Windsor Wednesday Classic – 138

So I have learned my lesson in regards to the Q and A posts that I was trying to make. My goal was to try and induce some reader interaction,  but when you consider that I get around a thousand visitors a day,  and the posts have been up for eight days,  I received a total of eight questions,  that’s one question per one thousand visitors,  lol. Now I will respond to the last four questions tomorrow,  but after that I will delete the links to the Q and A,  it’s just not a topic that has any interest to the blog’s readers. Not to worry,  I’m always thinking of creative stuff so I will find something new.

Three weeks ago I posted my FIRST ENTRY with the new play that I discovered,  The Monkey’s Uncle. Today I will add a second entry for that play,  this time it is from Fowlerville,  MI in 1958. Perfect if you love spankings over jeans.

This will be added to my VARIOUS SCHOOL PLAYS folder.

Windsor Sunday Candids – 79

During the week I was trying a different search term whilst reviewing the book text of hundreds of yearbooks. Now as any archivist will tell you,  or should I say the ones that actually put the work in to bring you these unique finds,  the search function is as rudimentary as it gets. Still,  with the new search term in hand I found a new image,  and then after doing an online search I could find no reference to this play or the spanking scene in it.

This isn’t something that I am claiming as a new find however,  my guess is going to be that the other half dozen or so collectors out there who have been doing this for a lot longer than I have probably discovered this spanking scene years ago. I will say this though,  on my initial sweep I only found seven photos from this play featuring a spanking,  so it might be possible that a couple of the collectors have yet to discover this one for themselves.

The play in question is called The Monkey’s Uncle by Jay Tobias. If you head to my VARIOUS SCHOOL PLAYS folder you will find at least three other plays featuring spankings by Jay Tobias,  Dotty and Daffy,  Damsels In Distress and Introducin’  Susan.

I’m not going to go crazy on the synopsis,  that is Harry’s forte and I don’t want to steal his ideas especially as he puts so much work into it. In a nutshell an eighteen year old girl pretends to be her younger brother in order to thwart her Uncle’s marriage plans. There is more than the odd movie where a girl pretends to be a guy and ends up getting spanked.

Anyway,  I have seven spanking pics in total from this play,  and I am certain that I will find more as time goes on. This entry is from Galena,  KS in 1959. Click on the image for the full sized version.

Over the next few days I am going to be making a vanilla post about my trip to Japan last November. I’m currently learning the Katakana writing system in the hopes of using it when I return to Japan later in the year. Japan has three writing systems so it’s not like I am really learning Japanese,  I’m just learning a portion that is primarily used for translating foreign words. Believe it or not,  it is actually remarkably easy to read single words using Katakana,  sentences become much harder though. I had to create an image of my next sentence as my blog won’t accept words written in Katakana.

The image also includes both of the other writing styles,  Kanji and Hiragana,  but if you stick to just the writing in Katakana,  you can see by the four words that I have translated above that it is quite possible to translate certain words where you can work out what is being said. Burugaria Yoguruto,  Remonpiru & orenjipiru. It will be invaluable on my next trip as I will be spending most of the next trip out of Tokyo where there is less English translations for one to use.

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 92

It has been a bit of a late one at work today and while I love to write,  I will have to keep it a bit short today as a brother has things to do. The best news is that I was doing some window shopping online today for a new digital voice recorder. It is going to run me about $60 but with a spanking party coming up it is going to be totally worth it.

Now I will be totally frank with you,  I have no cotton picking idea just who is going to be going to this spanking party so I am taking a pot shot that I will be able to get any audio recordings done. In years past there has always been a host of website owners and models attend,  but like I said,  this year I am clueless as to who will be there. Now,  I’m like a kid at Christmas,  I could probably get the item cheaper online,  but I want it now so I will pick it up before the weekend. And the reason for that of course is? Because I want to give it a trial run this weekend and record a podcast.

There is going to be one other slight problem that I run into,  and that is the podcast host that I use only has a small amount of free bandwidth to use. So I will probably end up having to buy a subscription somewhere as well. Now don’t worry,  every podcast that I do or every interview will be totally free and will be my gift to you. If the financial cost is steep then I might record some stories and sell them for a few pennies,  but the interviews will ALWAYS be totally free one way or another. I might even create a Google account specifically for this purpose as I am sure that I can host them in Google Drive.

Anyway,  more on that soon,  now it is time for the Windsor Wednesday classic,  and this week we have a genuine birthday spanking for you. Now okay,  it isn’t the best shot,  position or photograph,  but it is real,  so that has to count for something,  right?

This will be added to my WINDSORS BIRTHDAY SPANKINGS folder.


Windsor Wednesday Classic – 64

This weeks classic takes us back about 40 years for another spanking pic from the play “We Dude It”. For lovers of daisy dukes this should be a nice treat for you,  and my fellow collectors you should check your email 😉

This will be added to my VARIOUS SCHOOL PLAYS folder along with the other We Dude It pic in there,  I still have another 12 pics from this play. Actually there is 14 but two of them were sent to me by a fellow collector. Keep coming back,  I still have hundreds of rarities to share with you.



Streetcar Sundays – 1

Today I start a new feature on this site. The Sorority Spanking Sundays feature will continue but I have moved it to my vintage site. You can find the first entry on the vintage site,  and the 31st sorority spanking in total RIGHT HERE.

This new feature will be primarily for my new MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS folder. Once I sort out the duplicates I have around 70 spanking pics from this play,  aside from the ones that I have already posted. This won’t be the only play featured though as I have lots more to share. As an example,   I have 20 spanking pics from the play  “Act Your Age“.

I’m going to start this week with a bonus feature to get us going,  but I will only add two of them to the Streetcars folder. Now while all of these pics feature the same couple,  the spanking pics appeared in two different years. The first one is from 1955 and features a rehearsal spanking for the play. Being that there is a year between pics,  one wonders just how many times they had to rehearse the spanking scene 🙂

The other two pics are the same,  however,  they are different copies so I figured I would share them both with you. These pics are from 1956.



Windsor Wednesday Classic – 30

I’m in a bit of a shutdown mode at the moment. It happens to me from time to time where I get a little overwhelmed and I turn on the off switch from everything. Emails are piling up,  paysites are jockeying for position for promotion (too many to cope with at the moment),  I haven’t visited Fetlife since Saturday and basically I have closed all forms of communication. It isn’t anything that is frequent,  but when it gets too much I close down for a bit and give myself a week of ME time.

Take BBW for instance,  already I have seven roleplays planned,  SEVEN!! That is mental and I still have more to plan, lol,  let alone prepare for events that I am hosting. Don’t worry,  by the weekend I would have given my brain a much needed rest and I will come out of the gates firing.

Now for the Wednesday classic,  and oh man I have no idea where to begin. This past weekend I went on a mission and I struck gold. Before I go crazy on the posting I have to come up with a plan as to how I am going to divide this up. While I still have my Wednesday classics and my Sorority Sunday’s,  I have way too much material to keep it as just those two. As it stands I have over 240 pics sat waiting in my classics folder,  which includes 70 different unseen spanking pics from ‘Men are like Streetcars‘. Clearly I have to start a Streetcars folder and a time to make them a special posting during the week,  otherwise it will take me nearly five years to share what I have by posting one pic a week on Wednesday’s. Throw in that I am always coming up with new pics and it is insane. So come the weekend I am going to devise a plan going forward as to how I am going to share this with you all.

This weeks’ Classic which I will add to the WINDSOR’S SPANKING FINDS album is from Huntingdon in 1964. This picture features a Mother-Daughter spanking and is from the play “Susie and the F.B.I”. Ever heard of it? I doubt it,  but I have three different pics from this play 😉 Stay tuned,  I am going to blow your minds with what I have.

susie and the fbi huntingdon 64


Birthday Spankings Results

Recently I ran a survey regarding birthday spankings and now I can give a summary of the responses. There have been a total of 69 responses so far,  25 from women and 44 from men. That seems fairly normal for surveys like this,  especially as that is also fairly representative of the percentages of the genders that read this blog. The survey is posted at the bottom of this post so if you still want to take part you can fill it out below. There are also various birthday spanking photos spread out between this post.


Let’s start with the women first. Out of 25 responses,  23 ladies received a birthday spanking at some point in their life. The people who gave the spankings were mostly friends or their mom and this is how they were spanked,  11 got it on the outer clothes,  7 got it on their panties,  5 got it on the bare bottom and 1 on their bikini. Just how hard were they spanked you may ask. Well,  11 said it was harder than they expected it to be,  3 said it was a hard spanking,  6 said it was enough to leave a nice sting and 3 said it was playful pats. Was it given in front of others,  16 said yes,  5 said no and two did not answer. Twelve girls were taken over the knee,  nine were not and two didn’t answer. The final question was,  were extra spanks given,  here are the answers. 14 ladies got one spank per year and 9 received many more spanks,  one of which was spanked by ten different friends on her panties.

The results from the men were vastly different however,  strange how that happens 😉

Out of 44 men to answer,  35 got a birthday spanking and 9 didn’t, here are the responses of those who did. Who gave the spankings? Seven were from friends,  six by mom,  four each for wife and female neighbor,  the rest were a mixed bag of aunt’s,  dads,  teachers etc. No surprise that 19 said it was on the bare bottom,  7 said it was on the underwear and 9 said it was on the outer clothes. How hard was the spanking for the guys? 10 said it was a hard spanking,  9 said it was harder than expected,  12 said it was enough to leave a nice sting and 4 said it was playful pats. Was it in front of anyone,  20 people said no and 13 said yes. Twenty three respondents said it was over the knee and eight said it wasn’t. Finally,  were more spanks given? 22 respondents got many more and 11 got one spank per year. One respondent even went as far as to say that they got 900 spanks on their birthday with hand and brush.

So there you have it,  in summary it would seem that for the most part you just never know how someone was spanked on their birthdays,  they range from playful pats of one per year,  to full fledged bare bottom blisterings 🙂 If you wish to add yours then the survey is right below,  fill it out as many times as you have had a birthday spanking if you so wish. If there are enough responses I will post some updated results.

I'm back

After a short, self imposed hiatus, I am finally back. Now I have a titload of sites to update, so all I am going to offer today is spanking pics across the board. Whatever site I have you will find new pics on there today, starting here. No real theme for this lot other than they are all M/F pics.connect05__hr_contortp_000aaelbows3public

Keagen gets the strap

Here is a nice little video for you guys that was filmed at the FMS party in June. This one features the newest spanking model, Keagen, and you can visit her blog here. Keagen’s Blog. Keagen has worked with Dallas Spanks Hard, Realspankings and Girls boarding school, and in this video she gets spanked with the strap that I won in the 2009 FMS trivia contest. This strapping followed two that she had just had so in this one she got to keep her jeans up 🙂

Now in regards to the free raffle, we so far have 65 entrants from 6 countries. I am anticipating that around 100 people will sign up for it. IF you are interested in taking part in the raffle I would prefer that you sign up sooner rather than later, because at the end of the week I will need to print up everyone’s name and cut the papers. After Friday I will have to hand write the entries. To enter simply send me your screen name, City/Country and email address. Either leave it on any post on the website, or email it to me at

Current list of entrants 65 so far!!

Cookie, Thomas III, alliegirl_40, Iggy, Pixie, Munchkin, Jean, ddon, Philk, Kitten, Lily Starr, Rose, katbrat, PR, Rainer, Yoni, otkdesire, Lee, Mike19571, Sarah Cheer, Jenni Mack, Poppa Mark, Keagen, Sherie, Winelover, Jess, JP, Kate James, Trish, Heartzlady, bodaciousk, dj, Sunny Sunshine, NaughtyLilMissy, OTKROB, Patriarchist, Radagast, Cierra, Shelby, Katy-Lynn, Topcat (Frank), nicelyvillainous, MissViv1, Darkeyedsoul, bbwnnc72, amelia-chan, Irish Mike, Portia, Singinkittie, Sparky, pixie_dust, Kezza, SirDav, Tim, Big_Bearrrr, Samantha Mo, LR, Maggiemay, Nyx, Emmy Lu, Natdrec, Terri, Tooshy4u, Walter L, northcountrybrat

New Configuration

My other project is in full flow right now as well. I’m only about 50% of the way there, but the site is at least now presentable. Once I sort out the HTML code, this new website is going to be updated with 9 new spanking galleries every single day. If you want to check out what I have done so far then click this link —-> New Spanking Galleries. There is still a lot of work to do, but I will let you all know when it is fully launched. Right now the 95 spanking galleries that are on this site have been moved over as a test.

I have been tinkering with the site as you can see. Feedback of course will be more than welcome. Do you like this layout better than the last one? Do you need more time to think about it? There was two main reasons for the change, firstly, I wanted to move all of my affiliate banners away from the main body of the site. As you can see they are now all the way over to the right, but still prominent enough to make me bucketloads of money, lol 🙂 The change was also needed to make room to post larger pictures on the main body. You can still click them for the full sized version, but now you can get a pretty big pic even if you don’t wish to do that.

Now that I have done that I can share with you more pictures of my ugly Chav mug spanking a bevy of pretty girls. Mind you, I would rather be spanking girls than sat at home spanking my monkey 🙂 Here are some examples.

And finally, just for when I want or need to put a website link up, I can now put up full sized versions instead of the small button banners.


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