Windsor Wednesday Classic – 185

Today I will give you something just a little bit different to what I normally post on a Wednesday. This week I am going to give you four images from a spanking book that are all new to me. The reason for posting this is because of the long lost art of spankings over a slip. When I was a lad all of the girls wore a half slip under their skirts, and there is such a wonderful sensation when applying ones hand to a double layer of silky material, namely the slip and panties. Or in the case of the images, when applying a nice 1950’s hairbrush!!

I’m still not certain if I will ever attend another spanking party, the jury is still out on that. If I do though, I intend on making my own film where the girls will be wearing slips during their spankings. BTW, what an awesome piece of spanking furniture featured in these images.

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  1. That looks like an actual radio or TV studio set. WTHR was a television station serving central Indiana (US) from 1954 until its recent acquisition by Giganomediacorp. I was not able to find any reference to WTHR-144 but wonder if that is a photo number from the archives. In other words this might be an actual vanilla entertainment scene from the 50s.

  2. Yes I do remember some of these pics. The last one mostly,but the thing that sticks out for me was that she looked like a young Mary Tyler Moore and I thought that was great. There was a picture story called paddle pranks at hairbrush haven that had some of the things that you said you liked. I have to say the spanking furniture is quite amazing as my grandmother did have a piece of furniture like that but I never thought of it as a spanking use. I thought of most things in a room could be used for spanking but that was not one of them.Thanks for sharing and have a great day.

  3. Oh man a lost art. The slip itself is a lost garment. What is fun I only did it once at my request is to eventually lower the panty but still spank over the slip. Amazing sensation overall. You are a classic my friend.

  4. Midwest Reader,

    The magazine is still for sale on Ebay. CLICK HERE FOR MAGAZINE. At first I thought that these were images from Irving Klaw’s studio, but there is little from the surroundings that would confirm that. Beyond that I have no idea at all of the location, and apparently the magazine doesn’t even list a publisher. That right there could indicate that it was a Klaw production, but I am certain he wasn’t the only person to sell underground material back in the day.


  5. You know what, Jim, I think that you have just solved the origin of the images in this post quite inadvertently!! Paddle Pranks at Hairbrush Haven was written by A. De Granamour in 1955 for Flag Publications. This book here, Carol’s Chastisements, was also written by A. De Granamour. So you have likely dated the images AND given a clue as to which company likely produced it as well. Now I have to go searching for Paddle Pranks at Hairbrush Haven.


  6. Ron,

    Despite my age it is one area of our lifestyle that I haven’t explored nearly enough. I really do need to get some nylon slip/nylon panties spanking action going on, and soon 🙂


  7. Mick,

    Quite off topic, but I was doing some research on old New York City fire escape signs yesterday, and who did I find also posting on the topic? None other than you of course 🙂 Such a small world isn’t it, that we would both have an interest in old New York signs.


  8. Yeah, that would be the one!! I don’t frequent them all of the time, but whenever I research something I inevitably end up on that page or Forgotten NY.

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