Windsor Wednesday Classic – 143

If you go through my archive looking for post number 142 in this series,  you won’t find it in a post title,  you will only find it within the body of the post. The Windsor Wednesday classic for last week was this post… THERE’S NO SPANKING IN BASEBALL.

Over the next couple of days I am probably going to write an important piece on my current  (self imposed btw)  standing in the spanking world. Before saying anything else,  this blog isn’t going anywhere,  I already have enough material to post for another ten years  🙂

The thing is though I have gone through some changes over the last few years and my spanking desire has dissipated to a point that I barely even think about it anymore. That isn’t to say that I’m not still excited by the thought,  it just isn’t frequent and I haven’t even played for the last two years. A lot of it I understand,  in the last ten years I have lost both of my brothers and my Mother as well,  and my focus in life has changed. I actually think for the better as well to be honest with you,  I’m taking care of bucket list items before it is my time to go,  and long ago I stopped fighting things that I can’t control. I’m only in control of how I act,  how I respond and how I present myself,  for better or worse,  those are the only things that I can control. Right now I am very content with where I am. The last year almost destroyed me,  some days I was in a very dark place,  but I’ve pulled through it by setting goals for myself. There are still days that suck and I get a little overwhelmed,  but they no longer suck in a dark way.

Anyway,  more on that coming up shortly.

Today I am going to give you a world class over the knee spanking picture!! This picture was original sent to me a few years ago by will@gotham56 so the full credit goes to him for the discovery.

Now like I do myself whenever I post a rare find,  I always provide the information that fellow collectors need to find a copy of the image themselves for a couple of reasons. Firstly they may have different software than I do,  or different resources where they may be able to find a better copy of the photo. And secondly,  if collectors don’t like my presentation of my find,  then I lead them to where they can find the image so that they can satisfy whatever the criteria is that is important to them. It is also important to label the images correctly as well,  because more times than I care to count the work of either HARRY or myself is posted elsewhere and it is completely devoid of any identifying information. Should a question arise when the images are posted elsewhere,  we are then able to go onto that site and provide the historical information that is required/requested. My photos are labelled as such that if anyone needs additional information then I can go back to the location where I found the images and get additional information if required.

Anyway,  that was a long assed way of saying that will@gotham56’s original image that he sent to me is the bottom photo of the two copies here,  and the information that he provided allowed for me to find a different version of the same spanking photo in a larger size which is the first photo that you see. The image is from San Leandro,  CA in 1966.

This image will be added to my SENIOR SUPERLATIVES folder.

There’s No Spanking In Baseball

Today we have a wonderful photo that is directly tied to the title of this post. To save on the length of the title this is the Windsor Wednesday Classic – 142 version of my normal Wednesday post.

Before the image and story though,  over on my CLIPS4SALE STORE I put together the complete collection of the four spanking films that I did with Sarah Gregory and made them into one 60 minute video for $19.99. I will also be doing the same with my Amber Grey collection as well as putting together other segments. If all goes well I hope to make one final movie later this year.

Click here to go directly to the new collection —–> THE SARAH GREGORY AND RICHARD WINDSOR COLLECTION.

Now on to a wonderful historic spanking photo for this week. You may ask why the title of this post is so named,  well,  let me enlighten you as to why.

Over on eBay today I found a new spanking photo featuring a Female Baseball player from the 1940’s. Now I did some research on it and the photo comes from the 1946 AAGPBL  (All-American Girls Professional Baseball League)  Kenosha Comets team which were one of the teams featured in the film,  A League Of Their Own.

There is no indication as to who the spanker is,  and it will be hard to take a guess at this point even though I can access the faces of the players  (It is possibly Betty Fabac but that is purely a guess). It could be a friend for all we know. The person getting spanked however,  presumably for untying someone’s shoes,  is Margaret  “Poncho”  Villa who played for the Kenosha Comets for 5 seasons. It is worth pointing out that A League Of Their Own was set in 1943 and this image is from 1946.

Ordinarily I would link to the sale on eBay as an attempt to help the person selling it,  but in this instance it probably isn’t even worth it. The bidding on the photo is already at $34 as I am sure that it has the interest of baseball collectors everywhere. Below is the cropped version of the image,  followed by Marge’s baseball player profile image and then the full version of the image in its untouched form.

This will be added to my PLAYFUL SPANKINGS folder.

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 141

The Boardwalk Badness party is over for another year and I am back home. In two weeks time it is the Lonestar party and I have looked into seeing if I can go,  but it is going to be really tricky as I am going to Japan/South Korea later this year and then Vietnam/Taiwan in early 2020. It seems a bit frivolous to alter my budget to attend another spanking party,  especially as my family estate is still in limbo.

Yesterday I started updating some areas on the website,  but unless you look for them you won’t notice them until I link to them. First of all I have started a promotional page under the title MEGA PASSES. Right now I only have one site listed on there,  DANA SPECHT’S,  but by the end of the week I hope to have about ten up. It is a slow and arduous task and I will be lucky to do two a day.

The other change is that I have made a new addition to my REAL LIFE STORIES page by adding the story FLASHING HER PANTIES TO THE BOYS. I’m going through my site trying to collect all stories that I have written that I have yet to add to their respective pages. I’m also hoping to write a new story tonight as a follow up to a story already underway. Just in case I can’t finish it I won’t say which story just in case I let you down.

The Wednesday Classic this week is from Yoakum,  TX in 1958. It looks like a young couple have found the school paddle,  and it looks like the girl is expecting a nice playful swat. If you could read the guys eyes though,  to me they are saying he has had enough of the little brat and is about to make the paddle sound like two clapper boards coming together when it lands on her bottom.

This will be added to my WINDSOR’S PADDLING’S folder.

Windsor Sunday Candids – 81

This weeks Sunday spanking photo is quite likely a birthday spanking photo,  but it doesn’t specifically say that. Either way,  with the information given on the photo,  this is either Martha Raye’s 22nd birthday spanking,  or she is likely either 21 or 22 at the time of the photo.

Before the photo though,  I am leaving the party in the morning so this will be your last chance to ask me a question and in return receive full access to THIS SPANKING MOVIE featuring myself and Ten. So far I have received about 15 questions which will be great for three future posts,  but I would love to receive more if I could as I love the idea of answering reader questions.

Now onto the spanking photo for this week. The other information provided with the image was that Martha Raye was seen as being close with David Rose. That would date the photo as 1938 being that she was married to someone else for her 21st birthday in 1937. The person delivering the spanking is her mother,  which leads us to wonder just how many times Martha’s hands were planted on the floor as her legs kick wildly under the firm maternal hand.

This will be added to my WINDSOR’S BIRTHDAY SPANKINGS album.

WC 140 – Up On The Roof

This is episode number 140 of my Wednesday Classic series. This week we have a rooftop spanking from around the 1950’s,  though I don’t have an exact date. I’m basing this on the skirt that the girl is wearing,  in the 1940’s skirts were shorter. It is possible that it could be very late 40’s,  but I think that it is the 1950’s.

Both images will be added to my PLAYFUL SPANKINGS folder.

This second photo I originally uploaded on my vintage site about 5 years ago. This one is definitely the 1950’s and it is taking place in my hometown of New York City.

Playfully Spanked

A couple of changes have been made to the website,  though most of you won’t spot them. First of all my website was up for renewal this week and I did consider scrapping the site and moving over to a free format. Obviously the problem is that I have had this site for 12 plus years now so I didn’t want to give it up for someone to swoop in and grab it,  I’ve put far too much work into the site over the years. It was a consideration to move to a free platform though due to a lack of interaction,  but I will persevere and I paid for another year of the site.

Secondly,  I removed all links that were pointing to the questions and answers project that I tried. Quite frankly it wasn’t popular and I received only a smattering of questions,  and then lately someone has decided that the form was to be used for their personal beef with the spanking world. It wasn’t really the design of the questions and answers,  I created it to get some user interaction but it didn’t work out. Rather than get the constant message in my email that we need to kowtow to the preference of one person,  I have decided to remove all traces of the form. It goes against the spirit of what I was trying to achieve.

Perhaps when I return from the Boardwalk Badness Party I will do a video giveaway in one post where people can ask me a question and receive a link to an online video in return.

The image today comes from Ebay. The link to the auction is RIGHT HERE,  so if you want this image for your personal collection you can bid on it. The image doesn’t state who the characters are but one would assume that it is husband and wife. The year is given as 1940 but I’m going to guess that it is actually closer to the 1950’s than anything. I will find this out when more pictures of this couple are shared. If they show the back of any of these photos then I can date them by the watermark of the film being used.

This image will be added to my PLAYFUL SPANKINGS folder.

Kiss Me Kate 1959

I’m back from a little time off to rejuvenate my passion to post. This week we are going to go all the way back to 1959 for an awesome Kiss Me Kate spanking pic.

Now normally I don’t post very many Kiss Me Kate spanking pics,  mostly because to be honest they don’t really do much for me. Unless they are wearing modern dress,  or perhaps a rehearsal,  or at the very least the lifting of the heavy dress and petticoats,  other than that I will only post the odd rare find.

So in the image below it seems pretty clear that what we are witnessing is a rehearsal spanking,  in fact the page states that all photos on it were from the rehearsal in  ‘Rehearsal clothes’. So for someone like me there is an awful lot to enjoy here.

Let’s start with the spankee,  Nancy. Not only does she have a delightful smile for her playful spanking,  but she is also wearing pedal pushers. As a big fan of the 1950’s it is such a rare treat to see a girl getting spanked on top her pedal pushers. As for the spanker,  Steve,  one can’t help but notice his broad chest and strong arm,  and quite an impressive sized hand I must say. Again though,  as a big fan of 50’s culture I can’t help but smile at the pair of Tom McAn’s on his feet.

This will be added to my personal KISS ME KATE spanking folder where I add my finds. BTW,  this photo is from Fremont,  California.

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 139

This past week I kind of restricted my time online. The world is becoming so toxic with hate that there are times where I just shut myself off and watch nature or travel programs and live on my own little fantasy island  🙂  It is a world free of emotional manipulation.

Since I last posted I received ONE MORE QUESTION,  so tomorrow I will post my replies to all five questions that came in. I will admit that when question number 5 came in it could have been written by myself because it is so up my alley,  so it is an easy one to answer. If you have a question for me then please feel free to click on the highlighted text,  I’m always happy to answer them. It’s always better to ask a question than to make an assumption.

The Wednesday classic this week was found on Ebay. There was no date on the photo but clearly,  based on the car and the clothes worn,  it is from the 1940’s. This will be added to my PLAYFUL SPANKINGS album.

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 138

So I have learned my lesson in regards to the Q and A posts that I was trying to make. My goal was to try and induce some reader interaction,  but when you consider that I get around a thousand visitors a day,  and the posts have been up for eight days,  I received a total of eight questions,  that’s one question per one thousand visitors,  lol. Now I will respond to the last four questions tomorrow,  but after that I will delete the links to the Q and A,  it’s just not a topic that has any interest to the blog’s readers. Not to worry,  I’m always thinking of creative stuff so I will find something new.

Three weeks ago I posted my FIRST ENTRY with the new play that I discovered,  The Monkey’s Uncle. Today I will add a second entry for that play,  this time it is from Fowlerville,  MI in 1958. Perfect if you love spankings over jeans.

This will be added to my VARIOUS SCHOOL PLAYS folder.

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 137

The new archived page is up entitled PLAYFUL SPANKINGS. Just click the link and you will see the three dozen or so vintage spanking photos that I have already added. This image here from 1975 will also be added to this new folder to give you an idea of the contents of the folder. Below the photo is a question box that hopefully I can put to use with a post on Friday.

There is a chance that this little test that I am doing will be unsuccessful,  and that is fine,  I just wanted to give it a go. If you have ever wanted to ask me a question then here is your chance. Just simply ask the question in the box provided below  (Where it says  ‘Your answer’)  and hit  ‘Submit’,  it’s as simple as that. If I get 20 questions by Friday,  either spanking related or vanilla related,  then I will post the Q and A responses on Friday along with another photo. It is all anonymous. If it doesn’t work and I don’t get any questions submitted then so be it  🙂


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