Santa And The Gingerbread Elf

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Santa And The Gingerbread Elf

The build up to the weekend was one of mixed emotions for me, on the one hand I was unable to afford to visit with my friends, ZED and Ginger, for the weekend, while coincidently a party had been arranged in New York that I was invited to attend. Now originally on the New York group I had told them that I wouldn’t be able to make it due to a prior commitment, but as the time came closer it became more obvious that an airline ticket was out of reach for me, so I made the plan to attend the New York party after all.

As luck would have it, I had been conversing with Audrey Knight from Spank That Brat for a while, and we had agreed to meet when she came to New York to do some work. Now never one to not be bold, I also told her that should she require my services then I would gladly don my Santa outfit and spank her on film. Audrey hadn’t considered that option at first, her reason for informing me of her visit was simply to tell me that she was visiting and wanted to meet up, but once I suggested it she was all over it like a naughty little girl peeking at her presents on Christmas Eve.

Now parties in general are something that I have a very hard time with, even though I can be an outgoing individual I am more apt to blend in on the sidelines. Big crowds aren’t my thing at all really and it takes a lot of work on my part to give myself a push. The New York party wasn’t one of those times though!! From attending previous parties I already knew perhaps 20 or so people who were there, so it was just like meeting old friends. The most amazing thing was though, it seemed that at least 80% of the people that I didn’t already know, knew who I was. That totally blew me away because it was an awesome ice breaker having all these people come up to and talk to me about my blog, not only that but it was also very flattering. Now the party itself I am going to talk about in a separate post later in the week, it was an awesome event and really deserves its own written review, I kind of think I owe that much to the organizers. This part of the review is more about the shoot but I wanted to lay a little background first.

After a while I was outside having a smoke when Sassy Jane and Audrey showed up, we hugged and exchanged pleasantries before joining the crowd once more. Now as I mentioned in the paragraph above, what happened at the party will be its own story, then I played with a long time friend and finally Audrey and I had quite the spanking to end the evening. The whole night was capped off by me giving Audrey a public paddling over her pantyhose and panties in the bar that is quite used to my antics by now. Watch out for that story later in the week.

Now then, Audrey and I have spoken online for many months, in fact our original plan was to meet in Vegas at the Shadowlane party. Being a complete coward though, when I had the opportunity to meet her in person in Vegas I, for whatever bloody stupid reason, decided to keep my distance from her. I think she was pretty disappointed with that because we had not only spoken online but we had also spoken on the phone several times as well. Audrey, being Audrey of course, laid out many threats to spank me for avoiding her, threats that continue to this day and which at the New York party was actually the reason that I spanked her for. So you may be wondering why I avoided her, right.

This may come as a surprise to people because I am a confident individual, but I do lack a certain amount of self confidence when I see someone so pretty. It is totally stupid really because I know people want to meet me as much as I want to meet them, but I am always apt to say to myself “Come on Rich, why would they want to spend time with you”. I know I’m not alone in that, and I know many of my readers are also ones who, when at a party, allow the shyness to overtake them and just blend in to the background. Of course I wanted to meet her, but airs and graces aren’t my thing, I would have much rather invited her to my room for a beer and sat and chilled for a while. So when the Vegas party was over it was with a little regret that my lack of confidence preventing me from introducing myself. Luckily I wasn’t so shy the second time around at the New York party and not only did we hit it off, but she found herself face down over my lap within a couple of hours getting her bare bottom spanked.

We now move forward to Sunday and Audrey and I exchanged a few phone messages about where and when we were going to meet on this day. As luck would have it, the set was in the next neighborhood over to mine, so I was able to take the bus over to where the filming was taking place. During one of the conversations, Audrey had told me that she had bought this cute little gingerbread girl outfit for the scene and I salivated at the thought of her wearing it. There is no denying that I think Audrey is super cute and the thought of spanking such a sexy, naughty girl in a costume was way too much for me. As I made my way to the shoot the nerves started to get up as they always do, coffee and cigarettes were being consumed at a rapid pace as I tried to build my confidence up. Arriving at the door I could hear the all too familiar sounds of a spanking and I was met by Chris who I had met two days before. When I walked in there was Sassy Jane from The Spanking Digest over Audrey’s knee getting her bare bottom spanked. It is quite funny really that you walk into a scene like that and everything just seems normal, so I made myself comfortable and enjoyed the show. Once the spanking was over, Audrey again offered me a turn and with a scowl I declined her for about the 20th time.

This is where things began to get tricky though, Audrey went to change into her outfit and the nerves started to begin again. The negative thoughts started to run through my mind wondering whether or not I am good enough for this. Think about it guys, I’m not an actor, never have been and never will be, I’m just a regular guy who has a penchant for spanking girls and I don’t mind being on camera to do so. I didn’t have long to consider those thoughts though before Audrey came back to where we all were wearing her gingerbread girl outfit which was super flimsy. When I think about it, I probably blushed, knowing that a girl I find to be incredibly cute and attractive has just got dressed in a sexy outfit that I am going to spank her in. The blushes didn’t last for long though, because they were replaced by a salivating pup with what happened next.

During her shopping trip Audrey had gone panty shopping, perhaps with the knowledge that I also have a panty blog and I can be somewhat of a connoisseur when it comes to this subject. Audrey had bought 12 pairs of panties and her goal was to wear the pair that I liked the best, so wasting little time, right in front of me, Audrey went through 12 complete panty changes and showed me each and every pair in turn by flipping up the hem of her dress. I could have just about burst at this point, watching this super cute girl with a super cute bottom model one pair of panties after the other, all for me. Can you only imagine how downright hot that is? I’m supposed to be here for a video and photo shoot and I’m at the point of fainting. Perhaps I could have saved Audrey the time because the moment she produced the panties I knew which pair I liked the best, but hey, I’m a red blooded male, and if a sexy girl wants to give me a private panty show then who am I to complain. It must have got too much for me though because the pair that was chosen wasn’t the pair that I wanted, I kind of succumbed to the peer pressure and let her wear the pair that matched her outfit the best. Or it really could have been that at that point I just didn’t care what she wore, I just needed her to stop flipping her skirt up and wiggling her bum for me, it was such an erotic experience that it was driving me crazy. Got wood?

Before shooting with Audrey though, and once I had changed into my Santa costume, the first call of business was a photoshoot for The Spanking Digest. Sassy Jane wanted a 50’s retro scene with Santa Clause and she dressed in some very sexy black lingerie. Honestly, I don’t know how I ever survive on a film set, it could become a pervert’s paradise if I really thought about it. If for nothing else though, when I am on a set I am super professional, there is a job that has to be done and that is where my mind is. So the first part of the evening began, and while it was only a photoshoot, it was an action one, so as both cameras clicked away old Santa happily spanked away at Sassy Jane’s bottom. Probably for about ten minutes I spanked her with both my hand and with a wooden spoon that I had got from Rosy Bottoms. It was a great surprise and a great start to the evening to get to spank Jane for a shoot, and the best part was, it was an action shoot so the spanking was real. As you can tell from this pic, Santa absolutely roasts during a shoot so I have to take a break every chance I get, so before it is Audrey’s turn I need to mop off and get prepared for the naughty girl.

When we start rolling Santa is looking at his empty bottle of scotch, and he knows just who the culprit is. Gingerbread girl Audrey is summoned down the stairs for a little discussion. Now let me tell you at this point, the whole scene was adlibbed from start to finish, the Top inside of me took the bull by the horns on this one as I had many a trick up my sleeve, none of which Audrey was aware of. The order of which these happened I am not sure of, but it went a little like this, after a brief warm up over her skirt I raised what little of it there was up. You have no idea how difficult this is to stay in character as I now stare at a totally gorgeous bottom encased in the tiniest of red and white lace panties,

the pink bottoms cheeks of which were totally exposed. As hard as it is there are a few things I need to talk to our little gingerbread girl about, and to start with we discuss her choice of panties. I’m told that she is feeling festive so she wanted to brighten up her drab uniform, so I set to the task of brightening up her bottom. Being the head elf I want to know about all the gingerbread men and how it became that they were all given an extra appendage this year. Not satisfied with the answer we move on to the scrabble game that only has four letters, a realistic surprise to Audrey of course as she giggles her way through an answer. I must admit, by having progressed to a vintage hairbrush at this point, the poor girl must have been confused, because for the life of her she couldn’t say scrabble, all that would come out of her mouth through the combination of the giggles and the stout wooden brush hitting her bottom was ‘Scramble’.

It was an absolute hoot, Audrey stuttered and stammered her way through a giggling answer that I can’t even remember at this point. There was just so much that went on here that I can’t remember it all, the connect 4 game with only one color counters, the 2 foot candy cane which was to be used later on to finish the scene, and perhaps my favorite, and one that made Audrey genuinely burst out laughing, was when I adlibbed about G.I. Joe and how come he was sent out this year wearing Barbie’s clothes!!

I had a stack of them lined up for her, some of which I used and some that I forgot. Needless to say it was a real laugh fest, and while the brush was all business it was a fantastic roleplay. Audrey’s bare bottom had probably received about 100 or more spanks with the brush at this point and Santa needed 5 minutes to cool off.

While we broke for a bit and all laughed our butts off at what we had just filmed, a wicked thought came to my mind. The panties that I had wanted her to wear were sat teasingly on the couch, it was an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up. With a quick tap into my creative mind I thought of a quick scenario and as we prepared ourselves again, I took the panties with me and placed them on the dresser behind me. Now I was sat down and I stared at Miss Cuteness and the roleplay stopped for a second. Man I was such a lucky guy to get to spank this naughty little girl. Dropping out of character I started to address Audrey in my regular voice “Audrey, you are such a naughty little girl, you deserve a really good sound spanking young lady”, my cheeky goal worked a charm, Audrey went from the naughty gingerbread girl into a blushing one clasping her hands together and shyly looking away. Yes, Audrey is one of those girls who really are naughty, and how she loves to be chastised by an English accent, I could see she was purring from it. This was something that I actually picked up from her on Friday night when we were walking together. I gave her the naughty girl talk, the one that I always try to use “You are such a naughty girl, Audrey, I’m afraid I’m going to have to put you across my knee and spank that bare bottom of yours”. When you find someone that this works with, it is just about as wicked a weapon that you can possess. Audrey stared at me briefly before looking away and fanning herself while saying “Stop it, jeez, stop it already, stop”. I love every minute of it, in fact Santa is going to call her on Christmas Eve and ask her just how naughty she has been this year. We are now about to come up to my favorite part though, and this is where something happened that has never happened to me on a film set before.

Audrey resumed her position over my knee and the bare bottom spanking began again, now even though it was a shoot, there was something that I wanted so badly that I created a situation where I could get what I wanted. After pausing in the spanking, I picked up the grey nylon/silk panties behind me with the cute ruffles on the back and asked Audrey what they were doing in her OWN Christmas stocking. She told me how cute they were and how badly she wanted them, so, as she wanted them so badly, I stopped spanking her and I told her to put them on. Off my lap she got and up went the new panties, and then it was back over Santa’s knee. Earlier on when Audrey showed me her toys and wondered which ones I would prefer to use, it was at that moment that I already had the image in my mind. I’m a pervert and I make no bones about it, I enjoy what I like and I am happy for it. The moment I grabbed her vintage hairbrush I knew that I wanted to use it on the seat of those sexy panties, and now was my chance to do just that. Even Santa has his little fetishes 😉

There was perhaps a whole combination of events that happened all at once that got to me, but for a short period of time I totally lost professionalism, not that anyone would notice though. I asked Audrey whether she liked the panties she had put in her own Christmas stocking, and after starting to bring the hairbrush down on them about 20 or so times I asked her one of my favorite questions, how it felt to be spanked over them. As she looked over her shoulder Santa began to slip out of character as he realized he was no longer spanking the gingerbread girl, he was in fact bloody well spanking Audrey Knight!! You guys have no idea how long I have wanted to spank Audrey, nor how incredibly hot I find her to be. At that precise moment I realized all of this at the same time, my mind quickly flashed back to earlier in the evening and the pure unadulterated sexiness of Audrey donning the panties that she now wore privately for me, standing in front of me with a big grin on her face and raising the dress while wiggling her bottom to ask me what I thought of them. As if words could really describe my thoughts at that precise moment, it is an image that has been ingrained on my mind for two days now. That has never happened before and I don’t know if it ever will again, but I have a feeling that the visual of that event will stay with me for many years to come. Now, as I am applying the brush to the seat of those panties, and Audrey is telling me softly how badly the brush hurts on the thin material, it became too much for me, it was no longer professional, it was bloody well sexy and erotic to me and I couldn’t take it anymore. In all the films that I have shot this has never happened to me before, but I became aroused at the scene unfolding beneath me and the thoughts running through my head. It was pretty embarrassing, though I don’t think anyone knew, and if Audrey did know then she was polite enough not to say anything. I mean, I was sweating so much at this point that I don’t think an extra bucket of sweat would be spotted, and my mouth was dry from losing all the saliva from it, lol. Where was the giggling brat from earlier to save me, why is it now that all of a sudden I am seeing a remorseful girl who looks as adorable as can be? My hands started to shake as we made eye contact, I am such a lucky guy, I know I am. Somehow I had to soldier on though and try and take my mind off of it, well, like my resuming the application of a stout wooden hairbrush to a cute panty covered bubble butt, belonging to a super hot pouting girl, is going to get my mind away from it, lol. Just about every kink that I have is all combined into one really hot sexy spanking scene, I couldn’t wait any longer to pull her panties down to her knees and spank her on the bare bottom, I really couldn’t last spanking this girl much longer. Again, do any of you guys think for one minute that by pulling Audrey’s panties down to expose her bare bottom was going to help my ‘predicament’ in any way? It almost sounds like I am complaining, doesn’t it? Trust me, there certainly weren’t any complaints on my end. The only complaint I was going to have was that we had to stop, I could have happily stayed up all night long and spanked that bottom until I went to work the next morning. Maybe it isn’t such a good idea to plan a return trip after all, there is a chance the poor girl will never leave my lap the next time.

Once the very long hairbrushing had finished on her bare bottom, I ordered her to the corner to reflect on her behavior. She pulled her panties up and went there and commenced to look over her shoulder at her bottom and rub away the sting, I seriously had to stop this scene as quickly as I could, and it needed to end for the sake of my career if for nothing else. In my eyes, Audrey had just earned herself a permanent spot in Richard Windsor’s ‘Sexiness Hall of Fame’ with what happened on this day. With a hand now shaking I approached her one final time and I picked up the oversized candy cane, and then led her to the chair where the caning was to take place. The cane itself was plastic and unlike a traditional cane, it was somewhat corrugated, something that I felt I might need to be careful with. Even so, 12 strokes of the cane was what Santa ordered, 6 on the panties and 6 on the bare bottom, and as best as I could with a sexy girl counting “1, Sir. 2, Sir” I got through the 12 medium strokes in one piece. Santa hugged the naughty girl and promised her that he would pay her a visit on Christmas Eve, though he also warned her that she would probably get spanked again, and then it was over.

What an amazing session, something that I had been looking forward to for a long time. There are some memories from this scene that I will have for a long time, and by heavens I think I would give my left nut to have the chance to spank Audrey again, a true embodiment of feminine sexiness. I know she will continue to threaten to spank me, and that of course will earn her many more trips over my knee, though I might make a deal with her 😉 If she was to come to the Florida Moonshine party and wear a sexy schoolgirl outfit complete with my favorite white nylon panties (Something that she found hot) and let me spank her while she is wearing it, I might just let her have her fun and give me a birthday spanking with this!! That’s of course if I can last until next June to spank her again 😉

What says you Audrey, are you shopping for white nylon panties yet young lady?

Richard Windsor.

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