Windsor Wednesday Classic – 236

Here is a nice collection of four spanking images for you featuring Rita Moreno and Oreste Kirkoo in the 1956 movie, The Vagabond King. Image number one is the lobby card while the other three images are a spanking sequence. This past week I have once more found a stupid amount of new spanking pics from days gone by, hence why I have to keep posting and posting just to keep up with my finds.

2 thoughts on “Windsor Wednesday Classic – 236

  1. These are very good pictures. Now if memory serves , and having seen the clip, the actual scene is brief and to that extent very annoying. It does irritate me when films are so timid as to only give the shortest of glimpses at what otherwise be a good scene.

  2. Sam,

    Yeah, the pictures are definitely much better than the actual spanking in the movie. In fact I dare say that the images really enhance Rita Moreno’s body accents.


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