Top Ten Stories Of 2016

For whatever reason, the spanking stories that I write are one of the most popular features on this site, and I rarely get the chance to write anymore. I really should because every day the stories are read dozens of times. Maybe you have an idea for a story that will give me inspiration? Feel free to leave a comment if you do.

My blog has been running for ten years now, and every year the story of the first spanking that I ever gave was the most read story by a country mile. That changed this year though, and not only changed, but the story didn’t even hold onto 2nd place. I’m guessing by now that everyone has read it. So here are the top ten most read stories of 2016, based on how many times each story was clicked on.


Number of times read: 6968

Three girls are about to celebrate the birthday of one of them, but before they leave the house a girl hints that he father should spank her friend. He duly obliges, but it is the other friend who isn’t getting spanked that is turned on the most by this. How long will it be before she gets a spanking?

It’s amazing when you think about it that she dressed so modestly, because there was nothing modest about it when she was over his lap and her panty clad bottom was sticking in the air, knowing that her friends, neighbors and cousins were all being treated to a wonderful sight as they all laughed while she lay there red faced and praying for things to be over. It was never that simple though, he would do this little talk about how he had spoiled her and perhaps how he should have done this a long time ago, her face a deep scarlet with the knowledge that a bunch of eyes were probably transfixed on her upturned bottom as he talked. By the time he was done she was almost begging for the spanking to start, and oh boy did he spank when it finally did start. Read more…..


Number of times read:6621

This story details how ellee and I got to become friends after meeting at a party. There is a review of the first spanking that I gave to ellee and then a much more detailed account of an elaborate roleplay that the pair of us did. During this account ellee gets spanked, then gets the hairbrush and finally she is caned. There are 12 super hot pics in this story so be sure not to miss this one. Read More…


Number of times read: 4932

We all had to start somewhere, and my first experience took place in 1979. The spanking may not have been a classic, but it is very memorable and resonates with me to this day. My girlfriend was wearing white nylon panties that day and it is an image that has proved everlasting, even though I have probably spanked another 100 girls the same way, it never gets old and is a big trigger for me. Read more…..


Number of times read: 4799

Another real life spanking tale, this time done at a spanking party. The title is slightly misleading, however, it did take place in the middle of a room, albeit a room of spankos. Another first time spanking between friends. Read more….


Number of times read: 3734

Living with a summer camp director and his wife for the summer, Jane playfully teases when the director suggests a birthday spanking for her. It is a little more than she bargained for, but she didn’t mind, in fact the following morning she was getting a repeat performance. It was probably a long summer. Read more…..


Number of times read: 3601

I’m just a playful guy who loves to spank the bottoms of naughty little girls. Sometimes though, albeit very rarely, things take a darker side. In this story I spanked three girls back to back, and circumstances being what they were and the planets aligning correctly, each one of the three girls cried their way through the spankings. There was nothing really harsh, and I have rarely if ever spanked a girl to tears, but this was one Saturday where emotions were running high. ellee and I have a private recording of her spanking and she sobbed throughout the entire event. On playback, it is just about the hottest thing ever, especially as it rook place in a library room. Read more….


Number of times read: 3489

Coming of age birthday spankings are something that I very much enjoy writing about, a hint of playful innocence combined with an exploration of the spanking lifestyle. The formula to this story is the same as the others, but of course with a twist. A girl walks in on her mom and the neighbor having coffee, but being the brat that she is she makes all types of innuendos to embarrass the neighbor. When she makes a sassy comment about what he will give her for her birthday, he suggests a spanking. Unfortunately for Laura, her mom only encourages it. Once the spanking is over and the two adults are talking on the phone, it would appear that the neighbor just threatened to spank Laura’s mom as well. Read more….


Number of times read: 3349

A different type of story to those that I normally write. In this one a young man knows that the girl next door gets spanked. When they are alone he playfully agrees to let her spank him. It is during their game they are interrupted and now it is the woman next door gets to dish out the spankings. His curiosity is now more than satisfied as he leaves with a well spanked behind listening to the sound of the girl next door having a hairbrush applied liberally to her bottom. Read more….


Number of times read: 2766

Nothing but a sexy spanking here between two neighbors. Things get so hot that he carries her upstairs after where you get to let your imagine run wild. This story is very short, but hot. Read more….


Number of times read: 2226 

The weeks of contact had seemed like an eternity, each email or phone call just increasing the desire to be spanked, each one feeling like additional torture. She had even practiced placing pillows on a chair and laying over them like she was OTK, looking at his picture on her computer screen as she lifted her skirt, blushing as she imagined how it would feel for real. Then inserting her fingers into the waistband of her panties and drawing them all the way down to her knees. My God is this going to be embarrassing, she thought to herself, as she tried to clench her cheeks to protect her modesty. Emily laid there for ten minutes trying to imagine the scene unfolding, looking behind her to try and see what view he would have.


Part 2…..

Part 3…..



It's Saturday

A nice long weekend in store so what better time to dig into my vast picture archive and start sharing some of those rare spanking pics that I have. If you look closely you will see above that I have added a new page entitled  “Windsor’s Bible“. Now a lot of you may know that I am an Atheist, so I do want to point out that this is not a page to mock anyone. I was going to call it a Spanking Bible, but I have to restrict the lettering to save space. In a nutshell, much like the religious bible, there are many books that are not included in it. Over time my goal will be to add to the page and present something a little different. My view being that how can you tell the full narrative when there is important information missing. Fear not, I will make sure that all of the missing information is included. That will be a project that will be added to over time. I have a feeling that you will like what I have in mind.

Picture Break:

If you go to Ebay, put spanking as the search term and then sort by  “Newest added”, you can find all sorts that are spanking related. Here are a couple to get you started, A naughty kitty paddle and what better place to apply it than a pair of punishment panties!!

s-l1600 s-l1600 (1)

Going back to what I started with, if anyone takes offense to the title of my new page then please let me know. This is a spanking blog and it is supposed to be a positive place. My goal being that the people who come here get to leave feeling a little happier than when they arrived. I’m nine years into bringing enjoyment to you all and the last thing that I want to do is offend anyone, I’ve already lost my fair share of friendships because of my belief.

Whenever I start typing I never really have a set goal in mind, I just go with the flow and see what comes out. I guess another piece of personal info that I can share is that I ardently follow politics. When I was a young man in England I used to canvas for the Labour party and the group that I belonged to was the  “Young Socialists“. Now as I grew older  (plus I had moved stateside)  my views obviously softened, however, I can’t help but feel a little nostalgic about Bernie Sanders. Unfortunately I am only a resident of the USA so I can’t vote yet, but I can donate my money and say that I did my part. The chances of him winning are slim to none really. He whitewashed Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire by 60% to 38%, however, due to the establishment bollocks, she walks away with as many delegates as Bernie does. We are called the Democratic party, yet the will of the people is cancelled out by unelected officials whose one vote is equal to that of thousands of people.

Anyone know of any clowns that need a spanking?


In a couple of weeks I am going to be going to Vegas for a little spanking party. It has been a couple of years since I last actively took part in spanking parties, though the last two of 2015 I did at least start to play again. I’m really excited about this one though, and even though I don’t even go to the spanking playground of Fetlife anymore, I already have five play dates and I have hardly done anything yet. One of the things that I am really looking forward to is recording some spanking interviews for you again, I know that they are liked because people still ask me for them even today. As it is a restart of a series I am going to come up with a snazzy title for the interviews, in this instance re-branding is a absolute necessity.

From what I have seen on Twitter, this is what Cousin Joe currently looks like.


Anyway, I’m out of things to say right now, I want to start with a draft for the Bible so that I can be ready to post it at a moments notice. Here are a few more spanking pics for you.



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Vanilla Sprinkles

Finally, I have some time on my hands were I can sit down and write for a change. So I have my Hazel Dickens collection playing in the background, lights turned down low and a clear mind to share some thoughts. It’s funny actually, on my Facebook page a friend had posted this awesome picture of a child looking scornful with the caption  “The face of haters when they see something you wrote in their feed”. Hopefully that doesn’t happen here, but I know that I am taking a chance being that most people come here for the pictures that I share.

The first thing that you might observe is that there are pages missing from the menu bar above. They are not actually missing, what I have done is I have merged some of them to already existing drop down menus to create some menu space. I’m okay with two menu bar lines but I don’t want to go any further than that. What exactly I am going to replace them with I am not actually sure just yet. There are some thoughts that I have for special pages, one of which you will read about in the paragraph below.

In a few weeks time I am going to go to a spanking party and a thought crossed my mind. One thing that has constantly come up is the popularity of my old spanking zone podcasts, where I sit down and interview people in the spanking community. As there will be a number of known spankos at the party I might actually purchase a digital voice recorder and see if I can’t get a few 15 minute interviews. If you click the link above you will find a number of my old podcasts, though most of them are my past Christmas radio programs that I did. There will also be some dead links which I have never gotten around to cleaning up. If I get some time on Sunday I am going to extract the audio from one of the interviews I conducted with Dana Specht. These are all done exclusively for her website, but as some of them are up to 7 years old I doubt if she will mind if I share the audio from some of the older ones.

Now when I started writing I had no idea which direction I was going to go in, I was thinking more vanilla but you know darn well that I can’t go long without spanking coming into it. Either way the post title will be a good place holder. It is actually my favorite way of writing, just sitting down without a plan and seeing where it takes me.

One thing that I was thinking about on the way home tonight was my favorite spanking pictures. Now this type of thing could have me writing for hours as there are so many that I like. In fact this might take up one of the menu places above where I will write posts describing why I like certain pictures and perhaps including half a dozen pics at a time. I like to think that I am a connoisseur of spanking pictures and I could easily see myself writing a few paragraphs on around a hundred different pics or so.

With that thought in mind I am sure that everyone has a favorite picture, or at the very least a favorite type of setting/ambiance/clothing/scenario etc that makes certain pictures more special to them. Now I’m never asked this, but when I pose the question to myself, the one picture that I think is the best discovery that I have made, it probably surprises people. The one picture that I found that fits this bill is the college art project that recreates one of the most famous spanking pictures that exists, which is the one for the Chase and Sanborn Coffee Ad. The picture is from 1954 and while it isn’t the best picture ever made, the scene itself has been recreated untold times in pictures. So to find the copy that I did on Ebay was such a rarity that I was almost sick when I forgot to bid on it. Below you will see the original and the second pic is the college recreation from 1954.

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From a position of personal taste I will rarely, in fact if I ever have, post a picture that shows genitalia. That isn’t a knock on anyone as most websites and blogs features this, it is just something that is not appealing to me. My focus tends to lean towards pictures that might be found in mainstream magazines etc, or pictures that leave you with an impression that you can create your own story to. I’m a very visual creature and I almost think I am weird in what it is exactly that pushes my buttons when it comes to spanking pictures. There is not one thing in particular, in can be a variety of different things. Here are two examples of what I am talking about.

This picture here is on my phone, and it is my happy picture, it never ceases to put a smile on my face. Should I ever get stressed then I just open the phone and look at the picture. Now why do I like it so much? It is very simple, a thought once come to my mind at what I was seeing and it has stuck with me ever since. The person doing the spanking I believe is Aunt Vicki from Texas and it is the slight smile on her face that does it for me. It is a smile that says to me  “Oh, so you think you are too old for a spanking do you”?  It is a thought that has stuck with me and I just love the picture.


Another picture that I love that I have never posted before is from Shadowlane. The picture features Virginia Lewis receiving what clearly looks like a rather painful lesson. It is one of those  “A picture is worth a thousand words” type of pictures where I would love to hear a story about it. More than anything, I would love to hear VIRGINIA’S version of events that led to this conclusion. It is a very hot pic, as are the few others from this small set.


Part of the reason that I thought this morning that this would be a vanilla post tonight was during the journey into work today. Normally I have my coffee and I read the paper, but today I pretty much spent the entire journey looking at the Manhattan skyline. I’m fortunate that I take an elevated train to work so every day I get to see New York and it reminds me how great my life is. I’m serious as well, I find the skyline to be very humbling and I am appreciative for what I have. It was just a mellow ride all around, thinking of family and where I am.

My family outside of my immediate family is not really close. It is kind of sad really that I don’t even know if all of my Father’s siblings have left us. My dad died in 1999 and I’m pretty sure that his brother and sisters have also passed away. My cousins on my dad’s side I literally could not tell you of, I know there are some but I would have only met them when I was very young. Cousins on my mom’s side is also the same, I had very little contact with them when I was young. Some of mom’s siblings are still alive. Two of her brothers died a long time ago and I was able to go to both funerals, and of course mom died a few months ago. She does still have three sisters and two brothers living though. The reason that I mention that is because I’m not close to them so when it comes to family it is pretty much my brother and myself and that is it. Some of my older readers will know that I also lost a brother in 2009.

If you have lost people in your life then I think that you understand where I am coming from, it makes you more appreciative for what you do have. There are a lot of good people in my life so I am really blessed by that, and I don’t really have any regrets, but I do wish that some friendships had stood the test of time. People drift apart though so that happens to everyone, I’m sure that I am not alone in that. Some of my strongest friendships have developed during my time of need, which of course are the times listed above with the family deaths. I’m generally a very strong character emotionally which is a trait that I am thankful for. There is this understanding in my mind that I can only control what I do and how I feel, I cannot control that in anyone else. It isn’t something that I try to do, if a person makes a decision then I’m okay with that, it’s their decision, not mine.

Now I have to take time out and tell you a story. As I have been writing this I have moved on from Hazel Dickens to Sarah McLachlan in my Amazon cloud player.

In 1997 I went on a camping trip with a close friend and two sisters who were friends of my friend. That year the sisters had lost their brother quite tragically. We were around the camp fire and there was a radio playing over by the tents. I was snuggled up with my lady friend and the sisters were opposite. The song  “Angel” by Sarah McLachlan came on the radio and the sister closest laid back into her sister’s lap and started singing while her sister played with her hair. Man I remember it like it was yesterday. At that point I hadn’t lost any close family members, but even then I got their bond in a nanosecond, it was so beautiful to watch. A bit of a buzzkill I have to admit, but it is something that I will always have as a memory.

That’s kind of what death does to you really, you never forget who has your back during those times. That is why my brother and I are so close, we have been through quite a bit so far. I know that we are not alone in that, many of you have as well, that is why I think that you will understand what I have written. It also puts your own mortality on the table and totally reminds me of that line in  ‘The Shawshank Redemption’, “Get busy living, or get busy dying”🙂

I’ve certainly mellowed over the past year. A big part of that which I can’t deny was taking an extended break from the scene. It had got to the point where that strength of mine had become a weakness. That internal barometer that I have started to malfunction. It is my  “Take no shit” barometer.

That will be the one area that I will try to improve upon this year, I’m going to force myself to be more social. I’m still going to take my  “Me” time, but there has to be a balance. I also have to do some extra work in terms of playing. I think that if you recognize your weaknesses it helps you improve as a person. A definite weakness of mine is my far too laid back, almost antagonistic approach to playing. What is my problem you may ask? I’ve got to be honest, I just don’t give a fuck, lol.

Seriously though, I’ve never chased or played games or pined to play with anyone. There is this emotional barrier that I have that I have spoken of many times before, if someone is not interested in playing with me then my interest in playing with them also hits zero. The emotional attachment is the strongest link for me, it has to be there even in the smallest form of friendliness. Now I don’t mean that in a nasty way and I hope that it doesn’t come across that way, it’s just that I am so secure with what I have and what I have experienced so far.

There is no denying, I have received a hundred times more than I ever could have imagined in my WILDEST dreams, it has been a beautiful journey. I want for nothing in the scene. Actually I will rephrase that, I do want what I currently have because I love it.

Anyway, I threw some vanilla sprinkles in at the end there to go with the earlier spanking stuff. I’m not even going to proof read it because I was just rambling. Maybe I will post it, check all those emails people are sending me and then come back to it.

Ciao for now.

Windsor’s Sunday Candids 45

As you will probably see, things have been a little busy the last week or so. It is something that will happen every now and then as I have to work out of town quite often.

This weekend we had the SSNY party and I am happy to say that I am back playing. I took an awful long time off after becoming really burned out by the scene. Spanking is my happy place and a lot of the fun went out of it, but after enforcing a break I feel so much better. In fact so much so that I am almost ready to commit to going to 50 freaks in February, assuming I didn’t lose my invite after missing the last one.

Last night I didn’t go overboard with playing, it was just so nice to get to hang out with good people again. It is always special when you go to a place and people are happy to see you, exuding warmth and friendliness. On Friday I had mentioned to Funnybratgirl that I would like to play with her the following evening and at one point someone said that when I had a chance, FBG would like to play. So I took my sweet assed time until a second person elaborated on the first person’s statement. What they should have said is that she was waiting for me.

Now in the last 18 months I have played just twice, and both of those times were with Pixie. So to say I am a little out of practice is an understatement. I gave it the good old college try, but I don’t think it will go down as an example given in training videos. However, I was back playing, that is the important thing, and FBG has always been a very kind individual to me. The hospitality that her and Kor-E display to the spanking community is second to none, and I wanted to mention that here to thank them for their warmth and friendship.

One unexpected surprise last might was that on two occasions I was approached on the same subject. Once from someone I know, and another time from someone who recognized me not from my image, but from my voice. Obviously I know that I have a unique vocal tone, hell, I milk it for all it is worth. Anyway, both individuals approached me about the audio interviews that I used to do and their liking of them.

The group of people over the years who have mentioned them are somewhat small, but, they are very passionate about audio interviews. So that is something that I think that I will pick up again. In fact I have done 7 video interviews with Dana Specht so for the interim I can transfer those into audio recordings. These interviews were done exclusively for Dana’s website so unless you were a member, they are pretty much going to be new to my audience.

Anyway, the night went on and I had another spanking to give. There was a special friend of mine who I haven’t played with for 18 months and someone who has featured on this website frequently, and we had some catching up to do. The person of course was the delightful ellee Evergood. One of the few girls not afraid to wear red panties to a spanking party.

ellee has always been one of the true joys in the spanking world, such a lively young lady who I have often said has an infectious attitude towards our lifestyle that she makes everyone around her happy. It is really a gift and her company is something that I very much missed during my hiatus. We didn’t do anything over the top, it was just a simple hand spanking, just the way I like it. A few giggles, a few over the top vocal inflections from me, and ten minutes of getting reacquainted with an old friend.

Other than that I didn’t play in the traditional sense. There were a few girls who got a couple of swats here and there, but it was nice to be back among the warmth of good people.

Okay, so onto the spanking pic for this week, or in this case shall we say a pic and a half a pic?

This week I am going back to the play, Act Your Age. The play features a 20 something young woman dressing much younger to foil a plan and ends up getting a spanking for it. The pic this week is from 1945 and I have also included a newspaper cutting from 1949 in which you can just about see a spanking happening.

This will be added to my ACT YOUR AGE SPANKING FOLDER.

If you wish to read the full synopsis of the play including the relevant dialogue for the spanking scene, then check out Harry’s review of the play right here.

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Arm Weary

It would have been nice to report that I am arm weary from spanking but unfortunately that is not the case, I’m simply weary from an overabundance of work this week. I’m pretty sure I confirmed that I am not 21 anymore, my body feels every day of its 51 years,lol. It was almost a year ago now that I was told that I was being laid off at the start of 2014, and yet I am working harder now than I ever did. The good news is that I am one of those old school thinking types that believes that hard work will pay off. The biggest drawback in all of this is that my blogs are suffering because of the work I am doing. It’s not that I don’t have a little time in the evening to do something, it’s just that I am too tired to actually do it. Trust me, I wish that I could sit on my big fat ass and post every day, but I simply can’t. It is probably a good thing that I left Fetlife months ago because I couldn’t go there now if I tried.

On Twitter this week I made a query as to whether certain behaviors were continuing on Fetlife. I’m not one of these people who leave somewhere and then secretly sit back and watch everything, the interest just isn’t there any more. It started with the lead up to the 2013 BBW party where it seemed that everyone and their mother was trying to disrupt the party in any possible manner, whether that be by creating fake names, being obtuse on the boards or my personal favorite, the “Double talk”designed to put down the organizers of the party. That was the beginning of my desire to leave Fetlife and from what I can gather the behaviors still continue to this day.

My focus is on doing the small parts that I do to help the party along. My role is very small compared to the work that the Tanner family do, but I love that I am a part of it and that I can contribute to the parties in small some way. That would be my biggest wish for all parties, that the focus was on the enjoyment that everyone is going to have. No matter what the party I would never attempt to put a party down. Even if I don’t agree with certain philosophies, I can pretty much guarantee that I will have friends who are at the forefront of other parties and if for no other reason than that, out of respect for my friends I wouldn’t try to cause a disruption.

If you look at dissension in any aspect of life, if you were to ask yourself “What is my role in the dissension taking place”then perhaps things could start to improve. I will say it here again as I have stated it before, no matter what party you go to, or where you wish to spend your time, I only wish that everyone has a fantastic time. My second wish being that the same courtesy is extended to the parties that I choose to go to or I am a part of.

My goal hadn’t been this direction this morning but what the hell, I will continue.

Last year at the SSNY party, and I will be sarcastic here for a moment, despite the belief that it is a money grabbing venture, I invested hours of time creating a tour of unknown New York, free of charge I might add, to enhance the enjoyment of the guests coming into town. Off the top of my head I forget the number of stops on the tour, it was around 20 or so in the brutally cold New York winter, but I was really pleased with the turnout and the enjoyment level that was shared back with me.

That is the role that I enjoy the most being a part of the SSNY family, being in a position to make everyone feel welcomed. At the BBW party I host the annual pool party to kick off the weekend and it is a very simple role that I have, to stand there and greet everyone. Everybody knows what it feels like to be made to feel unwelcome, I’m no different, so I go out of my way to try and be that friendly, smiling face who welcomes everyone in.

So even though I have left Fetlife and haven’t been to a party since BBW, I do have a role to fulfill for the annual SSNY Christmas party and I am starting to put things together. This is what I posted on my Twitter feed this week, and if you would like to follow me on Twitter I can be found here FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER

What do you reckon? Does that sound like a good idea? This year I’m hoping to conduct a haunted tour of New York 🙂

The Top Ten Of 2013

First of all I would like to wish you all a happy New Year, no matter where you are in the world I hope that the upcoming year is a fruitful and joyous one for you. I’m not one for resolutions, I just hope to better myself as a person in the next year. 2013 saw a lot of changes, I attended more parties than I have ever done before in a calender year and I found happiness. The happiness came at a cost, but I don’t regret any of it.

I’m a bit of a strange cat in this department, but there are things that hold great importance to me. This year I was able to see them both positively and negatively, and that is why I am content with myself and I’m at peace as well.

Now before I get on to my top ten posts of 2013 I want to point something out to you. On this blog practically everything that I post is original material. When I say original what I mean is that almost everything that I post is unique to the spanking world save for a very few select collectors. That is my mission, if a spanking site has posted something before me then I don’t consider it to be unique. My goal is to bring new items to you with every post.

As you all know by now, my collection of material is vast and I have enough unique material to post for at least another couple of years, and of course I discover new material all the time. Over time you will find the material that I bring to the community posted on various other spanking sites, forums and picture sharing groups, but the chances are you will never be told where it comes from. If you wish to never miss any of the unique finds that I share then the answer is simple, just sign up below to receive my postings in your email box every time that I post something new. Over a hundred people already do this. Now you don’t have to worry that you are signing up to a mailing list, you are not. The ONLY email that you will get is when I make a post to this site, and instead of missing the post and perhaps finding one of my pictures 6 months from now on another site, you will get it delivered to your email the same day that I post. The email group has never been used for anything other than receiving my posts in your email. Poke around my site to see the type of material that I post and decide for yourself, you will see that you probably don’t want to miss any of my updates. The 2013 top ten is below the email sign up.

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And now, here are the top ten posts on this website for 2013 based solely on the number of hits each post received. You can click either the title or the ‘read more’link to read each post in full. As you will see, many of the posts will have more than one picture in them.


This was part 4 of my continuing story from my trip to Las Vegas in February of last year. In fact you will see that this particular weekend accounts for three entries into the 2013 top ten, that’s not only a testament to how good the weekend was, but also how popular the stories were from that weekend.

In this particular episode I tell the tale of caning ellee, spanking and caning Missy, spanking LostKitten and Sara Fields, caning Missy again and finishing off by caning ellee once more. There are a total of seven pics attached to the story featuring ellee, LostKitten and Sara Fields.

This post was the number 1 post by a long shot with seven thousand views alone. By comparison, the second highest view count for a post was 5,500 views. Obviously more than seven thousand people saw it as most people read it through the homepage, but seven thousand people clicked on the story itself. If you want to read the full story and see all of the pics of the girls getting spanked then just follow this link. READ MORE…..



It is kind of ironic really that this post was the number two read post of the year, and I’m thinking it is because it showed up on Blogger sites in the sidebar as a free video. The reason that it is ironic was because despite the large number of readers, only a few dozen people requested to get a free digital download of the movie. As the post made not only the top ten, but was actually the number two post of the year, I will make the video available once again for another week or so if anyone wants it. Just read the post to see how you can get it. READ MORE…..



Being a bit of a wrestling fan I stumbled across this clip while watching clips of some old USWA Texas wrestling shows. In this clip you get to see Miss Texas bent over a table and Laura Davenport gives her 15 licks with the belt over her tights and panties. READ MORE…..


This is the start of four in a row from the Wednesday classic series. It is probably the most popular feature on this website and every Wednesday my hits spike from people coming to see the Wednesday Classic for each week. It is hard to measure fully because my Sunday Men Are Like Streetcars pic of the week could be just as popular, but for whatever reason nobody ever links into the Sunday posts, therefore it doesn’t build as much of a casual audience for people to come back to each week. I’m sure it would be as popular but that’s what it is. maybe in the future it will catch up. Anyway, this was the 44th entry into the Wednesday Classics series and is from a Taming Of The Shrew rehearsal, at least I think that they were rehearsing 😉



Part of the appeal of my Wednesday classics series are the VARIOUS SCHOOL PLAYS that I have collected over the years that have a spanking in them. So far I only have 8 different plays listed in this folder, but I have dozens more to share for this feature in the upcoming year. Of course I also use the Wednesday post for the plays that have many spanking pics from them such as “Act Your Age”and “Mind Of Her Own“. In this particular Wednesday classic it featured a pic from the 1945 play “All American Family”as contributed to this site by Will@Gotham56 and a pic from the 1959 production of “Spring Journey”. READ MORE…..



Part of the fun of posting the Wednesday Classics, and perhaps the reason why the post is so popular each week, is that the spankings aren’t just devoted to School Plays. I have a vast collection of all sorts of spanking pics from different scenarios. In this particular one we have a girl being paddled for fun at a kangaroo court. These pics were moved to the new folder “WINDSOR’S SUNDAY CANDIDS”and the folder iks well worth checking out. READ MORE…..

Charles M Russell High School 1966


A complete run of four straight Wednesday classics in the top ten, and this one is a beauty. From the “VARIOUS SCHOOL PLAYS”folder, we have a very sultry looking young lady being spanked in “How To Handle A Woman”. READ MORE…..

new trier 62


We head back to Las Vegas for the 50 freaks party for the 8th most popular post of 2013. This was a day after I arrived and it is where the spanking started in earnest. There is a full recounting of my exploits that night and all of the girls who I spanked, plus six pictures of me spanking 3 adorable girls, Alex ReynoldsErica Scott and Ten. READ MORE…..

photo 4


And once more we go back to the Wednesday Classic series for yet another pic from the “VARIOUS SCHOOL PLAYS”folder. This time it is a spanking pic from the play “Susie And The F.B.I”. This pic actually started the various school plays folder and continues to hold the position as the first pic in that folder. There is another pic from this play in the folder linked above so check it out. READ MORE…..

susie and the fbi huntingdon 64


Rounding out the top ten posts of 2013 we go back to the Vegas party for the third time, what an amazing party this was. This time you can get to read part 2 of the party experience where for the very first time I spanked ellee for real. Her comments to me kept building and despite numerous warnings, she continued to express her opinion. So in this post you can get to witness me expressing my opinion on her bottom. There was no play to this spanking, and that was a first for ellee and I, in this spanking I turned her over my knee and gave her a sound spanking with my hand until I was satisfied. Once this was done it was Alex’ turn for a spanking, and while she hadn’t actually done anything to earn it, a spanking she did indeed get. If you want to see all seven pics featured in this story just click the links to do so, it includes one of my absolute favorites of ellee where, upon seeing the displeasure in my face, she dove under the table to hide with her butt sticking up in the air. I guess if she couldn’t see us she probably thought that we couldn’t see her. It is one of my favorite pics 🙂 READ MORE…..


So there you have it, the top ten posts made on this site in 2013 based on the number of hits each post had. Remember, if you don’t want to miss anything that I post, and I post nearly all unique material to the spanking world, simply enter your email address above. Have a great 2014 everyone and I look forward to another amazing year.

Richard Windsor

7th Year Anniversary

It hardly seems that it has been 7 years but it is true, December the 24th, 2006 I started this blog. Over that time I have amassed a treasure trove of spanking pics as well as having 100’s of personal spanking pics taken. On Christmas Day I am planning to make a bumper post of spanking pics with some of the rarest pics you will find. As usual, most of these will be have been unseen by all but a very small number of people. So I will keep this short today, but I want to thank you all for your wonderful support over the years and the great comments you have made. From this blog alone I have made so many friends that it is worth it just for that alone. So here is a little gift for you, a picture that I took with the adorable ellee Evergood back in February and I promise, one day I will get around to writing the story about this awesome spanking scene that we did. I hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas and try and come back tomorrow for a very special post. By the way, if you want a free spanking video tomorrow then see the post below this one, so far only 3 people want it 🙂


The Spanking Year Is Over

In what was probably the best year that I have ever had in the realm of spanking, I believe that aspect is now over for the year. This weekend we had the SSNY Christmas party which was an amazing success. It wasn’t just a spanking party, it was a weekend’s worth of events with a wonderful group of people. On Friday night we all met at a bar while it was pouring outside and everyone got merry. On Saturday morning I conducted a walking tour of New York which, despite being bitterly cold, I believe was enjoyed by most of the people who went. There was about 20 people who came on the tour seeing everything from Irving Klaw’s studio,Andy Warhol’s factory, The Gramercy gym up to Teddy Roosevelt’s birthplace. There were about 20 stops along the way. Now even though all we were seeing were the exterior’s of what was once was, I did get a lot of good feedback at the end of the tour. Okay, so I ended up without about half of the original group by the end, and even those I lost half of in Union Square, lol, but I was able to find them thanks to now owning a cell phone.

The evening was wonderful, I was finally able to play with DragonEmry’s after making a big mistake of not playing with her at BBW, not only did I spank her but I also caned the front of her thighs, which was the reason that we didn’t play in April, because back then I wasn’t comfortable doing that. The first spanking that I gave was to my good friend, Kat the Brat. We don’t always get to play at parties, I guess because we are such good friends, but I wanted to make sure that we played this time. Perhaps the biggest surprise of all was when TopJosh told me that Boswell wanted to play with me. Now at spanking parties when I first meet someone, I rarely ask that person to play. My whole premise is that each person is more than a person to spank, I want to befriend them first and treat them as a person before anything else. It is super rare for me to play with anyone when first meeting them. Well, I can assure you that I lucked out on Saturday. I told Boswell that I wouldn’t play hard and her response was “I’m okay with thighs”. Okay, so my plan of not playing hard didn’t work, Boswell copped the hardest spanking that I gave all night, and her thighs got more than their fair share of hard swats. Man, I felt so lucky, such a sweet person and someone who I think that I could do a wonderful play session with. When the spanking started I tried my usual play lecture and whilst it was hard to shout over the noise, her reactions to my words were really awesome. It was just a simple question “have you been a good girl”? and it was met by that delightful burying the head in the hands. At a later party I would love to do a scene with her where I can get into using my voice, I have a feeling that it would work really well. As for the play, whew, this girl has such an amazing booty and her reactions to the spanking were fantastic. Perhaps my favorite moment was when the spanking was over, watching her look over her shoulder and pouting as she looked at her fiery red bottom.

It was something that I planned because I am a little OCD this way, but as I expect this to be my last play of the year, I wanted to finish the year the way that I began the year, with some personal time with ellee. If you have followed this blog throughout this year you would have read a lot about this amazing girl, a truly remarkable young lady. On January the first at 12.30am, ellee was the first girl that I spanked this year, and if my premonition is correct she will also be the last person that I spank this year. Being that ellee has helped me regather who I was as a person this year I couldn’t be happier for events to play out that way.

This was nothing more than a friendly spanking, well, okay, her thighs got more treatment than they deserved 😉 Once it was over ellee sat on my lap and we talked about the past year. Saturday also happened to be almost a year to the day since we had first met and we had talked beforehand about an anniversary spanking. During this talk ellee told me how I had helped her this year and how I had fulfilled a fantasy of hers. The feeling of course is mutual and ellee gave me something this year that I had always wanted. I can’t really put my finger on a specific thing, but when I entered the spanking world the thing that I was looking for ellee provided. It is a combination of play, demeanor, character and spirit.

In fact at one point I told ellee that she had spoiled me this year, not for anything that she has done but for who she was. I’ve never been one to take shit from anyone in any form. I’m not saying that I go out of my way to be confrontational, in fact far from it. When feelings are portrayed in my direction that are not positive though I have only one reaction, I have no time for it whatsoever. ellee spoiled me because she is just so incredibly friendly and kind, she makes you feel like a million bucks. My focus in life is on kind people, and there are a vast number of them out there. It takes very little effort to be warm and friendly towards another human being. When someone kisses you on the cheek and says ‘Happy Anniversary’after you have spanked them, why wouldn’t you focus on that, it really doesn’t get much better.

So thank you, ellee, just for being who you are. You have made this year a very special one for me.

Now I don’t want anyone to be somber with this news because I’m not somber over it. This week I was told at work that I am being laid off and it will happen within the next two months. Based on this information and an uncertain future, this may be my last spanking party for a while. Even before I knew this I had expected it so I had planned to make this weekend special.

I’m not going anywhere, and if things fall as I hope they will then who knows, it will be business as usual. For now though, when I get a new job, there isn’t going to be much time in 2014 to attend spanking parties, at least until I get settled anyway. Maybe by 2015 I will be back in full swing and back to my regular schedule. At this point I don’t even know where I will be going, my goal has been to move away from New York but it will be dependent on the job market. If I get a job in Iowa though, I’m taking it. I’m not sure where in the States I will end up, it could be in New Jersey for all I know, but 2014 will hold a new challenge for sure.

Next up on this blog I will be talking about pictures. What I like, what I don’t like and why certain pics have such an appeal to me.


Ellee –Getting Her Panties Warmed

Recently I attended a private party with a bunch of friends where there were spankings galore. With all the activity going on we almost forgot to take pics, so I asked ellee if she would like a spanking and asked her husband, YoggSothoth, if he would mind taking some pics. Earlier this week I posted THIS PIC of ellee being led off for her spanking, and later in the week I will show you the hairbrush being applied to her cute bottom.

In just 12 days I am going to be in Vegas for the Shadowlane party and when I posted this pic to Fetlife last night I vaguely suggested to ellee that as this picture was worth a thousand words, perhaps I should give her 1,000 spanks. ellee of course sassed “Oh no, not a thousand spanks”……. Well, now I am determined. It will just be a hand spanking, but I fully intend on making ellee the inaugural member of the 1,000 spank club.  That will be in one sitting, ten swats to one cheek, then ten to the next until we reach one thousand.

Anyway, I love this picture so much. It is taken from my favorite angle for a spanking pic and her husband captured it perfectly. I love the room, the chair, the hand in motion, ellee’s white nylon panties that I bought for her and of course ellee herself. At some point we are going to post a video to Fetlife, once we go through the frames to ensure that her face doesn’t show. The video features ellee, Alex Reynolds and myself, both an OTK hand spanking and 12 each with the cane, though Alex got 14 🙂


Someone’s Getting A Spanking

Poor little elleebutt, she always seems to find herself getting a spanking. Of course the fact that she loves to get spanked probably has something to do with it. There will be future pictures from this set down the road, as well as the schoolgirl scene that I did with ellee back in February. In this pic I am leading ellee away for a nice firm spanking with the hairbrush, her own hairbrush as it so happens. In three weeks time I hope that ellee and I get to play in Vegas, especially as I am ordering her a little something this week that I know she will love 🙂

Click this link for ELLEE’S SPANKING PAGE on this website. Lots of pics of this adorable girl.


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