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On this page you will find rare spanking pics from my collection. Over the years I have gone to great depths to find the most unique spanking pics possible,  spending hours doing deep searches to find little nuggets. Plus I also purchase spanking pics so some of them I actually own. To the best of my knowledge these are pics that I have either purchased or found after many years of searching,  pics that I have purchased will bear my website address which can be easily removed 🙂 After so many years I cannot retroactively put all of my finds here as they have now been shared among the community,  but if I discover a pic that was a really good find then I will add it to this page. So be prepared for a whole page of spanking classics.

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16 comments to Windsor’s Spanking Finds

  • Dr Keate

    Great pictures, must check out local Am Dram groups!
    Do you have any memories of a story run by both the Daily Mail and the Daily Mirror somewhere between 1964 and 1967 (I guess) of an English teacher who was directing a school production of the Shrew? Her lead actress was off school sick, and so the teacher had to take over as Kate and get spanked across a fifteen year old Petruchio’s knee!
    Both papers ran pictures of the spanking, with the boy grinning and the teacher expressing consternation (I think; it was at least 45 years ago!). I do remember though that one photo was from directly in front, amd one from the teacher’s head.
    It must have been a slow news day; or perhaps it was August.
    I’d love to see them again…

  • Harry

    I see that you have rightly moved most of the pictures showing professional actresses over to the Stage Spankings section, but the penultimate one here should also have been moved. It is a professional production of The Taming of the Shrew from the 2008 Utah Shakespearean Festival: the actresses are Melinda Parrett spanking Lisa Ferris, and the picture has, incidentally, been reversed to make it a right-hander. The original may be found here: The scene was also excerpted in a Youtube trailer for the season but of course that has long gone. Modern Shrew productions often seem to have Katherine spanking Bianca, so that the spanking becomes part of the shrewishness rather than part of the taming.

  • Sweetspot

    Following up on Dr. Keate’s question I made an archive search for the story that he mentioned. Good news is I confirmed the story but unfortunately I was not able to locate any photos (I’m to cheap to actually pay for a service).,5017682

    In case the above link doesn’t get you anywhere let me repeat some of the information I discovered. UPI supplied the story to the Milwaukee Sentinel on March 26, 1968. Schoolboy Kevin Gamble spanks his 22 year old English teacher Susan Swan in the school production of The Taming Of The Shrew which was scheduled to open the following Friday.

  • Thanks for sharing these, Rich! I think the old pictures from “real” events may be my favorites in your est imitable collection!

    I had seen the seventh picture down before– in a friend’s yearbook! It’s from Coronado High School in El Paso, Texas. I don’t remember the couple’s name, of course, but I believe the play being rehearsed was Shakespeare and not Cole Porter. The tag line underneath said something like, “Whatzisname tames Misswhozit by turning her over his knee for a few swats during rehearsal!”

    Great finds! Thanks again!


  • Richard Windsor


    The tagline is above the picture “Kim McCombs tames Paula Holland”

  • badsherri69

    I luv everyone one these 🙂 thank you Richard Windsor

  • Tom


    I have found several news paper articles with teenagers getting spanked and wives getting spanked but when I copy them I cannot read them all I can do is read the headlines. Do you have any articles?


  • Tim

    You certainlydo Richard ,best,Tim.

  • i have never been spanked in my life i wish i could by a female

  • Dan Rivera

    Thanks, Richard, for bringing these intriguing spanking pics from back in the day. A lot of them were obviously posted before I was born… though of course I did get to see the pictures later. And the thrill among our schoolmates was joyous, indeed. We thought the joy of school spankings would never end.

    Maybe it never has.


  • dean

    Wasn’t sure where to put this. Check out old radio shows Cecil and sally episodes 212, 213 & 214. I think you will like.

  • Richard Windsor

    That’s excellent, Dean, I just listened to them all. I preferred episode 213 over 212, but the spanking scene was at least funny.

  • dean

    Great. I’m glad you liked. Where is the best place to put suggestions to check out like this?

  • Richard Windsor


    I get to see all comments on here, so any post works. Or you could message me on Twitter or even send me an email to

    I will feature your find this week on this blog with proper credit given of course 🙂


  • WOW, these are great! I love any kind of “vintage” spanking and/or discipline pictures & old newspaper articles or ads

  • Richard Windsor

    Well you will be happy to know that I have hundred’s of them still to post, and I collect more each week.

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