Need A Ride Home?

Need a ride home?

The snow was falling heavy outside and Gail had to make it home. Luck must have been with her today, her co-worker, Ted Johnson, lived close by to her and offered her a ride home. Due to the weather, the ride was going to take a while. Gail knew that Ted was a widower and that his 2 girls had moved away from home years ago. As the drive was slow and tedious, and the conversation was very lame the brat started to come out in Gail. Thinking of her own mislead youth she had joked that it must have been hard to raise two girls. When he replied that his hand got more than a workout Gail became intrigued and pressed on, wanting to know all of the gory details. “So you would spank them then?” she said smiling broadly. Looking across at her he replied, “Well I am sure you know how girls can be” With a cheeky grin she said “Well I know how I was” and laughed out loud.

“So you should be no stranger to a warm bottom then”

“ME” she exclaimed “Heck no, my Daddy wouldn’t dare spank me”

“Well maybe if he had you wouldn’t have been like you were” he said sarcastically.

“Guess I’ll never know” she replied, poking out her tongue.

Ted shook his head, “Never say never”

“Oh Ted, I’m 21 now, spankings are for little girls”

“Or for 21 year olds who ACT like little girls” Ted said firmly raising an eyebrow.

That comment brought a mischievous smile to Gail’s face “You wish pervert”

“It has nothing to do with me, I’m not your Father”

“Good, then I can act as I please” and with that she folded her arms.

A long silence swept the car and Gail had cheeky thoughts running through her mind, she imagined Ted spanking his daughters with a grin on her face, even picturing herself over his lap. Desperately wanting to keep the conversation going, Gail tried a different approach, “So I suppose they got their birthday spankings each year then?” She said, blushing slightly.

“Well if they did, they didn’t get them from me” He replied.

“Whew, that’s a relief” she cheekily went on “Because I didn’t get mine this year either”

Ted sensed the little minx was itching for a spanking so he tried to test her “Well I wouldn’t have to be your Father to give you a birthday spanking”

“I wouldn’t want you to have a heart attack, Ted, you know you’re pretty old now” Gail said smirking at him.

“Oh, so your not as brave as you make yourself look then eh”

Feeling challenged, Gail quipped “I’m very brave” in a haughty voice.

“Well maybe we should stop at my house first then, I can assure you though, you will lose your jeans before I start”

Gail remained silent and let Ted drive, realizing it was way too far to go to his house and then all the way back. Ted exited at the place where they would go to Gail’s parents house about 4 miles from where they were. Now feeling a little braver, Gail piped up, “So your too chicken to give little old me a birthday spanking then?” as they passed the park and baseball field. Without thinking, Ted turned into the entrance to the baseball field, which alarmed Gail tremendously. “What are you doing?” she asked.

“I will give you your birthday spanking here” Ted replied.

“Your joking, not here your not, absofuckingloutely not”

“So YOUR the chicken then”

“I’m not chicken, but not out here”

“Why not, There’s nobody around for a couple of miles, no one will see us”

Gail’s stomach turned in knots, partially because the idea excited her a little bit, but she was not going to make it easy for him. “Oh come on, Ted” she pleaded, “I’m not chicken but it is freezing out there”

“Very well, but if……………” Ted was only part way through his comment when Gail mumbled under her breath. “They say the cold is awful for the arthritis”

Ted flung his car door open while Gail chuckled at her own sass. As Ted walked around the front of the car she started to frantically hit all the locks on the car door laughing all the while. As he put the key in the passenger door Gail held the lock firmly down. It was now a tricky situation, she kinda wanted him to open the door but principle told her she couldn’t make it too obvious. Gail watched as Ted stood there trying for all his might to figure out a plan, the poor thing looks like a lost child she thought to herself. After a few minutes he gave up and started back to the driver’s side of the car, Gail just sat there with her arms folded and a very haughty look on her face. Ted opened the driver’s door but instead of sitting in, he leaned in and grabbed the brat with both arms. Gail mocked disdain and half-heartedly fought against being dragged out of the driver’s door. When she was almost out, Gail locked her foot in the steering wheel and began to feign mock agony “OW my foot Ted, my foot… OWWWWW “ Ted let go of her at the sound of her shout and within a millisecond the brat was sat in the drivers seat holding on tight to the steering wheel. “Fooled you” she quipped while shaking her head from side to side in a sassy manner.

A deep heavy sigh came from Ted’s mouth emphasized by an escape of cold air coming from his mouth, Gail shaked with laughter “Just give up now Ted, before you hurt your old bones”. Now feeling a little frustrated, Ted circled her body with his arms and pried her fingers loose from the steering wheel. Dragging her backwards he was able to heave her body outside of the car, Gail laughed hysterically as Ted grabbed her around the waist lifting her off of the ground from behind… “Let go of me this instant you beast” she said reaching behind her to grab and tug at his shirt through his jacket. By the time Ted had carried the kicking brat to the dugout, his shirt was now totally untucked from his pants. Before sitting on the dugout bench, and as her back was already to him, Ted took hold of her waistband and started to try and undo the button on the jeans of the now doubled over miss. “Stop that you pervert, what type of girl do you take me for” Gail quipped as she laughed out trying to break his grasp. As she bent over, Gail grabbed two handfuls of snow and threw them over her shoulder over Ted’s head, she could already feel that he was winning the war with the button and zipper of her jeans so she grabbed as much snow as her hand would allow and reached behind her to stuff it inside of his shirt.

Ted was now in a non-birthday spanking mood, he was now in a total spanking mood as the cold remnants of the melting snow dripped down his stomach and nestled into the waistband of his pants. The jeans had now reached the mid thigh level and Ted sat down in the dugout at the same time hoisting the little minx over his lap. A sharp escape of air left Gail’s lungs as her stomach bounced off of his thighs, with her head scarcely missed the dugout bench as it headed towards the floor. The brisk air had already pinkened Gail’s pale skin and Goosebumps formed all over her ice-cold bottom. “I think you should brace yourself young lady” Ted said as he looked down at the bottom beneath him covered in a not so modest pair of light blue satin panties. Placing his hand on her right cheek Ted forgave any form of warm up and steadily began landing firm spanks upon alternating cheeks. Barely 6 spanks had fell before Gail felt that someone had lit a blowtorch on her tush, the cold temperature ensured that any smack was going to sting twice as bad as any regular spank. Gails legs kicked all over trying to avoid the spanks that were raining down on her rear, with her right arm firmly held up her back all she could do with her left was grab the snow within her reach and throw it at him. It was a strange feeling for her, the spanking was hurting 10 times worse than she thought it was going to but at the same time it was just as she was expecting it to be, a very weird feeling. The more she kicked the more her satin panties headed north and therefore the more the spanks seemed to sting. The strangest thing she found herself doing was actually shouting out “Please, I’m sorry Ted”…………. was this something that was an ingrown part of a spanking, she really didn’t have too much to be sorry for.

Through the shine of the moonlight, Ted was able to see her butt cheeks shine brightly from the 50 or so spanks he had landed upon it, he even grinned from ear to ear at the complete disarray of her scant underwear. With a final hearty spank to each cheek her released her pinned arm but kept Gail over his lap. Her now free hand furiously rubbing her red-hot bottom. Ted stood Gail up but kept his arm around her, “Well my girl, as you seem to enjoy playing with the snow so much, maybe it can help you cool off” and with that Ted used his right leg to sweep under hers and with his arm still around her he plopped her bottom right onto the seat bench to his right side. Gail bellowed out, partially from her spanked buns landed on the hard seat, and for the most part the ice-cold snow meeting up with her blazing bottom. Ted held her in place briefly before letting her free to stand and try to gently brush the snow off of her bottom. “That wasn’t very nice, Ted” was all she could muster as she rubbed the sting out of her bottom.

As they headed out of the parking lot, each had their own thoughts over the events of what just happened, though they didn’t share them yet, they were both thinking “We must do this again sometime, and pretty soon at that” Ted drove away, his shirt and neck totally wet from the melting snow and the back of his pants soaked as if he had wet himself from sitting on the snow covered bench. Gail sat there smiling feeling tingly all over, especially the area that had just been soundly spanked, all throughout the ride she squirmed and occasionally rubbed her butt to get a delicious sensation from it. The whole ride home was totally uncomfortable though, thanks to Ted sitting her on the bench her panties were soaked through, and formed the most uncomfortable wedgie she had ever had. As Ted pulled up in her driveway, Gail leaned over and kissed him on the cheek “Thanks so much Ted” she said with a blushing smile, and headed out of the car towards her garden path. Ted watched her disappear from his sight and chuckled as he watched her trying to release her soaking wedgie by clear putting her hand into the back of her jeans. This was going to be a wonderful relationship.

Richard Windsor.

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