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Orphaned Sorority Spankings

Long time readers of this blog may well remember that the first image series that I ran on here was the SORORITY SPANKINGS series. If you don’t remember it, and it has been several years since I last posted to it, then just click the highlighted link for well over a hundred vintage sorority spanking images. There are some real blinders in the folder.

One thing that I have been doing this week is cleaning up some of my folders and of course I stumbled upon the remnants of what remained in the sorority spanking folder. To be honest with you it isn’t much, just some really low quality images with awkward spanking stances. As the folder has pretty much been abandoned I decided to grab a half dozen orphaned photos to share with you today. They were either going to get binned, or, I could share them with you in the hoped that someone will at least get something out of one of the six. Better than throwing them away, right?

You are all probably aware that I am posting like a madman nowadays, simply because I want to share with you everything that I have. The more that I post, the more that I find. If I ever get to the stage where I can say “Well, I’ve given them everything I have now”, then I would be happy with that. Also remember that I pay for this website, so should anything happen to me then the website won’t be archived, it will just disappear. So make sure that you save your favorite images. Most of what I post gets recycled on the Internet anyway, but sometimes what I deem to be a classic picture, other people may not view it as such, so not everything gets reposted elsewhere on the Internet. Save your favorite pics!!

Just as a side note before the images today, I only have one week left in my 50s, this time next week I will be 60 years old. As you know I am preparing to post 60 images over 20 consecutive days, each with their own theme. As of last night I have already pre-posted 16 out of those twenty days, so I only have four more left to schedule. So come back every day, it is likely that there is going to be a new post every day for the next month or longer.

Now, here are the selected sorority spanking pics that were wasting away in my archive.

Deep From The Archive

Today is one of those days where I dig into the archive of unposted spanking pics for a selection of six photos that have sat on my hard drive for more than ten years.

Yes, that’s right, ten years, though several of them have been sat on my hard drive for more than ten years. These are pics that would never get posted otherwise because they just aren’t very good, but, I have always been of the thought process that you just never know what picture is going to trigger someone’s spanking thoughts. They don’t have to be good pictures because it is all in the mind anyway, just the smallest thing can trigger a happy thought.

As you may well have seen on this blog recently, I am on a bit of a posting blitz as of late, in fact I may even post every day on this blog for the next month or longer. As you already know, I am planning on posting for 20 days straight where I will share 60 pics with you all to celebrate my upcoming 60th birthday. So far I have 21 pics selected in 7 themes, so just 13 more themes to go to get to 60 pics.

Anyway, on with the show. None of these pics will make it to my folders because they simply aren’t good enough. In fact they might not even be good enough for anyone to poach them for their own blogs, lol.

First of all from 1935. Not exactly a classic spanking pose, but maybe someone once swatted a girl the same way?

Next up is a spanking on the porch. You might be surprised by just how many porch spankings that there are. One of the themes for the birthday spankings posts is going to be three porch spankings that I have selected.

Now I’m not being funny here, but there could well be some crossdressing going on, on the left side of the photo. Back in the 1940s and 1950s it was commonplace for clubs, initiation groups, pledges etc. to dress up in the clothing of the opposite gender. One of the porch spanking selections for my birthday themes is likely an M/M pic, but it could also be M/F or even an F/F pic, I really don’t know. The photo is from a distance and it is hard to tell who is dressed as what. The image below is from 1934.

As mentioned already, playing dress up was commonplace, and yes, it was more prevalent in establishments in the Southern States than it was in the Northern ones. Performing in drag was a part of the culture in the 1940s and 1950s. In fact I dare say that those with the loudest voices on the topic against it, could have likely been participants in it during their younger days.

In this image you will see that the spanker is wearing a full length skirt as he spanks his playmate. I also have another image that I found on a search this week where a young man is being paddled while wearing a skirt by another male. I will share that one on a Friday post one week, and I won’t feel the need to try and justify it with a disclaimer. It is spanking, right? Everyone should feel welcome no matter what their choices are.

Another porch spanking where the filters for lighting was non existent, lol. It is a terrible pic, but someone out there will like it, I am sure.

And finally for today, this pic makes me laugh because it reminds me of spanking parties. The point where the young lady says out loud “Did someone say spanking”?

Mix And Match

For Mobile users, if you click on the title of this post it should take you to a Mobile friendly version of this page.

Every now and then I go through my archives and dig up half a dozen spanking photos to post as a group that would otherwise be unlikely to make it into a post of their own. As a long time collector of spanking photos though, I am fully aware that one mans trash is another mans treasure. There are some spanking images and videos that some people would barely look at, yet for me they would be classics.

On that point I do want to point out a video that has been re-uploaded to spanking tube this week. The GRACE’S BEDTIME SPANKING is a video that I have featured on this blog several times and it was always hugely popular. The problem is though, the owner of the video (as is their right) would just as often remove the video from spanking tube and I would be left with an empty post. So instead of embedding it as I have done several times before, this time I am just providing a link where you can watch the video. Simply click on the highlighted text above. It is one of my favorite spanking videos.

Now onto a half a dozen spanking related pics that might mean something to someone.

The first one really makes me laugh, if only because I put a sentence into the woman’s mouth “Dafuq you think you are going to do with that”? 🙂

The second image I believe is from a spanking site, but I don’t know which one. It is quite likely from one of those brutal Russian/Czech sites. I only say that because I don’t recognize it and I never viewed those particular sites. The rubbing of a well spanked bottom is always an enjoyable sight though.

One should always be prepared to carry an extra plimsoll with ones self. Now I could be wrong here, but this young lady doesn’t appear to be minding the impending spanking 😉

There are many stories out there that talk about roadside spankings, well here is an actual roadside spanking.

Here is one of those images where you can barely make out the spanking, but I am sure that there are a few people out there who will enjoy it.

Lastly, not really a spanking pic at all, it just reminds me of Richard Windsor in the 1980s, lol.

F/M Friday 44

Time to add to the most viewed page on my website, the F/M COLLECTION page. If you are an avid reader of spanking stories like I am, you would have probably read many stories that are in the same vein that is depicted in the image, namely the fraternity boys being caught in the neighboring sorority household. Of course the reasons for this are varied, but they almost always involve a line of young men bending over for the paddle wielding sorority sisters.

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 241

When I posted my LATEST SPANKING STORY I noticed that something was happening. Whenever one makes a new blog post then blogger services are notified and they update blogrolls to let people know that I have made a new post. I noticed almost immediately though that I wasn’t getting direct hits to the story as I normally would. So I went searching today and I can actually see that blogrolls haven’t updated my listings in the last 5 days, and I have made three new posts since then. So I have no idea how I can force the RSS pings. Keep that in mind if you come to my site from a Blogger run website, it might not be updating my latest blog post.

Now as for spanking stories, I am actually in a story writing phase at the moment. Just this week I have provided a story to a network where they might be able to make a bit of money from it, and of course you got a new story on this site this week. That is something that I have done for years, writing stories or video scripts for other companies and hoping that they can make some money from it. You will be happy to know that I have already started a new story for this website, and this time I am stepping outside of the zone.

One fear that I have always had is becoming repetitive with my story telling. Of course one wants to stick with a certain format because people who really enjoy your stories expect to see a certain style to your writing, I mean that’s why they come here after all. I mentioned the other day though, I have observed some stories writers who write the exact same story over and over and over again. The only thing that changes is why the spanking is happening, but the spanking, the witnesses, the severity and the participants are the same each and every time.

Obviously I have a big fondness for writing birthday spanking stories that a lot of times lead to a proper spanking down the line, that is something that I very much enjoy writing about. As you will notice in my last story though, I went a different route for the final spanking which was a bare bottom spanking to tears. That’s something that I rarely write about. The new story that I am writing is completely out of the box, and I’m quite enjoying it to be honest with you.

For the new story I am stepping out of my comfort zone to come up with a different type of story. The principal characters are a 32 year old American teacher who is going to start up her own boarding school, and a 71 year old former Boarding School Headmistress from England. The former wants to use the latter as a sort of mentor, but the English Headmistress comes from a different time where corporal punishment was still used. It is an easy segue into the spanking because one thinks it is natural while the other thinks that it is absurd. The biggest fun though is voicing the English Headmistress, a rather uppity woman from a well to do background. The spanking probably isn’t going to be more than 6 wallops with the slipper, but it is getting there that is the fun part.

The mother spanks series is also something that I want to finish soon also. Part 4 will be ‘Mother Spanks Daughter – The Boyfriend’, and part 5 will be ‘Mother Spanks Daughter – Bri’s Dad’. Part 4 will be F/M and part 5 will be M/MFF. Like I said, I want to challenge myself a bit and vary up the type of stories that I produce. Last night I was also considering making my stories into PDF files so that people to add them to their Kindles. I will wait to see if I get any feedback on that though.

Okay, before I continue with my story writing, here is this week’s Wednesday Spanking Classic for you. I’m not exactly certain which folder to put this in because it could easily go into my SORORITY SPANKINGS folder, but the description doesn’t specify that they are sorority girls. So what I will do is add the story to my PLAYFUL SPANKINGS folder.

As you will see, this awesome photo has a big ‘Do not copy’ label slapped across the middle. So what I will do in the interests of fairness is link to the image where it is being sold. I think that is fair right? I get to give you guys a pic and then someone from this blog is certain to pay the $22.00 that the seller is asking for it. So in a way I am providing a referral service and asking for zero advertising commission, and the seller collects $22. BUY THE IMAGE HERE. The copy below is a smaller version of the actual image, visit the link for the full sized version. One thing of interest to me BTW is the stone that she is sitting on, that’s pretty damn convenient, isn’t it, lol. It looks like a whole lot of shoes have used the base of that stone. I wonder how many other couples used it in the past?

Swinging For The Fences

Now that looks like a nice sized target to aim for 🙂 If you look carefully I am guessing that the woman about to be paddled has a cigar in her mouth. This is another Ebay find that has been on my hard drive for four years already, and I never noted any details on the image so just as likely as not none were provided either. It definitely looks like an initiation ceremony of some kind, it could even be a sorority pic. I’m afraid that I am not sure. My guess is that it is from the 1930s and is probably an initiation into a women’s club of some sort.

By the way, I have created a new tab called OUTDOORS. This is what I will be adding to all of my outdoor spanking pics. Just bear with me because I have 15 years of posts to get through before I can add the tag to archived posts 🙂 Click on image for the full sized version.

Baseball Player’s Wife Spanked

No need for a 20 thousand word thesis, you can read about the spanking by simply looking at the pictures 🙂 Just one of the many newspaper articles that I am stumbling across with my $65 subscription. By the way, the newspaper subscription is helping out my Youtube channel stories to no end, so while it is an expensive bi-yearly subscription, I may actually keep it up and renew when the time is due. I’m finding articles that are supplementing my stories perfectly.

So here is an initiation spanking for you to enjoy, I will put the spanking image in my PLAYFUL SPANKINGS folder.

Sorority Spanking – 120

The following picture came from Tumblr, but I have no idea where it originally came from. There is a good likelihood that a spanko found this and if I find out the origin that I will gladly credit them. Now I could be wrong, but what I think that we are seeing in this photo is that the girls on the floor are actually getting doused with something. It would be easy to say that their faces are the result of a paddling, but I think that we have to be honest, it clearly looks like they are being drenched. Obviously there are at least two paddles on standby, and I dare say that there was some warm jean seats after this was finished, but either way it is a cracking pic to look at.

Top Twenty Of 2020

It is that time again where I list the top 20 most viewed posts of 2020. As I researched my stats yesterday I saw that more and more people are using the website search engine. If you are looking for something specific on this website then the search is pretty useful. If you haven’t used it before it is quite simple, just type your interest into the search bar over on the right there —–>

This is how I sort out the top 20 posts of 2020. To qualify for the list a post must have been created in the year 2020. There are posts from years past that had more views in 2020, but they are excluded, this list is only for posts made in the calendar year of 2020. The results are factual as well, in fact my two favorite images of the year didn’t even make the top 20. So without further ado because I have a lot to type, here are the top 20 spanking posts of 2020. All images will open to a full sized image if you click on them.

1: Boyfriend spanks – Girlfriend and her Bestie

It has happened for many years and I have no doubt that it will continue to happen for many more, stories continue to dominate what people come to this website for. This story is episode three of the MOTHER SPANKS SERIES which is probably the most popular series that I have ever written. How popular was it? This story had almost five times as many views as the second place post in 2020. In fact it almost equals the rest of the top ten combined. During my research yesterday I happened to notice that I have previously written two and a half pages towards chapter four of this series, so who knows, maybe that will be coming soon.

Elaine was pretty helpless at this point, she was pinned over her boyfriend’s lap, held securely around the waist with no free hand that could reach back for protection. She didn’t know what to feel when she felt his hand rub her bottom through her white summer skirt, she could probably accept it in another setting, but not out here. She pleaded with him, practically begging him not to spank her, and even apologizing profusely, all the while as Brittney just stood there with a big shit eating grin on her face.

If you thought Elaine was carrying on before, you should have heard her when he actioned the thought that was in his mind, that thought being, a white skirt probably means that she is wearing white panties as well. Her voice raised as he revealed the prize by lifting her skirt high up her back with comparative ease. Indeed he was right, white panties they were, and the nylon looked ever so thin and skimpy for what he was planning to do to them.

With her face flushed she looked at the laughing Brittney “You’re a bitch, you know that”

Brittney just put her arms out in front of her and shrugged as she replied “What goes around, comes around”.

Read the full story here

2: The Exclusive Riding School

This one is a little surprising, not because it is the other story that I posted in 2020, but because it only had 11 more hits than the third placed position in this list. Normally stories are so far ahead that it isn’t even remotely close, but this story was not as popular as the other stories that I have written on this site.

Nodding to himself in some form of self appreciation, Mr. O’Brien continued his onslaught to the never before spanked bottom that was now beginning to glow bright red as he alternated spanking each cheek in turn, before covering both of them with one shot, the poor girl was shocked and frantic in her movements.

Feeling somewhat satisfied after all that she had put him through that morning, and probably more so at the feeling that he was giving the girl something that she had sorely missed out on whilst growing up, Mr. O’Brien stopped for a minute and admonished the shocked Amelia, telling her how he now expected the stable to be absolutely spotless in 20 minutes time or else. He then he unclipped his crop and proceeded to teach her a proper lesson.

“Now then, as you seem to use this freely on the horse, perhaps you can find out what it feels like yourself” he said, and then he raised the crop before bringing it crashing down smartly on Amelia’s tender bottom. That was it, the tears flowed as the leather crop drew line after angry red line across her bottom as Mr. O’Brien gave her twelve of the very best with the riding crop.

Read the full story here

3: F/M Friday 7

This was a new feature that I started in 2020 but I have let the side down a bit by not updating it for the last few months. When you look at my site stats for the year, the F/M COLLECTION page has the most views of any page on this website, by a two to one margin. That is quite surprising because the F/M scene is something that has very little exposure on this website, but at the same time, perhaps that is why it has so many hits, because it is the only page on the website that is devoted to F/M spanking.

The top viewed image is this one that was posted in the seventh installment of the series. The young man doesn’t seem too concerned about his spanking, does he?

Read the full post here

4: F/M Friday 3

Yep, as if one wasn’t enough, the second non story post that had the most views in 2020 was also part of the F/M COLLECTION, this one was episode 3. There are two photos in this post, including this sorority/fraternity paddling from the University of Mississippi in 1947.

Read the full post here

5: Windsor Wednesday Classic 171

I don’t choose what makes the list, if I did then I would probably pick 20 posts that didn’t even make the top 20 🙂 In this image, the most viewed M/F image in 2020, we get to see the principal about to apply his paddle to the jean covered seat of his victim. Ronda seems none too bothered at the moment, I wonder how she will feel after lick number 1?

Read the full post here

6: The Ann Margret Spanking Photo

When I posted this image I had a bit of a bee in my bonnet, because of some misinformation that had been shared online. In this famous image, Ann Margret is getting spanked by her Uncle, technically the husband of her Mom’s sister, so not a blood relative. It had been posted online that Ann Margret had been raised by said Uncle and therefore assumed that this was a frequent occurrence. The thing is, that is bullshit, as I detail in my post. Ann Margret’s father was such a part of her life that he even lived with her once she became a star. Now I understand literary license, a lot of what we do is based upon fantasy, in fact I was guilty of doing it once myself a few years ago based upon a picture that I found, and I was subsequently shamed online for making something up 🙂 Perhaps if the words “Imagine if…..” were used, then perhaps I could understand it a bit more.

Also in this post there is an OTK image of Peter Sellers and Britt Eklund that I even shared on my vanilla social media that produced a lot of laughs. I include the same caption that I used in my post as well.

Read the full post here

7: The Grace Video Is Back

One of my favorite online spanking clips had been removed from Spanking Tube, and in 2020 it was put back up again. So I excitedly made a new post announcing that it had returned and updated the link, only for the video to be removed once more. Obviously I saved a copy but it can no longer be found online. I understand this, circumstances change in people’s lives and they have to act accordingly. All that remains from Grace’s Bedtime Spanking I’m afraid is this image, but I do expect at some point that the video will return online one day.

Read the full post here

8: Windsor Wednesday Classic 183

The Wednesday classics series appears four times in the list overall, and this one is yet another paddling pic from the 1950’s. Can you imagine growing up in the 1950’s where spankings were common place, and perhaps paddling’s even more so?

Read the full post here

9: F/M Friday 2

The F/M series also features in this list four times, with the difference being that 4 of the top ten posts in 2020 were from the F/M COLLECTION. There are also two images in this post and this is one of them. While it is a paddling pic, and an OTK one at that, I can’t help but think that Marlene is holding a cricket bat. I mean it isn’t, the handle isn’t long enough, but it sure looks like one.

Read the full post here

10: F/M 19 – Dana Specht Spanks

The first of three posts that feature Dana Specht.

Six months ago I was helping Dana and her Webmaster create her spanking blog, you can view DANA’S SPANKING BLOG by clicking the link. During the setup process I was obviously promoting the site as well to try and get them off to a good start. After a couple of months, Dana’s webmaster got the hang of the blog and I haven’t been needed since then, however, the blog is still frequently updated so I highly recommend that you head on other there and see what Dana has to offer.

For this post I featured both trailers from Dana’s film “A Very Angry Mom”. If you want to see a no nonsense woman deliver a no nonsense sound spanking to a naughty boy then definitely click the link to the post. This is a very hard OTK spanking that leaves the audience wincing as they watch the maternal hand come down fast and furiously.

Watch the spanking trailers here

11: The Dana Specht Filmography

Yep, Dana is back for two in a row. This time it was to announce her filmography that has now been transferred into downloadable videos. You no longer have to wait for Dana’s videos to be mailed to you, you can now purchase her entire back catalogue via online downloads and you can do so directly from her website. Just simply buy the download and Dana will send you a link to the video. Either go to Dana’s site and VIEW HER FILMOGRAPHY, or click on the link below to read the filmography post.

Read the full post here

12: Streetcar Sunday’s 129

The only MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS spanking photo to make the list this year. Has the series run its course after all these years? There is no question that the image is one of the best Men Are Like Streetcars spanking photos on the market. A bottom that is perfectly poised over the lap and it is just screaming “SPANK ME”

Read the full post here

13: Windsor Wednesday Classic 184

An awesome photo comes in at number 13. It is very rare that the yearbook opens with this OTK image on the very first page, with a saying along the lines of “Upholding our principals”. This was one of my favorite spanking finds of the year, due to the fact that I was searching for pics for many hours. When I stumbled upon this pic it made my year. There is something very special about finding a spanking photo that is unlikely to have even been seen in the spanking community before.

Read the full post here

14: A Seventies Pic

Not a new spanking pic by any means, but one that has a special place in this world of ours. Two round mounds just begging for some spanking attention, and a lady hoping that attention is for a long time.

Read the full post here

15: Sorority Spanking 117

The first of three SORORITY SPANKINGS in the next 4 positions. This image also happens to be one of the best Sorority Spanking images you can find. It was very popular on Twitter and it also got quite a bit of feedback on the blog. We don’t know the exact details of the paddling, but that didn’t stop people from guessing what was happening. If you like an image to stoke your imagination then this one would probably fit the bill, a truly awesome spanking image.

Read the full post here

16: Sorority Spanking 115

Here is the second of the three Sorority Spanking images from 2020 to make the top 20 list of the year. To answer the question in the image, “What DIDN’T she do”? 🙂 The image is from 1953.

Read the full post here

17: Pajamas And Panties

If Richard Windsor had the choice, this post would have made the top three for sure.

Despite there being a number of things that have turned me off from spanking over the last couple of years, there are some things that have increased the spanking desires ten fold. We all have that thing inside of us that DOES IT for us. This topic is the one that does it for me. A pajama spanking, and underneath those pajamas a pair of flimsy panties (preferably nylon of course). Perhaps just as important as those two criteria, the third part has to be Dana Specht’s spanking palm.

The scenes involving Ten’s spanking by Dana over her panties, and then over her PJ’s and panties, and then Adriana’s spanking over her PJ’s and panties are just about as perfect as it comes and I have watched both scenes dozens of times over the last year alone. In fact I edited the clips to feature just those portions of the spankings. More than likely I will be watching that edited video right after I finish this post.

Dana Specht, a pair of pajama bottoms and a nice flimsy pair of panties is the perfect spanking combination.

I’m pretty sure that I will be watching these scenes until my final days, and I also hope to hire Dana to star in an F/FF spanking film that will feature lots of pajamas and panties.

The two things that really capture my imagination are as such. First of all I am not a big fan of bare bottom spanking, and when Dana enacts a scene like this then you are guaranteed to see 100-150 spanks on the PJ’s, and then the same amount on the panties. For those of us that are aficionados of clothed spankings, to get a film that has 200-300 spanks on a clothed bottom is quite rare. Dana is the panty spanking Queen.

The other thing that I think strikes a chord with me is that Dana appears to be the quintessential neighbor. When she is spanking one of the girls in such a manner, you can’t help but think of all the girls growing up who you secretly hoped would get their comeuppance once they got home. It is quite easy to imagine Dana standing there with her arms folded about to dish out some Maternal justice.

If 2021 is kind to us all, my hope is to make a film with two spanking models and Dana. It would start with Richard giving two panty spankings as a private tutor while I (and perhaps Dana) do a voiceover. Dana of course gets to hear that her girls were spanked for bad behavior, and the first pajama and panties spankings will happen. The video of course will be for Dana’s use as well, so we will probably have to include a bare bottom spanking, or maybe not for the first spanking.

There would be more voiceovers, and then another pair of M/F spanking’s while the voiceovers are going on. Dana of course is beside herself that her girls are bringing such shame to the family name. This time she intends to enforce a much sterner reminder. Different sets of PJ’s and panties, but this spanking will definitely end up on the bare bottom, either with a hairbrush or a belt. I’m very excited to make this film.

Ideally I would love to have Ten and Adriana as the models for this. I don’t think that they are part of any crew so they probably don’t hate me by default just yet 🙂

Read the full post here

18: Sorority Spanking 116

The last of the sorority spanking images to make the top 20 this year, which isn’t bad because I think that these were the only three Sorority spanking pics that I posted this year. Yep, it is another hands on knees paddling, though it is fair to say that neither girl seems to mind the spanking too much. Practicing perhaps?

Read the full post here

19: Windsor’s Sunday Candid’s 89

Just two more to go and the only Sunday Candid to make the list this year. The Sunday posts don’t seem to be as popular as the Wednesday ones. This was an image from the play Gidget, and due to the size of each participant the spanking looks just about perfect. This should give you an idea of the problems that short girls encounter when they are taken over the knee, there just isn’t much of an option to fight back.

Read the full post here

20: Windsor Wednesday Classic 193

And to round out the top twenty of 2020, and to finish a post that has taken me hours to write, we have episode 193 of the Wednesday Classics. It is yet another paddling, how many is that in the top twenty? The principal is getting ready to dish out a paddling, but to who? Whoever she is, she needs to move those hands and sharpish!!

Read the full post here

So that wraps up the top 20 most viewed posts of 2020, next up I will post the top ten spanking stories of 2020. When I list the stories it is based upon total views in 2020, but different to the top 20 posts, for the stories it doesn’t matter when they were originally posted. The top three spots are guaranteed to be filled by the MOTHER SPANKS SERIES without even looking at the stats yet, and perhaps now I will finish off part 4 by the end of next week? Reading what I have written so far in part 4, it is up to the point where Tim is alone with his girlfriend’s mom, the same mom that he knows spanks her daughter. Things are about to heat up 😉

I hope that you all enjoyed the list of the top 20 posts of 2020 and I wish you all a prosperous and spanking filled 2021.

WWC 205 – Sorority Spanking – 119

It has been a while since I added a Sorority spanking picture. Believe it or not I do still have a few dozen left, though most of them are probably nothing more than thumbnail size. This image isn’t one of them that are that size though, this one is decent and will be added to my SORORITY SPANKINGS folder. In the modern day we call this term of spanking “Horsing”. In fact it was probably called that back in the day as well now that I think of it, lol.