The Exclusive Riding School – M/F


Amelia Broadhurst-White was a terribly snooty rich kid from a high class family in the West of England. Her older sister was an accomplished equestrian rider and her Father had enrolled her in the same riding school that her sister had attended. Amelia’s riding instructor was an old show jumper himself, Mr. Seamus O’Brien. When Amelia arrived at the riding school for her first day, Mr. O’Brien began the lesson in the stables, as he always did, with his new pupils and asked Amelia to escort him there.

“So, if you will follow me please, Miss White”

In the same haughty attitude that Amelia would carry for much of the day, and much the same as her sister before her, she sighed and looked indignant as she scuffed her feet following him with her arms folded.

“That is Miss Broadhurst-White if you please” she snapped back as she ambled behind him.

Mr. O’Brien began explaining to Amelia all about the horse’s diets and hoofing, plus how they needed to become comfortable with their rider before they even so much as left the stable. Amelia spent this lecture shifting her body from foot to foot with her arms firmly folded in front of her, there was a look of disdain on her face as she sighed over and over. “Can we not just get on with the stupid lesson” she barked.

“Miss Broadhurst-White, it is very important for you to understand the very nature of the individual horses” he explained to her as she mimicked his words with her mouth.

“That’s what the stable boys are for, isn’t it?” she countered with her belligerent attitude.

Regardless, Mr. O’Brien continued with the lesson, taking the young miss through the tacking procedure, the saddling, and of course the rules and regulations when riding a show horse. Throughout this morning Amelia showed as little interest as was humanly possible while listening to Mr. O’Brien. Even though he wasn’t very happy with his young charge, he decided that maybe, just maybe, her spirits would lift a bit once she got to ride one of the horses around the show course, so without wasting much more time he suggested to her that perhaps her next lesson could be spent with her getting comfortable riding one of the horse’s.

The two of them arrived at the show course and Mr. O’Brien led the horse to the arena. Amelia took a hold of the saddle on the horse’s back and put her foot in the stirrup, with a sharp tug she launched herself upwards. Unfortunately for the young miss, Amelia’s hand did not have a proper grip on the saddle when she did this and she fell backwards off of the horse, landing flat her rear end. Quickly jumping to her feet, Amelia whacked the horse with her fist “YOU STUPID ANIMAL” she bellowed.

With a slight smile at her indignant fall, Mr. O’Brien then went into his monotone speech about boarding a horse the correct way as an angry Amelia crossed her arms and sneered. The plan had been for Amelia to become comfortable with the horse, return to the stable, and then go to the arena a second time to see what she had learned.

The lesson was a disaster of course! Every time she knocked down a 12 inch hurdle she would scream blue murder at the nag and argue, BOY would she argue, with an infuriated Mr. O’Brien, she blamed the horses tack, the ground, the course design, you name it, she complained about it. Feeling that it was time to take a well deserved break, Mr. O’Brien told her to canter over to him, and of course the horse broke into a trot due to her inexperience in riding horses. This made Amelia so mad that she pulled her crop out and sharply whacked the horse with it, causing Mr. O’Brien to scream at her to stop. Once she had dismounted he began to chastise her, continuing all the way back to the stable with her leading the horse, the whole time this lecture was going on, Amelia was venting her anger by tugging at the bit in the horse’s mouth.

Mr. O’Brien tried to remain calm, figuring the second session had to be better, it really couldn’t get much worse in all honesty. Once at the stable Mr. O’Brien told Amelia to tie the horse to the rail and he approached her with a broom and a shovel. “Okay Miss Broadhurst-White, before you have lunch, I want you to clean out this stable and freshen it with that hay over there”

“I beg your pardon” she replied haughtily.

Mr. O’Brien repeated his request and handed Amelia the broom. Infuriated, Amelia shouted back at him “IF I WANT TO CLEAN UP SHIT, I’LL GET MY FATHER TO CLOSE THIS DUMP” and with that she launched the broom way across the stable.

That was it, with a red anger buried deep in his face, Mr. O’Brien grabbed the waif by the arm and dragged her to the hay bale as she screamed obscenities at him. He sat down and hoisted Amelia over his lap.

“Don’t you dare touch me you bastard” she cried out loud, but it didn’t matter to him any, his big hand was about to meet her little butt in her jodhpurs in the worst way.

Like a well-oiled machine he began to give her what she had never had before, a good sound spanking. Mr. O’Brien scolded her as she kicked and cried and tried to break his grip, Mr. O’Brien wasn’t about to give in though and his hand just kept smacking away at the writhing bottom beneath him.

Mr. O’Brien paused for a brief second before grabbing the waistband of her jodhpurs and yanking them to her knees. “NNNNNNOOOOOOOO” she cried out as she fought with all her might against probably the strongest man she had ever come across. All that was between them now was her oh so tiny nylon panties, half of the right side of which had already climbed up the well spanked right cheek. Mr. O’Brien continued spanking just as hard as before, but this time with her bottom now covered by only the scantest of protection.

Nodding to himself in some form of self appreciation, Mr. O’Brien continued his onslaught to the never before spanked bottom that was now beginning to glow bright red as he alternated spanking each cheek in turn, before covering both of them with one shot, the poor girl was shocked and frantic in her movements.

Feeling somewhat satisfied after all that she had put him through that morning, and probably more so at the feeling that he was giving the girl something that she had sorely missed out on whilst growing up, Mr. O’Brien stopped for a minute and admonished the shocked Amelia, telling her how he now expected the stable to be absolutely spotless in 20 minutes time or else. He then he unclipped his crop and proceeded to teach her a proper lesson.

“Now then, as you seem to use this freely on the horse, perhaps you can find out what it feels like yourself” he said, and then he raised the crop before bringing it crashing down smartly on Amelia’s tender bottom. That was it, the tears flowed as the leather crop drew line after angry red line across her bottom as Mr. O’Brien gave her twelve of the very best with the riding crop.

Yanking the well spanked spoiled girl up off his lap, he waved the crop at her as she rubbed her hands up and down her scorched rump. Mr. O’Brien told Amelia what he expected from his pupils and how she is going to behave from this moment on, issuing her the sternest of warnings that the next time she runs afoul of him she would be getting a much longer spanking on her bare bottom, with the back side of a hairbrush, and then with a final whack to her left thigh he ordered her to fetch the broom.

Mr. O’Brien watched as Amelia began to hop to the task, half pulling up her jodhpurs before abandoning the idea and rubbing her smarting rear through her panties as she scampered to fetch the broom and shovel. He was thoroughly pleased with himself as he watched her bouncing bottom walk away from him, concentrating his eyes on the flaming scarlet color he had produced whilst giving her the first proper lesson that she was to learn not only at this riding school, but in her young life itself.

True enough, the stable was spotless by the time she was finished. They retired and had lunch and then began the second part of her training that afternoon. This time around a smarting Amelia completed the show course in total style, even though her freshly spanked bottom was bouncing up and down on the horse’s saddle making it not only difficult to ride, but also serving as a constant reminder as to what had happened shortly before. Every time it landed back on the saddle she felt like she was being spanked all over again.

Mr. O’Brien was deep in thought as he watched Amelia gingerly complete the riding course, saying to himself “Yep, by the time I am finished with this young lady, she will be just as good as her sister had become by the time she had finished this school”.

And with that his mind recalled the many times that Amelia’s sister, Sarah Broadhurst-White, had found herself lying face down over his lap getting her bare bottom soundly spanked with the family hairbrush.

One wonders why their father, The Viscount, agreed to Mr. O’Brien’s terms and conditions. Was it just because of the renowned success of the stable in the international community, or was there another reason that he signed the contract with the terms clearly documented in black and white? He certainly wasn’t the first peer of the realm to ponder the very same question.

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