58 Candles

My plan today had been to post 58 spanking images to mark my 58th birthday, but unfortunately I got caught up on a project that I couldn’t get away from. Tomorrow I am out filming so I probably won’t get to the 58 images until Tuesday, but I will offer you a raincheck and let you know that the are coming.

The birthday of course was just like it normal is, very quiet πŸ™‚ But when I started to dig up 58 spanking images for you I came across this one. Surprisingly, I have never posted it on this website before!! It goes back quite a while when I made a movie with Pixie and Lily Anna.

It isn’t much I know, normally I give you all a special treat on my birthday, but it is better than nothing, right?

12 thoughts on “58 Candles

  1. Quite an amazing pic. The spanker certainly had a pretty spankee.Thanks for sharing and have a great day.

  2. Richard, it is delightful! As I would expect from you, the positioning is perfect, and she’s obviously feeling it. I love the white knickers and the way she’s crossing her legs – a sure sign that things are heating up!

  3. Rich
    Wow classic. As you know I had a nice friendship with the ladies and trust me they both enjoyed making that film as much as you did. It was a classic to me. Amber was perhaps one of the most beautiful ladies in the scene with a lovely personality to match. My lady Lily who is over your lap was equally beautiful and well just do sweet and charming; naughty no doubt but she was lovely.
    Happy Birthday and thanks for sharing a terrific photo from a terrific film

  4. Again, many happy returns, Rich!

    Lily Anna and Pixie were (are) always two of my favorite people and video stars! I hope they are both doing well in all their new endeavours!

    And it’s a delightful start to your photo celebrations, thank you!

  5. Happy birthday Richard, and many happy returns. I didn’t realize you were such a spring chicken πŸ˜‰ Love the pictures!


  6. Thanks a lot, Jim!! When my number is up someone is going to find a treasure trove of spanking pics, lol.


  7. Thanks a lot, Theo!! I’m surprised that I haven’t posted this before, however, I am an honorable person with ethics, so it is likely that Pixie used the image to promote the film. That would be reason enough for me to not post it if she was using it to promote a movie.


  8. Hi Ron,

    They were indeed a pleasure to work with, in fact I remember how much fun this day was. Over the years I enjoyed working with Pixie behind the scenes as much as I did in front of them. There are many mini movies online that are credited as being conceived by someone else, but in reality they were stories born out of the minds of the two of us when we would sit down and come up with movie ideas.


  9. Thank you very much, Dave!! I agree with you, the two ladies were two of the nicest people around!! Times change and people move on, and I haven’t been in touch with either of them for a long time now, but with no regrets, I was happy to know both of them and one day I am sure we will be in touch again.


  10. Thank you very much, Hermione. Mind you, I don’t feel like a spring chicken, lol.

  11. Thanks a lot, Web-ed, as you will no doubt see the images are now posted πŸ™‚


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