Sorority Spanking – 114

Last night I began to write about my journey to Japan last year and despite writing for a couple of hours,  I left the writing where I had only just arrived at my hotel. So it is going to be long. That means that there will be a couple of vanilla posts coming up over the next week,  however I took some awesome photos when I was in Japan so I hope that my readers will find the vanilla topic interesting.

For the sorority spanking photo this week we go all the way back to the year 1929 in Chanute,  KS. What is interesting here is what the big sister is holding. It isn’t a traditional paddle,  and it is too sturdy for a switch,  so this is either something similar to a cane or a riding crop. Imagine having to pledge with six fiery hot lines burning your bottom.

This will be added to my WINDSOR’S SORORITY SPANKINGS album.

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 127

Over the next couple of weeks there are going to be a few vanilla posts interspersed with the spanking ones. The reason for this,  as you may well know,  is that next Thursday I am going on vacation to Tokyo for two weeks.

It isn’t something that you see on this blog,  though if you put your mind to it you can see it in what I post,  but I’m a bit of a history buff. Though Tokyo was destroyed during World War II,  there are still a great many sites that have stood for centuries. I’ve got them all mapped out,  but for the first weekend I will be going to a bar called Club Heavy Sick next Saturday and Sunday for some Rockabilly shows. More on that after the pics for this week.

I was going through a folder of pics that I have had forever,  but they are in the folder of second rate pics so they rarely get seen. In this first one,  what type of teacher takes his paddle with him on an outing? Even worse,  he has no issue taking a miscreant and paddling them in public!!

This will be added to my WINDSOR’S PADDLINGS album.

In this second photo there is no paddling,  however,  I willing to bet a dime to a dollar that the girl in the front row rubbing her booty was a recent recipient of at least one of the paddles. One I first saw this thought my first thought was The Lizzies from the film The Warriors. Either way,  this looks like a fearsome bunch of girls,  I’m guessing that they didn’t get to encounter very many panty raids at whatever club they belonged to,  lol.


Now if any of my Japanese readers are in Tokyo next weekend,  this is where I will be next Saturday night,  and I will also be there for the show on Sunday as well. I’m going to be at Club Heavy Sick – Hatagaya to watch a bunch of bands. On Saturday,  starting at Midnight,  I will be seeing these two bands and I can’t wait.

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 104

Slightly different this week for my Wednesday Classic. I’m on the road right now working in New Hampshire so I don’t have my archive with me. Coincidentally,  on that subject,  you know that you have made it when your company books you a room with two twin beds. For the uninitiated,  in England we would call them a single. I mean,  seriously,  a lard ass like me needs more than a 36″ bed width,  lol.

Anyway,  short and sweet,  here are a gaggle of Ebay links where various spanking items are up for grabs,  it is amazing what you can find on Ebay that is spanking related,  a lot of it quite unique.












Peace,  I’ll be back on Friday bringing more positivity to the spanking world.

The Best Of 2014

It is that annual time of year again where I present to you the top ten posts on this site from the last 12 months. These results are based on one simple criteria,  how many page views each particular post gets in the last year. None of these are a personal choice as I am sure my favorites didn’t even make the top ten. There is no inflation of stats either,  these are the posts that made the top ten as they are.

I certainly hope that you have enjoyed the last 12 months and the entirety of fresh spanking pics that I bring to you. It is something that I have mentioned before,  this is a hobby of mine and I take great delight bringing you new material through the many hours of my searches. There is some cost involved,  which at this point runs around $100 a year,  but occasionally I do get a little recognition for my efforts which makes it worth it,  and I know from the feedback that I do have a handful of readers who are always courteous enough to let me know that they appreciate my work. I’ve never been one to beg for comments,  people are free to do what they please,  but as Chross mentioned in his Love Our Lurkers post,  there are times when one finds something amazingly good and it receives not a single comment,  which as he stated can be quite frustrating and disappointing at times. We could all do with a little recognition for our efforts from time to time.

That said though,  I will persevere with my efforts to bring you unique and rare material every week. Mine isn’t the biggest blog out there,  not by a long shot,  but if the numbers are anything to go by then I think that this blog has a place in the spanking community. It is now eight years old and I think that I have enough material to keep going for another eight years. Just keep in mind that no matter what I post,  I generally find more pics each week than I actually post,  so I have quite the archive of pics yet to be seen.

So on to the top ten posts of 2014. If you are only a semi regular reader then you might find something new here,  and if something is new to you then there will be a link contained within each post where you will be able to find my archive of pics for that particular category. So here we go…


The most viewed post on this site this year was,  and it kind of sucks because unfortunately Youtube pulled the video,  but the most viewed post was this one,  my finding of a spanking scene in the movie INTA HABIBI. Now while it is no longer on my site,  Chross took the video and added it to his database so you can go and VIEW IT HERE (just search down the list) if you want to watch it. It is a good one so it is worth watching. Obviously you can also watch a whole bunch of movies on that link,  a portion of which I have either contributed or supplied the movie stills for. This particular post was number 1 by a long shot! Every year there always seems to be one post that blows everything else away.


This was the most viewed picture on this site in the last year,  though only just. This post had only 48 more views than the 3rd most viewed post on this site in the last year,  5,324 to 5,278. You can read the WHOLE POST HERE,  but I have a little treat for you,  I found a copy of the pic of Anne Shirley being spanked by James Craig on the set of The Devil And Daniel Webster without the horrible watermark at the bottom,  which I present to you now. So while you can view the original post,  this copy of the pic is bigger and doesn’t have a watermark on it. Just click the pic for the full sized version.

$_57 (14)


This was a most pleasant surprise this year and I was delighted that it became the third most viewed post on this site for 2014. In 2012 I wrote THE CHI OMEGA STORY which became the third most viewed post of 2012. If there was ever a post on this site that I devoted the most work to it was that post in 2012,  and I was thrilled that it was enjoyed by as many people as it was. That particular story was the one that was sent to me by Mr. P and pretty much started my journey in collecting SORORITY SPANKING PICS for your enjoyment. So you all have Mr. P to thank for steering my in this direction. Well anyway,  earlier this year I managed to find a copy of the original magazine from 1941 that featured The Chi Omega Story,  and I purchased it so that I was able to scan the best quality I could of the famous spanking pic that is shown below. Just one of my purchased gifts for you. I no longer have the magazine anymore though!! Thanks to Mr. P’s kindness in sending me a photocopy of the paddling pic,  I thought why not return the kindness. So I packaged the 1941 magazine up in an envelope and sent it off to Mr. P so that he could have it for his personal collection. If you want to read about the magazine along with pictures you can do so RIGHT HERE…

20140727_083732 a


There is much debate about this picture online,  which I believe is why it is the 4th most viewed post on this site for the year. When I found it in a yearbook it does say that the paddling is taking place,  but you don’t always have to believe what you read. Just because something is presented as being real doesn’t make it so. However,  I just reported what was said and there is a lot of discussion as to whether or not it is a real paddling. I created a new folder for all of my PADDLING PICS,  but if you want to read about this post alone,  you can do so RIGHT HERE…

Roc 66


My WEDNESDAY CLASSICS POSTS are a very popular feature and they are represented throughout the top ten this year,  and this entry from DAMSELS IN DISTRESS was a very worthy entry in the top ten. This is one of those plays where there are only a few spanking pics available to view. So far I have posted 5 of them,  but with the discovery of two new ones this week I still have three left to post. To read all of this entry you can click RIGHT HERE…



If I am really honest,  this pic from my STAGE SPANKINGS collection would never have made my own personal top ten of the year,  but,  like I said,  I don’t manipulate or inflate numbers on this website,  this was the 6th most viewed pic so number 6 it is. This was a promo pic for The Girl From U.N.C.L.E and features Stefanie Powers getting a spanking,  and I’m sure that you have heard of her getting a spanking in a more famous movie,  eh? To read the whole post go RIGHT HERE…



Yet another of my WEDNESDAY CLASSICS comes in at number 7,  and this is a much better spanking pic (click on the pic for the full sized version). One of my better finds that is now circulating around spanking blogs and Tumblr sites. There is no doubt whatsoever that this is a genuine spanking,  and I dare say quite a painful one at that. To read the whole post CLICK HERE…

Minot 1964


Finally,  A BIRTHDAY SPANKING!! On a personal note,  this was one of my favorite pics of the year. Of course it can be a whole lot better,  but the angle is my favorite and there is a lot to like about it. Lying over a table while being held down by three people,  and the spanker wielding a yardstick. It even appears that she might be pleading for him not to spank her too hard…. silly girl 🙂 You can read the whole post RIGHT HERE…



Here is a delightful entry that just makes the top ten,  a classic SCREEN SPANKING featuring John McIntire spanking Deborah Walley in Wagon Train –  The Nancy Styles Story. Without a doubt a classic spanking picture and due to my post,  Chross set out to find the actual clip containing the spanking which you can watch here. To read about the find simply CLICK HERE…

John McIntire spanks Deborah Walley Wagon Train Nancy Styles Storya


Now am I cheating with the last entry into the top ten most viewed posts of 2014? What actually came in tenth was my real life story of THE FIRST SPANKING I EVER GAVE. The thing is though,  I posted that story in 2006,  lol. Yes,  even today,  eight years later,  the story is constantly read (3,254 times in 2014) as it has been for eight years. As it wasn’t posted in 2014 though,  I will stick to the tenth most popular post of 2014,  and it just so happens to be one of the best. From the school play ACT YOUR AGE,  this pic just snuck into the top ten of the year. To read the whole post CLICK HERE…


So there you have it,  yet another year in the books and yet another collection of the most viewed posts on this site for the previous calender year,  I hope that you like them. For my previous top ten lists you can click the links below to view each one,  starting in 2011.





Windsor Wednesday Classic – 70

Normally on this day I dig up something either from my collection of stage pics or something a little unique for you,  but today I will combine something unique with a dash of Sorority Spanking. Unfortunately there is no info provided with this pic as I found it on Ebay,  and rather than post it to my vintage site where the viewership is less than it is here I figured I would make it this Wednesdays pic. I could have saved it for Sunday but that would just deny you all a Streetcars spanking pic 🙂

This will be added to my WINDSOR’S SORORITY SPANKINGS folder. A vast collection of sorority spanking pics for you all to feast on.


Sorority Spanking Sundays – 78

A while ago I switched the Sorority Spanking Sunday’s post over to my vintage blog and used this blog for my Sunday classics. Well this week I am going to reverse that for one week as I need to add to a special article that I did a while ago.

Almost two years ago now I wrote The Chi Omega story which has since become one of the most read articles on this site. In this article I put some meat and bones into it and if you click the link above you can read the article for yourself. The article took forever because I searched yearbooks to get face pictures of the girl being paddled (quite a task being that ‘Tony’ was her nickname) and I was also able to correct the literary licence that the magazine used and I was able to place the girls in their correct sorority. It is an interesting article and I urge you to check it out by CLICKING HERE.

So it was a mission of mine to try and secure a copy of the magazine (wouldn’t want someone claiming it to be from a local paper, eh? ;)) even if it might cost a pretty penny. The article appeared in the January the 20th,  1941 edition of Life magazine.


I managed to find a copy of the magazine on Ebay and set about asking questions. A copy of this magazine is available to view on Google so I know that this was the correct edition that carried the photo,  what I needed to make sure of was that THIS was the copy that was going to be sent to me.

Yesterday that magazine arrived and as I fully expected,  inside of the magazine is the famous spanking pic of Tony Ryberg getting paddled.


So my goal all along was to provide the spanking community with the best picture that I could get from this historical article. This morning I have been messing around with my scanner and I am running into a small issue,  the larger the picture gets the less clear it becomes. So what I have done is I have scanned just Tony Ryberg and the girl paddling her,  and in a while I will do my best to improve the picture quality. Regardless,  a thumbnail version of this pic existed on the Internet for many years until two years ago when I found a full sized version on Google’s archives. But now,  I will try to present to you the best picture yet of a sorority girl getting a paddling.

This main pic will be added to my WINDSOR’S SORORITY SPANKINGS folder.


A Thousand Posts

It was Christmas Eve,  2006,  when I started this blog and over the last seven and a half years I have finally passed the one thousand post mark.

Now as everyone knows by now,  my goal on this blog is to bring you as much unique material as I can,  whether that be from finding rare pics to posting my own pics. It is something that has long been a hobby of mine and I even go as far as searching libraries in person,  bookstores,  or even using variations of different languages to try and come up with something new for you.

There are no complaints on my end,  I will quite happily search an archive for hours on end to find the three or four pics that it may yield. Coincidentally,  I generally keep a record of everything that I bring to you so that in future years,  should misleading information be given about a pic I can at least come on and perhaps give the background to it. In fact there are times where you don’t need to wait years,  just this week I came across a site using the pics that I have provided and on at least two of them there was incorrect information added to the pics in question. So years from now,  people will have something on their hard drive that they believe is correct when in fact it was a story made up to go with the pic.

In my mind pics are interesting enough without having to manipulate the truth. In this day and age anyone can smudge a pic,  alter the colors,  do some selective cropping and post it as something completely against what it actually is. I remember one famous pic where a grandiose fabrication was given and it was from a vintage publication that I own in my personal archive. Even pointing it out and showing the 1960’s publication in question wouldn’t alter the opinion.

That is something else that I do. My goal isn’t just collecting pics off the Internet,  I actually have a personal collection of magazines and pics that I have collected over the years. For example,  that famous Natalie Wood/Tab Hunter scene,  I actually own the magazine from 1956 that the pictures were taken from. My next acquisition will be the Chi Omega sorority spanking story.

What are my favorites though? That is a tough a question as anyone can ask because it is such a subjective topic. There are a handful of pics from over the years that will always be in the class of Grade A pics for me,  but the one pic that I consider to be my favorite discovery of all is the one shown below.


The reason that this pic is my favorite is quite simple. The Chase and Sanborn spanking pic is one of the most famous spanking pics there is,  and this picture seen above was from a college university art class where two students reenacted the scene from the coffee ad. It was one of those pics where I went WOAH!! I tried my hardest to win it on Ebay but I fell short,  and not because I wasn’t willing to bid high on it,  but I ended up in a situation where I wasn’t able to be on the auction as it was closing. I probably would have gone $50 for this pic but I don’t recall what the final sale price was. It was in that range for sure. Hopefully one day it will be resold.

As for personal pics,  that is probably the hardest criteria to pic a favorite from. From a purely aesthetic view I would have to go with the one below. The ambiance of the setting first and foremost,  the wooden steps,  the old fashioned house,  the vision of the walkway up ahead. ellee’s posture is just about as perfect as can be. The head slightly bowed,  the way that she is nervously grabbing her dress,  the pigtails,  and even the way that she is standing with her back slightly arched inwards and her toned arms. I remember ellee saying that from her perspective she got similar feelings,  but from the other side of the fence. The way that I have my hand wrapped around her wrist and the subtlety of the hairbrush in the other hand.


Probably the only reason that this pic isn’t the creme de la creme is because it is a posed pic. Oh don’t get me wrong,  ellee got spanked with that hairbrush,  but it was for funsies,  and there is a pic from that set which I have not shown that is perhaps one of my really happy pics. In that pic I am in mid spank with the brush and ellee is looking at her husband holding the camera with the smile of a Cheshire cat on her face. A very happy pic indeed. Of course that is a pic that will always be in my personal collection because ellee is not able to show her face due to her career,  so don’t ask : )

As for actual pictures though that have meaning to me,  I would be hard pressed to find any pic that is better than the very first spanking pic that I was ever in. Years later Pixie was kind enough to recreate a pose that she did the first time we played,  an image that stuck with me for a long time,  and that is the second of these pics. Again,  from an historical standpoint,  that pic is all about happiness and brings joy to me.



Coincidentally,  it took less than 24 hours of posting that first pic before I had the thunder stolen from me. It goes back to what I was saying earlier about stories being created for pictures that aren’t true. Twenty four hours after posting that pic it showed up on an MSN group that I belonged to where the guy posting it claimed it to be that of him and his neighbor. Now if you read between the lines he was being satirical in part,  however,  when he was congratulated on his accomplishment,  not only did he not refute it,  he actually perpetuated it further,  the dog! 🙂

Now I have some pics that I have collected over the last couple of years that I have not shared on my blogs yet. Some of these are really high quality ones and I have a plan to use them later in the year. My goal this year is to actually finish a book with spanking as the theme and I want to use those pictures for the book,  or books as the case may be. Since I started my collection in earnest though,  what are my favorite pics from each of the genres that I bring to you each week. Let me tell you ahead of time,  this is going to be really hard to pick just one pic from each category.

Starting off with Men Are Like Streetcars,  a play that I have over a hundred pics from,  I guess this set below is probably my favorite posted to date. The first pic I actually have a copy that is twice the size of what I have posted,  and what makes this particularly good is that the first pic was from a rehearsal and the second pic was from the play. What was unique though was this,  the two pics appeared a year apart,  one in 1955 and the second in 1956. Now that is an awful lot of rehearsals to get through.


As for my favorite Sorority Spanking Pic,  I’m hard pressed to find anything better than the Chi Omega pic as my favorite. A thumbnail version of this pic circulated the Internet for ages and two years ago,  on the tip of Mr P who originally got me started on this rare collection journey,  I was able to find a full sized pic on Google’s archive. Rather than just posting the picture though,  I posted a complete journal about the story,  all of the pics that accompanied the main one and I was even able to find a face pic of the girl getting paddled. You can find that story RIGHT HERE and it became one of the most read articles on this site. The picture below I soon hope to have in my possession once I buy the magazine from the 1940’s.


There are several over folders that I have which are not complete yet by any means,  so while I may post a favorite from each of them now,  perhaps a year from now that will have changed. So for a final roundup I will give you my favorite picture from each folder and perhaps you want to tell me what your favorites are.


As I have stated on more than one occasion,  Kiss me Kate spanking pics are not my favorite. Despite liking vintage pics,  anything that starts to go into Victorian times and before then my interest wanes completely. That actually goes for movies as well. If there is a film on that is a period piece then I switch it off right away. It’s probably because I am a misogynist and seeing women with that many clothes on is a turn off 😉

Anyway,  my favorite Kate pic is this one from a rehearsal so they aren’t wearing 70lbs of clothing. This actual picture I have in my collection and it is a really big version,  and the lighting on her face is no better on that copy either. What is extra good about this pic is that you can see his hand in motion.

Coronado hs 1972


This is a tough one because it involves age-play. The girl getting spanked is supposed to be 20 who has dressed up as a younger girl to prevent her nieces from eloping with two sailors. Most of these pics I would not post but if I had a favorite then the one below would be it.

cu 45


This collection produces some of the best OTK spanking pics because the whole cast is generally in the shot,  therefore the image has to be large in order to capture everyone. It is hard to pick a favorite from this group but I have chosen the one below for one reason. The way he is holding her hand is off-putting,  as is the book that he is using to spank her with. The reason why I love this one though is simple,  it is the way that she is dressed. I’m a sucker for girly girls and her outfit has so many intricacies that it is impossible not to love.

Forestville Central High School - 1952 - mind of her own


Do I need to explain this one? If I do then you don’t know me very well 🙂

new trier 62


There are so many to choose from in this folder but I am always drawn to one,  Nick Adams giving Natalie Wood a birthday spanking. Now,  that is what was reported anyway,  I have yet to see this pic in a publication anywhere with an accompanying story. The moment that I can find where this pic appeared I can assure you that I will purchase it.

It’s funny that my favorite birthday spanking pic I have yet to post. In terms of actual spanking pics the artistry of it is appalling,  you can’t see the girls face or butt,  it is shot from her head and even the lighting is poor. What you can see though is just a tiny bit of her face,  her feet up in the air and the spanker with a firm grip on her. Why do I like it so much? I’m not sure. It is partially because she is the editor of the school newspaper but I think mostly it is because of a simple fact,  you can let your mind imagine what is happening based on what you already know. Maybe I will share that pic on Sunday for you and you can let me know your thoughts.



For the final two selections they are easy choices,  both in the folder listed above and the stage spankings folder below. The reason that they are easy choices is simple,  these are pics from my personal collection that I paid for. What is funny is that this first one I bought it from the dealer on Ebay and he showed the copy on the sales page which prompted me to buy it from him. Well somebody in Spain took that copy and made prints of it and now sells it on a website. Coincidentally,  another pic that I bought from a separate dealer is also sold by this person in Spain. I can’t complain though because I have the originals.

Spanking early 1940s


Finally,  and this one is as close as any to being my favorite spanking pic of all time,  we have the outtake pic from Blue Hawaii of Elvis spanking Jenny Maxwell. Without a doubt this is the pride of my personal collection and the picture hangs on the wall in my apartment. I paid $15 for this picture and it is worth every penny. This sums up what spanking is about for me,  and if you get that then you get me. The best picture in my private collection.


Let me know your thoughts and here’s to another thousand posts 🙂

Sorority Spanking Sundays – 58-A

If you are here just to take the pics,  pay attention because there are two classic pics posted in this post. To save bandwidth I use a plugin called Lazy Load which allows me to post the pics nearly full sized. If it interests you to know,  a pic will only be seen when you scroll to it. It saves lots of bandwidth because currently there are 21 pics on the first page,  and when a visitor arrives here the website will only “load” the first pic that they scroll to,  as opposed to loading all 21 of them upon arrival. Just a little trick to save acres of bandwidth. So remember,  if you are only here for the pics and not for my ramblings then scroll down to snaffle them both.

As you will tell from my lack of posting it has been an incredibly busy week. In our New York office I am left as the only member of my department and while I already know that I am out of there,  work couldn’t be busier. I’m guessing that there is probably three months work left,  six weeks before we merge and another six to eight weeks of transition. Call me foolish if you like,  but I actually hold out hope that there will be a rainbow at the end of it. It won’t be with the new company,  but perhaps there is a chance with the offshoot company which I wasn’t originally needed for. I’m putting in sixty plus hours a week right now which confirms that there is a need. So we will see how it goes. Of course there is the additional issue that some individuals in the working environment treat me with as much contempt as some of my fellow spanko’s do. What can I say,  not all corporate environments go for a 50 year old man wearing earrings and covered in tattoos! There is a happy medium though because I am a grafter and I’m dependable. As an example,  whilst our office is shut tomorrow,  I arranged something for Monday where I have to give up my day off to go in and work on a critical issue. It will all work out in the end I am sure.

Now with that said,  it is painful that I am not able to go to the Vegas party in February. I would really like to go but I am at that age where I act all responsible and shit,  lol. Come April I have no idea what is going to happen,  for all I know I could get a job in California. The thing is,  I just don’t have a security blanket of knowing what is going to happen so I have to be responsible. Can I afford to go to Vegas? Definitely!! I’m a bit of a math wiz and I have my taxes worked out already and it would make Vegas very doable,  but at this stage I think it would be foolhardy to spend money that I might need in a few months.

Just yesterday I was texting with ellee and I mentioned as much that Vegas is possible,  but she’s as sensible as I am and knows pretty much that I won’t be going. As much as I would like to go I have to practice patience and know that I will get to see my favorite people at the BBW party. Four months without elleebutt is a long time though. At the Christmas party I decided against staying at the house party knowing that I could get to play with ellee at the party itself. At the time that I made that choice I pretty much knew that I was going to being made redundant so I wasn’t mentally prepared for it really,  then just a couple of days before the party I got the word about my redundancy so it was the right choice at the right time. I guess that it didn’t occur to me that there would be four months between events for me though. In a way it made the anniversary spanking that I gave to ellee that much more important for me,  something very happy,  and it gives me something to look forward to in April. I’m sure I will have moments of weakness where I say to myself that I can still make Vegas,  it is just a matter of whether I have the willpower to make the decision that I know is the right one. Getting old and acting responsibly sucks,  lol.

So on to this weeks Sunday pics. I’m going old school today and reverting back to the SORORITY SPANKING SUNDAY’S that I moved over to my vintage blog six months ago. There are already three new sorority pics posted over on my vintage site today which you can see RIGHT HERENow the reason that this post is called 58-A is simple. I can’t call it 59 because by next week I will forget that I posted number 59 here and I will post 59 on my vintage site anyway.

The first pic is a fantastic contribution made by O.H. What makes this picture especially nice for me is that it is from my neighborhood. Forest Hills is a very short walk from where I am and is the next neighborhood over to my one. What is just as interesting is that Iris St no longer exists. I’m going to guess that because Forest Hills isn’t very big,  that it was replaced when Union Turnpike was built. The second pic shown here I have no information on,  it was a grab from Ebay that had no additional information posted to it. Enjoy!!

These two pics will be added to my WINDSOR’S SORORITY SPANKINGS folder which already has 65 classic sorority spanking pics in it. Check it out by clicking on the highlighted text above.

1938 $_3

Point – Counterpoint

Something very different for you today in that I put myself on the line. In order to avoid any lead in to your thoughts,  I will post this exchange unedited and you are free to offer your opinion regardless of which side of the fence that you sit on. Seriously,  if your thoughts are the same as SpankBoss’ then please feel free to say so,  I have no problem with that.

SpankBoss and I have had a discussion this week and he stated that he has no problem with me posting this exchange on my site,  and likewise I do not have an issue with it as well. It would be nice to hear the feedback of the readers though regardless of where you stand.

On Thursday SpankBoss made THIS POST in which he took an edited copy of one of my sorority pics and refused to acknowledge via a link that I had contributed the picture to the community because I had put my name on the pic. SpankBoss didn’t actually say that he was the one who edited it so I’m not sure if he got it from my site or if another website had done the editing. Now his post made Chross’ Spankings Of The Week this week,  when I posted it back in Sept of LAST YEAR it did not make spankings of the week. Chross has had my version of the copy in his Newspaper Articles folder since October of last year so while I didn’t get a direct link back,  the pic was added unedited so therefore his viewers were still able to see that I had made the contribution.

So here is the deal. SpankBoss’ point is that I do not own the pics so therefore I have no right to deface them and he will not provide a link to my contributions as he considers it ethically wrong. He may not be the only one who thinks this way as I receive little to no links back in this area.

My counterpoint is that I have invested an incredible amount of time on this project,  as well as personal finance which is close to $400 at this point,  that I feel that there should be some respect in the community when my contributions are taken. It simply isn’t given. My hard work has become a source of pictures being taken freely and the acknowledgements that I receive in return are next to nothing. As this happens regardless of whether I put my name on one of my finds or not,  I go back and forth between putting my name on them to give myself the credit as the source before they are taken and edited.

So that is where we started our discussion and it is posted here in its entirety,  unedited. Your opinions,  whether for or against are most welcome. For the record,  in my sorority folder,  12 pics bear my name and 32 do not.  My Men Are Like Streetcars pics,  which according to my data I have never received a link back to any single pic that was taken,  9 pics bear my name and 15 do not.

I want to stress very clearly,  if your thoughts echo SpankBoss’,  then I want you to feel free to share them. I’m not offended in the least by his opinion nor will I be by yours. We have differing thoughts on the subject,  as I no doubt others will have as well. Here is our exchange starting with SpankBoss’ original comment,  and as I said,  I have his permission to post this here. You are also welcome to add your comments,  SpankBoss 🙂


By SpankBoss — It seems that this image may have been originally placed on the internet by that member of our community who is notorious for plastering his personal watermark all over spanking imagery he did not create (misbehavior that I have traditionally balked at encouraging,  either by reproducing the wrongly-watermarked image or by link credit in those cases). Fortunately,  I was able to come up with the watermark-less version you see here!

  1. Richard Windsor commented on July 11th, 2013:
    I don’t mind being called out on this issue if it is indeed me that you are speaking of. It is a double edged sword for me really,  giving a preference I would rather not put any mark on any pic and bring to the community the 100?s of unique pics that I have collected through both my time and personal finance. In an ideal world I could post unmarked pics and fellow bloggers will respectfully share the love I am sharing with them by giving my efforts a nod of appreciation,  but that doesn’t happen so I give my work my own nod. Now of course there are sites that deliberately will not give me a nod if I mark something,  but I am okay with that and I respect that choice.

    If you would like my thoughts on the topic though,  I would prefer never to add my website address to any pic,  but at the same time I would also love for my cost and time to be given some appreciation as a valuable contribution to the community. As much as I understand your dislike of people marking pics,  hopefully you would have some understanding that just the smallest amount of appreciation for my efforts would be most welcome,  but that of course is an ideal world.

    If there is any pic that you would like unedited,  just tell me which one and it is yours,  and I wouldn’t even want a link back to it. After all,  I am making this contribution to the community with kindness and a desire to bring joy to people’s eyes.


    Richard Windsor

    1. SpankBoss commented on July 11th, 2013:
      Richard,  I am sympathetic in one sense. I have contributed no few  “original”  scans to the web myself,  and I frequently do a lot of work cleaning up found spanking artwork that needs help. I know the frustration that comes of having it spread throughout the web without any credit. Since I blogged for many many years using a standardized 320-pixel image size that was unique in the spanking blog world,  it’s very easy for me to track the spread of many of “my” images without credit,  and they are ubiquitous at this point.

      Nonetheless,  in my worldview putting your name on a thing is to claim that thing. And when you have no moral claim to that thing,  it’s an ethical violation;  one that actively detracts from and degrades the utility of the thing you say you want to share. It’s just not something I can support,  no matter how much I understand the impulse that might lead a person in that direction.

      I have enormous admiration for the library of vintage images you have brought to the web,  and it is a source of abiding frustration to me that you’ve chosen to degrade so many of them contrary to all the ethics that I comprehend with regard to the use of other people’s content. It’s not about any one image,  it’s about a valuable library that’s been vandalized by the man who created it. I can’t imagine using one’s own name as graffiti,  but that’s what you seem to be doing,  to me. To my mind the considerable credit that’s due you for surfacing these images is precisely counterbalanced by your choice to deface them,  leaving nothing left in positive sum to acknowledge with a link credit. I know you won’t ever see eye-to-eye with me on this,  but it’s where I stand.

    2. Richard Windsor commented on July 11th, 2013:

      You may be surprised that we may indeed see eye to eye with certain aspects of what you say,  in fact I have debated it with myself many times. Should you visit my folders you will see as many unmarked as you would see marked. You are correct,  I have no right to claim something as my own,  even those pics that I purchased a single copy of for $20 and then shared with the community.

      I’m sure that you do see my frustration and I think the frustration is valid. There may be some pics that took me four hours to find and that I paid to get a copy of,  and I get a thrill making a new discovery,  and that is really where my frustration lies. It can take me four hours to find one pic yet it would take one person mere seconds to come and raid my archives and not even so much as give me a friendly mention. You are probably right,  I am depriving an audience of a clear image,  but then the blogs that take the material that I post and don’t mention that fact are also depriving their audience of a pretty decent collection of pics by failing to share that information with their viewers.

      It is a battle that I struggle with and I always welcome feedback,  even if it goes against what my feelings might be. I also have pretty strong ethics though I guess mine center more around treating people decently. In fact today I thought it might be a good idea to make a point/counterpoint post on my site with your opinion versus my opinion,  and done so in a way that wasn’t slanted. That of course would require your permission and it is just a thought.

      Now I am fully aware that there are people such as yourself who will refuse to give me a link back should my name appear on a pic,  and there are ten times more who won’t give me a link if my name is not on a pic,  so it is a lose/lose situation all around for me. Believe it or not I agree with you,  even if I have paid hundreds of dollars and invested more time than you can ever imagine on this project,  I should have no claim to this material. Perhaps I am misguided but the stance that I take is that if people aren’t going to acknowledge me regardless of whether my name is on a pic or not,  then I will acknowledge myself. As you will no doubt know,  rather than plaster my name all over the pics,  I always put them in a place where they can easily be edited out simply by cropping my name out,  as this pic itself shows,  my name was easily cropped out of the top left corner.

      It is an internal struggle and I quite often revert back to why I do it in the first place,  to share my collection with the community with pleasure. By revert back I mean that I will go weeks where I convince myself not to mark any pics and try and ignore the fact that I am being a supplier for other websites. I guess six to eight weeks go by and then I get grumpy and the lack of courtesy starts to bother me. In a nutshell that is what it comes down to for me,  if I got just the smallest recognition for my efforts then I wouldn’t mark anything,  but as I said I don’t get it whether I mark them or not so it is a moot point.

      Anyway,  I have taken up way too much of your time but don’t count your opinion out,  this may just convince me to ignore what I perceive to be a lack of respect and revert back to giving to the community without any qualifications at all. It IS why I do it after all,  I just have to convince myself that what I am doing doesn’t need any recognition. Yes,  I even question my own ethics and have battled the thought that I consider myself to be greedy,  as greedy as I consider others who take my efforts and present it as their own. Though I do consider myself a giving person though because if I was greedy then I wouldn’t share them at all,  and that just isn’t going to happen. What I have in my collection yet to be posted is mind blowing and needs to be shared with the community. Anyway,  thanks for your feedback,  it was appreciated,  even if it was to my own detriment 🙂

      Richard Windsor

      1. SpankBoss commented on July 12th, 2013:
        Sorry about the 2500 character limit,  it’s from the days when spam robots would post 10k word comments requiring mass scrolling in my moderation queue.

        You’re more than welcome to take anything I’ve said here and re-post it on your blog in any format you like,  as long as you don’t chop up the quotes so badly that they lose meaning (which I don’t imagine you would in any case).

        If as a consequence of these discussions you were to stop watermarking vintage pictures,  I’d be awfully glad. As I’ve said,  I’m extremely familiar with the emotional place you’re coming from,  and I’ve a ton of empathy for the impulse to mark your contributions to the community. In fact,  one reason Bethie stopped working on her Vintage Spanking Photos site (where she put an enormous amount of effort into restoring degraded vintage spanking photography with painstaking pixel-by-pixel removal of offensive watermarks and all kinds of other visual damage) is that she grew tired of seeing her painstaking restorations all over the web with no source credit. I think the final straw was when several eBay sellers started printing her restored photos on mugs and mouse pads and other such stuff and selling them online. She just didn’t have the heart to continue after that. So it’s a real problem,  no lie.

        Still,  at the end of the day,  I just don’t think that degrading these images in order to mark them is justifiable when one’s contributions (however valued and substantial) are curatorial rather than creative. Possibly one reason for the difference in our outlook is that I value linking to the best,  largest,  most true-to-the-original format of anything that I find on the web. Cropping a picture for presentation is something I do all the time,  but I usually try to include or link the closest-to-original,  least-cropped,  least-processed original as well. An image with watermarks is generally too degraded for that purpose,  as is an image that’s been cropped just to remove a watermark (sometimes removing valuable detail). Silly example:  we’re interested in spanking;  somebody else may be interested in hair styles or shoe styles or wallpaper patterns. A crop that seems  “harmless”  to us (a bit of wallpaper gone,  or somebody’s feet,  or the carved wainscotting) may seem terribly destructive to somebody with other interests. So perhaps these watermarks and resulting crops seem more like damage to me than they do to you.

Sorority Spanking Sundays – 30

This post is going to be the final Sorority Spanking Sundays post on this blog. Now don’t worry,  the project is going to continue and I have enough material to keep it going for more than a year. What I am going to do is I am going to move the Sorority Sunday posts to my vintage website but I will keep the archive on here so you won’t miss a thing.

What I will be doing moving forward is creating a new feature entitled “Streetcar Sundays”. There is a wealth of material that I have to share so now I will be doing two posts a week with new pics. It is a work in progress that I hope to finish this weekend,  but I have already started to build a separate page for the various school play spankings that I have. The first two are finished and will be updated going forward,  you can view them by clicking the links below.

Men Are Like Streetcars

Kiss Me Kate

The Kiss Me Kate folder is solely for the classics and I still have a folder for the regular spanking pics. The two pages listed below I have just started and are not finished yet,  and I still have a few more to make if I have in my collection five spanking pics from any one play.

Act Your Age

Various School Plays

In fact now that I think of it,  I have started the various folder with the play “A Mind Of Her Own” but a quick check and I see that I have eight more pics from that play so I will have to move it.

Anyway,  here is this weeks Sorority Spanking,  starting next week you can find the weekly post over on my Vintage Spanking Site. The reason for the move is that the quality of the sorority pics go down from here while the Streetcar Sunday ones are awesome 🙂 This pic is from 1977.

cuba 77

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