Colorizing Old Spanking Pics

So I don’t want to pull the wool over the eyes of anyone, nor do I want to mislead you into thinking that these are real photos by omitting the actual details. Every photo here is a black and white photo that I personally colorized. Now I know that there are some purists out there who prefer the black and white images, in fact I dare say that I am one of them, but for something a little bit different I decided to color the spanking photos for an alternate look. Like I said, I’m not trying to trick anyone into thinking they are real by omitting information, I have been quite upfront about what I have done.

The first image on the list is what I consider to be perhaps the best spanking photo that I have ever found. If I was to compile a top ten of spanking photos then this would most definitely be in it. It isn’t super special, though I dare say that based on the information that we have, it is a pretty decent guess that a certain young lady got at least 18 spanks, lol. I realize that the image isn’t going to win any awards (though it will no doubt be gobbled up by other spanking blogs) but the image means a lot to me. It reminds me of the days when spanking used to be fun. This is the type of image that used to delight me and made me want to meet likeminded souls. The simpler days, before it all became a social ranking event.

Prior to finding the image above, it was the next image that at one point led the way as my best ever find. That changed though based on something that I read. The original image was put up on Ebay and it stated that this picture was taken during a college art project. It was only later did I find the same image on a different vanilla site, albeit drastically smaller in size, and in that post it completely contradicted the Ebay posting. I don’t remember exactly what it said, it might even have been that these two people were the models for the actual Chase and Sanborn photo. That put me off a little bit. Now it is still an awesome find, but it dropped down my personal list a bit 😉

The third image is one that I personally searched years for, and this year I finally found it!! So just remember that when this gets shared elsewhere, remember that we have this copy because I personally put my hand in my pocket and paid for it!!

The next image is another of my really old finds and I always find this one funny. Whenever it gets shared elsewhere, everyone always crops out the exterior and they just focus on the spanking. For me it is the park itself that makes the spanking so genuine. Not that it served as the inspiration for the MOTHER SPANKS – PART 3 story, but the idea in general that at one point or another in the past, an actual spanking would have taken part in a park. In fact you can even say the same for the image above because Natalie Wood is getting spanked on a picnoc bench just like the girl in the story does.

Okay, enough jibber jabber, I don’t want to bend your ears and bore you half to death. Here are the other five images that I colorized this go around, I hope that you enjoy them. Some of the photos open up to a much larger version if you click on each one.

8 thoughts on “Colorizing Old Spanking Pics

  1. These are priceless Rich incredible but what blows my mind is Tarkington Natalie Wood over your lap to spank her. Holy crap. Amazing.
    Thanks sir

  2. Hi Ron,

    I don’t mean to be rude, but I can’t understand what you are trying to say here. I am guessing that this is some type of autocorrect on your phone, lol.


  3. These are all great, Richard. I understand that there is a strong possibility that Natalie Wood shared our predilection.

    I’ve always loved the outdoors, horseplay type spanking pictures.

  4. Nice job, Rich! It does bring some fresh life to some of the pics! Others, like Nick and Natalie, kinda stay the same. And thank you very much, I have never seen that publicity shot of Paramount’s “Bridey” movie! I wonder if the movie itself is worth seeing?

  5. Theo,
    As you are probably aware, I have made several posts about Natalie in the post detailing everything that has been documented so far. I am still going to guess that there are more unseen pics of Natalie out there, probably private family ones.

  6. Dave,

    The Bridey film was something that I skimmed through and there isn’t anything of note in it. In fact when the image was posted on Ebay it listed the wrong actress getting the birthday spanking. The actress that you see here only appears in the film in flashbacks, so the Ebay lister assumed that it was the main actress who was in the image. I ended up watching most of the film because the flashbacks are really few and far between, but I was finally able to not only identify the actress, but I found the part in the film where she is wearing the exact outfit that you see in the image.


  7. Always appreciate your efforts to enhance our experience with spanking by adding a new perspective within old picture as in some of these I don’t know if color film was around.I love the cinema spanking ones as seeing them colorized does not the memory.I really liked the two vintage ones the out in the park on a bench and the guy spanking his wife.Thanks have a great day .

  8. Jim,

    It isn’t something that I do very often as I enjoy black and white photos, but the colorizing app is pretty good overall so I do occasionally like to see what images might look like in color.


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