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Birthday Bonanza 20 – Men Are Like Streetcars

So we have arrived at the final day of the birthday spanking bonanza series, I feel like I am now closer to 61 than I am 60, lol. I hope that you enjoyed all of the offerings that I have given you over the last 20 days, and in some cases a lot of time and effort went into finding certain pics.

To finish the series I have a nice little treat for you. Today we will end the birthday spanking bonanza series with a selection of pics from the play, MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS.

The first image is one of the most exciting finds that I have made for Streetcars pics in a while. This was the one that I mentioned several weeks ago where I searched and searched tediously for hours trying to dig up extra pics. At the time the pics had dried up and the only hits that I was getting in the search engine was text hits. But then, all of a sudden, way deep in the archived search, this image popped up out of the blue. I mean it was so far down that many people would have given up long before I did, and in fact in the past I have similarly given up when the images stopped appearing.

So this is my personal reward for all of the hard work and effort that I put in, and isn’t it a corker. What a wonderful smile on the young lady’s face and I have to say that it is a pretty nice silhouette of her bottom, lol.

Image number two I have posted before, but this copy is much cleaner. It was found in the actual book rather than being archived by a third party site. And the third image was also another recent find on the newspaper site.

A grand total of 60 spanking pics, one for each year of my age. Stay tuned because the one for luck will be coming on Thursday πŸ˜‰ On Friday there will be a new image along with a write up regarding picture hunting. The post is already made and is scheduled to post automatically.

Streetcar Sundays – 168

Without trying to sound smug or demeaning, there is a trait that I have which is not present elsewhere. Whenever I share a spanking pic I want you to see the whole thing, not just the section that I determine to be the best section. I post as I like to see, and I always want to see an entire image, especially if other people are present in that image.

Different strokes for different folks of course, but this is how I present my pictures to you.

This could be perhaps because I LOVE to see the faces of the people witnessing a spanking. In the image that I am sharing today there are a total of 14 witnesses to the spanking. From smiling faces to pensive looks, each face can tell a story. For some it could be the joviality of watching someone getting a spanking, yet for others the reality could hit a little closer to home. That’s for you to decide. Click on the image itself for the full sized version.

This will be added to my MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS spanking folder.

Another Year Begins

Today I paid $130 to renew this site for one more year, so you still have me for another year at least.

This website is my only connection to the spanking world anymore, I no longer have any presence on spanking social media and I speak to practically nobody in the spanking community, unless of course they contact me via this website.

That might not be forever, things may change down the line, but right now I am more than content and happy. There are times in your life where you need to sever the ties in order to enjoy life more.

It’s funny actually, I was watching a video on Youtube yesterday. The video was a playthrough of the video game “The Last of us – Part 2”. Now I personally thought that the game was beyond awesome, so much so that I like to watch people play it for the first time to enjoy their reactions to it. The game didn’t come without controversy though, especially for those whole hold extreme right wing views (think Bud Light et al). Well in the comment section of the latest video a person came in to tell everyone how much he hated the game, but others were simply like “Dude, let it go”.

It’s been three years since the game came out, and yet here he is, still looking for people uploading the game to tell everyone how much he hates the game, lol. Let it go man, you will be so much happier πŸ™‚

Having gone through my vast archives in the last couple of days I have had to come to a realization. If I don’t start posting masses of pics soon then people are never going to see them. A lot of weeks go by and I find more new spanking pics than I post, so my archive just grows and grows.

The problem that I always have though is how much is too much? I always find that if a person posts 3 or 4 spanking photos then those photos are individually appreciated, but if gobs and gobs of photos are shared in one post then people don’t take the time to appreciate them, they just scroll through for the best ones.

In a few weeks time I turn 60 years old, and I have it in my mind to post 60 spanking images to mark the occasion. Maybe that is the wrong approach though, maybe I should post 10 spanking pics a day for a week during the week of my birthday. That way you can all get a spanking every day of the week πŸ™‚ Don’t even get me started on becoming 60 years old, it just sounds so gosh darn old, doesn’t it?

Anyway, enough jibber jabber, I’m not here to talk your ears off. Today’s image will be added to my WINDSOR’S PADDLINGS folder. As you can see from the two images included, the actual spanking image was spread over two pages. I tried to cut out the middle section but to be honest with you, I don’t know if it made the image better or worse. Either way, you guys can decide for yourselves.

The Top Ten Of 2022

It is a week later than I would normally make this annual post, but here is the top ten most popular posts on this website in 2022. The list is made up solely of posts that were made in 2022 and are arranged by how many hits each post got.

1: Her Best Friend’s Dad

This happens every year that I post a new story without fail. Each and every year the new story, or stories, will dominate the top spot by a country mile, and this year is no exception. This story contains a playful birthday spanking that is just the start of three spankings by her best friend’s father. The last spanking brings her to tears. READ MORE…

2: An Expensive Spanking

Due to the many retakes that the spanking scene in Public Deb No. 1 required, it cost the studio $16,000 for George Murphy to spank Brenda Joyce. READ MORE…

3: Windsor Wednesday Classic 237

A nice old school spanking from the 1950’s. Is there anything better than seeing a woman in stockings and suspenders along with a pair of full coverage nylon panties? READ MORE…

4: F/M Friday 40

It is a strange occurrence, especially as for 16 years my blog has been almost exclusively an M/F and an F/F spanking site all of those years. But, outside of the stories which account for a massive amount of this site’s traffic, the top page that is viewed on the website is the F/M COLLECTION page. Again, it’s not even close, that page dominates the folder views. This image is a cartoon and it depicts a young man who doesn’t seem to mind the spanking very much at all. READ MORE…

5: Group Spanking

This was one of my favorite images of the year. Now I can’t say if it was the favorite, once I am finished with this post I will review all images from the year and if need be I will post my personal favorite at the bottom of the post. I don’t know why, but this French finishing school drawing really caught my eye. A picture is worth a thousand words. READ MORE…

6: Sexy Shrew Getting Tamed

Hubba-Hubba, can I change my mind? Maybe this was my favorite pic of the year πŸ™‚ Can you just imagine how much her bottom is going to sting for ‘Biting’? It is one of those pictures that remind me that spanking used to be a fun activity, back in the days when the spanking was the main focus rather than the spitefulness and ugliness. READ MORE…

7: Cartoon Knickers

This is a drawing that is over 200 years old, and yet this 1799 art piece still makes the top ten of a spanking blog 223 years later πŸ™‚ It’s perhaps not the best image on the market, but enough people liked it for it to appear as the 7th most viewed image on the site last year. READ MORE…Β 

8: Six Of The Best Spanking Comics/Cartoons

There seems to be a bit of a theme here, viewers tend to enjoy spanking artwork!! Maybe I need to find some more older pieces of art. I’m pretty sure in my folders I have some regionalized drawings from old books that would have barely been seen in the spanking world before. I will take a dig through the folders and see what I can come up with. Had this post been made in the early part of 2022 rather than in December, then it would have almost certainly finished in second or third place for the most viewed posts of the year. READ MORE…

9: Excellent Spanking Video

Once again, yet another shining example of what I love about the spanking world. This is the type of spanking that we used to get back in the late 80s/early 90s, extending into the 2000s. Over the years I think that the spanking focused has changed more towards an erotic projection, not completely of course, but there are far more ‘Exposure’ videos nowadays than there ever was before. It also seems that spanking is being included in secondary fetishes more nowadays. Now I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with that at all, just from a personally standpoint a traditional (genital free) over the knee spanking video are the types of videos that I crave to see. Check this one out, it is a classic OTK spanking. READ MORE…

10: F/M Friday 46

As noted in number 4 on this list, the F/M spanking Friday’s post that I occasionally make on this website are very popular indeed. Thankfully for those of you who enjoy F/M spanking I still have tons of unseen spanking images that I have collected the last couple of years, certainly images most of you would have never seen before. READ MORE…

Now then, that was the list of what you guys liked in 2022, now I am going to review the images of the year and see whether I have a favorite or not to add to this list that never made the top ten. I’ll tell you one thing, that sexy shrew pic is going to be hard to beat πŸ˜‰

Okay, I went through the new images posted throughout the year and the Sexy Shrew in position number 6 would have definitely been my favorite spanking find of the year. If I was to select one that never made the list then it would probably have to be this one, an image that is just begging for a story to be written about it.

A New Hoard

This past week I have been in a collecting phase of finding new material and I have come up with a whole bunch of new, unseen spanking pics. I’m at that stage where I am collecting more than I am posting so I need to start pumping out more spanking posts. Aside from a wealth of vintage newspaper clippings, I have also collected a batch of new stage play spankings. I always know when they are new because I put a really tiny line on the photos, so when my website is raided for material I always know what was lifted from my site. As I have mentioned before though, that is no longer a concern of mine, it has happened for years and will continue to do so. To be honest I rarely visit spanking blogs anymore so I barely even notice, it just isn’t that important anymore. The only reason that I put an invisible line on them is for self satisfaction πŸ™‚

This Sunday I haven’t decided whether to put up one of my new Men Are Like Streetcars pics, or whether I should put up one of the corkers that I have found from other stage plays. Either way, the next few weeks are going to be enjoyable for you. These two pics here are part of my recent collection of finds, but they probably wouldn’t make a post of their own. As I have mentioned many times though, what maybe a throwaway for me might be a classic spanking pic for others, so I try to share them all.

Anyway, I will not bloviate any longer and bore you half to tears, here are the two spanking pics. Remember, the first spanking that I saw in person in America was in 1985, a birthday spanking delivered with the same type of broom that is shown in the first pic.

I must say, a branding iron seems a little severe, lol.

An Excellent Spanking Video

Yesterday I was going through some spanking blogs to see what was new out there and to see what I may have missed. To be honest I don’t really visit spanking blogs too much, mostly I think because the blog dynamic has changed. A lot of people nowadays use Twitter and Tumblr as a sort of quick fix blog. I do try my hardest though to see actual spanking blogs in the same format that they were about a dozen or so years ago.

One of these blogs posted a link to an absolutely awesome spanking video on SpankingTube. It doesn’t take much to please me, I don’t need face cam, vagina cam, nudity, full spreadies etc, all I like is a good sound spanking. So watch this quick two minute video of spanking perfection to me. Whenever I write a spanking story, especially the part of this video where the young lady is getting spanked on her panties, this is EXACTLY what I am envisioning when I write a spanking story. So if you ever read a story of mine and you like it, then come back to this post because this is the type of spanking I am imagining whenever I write a story about a woman getting spanked on her panties. I can’t believe that the video has been on Spanking Tube for 18 months already and I haven’t see it before. Mind you, that would also coincide with the timeframe as to when I was completely turned off of the lifestyle.

Be sure to come back tomorrow because I will have a brand spanking new Men Are Like Streetcars photo for you. On that note, here are another half a dozen spanking pics that have sat in my archives for years, and these are pics that would otherwise probably never be posted because the quality of them is just not good enough. As I mentioned the other day though, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

An Apple A Day

An apple a day won’t get you out of a paddling, nice try!!

Now not every spanking picture is going to be as good as the one that I POSTED YESTERDAY. The thing is though, I have so many spanking pics that I have to keep posting them because I am always finding new ones. Some of these images I have had for years, which is no good to you guys who want to see them.

By the way, I hope to dive into that new spanking story that I am writing later tonight, I’m in a bit of a story writing mood at the moment which includes writing stories for others. It’s all about giving and making people happy. Talking of stories, I was conversing with Judy from STEAMY BEDTIME today and she told me about three short stories that she has recently written in the month of June. As I have just mentioned, life is all about giving to others so I am going to link to Judy’s stories for you to check out. While you are there you should also check out all of the stories on the OVER THE DESK website. Look at that, I am making a new post today and I’m already sending you guys elsewhere. Do come back, won’t you? πŸ˜‰

While the Steamy Bedtime stories are listed as Short Stories, two of them come in at 5,500 words while the other is 3,500 words, so there is definitely some meat behind the bones there. Check out the following three stories by clicking each highlighted link.




Now then, time for my paddling image for this week. An apple a day, now bend over!! This will be added to my WINDSOR’S PADDLINGS album.

Officially 59 Years Old Today

Let the countdown to 60 begin, lol.

Yep, today is the day that I have turned 59 years old and I won’t lie, it’s a hard one to take πŸ™‚ I remember when I was a kid, and if you knew that someone was 59 years old you would think that they are as old as mud. There are positives though, as anyone who has reached my age and beyond will tell you, the age really is just a number. While I may be ‘more’ mature, I still think and act as I have always done, if not perhaps at a slightly slower pace. Your mind never does leave you, in fact I dare say that the older that you get then the easier life becomes.

On a few occasions I have started to write an article but I never have finished it, so perhaps this post will serve as the inspiration to actually finish the thing. The article is on “Letting go”, something that is easier to do as you get older. It all began when my brother died and I had to go to the UK to close the family estate. If you have ever done that then you know the amount of stress you get put through for months leading upwards towards a year.

The immediate action that I had to take care of was the material collection of family belongings that my brother had kept of the family. Just remember, I had a week in which to do this, and in hindsight, if I had a little more foresight for this event happening then perhaps I could have planned it better. As it was though, I managed to fill up three carrier bags of belongings that I could fit in my suitcase to bring back to America with me, and LITERALLY everything else I gave away on the spot. In seven days I managed to clear an entire two floors save for the bed and couch, plus my brothers clothes. I was able to take some of them to a charity shop but I had so little time. Can you possibly imagine the stress that I went through in 2018, not even to mention his illness prior to his death?

Obviously there are aspects of this transition that I would have loved to have changed once the dust settled, but at the end of the day I can’t change it now, what’s done is done. Anyway, that is the basic premise of my prose that I am in the stages of writing, I won’t carry on right now. Needless to say the older you get, the easier it is to start whittling away things that aren’t important to you anymore. Alcohol is one of those things, lol. Who would have ever imagined that I would have stopped drinking just on a whim? There are so many topics to cover though, from social aspects to relationships, even down to the time that I devote to this blog. Hopefully I will get to that post soon. Take my advice though, just LET IT GO, you will be so much happier when you do πŸ™‚

So I know none of you are here to hear my waffle on, are you? You want pictures and plenty of them. Well thankfully I have one of the best collections of original spanking material out there. You will never find me ripping off the work of another spanking blogger.

To celebrate my birthday I have prepared a six pack of spanking pics for you. Some of them I have had for years that I have never posted, and a couple of them are brand spanking new finds that you are going to see here for the very first time. It is always better to give than it is to receive, so here is my gift to you.

First up is a Kiss Me Kate/Taming of the Shrew pic, though I can’t remember which one it was. Quite frankly though, and please pardon my French, but I couldn’t give a flying fuck about the details. It’s a spanking picture, right? And you have a rough idea as to what scene you are witnessing.

The next image I have had for years and it is one that I have personally enjoyed for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the guy gives me Bill Haley vibes!! Secondly though, and this is from experience when dishing out actual punishment spankings, it’s always best to get it over with as soon as you can. Nothing is worse than watching a paddling knowing that you are next. I am sure that many people can relate to that. The image is from 1975 and I’m guessing that there were some tender seats after this. How many young women do you suppose are in the line?

A little playful spanking outdoors around the 1910s or so.

Here is another image that I really enjoy, mostly because of the smile on the young lady’s face. Hopefully the numbers on the wall signify February, otherwise she has a lot of licks coming πŸ˜‰

Giddy up!!

And finally an image that I would have a hard time finding a spot for otherwise, a playful spanking from 1952.

The Miser

This is the sort of thing that I have to deal with. This particular image has been sat on my hard drive for 9 years already and has never come close to being posted. As I’m on a posting blitz as of late though, why not throw it up there. This image is from the play “The Miser” and I do like what I am seeing. Personally I couldn’t give a flying fuck as to the minute origins of the play, this is what I have and this is what you are going to get, lol.

Now we can’t see clearly what the spanker is holding, one would hope that it is a belt, right? It must be quite embarrassing to have someone hold you around the waist whilst you’re getting a whuppin’, wouldn’t you think?

It isn’t a very good image, but I am trying my best to give you all everything that I have ever collected. I’m not going to ever finish that task, but I can at least make a huge dent in it.