Roger The Sixth – An Outstanding Spanking Image

I’m interrupting the Birthday Bonanza with a special update. On a newspaper archive site a user is publicly sharing his rare finds for free as clippings. Chances are he doesn’t even realize that his clippings are now free to scavenge by people like me, lol. Now his collection is separate to mine, however he is starting to find rare images that I have already saved for you guys. So rather than him find this awesome image before I have a chance to post it, I am going to bump it up a week just so that I can get to share it with you all exclusively. After all, I paid 35 notes to discover it so I should reap the benefits of a first posting 🙂

I still have many more rare images that I have recently found, and even if the user above subsequently finds them all and shares them, his edits is likely to be different than mine because I like to add non spanking items in my images. When his images are downloaded you have to take what he has given you, whereas I get to download the entire newspaper page and edit it as I see fit. The Birthday Bonanza will resume on Thursday.

This I consider to be one of the best spanking images that I have found, just look around the image, it is pure perfection. From the size of his hand to the dress that she is wearing, simply stunning. Be sure to leave your comments on it, I would love to hear from you.

The image is from 1960 and will be added to my WINDSOR’S STAGE SPANKINGS folder.

We can talk about the image in the comments or in a later post, for now I just want you all to appreciate it as much as I do. This picture alone took away a little of the $35 sting that I had to pay to access it, lol.

4 thoughts on “Roger The Sixth – An Outstanding Spanking Image

  1. Yes you are quite correct this is fantastic.I do love a good otk.this is is just like you said quite clear and that you can see the checks on the dress.I always enjoy pictures where the spankee does seem to be enjoying her otk experience. I would say you got your money’s worth for this newspaper price.great finds. I noted your return comment about the guys standing off to side in the woods and I could just imagine some commentary from them as well.thanks for such great finds and pushing this find up.have a great day

  2. Jim,

    As I noted, there is a guy on the main newspaper site who is perhaps unknowingly sharing his clippings. If you go to the main one that is something like newspapers dot com 😉 and select clippings, you can search the clippings for spanking and you will find this one user’s finds. The moment he clips them (as opposed to downloading them like I do) they become available to the public. Due to what he has clipped recently, it is almost certain that this site has a majority of the papers that I paid for, just one of the reasons I am a little disappointed with my purchase. Now I still have around 20 pics from British plays that I have never seen before, so the site I joined may well have exclusive pics, however, it could also be that the search results aren’t as vast so therefore they are easier to find. Actually I just checked, the publication that I found this image in is exclusive solely to the British site.

    This copy that I have shared is inferior to the copy that is on my hard drive, but I simply couldn’t post a copy that size on my website. Isn’t it such a fantastic find though? A user by the name of Michael on the Spank Statement website talked about this play 15 years ago, so it has evaded the spanking community for many years already. The only thing that ruins it a little bit for me is the guy in the background because he kind of masks the spanking hand a little bit. The positioning is awesome, her frame, especially how her bum seems to be a bit more pronounced with what she is wearing, and let’s not forget his big old hand, lol. The Gingham dress is one of the features that sell this to me, I just love what she is wearing. Even though it is 1960 it is a traditional 1950s style dress. Believe it or not, when I found the image I also went looking for that type of dress online from the 1950s, and was happy to actually find it, or at least a style very close to it in grey.


  3. You are correct, sir – – This image is “pure perfection”
    The look of fierce determination by Gordon Tanner, and the hint of sublime
    enjoyment (bliss?) on Jill Adams’ face make this a classic.
    – – (What are the odds of casting a ‘Tanner’ in this role?)
    On May 4/2015 Harry from Vanilla Spanking provides in-depth background on
    this play, and explains the setup for this scene.

  4. Dale,

    I almost fell out of my chair when I found the image, and finding it in such great quality was outstanding. You don’t normally get such high quality from online newspaper clippings. In fact I have found two new ones from the play “Happy days” but both are so damaged that you can barely see the spanking despite my best efforts to improve the quality. It genuinely is one of the best spanking pics that I have found, though I do wish that the guy in the background was stood off to the side a bit. Just Jill’s body form though, what a delightful pose and posture, not to mention an awesome 1950s style dress that seems designed for spanking. And with hands the size that he has, “Tanner” is a very appropriate name for the lead actor 🙂

    I’m aware of Harry’s post, in fact I even went there when I found the image to make sure that it was the same one that he mentioned that he had never seen before. He does an excellent job for the people in the community who seek a more detailed description of what they are seeing with his play descriptions. I’m assuming by the edits that he made to that 2015 post the day after I posted this image that it is indeed the image that he believed had been taken, with just a few cosmetic changes to what he believed was in the image. Obviously he has seen my posting due to the changes that he made to his own post, so I am sure that he will update that feature in the near future to include the image. For many years I would constantly extend courtesy to him by linking to his various play descriptions whenever I found something new.

    This most recent purchase that I made has turned up some fantastic pieces, I have found two new images for each of five plays, not to mentioned individual pieces as well. I’m pretty certain that I will come up with more as well. As I have mentioned, there is a guy sharing his own clippings to the public for free (whether he knows it or not, lol), but the images that I have found are in addition to his findings. It doesn’t mean that nobody has seen them before, but none of them are on any spanking sites anywhere.


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