New Years Eve Party

The New Year’s Eve Party

To start the day I want to tell you all about a great New Year’s Eve party that I attended over the weekend. A few weeks back, Pixie and I decided to get together to do something for New Year’s Eve. This really was probably going to be just hanging out together to see 2010 in. Well, a couple of weeks after this, the two of us received an invite from Funnybratgirl inviting us to a party at the house she shares. I was over the moon to be invited to such a party and after talking it over with Pixie, she was just as excited as I was, if not more so. So we had a change of plan, instead of me schlepping it over to her place, we decided that she would pick me up at a train station on the way.

Now the morning didn’t start as good as we had planned, my poor little feline friend was snowed under. But you can never stop a determined brat, and with shovel in hand and a determination to match, our Pixie snubbed her nose at a few snowflakes. Of course I had the same snow problem, but I live in New York City so it is public transport for me regardless of the weather. So as Pixie set out early due to the weather, I began the usual trip of bus, subway and train to get to my destination. When I got to Penn station I was disappointed to see that the train I had hoped to catch was cancelled due to the weather, meaning that I would have to get on a slower, local stopping train, which of course also meant that Pixie was going to be waiting for me for a while. At least I was able to call her to let her know that I was going to be late.

Once I finally got to my destination it took me a good ten minutes to find the little minx, being that neither of us had been to this station before, it did give me time to sneak a smoke though ;-)  We kept the pleasantries to a minimum as Pixie had been parked in a limited zone for an extended period and we needed to get on our way. So as quick as a flash we buckled up and headed to the first intersection…………………………

OH MY GOD……………………………. Did I just hear what I thought I heard coming from Pixie’s lips?

Shocked I was, totally shocked!! In the years that I have known Pixie, never, and I mean NEVER have I ever heard her utter so much as a single curse word. She won’t even type one, it is always an effigy of what the swear word actually is. Well the little potty mouth, she used the Granddaddy of all swear words!! I know someone who has a date with the Ivory soap bar!!

Now once on the road it was where the fun really started. The little town in question isn’t overly kind to travelling visitors in icy road conditions in the dark. The street signs were of little help when you are doing 45mph on a busy road, they were too high up, were not illuminated, and worst of all, some of them were an abbreviation of what the road was actually called. Fine if you live there, not so much if you don’t when you have to try and squint your eyes while hoping to find a 45 character road name, which has been shortened to 12 characters. We finally made the party though, and most of the people were already there, save for a few late stragglers who were to come later.

It is hard to put into words just how enjoyable I find the company of this party to be. To start with there was of course the company of my good friend, Pixie, someone who is a friend of mine in real life, way beyond any relation to spanking. The co hosts of the party, Funnybratgirl and Corey, people who I have only just started to get to know on a more personal level, but who are two very welcoming, warm people. Then of course my good mate, who also co hosted the party, someone who I have got to know pretty well over the last year and whose demeanor I find to be in close relation to my own. Cut the thrills and bullshit, let’s deal with the issues and move on from there. Just the type of behavior that I love in a girl. As I have said in many posts prior to this one, one of the organizers of the party and I personally stake my own reputation on the integrity of her character, just about the best the spanking world can offer!!

Just about everyone else who was in attendance was a regular, though I’m not really sure whose name I can say due to privacy issues. Some of the folks in attendance though that I feel comfortable mentioning their names were Mike and Robin, Rad and Sandy, Kate James and Jersey John. That was only about half the group but like I said, I don’t really know who would be okay with me mentioning their name.

Now despite all of us being spankos, this really wasn’t what the party was about, it was a get together of like minded people seeing in the New Year with spanking only as a backdrop. Sure, there was some play, but it was very limited in comparison to other such parties, this really was about friends coming together.

There were some great highlights though, perhaps topped by someone sharing her Jib Jab creations on the big screen. She had added the heads of some spanking friends to animated scenes and the results had everyone howling with laughter. Rad had started a discussion on a website he wanted to create, called Basically the girl is caned until she pisses herself, which was pretty much what we were all doing in laughter as he told of his plan. One unexpected highlight came after Pixie had gone to play with someone. Upon her return she quipped that she had better check her phone just in case her hubby had called…….. Had he ever called!! I believe there were 4 messages waiting for her, and there is nothing like seeing a naughty little girl react when she knows she is in BIG trouble. She may not have found it amusing, but I sure did.

It is tough to write this to a spanking forum because there really wasn’t much play to speak of, as I have mentioned already it was an awesome party and I am so glad that I received an invite to join such a wonderful group of people, I couldn’t have wished for a better New Year’s party.

After midnight I did play with Fran, just to make sure that my arm was still working and of course to welcome in the New Year. Quite honestly I hadn’t really planned to play, I was already having a blast. At around 3am was when everyone started to settle down for the night. Pixie and I had planned to leave sometime around 1am for me to get to the station and for her to get home, but the gracious offers from Maria of a place to crash was just too good to pass up. We took up camp on the landing with Pixie using an air mattress and me close by on top of a sleeping bag. Of course we tried to whisper but that was soon to pass as I set my stuff to the side of me for the morning.

One thing that I can’t do when I visit other people’s house’s is bring my hairbrush with me, the thing is about 20 years old and is worn down to the bone, so what I do is bring an oversized brush that I would never really use just so that I have something pleasing to the eye in the morning. I laughed as I showed Pixie the monstrosity that I had to use to brush my hair and gleefully taking it in her hand she held it up and said “Is this what you use to spank yourself with at home?”

There aren’t many times that I give the toppy look, but this was one of them as I studied the smiling minx, she’s just a little too smart for herself at times. Now I know everyone wanted to get to sleep, but tough titty said the kitty, Pixie needed to answer for that comment!!

So I climbed beside her as she lay in her little pink penguin PJ’s and began to vigorously apply my hand to her bottom. Pretty quickly she said “Ow, that thing does hurt”, but I hadn’t even used the brush yet, I was spanking her with my hand. Hey, not only have I lost weight but I am working out now as well ;-)  Of course she didn’t believe it was my hand so I picked up the brush to show her the difference, I was quite getting into this actually. I was in rare toppy form and I scolded her as I spanked and then pulled her PJ’s down, I have a feeling that she knew she was in for it because her hands flew back to maximize the area of her bottom that her panties would cover.

I primarily used the brush on the seat of her panties and gave her a fair warning “Any other smart comments you wish to add?” I asked her. In typical brat fashion I could see the wheels turning as she pondered whether it would be wise to add anything further, so to make sure I started to apply the brush firmer as I said “I will let you think it over”.

As she was now wriggling to the smacks I asked her one more time “Anything else you wish to add?”

Clearly she considered it, but Pixie took the wise route and replied “Nah, I think I’m finished for now”, and trust me, it was a wise choice, because the next step was going to be the brush on her bare bottom. So I finished the spanking and pulled her PJ’s back up with a further warning that it can happen again very soon if she thought of anything more to say, and then a funny thing happened on the way to the farm. I returned to my spot feeling pretty content with myself I must say, and as I lay down I whispered something to Pixie and got no answer. Yep, bedtime spankings really do work, because within a minute of the spanking little Pixie was fast asleep. I couldn’t help but smile as I lay there contently, so now I could also go to sleep.

That was the plan anyway…….. Holy shit. It was like trying to sleep in an aircraft hanger with all the engines running, or trying to sleep when frogs are in mating season. The snoring coming from the lower level was absurd. I tried for all my might for half an hour to ignore it, but I ended up going downstairs to my coat to get my walkman out. It wasn’t ideal, but I was at least able to get cat naps in as I constantly played Enigma over and over.

Partially I wanted to scare the living daylights out of a girl called C.C. As we had all prepared for bed and the lights went out, I did my famous horror voice, which had C.C begging that I stop. I did consider crawling down the stairs, ALA Linda Blair in The Exorcist director’s cut, while threatening her with impending doom, and I probably would have had it not been for the fact that ten people were sleeping, but I can put it in the bank until the Weekend, I should have a nice horror costume by then as well ;-)

In the morning everyone picked up where they left off the night before, with Corey graciously picking up bagels for everyone, and before we knew it we were heading home. So that was it, the party was over, but I couldn’t have wished to have spent it with a more enjoyable group of people, one of the best New Year’s parties I have ever attended and I didn’t so much as drink one drop of alcohol.

2 thoughts on “New Years Eve Party

  1. We had four close friends in on Jan 1st. The four girls all know I spank my husband. Two have helped. One of the girls asked if Rick had his new year spanking yet. No, we will do it in a little while. I could see the discomfort on his face.
    After he worried for an hour or so, I had him bend over the back of the couch and remove his pants. He was bent over in his shirt and very feminine Christmas panties. I began spanking him with a hairbrush over the panties. I stopped and took the belt from his slacks. I asked if anyone wanted to spank him. Yes they did. Anna took the belt and gave him some good belts. I took his panties off and made him spread his legs. Everyone took turns with either the brush or the belt. He was crying when we finished. Then I placed an enema nozzle and hose in him, gave him corner time and said he’d get a public enema if it came out. I saw one of the girls pull it out but said nothing. Later when I saw it on the floor, I had him get on all fours. He begged me not to. He got four soapy enemas, one from each of us. Whomever gave the enema took him to the bathroom, then I gave him a rinsing enema. We put him on his backed and diapered him. Great start to the new year

  2. I really, really miss Pixie. I miss her blog, the videos she posted on her blog, and her generosity in answering my questions via email. I regret I never had the opportunity to actually meet this delightful young woman. Recently I read he is working as a professional in the health care industry, and it made me happy to learn that she has a career and is doing well. Some of the videos she made are all-time classics, like the two with Dallas and the one with Strictly Spanking in which she revealed a vulnerability very rarely seen in a professional spanking actress. Pixie and her California colleague Samantha Woodley were my all-time favorites. Both are now retired but both still provide pleasure in the vast library of work they recorded on camera.

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