Windsor Wednesday Classic – 72

I’m on a bit of a posting blitz lately, and today I am really happy to bring what I hope is a new edition to stage play spankings. Now Harry is the ultimate authority in cataloging plays that have a spanking in it, and hopefully he can drag up something relating to this play.

Now to my knowledge there is no actual spanking in the play, I certainly looked at many other versions of it and found not a single spanking pic, so my guess is that this was a promo shot where one of the girls probably deserved a spanking but none was in the actual play.

The play in question is January Thaw and this pic is from 1956. Like I said, any other searches on this play came up empty in relation to spanking, but hopefully Harry can enlighten us as to whether or not a spanking actually does occur.

This will be added to my VARIOUS SCHOOL PLAYS folder where I share a potpourri of spankings from stage plays that I don’t have enough of to create a separate folder for them. Click on the link and take a look, there are quite a few plays in there and I have a whole folder full of various one off spankings in plays.

January Thaw 1956

Time On My Hands

So I have a couple of days at home where I can relax for a bit, and for once I can get some time to do some posting. Right now I am uploading the FREE VIDEO which I wrote about yesterday, now it appears that only seven people want it, but like any performer the size of the audience isn’t important :)

For the seven people who requested the video it should be finished soon, it is currently at 46% on the upload. I will let you know how to download it because it will only be up for ten days or so, I’m restricted a little bit on the size of my drive so I have to keep some space free.

So today is a bonus day where I am going to go through various folders and share some pics with you. I have a mental amount of spanking pics and some of the lesser quality ones will probably never see the light of day, unless I make posts like this where I can share some. Whilst the quality may not be top notch, they are still all historical spanking pics that deserve a showing at some point. In fact tomorrow I have a real classic to share from a play that not even the mighty Harry might not have yet. There is no spanking in the actual play to my knowledge, so this is probably a backstage pic.

So let’s start today like I began yesterday and I will dive into the BIRTHDAY SPANKINGS folder. Wherever you see a highlighted link, like the birthday spankings is highlighted, that is a link that you can click on where those pics will be added to join the rest from that particular grouping. Here are two birthday spanking pics for you.

Marinette 62West Carrollton OH 61

Only half of the butt is in view, but here we have a nice PADDLING


The caption says it all, a nice little SPANKING FIND

canton 34

I have a plethora of rare KISS ME KATE/TAMING OF THE SHREW spanking pics, here is one from 1968.

Tennessee 1968

And finally, out of the 20 or so spanking pics that I have from the play WE DUDE IT, this one is probably last in terms of style, grace and authenticity. This pic would likely be the last one from the play that I would post so let’s get it out of the way now :)

wedudeit tyrone 80

Windsor’s Sunday Candids – 23

I’m going to be travelling home from Chicago today and I’m in a very giving mood. As you know I have sold videos for a while now but I will occasionally just give them away for free. So far I have given away AMBER GREY –SCHOOLGIRL BLUES and TEN –THE SASSY PA.

This time I think that I will give away THE CHEEKY BABYSITTER, especially considering that it includes a birthday spanking over the girls NYLON PANTIESa personal favorite of mine. The video is about 30 minutes long. I’m off work the next two days so I will be able to upload the video and compile a comprehensive listing by percentages of the survey results so far. They are incredibly popular with over a thousand responses and they always bring extra traffic to this site.

To get the free video it is pretty simple, just fill out either of the forms below and I will send you a link to the video once it is uploaded. Now don’t just say “No –Now give me a free video”, if you haven’t had any experience there then create a spanking you would like to happen. Alternatively, if filling a form out is something that you don’t wish to do, just email me a response to and I will add you to the video list. Click the links below for the forms.

Getting Birthday Spanks

Giving Birthday Spanks

The numbers of responses are mental but I will be sorting them out by category and share the overall results.

The picture this week of course will be added to my WINDSOR’S BIRTHDAY SPANKINGS folder.

south freemont 59

In Chicago

I’m finally back in the party scene and I am currently at the Crimson Moon party. I won’t go on today as there are some butts t spank, so here is a picture for you.

This will be added to the WINDSOR’S BIRTHDAY SPANKINGS folder until I sort out a place for it.

Carter TX 64

Against A Winding Stair – Februs 8

She sits on the stairs, resigned to her fate. Sally used to get fired from jobs regularly but now she is Simon Grosvenor’s house-keeper and has held that position for nine months. A record.

She hasn’t become a more conscientious or competent worker, it’s just that Mr Grosvenor does not give up on people. Not everyone approves of his rather eccentric method for maintaining staff relations, and Sally has had many predecessors who have forfeited a week’s wages rather than accept a little disciplining.

Twenty minutes she’s been sitting there. Mr Grosvenor likes to make her wait. She sits at the bend in the stairway thinking about the girls who have sat there before her. If a spanking bothered them so much,they should have taken more trouble with their work.

A floorboard on the landing above creaks, announcing his arrival.

‘Stand up, Sally. You know what to do.’

More photos can be found here:
Februs 8 can be downloaded here:

Februs 8_0001
Februs 8_0002

Februs 8_0004

Windsor’s Sunday Candids – 22

Time to get back to some posting for you. This week I delved into a folder that doesn’t really have a category and pulled this one out for you. Now obviously he could use a lesson in holding a spanking implement, but she has the OTK position down pat.

This will be added to my WINDSOR’S SPANKING FINDS album until I find a folder for it.

amarillo 56

I’m Back

So I took a couple of weeks off for some me time and now I am back ready to post. Tomorrow I will resume my regular weekly features and as I have kept you waiting I will be sure to share with you one of the better pics that I have saved. As I need to put something together I will just dish up a plate of spam right now. These ones always make me really happy because more often than you can imagine, a lot of people have come here to pilfer my paid links, only this one is special. Every time someone comes here and takes these ones, I get a cut of whatever they earn. In fact right now I earn more from other people than I do from my own links. Life can be good at times :)

Windsor’s Sunday Candids –21

So the company that I work for ceases operations on Tuesday leaving me in limbo a little bit. At the moment I have been taken on as a temp with a splinter company which will last at least a couple of months, but who knows what the future holds. With that in mind I have decided to go to the Crimson Moon spanking party in Chicago for Halloween, pretty much because I don’t know when I will be able to go to another one. At the very least I will still be going to the SSNY parties so I won’t actually disappear, but as this could be my last party for a while then I am going all out to have a blast.

I’ve been MIA for a while now, leaving Fetlife months ago and not having been to a party since the BBW party in April. It was deliberate on my part, which perhaps I will write about later in the week. In 2013 I had the best time I could ever imagine, virtually everything I ever wanted in the spanking scene I got that year. This I believe contributed to the way that I have felt this past year, having had it so good it allowed me to understand what it is that I wanted, and probably just as importantly what I didn’t want. There were a couple of  ‘Jump the shark’ moments that stepped over the line in the last year or so, but I have the best memories from 2013 which actually had me saying at that point, if I never spanked another girl I would be happy. The bottom line is that I am very content which is why I think the Crimson Moon party will be a blast. Who knows when I will get to another one so I will treat it exactly that way, like it is going to be my last party for a while.

There are no plans that I have made, other than a play date with a friend on Facebook who I have yet to play with, and of course the diamond that is Naughty Freckles. I will be very disappointed if I can’t find some time to get the Malaysian cane out when I meet up with my naughty niece. Of course part of the reason that I haven’t made any plans is that I am not on Fetlife anymore, so other than the few Facebook friends who have told me they are going,  I’m pretty clueless as to who will be in attendance.

Anyway, onto this weeks free spanking pic, I know that there are people waiting for it. Instead of Men Are Like Streetcars this week, I am going to post a pic from the spanking scene in the play  ‘Act Your Age’. This one was originally sent to me by Will@Gotham56 but I have since found my own copy. Of course as he led me to it then I have to be sure to give him the credit for discovering it for the spanking community to enjoy.

This will be added to my ACT YOUR AGE spanking folder, and just as an aside, that skirt sure looks flippy. You think it would kill him to just whip it up? :)


Streetcar Sundays – 40

It is time for the weekly Men Are Like Streetcars spanking pic. As I noted last week, Harry posted his own version of Streetcar Sunday’s last week where he shared over 40 Men Are Like Streetcars spanking pics. A few of them I had already posted before on this blog, though I want to stress that he shared his own copies of the pics, there were two that I didn’t have, and the rest of them were ones that I owned a copy of that would have been shared in this weekly feature. I’m still going to share them in due time but I will concentrate first on pics that you haven’t seen.

This week I have something very unique for you, and the reason that I say it is unique is that it is a one of a kind pic. As in I paid $8.99 to own it!! Most of the time I pay for Internet subscriptions to get these pics for you, as does Harry, but occasionally there is no choice but to purchase a hard copy.

There is a problem with this pic though which I will now get to.

When I came across it there was no description for the pic other than the relevant information would be shared once the pic was purchased. The description was that of an original 4×6 negative from 1957. Well it was true, the relevant information was included in the note attached, the exact date, the location, the state, about the only thing that wasn’t included was the damn play, lol.

So when I got it I went on an extensive search to find that information and I was delighted to find the publication that would have included what the play was. The only problem is, there was no mention of the play in the yearbook. This came from a newspaper archive so now I have to do an even harder search to find the newspaper. The good news is I have the exact date that the picture was taken so if I can find the newspaper then the chances are the pic would have been published at some point during the same week.

Oh, and there is another problem that I should mention. The description of what I was buying was correct to the letter. Yes, I didn’t purchase the pic, what I purchased was the original NEGATIVE of the damn pic, lol. So I haven’t actually taken the time to develop the negative yet. Hopefully today I will rig my photocopier to develop this. What I’m told I need to do is to put the negative on the scanner, then place a sheet of paper over the negative, and once that is done I have to then put my cell phone with a flashlight on top of that. That’s a lot of darn work for one pic, eh?

Now even though the information doesn’t state that it is a Men Are Like Streetcars pic, I’m going to take an educated guess that it is based on the couch and the left handed spanking. It could also be “It couldn’t happen to a nicer girl” which is the same story as Men Are Like Streetcars. When I develop the negative I will post it this week at some point, but until then I will share with you the version that was sent to me. When I scan the negative the pic will be about ten time the size of the one I am currently sharing.

This will be added to my MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS spanking folder.


Arm Weary

It would have been nice to report that I am arm weary from spanking but unfortunately that is not the case, I’m simply weary from an overabundance of work this week. I’m pretty sure I confirmed that I am not 21 anymore, my body feels every day of its 51 years,lol. It was almost a year ago now that I was told that I was being laid off at the start of 2014, and yet I am working harder now than I ever did. The good news is that I am one of those old school thinking types that believes that hard work will pay off. The biggest drawback in all of this is that my blogs are suffering because of the work I am doing. It’s not that I don’t have a little time in the evening to do something, it’s just that I am too tired to actually do it. Trust me, I wish that I could sit on my big fat ass and post every day, but I simply can’t. It is probably a good thing that I left Fetlife months ago because I couldn’t go there now if I tried.

On Twitter this week I made a query as to whether certain behaviors were continuing on Fetlife. I’m not one of these people who leave somewhere and then secretly sit back and watch everything, the interest just isn’t there any more. It started with the lead up to the 2013 BBW party where it seemed that everyone and their mother was trying to disrupt the party in any possible manner, whether that be by creating fake names, being obtuse on the boards or my personal favorite, the “Double talk”designed to put down the organizers of the party. That was the beginning of my desire to leave Fetlife and from what I can gather the behaviors still continue to this day.

My focus is on doing the small parts that I do to help the party along. My role is very small compared to the work that the Tanner family do, but I love that I am a part of it and that I can contribute to the parties in small some way. That would be my biggest wish for all parties, that the focus was on the enjoyment that everyone is going to have. No matter what the party I would never attempt to put a party down. Even if I don’t agree with certain philosophies, I can pretty much guarantee that I will have friends who are at the forefront of other parties and if for no other reason than that, out of respect for my friends I wouldn’t try to cause a disruption.

If you look at dissension in any aspect of life, if you were to ask yourself “What is my role in the dissension taking place”then perhaps things could start to improve. I will say it here again as I have stated it before, no matter what party you go to, or where you wish to spend your time, I only wish that everyone has a fantastic time. My second wish being that the same courtesy is extended to the parties that I choose to go to or I am a part of.

My goal hadn’t been this direction this morning but what the hell, I will continue.

Last year at the SSNY party, and I will be sarcastic here for a moment, despite the belief that it is a money grabbing venture, I invested hours of time creating a tour of unknown New York, free of charge I might add, to enhance the enjoyment of the guests coming into town. Off the top of my head I forget the number of stops on the tour, it was around 20 or so in the brutally cold New York winter, but I was really pleased with the turnout and the enjoyment level that was shared back with me.

That is the role that I enjoy the most being a part of the SSNY family, being in a position to make everyone feel welcomed. At the BBW party I host the annual pool party to kick off the weekend and it is a very simple role that I have, to stand there and greet everyone. Everybody knows what it feels like to be made to feel unwelcome, I’m no different, so I go out of my way to try and be that friendly, smiling face who welcomes everyone in.

So even though I have left Fetlife and haven’t been to a party since BBW, I do have a role to fulfill for the annual SSNY Christmas party and I am starting to put things together. This is what I posted on my Twitter feed this week, and if you would like to follow me on Twitter I can be found here FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER

What do you reckon? Does that sound like a good idea? This year I’m hoping to conduct a haunted tour of New York :)

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