Streetcar Sundays – 42

Before I share with you this weeks Men Are Like Streetcars spanking pic, I thought I would let you all know that I have reduced all of my spanking videos to the lowest price that I can sell them. Here is a partial list of what is for sale —> SPANKING VIDEOS

There are others though that are not in the list such as BARE BOTTOM BONANZA –  47 MINUTES $14.99

Just click any of the links above to peruse all of my spanking videos.

This weeks Men Are Like Streetcars spanking pic is from Swissvale, PA in 1953

This will be added to my MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS spanking folder.

Swissvale pa 53

Time For A Caption

It is a mental day in the Windsor household today, my landlady is coming over to my apartment tomorrow while I am at work. You wouldn’t believe how much spanking stuff I have lying around, there are brushes and paddles and canes and DVD’s and magazines. Almost everywhere I turn there is something spanking related, so today I am spending the time gathering everything up and trying to cram it all into a suitcase that I can lock, it is scary stuff. Talking about scary stuff, here is a pic from 1981 of a certain hoodlum :)

windsor 1981

So while I am busy today I thought why not put up a picture that the readers can leave a caption on. Once everyone has commented I will make a follow up post with all of the comments included. Just click the box below to leave a comment.


What do you think this young lady is saying to herself?


Are You There?

I went over to CHROSS’DATABASE and didn’t see this one listed so I will happily contribute a new spanking still to be added to the collection. Now as far as I know this is only a still and no actual spanking took place, though Chross’team of avid collectors can discuss that. There is also a second pic which I included that is more of a threat, but it has a place in this post so it is included.

The girl getting spanked is none other than Olga Baclanova, who was famous for her role in the 1932 film FREAKS. There was no name attached to the spanker but I am going to take a guess that it is Beatrice Lillie. It is hard to work out but Beatrice does have a distinct profile and matching it up to other pics of her I can take an educated guess that she is the one doing the spanking. And let’s hope that she eventually used the hand mirror lying on the bed, eh?

This will be added to my WINDSOR’S STAGE SPANKINGS album.

Are You There OGLA BACLANOVA SpankedOlga 2

My Story World

Even though I haven’t written a story in ages, and for the only reason that I don’t have as much time anymore, I am always amazed when I check my stats to see how many times my stories are read each day. Obviously my focus nowadays is finding rare pics for you, but people still come here just to read the stories.

Now somebody who I communicate with has a birthday coming up and she wants me to write her a story for her birthday, and being that I don’t mind writing birthday stories then it should be an easy task to do. With that in mind I thought that I would share a list of my stories on this site, each with a brief synopsis so that you guys can choose what you want to read. The comment section is open on all of them so feel free to let me know your thoughts on each story, I would love to hear some feedback and get your opinions on the stories.

This list is done in order of popularity based on how many times each story has been viewed so far this year.

1979 –The First Spanking

This is where it all began for me, the first time as a teenager that I ever spanked a girl. Even 35 years later I remember it clearly and this is where the mystery of the white nylon panties comes from, for that was what my girlfriend at the time was wearing. It isn’t the longest spanking by any means, but it is perhaps the most important one…. READ MORE

Missy Gets Spanked In Public

This is a big entrance page story mostly for people looking for public spankings. Unfortunately the title is a little misleading as the spanking took place at a spanking party. However, it was done very publicly with the intent of causing her some embarrassment. I even spanked three girls while I waited for her just to add to the anticipation…. READ MORE

Jane’s Birthday Spanking

Jane is a junior counselor at a summer camp and is boarding with the camp director and his wife during the summer. It was the night of her 19th birthday and the old custom of birthday spankings had raised its head. Jane happily played along and before long the seat of her panties were getting warmed…. READ MORE

Birthday Spanking For Laura

A man is visiting his next door neighbour when her bratty daughter arrives and starts to lay down subtle innuendos about what the two of them are up to. When he finds out that she has a birthday coming up he threatens to spank her and is encouraged to do so by her mom. When the spanking is over a further threat is made to the mom who has a birthday coming up. Part two has yet to be written…. READ MORE

Ellee Gets Spanked

In what was the first of many spankings for ellee, we see each other for the second time and this time she gets a spanking. What was very unusual for spanking a girl for the first time I used my hand, hairbrush and the cane. Part two of the story happens two weeks later where I put the extra effort in and created a full blown scenario, all unknown to her at the time, in what is still one of my favorite roleplays. Lots of great pics attached to this story…. READ MORE

Getting The Cane

A real life story from when I was at school and where the cane was still employed as an instrument of correction…. READ MORE

Three Girls Part 1

Yet another in the collection of birthday spanking stories. This time three young women are on their way out for the evening when the father of one threatens to give her friend a birthday spanking. After he is dared he follows through quite intently, much to the arousal of the other friend who is watching…. READ MORE

Meeting Amber Pixie Wells

My first venture out in the spanking world and the first person that I got to meet was none other than Pixie. We spent a very memorable afternoon together which began when I got to the lobby of the hotel to meet a girl wearing a schoolgirl outfit. My red face soon gave way to Pixie’s red bottom…. READ MORE

The Fly On The Wall

The only story on this site that features an F/M spanking. Originally written for a spanking story contest, two neighbors discuss the spanking that the daughter had received and fool around a little bit. The fooling around soon becomes heavy petting and they get busted by the girls mom. What follows is a long painful spanking for the both of them, courtesy of the hairbrush…. READ MORE

A Simple Birthday Spanking

An erotic story of two neighbors and a birthday spanking. It is a very short story where your imagination is left to decide what happens once he carries her upstairs…. READ MORE

Scenes From A Film Shoot

Back when I used to shoot with Punished Brats, this is a story of one of those film shoots. Spankings for Pixie, Juliet Valentina and Violetta…. READ MORE

Emily And Tom

Written in anticipation of meeting up with someone, who eventually did not come. However, there is still the story which is sexual in nature…. PART 1PART 2PART 3.

New Years Eve Party

A New Years party at the Tanner house ended up as a wonderful evening, and it culminated with Pixie bratting me and getting a good spanking. Within a minute of the spanking ending Pixie was fast asleep…. READ MORE

The Errant Schoolgirl

A long time ago I used to visit a wonderful girl by the name of Raven. We engaged in a full roleplay where she played Miss Gallagher, a mischievous student. This spanking ended with a very long application of the cracker barrel paddle to her bare bottom…. READ MORE

A Weekend With A Good Girl

Many spankings occur when the beautiful Aurora comes to stay with me. This weekend was also the very first time that I used a cane, albeit from a one inch distance. When this story was originally written it was one of my most popular on spanking sites…. READ MORE

Nurse Byron And The Manor House

Probably the darkest story on the site, about a nurse who takes advantage of her unconscious patient, only to find out that his security cameras captured the whole thing. Set in a stately home, the house also contains a special play room which she is forbidden from entering. Once the video footage is reviewed, she is taken to the special room for her punishment…. READ MORE

Santa And The Gingerbread Elf

At one time the video to this story ranked as the fourth most watched video on spanking tube of all time. When it was eventually pulled it had been watched nearly a million times. Think about that! Even to this day I am asked about this video. I play the role of Santa and Audrey Knight is the most delectable naughty elf you could imagine. Pictures accompany this story…. READ MORE

Need A Ride Home

A man offers to drive his co-worker home in the heavy snow. On the journey she finds out that he spanked his daughters and it brings out the brat in her. What started as a plan to give her a playful birthday spanking ended up being a proper spanking due to her behavior…. READ MORE

Saturday Night In Vegas

At a weekend party in Vegas I hosted a small room party with friends which turned into an all nighter. One attendee was a vanilla girl who only came to the party with her friend. At 5.30am someone called my room, it was the vanilla girl, and soon after she received her very first bare bottom spanking…. READ MORE

Now at this point I am going to break the post up into two different posts. There are still half a dozen stories to add that are already listed, but as I was going through the list one thing was becoming apparent, I don’t yet have all the stories listed under the story categories. It dawned on me because one of the most popular stories to appear on this site wasn’t listed. I figured I had missed it in the stats but then I realized, I don’t have a story page created for it yet. The story was The Saturday Spanking Show which has been viewed thousands of times since I wrote it, but I neglected to create a page for it. That was the point that I realized that all of the stories featuring ellee, barring one, have not been added to the story section. I think this was because ellee has her own section on this site anyway as posts featuring her are incredibly popular. So this week I am going to create separate pages for all stories which I have yet to do, and that will also include older ones that I have yet to create pages for.

Windsor’s Sunday Candids –30

Yesterday I was answering my emails and it dawned on me, that is currently the only communication that I have in the spanking world along with comments left on this blog. Since leaving Fetlife in terms of actually going there (I still have a profile for later) I guess I didn’t realize how much of a hub it actually was for spanking activity. I still keep in touch with a lot of friends that I have made in the spanking scene, but for the most part we are friends outside of the spanking scene.

I have a TWITTER PROFILE with over 600 followers, but that is almost non existent in terms of actually communicating with people. Then I have two Facebook profiles, which is kind of funny. One of them is vanilla for my spanking friends, and the other is my real profile where I am out to my non spanking friends :)

Now I do have a number of spanking friends on my real profile, but as it is my vanilla life I never add anyone who isn’t prepared to share who they are. Any time that I get a friend request with a generic web spanking pic as the profile picture I never add them. If someone is comfortable with who they are then I will add them without an issue, but I won’t add mystery people who are just snooping.

So now onto this weeks Sunday Spanking Classic. Before we get to that I want to point out the category tag that I assign on Sunday’s. If you pay attention I always tag these photos as WEDNESDAY CLASSICS. There is a reason for this, and that is I only want one tag for these pics. When people come to this site to review my contributions and they click on a tag, I don’t want them to miss any of my finds. If I separated them into a Sunday tag and a Wednesday tag then inevitably they will miss out on half the pics. Obviously I have a wealth of material and they are there to be seen.

This week I have created a new folder entitled WE DUDE IT. After counting my collection I have 20 spanking pics from this play so therefore it is worth having a folder especially for them. So I have removed those pics from the VARIOUS SCHOOL PLAYS folder into there own section.

So this pic will now be added to the WE DUDE IT spanking folder and the pic is from 1968.

wedudeit lucas KS 68

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 76

A little bit of extra stress occurred today when I got a call from my landlady telling me that they are selling the house. She did give me an option of renting from another of their locations, which I will probably take them up on, but I will still have the hassle of packing after having lived in the same place for 17 years. Let’s hope that when I move in a few months I have a quieter living space where I can have visitors for some spanking fun :)

This was a tough call this week. Two days ago I promised you a rehearsal spanking pic from Kiss Me Kate, and after I posted that I found a new rehearsal pic so I was torn between two options. So what I am going to go with today is the second option simply because it features a double spanking.

This version of the play is from 1970 and featured TWO performances, each with a different cast. So for their promo pick they decided that both Kate’s should deserve an extra spanking together.

As always, this will go in my special collection of KISS ME KATE SPANKING PICS.

alameda ca 70

Back To The Fifties

Last night I had very little time when I got home from work so for an hour I went on a Kiss Me Kate hunting mission. These pics are the easiest to find, but as I have mentioned earlier, Kiss Me Kate spanking pics aren’t my favorite ones. I think that it has a lot to do with the fact that the spanking scene is in period costume and that is something that I hate with a passion.

So during the search last night I came up with another couple of dozen to go with the ton of pics that I have yet to post from the play, so now would be a good time to make a Kiss Me Kate post. There was one really good one that was a rehearsal so the actors weren’t in costume, perhaps I will share that one tomorrow for my Wednesday classic.

This one is good from a historical standpoint though and is from 1954.

As always, this will be added to my KISS ME KATE SPANKING COLLECTION which includes some super rare finds that get their first run on this site.

findlay oh 54

Windsor’s Sunday Candids – 29

I positively hate it when I don’t find the time to update this blog. There are times where I wish I could sit on my big fat arse all day. Unfortunately work tends to get in the way a bit. You know what is funny? I was told 16 months ago that I was being laid off, yet there I still am. The company that I worked for is no longer and my time is split between two splinter companies, and now I find myself busier than I have ever been, this week especially.

Anyway, you are not here for my gripes, you are here to grab my spanking finds, right? :)

This week I will go back to the spanking in the play  “We Dude It”. In my various school plays folder I have already posted three from this play, including one spanking on probably the tightest Daisy Dukes you could find, and as I have about another ten or so I might actually create a separate page for spanking pics from this play.

As always, this will be added to my VARIOUS SCHOOL PLAYS folder where you can find a mixed collection of spankings from a number of different plays.

wedudeit oakley 62

Windsor’s Sunday Candids – 28

And so a new year begins and yet another year will be spent bringing you the rarest spanking finds on the Internet. I know that the new year started because a lot of annual subscriptions were renewed to the library’s that I use to find these rarities for you. In fact I found myself saying on new year’s day “Come on now, slow down a bit, eh”? :)

Now don’t worry, I’m not complaining about the fact that I personally pay money from my own pocket to bring this material to the spanking community. If you look to the right there I have a pay link and the money that I generate from that more than covers what I pay out to get the material for your enjoyment. That link doesn’t cover the time that I spend finding these pics though, if it did I would certainly need a lot more money, lol.

Thankfully this is something that is a passionate hobby of mine, and I don’t think that anyone can understand the joy that I get when I find something new. In fact head over to my VINTAGE SPANKING BLOG for an awesome Sorority spanking find this week.

The whole premise of this hobby I trace back to my origins when I first started to realize who I was. Back in the 1970’s we didn’t have the Internet at our disposal, and spanking parties were a thing of the future. All we had were film references to go by, and those ultra rare spanking pics that one would find in a newspaper or a magazine. For those of us who appreciate pictures I don’t think that the younger generation can appreciate what I mean by this. There could be times where you would stumble across one mainstream spanking picture in a three year span, and that was all you had in your collection. Just one item, think about that for a minute in today’s day and age.

Perhaps that is the main reason why I am so grateful for anything that I have had in my later spanking life. There was once a time where I had nothing for decades, so the simplest things in the spanking world can make me a very happy man. I’ve probably received ten times more than I could have ever possibly dreamed of at one point in my life.

Going backwards a bit and focusing my energies on finding rare material is something that I have made a concentrated effort on this last year. In terms of real life activity I have scaled way back, which can be seen from my top ten of 2014 as there wasn’t a single personal spanking picture or video of mine that made the list. In fact I’m not even sure if I took any spanking pics or videos in 2014, certainly none that I remember posting anyway. There is one small set of pics that I took with ellee back at the BBW party but I didn’t post any of those as I haven’t sought her permission to share any of them as of yet. There was a few pics and a video that I did with Pixie and Lily Anna that I posted this year but that was shot in 2013.

In regards to 2015 I think that there will be much of the same as there was in 2014, most of the upcoming year will be spent providing you with rare pics. Right now I just have one party planned and that is the annual Boardwalk Badness Weekend party. Now I do have some exciting things planned for that party, in fact I will be spending some time planning those events with my good friend, Kor-E, as we have something special in store, but other than that it is pretty doubtful that I will be at any other parties. It is a planned break that I am doing, and the reasons why are pretty much two fold. As I said to Jules earlier in the year, everything that I ever wanted in the spanking scene I got, and I’m forever grateful that I got the opportunity to enact the things that were really important to me. Like Martin Luther King, I’ve been to the mountaintop! The other reason was self induced, and it is a pretty simple reason, I stopped having fun. It is strange to say that based on my first statement, but I actually think that they are tied to each other. Because I have reached the pinnacle of what I always wanted, I know even more now what it is that makes me happy. To me the spanking lifestyle is supposed to be fun, and I’ve been blessed with more enjoyment that I could have ever wished for.

Now with that said, there are still a lot of ambitions that I have and I do hope that I will be able to work towards some of them this year. While I am pretty much retired from making movies, unless I do some free ones with willing participants, there is just one more that I would love to do as a swansong. Given the chance I would love to do the film with one of three girls, and I’m pretty sure that one of them will be at BBW. My number one choice I don’t think does spanking movies anymore, but if she was local (which I think she is) I would definitely pay extra to hire her. Then of course I will be doing my annual interview with Dana Specht and finally, I want to direct a photo shoot. Or should I say that I basically want to be super finicky in getting the shots that I want. So I’m not out of the active scene totally, I will just maintain the scaled back version for another year.

Anyway, I should stop blathering and give you what you have come here for this week, a rare spanking pic. They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, well I most be the most flattered man in America right now :)

This weeks pic will be added to my WINDSOR’S SUNDAY CANDIDS folder and it is from 1961. Let’s start the year with something awesome, eh?


The Best Of 2014

It is that annual time of year again where I present to you the top ten posts on this site from the last 12 months. These results are based on one simple criteria, how many page views each particular post gets in the last year. None of these are a personal choice as I am sure my favorites didn’t even make the top ten. There is no inflation of stats either, these are the posts that made the top ten as they are.

I certainly hope that you have enjoyed the last 12 months and the entirety of fresh spanking pics that I bring to you. It is something that I have mentioned before, this is a hobby of mine and I take great delight bringing you new material through the many hours of my searches. There is some cost involved, which at this point runs around $100 a year, but occasionally I do get a little recognition for my efforts which makes it worth it, and I know from the feedback that I do have a handful of readers who are always courteous enough to let me know that they appreciate my work. I’ve never been one to beg for comments, people are free to do what they please, but as Chross mentioned in his Love Our Lurkers post, there are times when one finds something amazingly good and it receives not a single comment, which as he stated can be quite frustrating and disappointing at times. We could all do with a little recognition for our efforts from time to time.

That said though, I will persevere with my efforts to bring you unique and rare material every week. Mine isn’t the biggest blog out there, not by a long shot, but if the numbers are anything to go by then I think that this blog has a place in the spanking community. It is now eight years old and I think that I have enough material to keep going for another eight years. Just keep in mind that no matter what I post, I generally find more pics each week than I actually post, so I have quite the archive of pics yet to be seen.

So on to the top ten posts of 2014. If you are only a semi regular reader then you might find something new here, and if something is new to you then there will be a link contained within each post where you will be able to find my archive of pics for that particular category. So here we go…


The most viewed post on this site this year was, and it kind of sucks because unfortunately Youtube pulled the video, but the most viewed post was this one, my finding of a spanking scene in the movie INTA HABIBI. Now while it is no longer on my site, Chross took the video and added it to his database so you can go and VIEW IT HERE (just search down the list) if you want to watch it. It is a good one so it is worth watching. Obviously you can also watch a whole bunch of movies on that link, a portion of which I have either contributed or supplied the movie stills for. This particular post was number 1 by a long shot! Every year there always seems to be one post that blows everything else away.


This was the most viewed picture on this site in the last year, though only just. This post had only 48 more views than the 3rd most viewed post on this site in the last year, 5,324 to 5,278. You can read the WHOLE POST HERE, but I have a little treat for you, I found a copy of the pic of Anne Shirley being spanked by James Craig on the set of The Devil And Daniel Webster without the horrible watermark at the bottom, which I present to you now. So while you can view the original post, this copy of the pic is bigger and doesn’t have a watermark on it. Just click the pic for the full sized version.

$_57 (14)


This was a most pleasant surprise this year and I was delighted that it became the third most viewed post on this site for 2014. In 2012 I wrote THE CHI OMEGA STORY which became the third most viewed post of 2012. If there was ever a post on this site that I devoted the most work to it was that post in 2012, and I was thrilled that it was enjoyed by as many people as it was. That particular story was the one that was sent to me by Mr. P and pretty much started my journey in collecting SORORITY SPANKING PICS for your enjoyment. So you all have Mr. P to thank for steering my in this direction. Well anyway, earlier this year I managed to find a copy of the original magazine from 1941 that featured The Chi Omega Story, and I purchased it so that I was able to scan the best quality I could of the famous spanking pic that is shown below. Just one of my purchased gifts for you. I no longer have the magazine anymore though!! Thanks to Mr. P’s kindness in sending me a photocopy of the paddling pic, I thought why not return the kindness. So I packaged the 1941 magazine up in an envelope and sent it off to Mr. P so that he could have it for his personal collection. If you want to read about the magazine along with pictures you can do so RIGHT HERE…

20140727_083732 a


There is much debate about this picture online, which I believe is why it is the 4th most viewed post on this site for the year. When I found it in a yearbook it does say that the paddling is taking place, but you don’t always have to believe what you read. Just because something is presented as being real doesn’t make it so. However, I just reported what was said and there is a lot of discussion as to whether or not it is a real paddling. I created a new folder for all of my PADDLING PICS, but if you want to read about this post alone, you can do so RIGHT HERE…

Roc 66


My WEDNESDAY CLASSICS POSTS are a very popular feature and they are represented throughout the top ten this year, and this entry from DAMSELS IN DISTRESS was a very worthy entry in the top ten. This is one of those plays where there are only a few spanking pics available to view. So far I have posted 5 of them, but with the discovery of two new ones this week I still have three left to post. To read all of this entry you can click RIGHT HERE…



If I am really honest, this pic from my STAGE SPANKINGS collection would never have made my own personal top ten of the year, but, like I said, I don’t manipulate or inflate numbers on this website, this was the 6th most viewed pic so number 6 it is. This was a promo pic for The Girl From U.N.C.L.E and features Stefanie Powers getting a spanking, and I’m sure that you have heard of her getting a spanking in a more famous movie, eh? To read the whole post go RIGHT HERE…



Yet another of my WEDNESDAY CLASSICS comes in at number 7, and this is a much better spanking pic (click on the pic for the full sized version). One of my better finds that is now circulating around spanking blogs and Tumblr sites. There is no doubt whatsoever that this is a genuine spanking, and I dare say quite a painful one at that. To read the whole post CLICK HERE…

Minot 1964


Finally, A BIRTHDAY SPANKING!! On a personal note, this was one of my favorite pics of the year. Of course it can be a whole lot better, but the angle is my favorite and there is a lot to like about it. Lying over a table while being held down by three people, and the spanker wielding a yardstick. It even appears that she might be pleading for him not to spank her too hard…. silly girl :) You can read the whole post RIGHT HERE…



Here is a delightful entry that just makes the top ten, a classic SCREEN SPANKING featuring John McIntire spanking Deborah Walley in Wagon Train –  The Nancy Styles Story. Without a doubt a classic spanking picture and due to my post, Chross set out to find the actual clip containing the spanking which you can watch here. To read about the find simply CLICK HERE…

John McIntire spanks Deborah Walley Wagon Train Nancy Styles Storya


Now am I cheating with the last entry into the top ten most viewed posts of 2014? What actually came in tenth was my real life story of THE FIRST SPANKING I EVER GAVE. The thing is though, I posted that story in 2006, lol. Yes, even today, eight years later, the story is constantly read (3,254 times in 2014) as it has been for eight years. As it wasn’t posted in 2014 though, I will stick to the tenth most popular post of 2014, and it just so happens to be one of the best. From the school play ACT YOUR AGE, this pic just snuck into the top ten of the year. To read the whole post CLICK HERE…


So there you have it, yet another year in the books and yet another collection of the most viewed posts on this site for the previous calender year, I hope that you like them. For my previous top ten lists you can click the links below to view each one, starting in 2011.





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