Spanking a naughty Catholic schoolgirl

7/25/09 Update:It took a while,but the SPANKING GALLERIES page is now complete. From this day forward there will be 8 new galleries every single day. Go check them out!! ————->

I’m stat whoring!! It is a generic term that is used when you are obsessed with numbers 😉 Last night I combined the reach of the various sites that I run,and I came up with a staggering number. So far they have combined for a reach of over six and a half million hits so far. It blows my mind that a simple little blog like this (and its sister blogs) could combine for such a number. This site alone has two and a half million hits and has had nearly a million visitors from around the world since its inception. The numbers blow me away simply because when I start doing my own material,probably next year,it is a potential goldmine. On spanking tube alone,the six videos that I have up there have combined for a million views!! All because of this site,5 of my videos are in the all time top 20 of most watched videos. This weekend I will be uploading yet another video where I am spanking Sarah Gregory. When that video is up I will provide you all with the various links to promote her online work.

Until that happens though,why don’t you sit back and enjoy watching me spank the naughty Erica Corvina who plays the role of a naughty Catholic schoolgirl. If it is PANTY SPANKING that you like,and you know that the Pup himself loves that,well the first part of this set where I am spanking Erica over her nylon panties was posted over on SPANKING PICS earlier this week. Click on spanking pics above to view that set.

By the way,the series of audio interviews will resume very shortly as well. The old list will still be somewhat active,and the people from that list who had previously agreed to be interviewed I am going to guess will still want to do so. Right now I am pretty sure that the following people will agree once again to be interviewed. Ian the London Tanner,Pixie,Mrs. Birch,Dana Specht,David Pierson,Sarah Gregory,Audrey Knight and a whole bunch of others whose name escapes me right now. I will also be adding Cookie Crawford and Cali Cutie to that list as well as a token of my appreciation for their thoughtfulness during the previous competition. Assuming of course that they wish to take part.

The list of interviewees is endless,and it will be a great way for these people to get some free promotion from the interviews,though that of course just comes along from doing the interview anyway. If you look at the numbers that I started this post with,you can get a rough idea of what to expect when that happens.

There are others that I had made an initial contact with,or at least had the idea that I was going to reach out to them but had not done so up until that point. Some of these folks included Cassie Hunter,Samantha Woodley and Leia Ann Woods. Anyway,more about that in posts to come. I almost forgot to add,this weekend I will also be completing the whole section of spanking galleries that I had started over on my new site SPANKING GALLERIES. I just got a little delayed this week,but by the end of the weekend I intend to complete the whole rotation of galleries,which will be replaced by new ones as they come along,and this new site will be updated each and every day from here on in.

All pics come from the latest Punished Brats update where I am spanking the naughty Erica Corvina. I have to admit that it is one of the favorite scenes that I have done to date so far.


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