Egyptian Spanking Number 2

So today I think that I have a rare little treat for you. Yesterday I brought to you an otk picture featuring the Egyptian actress,  Shwikar,  that I stumbled across while doing a little search,  and today I am going to go one better,  yet another otk spanking pic from Egypt,  only this time I have a video to go along with it.

This film is from 1957 and I’m almost certain that it is a new entry into the spankings in the cinema realm. I checked the Cinema Swats listings and didn’t see it on any of them. Being that Dan Rivera is the expert in this genre,  and as he was the person to compile the first six Cinema Swats tapes,  it tells me that it may well be new. I also checked all of the contributions made to Chross’  movie database and it wasn’t listed there either. The spanking is from the Egyptian movie,  Enta Habibi (You are my lover),  and it features Farid Al-Atrash spanking Shadia. During the time of filming Shadia would have been 26 years old. Watch the movie and underneath it the post continues with a pic from the film and more written input.

Now as you would have seen,  it isn’t the greatest spanking in the world,  and the first few ‘swats’  he is actually punching her butt. The final few however are hearty spanks. It makes you wonder just how many spankings there are in Egyptian films from the 40’s and 50’s,  it is something that I am going to research today.

You will see my website address shown on the video for the first and final few seconds. While looking at Youtube last night I happened to notice that someone is now posting Chross’  material to advertise their paysite by uploading many of his movie clips. You know which ones are his because his intro is on a number of them. So I stuck a brief link on it pretty much for the spanking community,  why deny them the chance to view the rare material that I bring to the community each week? As the whole movie is on Youtube it can easily be remade. I have the whole film and while editing it I decided to leave in the set up to the spanking and the post spanking scene,  I think that it adds to the clip. Below is a picture from the movie featuring the spanking,  I will add this to my WINDSOR’S STAGE SPANKINGS folder. In this folder are my contributions to the spanking community,  a good number of which I personally own in physical form.

Farid Al Atrash Spanking Shadia - Egyptian Film Enta Habibi

3 thoughts on “Egyptian Spanking Number 2

  1. Richars
    Anexcellent find¬
    Poor positioning stops it being first-class,but very watchable.
    There must be masses of this stuff around, if we could only find it.
    What induced you to go looking in Egyptian tu,blr in the first place?

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