Miss Chris’ Texas Toys

Texas Toys by Miss Chris

A fine collection of custom made OTK Straps,  Texas Tawse’s,  The Texas Super Strap and even Bull Pizzles which look like quite an ominous implement. You can add custom work to most items if you so wish for that personalized touch. Miss Chris also sells much needed cane and strap bags to protect your purchases,  maintenance supplies and even single tails as well. CLICK HERE.

Here are some images from Miss Chris’  collection,  be sure to CLICK HERE to read the individual descriptions of each item and to browse the collection in full,  or click on the banner above and below to go to the store.

Miss Chris is also a Disciplinarian,  Life Coach,  Mentor and educator in the spanking world. A veteran of the spanking lifestyle having also appeared in many spanking movies for a variety of spanking production companies. Miss Chris also does presentations on the lifestyle and for those of you who are brave enough,  she also provides a variety of individual spanking sessions. Visit Miss Chris’  website by CLICKING HERE.

From novice to veteran Miss Chris has a package to suit all of your needs. From a simple hand to bottom experience,  through to domestic role playing and up to full corporal punishment,  Miss Chris has a variety of outfits to make your dreams come true. On her website you will find an application form if you wish to pursue your desires. A word of warning though,  I heard a rumor that Miss Chris has a hand like a paddle that never tires.

I sure hope this image isn’t the mom who caught me snooping when she spanking her daughter all of those years ago!!

Imagine taking a trip down memory lane and having to explain your behavior to a person from your past. There is no statute of limitations in our world,  no matter how many years have passed,  the whole scenario can be relived with either the same outcome,  or more likely than not the outcome that should have happened. There is a full page of testimonials on Miss Chris’ Website from satisfied customers,  please go to her site and read about the services that she offers.

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