Observed Spankings

As you know I am currently in Tokyo and I don’t have access to my spanking files,  so as it is laundry day I will have to make something up on the fly.

Going through my fictional stories there are four occasions where the spanking being given was observed,  and I have to admit I do enjoy a story where there is a third party present. That could take the shape of the third party who is next in line for a spanking,  or someone who isn’t getting spanked but perhaps should be,  or the third option,  someone witnessing a miscreant getting a much deserved spanking as perhaps an added embarrassment for the person being spanked. Two of my stories are birthday spanking stories,  one where the other two girls are likely to get a spanking in the future 3 GIRLS,  and the other a playful camp scenario witnessed by the camp directors wife,  JANE’S BIRTHDAY SPANKING. The third story features a girlfriend playfully spanking her boyfriend,  only to be caught by her mom. She then has to watch as her mom spanks her boyfriend and then the roles are reversed,  THE FLY ON THE WALL. Lastly,  it is an almost observed spanking as a boyfriend listens to his girlfriend get spanked,  though future episodes will feature observed spankings starting with the girlfriends best friend getting it,  MOTHER SPANKS DAUGHTER.

Obviously being a person who goes to spanking parties,  you can generally bank on observing dozens of spankings,  but what I am thinking of is more personal spankings. Even as someone who has filmed many scenes for others, it is rare to feel like you are witnessing something personal.

There was one notable exception a few years ago and that was a spanking I filmed for DANA SPECHT and SARAH GREGORY.  In this scene Sarah had spent $500 on a credit card,  in fact the scene might even have been a real one,  and Dana decided that was worthy of 500 spanks. It’s been a while but I think Dana spanked Sarah over her panties for the first hundred and the rest were bare. What I vividly recall was that Dana was determined from the start,  there was no warm up and as I was mere feet away I got to see first hand just how hard Dana can spank when she sets her mind to it. In fact early on I was thinking how is Sarah ever going to get through 500! She did,  but boy was her butt red by the end!!

So what about you?  Did you ever witness or hear a spanking that you didn’t expect?  Perhaps someone saw or heard you being spanked that caused embarrassment?  If not,  perhaps you have been offered a front row seat,  who would you love to watch get spanked and by who?  COMMENT HERE.

One thought on “Observed Spankings

  1. I was born in Switzerland, in a very rural village. Habit was, that a girl was given a thorough spaning on her 21st birthdy, to send her out into the adult world. Most of my family now live and work in the UK. When my 21st birthday came round, they arranged a big party for me to celebrate it. During the evening, wheneverything was in full swing,two of my aunts raised cheers as they wheeled a table onto the stage, with a lovely cake on it. I wainvited to go on stage and blow out the candles. I was stood with my back towards the audience. As I moved forwards to blow out the candles, my aunts pulled the cake and the cloth towards the back of the tabel, so I naturally followed it. When in a suitably bent over position they grabbed my hands and held on tight. Other aunts came onto the stage, Upped my dress, and downed my panties,and before all my cheering family I got 21 strokes of the cane on my bare bum. And trust me-they hurt. So all my family saw my bare bits and my caning. I was not a happy bunny. Not least as I had to mingle with them all afterwards.

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