WWC 197 – Sorority Spanking – 117

This post is my weekly Windsor Wednesday Classic, as noted by the WWC 197, but it is also entry number 117 in my sorority spanking series. If you haven’t seen them yet, I have all of my WINDSOR’S SORORITY SPANKINGS in one folder, just click the highlighted text. It is like the greatest collection of sorority spankings on the Internet with virtually all of them dating from the 1920s to the 1960s. Obviously as time has gone by, most of these images have been pilfered from my site and claimed elsewhere as great finds 🙂 But if you ever want the source and you want to see all of the images on one page, you need look no further. I can generally provide you with the correct details of each image as well, not just the made up ones that people attach to images of this type.

However, with all that said, the sorority paddling picture this week is a bit on the unknown side. From my knowledge I believe that the pencil skirt didn’t come into existence until 1954, so that would date the image to around the mid 1950s, but aside from those details I know nothing more about this image. Perfect for the blogs that make shit up when they post my vintage spanking pics on their own sites, but for my readers the info is a bit sub par. But, that also means that you get to decide why this sorority miss is getting a paddling, and who exactly is it who is paddling her? I also happen to think that this is an awesome image.

8 thoughts on “WWC 197 – Sorority Spanking – 117

  1. Sorority paddling is always good, and it’s even better when a guy is doing the paddling. Wonderful expressions on both participants here as they discover the joy of paddling!

    I can’t help you nail down the year, but the hairstyles seem consistent with the mid-50s. Judging from the nice clothes they’re wearing, the occasion could have been a formal dance or perhaps a fraternity/sorority paddle party if they went back that far. Unfortunately, while we have a pretty good idea how Greek paddling began I have never found any information on the history of the actual paddle party.

  2. Yes I have to agree with Nick on this,But I would also say this might be a picture of a sorority pledge mistress getting tips from a fraternity pledge master because all sororities have a brother fraternity and this could have been a picture for the kick off of pledge week that would show the sorority and fraternity working together.Great find thanks for sharing and have a great day.

  3. Thank you SO MUCH, Probably the best paddling picture ever.
    The young lady is elegant drop dead gorgeous and obviously a willing participant, the gentleman, not surprisingly is in seventh heaven.
    In my mind a young student teacher, so well behaved that she never received the paddle at school, being introduced to it after having revealed the fact by some ‘cleaver’ comment.

  4. It is most definitely a classic, isn’t it? One of my favorite Sorority finds to date. If they are heading out on a date, I wonder how long she was feelings the effects of the paddle? Even more so, how long she kept thinking about it afterwards!!

    Perhaps a project for me could be to try and work out the paddling origins!!


  5. Jim,

    I like your way of thinking!! I’m not an old stick in the mud when it comes to vintage finds, especially if it promotes so thought provoking ideas. The old adage of “A picture is worth a thousand words’ could never be more true than in a photo like this one. I also thought that it was an awesome discovery.


  6. I agree my friend, I get really excited whenever I find images like this one, especially as the likelihood is that it probably has never been seen before.


  7. Stan,

    I’m not going to disagree with you, I also think that it is right up there as one of the best image finds to date, certainly in the realm of sorority spanking pictures. One can’t but help think by the look on her face that she thought about this paddling for many a night afterwards 😉


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