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Did you know that I still haven’t played for 15 months now? At Boardwalk Badness I did play in skits that I was involved in, but I haven’t had a one to one in over a year. It’s actually through choice as well, it’s not like I haven’t had plenty of opportunities to play. My genuine belief is that it all comes down to one thing, I have been so blessed in our chosen lifestyle that I think that I have reached the pinnacle for everything I ever wanted. There is no denying that the last few parties have been a struggle for me, my tolerance for the bullshit factor is so below zero that I think I am in Russia, lol.

I’m not a total hermit though, even though I left Fetlife months ago there are still a few people who keep in touch with me. In fact the reason that I thought of writing this was because just this week Pixie made plans to come and visit me at my new apartment. That’s also the reason for stating that it was 15 months ago when I played the last time (coincidentally with Pixie) because if she thinks that she is leaving my place able to drive comfortably, she is going to be sorely mistaken.

Mike and Jules Tanner also contact me every week. A few weeks ago I learned that my Mom has cancer, and while I am not fully aware of the extent yet, being that it is the Colon and it has reached the liver and lungs we are dealing with a rather advanced stage one fears. Ever since knowing that Mike and Jules have been so kind, checking in with me every week to see how Mom is doing and to see how I am doing. It is really heartwarming to have a family away from family.

Then there are spanking friends that I have both on my real Facebook, and my alternate Facebook for spanking friends who are not open about what they do. It’s funny that some of my friends don’t even go to spanking parties anymore, but we remain friends away from the scene. You will find that, over time people come and go, but there are some people who you were just made to be friends with. Let me point out that I am tough to be friends with as well, I have next to no tolerance for bullshit whatsoever. Being a friend isn’t a game, it is a feeling.

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Anyway, in a week or two Pixie is going to receive a fire engine red bottom, and maybe that will get me back in the game a bit. Spanking is still a huge part of my life, but there are others things that are important as well. Now, onto the Saturday spanking cartoons. As I mentioned last week, if you want your fill of spanking cartoons then click the two links below. I’m sure all of my entries this week are already in Web-Ed’s archives, but these are supersized pics that I hope can be additions to his collection. Click the pics for the supersized version.



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WSC 41 –Dotty And Daffy Part 2

As promised, here is the second pic to go along with YESTERDAY’S SPANKING. Both of these pics were from the same 1951 play but I figured I would spread out the fun so that you had something else to see today.

This will be added to my VARIOUS SCHOOL PLAYS folder.

dotty and daffy st marys colgan ks 51b

Windsor’s Sunday Candids – 41 –Dotty And Daffy

First of all I want to thank Spank Boss for linking into my Wednesday classic this week of Child Wonder. I also thought that it was a great find and I am glad that he also shared the find with his audience. The Spanking Blog I believe is the original blog to hit the Internet so check it out, there is like a decade worth of material on there. Chross also returned this week with his Spankings Of The Week so if you missed that feature be sure to head over there to check it out.

This post is going to be a longer one which will continue under this weeks pic so be sure to keep scrolling down.

One search that I frequently conduct is for the play  “Dotty and Daffy”. Now while I have a handful of pics from this play, they are few and far between. I have already posted three and I have a few more that I have yet to post. So this week you can imagine how happy I was to find a new one. Not that you will know it from the pictures that I post, but this find took a long time to make the picture worthy of seeing. What I found was no more than a thumbnail and I had to work overtime to enlarge it. The added bonus though is that because two girls get spanked, you not only get one today but I will post the second spanking tomorrow. So here is the first spanking and be sure to come back tomorrow for the second spanking.

This will be added to my VARIOUS SCHOOL PLAYS folder.

dotty and daffy st marys colgan ks 51a

This week Harry’s featured play is FULL HOUSE. Now if you don’t know this already, when Harry makes a post he goes into great detail with the information abut each play, not only that but if he is able to he also posts the relevant portion of the script that relates to the spanking. Yes, he goes as far as purchasing scripts and sharing that knowledge with you all. He and I post similar content in relation to plays, but I will be the first to tell you that his collection is far superior to mine and dare I say he also puts in far more effort than I do. We will occasionally post cross over pics, but that is only because we discovered the same material at different times.

This week is one of those times. The final two pictures in Harry’s post on Full House I had also posted back in 2010, with the only additional information that I had being that they were both from The Mercury newspaper in Australia. We also have different pictures though as I left in the newspaper captions. MY FULL HOUSE post.

Finding the post in my archive though and reading it made me aware that there were some things from the post that needed updating. First of all, if you click on my post you will see a video at the bottom. The reason for the video isn’t stated but it was shared because the man driving the taxi is none other than my Father. He worked for Shepperton studios in the late 50’s as a chauffeur and for this film he was chauffeur for Simone Signoret. Basically he would pick her up in the morning, sit around all day and then return her at the end of the day. Because of this he filled in on a lot of films as a driver in the background. The only two that I know of where he is seen is Room At The Top and I Was Monty’s Double. In my full house post I had also said that Mom told me my father served in Korea. Well after researching it I can find no trace of him having done so and I even have his D-Mob card after the Palestinian conflict. I’m not saying it didn’t happen, but I think that the years have blended together for my Mom and that she is wrong on this one.

Mixed Bag Of Spanking Comics

Yet another week where I try to clear some of the stuff in my miscellaneous folder, this week I have rounded up just some of the spanking cartoons I have. If you are a lover of spanking cartoons then you should check out Web-Ed’s massive collections of spanking comic pages and art. I bring you rare stage spankings, Web-Ed is the guy who provides the Internet and other spanking blogs with rare spanking art.



This first picture has long been a favorite of mine, so much so that I once had it printed on a T-Shirt. I’m not sure if Alan Lawrence is the artist or not. I thought that it was a Leonardo drawing but quite honestly I don’t know, maybe they are one and the same.

I often wondered who the girl was. Is she a daughter coming home late, a misbehaving wife after a dinner date, or perhaps a niece learning the new rules of the house.

$1 timeshaft $T2eC16RHJIQE9qUHsjkIBRtq+0GFiw~~60_57 834558148_o Clipboard03 thirties2


Windsor Wednesday Classic –84

With this little hobby of mine there are times where one just stumbles across a rare find that they weren’t intending to find. What was funny was that I was searching for something else and the results turned up a two page spread. What I was searching for was on one page and had no relevance, but by pure luck the other page held this gem. Any collector will tell you, sometimes you just strike it lucky.

The play in question I have yet to post, mostly because everything that I have has already been posted by Harry. The play in question is Child Wonder and you can follow the link to Harry’s site for a full review on the play. With that said however, I have found a new pic from the play and it is an absolute corker. Perhaps with the added bonus that as Harry hasn’t posted it, the picture is likely something that is going to be new to everybody. It is a real gem and I hope that you enjoy it, as I am sure that the OTK lovers will go bananas over it. The picture is from 1956 and one could say that it meets all of the requirements to be considered a spanking classic. Feel free to comment, I would love to hear your thoughts on this rarity. BTW, I don’t think Marion is actually seated :)

This will be added to my VARIOUS SCHOOL PLAYS folder.

Child Wonder Appleton ME 56

What Will Appear?

There is just time before I go to work today to give you a quick post, but definitely come back tomorrow as I have an absolute classic for my Wednesday Classic, one of the rare stage spanking pics that is grade A and from a play that has very few awesome looking pics.

Why the title of this post though? It is quite simple really, while I am going to show you a great spanking pic that I believe is from the 1950’s, featuring a man spanking a woman getting into a boat, what I don’t know is what posts will be linked as related posts at the bottom until I click the submit button. So, here’s the pic, and now let’s see what posts are linked today.

The pic will be added to my WINDSOR’S SPANKING FINDS album.


Windsor’s Sunday Candids – 40

There have been a couple of changes made to this website over the last day or so, most of which you will not notice. There are two however that are designed for you to notice. First of all, at the bottom of this post  (And on all posts)  I have now added a  “Related Posts” feature. There is still a way to go with that one as I have to tinker with it, but it is active already as you can see. The reason that I did this was as another avenue for readers to see the work that I put out there. Most of my work gets picked up by other spanking blogs but the links back are few and far between. This way whenever someone comes here they can see other posts linked where they can get the full benefit of what I bring each week. The bottom line is that I want every spanking fan to see what I bring to the table, even if that is on another site. I just get a feeling that they are sometimes denied that when links back aren’t provided for them to see the rest of the material.

The other noticeable change plays into this weeks spanking pic. A brand new SENIOR SUPERLATIVES spanking folder where all pics of this sort can now be archived. This is something that I have promised for a while and I finally had time to do it. So here is a pic from 1964 to launch that folder.

As you can see, one feels that this miss is no stranger to the over the knee position. She is nicely poised with her bottom up, hand grasping the rung of the chair and her feet on tip toes. It would have been ideal if the spanker had dipped his left leg and raised his right instead of the other way around. Had he done that then her feet would have been dangling. Don’t worry buddy, she has been there before and I dare say she will again. Now lift that skirt up and get to work.

This will be added to my SENIOR SUPERLATIVES folder.

Randolph Union VT 64

Father Of The Bride

Unfortunately this weekend I am in the middle of a 3 day rockabilly event, so I don’t have a Saturday Gazette this week for you. Last night, tonight and tomorrow though we have a ton of bands in New York which is headlined tomorrow by Johnny Farina. You might not have heard the name, but I can pretty much guarantee you all know his most famous composition. JOHNNY FARINA –SLEEPWALK

So today I am going to unload my Father Of The Bride collection. Mostly it is just one pic but the covers are from various countries and there is an alternate spanking pic for you.

!$T2eC16JHJGsFFMsZgL3rBRbPOWMwww~~60_3 !6$_57 (10) !6F2E8204DB152778FF6BE1DBF74 !61$_57 (3) !B7p+6ug!Wk~$(KGrHqN,!icEzN1w6iTwBM0z7vmEIg~~_3 !CB)2RSQCWk~$(KGrHqEOKjcEz(BedETHBNI9FOh(Wg~~_3

Streetcar Sundays – 49

Yesterday I actually took some time off for myself and lounged around, catching up with Game Of Thrones. I’m now up to season 5 episode 2 so I have binged pretty well so far. I was also able to put together the Saturday Gazette which I thoroughly enjoyed doing, so much so that I might create a fun spanking newspaper in a PDF format. In a way I wish that I had more time to do that on a frequent basis, but I am going to create one to see what it looks like. Due to the fact that the word  “Panties” is the most searched word on this site, next to my name, I also took the time to edit a 23 minute video featuring nothing but panty spankings from a variety of my personal videos. This has been requested many times so now I have it. It is attached to the PANTY SPANKING survey in order to drive more traffic to this site. Bottom line, the more traffic I get the more I can earn, and in return it means that I can keep paying monthly subscriptions to bring you spanking pics that you won’t find anywhere else save for Harry’s site. A win/win situation.

This weeks Streetcars pic is from 1953 and this go around I have left the play description in the pic so that you can all put it into conteext.

This will be added to my MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS folder.

west lampeter PA 53

The Saturday Gazette

Is your newspaper devoid of interesting stories on a Saturday? Never fear good people, Richard Windsor is here to deliver a spanking edition of the Saturday Gazette. We have news, entertainment, books, comics and a wanted poster.

In The News

In light of Ariana Grande’s  “I hate America” comments this week and doughnut licking exploits, there have been renewed calls for the old patent of the spanking machine to be acted upon. The court of public opinion has spoken loudly and deemed that Ariana could use the full benefit of a switching as depicted below. The switching will not cease until she has completed the Star Spangled Banner.


In local news a haughty young miss laid down the law this week that she was old enough to do as she pleases. Our observant cameraman was able to catch the response of the Mother to this statement. Her response went along the lines of  “Under my house you will follow my rules” and she reinforced her maternal duties upon her daughters frilly, panty clad fanny. I guess the old saying is true, NOBODY is ever too old for a spanking!!



This week we have a review of Shirley Temple’s  “Kiss and Tell”, along with a movie poster of an upcoming attraction.

$_57 (10)$_57ju


This weeks recommendation is by renowned noir author, Curt Aldrich. A tale of the loves of a gas station attendant.


Weekly Comics

The 1940’s were a simple time, a time where one could spank a female and soon she would be madly in love.



Have you seen this girl? She is wanted for trespassing and defacing public property. If caught she will be presented to the courts in picture number one, yet another girl in need of a switching!!


I hope that this brightens up your Saturday. If I get time I will pre-post an edition for next Saturday as well. It won’t be a regular feature though as my time is limited, but it might give other bloggers an idea to run their own weekly gazette. Also known as riding on ones coattails :)

Feel free to comment below, it is all good fun.

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