Evocative Image

This morning I needed a distraction as I juggled watching the football and talking to my mum. She is due home from hospital next week and they have offered her a hospital bed, and of course she is being stubborn saying that she will use her own bed. I tried a tactic by saying  “Why not have the bed at home and if you don’t use it, so be it, but it will be there if you need it”. We will find out next week whether that registers for her. I’m not going to go in depth today, but this blog is about my life and unfortunately there are times where vanilla things are a part of it, now of course is one of those times.

On the spanking front though, I think that spanking Pixie last week has got my interest back a bit. I mean it was always there, I just got worn out and tired of certain behaviours that took the fun out of it for me. Spanking has always been about fun and enjoyment for me, and the last few parties that I went to I stopped having fun. That is nobodies fault other than my own, the enjoyment stopped because my focus was on the negative and not the positive.

Anyway, aside from spanking Pixie last week, I also got a tweet from ellee this week reminding me that our schoolgirl/teacher two part scene has not been completed yet. ellee Evergood still has to go home to face her uncle to explain her behaviour. As I probably won’t be at another party until BBW for obvious reasons, that leaves me lots of time to plot. I’m already envisioning ellee being sent to her room to wait for me in nothing but her t-shirt and panties, and nothing screams domestic more than a thick leather belt. It’s early days though, and I do like to create a good story.

Of course with ellee reminding me of the scene I went back to look at pictures from the schoolgirl scene we did. Out of the 22 pictures we took I have only ever posted two. There is two of her in the corner displaying a bright scarlet bottom but her panties are very sheer, and I respect her wishes for no bare bottom pics. Her bottom isn’t bare, but it just as well be :)

So going through the pics today I started playing with them, and I came up with this awesome, evocative image. Obviously there are no faces, but I thought that I would share my artistic creation. It reminds me of the first time that I saw a girl spanked when I snuck in as the spanking was going on, and I was presented with her upturned panty clad bottom being spanked in the angle shown in this pic.


Going back to what I stated at the beginning of this post, I love the fun and playful aspect of our lifestyle, so I went to hot movies to create this little video from the Shadowlane production  “Bare Assets”. It kind of typifies the type of playful behaviour that I love and enjoy. The  “Play” button is in the middle of the image below.

If you want to see the whole movie as shown above, then click the picture below. I have set the video with a special offer that if you sign up you get 20 minutes free to watch whatever you want.

Hanging With Pixie

It has been a long time in the making, and this weekend I finally got to spend some time with the bratty cat known as Amber Pixie Wells. Due to both of our crazy work schedules, along with Pixie’s school and the three and a half hour distance, we don’t get many opportunities to actually hang out in person that often. I can’t say we met halfway because my journey paled in comparison to hers.

The day that we had planned was totally vanilla, at least that’s what I was thinking anyway, but when you have a building pass to your work and a girl in desperate need of a spanking, sometimes things take unexpected turns :)

In the food department we are both adventurous and after a short subway ride downtown we headed for Chinatown. You would think that a restaurant in Chinatown would be on every corner, but we ended up walking about a mile to find one. Once we did of course there were a 100 of them. Out of the corner of her eye Pixie spotted one that said Vietnamese, a quick discussion and we were like “Hell yeah”, so for the first time ever I had Vietnamese food. To say it was delicious was an understatement, and we shared a desert that I could have had for a main course.

Before the check even got there we were arguing over who was going to pay. The check arrived and he put it right in front of Pixie. Well the pup wasn’t having that, I quickly reached over and grabbed the tray, and just as quickly Pixie snatched the check off of the now empty tray I held. I was growling, but not for long, because our next stop was candy heaven. Even though I still seethed as we left the restaurant, the immediate waft of raw fish from the store next door altered my senses.


We headed to a 78 year old candy store where they have so much choice that you can spend an entire day in there. We certainly took our time, Pixie was armed with wish lists and I just wanted to spank her with one of the paddle lollipops above. There was a couple of vintage items that I wanted which I put in Pixie’s basket, but after five minutes I was retrieving them with my own basket in hand. Items like Slo Poke and Black Cow found their way into my basket along with Reeds Butterscotch. When all was said and done, Pixie offered to put my bag in her backpack to save me carrying it around, and that’s where it stayed until I got a text around 11pm telling me it was still there. Not to worry though, Pixie is mailing it to me, and she was even kind enough to say that there will only be one bite missing from each :)

Man did we walk that day though, if I remember rightly it was something like 7 plus miles based on something Pixie had on her. It was tiring, so before we headed to dinner I decided that we could visit my workplace to cool down and relax for half an hour. It honestly wasn’t planned, seriously, but with the Empire State Building right behind my work I just had to ask if we could get a pic. Pixie of course was gracious and we posed for a spanking shot as I gently spanked her.


We climbed back in from the balcony and I suddenly had an idea, perhaps I should spank her after all. An empty office on a Sunday, what better time. Pixie of course wanted to know why she was being spanked, because, you know, there had to be a reason. Well there was a reason, it’s just that I couldn’t remember what it was. And I tried really hard to remember, in fact I had even come up with old facts that I think impressed her, like how penicillin was invented. Could I remember why I owed her a spanking?  In my best Northern accent “Could I hell as like”.

Nonetheless, I just had to be a bully. Remembering where I was it couldn’t be long, but over my knee she went with her shorts down and a pair of purple nylon panties staring up at me. Normally I am one of those super nice guys, a really concerned human being, Sunday wasn’t one of those days. In England back in the 70’s we had a thing called a short, sharp shock, and that’s exactly what Pixie got. probably no more than 50 spanks, but I do believe that I heard her say  “Oh Jesus” during it. Yes, I will be the first to admit that is was much harder than it needed to be, and am I sorry for that? Well, I will leave that for you to decide :) Pixie herself didn’t seem that impressed with my smugness, perhaps a feeling of unfairness lingered in the air for a while, especially when I smirked as she sat down.


As we headed to dinner one of us was smiling. At least I was until this panhandler saw Pixie’s bag and heard my accent. He sensed a victim and not only made a bee line for us, but even followed us from his corner spot where he has the biggest crowd to con. Yeah, I’m a bit of a cynic when it comes to panhandling. There is a guy who sits outside my work each day holding a sign that he needs $68 to get to Seattle for his Mom’s funeral. Seven months I think it is now that he has held it. Behind his sign that he holds with a bowed head is the book that he is reading. Even if you was the worst panhandler in the world you would make $68 in a few days. Anyway, the panhandler found out pretty quickly that despite my English accent I am a New Yorker. I’m not often in the city on a Sunday but man do the tourists have my sympathy, it isn’t just panhandling, it is in your face aggressive panhandling.

Anyway, I have to stop now because it is late and I need to get to bed. The pair of us had dinner and a bit of fun with the waiter. And before I finish let me add, he was a great New Yorker. During our meal he comes over with a carry out dish and said  “I heard you mention the train you were getting and they just announced it”. Now Pixie’s train wasn’t a definitive, but we both thought that it was so nice gesture to look out for your fellow human being that way. We relaxed a bit and Pixie got the next train instead.

It was a great day though. Lately I have had a lot of stress and I couldn’t think of a better way to relax for a while than to hang out with my buddy. Next time though I’m sending myself an email to remind me of why I need to spank her.

There might be diction and grammatical errors in this post, but I will fix them tomorrow, I’m tired right now :) I might even elaborate a bit more in a later post, I did kind of whip this one together pretty quickly to get it done tonight.

Real Life Setting In

There are times when real life issues take more precedence over frivolous activities, and lately this has applied to me. I’m not coming on here to announce a break or anything, but there maybe periods where, like this week for instance, there are more important issues to take care of.

A short while ago my brother and I acquired the knowledge that our mom was poorly, and yesterday we were given a rough timeline of what we should expect. In situations like this there is never a definitive time frame, and the one you are given can in fact prolong for far longer than was expected. Needless to say though, our mom has been informed that there are not many months left. If there is a positive, and she has been hospitalized for a week now, it is that she is not in any pain. One can only hope that when she comes home next week that will continue until the time comes.

In regards to that it has been a pretty tough week in the guilt department. Not guilt in the sense of any regrets, none at all in that area, but guilt from the fact that my brother has had to do everything and I’m not there to assist him. Funny enough when I spoke to him yesterday in what was supposed to make me feel better about the situation, actually made me feel even guiltier.

What I am able to offer him is relief from the stress associated with this. From America I can call all of the members of our mom’s family, which, for obvious reasons, you can only imagine is a stressful time. As much as that isn’t my favorite activity, I know that he is more than happy for me to have that one. I’m able to be there for him as well at the times he needs. The two of us have a very close bond, and of course I know that we are related, but I have called him my best friend practically my whole life. And finally I am in a position where I can relieve some of the financial burden from them. We aren’t talking anything grandiose, but it is something that I can provide. That was actually where the guilt set in yesterday, when he told me how much that last part has helped him, not having to have that additional worry of finances. Of course I was able to read into that, that this situation has taken a toll on him a bit. Like I said, we aren’t talking a big deal here, but he doesn’t have to worry about finding 50 quid from somewhere to buy a commode, and I can understand the type of relief that would come from that.

I’m not into using this blog to write about morbid things, but there are times where events in real life are more important. This is one of those situations where real life is going to have more importance than the blog pr playful correspondence. I will still continue to share my vast collection of rare spanking pics as frequently as I can, perhaps with not as much prose attached to them until things are sorted out. At least if I don’t post you will be aware that I haven’t disappeared, it is just that there are other pressing matters going on at present.

In regards to spanking though, I found this funny picture on Ebay this week, which gives a whole new meaning to the term  “Self Spanking”. Even though it is only a cartoon, that is one dreadfully naughty girl right there :) Perhaps one of my German friends can translate this for us?


Windsor’s Sunday Candids – 42 –Kiss Me Kate

The fact that I haven’t posted this week should give you some indication as to how busy I have been with work. Lot’s of long hours and accompanying stress :)

If I keep in mind though that there are others who work longer and harder hours than I do, and some with multiple jobs, then it should be easy for me to put some effort into posting. What better things are there at the end of a stressful day than to look at some spanking material.

Before I give you half a dozen pics this week, one exciting development that arose at work is that we are expanding our location in India. That will mean that in the new year during the first quarter, somebody will go to New Delhi to set up servers. Now I volunteered to do the job, and it was accepted, let’s just hope that they don’t change their mind. One thing that you won’t know of me through my blog is that I am a lover of different cultures and the people from those places. I’m always fascinated by people who live a different life to me. Places on my hit list are Japan, India, The Czech Republic, in fact I could probably list every country and find something about it that appeals to me. For the British folk out there, as you can imagine, my DVD case is filled with documentaries by Michael Palin and the entire BBC Earth collection.

My favorite one of all? It is obviously a hard choice, especially as I am a huge fan of David Attenborough, but my favorite I would have to say is WILD CHINA. Narrated by old Yosser Hughes himself, Bernard Hill. If you are a nature lover like myself and you also love culture, without a doubt that is one recommendation that I would make to you. That is just one thing that you might not know about me, I love people of all races, ethnicity, and backgrounds.

Right, as promised, six spanking pics from Kiss Me Kate. The first thing that I will do is defer to my fellow blogger, but one who is an archivist in the truest sense, Harry. It is a fundamental courtesy to link into a fellow collector when you know that their input on the topic is far greater than yours. Even though I post my own collection I would be denying you the pleasure of Harry’s wonderful work if I didn’t link to him. So here are all the links to his Kiss Me Kate/Taming of the Shrew pages, though I have no doubt there are more there than I have listed. Link 1Link 2Link 3Link 4Link 5Link 6Link 7. Each link has a multitude of spanking pics to see in each.

Now for my offering. Picture number one is one of the better versions from my collection, a professional press photograph from 1959 which is huge. You will have to click this one for the monster sized version. These will all be added to my own KISS ME KATE FOLDER where you can find all of my rare black and white contributions to the spanking world.

1959 Press Photo 2x2 Negative HS Play Boy Spanks Girl Kiss Me Kate

The second pic is also a larger one which is a panoramic view of all participants from 1969.

Fayetteville AR 69

Pics three and four are two Kiss Me Kate’s that I enjoy, and you may have read in the past that I am not a big fan of Kiss Me Kate spanking pics by any means. In these two though at least the girl is in the proper OTK position and the guys hand is where it should be, around her waist. From 1974 and 1970 respectively.

brunswick 74 christopher dock 70

And here are two more to finish off this post. Whenever I post Kiss Me Kate pics I generally do so in batches, because like I said, they aren’t favorites of mine, but luckily for you I have dozens of them.

belmont hill 80

hillcrest mo 78

Streetcar Sundays –50

So we have another benchmark this week, the 50th edition of MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS. It is one of those strange phenomenons in the spanking world, no matter how many of these I post, or how good the quality is, they virtually never get linked to. If I am not mistaken, and I would have to check, but I believe that only one time was a Streetcar pic linked anywhere. I have often wondered why this is. It is possible to think that they just aren’t that good, but that is easy to dispel because every single one of them gets taken and reposted everywhere. So then perhaps it is because there are so many of them that they aren’t really that unique, I mean I still have far more than I haven’t posted than I have posted, so there are tons of them. In fact the other person who discovers these finds, Harry, has also posted somewhere in the region of 50 of them. It is one of those things that I find strange, perhaps it is because they are so good that others just don’t want their viewers to know where they came from. Who knows what it is, just know that I still have 80-90 that I haven’t posted as of yet so this feature will be around forever.

Now for number 50 I am giving you all a treat. This particular picture I have posted before, in fact there are two versions of it from different years, one a rehearsal and the other from the actual production. For the record, both pictures started this series with STREETCAR SUNDAYS 1.

Anyway, as this is post number 50 in this series I am going to give you a special treat. One thing that is never stated that us collectors do is this. When we find a rare spanking pic it is never the end of the search. Our goal is to take the information that we have and try and find a better copy. The Whitney Point spanking pic from 1955 is a classic example. Now, I have already given you both pics, but this time I am going to give you a version from my personal collection. For 1955 this is a really good quality version in a much larger size. It is the rehearsal spanking version and one can only hope that they provided the second chair for one reason, that she was going to be there for a while so she just as well get comfortable.

This won’t be posted in my MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS spanking folder, so if you are here collecting my finds, take this one now. It is already in the folder so there is no need to put a second version of the same pic.

Click on the pic for the bumper sized version.

Whitney Point 53

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 85

I’m desperate to give you something but of course I’m running to work, so while I may not be verbose today, here is my weekly spanking classic. It is from 1953 and could be found in Pageant Magazine. I don’t have any more details than that, which is just as well really as I have to run to work :)

This will be added to my WINDSOR SPANKING FINDS album. It isn’t the best album in the world but it is basically where I keep my odds and ends that don’t have their own category just yet.

paegant magazine 1953




Bumper Sized Comics

Did you know that I still haven’t played for 15 months now? At Boardwalk Badness I did play in skits that I was involved in, but I haven’t had a one to one in over a year. It’s actually through choice as well, it’s not like I haven’t had plenty of opportunities to play. My genuine belief is that it all comes down to one thing, I have been so blessed in our chosen lifestyle that I think that I have reached the pinnacle for everything I ever wanted. There is no denying that the last few parties have been a struggle for me, my tolerance for the bullshit factor is so below zero that I think I am in Russia, lol.

I’m not a total hermit though, even though I left Fetlife months ago there are still a few people who keep in touch with me. In fact the reason that I thought of writing this was because just this week Pixie made plans to come and visit me at my new apartment. That’s also the reason for stating that it was 15 months ago when I played the last time (coincidentally with Pixie) because if she thinks that she is leaving my place able to drive comfortably, she is going to be sorely mistaken.

Mike and Jules Tanner also contact me every week. A few weeks ago I learned that my Mom has cancer, and while I am not fully aware of the extent yet, being that it is the Colon and it has reached the liver and lungs we are dealing with a rather advanced stage one fears. Ever since knowing that Mike and Jules have been so kind, checking in with me every week to see how Mom is doing and to see how I am doing. It is really heartwarming to have a family away from family.

Then there are spanking friends that I have both on my real Facebook, and my alternate Facebook for spanking friends who are not open about what they do. It’s funny that some of my friends don’t even go to spanking parties anymore, but we remain friends away from the scene. You will find that, over time people come and go, but there are some people who you were just made to be friends with.

BTW, you can always FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER.

Anyway, in a week or two Pixie is going to receive a fire engine red bottom, and maybe that will get me back in the game a bit. Spanking is still a huge part of my life, but there are others things that are important as well. Now, onto the Saturday spanking cartoons. As I mentioned last week, if you want your fill of spanking cartoons then click the two links below. I’m sure all of my entries this week are already in Web-Ed’s archives, but these are supersized pics that I hope can be additions to his collection. Click the pics for the supersized version.



$_57 (2) $_57 (7) $_57 (12) $_57 (13) $_57 (33) $_57

WSC 41 –Dotty And Daffy Part 2

As promised, here is the second pic to go along with YESTERDAY’S SPANKING. Both of these pics were from the same 1951 play but I figured I would spread out the fun so that you had something else to see today.

This will be added to my VARIOUS SCHOOL PLAYS folder.

dotty and daffy st marys colgan ks 51b

Windsor’s Sunday Candids – 41 –Dotty And Daffy

First of all I want to thank Spank Boss for linking into my Wednesday classic this week of Child Wonder. I also thought that it was a great find and I am glad that he also shared the find with his audience. The Spanking Blog I believe is the original blog to hit the Internet so check it out, there is like a decade worth of material on there. Chross also returned this week with his Spankings Of The Week so if you missed that feature be sure to head over there to check it out.

This post is going to be a longer one which will continue under this weeks pic so be sure to keep scrolling down.

One search that I frequently conduct is for the play  “Dotty and Daffy”. Now while I have a handful of pics from this play, they are few and far between. I have already posted three and I have a few more that I have yet to post. So this week you can imagine how happy I was to find a new one. Not that you will know it from the pictures that I post, but this find took a long time to make the picture worthy of seeing. What I found was no more than a thumbnail and I had to work overtime to enlarge it. The added bonus though is that because two girls get spanked, you not only get one today but I will post the second spanking tomorrow. So here is the first spanking and be sure to come back tomorrow for the second spanking.

This will be added to my VARIOUS SCHOOL PLAYS folder.

dotty and daffy st marys colgan ks 51a

This week Harry’s featured play is FULL HOUSE. Now if you don’t know this already, when Harry makes a post he goes into great detail with the information abut each play, not only that but if he is able to he also posts the relevant portion of the script that relates to the spanking. Yes, he goes as far as purchasing scripts and sharing that knowledge with you all. He and I post similar content in relation to plays, but I will be the first to tell you that his collection is far superior to mine and dare I say he also puts in far more effort than I do. We will occasionally post cross over pics, but that is only because we discovered the same material at different times.

This week is one of those times. The final two pictures in Harry’s post on Full House I had also posted back in 2010, with the only additional information that I had being that they were both from The Mercury newspaper in Australia. We also have different pictures though as I left in the newspaper captions. MY FULL HOUSE post.

Finding the post in my archive though and reading it made me aware that there were some things from the post that needed updating. First of all, if you click on my post you will see a video at the bottom. The reason for the video isn’t stated but it was shared because the man driving the taxi is none other than my Father. He worked for Shepperton studios in the late 50’s as a chauffeur and for this film he was chauffeur for Simone Signoret. Basically he would pick her up in the morning, sit around all day and then return her at the end of the day. Because of this he filled in on a lot of films as a driver in the background. The only two that I know of where he is seen is Room At The Top and I Was Monty’s Double. In my full house post I had also said that Mom told me my father served in Korea. Well after researching it I can find no trace of him having done so and I even have his D-Mob card after the Palestinian conflict. I’m not saying it didn’t happen, but I think that the years have blended together for my Mom and that she is wrong on this one.

Mixed Bag Of Spanking Comics

Yet another week where I try to clear some of the stuff in my miscellaneous folder, this week I have rounded up just some of the spanking cartoons I have. If you are a lover of spanking cartoons then you should check out Web-Ed’s massive collections of spanking comic pages and art. I bring you rare stage spankings, Web-Ed is the guy who provides the Internet and other spanking blogs with rare spanking art.



This first picture has long been a favorite of mine, so much so that I once had it printed on a T-Shirt. I’m not sure if Alan Lawrence is the artist or not. I thought that it was a Leonardo drawing but quite honestly I don’t know, maybe they are one and the same.

I often wondered who the girl was. Is she a daughter coming home late, a misbehaving wife after a dinner date, or perhaps a niece learning the new rules of the house.

$1 timeshaft $T2eC16RHJIQE9qUHsjkIBRtq+0GFiw~~60_57 834558148_o Clipboard03 thirties2


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