The Top Ten Of 2021

It is time for the annual post where I list for you the ten most popular blog posts that were made in the year 2021. The criteria is simple, the post had to be created in the calendar year 2021 and is based solely on the number of hits each post got.

As I am no longer on social media I very much doubt that any of you will know, but I went and caught the virus just before the New Year. I still have COVID but the symptoms have all been mild, and as of today I am beginning to feel a bit better overall. Of course it has delayed this post by a couple of days but I doubt if anyone will mind much. So let’s get into it, the top ten of 2021.

1 – Three Girls Part 2 – Nicole’s Maiden Spanking

As it always seems to be every year, whatever new story that I write it is always the top post of the year. This year is no different, however I will say this, even though this story was the most read blog post of 2021, compared to previous years it wasn’t read nearly as much as other first time stories were. In fact while it was still the clear winner, the post in second place was actually within shouting distance. Normally a new story will get three times the views of the next nearest post.

Part two of the three girls story features Nicole, a young lady who is just beginning to explore the fun side of spanking. This was also one of the longest, if not the longest, chapters to a story that I have ever written. READ MORE…..

2 – Colorizing Old Spanking Pics

This turned out to be a surprisingly popular post, so much so that I will share another batch of images in the near future. There are a bunch of online tools available that will easily convert old spanking pics into color. The issue though of course is that most of the old photos are not in high quality, so not every picture is able to be made into a colorized version. This is a tool that I have seen other bloggers use, and some will even go so far as to pretend that the colorized version is the actual genuine version. Shady practices indeed. READ MORE…..

3 – Plus One For Luck And One To Grow On

This year I celebrated my 58th birthday by putting together 60 spanking pics in one post. This might not be the cream of the crop when it comes to spanking pics, however it was a popular post just by the sheer number of images that were included in it. READ MORE…..

4 – A Genuine Birthday Spanking?

It is very rare that my personal favorite spanking pic of the year ever makes a top ten list, but this year it did. I’m really happy about that because I consider this spanking photo perhaps one of the best spanking images that I have ever found. Eilene Janssen, the girl in the image, turned 18 on the set of “The search for Bridey Murphy”. Because of this photo I was also able to search through newspaper archives where I found the same image in a newspaper clipping. The clipping also provided more context, though I would hazard a guess that they were applying literary licence.

The newspaper article specifically states that Eilene had the seat of her Pantaloons spanked by everyone in the cast, and that the actor here, Louis Hayward, was the first to get his licks in. READ MORE…..

5 – Windsor Wednesday Classic – 220

Rounding out the top 5 is the first spanking cartoon to make the list. One of the many newspaper clippings that I shared with you all over the year. The spanking image accompanied a short story entitled “Fraud in the Laundry Basket”. READ MORE…..

6 – Windsor Wednesday Classic – 213

Coming in at number 6 this year is another nondescript image that on face value doesn’t appear much different than any other image that I post. For some reason though it was enjoyed by the viewing public. A double spanking featuring a hand and a paddle. READ MORE…..

7 – An Old Spanking Cartoon

The second spanking cartoon on the list and this one is one of those rare finds that was discovered in a local regional newspaper. This is one of the fun things about searching through newspaper archives, there are always national newspaper stories that might involve spanking, and on occasion the regional newspaper will commission a local artist to draw a picture to accompany the article. This is one such image. It might not be anatomically correct, but I think that you will agree that it is a really fun spanking pic. READ MORE…..

8 – 58 Candles

The second post to make the list this year that revolved around my 58th birthday!! Because I was a little late in putting together the full 60 spanking pictures for the main post, I actually stuck this one up on my birthday itself to tide you all over for the day, and it turned out to be the 8th most viewed post on my website in 2021. The picture features myself and Lily Anna from a movie that I made for LAP productions. READ MORE…..

9 – Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 104

The one and only stage play to make the list this year. Kind of surprising really considering the sheer amount of stage spankings that I post, but an image from the play “Seventeenth Summer” was the only one worthy enough to make the top ten. READ MORE…..

10 – Spanking The Maid On A Ship

Rounding out the top ten list for 2021 is another newspaper article. Not that it is really surprising, after all, I spent a lot of money on a newspaper archive subscription 🙂 This post including not only the spanking image but also the story that went along with the image. READ MORE…..

4 thoughts on “The Top Ten Of 2021

  1. I do like all of these so it is hard for me to say which is my top ten,but I certainly would put your colorized works at the top myself.I really do have to agree that the spanking supportable was the most spankable.Thanks for all you have shared over time and all the time and effort in compiling such a list well done.

  2. Jim,

    Pretty soon I will do another round of colorized pics, I have some great ones created already.


  3. Thanks a lot, Steve. I still have it two weeks later but I am indeed starting to feel better.


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