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As promised, for Spanksgiving this year I will be giving away another video download from my collection. Last week I asked which video you would like and while the responses were next to nothing, I did get a couple of votes for Sarah –The Bratty Niece. So as it stands that one is favorite right now for a free giveaway. Let me know if there is a video that interests you and I will tally the votes.


I’m not sure if I will get to post tomorrow as I am off out today and I won’t be returning until tomorrow afternoon, however, I am only working on Monday and Saturday next week so look for plenty of updates. For now though, here is a Kiss Me Kate spanking pic from 1963, the year I was born :)

This will be added to my KISS ME KATE folder.

oxon 63

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 74

I’m happy that 5 people went ahead and downloaded the app that I created over the weekend (the 6th person is me) so that the hours I put into building it at least have some recognition. I’m not going to be able to develop it further this weekend but next week I will spend more time on it. It really is something that I think will take off eventually, though I think that it is going to be used more for stories and links than anything else.

After the first couple of downloads I had an average rating of 1.5 out of 5 which, if you know me by now, tickled me to no end. On the other side of that though, my friend, IMLX, left a really nice message on Twitter for me regarding the app, and I quote:

“Richard, just downloaded the app yesterday afternoon after seeing this post. Think it’s very cool! Great idea doing it! I’ve been enjoying your stories through it now, many of which I never read before &it’s great for your image browsing too!”


Just last week during Love Our Lurkers day, even Chross made a comment in relation to comments  “even posts I consider to be especially entertaining, like news clips I found and cut for you, sometimes don´t even yield a single comment. Which can be frustrating and disappointing at times” 

Now I have never been one to get hung up on comments. In fact this was my first time taking part in Love Our Lurkers day because I have always felt that if I post something that reaches someone, and they leave a comment because of it, then the comment is that much more valuable to me. If you look at my LOL comments, every single one of them was from a fellow blogger barring one, who is a frequent commenter here anyway. With that said however, I do get where Chross is coming from.

Because virtually everything that I post in unique material, there are times when I can go through several unique pics and not get a single piece of acknowledgement or courtesy for bringing it to the table. So yeah, it can get frustrating at times, especially when you find a pic that is so smoking hot that you count the comments before you get them, and then get a big fat zero on them.

I do understand that people are not coming here to engage in pithy conversation, but it is nice to get the occasional feedback. My benchmark is the most viewed post this year, EGYPTIAN SPANKING NUMBER 2, that got 7,000 hits alone, and it generated three comments :)

My reason for saying that is quite simple, when IMLX left me a comment today on Twitter, it totally made my day.

Anyway, you’re not here to hear my bollocks, you’re here for this weeks picture, right?

This week I am going for WINDSOR’S PADDLINGS where we get to see a young man studying his target carefully, and the young lady waiting in anticipation while slightly leaning to the left, perhaps anticipating a pretty firm stroke. I hope that you enjoy it.


I'm Not Giving Up

Over the weekend I built an app for the community and I was a little stunned that in 48 hours it hasn’t been downloaded a single time. Now I’m not one to give out grandiose numbers regarding the amount of people that come to this website, each day I get between 800-1000 visitors, that’s it. Out of those visitors 20% come to the site via a mobile device, though the number is actually much higher as Google Analytics doesn’t track Android users separately. So on any given day around 200 people visit my site on a mobile device,so I figured that an app would be an awesome tool for people to use. This isn’t something that I am giving up on though, I intend to follow through and work even harder on this app. At least until someone wants to play a game of one-upmanship. :)

The prototype is already built and you can view it below. In fact if anyone would like to download it you will achieve two things. Firstly you would make me very happy, and secondly it is always nice to get some type of feedback. Anyone can click the HTML5 box to view what the app looks like!! If it is downloaded, the icon that appears on your phone is the head shot that you see of me, though I am probably going to change that to an icon.


Here is what I have added since I started, and what I think is going to be the key for success. If you have checked the link you will see that I added a links section, and that I think is the most important piece. The app isn’t just about my blogs and my social network, it is also a hub where you can get easy access to any spanking blog that you want to visit from your phone. The links listed were copied from my site so they go directly to the blog in question. Keep in mind that the product isn’t completely finished

The other piece that I have added and what I also think will help to make the app a big success is a folder called stories. Now this piece I think that I am going to expand a lot, especially being that I don’t need the live chat so I can remove that and replace it with a folder for the stories of various authors. Right now I only have my own stories in the folder, and knowing from my own stats, people tend to flock to my site a lot to read stories.

I don’t want anyone to think that I am snaffling their work to make my own site more popular though. There was one time when a website asked for all of my stories to add to their site, and while it made me feel a little uncomfortable to say it, my response was pretty simple, I wasn’t okay with it because I wanted people to come to my site to read my work, not go to another website to see my work. So what I have prepared is a readymade HTML code to add the stories from people’s sites. So anyone who wants a story added will only be supplying a link to their own site.

As an example, if you check the stories folder on my app and click on any one of them, the link takes you directly to that story on my website, not on the app. So with the various authors folder, all it is going to contain is a link to your website and specifically the page where the story is. So far from taking traffic away from someone’s website, it will actually be increasing traffic to their website.

So can anyone using a mobile phone go ahead and either click on the Native Android box or the HTML5 box and let me know your thoughts? Like I mentioned, it isn’t anywhere close to being finished, but it is live and it is working and ready to accept visitors.

Windsor’s Sunday Candids –25

This morning I have spent some time building an app for my spanking network, it is still a work in progress but it is live so if you want to download it for your mobile you can do so now. If it is successful I am sure that it will lead the way for other websites to follow suit and create their own apps, or at least I hope that it does so that we can all add them to our phones. If you want to check mine out, and it includes this blog, my vintage blog, my Twitter feed, a photo section and a chat box, it can be downloaded by clicking the link below.


The app looks different now to the one in the preview, it is much cleaner. I would be interested in what you think.

Before I get to this weeks picture, I also want to point out that I will be adding a comment box at the bottom of each post. Just in case anyone wants to leave any feedback. Today I will add it above the pic so that you can see what it looks like.

Now for the spanking picture this week. I have already posted three pics from this set, and this one goes all the way back to 1945. The play has two titles, Sadie Of The USA, which is what this pic is from, but it is also known as Susie And The FBI.

This will be added to my VARIOUS SCHOOL PLAYS folder where you can find the other three pics from this set.

Sadie of the USA

Soon To Be Spanksgiving

What could be better on Spanksgiving than giving some spanks to my readers? Okay, that was pretty corny, but nonetheless, as usual I will be dishing out something for free over the Thanksgiving weekend. Now I can just go ahead and choose something, but before I did that I figured that I would leave the opportunity to the readers of this blog should they have their own preferences.

Now I am still giving THIS VIDEO away as a free download should anyone want it.

So if anyone has a preference then let me know, but what I will be doing this Spanksgiving is giving away another video from my collection. The only question is, what video shall I give away? So this is where you come in if you have a preference, just browse through my videos, let me know which one you would prefer, and the video with the most votes will be given away on Thanksgiving day. Pretty simple really, just browse through MY COLLECTION OF VIDEOS and if one catches your eye then just leave me a comment. And just so that you know, I have been known to just give them away ad-hoc if something catches my eye.


Love For Everyone

This week the spanking blog world turns it’s attention to the annual Love Our Lurkers day. Now as some of my long time readers know, this isn’t something that I normally take part in. I’m not against it in any form, in fact I think that the original premise of it is a wonderful idea, I just have my own views on asking people to comment on things.

With that said I decided this year to focus on the positives and by visiting Hermione’s Heart blog, the first one slapped me in the face. On the post listing the blogs taking part, there were a great many blogs that I had never heard of nor seen before. If for nothing else it is worth linking back for that reason alone, to let my own readers have the opportunity to discover something new.

There is also the community aspect of everyone banding together and sharing something. Well that is what I am about first and foremost, I have such a great collection of pics that nothing pleases me more than sharing them to be viewed. So as this is a community event, why don’t I take the opportunity to take part in this and use the post today for a special reason.

I’m not asking anyone to do anything other than click the link above and check out all of the wonderful spanking blogs taking part in this event. On my end I will do things my way as usual, lol, and I will take this opportunity to share with the spanking world, my readers, other blogs looking for material and the ever wonderful tumblr sites, a plethora of rare pics from all of the categories that I usually post under. Like I said, I’m not looking for any return in the way of comments, all I am doing is giving a gift to all of the readers that come to this site as a way of saying thank you for all the support that I have received over the last eight years of doing this.

So sit back, grab yourself a drink, and enjoy all that I have to offer. Above each pic I will link to each folder where you will be able to see every pic that I have shared under each category. If you ever wonder where a lot of them come from you will get an opportunity to see for yourselves. Now I keep a record of all pics so if there is anything that catches your eye that you would like to know more about, just simply ask me. And once again, thank you for your continued support and here goes my version of Love Our Lurkers, except this is for everyone :)


My first thought on that is the girl who got slapped on the subway the other day, if only she had acted her age!!

For the ACT YOUR AGE folder, CLICK HERE…



There is a big problem with visiting the senior rec room on your birthday, they generally have a Jokari set!! Yes, if you look closely, getting spanked with a Jokari paddle is not a new event. This lass was probably sitting gingerly after 18 swats, or maybe she got spanked twice :)




There are a lot of pics that I just don’t have a folder for yet, and this is one of them. What I generally do is stick them somewhere and I will create a folder for them later.

This one will go in the WINDSOR’S SPANKING FINDS folder, CLICK HERE…



One of more more popular spanking folders is the various school plays folder. Just last week I posted the first from my collection of Meet Me In St. Louis spanking pics which was popular in the blogging world, so here is the second from that play.


roosevelt 55


This is the folder with the most spanking pics in it, and I still have dozens more to post.

For the MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS spanking folder, which literally has dozens of pics in it, CLICK HERE…

ft benton MT 58


This is a relatively new folder that I created due to the fact that I have so many paddling pics.


richmond hill 68


There are other blogs that focus on spankings from the screen, most notably Chrossso I tend not to focus so much on these. However, quite often I come across some really rare and unique pics and these ones I do post. They always enhance Chross’database to enhance the collection that he has already amassed and I’m always happy to have my contributions to the genre added.




This is one folder that I neglect a lot, even though I have over fifty more pics to share.


Southeast Missouri State University 1958


Something that I almost never do on this site, but based on a previous survey at least a third of my readers identified themselves as such, here is one for the male bottoms/switches. There is no folder for it, I am only posting it as today is about giving. This could well be the sister giving out the birthday spankings this year.

Big Sister

So thank you all for your wonderful support and I hope that you enjoyed my gift for you today. You can happily go back to HERMIONE’S HEART right now and check out all of the wonderful spanking blogs taking part in this years event. There will be more of this coming this weekend.

Stefanie Powers

I now have an app for my websites as well as my other social media platforms, check it out by clicking below.


She received the lesser known of the two spankings in McLintock, being spanked by John Wayne’s son, Patrick. In this pic that I found on Ebay she is getting another spanking in a promo pic on The Girl from U.N.C.L.E. Now I’m not sure if there actually was a swat given in the show with what looks like a beer vat stirrer, but the promo pic looks pretty good.

I will add this to my WINDSOR’S STAGE SPANKINGS folder.



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Windsor Wednesday Classic – 72


Still kicking myself after missing out on an Ebay find this week, I just missed the auction by five minutes. This would have been one of my purchased gifts for you all, but all I am left with is a very small screen shot. Oh well, it is bound to turn up again. This is Joel Crothers spanking Lori Loughlin 26 times at the anniversary party for the soap opera, Edge Of Night.


Windsor Wednesday Classic – 73

First of all, I could have kicked myself yesterday. There was an ultra rare spanking pic going on Ebay yesterday that I was going to purchase to share with you all, but when I remembered I shot over there and I had missed the sale by 5 minutes. The spanking was from two American soap opera stars and the caption said that the girl got 26 spanks, one for each year of the show. Unfortunately the preview is not worth posting, I would rather wait for it to be sold again and get the real deal. I actually put my bid in on my phone but the app wouldn’t accept it, maddening!!

Now next week is the annual LOVE OUR LURKERS day event and if you have followed this website for the eight years that I have been doing it then you would know that this isn’t something that I really participate in. It isn’t because I have any objection to it, in fact I totally encourage everyone to take part, it is just that my feelings our different to most. I simply hate asking people to comment on anything. My firm belief is that if I post something worthy enough then people are going to comment on it, and if they do so then they are doing so on their own volition, not because I asked them to. It’s just a hang up that I have.

This year however I am going to take part, but with a twist. My event will be “Love My Readers”but posted under the umbrella of Love Our Lurkers. What exactly does that mean? That means that next week I am going to make a bumper post of rare and unique pics, perhaps a free video as well from my collection, just as a way of saying thank you to my readers. There won’t be any requirement from anyone other than to enjoy what I am sharing.

I’m strange that way, a couple of years ago I also asked to be removed from the contest for “The best blog of the year”. Spanking has never been about being a contest to me. There are many blogs that I have come across that might only have 50 visitors a week but they are important as anyone else out there. If people like what I present then I am glad that I can bring some joy into their lives, that’s good enough for me.

So it’s time for the Christmas grouch to give you his weekly offering in the hopes that you guys will enjoy it. This week I will share with you a new play from my collection, one that I have numerous pics from, and they play is Meet Me In St. Louis. The pic is from 1971.

This will be added to my VARIOUS SCHOOL PLAYS folder.

mmisl prairie heights 71

Windsor’s Sunday Candids – 24

As you can no doubt tell from this week, I’m back to posting on a regular schedule. In fact you could pretty much call this my own version of spankings of the week. Aside from the pic today I will also add the 11 other pics that I have shared with you this week, albeit those ones will be in a thumbnail view at the bottom of this weeks pic.

Now there is no secret by now, my goal each week is to bring you something new and unique. It is like a little pride thing to be able to contribute something new to the spanking world. Virtually everything that I share would not have been seen by 99% of the spanking community and are the results of many hours of searching. As I have stated numerous times already though, that is a hobby of mine. It does come at a personal cost, there are subscriptions that I have to pay, and if there is a pic on Ebay then I will actually purchase it if I feel that it will add to our community.

Not that anyone should feel bad, not that anyone really would, because I make money from this site and the other ones I own. It isn’t a lot of money but it is enough where I can use that money to give back to the community. There was a time when I told you how bothered I was when the work that I provided wasn’t credited, and the simple reason being is that I provide nothing but rare and unique pics so by not providing the courtesy of linking back it is denying the spanking community the chance to see the pics each week. Having been doing this for so long now I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that our community now knows where these types of pics come from.

Don’t rest on your laurels though, because things are now getting even better in the sharing department. For a few months you would have noticed that my updates had waned some. Aside from the stressful situation regarding my work status (it is still in limbo a year later) I also suffered from a complete lack of interest in the spanking scene. Perhaps it is because my real life situation is turbulent at the moment, combined with the knowledge that over an 18 month period everything that I ever wanted in the spanking scene I was able to get, but my interest in the scene itself is still at an all time low. It  ‘Jumped the shark’ a couple of times in the last year so perhaps what I need is a spin off series, lol.

On that last note mind you, this week I threw an idea at the BBW organizers that was received well so along with my close friend, Kor-E, we should be able to bring something new to the party next year. More details on that will come down the line but it is an exciting event that will be inclusive for the party attendees.

So enough of the blabber, I know that you are not here for that, you want a new pic, right? One thought that had crossed my mind this week was to create a new feature called “Friday Frolics”. Now I haven’t decided whether or not to go that route yet, partially because I already run two features each week, and if I add a third then it won’t leave much space to use the blog to share my thoughts as well. Mind you, like this post I could always combine an update with my thoughts, we will see how it goes.

So here is this weeks pic but before I share it, let me briefly tell you about the frustration that a pic like this can create for collectors like me.

When searching for pics we are severely limited in the use of keywords to search, and I mean brutally limited. When I came across this pic I was using a completely different keyword, which of course doesn’t matter just as long as we get the pic. The pain in the ass though is that the pic clearly says ‘mischievous’, but you try searching with that keyword. In the same location I tried using that word and this pic never showed. So a lot of times through the many hours of searching, you just get plain lucky :)

This will be added to my WINDSOR’S BIRTHDAY SPANKINGS folder but shortly I will create a new ‘Frolics’ folder for pics like these that aren’t actual birthday spankings.

elizabethton TN 59

And just in case you missed any of the rare finds this week, here is my personal version of spankings of the week of pics that I have shared with you in the last seven days. Yes, all of these were posted in the last week alone :)

south freemont 59 sylva webster 76 -page-001 BTNJPYxCQAAg5Eq January Thaw 1956 wedudeit tyrone 80 Tennessee 1968 canton 34 Clipboard01a West Carrollton OH 61 Marinette 62 MARTHA-RAYE-JOE-E-BROWN 1000 a touchdown

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