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The 15th Anniversary Of This Blog

Fifteen years!! That’s insane!! Never did I imagine that my blog would last so long, just one of a handful of spanking blogs that have lasted this length of time.

I’m not going to lie, at one point this year I honestly thought that this would be the last year of this spanking blog, I was so completely done with it all. However, this post is going to be a positive one, there are no regrets on my end whatsoever. In fact I am thankful that things played out the way that they did, I’m glad that I got to witness what I saw.

Things changed dramatically for me in regards to my online presence this year, I deleted both of my Twitter and Fetlife accounts completely, which changed my interaction level online a lot. It took me a while to get over the Twitter deletion because I interacted with a lot of people on there, but the level of anger that burned inside of me made the decision to leave an easy one, even if I didn’t perhaps want to do so. Nothing productive would have ever come from keeping my Twitter account active, none. In fact quite to the contrary, I would have ended up saying a few home truths that I would have really regretted saying. I’m better than that, I would never go out of my way to intentionally cause harm towards another person. That’s not the type of person that I am and I’m really happy that behavior is not a part of my character.

That’s all in the past now though, that door has been permanently shut and it will never, ever be opened again.

So my interaction in the spanking community now is done solely through this blog, that’s it, that’s my only connection to the spanking portal. There are a handful of people on Facebook who are spanking friends with whom I have maintained contact with for many years. And with the clear exception of RAVEN who has maintained her level of unbridled sass for 17 plus years, lol, all of my other spanking friends on Facebook are pretty much vanilla friends by now who I originally met in the spanking community. In fact now that I think about it, I met Raven at the very first spanking party that I attended back in 2004, so she is probably the oldest scene friend that I currently have in regards to actually meeting them in person. There are a couple of others on Facebook who I have known for longer, but I didn’t meet them in person until a few years later.

Obviously there are a few people who I interact with on this blog, and I also have a handful of people who I speak with via email. All in all though, I have limited contact with the active scene anymore. I haven’t even spoken to Pixie for such a long time now, but that happens, people grow and continue on in the direction that they are heading. There is nothing but positive thoughts and memories however, as there is with 99% of the people that I meet.

I’m not totally done yet, there are still a few more years left in the old war horse 🙂 It is funny to think though that everything has come full circle. Having been an active player for 20 years, I am now back to square one. At 58 years of age my life is more mellow now. Whereas at one point of my life spanking was the be all and end all of my existence, that has now been replaced by travelling. I had my time and I have no regrets at all, but it is time for me to move on from spanking parties and the active lifestyle. I don’t know how much time I have left on this earth, but however long it is I want to spend that time experiencing different cultures from around the world.

The most important thing to me, and the one that makes me the happiest, is some of the amazing people that I have met over the years and some of the scenes that I have taken part in. It is somewhat rude to single people out but I have been truly blessed. I mean damn, I spanked PIXIE underneath the Empire State Building, and I spanked AUDREY KNIGHT in a bar on a vanilla night out. That’s fairytale stuff right there 🙂 And I have to mention ELLEE of course, she will probably never know just how important to me some of the scenes that we did were. Every scene idea that I ever wanted to do on a personal level, ellee was kind enough to provide them, whether they were scripted or spontaneous. I will always have very fond memories of those spanking scenes, and very fond memories of ellee herself. I literally reached the mountain top, there was no higher place to go.

It’s about time that I slapped a spanking pic into this post, after all I separated half a dozen to post today. The first one I have a feeling is a bucket list spanking for many people, regardless of what spanking roles you prefer. A spanking (or paddling in this case) from a fully clothed person given to one wearing nothing but pajamas. If you look in the background, there seems to be an awful lot of people in their pajamas as well, and the woman doing the paddling already has a two handed swing going 😉

So what is in the future for me?

Like I said, travelling is the number one item for me nowadays. Of course at the moment nobody can really go anywhere, but as soon as we are able to then I have a list of places that I want to go. In fact as I am typing this I am thinking about Japan. Even though I have been there twice now and I didn’t expect to go back for another ten years or more, I also heard today that the band that I love over there have decided to disband at the end of 2022. So now it is back on my list because I would love to see them one final time.

It may sound silly to you all, in fact it probably sounds silly to me, but I feel like I have a deep connection to that band on a spiritual level. When my brother died in 2018 they kept me going. During my worst times I was able to hang on to the fact that I had something to look forward to, that I had booked a trip to Japan at the end of 2018 and I was going to see them perform live. It kept me going, it kept me wanting to carry on.

I’m not disappointed that they have decided to call it quits, I mean for the most part I am sure that several of the members will continue doing solo projects. Would I like to see them one more time? Yeah, I definitely would. They were/are a very unique experience, weird, but in the best way. And like myself in the spanking community, they have decided that their time has run its course.

Picture #2:

Now while they seem to be much older, I can’t but envision a roleplay taking place here. I just have this vision of the butt being swatted in public, knowing that as soon as that door is closed then things are going to escalate rather quickly. Alright, everyone is laughing, but it is fun to have an imagination.

As for spanking, well look, I’m not completely done yet. While I may have scaled back dramatically, there are still things that I want to do. For my swansong I had this idea in mind to make one final film. It was this great scene idea that I had in mind where I would inadequately spank two girls (reason unknown as of yet) and then their guardian, Dana Specht, would give them the full Monty once she found out what they had done. At this point in time though, mostly because I will no longer be attending spanking parties, I very much doubt if my path will cross with Dana’s anymore.

It might take a few years, but I do envision renting a beach house in Jersey somewhere down the line and finally making that last film.

Of course there will still be some local play, and of course I do still have friendships around the country that may involve some one on one play every now and then. But I guess overall you can say that I am semi retired 😉

In regard to the blog? Well, I’m still here!! Moving forward I expect that the future years will be just like this past year has been. A bit scaled back but updated often. There is still a mammoth plethora of unseen spanking pics that I have yet to share that will likely keep me going for at least 5 more years. When the blog reaches it 20th anniversary I will be 63 years old, maybe that will be the time that I decided to call it a day once and for all 🙂

Anyway, a Merry Christmas to you all, and if you don’t celebrate Christmas then a happy holiday season to you. Be nice to each other and perhaps as a New Year’s resolution ask yourself this “How can I be a better person”? We all control how we act and how we want others to remember us, being kind to others is never a weakness.

On January the 1st I will post my annual top ten list, and then a couple of days later I will post the annual list of most read stories in the previous calendar year. I will also look to write and post part 4 of the “Mother Spanks” series. The most popular request is for the mother to spank the boyfriend, but as that is a genre that I have barely ever written about, it might take me a little bit longer to post a worthwhile chapter in that series. Bye for now guys, I hope that you all have a wonderful holiday.

Look What Showed Up

This week I was in the process of cleaning up my external drives to consolidate them into one. You know the thing, getting rid of old stuff that I haven’t seen in a decade like old vanilla movie downloads, eradicating all traces of people and erasing them completely from my life, trying to sort through the duplicate (a never ending task) images. The list goes on and on. While I was doing this though I found an old pic of Pixie and I from one of her own LAP productions. This image I have never posted before so here you go. In fact the work that I am doing on my external drives might be good for you lot, because I am finding images that I haven’t seen in ages and completely forgot they existed.

I still have my ethics though, I would never betray anyone. Even if I haven’t seen a person for 15 years, if I didn’t have permission to post a pic 15 years ago then that criteria still applies today. Maybe one day I will meet some of these people again and I can share some awesome videos. I took many private videos over the years, but as I said, my ethics are so strong that I couldn’t even consider breaking someone’s trust. So for those of you who I have private videos with, know that they will never be shown, EVER, even if we never see each other again, I have your back and always will do. That’s one of the reasons that I want to put everything onto one external drive, so that I can label it to be sent to my good friend so that he can destroy it in the event that anything happens to me.

My old man passed away at 71 of a heart attack, my brothers died of heart attacks at 41 and 56 respectively. I’m 58 now, you don’t need to be a scientist to see the writing on the wall, haha. That’s why I plan to fully enjoy whatever time I have left and why I want to see as many countries as I can. Anyway, here is the spanking pic, and as an added bonus there is a short clip below the image fearing Rosé and Lisa from BLACKPINK, the Korean supergroup. In the video Rosé slaps Lisa on the butt and then Lisa rubs her cheek. Nothing much to write home about, but a fun clip. This will especially please those of you who like tickling because Lisa sure does get Rosé back afterwards 🙂

Spanking Tags

One item that is not utilized as prominently on this site, and probably other spanking sites as well, is the tag feature. Most of this I think stems from readers not knowing what the tags actually do. Throughout my site I pretty much tag every post that I write, and the reason that I do so is to make it easy for readers to find their favorite topic. They basically act like a filter so that you can easily find what it is that you are really looking for. On the right side of my blog I display my tags for the convenience of my readers, and all you need to do is find the tag that best suits what you are looking for, move your cursor over it and voila, just click it and everything that you want is under that tag.

I try to keep it simple by not using too many tags as a whole, but I try to package them into simple areas. For example, for implements, perhaps the HAIRBRUSH is an important feature for you. Maybe you have a favorite model such as PIXIE for example, or perhaps you are like me and crave to see girls in NYLON PANTIES getting spanked?

You see how easy it is? Listed below are the most used tags on my site, just hover your mouse over your favorite one and click the button. In fact you may well have several favorites. Tell me in the comment section which tags you clicked!!

act your ageAmber Greyaudrey knightBare bottombirthday spankingBratsCaneChristmascomicsDana SpechtElleeerica corvinaf/ff/mhairbrushHot MoviesInterviewjeanskiss me katem/fmainstreamMen are like streetcarsmunchkinnewspaper clippingsNylon PantiesotkPaddlepajamasPantiesphotosPics of Richard WindsorPixieReal storiessarah gregoryschoolgirlShadowlaneSororityspanking partiesStage spanking – stories – Strap – videosvintage – Wednesday Classic

How many tags can you find for this photo?


Free Spanking Stories

I haven’t done this in a while and I think that now would be a good time to post the updated list of free spanking stories on my website. As you all know I am leaving for Japan the first thing on Monday morning and I won’t be back online for a couple of days. There is already a post scheduled for Wednesday so hopefully this will give you all some reading material until then.

Hopefully these stories will send some good vibes your way and bring some positivity into your lives. I look forward to sharing the details of my travels over the coming weeks. Peace to you all.


The Last Layer

I’m back from a short hiatus,  I don’t have any excuses really,  it was just a lack of motivation and enjoying some fun in the sun. So to kick start the next set of posts,  let’s go to my favorite subject,  a spanking given on some panty clad bottoms. I understand that a vast majority of people see a bare bottom spanking as the epitome of a spanking,  but to me,  and it is ingrained in my mind deeply,  a real spanking is one that is given over the seat of a pair of panties. I’m strange,  I know,  but it has always appeared as a more realistic scenario to me.

To start us off with,  let us visit ENGLISH SPANKERS for a wonderful set. As much as I am a big fan of WHITE NYLON PANTIES,  light blue panties also have a big part of my enjoyment. The very first spanking that I ever witnessed was many moons ago when I watched a small portion of a mom spanking her daughter OTK with her skirt up and her light blue panties on display for anyone who happened to stumble across the scene to see. That would be me. The memory of that spanking was relived in my MOTHER SPANKS DAUGHTER – THE BEST FRIEND free spanking story.

As a spanker it is a joke that never gets old,  where the spankee is given the option of retaining her panties for protection. Of course as anyone knows,  and is demonstrated here,  panties generally offer zero protection!!

It has been many years since I have seen it,  but I once owned the following film on a VHS cassette. I keep hoping that the films from this company one day make it onto HOT MOVIES. Something tells me that they will eventually be on there along with the 1000’s of current spanking films on that streaming site.

This is another film that I also once owned on VHS. This was an awesome film where a dad spanks his daughter OTK with a good portion on the seat of her white nylon panties. Later in the film the girls best friend is also spanked by this dad and I was loving every minute of it. Right up until the point that the girl who was watching her dad spank her best friend started to masturbate. That was a bit of a scene downer,  though the spankings themselves were fun.

The next image is from one of the personal sets that I own. Many years ago I did post the set,  but I only posted it once so the images may appear new. In the background are the legs of cheerleaders Lily Anna and Pixie.

And finally,  to round out the set,  yet another spanking pic from the very early 1990’s.

Q And A Part 4

It is time again for me to answer some of your questions with number 4 in my Q and A series. Some of the questions that have been posed to me have been outstanding with a good number of thought provoking queries.

Now I am not answering everything in chronological order,  some of the questions are somewhat short and in the vein of what is the best implement or the best model,  etc;  and while I will answer those questions,  I am going to mix them in with questions that require a longer answer.

Please keep them coming,  you can submit one RIGHT HERE and get a free video in return,  I genuinely love hearing the questions and answering them for you,  it gives the blog a certain sense of community when that happens. On that note I also want to thank everyone for the kind birthday wishes on the various platforms. Normally I try to my hardest to respond to everyone that contacts me individually  (Unless what I am reading is complete bullshit  :)) on any platform,  to me that is the standard courtesy that I am obligated to do if someone has been kind enough and taken the time to respond to my offerings,  I have to acknowledge them in some way or form. When it comes to birthday wishes though I tend to be a little humble and just offer a generic thank you to everyone.

Anyway,  it is time for the next batch of questions and answers. Instead of linking all previous entries what I will do is I will create a tag called QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS that you can click on should you wish to see previous entries.


1: What sorts of spanking drawings/illustrations do you prefer?

What a wonderful question to start us off with!! It is a difficult question to answer but I will try my best to convey my feelings. The old saying  “A picture is worth a thousand words”  is never more true than it is when it comes to spanking art. I could see a picture and write a whole story based upon that picture.

To start with,  let me point you over to Dave Wolfe’s art over on WOLFIE TOONS. I absolutely love Dave’s art as it always reaches me on a personal level. Much of my real life experience and my personal fantasies are covered by Dave’s work,  namely playful spankings with a sense of humor. The added bonus for me is that most of his work is on a covered bottom,  and even when it isn’t it is done tastefully with no graphic displays of genitalia.

Panties,  shorts,  PJ’s,  Bikini,  leggings,  literally all of it is right up my alley when it is combined with the smiling or inquisitive faces that he presents. His work doesn’t actually inspire me from a story writing point of view,  however I frequently check out and appreciate his years of offerings.

This is where my personal ethics come into play. It isn’t my job to post Dave’s work on my site,  it is your job to go to his site to see his work for yourself. Dave doesn’t create his unique presentation for people to view it on my site,  right? So please,  do me a favor,  right click on the link below and select  “Open in new tab”. That way you can finish this article and then go over to Dave’s site to view his work. By the way,  if you like what you see,  let him know by leaving a comment. Bloggers leave to hear feedback from the people viewing their work,  I’m no different.


Other spanking art that I like to see is really no different than what I like in regular spanking work. Namely I have a very hard time relating to anything in Victorian times,  no matter how good the work is. I’m also not a fan of non-human characters involved in spanking,  it doesn’t do anything for me. A rare example of a Victorian piece that really does reach me is shown below.

A lot of what I like stems from the old cartoon strips or the risque soft porn art of the 50’s and 60’s. Now I’m not an expert on artists and their work so I am a little remedial in my knowledge,  however,  if you want a more in depth background to the work of all spanking artists then I highly recommend going to the CHICAGO SPANKING REVIEW. That should be your primary source for historical spanking art. Even if I find a new piece of spanking art for you all,  I still recommend that you go to Web Ed’s site as he will have the whole background story to each offering. I might find a new and improved copy of a piece of art,  he will still have the background story behind each image.

To give you an idea of the types of spanking art that I like to see,  here are some of the images that I have posted on this site over the years. That should give you an idea of the type of spanking art that I like.

I do love the playful spanking art that used to appear in the 1960’s adult comic genre. Many of those photos I could write a story about as again they are right up my alley. Here is one example of the type of work that I am talking about. Any image that is similar to the images presented below is definitely the type of image that I love to see,  and thankfully there are loads of them out there. The  “Tuesday birthday spanking image”  was taken from the Chicago spanking review. Please visit THIS LINK for the full background story on this image and the artist.

I’m not a big fan of Bill Ward or Eric Stanton spanking art,  however,  like any spanking art out there,  there is always the exception to the rule. Here is one example of Stanton’s work that I love.

I hope that gives you some idea of the type of spanking art that I like to see. I’m not able though to pinpoint any particular style however because like the Victorian image above,  there is always going to be that one picture that strikes a chord with me. Many photos that I like are even non spanking ones,  especially when an art image presents the two characters that are about to be engaged in the spanking action. An apprehensive looking girl and a stern man rolling up his sleeve will get to me each and every time without fail. As will a girl on her own either reflecting on an upcoming spanking or a post spanking image.

One non spanking artist in particular who I love is Dean Yeagle. He has a collection of  “Mandy”  art and most of his images I find really exciting. He isn’t a spanking artist,  but you tell me if the four images below don’t evoke some kind of spanking thoughts? Please visit his website RIGHT HERE if you are interested in buying some of his work,  or want to view more of the delightful Mandy. I’m a big fan of Dean’s work.

P.S. As this is a mainstream source I am sharing the images as well as pointing to the website. I only avoid posting material that another spanking blogger has posted as people should really go to their sites to view their work. Save of course for marketing material from a paid website that the owners are allowing you to use to market their product.

Awesome question by the way,  I may expand further in the future as this one had me thinking a lot. Most spanking art I look at,  but only rarely do I find an image that I adore,  but when I do those images can be right up there,  if not above a picture of a real spanking. The imagination is a wonderful thing and spanking art has always,  since I was very little,  had the ability to send my mind into a fantasy playground.

2: When was the last time you spanked Pixie?

Another question on the same topic that came in was  “Do you still see Pixie, how is she”?

To answer the first part of the question,  I believe,  and this is only a guess,  but I believe that it was 2015. I come to that conclusion because it is the last time that I wrote about spanking Pixie online. There is a possibility that we played in 2016 at a small party,  but I don’t actually remember what year the party was.

In the image below Pixie and I went to hang out in the city and we stopped off at my workplace,  as you do. We took a few spanking images with the Empire State Building as the backdrop,  then we went back inside. That is where Pixie got a short,  sharp shock on the seat of her purple NYLON PANTIES. Pixie always wore nylon panties when we hung out together.

As to when we last saw each other,  that was probably three years ago now. We were planning to go to the ballet in March of last year,  but that ended up not happening as I was emotionally invested in my brother’s illness at the time. We still text from time to time but we haven’t hung out in quite a while now.

3: What is the best spanking implement?

I’m an old school guy,  there is no better implement than the hand,  plain and simple. If it is anything other than the hand then I would have to vote for a small wooden paddle or a good wooden spoon. Something sure to get the legs kicking.

4: Do you always have a rock-hard hard-on when spanking those beautiful girls? I know I would!

Obviously we are talking about something that produces strong erotic emotions for most people involved,  so naturally at times there will be a reaction from either party. You have to have some decorum though,  if I ever do get aroused during a scene then I will do my utmost to prevent it being known. For the most part though it isn’t an issue,  especially when you are playing in a party environment with lots of activity going on.

5: Which female top would you say gives the hardest hand spanking?

That isn’t a question that I am able to answer,  plus,  the definition of hardest wouldn’t necessarily denote the best. Most spanking scenes also involve the concept of headspace,  and I would imagine that it also applies to genres that I am not familiar with. If you can create the right headspace then even a relatively lighter spanking can feel harder for the recipient,  because they are feeling it emotionally as well.

There are a number of comparisons written online for people to find as to the level one can expect from a hand spanking so I would recommend checking the feedback of each lady concerned. I do recall once filming Dana Specht spank Sarah Gregory where Dana gave Sarah 500 spanks,  one for every dollar she overspent. As I was filming from a very close distance I do remember thinking to myself,  WOW,  after only 50 spanks or so. Those 500 spanks I would have to say were some of the hardest I have watched in person.

That’s about the best that I can do for you for that question. I’ve interviewed both Dana Specht and Ophelia De Havilland and during each of the seven interviews with Dana and the one interview with Ophelia,  each and every interview has involved several offers of taking a trip down memory lane,  but I passed on each offer  🙂  Many years ago as well at a spanking party I made a very sassy,  if not somewhat rude comment to MISS CHRIS. While she took it in the spirit that it was meant,  she did however stand up,  put her hand on her hip and wag her finger at me in front of an audience and warn me  “You are not too big to go across my knee for a spanking young man”

It never happened,  but it was probably the only time in my life that I ever blushed and thought to myself  “YIKES”  as she issued her stern warning,  LOL.

That’s it for this round of questions,  I hope that you all enjoyed them. There are still 23 more question left for me to answer so I have several more posts like this coming. And like I said above,  I absolutely love hearings your questions so if you have one for me then CLICK HERE to ask it,  and in return I will give you access to a 23 minute spanking movie of mine.

56 Years Old Today

Don’t worry,  there won’t be any links to gift registries,  quite the reverse actually,  I’m going to be giving YOU stuff to celebrate my 56th year. Okay,  for the video I ask simply for a question,  but that is all that I ask for,  and in reality I actually ask that so that I can give you even more moving forward.

It has been a tougher year this year without a doubt,  it is the first birthday that I have had since my last family member passed away,  but I’m not going to dwell on any negativity,  today’s post is about giving. So there is going to be a free video  (for the cost of a question),  some nice rare photos,  and links to birthday related stories that I have on my site. So before we get on to the pictures,  let’s start with the video.

The video that I am giving away today is stored in my Google drive,  you simply send me your email address in the form below and I send you a link to the video. Don’t worry,  I don’t keep the email addresses nor do I use them for anything,  they are used to send you a link to the video,  that’s it.

The video that I have chosen is one that I put together and it features 23 minutes of spanking over panties. You have heard from me a hundred times on this topic,  I’m like the anti genitalia Colonel in the spanking world. So as it is my birthday and as I have a deep rooted preference for spankings being given over panties,  as opposed to bare bottom spankings with gyno cam,  that is what we are going with today. If that doesn’t interest you then no harm,  no foul,  we all have our own interests in the spanking world. The 23 minute video is a compilation taken from all of MY SPANKING FILMS,  and most of the clips of course involve WHITE NYLON PANTIES.

Below is an image from the movie which also shows the timestamp,  and below the image is the form where for simply asking me a question,  I will provide you with a link to the spanking film. Keep in mind that all questions asked will be used in future posts when I do a Q and A,  and don’t worry,  your question will be posted anonymously,  guaranteed. If you are not interested in the movie,  not to worry,  just scroll past the form where more stuff awaits.

That’s not all though,  this is a celebration of my 56th year and as I am frequently reminded that I bring content to you all that people haven’t seen before,  then why should today be different. First up is one of my favourite recent spanking finds. The guy is holding a wicked looking carpet beater,  and while there is never any information provided on these photos as to whether or not they are real or staged,  I’m going to take an educated guess judging by the look on the woman’s face and by the fact that the carpet beater is in motion,  that this spanking is probably more real than it is staged.

The image is from 1961 from an unknown location and this will be added to my PLAYFUL SPANKINGS folder.

You have heard of paddle boards right? Ever wonder how they got their name? Click on the image for the full sized version.

If I could have a spanking wish right now then I think that this next image would sum it up quite nicely. It would be so nice to hop into a time machine and replace the guy in this scene. You know,  my name really is Richard,  it isn’t just a stage name,  so that could be me right there with that girl. Her outfit is just about the hottest thing out there,  and that type of outfit would get my spanking interest back in a heartbeat.

For some reason,  I just don’t believe her  🙂

You of course have to excuse my obsession,  but seriously,  is there any finer site that seeing a red bottom shining through the panties? First picture is of the model TEN who is also featured in the video above.

Well I hope that you have enjoyed the photos as a part of my birthday celebration,  also don’t forget that I frequently include birthday spankings in my stories. Rather than linking them all individually though,  here is the page to my FICTIONAL SPANKING STORIES where you can peruse at your leisure.

This Is The Life

I’m going to do something a little unique on this blog today,  and that is to post a well known,  seen many times before spanking pic. Obviously there is a little Windsor twist,  but I wouldn’t be unique otherwise.

Normally I try my best on this blog to bring you nothing but brand new material that has rarely been seen in the spanking world before outside of avid collectors. Or I may post my own photos or stories etc,  but I try my darnedest to be original in my presentation. Of course many of my finds serve to make other spanking blogs/photo sites popular,  which is fine,  that’s part of why I bring my collection to you all,  for it to be shared. The only times that I get annoyed is when I’m not linked back,  or,  the photos fall into that mysterious category  “I have no idea where these came from”. The reason for the annoyance is that while I am providing the material for other sites to become popular,  when there is no link back what the snafflers are actually doing is denying their audience the wealth of material that is on this site. That one really gets to me as it comes across as pretty selfish. There are sites that became very successful that virtually lifted every single photo that I have found and posted,  and they then took the plaudits off of the back of my work with barely a mention anywhere as to where that work was created.

Anyway,  enough of that,  I get myself wound up from time to time over the lack of respect and courtesy sometimes. In fact I am making this post today instead of writing my  “State Of The Spanking Union”  address,  lol. My plan was to write about where I currently am,  what my future plans are,  and probably most importantly,  how I gave my last fuck years ago. Something happened a few years ago where someone texted a spiteful comment to me,  and that was the last time that I was to tolerate being treated in a disrespectful manner. My approach has cost me many friends over the last few years as I don’t meet their expectations of who they want me to be,  so the address should be fun reading for you all. It isn’t something that I regret either,  I’ve lost my entire family now,  all that I have left is to enjoy the rest of my life with the people who want to enjoy it and share it with me,  I have not a single fuck left to give,  my life is all about happiness and pleasure moving forward. Perhaps I will have that post up tomorrow.

So my photo from today,  while it is not a new find,  this  ‘version’  of the photo should be. The reason that I say this is because yesterday I was looking through my vast archives for a private video that Pixie and I made in 2011,  and while I have yet to find the video,  I opened up one of my envelopes and realized that I had actually purchased this particular photo many years ago.

So again,  it isn’t new,  but,  I was able to scan the photo and make a copy that is 2724 x 2167 in size. So what you need to do is click on the image below for it to open up,  then right click on the image and save it to your computer. If you are like me and you like to analyze photos,  this copy will allow you to blow it up to full size and examine every pixel in high quality. For the record,  I also have other spanking photos that I have purchased.

Remember to click on the image above for the full sized version. From there you can find your favorite portions of the image to view. For me personally,  that is the defined posture of  Susanna Foster as she awaits her birthday spanking from Donald O’Connor.

Another item that I find particularly appealing in old spanking photos,  especially when there is an audience present,  and that is the looks on the faces of the women who are watching the spanking. This is one of those little tidbits that I like to study in depth. Many times people will cut out of the image the observers to the spanking,  which is a personal pet peeve of mine,  but it is hence why I like to find my own photos,  I want the whole story told.

When I see the faces of the three girls here who are watching the spanking,  well I could pretty much write a story on that alone  🙂

White Nylon Panties

This has been a part of my life for almost 40 years now,  ever since I gave my FIRST EVER SPANKING. There is nothing that excites me more in the spanking scene than a bottom encased in a pair of white nylon panties,  the contrast between the red bottom and the white panties does it for me every time. Let’s be honest,  they offer no protection at all so the bottom doesn’t need to be bare.

Here is a six pack of bottoms being spanked in White Nylon Panties,  starting off with a personal photo that I have never posted before with the adorable Amber Grey. SPANKING DOUBLE FEATURE.

Feel free to leave your own views on this topic in the comment section below,  or email me at richardwindsor@richardwindsor.com,  it is a topic that I am more than happy to talk about  🙂

Next up,  from ENGLISH SPANKERS,  the lovely Lulu Lamb in a flimsy pair of white nylon panties.

Okay,  perhaps number 3 doesn’t exactly fall directly into the white nylon category,  but I love the shot. The angle from which it is taken showing that a pair of panties offers zero protection. From MOMMA SPANKINGS.

Back to the classics of pure white nylon,  this photo is from NORTHERN SPANKINGS.

Finally we have an old find from Ebay,  one that I hadn’t found a place to post up until now.

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 132

In the past, and you will notice that I hardly mention it anymore, but in the past it used to annoy the snot out of me that other spanking bloggers would come to my site to rip off my finds for their own sites without so much as a mention. The main reason for that is that their readers were being denied a plethora of unseen spanking material by having no link provided in return. That is why I always link to Harry’s site if we have crossover material, because the whole purpose of what we do is to share our spanking finds with the community. So while I am not using his material, I’m also not going to deny my audience the opportunity to see the finds that Harry has that I might not have.

Of course the other reason was to do with the work that we put in to find and edit the photos. I could be searching for four hours just to find one pic, just for someone to come onto my site for a few seconds and say “I’ll take that, and that, oh, and that one as well” and then claim not to know where the pics came from, lol.

It took me a while to get past that annoyance, but I had to keep reminding myself why I do this, and that is to share the love with the spanking community. So as long as I keep my own ethical approach I know eventually people will find out the source of the material in the end. So hopefully my personal ethics will eventually rub off on others and they will start using the same approach.

Actually I wasn’t even going to mention this, but talking of plagiarism has reminded me of when I first started in this lifestyle of ours. Would it be surprising to you that all I ever wanted initially was one photo of me spanking a girl? Initially that was all I ever wanted, I had no idea that I would end up taking hundreds of photos and appear in a dozen or more films, all I ever wanted was one photo for my personal collection. The photo below was the very first spanking photo that I appeared in with the delightful Amber ‘Pixie’ Wells.

In fact, just by chance, you can see from the note on the photo that this would have happened 15 years ago tomorrow.

Anyway, I posted this photo in a private MSN group back in the day, and the very same day that I posted it, some guy took it, reposted it everywhere else, and claimed that it was a photo of him and his neighbor!! Then took the plaudits that came in for the photo. That was my first experience in public view, someone claimed that Pixie and I were actually this guy and his neighbor.

Another time, and this would have been before the photo above, I had written a story on a public site. Not long after that I was reading the stories from other people, when all of a sudden one of my stories appeared under the name of someone else, only the character names and implements had changed. When I posted a WTF, at least in this instance the guy admitted that he loved my story so much that he wanted to make it more personalized for himself. He wasn’t a bad dude, and he apologized for not asking first.

Anyway, I rambled a little bit there, but it was just to show you how I have moved on from annoyances in the past and how I hope to lead by example moving forward,.

My Wednesday Classic this week is from the play ACT YOUR AGE. As mentioned above, I checked Harry’s site and he has indeed posted a copy of this photo, however we are both posting different edits of the photo. His version features the spanking and the girls standing by the side, while I opt for the full panoramic version including the whole set.

This is one of the photos that generally tickles me. There is nothing I enjoy more than seeing a bunch of girls standing around laughing as their friend gets spanked. Believe it or not it happens at spanking parties as well, you will see so many girls thrown under the bus by other girls that it can be quite amusing. As you can see here from Portland, CT, there are five girls who are finding it quite funny because someone is getting spanked that isn’t them. Let’s hope that karma caught up to these girls in 1952.