Windsor’s Sunday Candids – 10

Last week I missed out on the Sunday post as I had other things to write about. This week I will double up for you and share two unique Kiss Me Kate spanking pics from days gone by.

Right now I am in the process of preparing for the Boardwalk Badness Weekend which is just ten days away. This morning I wrote my lesson for the Boardwalk Academy For Girls event of which I am running the geography portion along with Mr. K. Though I do still need to get the supplies which will run me about $60. This is something that I am really excited about and after seeing last week what Jules has done to prepare for the event,I have a feeling that it will be something that the girls attending remember for a long time to come. Being that I am getting supplies I might also run an informal class for those girls who were unable to attend.

This party also brings out the best in me. During the week I had written a lot about what I went through last year, the reasons why my mindset changed a bit, but now that I have written it down I decided to scrap it and concentrate on all the positive things in our lifestyle. Because I am always busy at the BBW party I try to keep my plans down to a minimum. This year I have only arranged six play dates prior to the party and only three of them are set in stone. I will say this though, last year at the party I played the most that I have ever played at a party and I’m hoping that the same happens again this year.

There is a roleplay that I have planned with ellee which I am crazy excited about. With what I have in mind it is something that I am looking forward to the most. Just as long as ellee agrees I would love to capture it on video to share with everyone. The reason that I am so excited is that when we both step into character we are always able to pull off some magical play. The reason for the spanking this time around is frivolous at best. Yes, it is worthy of a fun spanking but nothing more. However, I want to turn it in to a scene and I have played it over and over in my mind. All the little details that make things special. Even though it is non serious, the moment that I pull ellee’s pajama bottoms down she won’t need to step into a character, the fidgeting will be real as she stands there listening to me. By the time we are done ellee will be getting the hairbrush on the bare bottom, probably harder than I have ever spanked her before. If it plays out like it plays out in my mind, and I have no reason to think that it won’t, then it is a memory that I will have for a long time. Being that this might be my last party for a while it is a thought that pleases me to no end.

That is the only individual roleplay that I have set up for now, however, I might try to do some more because I love doing roleplays. As the time draws closer I may set up others.

Okay, so onto this weeks Sunday classics, two Kiss Me Kate spanking pics from 1968 and 1959 respectively.

Both pics will be added to my my KISS ME KATE folder.

fre 68

 io 59

Making A Plan

Today I was in the middle of writing about the upcoming Boardwalk Badness Party but my plan to finish the post didn’t quite come to fruition. It is getting there though so hopefully within the next couple of days it will be finished. This weekend I was down at the SSNY house and my excitement level for the party is beginning to get really high. This weekend helped a lot, as did getting to spend Sunday with Kor-E, that’s Mr. K for those girls attending the Tanner Academy at BBW.

At this particular party I always find myself being very busy so I try to hold up on making too many plans for the event. With that said though, I do have one very special plan in mind for the delectable ellee.

In Vegas ellee said something that deserved a spanking. It is nothing serious, just something cheeky that I want to address with her. Here’s the deal though, ellee and I have a few private videos which are just for the two of us, however, we have both talked about making a video for public viewing. This plays right into my plan and is something that I will use in the video. Now the spanking isn’t for anything serious, quite to the contrary really. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t both step into a role and actually make it into something. ellee doesn’t actually know why I am spanking her yet, and I want to keep it that way. Just prior to the spanking I intend on letting her know, as the camera is rolling, because I want it to help her get into a mindset. I really believe this will work well, in fact ellee even said to me this week, when I put this much effort into a scene it is always good. Trust me, I am putting a lot into it mentally, every little detail, every trigger that I think will work for her. All I have told her is that I want her to put her pajamas on, Richard and ellee will be taking a trip down the domestic highway.


So take this picture above and then let your imagination take hold of you. As ellee stands to my side I will inform her of why she is being spanked, and while she doesn’t know, the moment that I tell her what it is she will say to herself “Oh, that”. This is where the triggers come in. The pajamas are purely cosmetic because I will take hold of them, pull her to me and pull them down to her ankles. Then I will lecture her as she stands there feeling very vulnerable, tugging at her pajama top. It is a role play, the spanking isn’t anything serious, but in her mind she will know that she actually is being spanked for something so there is an element of reality to it. My intention is to make her squirm and she will get quite the lecture.

I love running things like this through my mind, it occupies me for hours, and knowing that I have such a wonderful person to act it out with makes me very excited. So take the picture above, take away the socks, imagine the pajama bottoms puddled on the floor, the pajama top creeping up her back when she is over my knee. ellee will have her panties on because that is a rule for her which I abide by. However, once the camera stops rolling you can rest assured that those panties, probably the ones that you see here, will also find themselves slowly descending to her ankles for a long dose of the hairbrush on her bare bottom.

ellee has asked me on more than one occasion whether it is true that I have never spanked her as hard as I can. The truth is that I haven’t, in fact nowhere close to it. In Vegas we talked about my reasons why, something that she understands. She is far more important to me as a person to me than anything that I can do to her physically, and that is of the utmost importance to me. Why do I mention that? It is because due to my work situation this might be my last party for a while. So take from that what you will. ellee has been so incredibly kind to me the past year, and I may just repay that kindness with a lasting memory for her. I’m creating something special in my mind, and when I do that it makes for awesome viewing. It might mean the hardest spanking that I have given her to date, but so be it, now that she understands me I feel comfortable treating her like a very naughty girl and giving her just what she deserves.

So imagine it yourself ellee, stand by a chair in your pajama top and panties and play one of the many voice recordings that I have made for you. This is something that I am intending to be very special and all of those little triggers will be played to their fullest, it will be very special indeed. It has domestic spanking written all over it. We will laugh and joke beforehand, but the moment that ellee changes into her pajamas the mood will change in a big way. We are both good at that.

I have about three weeks left to prepare for the party and I have a little issue. As you will see in the picture below, I had a bad night the other week, got badly drunk and took a few spills. What you see below is of no consequence, just a shiner that has now cleared up. The problem though, when I finally got home I stepped off the bus onto the imaginary step that wasn’t there and crashed hard on the concrete onto my shoulder. It was weeks ago now and while the pain has cleared up dramatically, I know all is not right and I am a little apprehensive as to how I am going to cope with a spanking party. I’m not sure exactly what I did, I did see a doctor and he told me that I probably dislocated the shoulder. He set me up for an MRI but if the truth be told, once it started to feel better I ditched the MRI. So I’m not entirely sure what damage has been done, it does still hurt and I hope that I am able to make it through the weekend spanking as many bottoms as I can. At worst I will just switch to being a lefty and save my spanking arm for implements.

I’m starting to get excited, very excited. The above is a big part of the reason why, I want something very special and when I want that I put as much effort as I can into it. Just the thought of it makes me a very happy man.



Windsor’s Sunday Candids – 9

After a couple of weeks off I am back. Have to keep the supplies coming for the spanking community :)

I’m preparing for the Boardwalk Badness Party and I’m intending to write a nice long post about it. I had already started to write one but I ended up scrapping it. The focus unfortunately had leaned towards why I backed away from the spanking community a bit and why I left Fetlife. That’s not what I want to do, I really want the focus to be on the wonderful things that happened in the last year and what I am hoping for in what might be my only party in 2014. There were definitely some negative things that happened over the last year, some actions that transpired that I was very disappointed with, and far too much negativity for what should be a wonderful community. There were also some wonderful things that happened, including enacting something that I had always wanted to do ever since I started my journey. One of those things that can’t really be topped.

So look for that post very soon. My support for the Boardwalk Badness Party will be apparent, as it will be for my friends who run it.

This week I am just going to give you a potpourri of rare spanking pics, items that I have collected that have just sat on my hard drive for lord knows how long. I am sure that you will find something here to keep you happy.

$_3$T2eC16J,!yYFIcHy5PVWBSM78yjuQg~~60_57 $T2eC16NHJH!FFmWS7u2sBRd84VGRo!~~60_3 a49679 $_57m

Windsor’s Sunday Candids – 8

I’m going to pick up the writing this week, I know that I have been lacking in it for most of the year so far but it is just me concentrating on other areas of my life. This blog won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, even when I am not in super posting mood I have so many pics that I have to have somewhere to put them.

That said, I do have around 30 unfinished articles and I will start to pick some of them up. Also, the Boardwalk Badness Weekend is coming up and I want to post about it. Due to my upcoming redundancy this might well be my last party for a while, who knows what is going to happen down the road. So this party is going to finish my 50th year off in grand style. In some ways the past year has been the best ever for me, certainly in the realm of doing the things that I always wanted to do in the spanking world. I was more blessed than I could have ever imagined. More on that later though.

This weeks WINDSOR’S SUNDAY CANDID pic I garnered from Ebay and will be added to the highlighted album.


Streetcar Sunday’s – 30

I’m a day late for the weekly Sunday post but I will put it up now regardless. What I like about this pic from 1957 is that it says “Daily dozen”, does that mean that Maudie gets 12 licks in the play?

This will be added to my MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS FOLDER.

drumright 57

Streetcar Sunday’s – 29

I’m going to try and update all of my blogs before running into the city to change some server tapes, though I am battling time as the snow will be coming down this afternoon. Last week I was in Vegas for a spanking party so I didn’t get to do a Sorority post so expect me to double up on that one this week on my VINTAGE SITE.

Right, now for this weeks MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS spanking pic, something that will eventually be filed under ‘I have no idea where it came from’:) This weeks effort is from 1961.

Things have run a little dry on the finds lately. I’m still collecting ‘candid’pics but the school play pics have been few and far between lately. Of course I still have over 200 various ones from different plays, including about 75 unseen streetcar pics, so don’t go anywhere, this feature will be around for a long time.

cow 61

Windsor’s Sunday Candids – 7

I’m in Vegas so this is a real quick post, it will be added to my WINDSOR’S BIRTHDAY SPANKINGS folder.

Getting Birthday Spanks

Giving Birthday Spanks


Windsor’s Sunday Candids – 6

I’m a day late with my spanking pics this week, that’s because I spent a lot of time yesterday writing. I’m not sure if I will post that on here,I did post it on Fetlife and received a lot of feedback but I eventually deleted it so that I could move on.

Due to leaving for Vegas this week I have a lot to get done so my prose will be short this week. Today I am sharing a bunch of small pics that really don’t belong in a single post,so I will group them together for your enjoyment. They aren’t the best pics ever,but I always grab what I find even if they are tiny pics. So here are four for you.

These may or may not be added to my WINDSOR’S SUNDAY CLASSICS folder.

Clipboard01g Clipboard02s San Jose 1942


Windsor Wednesday Classic – 59

On the 19th of January I shared with you a contribution on my Sorority Spankings 58-A post that had been contributed to me by O.H. Over the weekend I did a monthly check of spanking blogs and I noticed that A VOICE IN THE CORNER had posted the same pic 5 days earlier than I had.

Now as you know, I like to collect my own material and I keep a log of the publication where I found the pic, the location, the year and even the names of the participants. You never know, one day someone will say “I wish I knew more about that pic”and I will be able to give them every detail. Ninety nine percent of everything that I post I have done the meticulous research on, however, I will always post the contributions that people send in. In the interests of fair play though, because the pic had already been posted to another spanking blog, it is only right that I pass that credit along, so click THIS LINK to see the spanking blog that had originally put this pic up and you can also see the three other pics that DJ posted that day.

This weeks Wednesday classic is from THE TAMING OF THE SHREW from 1977, just click the link for all of my Kiss me Kate/Taming of the shrew finds.

Pe 77

Streetcar Sunday’s –28

Man, has it really been 10 days since I last posted? I’m going to have to do better sharing my collection with you!! If you ever have a question regarding the particular areas that any individual picture comes from then just ask me. I keep a database of the locations of every pic that I share with you, but I normally just post the year of the pic and not the actual location. Keep in mind though that I do keep all relevant information of the pics which even includes the names of the participants shown. So for the Streetcar Sunday pic this week I take you back to 1952.

Correction, I had already posted the 1952 pic before but didn’t move it into the posted folder, thankfully I keep the streetcars folder on this blog. Instead I will post one from 1956.

As usual this will be added to me MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS spanking folder, my ever growing collection of spanking pics from this play. I so far have shared 35 pics from this play and I still have 80 more in my collection that I have yet to post.

eas 56