Sorority Spanking Sundays – 78

A while ago I switched the Sorority Spanking Sunday’s post over to my vintage blog and used this blog for my Sunday classics. Well this week I am going to reverse that for one week as I need to add to a special article that I did a while ago.

Almost two years ago now I wrote The Chi Omega story which has since become one of the most read articles on this site. In this article I put some meat and bones into it and if you click the link above you can read the article for yourself. The article took forever because I searched yearbooks to get face pictures of the girl being paddled (quite a task being that ‘Tony’was her nickname) and I was also able to correct the literary licence that the magazine used and I was able to place the girls in their correct sorority. It is an interesting article and I urge you to check it out by CLICKING HERE.

So it was a mission of mine to try and secure a copy of the magazine (wouldn’t want someone claiming it to be from a local paper,eh? ;)) even if it might cost a pretty penny. The article appeared in the January the 20th, 1941 edition of Life magazine.


I managed to find a copy of the magazine on Ebay and set about asking questions. A copy of this magazine is available to view on Google so I know that this was the correct edition that carried the photo, what I needed to make sure of was that THIS was the copy that was going to be sent to me.

Yesterday that magazine arrived and as I fully expected, inside of the magazine is the famous spanking pic of Tony Ryberg getting paddled.


So my goal all along was to provide the spanking community with the best picture that I could get from this historical article. This morning I have been messing around with my scanner and I am running into a small issue, the larger the picture gets the less clear it becomes. So what I have done is I have scanned just Tony Ryberg and the girl paddling her, and in a while I will do my best to improve the picture quality. Regardless, a thumbnail version of this pic existed on the Internet for many years until two years ago when I found a full sized version on Google’s archives. But now, I will try to present to you the best picture yet of a sorority girl getting a paddling.

This main pic will be added to my WINDSOR’S SORORITY SPANKINGS folder.


Windsor’s Sunday Candids – 17

It was 50 years ago when this story hit the newspapers so I thought that it would make for a nice classic today. I have a plethora of old newspaper clippings that I rarely post and I haven’t even created a folder for them yet. You will see a category link at the bottom of this post where you can find all of the newspaper articles that I have shared over the last eight years.

Now I am sharing two articles from the same story, I do have a third but it is pretty big and is in two parts so I have to join it together, and I just don’t have the time to do that today. Just know though that in the third article the spanking is more descriptive and both girls were spanked with a wooden hairbrush.

As I don’t have a specific folder yet I will put this in my WINDSOR’S SPANKING FINDS album where the rest of my unassigned pics are.

Clipboard01Clipboard02a Clipboard02b

Windsor’s Sunday Candids – 16

I was going to post that birthday spanking pic that I talked about the other day but I think that I will save that for Wednesday. Instead, I will post another spanking pic from the play “A Mind Of Her Own“. It has been a while since I last posted one of these but that is because I only have a total of eight remaining.

This will be added to my MIND OF HER OWN spanking folder.


A Good Day For Hunting

Finally I get a day off where I can spend some time on my favorite hobby, picture hunting. It might also be a good time to write part two of the 3 GIRLS STORY.

So far today I have spent two hours on a picture search and I have turned up absolutely nothing so far. I guess it is like fishing, sometimes you need to find a new spot. Anyway, I’m feeling in a good mood and as I always like to give stuff away, I figured I would slash one of my videos to half price for the weekend. It isn’t exactly half price but $15.99 is as low as the site will let me go.

In this video you get two stories and the video runs for an entire hour. Spankings by hand, hairbrush and belt, both girls in white nylon panties at my request. So if you ever felt like getting this it is $15.99 which is less than a tenner if you are in the UK.

Purchase on CLIPS4SALE

A Thousand Posts

It was Christmas Eve, 2006, when I started this blog and over the last seven and a half years I have finally passed the one thousand post mark.

Now as everyone knows by now, my goal on this blog is to bring you as much unique material as I can, whether that be from finding rare pics to posting my own pics. It is something that has long been a hobby of mine and I even go as far as searching libraries in person, bookstores, or even using variations of different languages to try and come up with something new for you.

There are no complaints on my end, I will quite happily search an archive for hours on end to find the three or four pics that it may yield. Coincidentally, I generally keep a record of everything that I bring to you so that in future years, should misleading information be given about a pic I can at least come on and perhaps give the background to it. In fact there are times where you don’t need to wait years, just this week I came across a site using the pics that I have provided and on at least two of them there was incorrect information added to the pics in question. So years from now, people will have something on their hard drive that they believe is correct when in fact it was a story made up to go with the pic.

In my mind pics are interesting enough without having to manipulate the truth. In this day and age anyone can smudge a pic, alter the colors, do some selective cropping and post it as something completely against what it actually is. I remember one famous pic where a grandiose fabrication was given and it was from a vintage publication that I own in my personal archive. Even pointing it out and showing the 1960′s publication in question wouldn’t alter the opinion.

That is something else that I do. My goal isn’t just collecting pics off the Internet, I actually have a personal collection of magazines and pics that I have collected over the years. For example, that famous Natalie Wood/Tab Hunter scene, I actually own the magazine from 1956 that the pictures were taken from. My next acquisition will be the Chi Omega sorority spanking story.

What are my favorites though? That is a tough a question as anyone can ask because it is such a subjective topic. There are a handful of pics from over the years that will always be in the class of Grade A pics for me, but the one pic that I consider to be my favorite discovery of all is the one shown below.


The reason that this pic is my favorite is quite simple. The Chase and Sanborn spanking pic is one of the most famous spanking pics there is, and this picture seen above was from a college university art class where two students reenacted the scene from the coffee ad. It was one of those pics where I went WOAH!! I tried my hardest to win it on Ebay but I fell short, and not because I wasn’t willing to bid high on it, but I ended up in a situation where I wasn’t able to be on the auction as it was closing. I probably would have gone $50 for this pic but I don’t recall what the final sale price was. It was in that range for sure. Hopefully one day it will be resold.

As for personal pics, that is probably the hardest criteria to pic a favorite from. From a purely aesthetic view I would have to go with the one below. The ambiance of the setting first and foremost, the wooden steps, the old fashioned house, the vision of the walkway up ahead. ellee’s posture is just about as perfect as can be. The head slightly bowed, the way that she is nervously grabbing her dress, the pigtails, and even the way that she is standing with her back slightly arched inwards and her toned arms. I remember ellee saying that from her perspective she got similar feelings, but from the other side of the fence. The way that I have my hand wrapped around her wrist and the subtlety of the hairbrush in the other hand.


Probably the only reason that this pic isn’t the creme de la creme is because it is a posed pic. Oh don’t get me wrong, ellee got spanked with that hairbrush, but it was for funsies, and there is a pic from that set which I have not shown that is perhaps one of my really happy pics. In that pic I am in mid spank with the brush and ellee is looking at her husband holding the camera with the smile of a Cheshire cat on her face. A very happy pic indeed. Of course that is a pic that will always be in my personal collection because ellee is not able to show her face due to her career, so don’t ask:)

As for actual pictures though that have meaning to me, I would be hard pressed to find any pic that is better than the very first spanking pic that I was ever in. Years later Pixie was kind enough to recreate a pose that she did the first time we played, an image that stuck with me for a long time, and that is the second of these pics. Again, from an historical standpoint, that pic is all about happiness and brings joy to me.



Coincidentally, it took less than 24 hours of posting that first pic before I had the thunder stolen from me. It goes back to what I was saying earlier about stories being created for pictures that aren’t true. Twenty four hours after posting that pic it showed up on an MSN group that I belonged to where the guy posting it claimed it to be that of him and his neighbor. Now if you read between the lines he was being satirical in part, however, when he was congratulated on his accomplishment, not only did he not refute it, he actually perpetuated it further, the dog! :)

Now I have some pics that I have collected over the last couple of years that I have not shared on my blogs yet. Some of these are really high quality ones and I have a plan to use them later in the year. My goal this year is to actually finish a book with spanking as the theme and I want to use those pictures for the book, or books as the case may be. Since I started my collection in earnest though, what are my favorite pics from each of the genres that I bring to you each week. Let me tell you ahead of time, this is going to be really hard to pick just one pic from each category.

Starting off with Men Are Like Streetcars, a play that I have over a hundred pics from, I guess this set below is probably my favorite posted to date. The first pic I actually have a copy that is twice the size of what I have posted, and what makes this particularly good is that the first pic was from a rehearsal and the second pic was from the play. What was unique though was this, the two pics appeared a year apart, one in 1955 and the second in 1956. Now that is an awful lot of rehearsals to get through.


As for my favorite Sorority Spanking Pic, I’m hard pressed to find anything better than the Chi Omega pic as my favorite. A thumbnail version of this pic circulated the Internet for ages and two years ago, on the tip of Mr P who originally got me started on this rare collection journey, I was able to find a full sized pic on Google’s archive. Rather than just posting the picture though, I posted a complete journal about the story, all of the pics that accompanied the main one and I was even able to find a face pic of the girl getting paddled. You can find that story RIGHT HERE and it became one of the most read articles on this site. The picture below I soon hope to have in my possession once I buy the magazine from the 1940′s.


There are several over folders that I have which are not complete yet by any means, so while I may post a favorite from each of them now, perhaps a year from now that will have changed. So for a final roundup I will give you my favorite picture from each folder and perhaps you want to tell me what your favorites are.


As I have stated on more than one occasion, Kiss me Kate spanking pics are not my favorite. Despite liking vintage pics, anything that starts to go into Victorian times and before then my interest wanes completely. That actually goes for movies as well. If there is a film on that is a period piece then I switch it off right away. It’s probably because I am a misogynist and seeing women with that many clothes on is a turn off ;)

Anyway, my favorite Kate pic is this one from a rehearsal so they aren’t wearing 70lbs of clothing. This actual picture I have in my collection and it is a really big version, and the lighting on her face is no better on that copy either. What is extra good about this pic is that you can see his hand in motion.

Coronado hs 1972


This is a tough one because it involves age-play. The girl getting spanked is supposed to be 20 who has dressed up as a younger girl to prevent her nieces from eloping with two sailors. Most of these pics I would not post but if I had a favorite then the one below would be it.

cu 45


This collection produces some of the best OTK spanking pics because the whole cast is generally in the shot, therefore the image has to be large in order to capture everyone. It is hard to pick a favorite from this group but I have chosen the one below for one reason. The way he is holding her hand is off-putting, as is the book that he is using to spank her with. The reason why I love this one though is simple, it is the way that she is dressed. I’m a sucker for girly girls and her outfit has so many intricacies that it is impossible not to love.

Forestville Central High School - 1952 - mind of her own


Do I need to explain this one? If I do then you don’t know me very well :)

new trier 62


There are so many to choose from in this folder but I am always drawn to one, Nick Adams giving Natalie Wood a birthday spanking. Now, that is what was reported anyway, I have yet to see this pic in a publication anywhere with an accompanying story. The moment that I can find where this pic appeared I can assure you that I will purchase it.

It’s funny that my favorite birthday spanking pic I have yet to post. In terms of actual spanking pics the artistry of it is appalling, you can’t see the girls face or butt, it is shot from her head and even the lighting is poor. What you can see though is just a tiny bit of her face, her feet up in the air and the spanker with a firm grip on her. Why do I like it so much? I’m not sure. It is partially because she is the editor of the school newspaper but I think mostly it is because of a simple fact, you can let your mind imagine what is happening based on what you already know. Maybe I will share that pic on Sunday for you and you can let me know your thoughts.



For the final two selections they are easy choices, both in the folder listed above and the stage spankings folder below. The reason that they are easy choices is simple, these are pics from my personal collection that I paid for. What is funny is that this first one I bought it from the dealer on Ebay and he showed the copy on the sales page which prompted me to buy it from him. Well somebody in Spain took that copy and made prints of it and now sells it on a website. Coincidentally, another pic that I bought from a separate dealer is also sold by this person in Spain. I can’t complain though because I have the originals.

Spanking early 1940s


Finally, and this one is as close as any to being my favorite spanking pic of all time, we have the outtake pic from Blue Hawaii of Elvis spanking Jenny Maxwell. Without a doubt this is the pride of my personal collection and the picture hangs on the wall in my apartment. I paid $15 for this picture and it is worth every penny. This sums up what spanking is about for me, and if you get that then you get me. The best picture in my private collection.


Let me know your thoughts and here’s to another thousand posts :)

Windsor Wednesday Classic –68

I still owe you all a Kiss Me Kate spanking pic to round up last weeks Kiss Me Kate week. So for the Wednesday classic I will give you one more and then it will be back to posting pics from various plays for a while. In a month or two I will do another Kiss Me Kate spanking week.

Now on Friday I am going to come up with a special post for you all. Yesterday I was in my admin panel and by chance I happened to notice that the Kiss Me Kate part 5 post last week was the one thousandth post on this site. I’m not much of a number whore but that caught my eye so I thought why not post some of my highlights from the first 1,000 posts?

The stats for this site are spread over two accounts so I might look them up and put them together to see what the numbers are for the first 1,000 posts. I’m not sure if I have had a million visitors in the first seven years of this blog, though I am sure it will be close. Now that isn’t the number of page hits that the site has got, this is just visitors. In fact I will look it up now :)

Okay, it was way more than I thought. The number of visitors to this site over seven and a half years is 2,162,907. I’m not going to add up the page hits, but it is nice to see that over 2 million people have come to this site from all over the world.

So on Friday I will post my favorites, probably starting with my favorite pic on this site. It might surprise you, but I thought that it was such a unique find that it is my favorite simply because of the historical importance of it. I remember bidding on Ebay for it and then on the last day I had forgotten about it and I was outbid, I really kicked myself for that one. You never know though, it may show up on Ebay again one day.

Alright, so the following pic will be added to my KISS ME KATE spanking folder, check it out to see all of the unique pics that I have posted for you.

yoa 80

Windsor’s Sunday Candids – 15

Carry your books? I think I will spank you first!!

This will be added to my WINDSOR SUNDAY CANDIDS album.


Kiss Me Kate Week Part 5

So my personal folder of rare Kiss Me Kate spanking pics doesn’t get as much attention as my other folders, and because of that I will once more delve into it to bring you one of my classics. It’s not like I am going to shorten the collection by posting two in a week because I rarely post my Kiss Me Kate’s in favor of other pics.

Tomorrow I might well post the other 23 pics from the play that I posted 11 of earlier this week. Then on Sunday why don’t I post one of the Grade A pics that are few are far between but are certain to be popular due to their clarity.

As always, this spanking pic will be added to my KISS ME KATE school folder where you will find all of the contributions that I have personally brought to you. CLICK HERE TO SEE THEM ALL.

GW1 76

Kiss Me Kate Week Part 4

Man have I been feeling the love this week :)

While I was blessed with a number of emails offering suggestions for stories and other types of correspondence, a couple of my readers weren’t afraid to leave some constructive criticism for me. The first one was short, sweet and to the point.

God you’re an ugly fucker”

Sometimes the old adage “Less is more” really applies. Everything that needed to be said was contained in five words and the message couldn’t be any more concise. They were able to convey their point with ease and I applaud them!!

The second one had more depth to it though and was by far my favorite, it fact it made me incredibly happy and made my week for me. This is true constructive criticism with suggestions as to where I may be going wrong with my approach. It came from a Comcast user in Florida (the IP address and city location aren’t that important right now) and they wasted no time getting to the meat and bones of the situation which I will share with you now. I haven’t tried responding to their email address yet ( but if I get a chance later I might :)

“Another blathering Windsor post about “who I am.”Let’s skip to the chase! You’re a hard up 50 year old drunk who can’t maintain a romantic relationship because your mommy used to beat you so now you sit around on your ass stealing pictures off the internet as you cling to the tiniest shred of relevancy you can find. When someone is just “looking over your head”it’s because they see right through your pathetic bullshit and have no desire to hide it. Go find a life.”

And you may wonder why my interest in the spanking lifestyle is fading :) You thought that blogging was easy? Other than the fact that I am now 51 years old, I really can’t find much fault with their words.

Okay, so on to day 4 of the Kiss Me Kate spanking picture collection. Here are four more for you and I will also provide more on Friday and Saturday before I resume my regular Sunday post.

756556_t607 384411987-b58d636d-0f7f-412a-a8ea-1d3da8b1b234-3l31 IMG_3135-L 163_20100916083035


Windsor Wednesday Classic – 67

Just looking at my various email accounts and it insane how many I have let build up without responding to them. I’m going to try my hardest to reply to some of them tonight so I will post this weeks classic right now.

As you all know, I am doing a Kiss Me Kate week where I am trying to unload a lot of what I have collected over the past year or so. Obviously I won’t get to post them all this week, but if it is something that you like then you should have a treat in store for you. The classic this week is another freebie to the spanking community that I had come across, from the University of Wisconsin in 1971.

This will be added to my personal KISS ME KATE school version folder. In this folder I only post the contributions that I share with the spanking community, but there are some real classics in there. Check it out.

University of Wisconsin 1971