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A Delightful Saturday

Kat St. James was one of those young women who I never got the chance to play with properly. We did do a fun little photoshoot one time where I got to playfully spank her, so I guess that counts, but I would have loved to have made a film with her. She is one of those people who is super friendly and is really kind when talking with others, I had a lot of time for her, as I do for people like her.

This picture of course is a delight to see however, because as nice as she was, Kat was still naughty enough to need a spanking every now and then. I tend to love pics like this one, pics that clearly show that a pair of panties offers no protection at all 🙂 Hopefully, wherever she is, I hope that she is still getting wake up calls like this one 😉 Click on the image for the full sized version.

New Audio Host

Hey guys, as I mentioned yesterday I did indeed look into creating an audio store where I could share my stories and interviews, maybe even a podcast or two. Don’t worry, I’m not going to use my platform to besmirch fellow members of the community, I will use my platform to bring positivity to the spanking world. The idea for the hosting site was inspired by Miss Jenn’s audio site, so if you could do me a favor, pop on over to Miss Jenn’s clips store and have a look around. I signed up via her channel so hopefully she will get some affiliate referral money from this.

Miss Jenn’s Clip Store

Miss Jenn’s Audio Site

Last night I added a 5 minute test audio from one of the many previous audio interviews that I have done with Dana Specht, but I also have a folder full of old audio material to sort through. Hopefully I will be able to add to that this year by doing some more interviews. Here is the test audio that I put up.

Please let me know what you think.

David’ Summer Spankings

Time for the weekly F/M Friday post.

Do you guys remember when I used to record my own stories as audios, along with the many audio interviews that I conducted? It is something that I should really get back into doing, especially as I have many new stories since I last recorded one. Audio stories are something that I love to listen to, but you have to search long and hard online to find audio spanking stories. Well, a new one has surfaced this week over on Dana Specht’s blog called DAVID’S SUMMER SPANKINGS. Dana’s ability to tell a story is wonderful, she has the tone and inflection down perfectly and you can really get immersed in the story that she is telling. She also does custom recordings which are very reasonably priced as well, just reach out to her on her website for details.

The premise of the story is based upon the David and Dana series of spanking videos that are very popular on her site. I will list those videos at the bottom (appropriately) of this post. The new audiobook is just over 2 hours long and it features the often requested ‘Next door neighbor’ spanking scene. The full 2 hour download is ONLY $9.

Imagine living in a town where no matter how old you are, if you live at home you are still subjected to over the knee spankings. This is the place where David lives, where all of his friends, every single one of them, are frequently staring at the carpet over their mother’s lap. Not only that, but over the years each of them has also been spanked by every one of their friend’s mothers as well. All of them that is, except for David, he grew up in an environment where he was the only person in his neighborhood not subjected to spanking, and he really felt that he was missing something in his life.

One person who has been the object of his desires for a long time is his next door neighbor, Vicki, who was a few years older than him. But it wasn’t just Vicki next door who had his attention, it was her mom, Kathy, as well. In his mind he could never get rid of the sight of the only bare bottom spanking he had ever witnessed in person, which had been given by Mrs. Reardon to her 22 year old son, the same age that David was now himself. The sight and sound of that hairbrush spanking was permanently etched into his mind.

When his own mother leaves town for the summer, she refuses to let her irresponsible, grown up son have the house to himself. So he is sent next door to spend the summer with Mrs. Reardon and Vicki, the same Mrs. Reardon he had witnessed dishing out a sound maternal spanking. In fact, he even has to stay in the very same bedroom where he had witnessed the spanking.

It doesn’t take long before Vicki corrupts David with the promise that her mother never comes home during the day, but, of course on this day she does come home during the day. David gets to witness Vicki receive the mother of all spankings by her moms hand, and he even has to fetch the hairbrush that Mrs. Reardon then uses on her daughter. As he stands there staring at Vicki, who is standing in the corner with her red bare bottom on display, he is brought back to reality. That over the knee bare bottom spanking that he had always fantasized about, is now only a few seconds away.

Remember, this is an audio download that is over two hours long and it ONLY COSTS $9. Think about that, for the cost of a small pizza, just nine bucks, you can have an audio file that you can listen to forever. I remember the days of going on long drives listening to my Shadowlane audio cassettes in my car. Plug your MP3 into your sound device in the car and you can kill two hours in a heartbeat. If you love audio stories then you really can’t go wrong with this, you certainly get bang for your buck with this spanking story. Here is one of the chapters that happens right after David has received his first ever spanking. And remember, to purchase this for nine dollars go directly to THIS PAGE!!

As I mentioned earlier, there is also a complete series of videos in the David and Dana collection that are listed below. About a year ago I dropped David an email, but I probably had the wrong email address, but he had previously shared his own thoughts on this blog via a comment on one of the posts that I had made previously. Hopefully my email didn’t end up in someone else’s inbox inadvertently, lol.

Here are the list of Dana and David videos that are also all available for download on Dana’s site, just click each blue link below individually to be taken to that particular video page. Each page has its own spanking trailer to watch.

A VERY ANGRY MOM : Just watch the first trailer to get an idea of how this spanking goes, right from the very first spank it is HARD and fast. David is paddled, strapped and caned, and I am sure there are a few more implements used. I don’t think I am mistaken when I say that this is Dana’s best selling video.

DAVID AND THE BABYSITTER : Even grown up boys need a babysitter!! Acting mischievous earns David a couple of playful warning spankings, but he just doesn’t learn his lesson. Just in the trailer alone you can see the babysitter spank, strap (and I mean STRAP!) and paddle David, and he isn’t quiet about it either. Then his mom comes home to deliver the mother of all hairbrush spankings to her whimpering son.

DAVID’S LITTLE SECRET : Once again, not for the faint of heart. David has his mouth soaped, is feminized, then spanked, hairbrushed, strapped, paddled and caned. I guess he won’t be keeping any more secrets, well, not for a few days anyway.

DAVID’S STRICT MOM : From the screencaps you can see that the paddle and cane are used in this film, but the trailer focuses on one thing, something that you don’t see too often in spanking films. A sound spanking with a sandal!! So if you have a thing about the old Chancla, just watch the trailer to get your fix 😉

PUNISHED FOR PEEPING : Like the audio story, this spanking features David getting spanked by the next door neighbor. As the title suggests, he is caught spying on the neighbor getting dressed, such a naughty thing to do. If I am not mistaken this is only features hand spankings from start to finish, but after part one he confesses that it is he who has been stealing her panties. So what is a strict neighbor to do? He finds out when he is face down over her lap again, but this time he is wearing her panties.

SPANKED IN DANA’S PANTIES : The most recent of Dana’s digital downloads, and I think that the title is self explanatory. A scene that dates back some 30 years when NuWest did their own Woman Next Door series, the allure of the panty drawer is just too strong, but is also VERY painful each and every time. It doesn’t need a big write up, you pretty much know what you are going to get from the title alone.

Top Twenty Of 2020

It is that time again where I list the top 20 most viewed posts of 2020. As I researched my stats yesterday I saw that more and more people are using the website search engine. If you are looking for something specific on this website then the search is pretty useful. If you haven’t used it before it is quite simple, just type your interest into the search bar over on the right there —–>

This is how I sort out the top 20 posts of 2020. To qualify for the list a post must have been created in the year 2020. There are posts from years past that had more views in 2020, but they are excluded, this list is only for posts made in the calendar year of 2020. The results are factual as well, in fact my two favorite images of the year didn’t even make the top 20. So without further ado because I have a lot to type, here are the top 20 spanking posts of 2020. All images will open to a full sized image if you click on them.

1: Boyfriend spanks – Girlfriend and her Bestie

It has happened for many years and I have no doubt that it will continue to happen for many more, stories continue to dominate what people come to this website for. This story is episode three of the MOTHER SPANKS SERIES which is probably the most popular series that I have ever written. How popular was it? This story had almost five times as many views as the second place post in 2020. In fact it almost equals the rest of the top ten combined. During my research yesterday I happened to notice that I have previously written two and a half pages towards chapter four of this series, so who knows, maybe that will be coming soon.

Elaine was pretty helpless at this point, she was pinned over her boyfriend’s lap, held securely around the waist with no free hand that could reach back for protection. She didn’t know what to feel when she felt his hand rub her bottom through her white summer skirt, she could probably accept it in another setting, but not out here. She pleaded with him, practically begging him not to spank her, and even apologizing profusely, all the while as Brittney just stood there with a big shit eating grin on her face.

If you thought Elaine was carrying on before, you should have heard her when he actioned the thought that was in his mind, that thought being, a white skirt probably means that she is wearing white panties as well. Her voice raised as he revealed the prize by lifting her skirt high up her back with comparative ease. Indeed he was right, white panties they were, and the nylon looked ever so thin and skimpy for what he was planning to do to them.

With her face flushed she looked at the laughing Brittney “You’re a bitch, you know that”

Brittney just put her arms out in front of her and shrugged as she replied “What goes around, comes around”.

Read the full story here

2: The Exclusive Riding School

This one is a little surprising, not because it is the other story that I posted in 2020, but because it only had 11 more hits than the third placed position in this list. Normally stories are so far ahead that it isn’t even remotely close, but this story was not as popular as the other stories that I have written on this site.

Nodding to himself in some form of self appreciation, Mr. O’Brien continued his onslaught to the never before spanked bottom that was now beginning to glow bright red as he alternated spanking each cheek in turn, before covering both of them with one shot, the poor girl was shocked and frantic in her movements.

Feeling somewhat satisfied after all that she had put him through that morning, and probably more so at the feeling that he was giving the girl something that she had sorely missed out on whilst growing up, Mr. O’Brien stopped for a minute and admonished the shocked Amelia, telling her how he now expected the stable to be absolutely spotless in 20 minutes time or else. He then he unclipped his crop and proceeded to teach her a proper lesson.

“Now then, as you seem to use this freely on the horse, perhaps you can find out what it feels like yourself” he said, and then he raised the crop before bringing it crashing down smartly on Amelia’s tender bottom. That was it, the tears flowed as the leather crop drew line after angry red line across her bottom as Mr. O’Brien gave her twelve of the very best with the riding crop.

Read the full story here

3: F/M Friday 7

This was a new feature that I started in 2020 but I have let the side down a bit by not updating it for the last few months. When you look at my site stats for the year, the F/M COLLECTION page has the most views of any page on this website, by a two to one margin. That is quite surprising because the F/M scene is something that has very little exposure on this website, but at the same time, perhaps that is why it has so many hits, because it is the only page on the website that is devoted to F/M spanking.

The top viewed image is this one that was posted in the seventh installment of the series. The young man doesn’t seem too concerned about his spanking, does he?

Read the full post here

4: F/M Friday 3

Yep, as if one wasn’t enough, the second non story post that had the most views in 2020 was also part of the F/M COLLECTION, this one was episode 3. There are two photos in this post, including this sorority/fraternity paddling from the University of Mississippi in 1947.

Read the full post here

5: Windsor Wednesday Classic 171

I don’t choose what makes the list, if I did then I would probably pick 20 posts that didn’t even make the top 20 🙂 In this image, the most viewed M/F image in 2020, we get to see the principal about to apply his paddle to the jean covered seat of his victim. Ronda seems none too bothered at the moment, I wonder how she will feel after lick number 1?

Read the full post here

6: The Ann Margret Spanking Photo

When I posted this image I had a bit of a bee in my bonnet, because of some misinformation that had been shared online. In this famous image, Ann Margret is getting spanked by her Uncle, technically the husband of her Mom’s sister, so not a blood relative. It had been posted online that Ann Margret had been raised by said Uncle and therefore assumed that this was a frequent occurrence. The thing is, that is bullshit, as I detail in my post. Ann Margret’s father was such a part of her life that he even lived with her once she became a star. Now I understand literary license, a lot of what we do is based upon fantasy, in fact I was guilty of doing it once myself a few years ago based upon a picture that I found, and I was subsequently shamed online for making something up 🙂 Perhaps if the words “Imagine if…..” were used, then perhaps I could understand it a bit more.

Also in this post there is an OTK image of Peter Sellers and Britt Eklund that I even shared on my vanilla social media that produced a lot of laughs. I include the same caption that I used in my post as well.

Read the full post here

7: The Grace Video Is Back

One of my favorite online spanking clips had been removed from Spanking Tube, and in 2020 it was put back up again. So I excitedly made a new post announcing that it had returned and updated the link, only for the video to be removed once more. Obviously I saved a copy but it can no longer be found online. I understand this, circumstances change in people’s lives and they have to act accordingly. All that remains from Grace’s Bedtime Spanking I’m afraid is this image, but I do expect at some point that the video will return online one day.

Read the full post here

8: Windsor Wednesday Classic 183

The Wednesday classics series appears four times in the list overall, and this one is yet another paddling pic from the 1950’s. Can you imagine growing up in the 1950’s where spankings were common place, and perhaps paddling’s even more so?

Read the full post here

9: F/M Friday 2

The F/M series also features in this list four times, with the difference being that 4 of the top ten posts in 2020 were from the F/M COLLECTION. There are also two images in this post and this is one of them. While it is a paddling pic, and an OTK one at that, I can’t help but think that Marlene is holding a cricket bat. I mean it isn’t, the handle isn’t long enough, but it sure looks like one.

Read the full post here

10: F/M 19 – Dana Specht Spanks

The first of three posts that feature Dana Specht.

Six months ago I was helping Dana and her Webmaster create her spanking blog, you can view DANA’S SPANKING BLOG by clicking the link. During the setup process I was obviously promoting the site as well to try and get them off to a good start. After a couple of months, Dana’s webmaster got the hang of the blog and I haven’t been needed since then, however, the blog is still frequently updated so I highly recommend that you head on other there and see what Dana has to offer.

For this post I featured both trailers from Dana’s film “A Very Angry Mom”. If you want to see a no nonsense woman deliver a no nonsense sound spanking to a naughty boy then definitely click the link to the post. This is a very hard OTK spanking that leaves the audience wincing as they watch the maternal hand come down fast and furiously.

Watch the spanking trailers here

11: The Dana Specht Filmography

Yep, Dana is back for two in a row. This time it was to announce her filmography that has now been transferred into downloadable videos. You no longer have to wait for Dana’s videos to be mailed to you, you can now purchase her entire back catalogue via online downloads and you can do so directly from her website. Just simply buy the download and Dana will send you a link to the video. Either go to Dana’s site and VIEW HER FILMOGRAPHY, or click on the link below to read the filmography post.

Read the full post here

12: Streetcar Sunday’s 129

The only MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS spanking photo to make the list this year. Has the series run its course after all these years? There is no question that the image is one of the best Men Are Like Streetcars spanking photos on the market. A bottom that is perfectly poised over the lap and it is just screaming “SPANK ME”

Read the full post here

13: Windsor Wednesday Classic 184

An awesome photo comes in at number 13. It is very rare that the yearbook opens with this OTK image on the very first page, with a saying along the lines of “Upholding our principals”. This was one of my favorite spanking finds of the year, due to the fact that I was searching for pics for many hours. When I stumbled upon this pic it made my year. There is something very special about finding a spanking photo that is unlikely to have even been seen in the spanking community before.

Read the full post here

14: A Seventies Pic

Not a new spanking pic by any means, but one that has a special place in this world of ours. Two round mounds just begging for some spanking attention, and a lady hoping that attention is for a long time.

Read the full post here

15: Sorority Spanking 117

The first of three SORORITY SPANKINGS in the next 4 positions. This image also happens to be one of the best Sorority Spanking images you can find. It was very popular on Twitter and it also got quite a bit of feedback on the blog. We don’t know the exact details of the paddling, but that didn’t stop people from guessing what was happening. If you like an image to stoke your imagination then this one would probably fit the bill, a truly awesome spanking image.

Read the full post here

16: Sorority Spanking 115

Here is the second of the three Sorority Spanking images from 2020 to make the top 20 list of the year. To answer the question in the image, “What DIDN’T she do”? 🙂 The image is from 1953.

Read the full post here

17: Pajamas And Panties

If Richard Windsor had the choice, this post would have made the top three for sure.

Despite there being a number of things that have turned me off from spanking over the last couple of years, there are some things that have increased the spanking desires ten fold. We all have that thing inside of us that DOES IT for us. This topic is the one that does it for me. A pajama spanking, and underneath those pajamas a pair of flimsy panties (preferably nylon of course). Perhaps just as important as those two criteria, the third part has to be Dana Specht’s spanking palm.

The scenes involving Ten’s spanking by Dana over her panties, and then over her PJ’s and panties, and then Adriana’s spanking over her PJ’s and panties are just about as perfect as it comes and I have watched both scenes dozens of times over the last year alone. In fact I edited the clips to feature just those portions of the spankings. More than likely I will be watching that edited video right after I finish this post.

Dana Specht, a pair of pajama bottoms and a nice flimsy pair of panties is the perfect spanking combination.

I’m pretty sure that I will be watching these scenes until my final days, and I also hope to hire Dana to star in an F/FF spanking film that will feature lots of pajamas and panties.

The two things that really capture my imagination are as such. First of all I am not a big fan of bare bottom spanking, and when Dana enacts a scene like this then you are guaranteed to see 100-150 spanks on the PJ’s, and then the same amount on the panties. For those of us that are aficionados of clothed spankings, to get a film that has 200-300 spanks on a clothed bottom is quite rare. Dana is the panty spanking Queen.

The other thing that I think strikes a chord with me is that Dana appears to be the quintessential neighbor. When she is spanking one of the girls in such a manner, you can’t help but think of all the girls growing up who you secretly hoped would get their comeuppance once they got home. It is quite easy to imagine Dana standing there with her arms folded about to dish out some Maternal justice.

If 2021 is kind to us all, my hope is to make a film with two spanking models and Dana. It would start with Richard giving two panty spankings as a private tutor while I (and perhaps Dana) do a voiceover. Dana of course gets to hear that her girls were spanked for bad behavior, and the first pajama and panties spankings will happen. The video of course will be for Dana’s use as well, so we will probably have to include a bare bottom spanking, or maybe not for the first spanking.

There would be more voiceovers, and then another pair of M/F spanking’s while the voiceovers are going on. Dana of course is beside herself that her girls are bringing such shame to the family name. This time she intends to enforce a much sterner reminder. Different sets of PJ’s and panties, but this spanking will definitely end up on the bare bottom, either with a hairbrush or a belt. I’m very excited to make this film.

Ideally I would love to have Ten and Adriana as the models for this. I don’t think that they are part of any crew so they probably don’t hate me by default just yet 🙂

Read the full post here

18: Sorority Spanking 116

The last of the sorority spanking images to make the top 20 this year, which isn’t bad because I think that these were the only three Sorority spanking pics that I posted this year. Yep, it is another hands on knees paddling, though it is fair to say that neither girl seems to mind the spanking too much. Practicing perhaps?

Read the full post here

19: Windsor’s Sunday Candid’s 89

Just two more to go and the only Sunday Candid to make the list this year. The Sunday posts don’t seem to be as popular as the Wednesday ones. This was an image from the play Gidget, and due to the size of each participant the spanking looks just about perfect. This should give you an idea of the problems that short girls encounter when they are taken over the knee, there just isn’t much of an option to fight back.

Read the full post here

20: Windsor Wednesday Classic 193

And to round out the top twenty of 2020, and to finish a post that has taken me hours to write, we have episode 193 of the Wednesday Classics. It is yet another paddling, how many is that in the top twenty? The principal is getting ready to dish out a paddling, but to who? Whoever she is, she needs to move those hands and sharpish!!

Read the full post here

So that wraps up the top 20 most viewed posts of 2020, next up I will post the top ten spanking stories of 2020. When I list the stories it is based upon total views in 2020, but different to the top 20 posts, for the stories it doesn’t matter when they were originally posted. The top three spots are guaranteed to be filled by the MOTHER SPANKS SERIES without even looking at the stats yet, and perhaps now I will finish off part 4 by the end of next week? Reading what I have written so far in part 4, it is up to the point where Tim is alone with his girlfriend’s mom, the same mom that he knows spanks her daughter. Things are about to heat up 😉

I hope that you all enjoyed the list of the top 20 posts of 2020 and I wish you all a prosperous and spanking filled 2021.

F/M Friday 31 – Dana Spanks David

If you were to visit DANA’S SPANKINGTUBE PAGE, you will see that all of her most viewed videos are from the series where she spanks her long time naughty boy, David. Theirs is a dynamic that seems to resonate with a lot of people, certainly for those people who like to see a well performed roleplay, especially if it is maternal spanking that they seek.

Is it that the viewer is imagining themselves playing David’s role? Imagining that they are the one getting the exact same spanking from Dana? There has to be something there with the chemistry between the two of them. It is funny because I don’t even watch F/M Spanking videos, it just isn’t aesthetically pleasing to me. However, I have no problem watching Dana and David, and in fact the only F/M film that I have ever watched in its entirety is also a Dana and David film. It is because it is more than spanking, it is the whole dynamic that the two of them share.

In this post I will share with you the six trailers that are up on Spanking Tube, but most importantly I will provide you with the links where you can read about each film and purchase the full digital download if you so desire. The videos will appear starting with the most recently posted on Spanking Tube.

First up is DAVID’S STRICT MOM. Pretty much all I know about this film is that it is a follow up to the film A Very Angry Mom. In this clip you get to see something that you rarely see in a spanking film, and that is a proper spanking with a sandal. An honest to goodness butt whooping with a leather sandal. Almost two spanks per second and being lectured throughout the whole spanking as well. BUY THE FULL DOWNLOAD HERE.

Next up is the only F/M film that I have ever seen in full, and that is PUNISHED FOR PEEPING. For many people they have to separate thoughts of family from their spanking world, so what better substitute than the woman who lives next door to start giving out the spankings? Dana and I have discussed this topic many times in our interviews as it is a very popular fantasy. Dana seems like a natural selection to play the role of the spanking neighbor.

In particular I like the opening scene in this film. The one where Dana discovers the young man next door peeking on her as she is getting dressed. After she brings him in he is forced with a choice of two scenarios, either his behavior is reported, or Dana will take care of the matter herself in the tried and true old fashioned manner. The first part of the spanking is especially good to me, the part where Dana pulls his pants down and spanks him over his boxers. It is so heavily ingrained in me, to a point that I don’t even understand it, that a spanking over clothing is far more realistic than any bare bottomed spanking could ever be. It is a psychological barrier that I can never break from. It may even surprise you to know that well over 90% of spankings that I have given have been on a clothed bottom. The only times that we go bare is either when I am making a spanking film, or if it is specifically requested by the bottom in order to enhance the scene for them. I have often wondered why, is it because a covered bottom removes all aspects of sexuality from a scene?

Anyway, the film is broken down into two portions, the second part of which is forced feminization if that is something that you enjoy. It almost feels like two separate spanking films to be honest. Having seen the film I felt that there was an opportunity to tie the scenes in closer together. I often thought that a natural tie in could have happened during the initial spanking, when Dana pulled his boxers down, only to discover his naughty little secret with what he was wearing of hers underneath his boxers. Can you imagine her reaction to her privacy being invaded in such a manner, completely oblivious to his excuses that it was just a prank, a joke, a mistake, a dare, an error of judgement, he had just better hope that there is not a hairbrush or a wooden spoon within reaching distance, because this is going to hurt him a lot more than it is going to hurt Dana, a LOT more.

Anyway, if you wish to purchase this download, you can do so RIGHT HERE.

Next on the list of Spanking Tube videos to be updated is SPANKED BY THE BABYSITTER. Another roleplay scenario where the babysitter has an idea that the grown boy that she is babysitting still gets spanked by his mom. David of course tests the waters, while Dana lets it be known , albeit in a playful way, that she will in fact spank him if she has to. Of course David keeps on pushing until he has pushed way too far, and he finds out for himself that his babysitter is just as proficient as his mom is when it comes to spanking a naughty boy. Worst yet though, just wait until his mom comes home and finds out what the babysitter had to do to him. Dana plays the roles of both the babysitter and the mom in this video, and things go from worse to worse for David as the film progresses.

Spanked by the babysitter can be purchased RIGHT HERE.


Now I have to be honest, I know very little about this film, only what we see in the trailer. However the film is nearly one hour long, so if you like the dynamic between Dana and David then I am sure that you will love this film as well. Here is what is really funny, in the trailer below you will initially see Dana dish out a good mouth soaping. Now mouth soaping has never been something that was even a remote interest to me, I have never given one and I don’t think that I ever would even if asked. Aside from that, Dana is in her total “Mommy Dearest” character and generally speaking in a spanking related scenario, that would be a complete turn off for me. But for whatever reason it works!! Just watch it, how incredible is that acting by Dana? I mean that one line in particular, breaking right in mid sentence “Don’t you dare spit that stuff out”, lol, a top could learn so many lessons just by watching Dana give out those tongue lashings!!

This will be for a future post, but part of the skill that Dana possesses in something that I have learned a lot from. I have always been someone who has used my voice a lot when in a spanking scene, but by watching Dana I have been able to adjust my tone and inflection to make for better scenes overall. You know I have spoken a lot lately about my interest level in the spanking world waning, but there is still a lot of good out there that I want to do and there is a lot that still excites me. It is my focus that needs to readjust, I am sure of it. Sometimes I am just too proud and I focus my attention too much on honoring my own pride, there are certain things that I just cannot accept without confronting each and every one of them in person. My focus has to be on what makes me happy, I can’t change the things that disappoint me and anger me.

Anyway, back to the spanking films!! Like I said, we will do a scolding video within a month or so because Dana is the Queen of scolding. In the Punished For Peeping video there is one line in particular that she says that I think is quite possibly the best delivered spanking line I have ever heard. So in the film below you are virtually guaranteed to get a lot of gratuitous scolding as Dana puts David through almost an entire hour of various disciplines!!


And finally, and quite possibly the best selling video on Dana’s site, is the benchmark video A VERY ANGRY MOM.

If you like your spankings to be on the no nonsense end of the spectrum, this is very likely to be right up your street. Notice how hard Dana is spanking him on his pajamas in the very first spanking, you just know that there isn’t going to be any messing about in this video. The strap, the paddle, the hairbrush, the cane, all delivered in this video and all delivered soundly in a variety of positions.

Part 1 of the clips below is Dana’s most watched clip on Spanking Tube. CLICK HERE to purchase A Very Angry Mom.

Pajamas And Panties

Now I have not been shy in telling you that my interest in spanking has waned over the past few years, even to a point that I am now on the verge of taking a long break from the active party scene. In reality though, I’m not sure if it is my interest in spanking that has waned, or if it is because I have been to so many parties over the years that it is beginning to feel like Groundhog day to me. There are definitely still scenes in my mind that are super hot, but 15 minutes does not a party make, lol.

Today I am going to focus on one of the hottest scene thoughts that I have had for many years, and if I was to give it a rating anywhere, what I am about to describe would easily make my top 3 all time spanking fantasies. How high on the list would depend on the day and all of the circumstances regarding the spanking. It was just the other day that I was gathering something for Dana Specht’s site and I saw the film sat in my folder, and I couldn’t help but play my favorite scene from the film for like the 100th time.

The film in question is PAJAMA PARTY PUNISHMENT which you can find on Dana’s site by clicking the highlighted text. In fact, you can find ALL of Dana’s films that are available for digital download in one handy location. Just visit DANA’S DIGITAL DOWNLOAD PAGE for a sortable list of all of the spanking digital downloads that Dana has for sale.

So before I start, today’s post is a Windsor fetish post. The items that I am talking about are real hot buttons for me, and they have a deep psychological hold on what I like and what I absolutely love. I pass no judgement on anyone, and I have a full understanding of what it is that I like and why I like it. At this point it doesn’t need to be said, you should all know me by now, but bare bottom spankings have zero psychological effect on me whatsoever, it just isn’t something that appeals to me. A spanking of some form of clothing resonates deeply with me as being more of a real spanking than a bare bottom caning would.

In the film listed above, PAJAMA PARTY PUNISHMENT, there is a perfect storm of three events that put the selected clip from the movie into the A+ category for me. Firstly the OTK spanking over pajamas (with an extra plus that you can see the outline of the panties beneath the pj’s), followed by a spanking over what appears to be a pair of white nylon panties, which are like the holy grail to any spanking scene that I like, and of all this is combined with one of the greatest spanker’s on the planet, Miss Dana Specht.

There have been a lot of spanking films that I have watched over the years, and in the age of digital downloads, I can now edit my favorite scenes into separate clips, almost like creating my own mini movie. It is quite rare though that I can get enough footage to actually make a clip of a decent length though. More often than not spankings go straight to the bare, or two swats over the panties and down they come or up they go. So for me to be able to get a good 3 minute clip from a film, I will be honest, that would be money well worth spent as I would get as much out of those three minutes as someone could from a 30 minute film.

In the clip that I love the spanking starts out on those ultra thin pajama bottoms, and you can see the panties right through them, how awesome is that? It is a great set up for what is to come, and of course Dana isn’t shy about scolding as she spanks. In just this little segment alone, 130 spanks are delivered.

Next up comes the part that I couldn’t write better myself, though I will give it a shot when I film with Dana the next time that we collaborate. Dana Specht giving a good hand spanking over the seat of a pair of white nylon panties. That is like my peanut butter and jelly, or my coffee and cream, the firm maternal palm of Dana Specht warming the seat of a pair of white nylon panties is just about the hottest thing that I could dream of.

The opening lines have such a strong affect as well, something that I also enjoy immensely. A spanking scene can improve dramatically if the right words and key phrases are used. In this particular scene Dana opens by saying, as she spanks “Oh now, we don’t have jammies on so it stings a little more, doesn’t it”? which of course inevitably leads to the all time classic line “Well a spanking is supposed to hurt”

As you can see from the image above, there is a slight problem with the panty spanking portion in this scene. In theory Adriana is getting spanked on her panties, and of course it has been long noted that a pair of panties offers little protection to a paddle like hand anyway. In this scene though, Dana Specht is just downright mean, because I don’t think that a single spank actually landed on the panties. Dana began by spanking the cheeks poking out at the bottom of the panties, and with a few seconds of wriggling the panties had headed north and the bottom became more and more bare the longer that the spanking continued.

I will say that normally this wouldn’t appeal to me, but for some reason in this film it did. It probably has to do with the interaction between Dana and Adriana that made me think “Oh you poor thing, it doesn’t look like those panties are offering you any protection at all”. The only slight drawback that I had was that only 100 spanks were delivered in this segment, but that is purely selfish on my part. I understand that they still had bare bottom spankings and a strapping to come. But if there were 130 spanks on the pj’s, then I was hoping for like 150 on the panties. Even so, 230 spanks on a clothed bottom, that is more than plenty for me to enjoy on rewind.

There are many pajama spankings to be found on DANA’S DIGITAL DOWNLOADS PAGE, but I am like ultra fussy, even if I will watch all pajama spankings. For the spanking to jump into the A+ category then the panties simply have to be appealing to me from a psychological standpoint. Plain old cotton does nothing for me, the panties have to be silky and sexy. Take for example the model Ten and Dana in the film SPANKED SOBER.

Am I a pervert? Absolutely!! But Dana Specht doing the spanking, a pair of light pajamas, and then a pair of white nylon panties on underneath those pajamas, that is probably the most perfect spanking scenario that I could ever possibly imagine.

In this video clip Dana is playing the role of best friend’s mom, but the spanking roles for a scene like this are endless. When I hire Dana and two girls to make a spanking film we will use the role of Camp Director and camp counselors, but think of the other potential roles that this scene could invoke.

Sleeping over at the neighbors, you know the old “Under my roof” rules. Or perhaps a landlady dealing with her naughty tenants. The spanking aunt is easy to imagine, or how about a sorority housemother? What do you think would be the best role?

Of course pajama spankings can also go with a variety of implements. The belt sounds really bloody hot, and of course a hairbrush at bedtime would seem quite natural. I have never quite grasped slipper spankings, but perhaps a nice stingy sandal? Can you think of a spanking implement that would be perfect for a bedtime spanking?

So there you have it, my spanking fetish for the day. Dana Specht, a lady at the top of her class for giving OTK spankings, a set of pajamas, and a nice flimsy pair of panties on underneath. I’m about to take a nap with some really, really happy thoughts in mind. Now get your butts over to Dana’s site 😉

Two Long Years

Two years ago I wasn’t sure what was going to happen, I was in the darkest place that I have ever been in once my last remaining brother had passed away. In a relatively short period of time I lost both of my parents and both of my brothers, and I will be really honest, I almost gave up. Now I’m not saying that I was suicidal (though there were some thoughts) but there was, and perhaps still is, a deep depression. The type of depression where I just didn’t give a fuck anymore, if something was going to happen then let’s hurry up and get it over with already.

The way that I resolved these dark thoughts was with my initial trip to Japan in 2018. Originally my brother and I were going to go to Japan together in 2019, when he passed away I moved the trip up a year. For no other reason really than to give myself something to look forward to, because there didn’t seem much left to look forward to. I’ve always been a loner, but for the first time in my life I actually felt lonely, if that makes any sense. Travelling the world has helped me out a lot, because it gives me something to look forward to.

The feelings still exist, especially around special occasions. In fact it is so bad that I have removed my birthday from all social media platforms, I just don’t want anyone to know when my birthday is, other than to use it as a platform to make birthday spanking posts right here on my blog. It is really hard to avoid those special occasions though. Not only do I have 4 birth dates that I remember, but now I also have 4 anniversary dates of when people passed away as well.

Over the last two years things have started to get better, though it would be fair to say that it feels like almost every night a member of my family appears in my nightmares. The dark thoughts have been minimized, about the only thought left now is that I still don’t give a fuck what happens. Nowadays though it is more about moving forward where those thoughts are concerned, eliminating areas that are likely to trigger some mental health issues and focusing on the things that bring positive thoughts to my mind.

Travelling had been one of those happy places, and it isn’t just the travelling, it is the preparation, the excitement and the anticipation. Which of course brings us to 2020, and nobody can travel anywhere, lol. It would be only reasonable to question ones own mortality, I mean I’m only 57, but both of my brothers and my father died of heart attacks, and my brothers were only 41 and 56 years old respectively. Now it is quite possible that I can spend the next 20 years all alone with my thoughts, kind of like a slow torture, but you never really know when your number is up. All I know is that I don’t have a whole lot of time ahead of me, and I want to spend that time visiting as many cultures and lifestyles as I can possibly cram into whatever time I have left, even if it is 20 years.

There used to be a time where I would dream happy spanking thoughts, but I doubt if I have had a spanking dream in like 5 years. The interest is still there, but it has waned so badly over the last few years. I will be transparent though, my interest was waning before some of the tragedies in my life happened. That’s on nobody but me, it’s all about how we individually respond to the negative aspects of our lifestyle. There may even be a time that I can pinpoint where the tide was turning for me, which coincided around the time that my mother died. I had reached that pinnacle where I had achieved everything that I wanted to achieve in the spanking world, and a couple of other events in 2015, which were probably my own fault to a large degree, started to make me feel like “I am done with this”.

From there it has spiraled a bit, and of course when you combine that with the clinical depression (I no longer need any form of assistance there, either chemically or mentally) then it is such a downward turn.

Right now I am trying to build myself up to attend two more parties, there are just a few things that I want to do, one of which is to make a film that I really want to make. At the same time I have to take precautions, because it won’t take too much at all for me to address some issues. So that is where the battle is right now, envisioning this spanking dream that I have, while at the same time fighting this sense of betrayal. Whatever my legacy is in the spanking world, I’m quite happy with where it currently is, even if it is seen negatively, I’m happy within myself to be content with who I am. The last thing that I want to do, is do something that will make me feel disappointed with myself. It’s kind of like cashing out at a casino, I’m happy with what I have already, I don’t need any more 🙂

The film that I am looking to make is going to be a custom video that will pretty much be for myself. Obviously I will look to sell it, but based on past experience I am likely to lose a lot of money on this venture. Now I have always been known to pay spanking models well, but as this one will be special to me then I am even going to pay above that, and I will even pay the female top that I want as well as letting her sell the movie herself.

I mean it might be redundant by the time the next spanking party comes around. By that time we might end up at a stage where no spanking model in the spanking world will want to work with me, it’s possible that the hate could spread to such a degree by that time. I’m pretty sure that one model who has been a long time friend will work with me again, and the second person that I would like to work with I’m afraid that I don’t really know her so well. She has always been friendly with me online though, even to this day, but things can change in 6 months 🙂

There is hope, I will be positive because I really don’t want any model to miss out on a opportunity to earn a few hundreds dollars. Heck, if it goes as well as I hope, then I might even be inspired to do a sequel. There is this vision that I have of these two summer camp counselors falling afoul of the senior counselor (played by me) who ineffectively spanks them. I’m comfortable within myself to give nothing more than a mild spanking. The girls then cause a problem that makes the Camp Director have to take immediate and swift action. A lady who has given hundreds of spankings and knows just exactly what these two girls really need.

I can see the girls now in matching t-shirts and shorts, matching bikini style white nylon panties….. hey, this is my film and I will damn well make sure that the clothing matches my vision…. and of course two matching red bottoms. A spanking from the senior counselor on shorts and panties, a longer spanking by the camp director on shorts and panties, and then the coup de grace, the last night of camp where the girls are repentant to the camp director, both feeling guilty over the trouble that they have caused. This will be a spanking over pajama bottoms and panties, and by this time I will already have what I want, so if the female top needs some bare bottom footage for her site then we can continue from there.

Comparatively speaking, this will probably be one of the easier assignments for a spanking model. Not much more than a warm up spanking from me, and then two hard hand spankings from the female top, with maybe, just maybe a hairbrush or small paddle thrown in for a small portion of the final scene. The girls could probably end up covering their hotel room for most of the party from this one assignment alone.

I still need to write a script, and I fully intend to do a voice over, either alone, or with some of the dialogue being spoken by the female top. The film itself though is more about the physical and mental aesthetic more than anything else. It is something that I would really love to do. I will keep you all posted on the potential film. Assuming of course that there will be another spanking party anytime soon 🙂

The Dana Specht Filmography

Why am I doing this you may wonder, well it is just who I am. If you look through the pages on my site you will see that I have linked to the Clips4sale sites of dozens of independent studios, and the chances are that 99% of them don’t even know that I am promoting their stores. There is a vendors page where I promote the vendors of spanking implements, and these folks do know that the links are there because I coordinated with them. It’s all about love and doing something right in the world, there is already far too much hate.

This could also be my swansong as I am not certain if I will return to the spanking party scene. There is still a while to go before I have to make that decision, and if I do go it will be two more parties and that will be it. The positives are that I really want to make one more movie and I want to make my way. It will be for me, and if people buy it then fine, but if not then it will be for my personal collection anyway. There is also an issue of pride. I am a firm believer in standing on my own two feet and confronting any situations by myself, alone, in person. I’m not a vengeful man, nor am I vindictive, and I would never use my platform to intentionally act maliciously towards another person, but I do believe in standing tall and standing proud. There isn’t a hateful bone in my body, but this is something that I have to do so that I can hold my head up high, it is a must. I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t give a whole bunch of people an opportunity to say whatever they have to say to me in person, when I am all alone, with nobody else around, and then I can leave it all behind me.

The movie I really do want to make though, so there is a decent chance that I will attend two more spanking parties before leaving the active scene. Hopefully by the time we get to that point, there will be a couple of girls who wouldn’t mind filming with me, and I will be able to pretty much cover their weekend hotel room fees. I normally pay the ladies pretty well anyway, but for this movie I would pay them even better than before. In fact it is so important to me that I might even buy matching uniforms for the models 🙂 More on that much later though. Myself and Dana would be the spankers!!

Back to the topic at hand!!

Over the last few weeks I have been working with Dana’s web magician to get a SPANKING BLOG up and running for her. My role in all of this is pretty basic, I’m just helping with the aesthetics of the blog being that I have run one for so many years. This weekend I started to add blog links and I will continue to do that with any blogger who wants to exchange links. The main purpose behind all of this is to get the blog some visibility and to show people that it is in a different location to Dana’s main website. The more people that I can get to bookmark the blog then the happier I will be.

Last week I also put in a tracking code to measure the traffic, and I was specifically interested in finding out which movie pages people were going to. On my website, the top two “DANA” posts are for the movies A VERY ANGRY MOM and PUNISHED FOR PEEPING. They are also the top two viewed movies on Dana’s blog, but then I thought about it, the reason that they are probably the top two on Dana’s site is because I am sending the traffic to those two pages. The image below is actually from Punished For Peeping and I have used this image a lot, I think that it is an awesome image that checks a lot of boxes.

So what I want to do is copy the entire filmography so far and see where people head to from this blog. I can measure the traffic to show what movies people are clicking on from this blog. Now do keep in mind, the list below is ONLY the movies that currently have trailers. So you click on any link that catches your eye and it will open up and there will be a two minute spanking trailer for you to watch. Dana’s entire collection can now be purchased as a digital download, and you can find all titles on DANA SPECHT’S FILMOGRAPHY page. Her web magician is adding new trailers all the time so be sure to bookmark Dana’s blog and save it into your favorites. Just click on any link below to watch the spanking trailer for that film.

Be sure to go back frequently as new trailers are added.

F/M Friday 25

For some reason I didn’t realize that I never posted to this category last week. As I mentioned in my last post though, I spent the weekend working really hard on my latest vanilla video. It paid off as well. While my Youtube channel doesn’t get very many hits at this stage, my latest video was of me visiting famous graves such as Harry Houdini and Bert Lahr (The Cowardly Lion) amongst others. The hits were better than normal, but most importantly the people who clicked on the 20 minute narrated documentary actually watched the whole thing. The video retention rate was really good and very encouraging. As I mentioned before, I’m no longer going to share my vanilla videos on here, but if you want to watch them then you can visit MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

So onto the spanking front for this week.

This week, why don’t I do what I do best as a spanking blogger, and share the love with someone else. Nothing makes me happier than to give back to our community.

So here are 4 of the latest F/M spanking trailers from DANA SPECHT, and your assignment this week is to….. PICK YOUR POISON!!

Below are four scenarios that are all different to one another. Above each video you will find a link that will take you directly to the digital download page on Dana’s site for each video. So just click the highlighted blue area to go directly to the video on Dana’s site to purchase it as a digital download. So which of the 4 scenarios below do you imagine yourself to be in, which one floats your boat?

The first trailer is Dana’s most watched trailer on Spankingtube. In fact I believe that I am right in saying as well that it is her best selling video. This is a straight up Maternal spanking scenario entitled A VERY ANGRY MOM. Can you imagine Dana calling up your wife, or your significant other, or perhaps your boss, telling them what she is going to do to you? However, if you watch the trailer below, you will probably forget all about the phone call real soon once that paddle like hand starts to come down hard and fast. If you follow the link to Dana’s site you will see part 2 of the trailer, which is far more strict than part 1 is, once those traditional Maternal instruments of correction come out. This is a very popular movie. You can buy the full movie as a digital download RIGHT HERE.

Next up is the latest trailer for Dana’s digital download store. How about this scenario, left alone with three dominant women to do so as they please with you. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, a complete CFNM scene where you are going to get spanked, paddled, hairbrushed, strapped and caned until THEY are satisfied that you have had enough!! Anyone up for the challenge? To purchase Femme-Dommes’ party as a digital download, click RIGHT HERE.

Scenario number 3, always a perennial favorite, the spanking neighbor. I think that Dana is the perfect person to play that strict neighbor that you always thought existed, but never encountered. The one who wouldn’t hesitate to put ANY naughty neighborhood male over her knee, no matter how old they are. I am sure that she could help you give an alternate ending to any memory that you might have, or maybe she is acting on behalf of all of the neighbors that you have encountered over the years. Judging by the video trailer, it is probably wise not to admit to any of the childish panty raids that you have done over the years, I hope that you have a very good poker face when she asks you about it!! To purchase the full digital download, CLICK HERE.

Finally, you are a fully grown man and think that you are too old for a minder? Dana’s babysitting service has no such thing as an upper age limit. Worse yet, she has full permission to spank you when and as she sees fit!! I am sure that you are likely to test the limits to see how much naughty behavior you can get away with, but Dana has to set a precedent here as she is likely to babysit you often. So expect the boundaries to be defined early and often, which is probably going to mean those pajama bottoms of yours frequently coming down to the floor and your bare bottom will be left on display. To purchase the full digital download of David and the Babysitter, CLICK HERE.

So which scenario best fits you? Or is it ALL OF THE ABOVE? Don’t tell me about it, head on over to Dana’s site and fill out DANA’S SPANKING SURVEY. Make sure to check out the various pages on her site covering both F/F and F/M spanking videos available for digital download. You might even find me dishing out an M/F spanking somewhere on her site 😉

F/M Friday 23

This is always a popular weekly feature, as evidenced by the fact that the F/M COLLECTION page is the most visited page on this website. Before I begin this week, I just want to let you know that my latest vanilla video was posted yesterday and it features The Goodfellas Diner. So if you are a fan of the movie, GoodFellas, you might want to check out MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

This week we have an image and a movie. For the image we go all the way back to probably the 1930’s I am guessing. I’m not sure who the people are but we are witnessing a four on one spanking. Do you think that the other ladies got to take their turns as well?

And for the video this week, DANA SPECHT has her latest remastered F/M video trailer up. The quality of the video has been vastly improved by her web magician as you can see in the trailer below.

This video is a little different in that it involves a naughty young man peeking in on his neighbor as she is getting dressed. Imagine, in this day and age, a peeping Tom acting sneaky and spying on his next door neighbor!! Unfortunately for him, ‘Auntie’ Dana knows just the appropriate punishment for this young man that would make any naughty boy blush from embarrassment, one that will no doubt leave his face as red as his bottom is about to become. Do you think that this type of punishment will cure him of his ills and ensure that he NEVER does it again?

Take this as a warning, never be a peeping Tom where Dana Specht is concerned, or this might just be YOUR spanking the next time!! Visit this page to purchase the digital download and to see some images from the movie. CLICK HERE.