Learning The Trade

Spanking photo is below the video. Here is my latest vanilla history video,  this time in the neighborhood that I live in. It will be a big help to my Youtube channel if you can spare a couple of minutes to watch the start of the video. The more hits that I get on the video then the more likely it is that my videos will start to get featured as recommendations on other videos. So do you have a spare minute or two? I would really appreciate it  🙂

Keep practicing girls,  this spanking thing ain’t easy you know. Who knows,  maybe this will soon show up in a spanking video,  I know that producers are always looking for something new. This will be added to my PLAYFUL SPANKINGS folder.

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 153

Keeping it in the family!!

As you are all aware by now,  I have been working on my video project and I am ready to go live as of tomorrow. This website has had to take a backseat for a couple of weeks as I have set up my new working environment. More than likely I am going to have the first proper video up tomorrow night,  and below you can see a 5 minute test video that I did to learn about the lighting and voice controls,  as well as the post editing. So when I start creating my history films as of tomorrow I hope that you will all head over to Youtube to watch the vanilla side of my work. I’m really excited about what I have planned.

Keeping with the theme above,  one item on my agenda tomorrow is going to be the location of the first ever televised Roller Derby matches in the 1940’s. So with that in mind,  how about a Roller Derby spanking?

In this image you will find Billy  ‘Flash’  Bogash spanking his own Mom,  Josephine  ‘Ma’  Bogash. I hope that you enjoy the image,  and my test video is below the image. Please subscribe to me on Youtube if you wish to watch my videos moving forward.

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 152

So I have been a bit lazy on the blog the last couple of weeks,  mostly because of the lovely weather and of course the heavy research work that I have been doing for my vanilla project that will start next week. It’s funny that I placed my order last week and I received the camera today and the chest harness a few days ago,  but I can’t do squat until the accessories package arrives which is not due until next Tuesday. The good news is that I have got a head start on the planning phase and I already have the first eight videos mapped out,  though due to my ability to talk non stop it will probably extend to ten videos.

The first few videos I will post on here,  and even though they will be vanilla videos I will of course only post them as an addendum to the spanking content that I post on that particular day. That actually will be good news for you all because I am looking to churn out four to five videos a week so there will be an equivalent number of posts going up on this blog. This is something that has taken front row for me for now I’m afraid because this is going to be a main source of my self employment moving forward,  so I have to focus on it at least for a couple of months.

The photo this week comes from the images that Pygophilous1 shared with me the other week,  and I have to return the favor to him as soon as I can. This image is a classic and falls right into collection of images where the old saying  “A picture is worth a thousand words”  really takes effect.

To me I am witnessing a 1950’s traditional paternal spanking. It is a strict conservative household and despite the warnings of dressing modestly for her date,  the daughter has decided to spice things up with stockings,  suspenders,  high heeled shoes and a pair of silky panties. Mom tried speaking with the daughter to no avail and  “Waited ’til her Father got home”.

Dad was not too impressed when he heard of his daughter’s disobedient plans,  and despite her protests that she wasn’t fully dressed when her Father arrived it made no difference to him,  for she was going to remove that flirtatious outfit the moment that he was done. It looks like we have joined the spanking during the lecture stage,  that would be the point where her Father is reminding her that as long as she lives under his house she lives by his rules,  and this lecture is accompanied by the sound of his hand applying some Paternal justice to the seat of her silky panties.

Despite the indignity and how she doth protest,  pretty soon the lecture will be over and with it her warmed up panties will leave her bottom. Only then will she begin to understand the wisdom of her Father’s knowledge when her bare bottom starts to turn into the color of a ripe tomato. She will indeed go on her date tonight dressed as a conservative,  church going lady,  but how long will it be before the devil on her other shoulder decides to test the boundaries of decency again?

*Disclaimer, and I hate to have to do this due to grumpy people. This prose is made up, it is the vision that I have created for the image that I saw. None of the writing above is factual in any way*

Now that we have addressed the party poopers,  here is that wonderful image. What do you see in the image below?

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 151

Here is a set of spanking pictures for you that I once found on Ebay.  Unfortunately I don’t have any background info on this set,  however we can see an old style phone on the desk and a Rolodex,  so I am thinking that this is the 1980’s. I’m also having a chuckle here imagining all you youngsters Goggling  “Rolodex”,  lol.

If you are extra observant,  while the girl is getting spanked with a strap,  pointer and ruler,  you will also see a paddle and a large wooden spoon in the background. I do love a good wooden spoon spanking,  it always gets a young lady’s attention fast.

Samantha Woodley spanking videos.

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 150

Today I was going through my files for a post for today and I found one that I particularly like. The photo isn’t truly a spanking in progress,  it is about a girl in an OTK position having a discussion with her spanker. The photo is an excellent example of a time gone by where a girl lying over the knee seems just as natural as spring water.

However,  when I went through the site to see what the number was for this week’s Wednesday classic,  I noticed that it was number 150 in the series,  so that deserves something a little special,  right?

The image this week comes from Ballard,  KY in 1957 and is from the play  “Act Your Age“. The image itself has been presented before where Norman Craig spanks Patsy Terrell over on Harry’s Act Your Age spanking page. In this instance I believe that we have different copies but you have a link where you can review both copies.

I’m always a big fan as you know already of witnessed spankings. That is a part of the motivation that I have for the MOTHER SPANKS DAUGHTER series that I have of free spanking stories. So in this photo we have 6 witnesses,  5 of which are female. You could be mistaken for thinking that the girl third from the left is taking a photo of the spanking. I don’t see a camera but her hands are positioned in a way that she does have one,  I also see a slightly opened mouth of joy on her face. It also doesn’t look like it is Patsy’s first trip to the rodeo either  🙂

What I also found interesting is that Patsy was also the co-editor of the Ballard Beacon newspaper that year. I would be interested in finding some copies of that newspaper to see whether Patsy included anything about the play in the newspaper.

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 149

So I disappeared for a week,  but I have no excuses though. Part of the reason that I was away for a bit is an exciting reason,  I have finally found out my travel dates for Japan this year. As I anticipated,  the band that I want to see again and that I am building the trip around,  did indeed announce a winter tour upon the release of their new album as I expected. The album debuted at #4 of the Japanese album charts just so that you know.

As I want to go to Taiwan on this trip as well,  while also visiting Hiroshima,  Osaka and Nara,  it requires a lot of planning,  especially as I have to take into account the tour dates as well. Early in the tour the band are playing Tokyo and then three days later in Hiroshima,  which sounds perfect but that would affect my trip to Taiwan. So what I am going to do is select two dates in the Tokyo area,  fly to Taiwan afterwards and then back to Tokyo for a couple of days before returning home.

That’s not all though,  In January 2020 I will also be going to South Korea,  Vietnam,  Laos and Thailand. That trip is a nightmare to plan,  especially arriving in Laos where you have to either get your Visa upon arrival or prior to this in Hanoi. Of course as a British citizen  (I’m only a permanent resident of the USA,  not a citizen)  I also have to keep my eye out on Brexit as this could affect visa requirements in various countries.

Finally on the vanilla front,  I’m going to be starting a Youtube channel soon where not only will I document my travels for all to see,  but I will also be doing various New York based vlogs that I’m pretty excited about. The goal is to do a daily vlog or at the very least a vlog every other day. I can’t reveal my full plans yet but my goal is to see if I can’t sustain being self employed for the next few years. I’m hoping to build an audience before I travel overseas and then see whether it takes off or not. If it is mildly successful then I will also plan a trip to Eastern Europe in the spring of 2020. I’m ready to start the channel right now,  but the heat for the next week is really oppressive in New York and I don’t want to be walking around in it  🙂

Anyway,  you aren’t here for my vanilla exploits,  you want some spanking material right?

Before sharing the photo discovery for this week,  please do yourselves a favor by heading on over to Harry’s Mainstream Spanking website where he details this particular movie spanking in detail.

If you click the link then you will see that this spanking photo isn’t brand new,  however,  this version of the photo is new. This is a sepia-tone version which is larger than other versions that are out there,  so you can get to see minor details on the image that you may not have seen on other images. As I have mentioned before,  I only tend to post spanking material that has been posted before only if I am able to bring something new to the table.

Over on eBay the image is listed as Jerry Miley spanking Olive Borden in the 1927 film,  Pajamas. As Harry rightly points out though,  the spanker is actually Lawrence Gray. It will cost you a titload,  but if you want to own the image then the auction can be found right here.

This will be added to my WINDSOR’S STAGE SPANKINGS album where you can find a small sampling of my contributions to the spanking movie world.

Windsor Sunday Candids – 83

Diving through my collection of eBay spanking pictures and I thought that this one would make for a good upload. There was no date added to the photo but an educated guess to me looks like the 1940’s. Of course I have no earthly idea why three girls are spanking the other,  but with the beautiful Americana house right behind them one would be safe to assume that this is a family affair. Perhaps extended family?

This will be added to my PLAYFUL SPANKINGS folder.

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 148

Pretty soon I am going to be starting a new project. It is going to be a vanilla project that you will all be welcome to share in. As I have mentioned previously,  my desires in the spanking world have become so minimal that I don’t really see myself going to any parties other than BBW each year,  however I will still of course keep this blog going.

I’ll probably write more about it in the future,  but spanking was always my escape from the real world,  a place where I could share my secret desires with like minded people. I have a hard time in life as it is with shitty people,  I completely withdraw from anyone who I perceive to have little to no compassion towards other people,  that is what made the spanking community such an escape,  because we could all accept each other.

The other side to it,  in real life if anyone at all shows me any form of disdain,  I have no desire to have that person in my life,  I never have and I never will. I’m a beggar to nobody. This might perhaps be a mistake on my part because I have more pride than a lion,  and I’m certain that it was because of how I grew up,  but nobody will EVER need to tell me a second time that my company isn’t welcome,  once is more than enough and I won’t let anyone get a second chance to repeat themselves. As the years went on it was easy to overlook it in the spanking world,  I mean you don’t have to like everybody but we are all there for the same purpose so each person happily gets on with their scene. I became so invested in the spanking world though that it started to seep into real life for me. Watching the separations,  the disagreements,  the arguing,  the shunning,  all of it,  it wasn’t the spanking world that I once knew. It took away so much of my enjoyment from being in the scene.

The scene has also evolved,  perhaps to a point where I have been left behind a little bit. Over on Twitter I made this point one time,  how the scene used to be and how it is right now. Holy shit did that trigger one girl,  lol. Without hesitation she let me know that if I didn’t like how it was then perhaps I shouldn’t be in it. It’s kind of funny really,  because the attitude that was shown in that reply was one of the exact reasons as to why I no longer felt a part of it. I’m pretty sure that what I need to do is to withdraw from the active scene for a few years. It doesn’t mean that I won’t continue to play privately,  even if my personal interest level has waned a little,  but I can still have the option there.

My goal for the next 12 months is going to be a video project that I am going to share on YouTube. I’ve saved up to put myself in this position,  and let me first say that it is probably going to fail,  however,  I don’t really care if it does fail. I’ve saved my money to give this a serious shot and over the next 12 months I am going to invest in my project. If it does indeed fail then so be it,  I’m not going to have any regrets,  I’m not going to worry about the lost investment. It’s more important for me to at least give this a try and not succeed,  than to not try and always wonder what it would have been like.

My video project is going to take place in New York City and it is going to be an educational project. Even if it doesn’t succeed at the very least I will be able to leave a mark and know that I taught some people a few things. Obviously this winter I am going to Japan,  Taiwan,  South Korea,  Thailand,  Laos and Vietnam,  and that will be a part of it as well. While my New York adventures will be educational,  my foreign trips will be a travel vlog to show people the beautiful places and the wonderful people that I will meet in each country.

Am I hopeful that my project will take off? Actually I am. If it works out then I could be self employed until I retire. I’ll need some luck,  I might need one video to get picked up by a news outlet or something,  or perhaps hit it lucky and get a sponsor if they like my narration. Bottom line though,  I’m going down with the ship on this one,  if it works then great,  and if it doesn’t I can hold my head up high and say that I at least gave it a shot. More to come on this soon,  just as soon as I get my arrangement with Youtube mailed to me then I can get started.

My image this week is from San Lorenzo in 1963 and will be added to my PLAYFUL SPANKINGS folder. I’m not certain what is going on,  but the guy has a somewhat decent wrist grab going on,  though to be fair it isn’t perfect but she doesn’t exactly seem to be fighting it. Then in his left hand I do believe that he is holding her flip flop. It is a bit hard to tell if it is a flip flop or a plimsoll,  but the one still on her foot looks like it is open toed so I am going with flip flop.

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 147

The last couple of days I have spent psychologically preparing myself for some upcoming trips. I know that it is too early in reality being that they are five months away,  but I am excited to get to visit Japan again and I am equally as excited to get to visit Vietnam as well this year. So my focus hasn’t really been on the blog but it is now time for my weekly Wednesday spanking classic.

This week we have a SENIOR SUPERLATIVES paddling pic from West End,  Alabama in 1959. That’s a big old paddle the dude is holding,  and it looks like he has an equally inviting target with which to place it.

Another of my hobbies aside from collecting historic spanking material is also exploring different musical styles from around the world. Now when I go to Japan later this year I won’t be seeking out any concerts from the girl below,  not like I do for the band that I love over there,  BiSH,  but that doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate the beauty of the song in the video below. I probably couldn’t listen to this for an hour straight,  but there is no denying that the girls voice is absolutely beautiful.

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 146 Part 2

Are you feeling spoiled yet? Stick around and check in every day,  chances are there will be something new on this website every day during the month of June. I’ve got too much material already and I always seem to find more photos than I actually post every week.

Yes,  I know it isn’t Wednesday,  but hopefully you won’t mind me doubling down this week to post the second image from the play that I discovered entitled  “Merry Christmas,  Mr. Baxter”. Let me emphasize once more though,  I’m not claiming that it is an unknown play containing a spanking scene,  just that it was unknown to me when I found the pics. Below the spanking image I have also included the synopsis that was attached to yesterday’s photo.

Before I get to that though,  I asked a friend today to do a quick keyword check on my site and she found two errors. The first being that one of my biggest hits is the term  ‘Spanking stories’,  but I lose traffic to other sites because I don’t use the term  ‘FREE spanking stories’. So that has to change today,  all of the stories on my website are FREE SPANKING STORIES. There are two collections of them,  firstly my FICTIONAL SPANKING STORIES,  and secondly my REAL LIFE SPANKING STORIES. So moving forward you can expect to see the term  ‘free spanking stories’  used a lot  🙂

The second error is a little trickier,  the other keyword favorite for the second error are the variations of the term  ‘Mother spanks daughter’. While variations of that term bring traffic to my site,  I still lose traffic to other sites that use variations of the phrase  “Mother spanks daughter bare bottom”. The reason that it is trickier is because most of the spankings that I write about are not on the bare bottom. The direction for part 3 of the  “Mother spanks”  series is pretty much set and isn’t going to involve the Mother,  but I have a feeling that Mom is going to have to dish out a few bare bottom spankings come part 4 of the series.

Right,  now time for part two of the photos that I gathered from the play,  Merry Christmas,  Mr. Baxter. This photo which is from Vicksburg,  MI in 1959 will also be added to my VARIOUS SCHOOL PLAYS spanking folder. Click on the highlighted link,  there are some awesome photos in that folder. Below the spanking image there is also the synopsis from the previous image which denotes the adapted screenwriter’s name.


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