Mystery Minx

A Really Naughty Girl

This was one wonderful weekend this past weekend. On Friday I went over to see the Mystery Minx, and after numerous rubber bands shot at me, and even ice being put in my shoes while she was OTK, the young lady found herself face down for SEVERAL spankings. These are the screen caps from one of the sessions. This time around we didn’t use a camera, instead we filmed it for personal use. From the video I was able to put together this set of pics. I know they are not perfect but I hope that you like them. Others from different scenes will follow I am sure. Either way, this week she has a pretty serious spanking to come for a no no that she did to me on Saturday!!!

Now this next one was my favorite of the lot!!

And finally.

On Saturday, Tasha Lee and Yoni hosted a wonderful party at their house which I had the pleasure of attending. Now while it wasn’t strictly a spanking only event, there was more than enough red bottoms to go around. I was fortunate enough to play with Cassandra Park, the Mystery Minx, Miss Chief and finally, after all this time, the delightful Sarah Gregory.

Now I don’t have any pics myself from Saturday’s event to share as of yet, but I do know that Sarah had her camera in use for her own website. So what you need to do is check Sarah’s site regularly for picture updates. I do have some that I snagged from one of Sarah’s profiles, however, I won’t post anything until either she has, or when she gives me her permission to do so. There are at least 3 with Sarah over my lap that I know of.

I would have liked to have played with Cassandra a little bit longer but I was sweating buckets. It was so bad that I actually had to ask Rad to take over for me, lol, it wasn’t the only time I deferred to him that night either. Miss Chief I only managed to get about 30 licks on as there was a line of people queueing up to spank her 🙂 Seriously as well, it looked like that scene from Airplane where everybody was lined up waiting their turn.  She was such a bundle of fun though and I look forward to playing with her again.

Being that I had spanked the Mystery Minx the night before like 5 times or so, we only played at the party once, where once again I was fortunate that Rad was around to finish the job properly 🙂 The party went well into the wee hours and I then started my long assed journey home. A Path train followed by two subways and then finally the bus. Being that it was like 4am when I started all the transport required lots of waiting, by the time I got to my neighborhood I was so fed up with waiting that I decided to walk the last mile and a half home, finally reaching my destination at 6am.

A big thanks to Tasha and Yoni for hosting such a wonderful party, and not only did I get to see a bunch of old friends, I also had the pleasure of meeting a bunch of new ones as well.

Richard Windsor.

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