Windsor Wednesday Classic – 265

I’m not a person who makes wild and outrageous claims, However this image does present a little intrigue to me. In the past I remember a blogger who would post a heavily distorted professional spanking image, then make a claim that someone sent it to him and said it was a real spanking image.

Of course me being the little prick that I am I would always point out the exact origin of the image, which were almost always realspanking pics that had been blurred to the eighth degree and tried to be passed off as someone’s neighbor getting a spanking.

In fact just recently someone took one of the images from my blog and misrepresented it to his audience. The reason that I know that it came from this blog was because I had permission from a personal friend of mine to share her spanking image. She happens to be one of two people who gave me the name Richard Windsor. Anyway, she allowed me to share her private image and many years later it has been presented as a Female spanks Female image. It did make me chuckle because the person actually spanking her just so happens to be her husband who is dressed as a pinup, haha 🙂 He will be so happy to hear that his presentation was obviously believable.

This image of course is vastly different, but you can discount it as being a 1950s cheesecake photoshoot because of how blurry it is. Unless of course it is an outtake that was never published.

Now I’m not claiming it is real, that is for you guys to decide, but it does have some classic trademarks. Namely the right arm being pinned to the side and the clear sight of the feet obviously in motion. I’ve tried deciphering everything in the image for clues, and if you look very closely at the full image, it appears on the right side that another female head is watching the spanking either by looking through an open window or leaning over a desk.

I just can’t work out what type of room this is. Is it an office? A bedroom? A backstage area? You guys will have to let me know what you think it represents. What is she holding? Is it a hairbrush or paddle, or is it the slipper that is missing from her foot? This picture brings up so many questions and I love studying it.

The image is too big to post on the blog, so I have broken it down into two parts. Firstly I extracted just the spanking portion so that you can see it in a larger format, but I also included the full image, but in order to see that in full size you are going to need to click on the image itself to see the full sized version of it. It is a lot of fun looking at the items in the room.

This will be added to my WINDSOR’S SPANKING FINDS album. Let me know what you think the image represents.

5 thoughts on “Windsor Wednesday Classic – 265

  1. This is a puzzler, all right! I modified the photo, and from this I think I can confirm that the spanking implement is the spanker’s right shoe because at the very top of the implement a strap or loop can be seen.

    What else can we conclude?

    1. The drapes are drawn and the light is on (at left), so it appears to be evening. That lets out a school scene.

    2. The box with the top partially removed and the suitcase underneath it confirm this is a home setting, not a school or an office. The desk at right has three of its drawers open for some reason and its top is suspiciously high – at first I thought it might be a lab table – but this may be an optical illusion. I think it most likely the accompanying chair was borrowed from the desk and moved to its current position for the spanking.

    3. I can’t explain why the window seat continues past the window! Still, this would appear to be the living room of a house, rather unusually furnished with a full-sized desk. It could also be a library, where a desk is certainly appropriate, but few houses are big enough to have libraries. There is an open book on top of the suitcase.

    4. The female observer is in the room and might be seated on the window seat.

    Interesting find.

  2. This does not appear to be a ‘pro’ shot – – The spanker & the spankee are
    well-dressed in pretty frocks. The two ladies appear to have bare feet?
    I don’t think the implement is a shoe. Maybe a book?
    The (mother?) has a very self-satisfied look on her face. She feels she is
    performing a very necessary act of loving discipline. (At least that’s the scenario
    in my own little fantasy world)
    – – The girl on the right seems to have had her face blotted out – – Either that,
    or she is a ghostly apparition.
    – – Spanking aside, the floor looks like good old-world craftsmanship.
    Lovely wooden flooring with perfectly aligned strips.

  3. I like it even though it is blurred.I really like the spankee’s dress and the positioning.great find.I can not add anything about the picture itself as I tend to have tunnel vision about anything other than the spanking otk.have a great day.

  4. My first thought was motel room with built-in type furniture. Then the suitcase makes sense in this scenario.

  5. What a fun find! I think we should give our imaginations the freedom to come up with whatever fascinating ideas we can. Reality be damned! ?.

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