Streetcar Sundays – 154

Time for the weekly MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS spanking image, number 154 in total. As you all know, I try really hard to bring you something new each week, and while the completely unseen pics are dwindling, I do still have a few that haven’t been seen before. That goes for the image this week as well, an image that doesn’t show up with a basic search, but, with the additional information that is on the image it can now be “Independently” found from this point on. I found it the old fashioned way by doing a manual search through hundreds of books until I stumbled upon it.

There are still more out there to find I know, and in fact I am sure that there are plenty out there that haven’t even been added digitally yet. The play is the gift that keeps on giving, kind of like my spanking blog really, it keeps on giving, lol. I will continue to search the old fashioned way, page after page, book after book, and I will continue to find some gems for you. Anyway, enjoy!!


Windsor Wednesday Classic – 218

Didn’t realize that it had been so long since I had last posted. Not much commentary today other than to say this will be added to my PLAYFUL SPANKINGS folder and, never stick your tongue out at someone 😉

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 217

A nice rare treat for you today, two spanking pics from the same play. It isn’t often that you find two spanking pics from the same participants in these older pics, though it can happen, especially if a local newspaper have taken their own picture. In fact the very first MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS post that I made 8 years ago features the same girl getting spanked in two different pics. Just click on the highlighted text because they are two of the best Men Are Like Streetcars pics that I have found.

For the Wednesday classic this week I feature the play “All American Family” and these pics will be added to my VARIOUS SCHOOL PLAYS folder. These images were found the old fashioned way by searching through book after book after book, they don’t turn up in an ordinary search and there is limited information about the production. However, I always like to reap the rewards of my own hard work and I always get a thrill whenever I find something that is completely new. It even motivates me further to keep searching because I know that there is still a ton of unseen spanking pictures out there waiting to be discovered, and you can count on me to put the graft in to bring them to the spanking community.

Streetcar Sundays – 153

Here is one of my several finds this week for my MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS Sunday entry number 153. This particular image came from a deep search of a state newspaper archive, and while it only turned up this one pic after hours of searching, it did also lead me to another streetcars spanking image. Both of them are rehearsal pics and in this one it looks like the action is about to begin, but the young lady seems to be in the throes of negotiating the scene. The smug look on his face I think already tells the story of how this is going to go.

I was delighted with this new find, as I was with the other streetcars pic that I found. The other one requires a lot of work for me to enlarge it and make it presentable, but I have done a good job so far and it is definitely in a presentable state. A bit on the dark side but the image is clear.

Anyway, enjoy the latest Men Are Like Streetcars image, I will keep searching and finding new entries for you all.

School Dinners

I was trying to come up with something for St. George’s Day today, but I don’t have any spanking pics that depict either the English flag nor the St. George flag. Of course there are a lot of English themed F/M pics out there, but they don’t belong to me and anyone who is into that genre has probably seen them anyway.

So what I did this morning was to go looking for an image from the 1980’s school themed restaurant in London called “School Dinners”.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find any that featured spanking, but I did find this video clip of the restaurant with German narration. Now you won’t see too much here, a bunch of women dressed as schoolgirls, some upskirt shots and the you see one guy get a double caning from the front, probably about 50 strokes from the two canes being delivered very quickly.

It isn’t much to see, but it is of historical importance so I hope that a few of you enjoy it.

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 216

Fake News – Read all about it!!

So I don’t want to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes, the picture and the article are NOT related, I just added them together as a little bit of creative license and to add a little something to the original 1950 newspaper article. The newspaper article is a genuine one, I found it in several locations and it was syndicated among many newspapers in the USA. The image is a superlative image and it was unlikely to ever make a post on its own, but I figured I could get some use out of it by including it with an article.

As for the article itself, do I believe that this happened in 1950? Actually, I do!! You have to remember that the urges for a person with a spanking tendency would have been as strong in the 1950s as they are today, but back then they would have had little to no resources whatsoever. We are a bit spoiled that way, and in fact the younger generation have never had to experience what us older folks went through when we grew up.

In the late 70s and early 80s, while there was no Internet, we did have spanking magazines, really expensive videos, lol, and in London there were professional services available. There were even parties in London, though perhaps not as we would envision a spanking party nowadays. I literally went to just one in the 1980s and it was a horrible affair for me. I’m not saying that there was anything wrong with the party, it just wasn’t what my imagination had craved for. It mostly consisted of really old men walking around carrying canes and a distinct lack of female attendees. The whole experience was new to me and from what I could see there was more Male/Male caning going on than there was Male/Female. Obviously we all have our own spanking preferences before the spanking Karen’s go on a self righteous trip, and at the time my mindset was much more suited to an American style of play than it was to a cane and thrash session like it was in England.

In fact I have probably not said this before, but my spanking desires were very subdued in the UK when I grew up, because the vision that I had was not the vision that was being presented. It was only when I came to America did my eyes open and my mind screamed “YES, this is exactly what it means to me”. One day I hope to get back there, back to a time when it was fun and enjoyable for me. By withdrawing from this scene I actually think that it will once again become fun one day, and that will happen by going back to the grass roots. Meeting up with people one on one, going to small parties with friends, and I think most importantly, remaining rigidly independent and avoiding the mob mentality.

Anyway, please enjoy the article, and if you are only here to snaffle it and present it as your own find, at least be courteous and let the people know that the image and the article are separate entities.

An Old Spanking Cartoon

Yesterday I had a bit of spare time so I sat down and started to wade through one of the many online Newspaper archives. If you have not done that before then let me tell you, it is an arduous task. For once though I got lucky and I was able to come up with three new pics. A lot of times when I do this, I can search for up to three hours and not find a sausage. Yesterday though, I was able to find two brand spanking new Men Are Like Streetcars pics. One of them is from a newspaper, and the other I found a reference in a newspaper, then checked the subsequent yearbook and voila, I found yet another unlabeled Men Are Like Streetcars spanking pic. Over the years I have provided a wealth of spanking pics from this play to pad out private collections, and it doesn’t seem to want to stop anytime soon. I know that there are still dozens out there waiting to be discovered.

The third and final image that I found yesterday is the one on this post. Now I don’t claim to be an art expert, far from in fact. However if I feel like I can add something to the mix then I will always happily share it. Here’s the caveat though, I found this in a local regional newspaper. Now it is quite likely that the story was syndicated around the country, but the image might not be. The image could be just the local newspaper artist. What do I know though, perhaps this is a famous piece of spanking art that has circulated for years. That will be something for the spanking art experts to decide, and trust me, I don’t need to know the details of this image, I am just happy to share it. Even better if it is brand spanking new and nobody has seen it before.

Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 108

I’m taking a few minutes out from working to get a post up today, just to keep the blog going. My annual fee was automatically charged this week so I have the blog for another year 🙂 Of course my motivation waivers from time to time due to the lack of interaction, however I still have hundreds of rare pics still to share, plus 1000’s of others that may have been posted elsewhere before. Certainly enough already to keep me going on this blog for another ten years or so.

The image this week is a bit of a missed opportunity. It is a SUPERLATIVES photo, but it doesn’t appear that the guy really knows what he is doing. She is certainly ready herself, any volunteers?

Streetcar Sundays – 152

This week I have a dandy for you, and if it interests you enough you might even want to purchase it. Now there is no certainty that this is a MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS spanking pic, however, it does have all of the trappings of a Men Are Like Streetcars spanking. The couch, the left handed spanking, the year and you can also just see the additional actor coming into the picture to stop the spanking. Hopefully he took a slow walk!! Like a said, not a guarantee that this is a Streetcars spanking pic, but I would put my money on it being one.

Now the good news, it is currently up on EBay, the opening bid is going to be $9.99, but maybe you want to bid on it yourself? You can do so by CLICKING HERE.

Yet another classic Windsor find to contribute to the community 🙂 You’re welcome!! 😉

F/M Friday 35

It is kind of funny that in the background you can see the words “Big Boy”. Well he doesn’t seem like such a big boy right now, does he? The possibilities are endless here, you get to decide who this lady is spanking this man.

Is she a lifeguard who is spanking a rowdy beach goer?

Perhaps she is the girlfriend whose boyfriend forgot his bathing suit?

Also in the background we see “Private Property”, is he being spanked for trespassing?

It is up to you to decide. This will be added to my quickly growing F/M COLLECTION spanking folder.