It’s Father’s Day

Not that I’m a Father or anything,  not that I know of anyway 🙂  Regardless,  perhaps I can be a surrogate Father. Happy Father’s day to all you Dad’s out there around the spanking world.

Let’s start by warming the seat of Amber Grey’s white nylon panties. This is from my movie AMBER GREY – THE GIRL NEXT DOOR

Amber Grey - The girl next door

Next up,  a birthday spanking for Kat St. James on her purple satin panties.

Sara Fields bought these panties because she knew I was going to spank her,  and spank her I did 🙂

The first of two pics from PUNISHED BRATS ,  in this pic we have the ever so naughty Juliet Valentina as a naughty little schoolgirl. This was before I started dieting 🙂

And another schoolgirl from PUNISHED BRATS,  this time it is Erica Corvina as the schoolgirl in her white nylon panties.

And finally,  from a photo shoot that I did with a girl called Ali. Again,  before the weight loss 🙂


Tagged That Ass

My little project is finished, all 754 posts have now been tagged, but what does it mean to you? If you look to the right ——-> you will see a whole bunch of tags, some larger and some smaller. What is means is the bigger the tag, the more posts there are on that subject. People have been using them already as I am about to show you. Basically if you have a favorite subject, let’s say “OTK”, you click the tag ‘OTK’ and every post that features otk spanking will be displayed while cutting the others out. Give it a shot, either click a tag to the right or select one from the following list. These are the ten most clicked on tags in the last 12 days, and the results were pretty suprising to me, they also help me to know what it is that people like to see.





5) OTK


7) F/F 


9) M/F


The Richard Windsor Spanking Files - Part 11

So here is the final set of spanking pics that I have posted to date on this site that feature me, and of course you are going to have many more to come. Stay tuned because pics from the Shadowlane weekend are coming, I hope that you all enjoyed what I have posted over the last two weeks.

The Richard Windsor Spanking Files - Part 10

I am going to skip a day tomorrow with the spanking pics, just in case I have some special pics from Vegas to share. Either way part 11 will be up on Thursday. Oh look, is that Munchkin in the corner? 🙂

The Richard Windsor Spanking Files - Part 7

It is a hard life, but someone needs to spank all of these naughty little girls, don’t they? Still four more sets of spanking pics to come after this one so check back every day.

The Richard Windsor Spanking Files - Part 2

Munchkin makes her first spanking appearance in this set, and she isn’t in the corner…. not yet anyway 🙂 In this set you will also see my long term friends, Sarah Thorne and Kat The Brat, plus the following girls, Audrey Knight, Leia Anne Woods, Erica Corvina, Kay, Naughty Freckles, Sarah Gregory, Miss Chief and Cookie. There is even an appearance by a vanilla friend of mine whose bottom I remember swatting a couple of times back in 1987, can you spot who she is?

The Richard Windsor Spanking Files - Part 1

It is coming up on five years that I have had this website and this morning I went through the archives and culled all of the pics that I have posted where I am spanking a naughty girl, sometimes two 😉 Now over the years I know I have deleted many pics, some when I transferred over from blogspot, and others that I  no longer wanted associated with my site. In the archives there was 212 pics where I am spanking a girl, and guess what, with Shadowlane coming up this week I am going to re-post them all over the next 11 days just in case you missed any. The only order they will be in is alphabetical, and there may be the odd double pic that I had renamed, but other than that you can get to see all of the pics over the next 11 days. Now, if you were to go to my Fetlife profile, you would see a whole bunch more pics that I haven’t posted on this site. My goal is to take more pics at Shadowlane and I will post them on my return along with the ones on my Fetlife profile that I haven’t posted here yet. Okay, are you ready? Twenty pics a day for the next 11 days, so check back everyday and you may see something that you missed the first time around.

The Spanking World Rocks

It is time once again to direct you all to THE SPANKING WORLD. This is a group that I started on Fetlife which has really taken off in the realm of discussions. Each topic produces lots of interesting comments from a great many participants, and the conversations are really engaging. None of the pitty patter ‘What’s your favorite type of panties’ type deals here (though I am tempted to start one :)), these conversations have some meat and body to them. So right now I am going to link to the latest half dozen topics we are discussing, and of course everyone’s favorite “The Pet Peeve Thread” 🙂 The group current has 517 members and the number grows by the day.

The latest topic by Miss_Chief is —> SEVERITY OF SPANKINGS 

In this topic which currently has 56 comments, the group discusses whether or not people are hard players and what their thoughts are on hard spankings.

Kat The Brat began a discussion entitled —> FOOT IN DOOR, OR FOOT IN MOUTH?

This topic deals with the subject of ‘switches’ and the difficulties they encounter at spanking parties. 50 comments to date.

PhredPhriendly began the topic —> DEFINITIONS, PLEASE?

As a relatively new member to the online community, Phred wishes to learn what some of these funky spanko labels mean. 30 responses so far. I define the picture below as bonalicious 🙂

Yours truly, Richard Windsor, created the discussion —> THE SCHOOL BIKE

This topic discusses the difference between quality versus quantity of spankings at spanking parties. Once again this topic so far has 50 comments to it.

Erica Scott has a topic going, and a popular one at that —> TITLES/HONORIFICS

What’s in a name? Well we try and put that one to rest here. This topic discusses the creative names that people either earn, or self appoint for themselves 🙂 It is a very popular topic which currently has 99 entries.

Sometimes threads get resurrected, as we found out today when Kat The Brat brought a topic back to the top. This one is called —> TWO IN THE PINK AND ONE IN THE STINK

Yes, it is exactly what you think it is, and there are currently 91 perverted comments 🙂

We are not done yet though, there is one more topic. This one just keeps going and going, and so far there are a massive, whopping 672 comments from a bunch of whiny, ungrateful, negative ingrates who don’t know what is good for them. What is the topic you ask? Why, it is the very famous —> PET PEEVE THREAD 🙂

Richard Windsor On Punished Brats

It has been a long time since I had an update to give you from a personal appearance on Punished Brats, but a new one has been added to the site today so I have something to give to you. Now I must state that all of these pics were taken pre diet, and since that time I have lost 74 pounds 🙂 Anyway, here is the latest update on Punished Brats, and underneath you will find two galleries which include videos clips from other work that I have done for Punishedbrats. I just want to add as well, underneath each post I now have a ‘Rate This’ feature. I would really appreciate it if people would leave me a few ratings on the various posts as that will give me an idea of what people like and what they don’t like.

A little picture archive

After a bit of a busy weekend I see that I am due an update of sorts. Well, I don’t actually have anything prepared. I did start a post about my cultural likes, but I kind of got bored with it (Probably won’t make for a great post if I got bored writing it, lol). So what I decided to do was to hit my personal picture archives and I will make it in two posts. The latter post will be pics from my personal play archive, but to start with I figured I would share some pics from the Punished Brats archive that I have yet to post on this blog until now.

The first two are with the lovely Erica Corvina in her schoolgirl uniform. In this scene I got to play Erica’s truant officer.

Now two much older ones featuring Juliette Valentina’s peach of a bottom 🙂

Now Punished Brats set of pics would be complete without at least one pic of my good friend, Pixie. Anyone care to guess the roles Pixie and I are playing?

And finally for this set, one of my favorite scenes with Lily Anna as my secretary. Man is this girl one heck of a brat!!


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