be added to the F/M COLLECTION folder.

And then the professional spanking picture for the week, and please let me know who the spanking company is if you know it, I would love to give them the credit that they deserve. We have a two for one spanking, double the spanks. I’m going to guess that the young man played the bucking bronco game for a few minutes on this fateful day.

5 thoughts on “F/M Friday 13

  1. Hey

    I too love audio spanking stories actually my start in the kink being spying or listening to spankings. Wow what a great throwback idea.

    Love the second photo I do recall seeing this one a long time ago.

  2. Ron,

    I think that it is a great idea as well, in fact it may even prompt me to dust off my old recording devices 🙂


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