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It’s the 4th of July and what’s an Englishman in America to do? Throughout my collection of personal spanking pics I have nothing even remotely patriotic to share for the day that we decided that we didn’t want America any more.

It is quite the dilemna (notice the correct spelling) in all honesty. So all I can do really is share some pictures of an Englishman giving some American girls a good old fashioned spanking, I mean, it seems quite appropriate, wouldn’t you agree?





Beth Eisley





photo 3

Amber Grey


Kat St. James



Video 6 0 00 46-10

Juliet Valentina


And of course Pixie


400 Quid For A Spanking

I’m trying to up my post count as I not only have thousands of pics/articles etc, but I always find more than I post. So I am going to try and post more frequently on here and perhaps share some of the lesser spanking scenes that still have a part in our history. This one is from The Daily Mirror in 1949.



Windsor Wednesday Classic –82

Well this week got off to a majorly sucky start, I got into work on Monday and the first thing I get is a phone call from my brother in England with the type of news that nobody wants to hear. I was 50/50 in my mind as to whether I would go to another spanking party this year, but that choice has been eradicated now. Instead I am going to renew my passport and my trips this year are going to be going back home for the first time in 14 years. I’m definitely going to go once, and if I can manage it I will go twice so that I can get Christmas in England with the family for the first time since 1993. There will be more on that later though when we get all of the information we need.

This weeks Wednesday classic is back to the old favorite, Act Your Age. This was a fairly recent find so even the collectors might not have it yet. What I like about this one is that the spanking scene in this play normally takes part on the couch, but as you can see someone is nonchalantly sat on the couch. So it begs the question, is this spanking taking place in the play or is there a little impromptu rehearsal going on in the background?

If you want to read about the synopsis of the play which includes the relevant section of the script, then please check out Harry’s Act Your Age post. There are lots of pictures, some of which I have posted previously as well. (Update, just noticed that Harry has this pic posted already, however we have different versions of it)

As for this pic, it will be added to my own ACT YOUR AGE spanking folder.

ralston ne 59

Streetcar Sundays – 48

Did you miss me? I won’t bore you with excuses, I am back now so let’s get right into this weeks post. There are still quite a few comments that I need to respond to on here, which I will get to this evening. Then I had that little promotion that I ran for those people who wanted the vintage F/M PICS, which of course I should have known was going to go mental. I think that I have now sent everyone the link to my drive though where the pics are stored, and I will add more when I find some.

This week I am digging into my archive for a rare newspaper find for Men Are Like Streetcars. I left the newspaper title and the date on the paper instead of cropping out just the pic, so that way you can research further if you so wish.

This will be added to my MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS spanking folder.

Schenectady NY Gazette 1958

Windsor’s Sunday Candids – 39

A happy Fathers day to all you dads out there where Fathers day is being celebrated today. To avoid a creepy factor, let’s just say that I hope all of the girls who read this have a surrogate father to rely on for their spanking today.

I had to scramble a bit to find a pic benefiting a day like today and I was able to come up with one. When I posted the first pic from this play I stated that I only had two of them, well here is the second one of those pics.  (I linked the first pic again because when it was lifted from this site most of the additional cast was cropped out, so there is an edited version out there which in my opinion is far inferior to the original)

This will be added to my VARIOUS SCHOOL PLAYS album where you will find other M/F otk pics with a father theme.

centreville 56 man of 17

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 81

Unfortunately I spent Sunday editing a video which took over 5 hours so I missed out on my Sunday post and then of course work sucked all my time. Anyway, without any further ado, it is time for something new for Wednesday. I don’t often post my paddling collection which is pretty vast, so I will give you one today.



In Context

Nearly three years ago I discovered an awesome picture of Mary Pickford being spanked in Pollyanna. What made the picture in the link so special is that it was a completely different pic to the known one of Mary being spanked in Pollyanna. Definitely one of my better mainstream finds.

The usual pic, the one that has been posted in different shades and sizes for a few years now, I have also posted before myself. Just recently however I came across an article that featured the pic. Now I’m guessing that the pic came first as we have seen it without the writing above it, so perhaps it was a stock photo that was added to this article.

Anyway, in order to try and make stories complete, here is the original article, in full, for you to add to your collections. It isn’t a thunderous addition to the spanking world, but it is a complete in context story for you all.

Click each pic for a monster sized copy that is readable. BTW, the magazine that this is from is called Picture Goer

picturegoer12odha_0254 picturegoer12odha_0255

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 80

Today I started to upload folders to my Google drive so that I can link to specific groups. It started off when I posted the option for the F/M PICS on Sunday and I thought that it would be a whole lot easier to send people a link to my drive instead of sending a hundred plus emails with a zip file attached. So as time goes on I will add various sets which will be available to those people who comment that they wish to have access to them.

My classic this week is direct from Ebay. I was trying to decide what to post today and as I browsed Ebay I found this one which made it an easy choice. The picture says  “WW1″ uniform but I’m a little skeptical on that. The girl is clearly a flapper and while that doesn’t rule out a WW1 uniform, I think that it is more likely that it is just a serviceman.

This will be added to my WINDSOR’S SPANKING FINDS album.


Windsor’s Sunday Candids – 38

In an old schoolhouse far away in the distant past, a switch was always kept on hand for unruly students. Actually, despite what it may appear, this spanking picture is actually from 1955. I know that it would appear much older but it isn’t. It is an unusual pose for a switch as well, in the OTK position. Surely someone can tell the teacher how to apply the switch properly. Perhaps she is a spinster without prior knowledge, in fact it might be wise for the principal to demonstrate on her :)

This will be added to my WINDSOR’S SUNDAY CANDID’S spanking folder. Information for additional pics underneath this one.


Exactly one year ago today I offered a small collection of vintage F/M OTK pics (LINK HERE) for the people who like those type of pics. On my recent survey 1 in 6 readers preferred F/M pics but I never post any to this site. When I collect my vintage finds I will swipe F/M ones if they hold an interest to my readers.

So here is the deal, the survey’s that I do are hosted by Google and therefore count extra when it comes to this website’s site ranking with Google. If people come to this site I am likely to make a few pennies, which then in turn goes to paying for the archive subscriptions that I subscribe to so that I can bring you unique rare material every week. So the more the surveys that get filled out, the better my standing with Google and the more opportunity I have to pay for material to bring to you. So, if you want the collection of 20 F/M pics shown below, just fill out one of these two F/M related survey’s BELOW, leave your email address and I will send them to you in a ZIP file. If you missed the first set above, the OTK set, you will have to shoot me an email at in order to get them.




Princess Cinderella

Update: I’m hoping this works as I am doing it from my phone. I did some in depth research and there is indeed some spanking action in the film. Okay, so it is only one swat each, but it is a brand new edition to the spanking world. The spanker is Guglielmo Barnabo and the spankee’s are Tina Mannozzi and Teresa Palazzi. The spanks happen at two minutes into the video below.

Something a little unique for my Wednesday Classic this week. I have no knowledge whether there is a spanking in the film, who the two girls are getting spanked, or whether it is staged, and unfortunately I have no time to research it.

Hopefully someone can enlighten us, perhaps Dan.

This will be added to my WINDSOR’S STAGE SPANKINGS album.


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