More From The Eighties

The other day a fellow collector,  Pygophilous1,  shared a few images with me. As I scanned through these images a rather innocuous one caught my attention. Back in the 1980’s when I first came to America I was beside myself with all of the spanking material that was out there that touched my buttons. You see I came from a place where 90% of what was presented to me was a schoolgirl in either bottle green knickers or navy blue knickers and almost always she got the cane. None of that has ever,  or will ever be appealing to me. When I got to America it was your typical girl next door getting spanked,  normally over the knee and she was wearing everyday clothing. That is what I had always wanted to see and I was getting it by the bucket load.

The image that I stumbled upon is one of those long lost videos that I once owned,  which I doubt even exists anymore. The funny part is,  from what I remember of the video it was very much a video made by actors who had probably not made a video before. However,  with that said,  I would love to watch the video one more time.

Here’s the thing though,  one of the aspects of the spanking scene is,  to me,  just like the British schoolgirl scene described above. By that I mean it is so unrealistic to me that I can’t even comprehend it. Now I am not judging anyone,  every single person has those triggers that work for them and make a scene so vitally important. The aspect that I am referring to in this movie is that of the daughter spanking the mother,  it is just a scene that I cannot wrap my head around at all.

When I wrote the first two installments of my MOTHER SPANKS DAUGHTER series I left each episode open ended,  which meant that readers could submit their own preference as to what they would like to see if the third installment of the series. While the number isn’t huge,  at least half a dozen people requested that the daughter or the boyfriend spank the mother. It just isn’t something that I am able to comprehend,  when I watch a spanking video ideally the spanker has to be older than the spankee,  or at the very least around the same age.

So I don’t remember everything about this movie,  in fact I remember very little,  which is kind of surprising as the daughter is wearing WHITE PANTIES which normally gets my attention. I think part of the reason that I want to see it again though IS where the daughter spanks the mother. If for no other reason as is depicted in the images below,  it would be because I would want to know why,  and for what reason the daughter decided to stop spanking her mother halfway through just so that she could strip down to her white lingerie. The mother only gets spanked once,  that I remember,  so at some point the daughter said to herself you know what,  I’m just going to take my kit off for old time sake. If anyone knows where I can get a copy of this video I will be happy to pay for it.

(The image is huge btw,  so click on the image for the full size version)

Let me just add that in person I am happy to play with any woman,  age bears no relevance whatsoever on our scene. More than once I have played with women in their 70’s. Being that I am 56 myself though,  it is getting harder to find spankees older than me  🙂

The other image that I posted over on TWITTER this week is an old Blushes photograph which garnered a lot of likes. If you don’t already you should follow me on TWITTER as quite often I will post stuff there that I don’t post on this blog. The image below is a delightful little trick that I hope to make a video on one day. To follow a girl who has been told that she is going to get a spanking,  and then be with her alone as she waits for the spanking. Alone with just her thoughts as she ponders her behavior.

Friday Cartoons

What have I been doing for the last few days? I’m not going to lie,  I’ve spent all of my spare time trip planning. In a few months I have two big Asian trips planned with a minimum of 3 countries per trip and I am of course naturally excited about these adventures. I’m expecting to know the dates of the first trip in about two weeks time and I’m pretty certain that the first trip will be to Japan,  Taiwan and South Korea. The cool thing about Asia is that you can pretty much get a one way flight on the continent for about $100,  so Tokyo to Taipei to Busan to Tokyo would only cost $300. Figure in that hotels in Taiwan and South Korea are less than half the price of Japan and it actually works out cheaper than staying in Japan the whole time,  lol.

Anyway,  I’ll be back to posting spanking material every day going forward,  and today we will start with some 1950’s cartoon art spanking images. I’m sure none of these are new to collectors,  but they were new images for me that I don’t recall. All of them are currently up for sale on eBay.

Saturday Spanking Picture Show

Are you likely to find anything new here today? The answer is no,  all of the pictures shown here today have been posted in one form or another either on this blog or on other spanking blogs over the years. What I do present to you though are new copies of these already known spanking images.

Like any collector out there I spend a lot of time researching spanking images and many times I am fortunate enough to find improved copies of known spanking photos,  or alternate presentations of said photos. What you need to do to get the full version of each picture is to click them individually and they will open up to their full size,  you can then download them for your personal pleasure. Like I said,  none of them are new finds other than the fact that they are different versions of known spanking photos. Some of which as you will see are very clear in their definition.

These will all be added to my WINDSOR’S STAGE SPANKINGS album where I collect all mainstream spanking finds that I discover.

First up we have Walter Abel spanking Shirley Temple in the lobby card for the movie Kiss and Tell. There was no spanking in the film. This is a new and improved copy of a photo already out there. Click THIS LINK for other images that I have previously shared of this spanking pose along with various articles. Click on the image for the full sized version.

Another updated spanking image,  this one of Susanna Foster getting a spanking in the lobby card for A Hard Boiled Canary.

George Murphy spanking Gloria De Haven in a promotional photo for Broadway Rhythm.

An Argentinian movie magazine cover featuring Elvis spanking Jenny Maxwell in Blue Hawaii.

Walter Pidgeon spanking Rita Johnson in Stronger Than Desire.

And finally,  a spanking scene that I love in the movie itself. Robert Benchley warns his daughters that he will spank them if they don’t stop interfering,  with both girls replying  “Yes Papa”. Within seconds Ann Gillis is leaning out of her bedroom window gossiping to the men below. Her father comes in and without saying anything he heads to Ann who is already stating  “I’m sorry,  Papa,  I didn’t mean to”  in lieu of the spanking that she knows is about to be delivered. One of the oldest PAJAMA SPANKINGS that you will find.

I think what I like about it is that the window is not closed,  therefore the guys that she was gossiping to probably all heard the subsequent spanking  🙂

Streetcar Sundays – 108

If you are only here for the pictures then scroll down because this week I am doing a combination post. Not only will you get the weekly Streetcars pic,  but Chas from SCARLETT HILL left me a wonderful message yesterday that I wanted to use the blog to respond to. Coincidentally they also have a MEMORIAL DAY BLOWOUT special that is worth checking out. I would do it soon because I doubt if there is much time left. They have a stockpile of 29 years worth of spanking magazines that our now all in digital format. You can see the latest releases in the image below.

Before the days of the Internet I used to buy magazines from this company all the time. Stories,  letters,  features,  you name it then these publications have it. Check out the SCARLETT HILL website today and browse around there vast collection of vintage and modern online spanking magazines.

To read the full version of Chas’  reply to my SPRING CLEANING post simply click on the recent comments to the right,  or CLICK HERE to read Chas’  response to me. In the image below I have cropped out just a small section of his reply just to give you an idea as to what I am responding to in this post,  though I would recommend reading the entire response first.

So this is directed at Chas,  though obviously it is for all of you to read if you so wish.

A few years ago I actually said this to friends of mine after a particularly memorable scene,  that everything that I have ever wanted to do in the scene I had just done. There is this vision in my head as to what spanking means to me,  and while they may overlap with others in the basic principles of it,  EVERYONE has their own idea as to what spanking is and what it does for them. My views are far,  far out there when it comes to spanking,  and I would say that 90% of the time people do not understand where I am coming from because it doesn’t correlate with their understanding of spanking. Neither view is the one size fits all by the way,  it is different for each individual.

What Chas said above about the flame flickering out has been very true for me,  but the flame does still flicker on. In terms of spanking I am a prude concerned to a great many people,  and perhaps in a party atmosphere I would say more so than most. As all of you who read this blog are going to be fully aware,  a spanking given on a clothed bottom is more genuine to me than a bare bottom spanking. Right from my early origins having watched spankings on TV,  read in the comics,  observed playful spankings in print,  and on those very rare occasions actually witnessed a spanking in person,  never once did I see a bare bottom spanking when growing up. The two most memorable events of my life in regards to spanking were one spanking in particular that I witnessed,  and the other being the FIRST SPANKING that I gave.

The origins of my MOTHER SPANKS series does include some memories that I have incorporated into the story,  albeit with some literary licence added. The spanking that Tim observed through the basement window is a combination of a spanking that I observed,  and the memory of a reader of this blog. I actually observed the spanking through an open door and the mother in question of that spanking was only using her hand. The point is though, it was the first time that I had witnessed a girl getting spanked with her skirt pulled up,  to me it was the coup de grace. Like the girl in the story,  the girl that I saw getting spanked had on a pair of sky blue panties. I’ve always considered the exposure of ones underwear to be the most embarrassing part of a spanking,  it is deeply ingrained in me. Anything that goes beyond that gives me a different mindset. The same goes for Bri’s spankings from her father. While I never once witnessed the girl in question getting the belt from her father,  I do remember the tales about them from the girl in question. A part of me thinks that she was just cock teasing,  but I would be lying if I didn’t say that I savored every minute of it and wanted to hear even the minutest of small details regarding the belting.

Now I’m not saying that there shouldn’t be any bare bottom,  I do love pajama spankings and for some reason I fully expect that a pajama spanking ends up on the bare bottom. But when we are talking full leg spreadies,  naked shower scenes,  vagina cam to a point that you don’t know if you are watching a porn movie or a spanking film,  that is far beyond my concept of what spanking is. Again though,  don’t get me wrong,  I understand that the pinnacle for some is when the panties are pulled down. Because of the intense feeling that I have that a real spanking is when ones underwear is exposed,  it is why I can fully understand and appreciate that to others that when the underwear is being pulled down over the red bottom,  to them that is the pinnacle moment that makes the spanking film a spanking film.

I can still appreciate a good bare bottom pic. Over on Twitter yesterday I posted the image below which is an old Nu-West spanking photo. It has turned into one of my most liked Tweets ever on Twitter. If you don’t FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER already,  you should do so,  I often post material on there that I don’t post on this blog.

The reason that I typed what I did above is in relation to my withdrawal at spanking parties. Everything evolves and I am not saying that it is a bad thing in any way. When I first started going to parties the things that I liked were very prominent even in a public room,  as time has gone on though the focus now has evolved into a different presentation at parties. I want to stress that I don’t see this as a bad thing,  it is just that I have outgrown it. My flame was very small to begin with,  and in the spanking world as a whole it is nothing more than a pin prick anyway. The desire is still there in the background,  but I have become more and more private as the years have gone on.

While I am on this subject I would like to address something else that comes up quite often,  and that question is how do I get to play with so many girls.

First of all it is a bit of a myth,  at spanking parties I play far less than most men in attendance,  the only difference is that I write about my adventures and most other men don’t. This isn’t lip service either,  I play far less than the average man. Secondly though,  and I am most adamant about this,  but I believe that one of the reasons for my success is that I am very vocal in what it is that I like in a spanking scene and what I don’t like. Many times a woman will say to me that whenever she asks a guy what he wants,  his response is along the lines of  “Whatever you want is fine with me”.

It isn’t for me,  I have very strong opinions as to what works for me in the spanking world,  what my spanking turn on’s are what makes a scene special for me. From my experience women seem to appreciate that confidence and desire to fulfill ones desires,  and more times than not will go out of their way to ensure that they give of themselves in return. I’m very straightforward,  this spanking isn’t just for your enjoyment,  it’s for my enjoyment as well. Conversely,  you tell me,  or indicate to me that you are not going to take my opinions into consideration,  then I couldn’t care if you are the hottest model on the planet,  I have no desire to play with you. And you know what,  that is another secret to my success. You tell a girl that you are not interested in playing because of a conflict of styles,  and you see what she does in return. There are occasions that she will see you as the demon seed,  but more often than not they are willing to compromise for mutual satisfaction. I’m not talking about playing at a party here,  in a party setting most people are there to play in a group atmosphere,  so I’m not talking about refusing to play with someone and I would quite happily play in public without any criteria attached. What I was referring to was in regards to meeting potential play partners for private sessions.

My funniest story there I think that I have mentioned before,  when talking about possibly playing and a girl said to me,  and I quote  “I’m not buying a pair of panties just for a spanking”. So I politely said that I wished her well and that we weren’t compatible,  and the next day in my inbox was a photo from the girl showing her underwear covered bottom with the caption  “Look what I bought”  🙂

Going back to my original point though in relation to Chas’ comments,  the light does still flicker,  but he is 100% correct,  there are only so many ways to serve our preferred delicacy,  and after so many adventures I probably don’t savor it as much now as I once did before. Or at the very least I now treat it as the delicacy that it once was to be enjoyed on special occasions. I’ve reached that stage in life where I am questioning my own mortality and I look at the things that I still want to do. When it comes to a spanking party and I look at all of the costs involved,  then once I reach the $1,000 budget I end up saying to myself,  that would pay for your flight to Vietnam,  or to Laos or to Helsinki or somewhere else on my never ending bucket list of cultures to explore.

I think one day I will return to the spanking scene full time,  but for the next few years my focus is going to be on travel,  and most of my play moving forward is going to be private one on one play.

Now it is time for the MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS spanking pic for the week. This image is from Greenville in 1952. I do believe that the guy in the background is supposed to be attempting to stop the spanking,  but in this case he looks like he is going to take his time in doing his job  🙂

Spring Cleaning

Hopefully what I am about to write translates well to my audience and people don’t get wiggy about it. You have probably read already that my interest in the active party scene has dwindled to an almost non existent state. Spanking still interests and excites me,  but the truth of the matter is that real life events have had an affect on my mental state. A lot has happened over the last few years in which I have evolved a great deal. I’m not always saying that it is for the best,  but I have evolved. In the last ten years I have lost both of my brothers at a very early age and also my mother during that time. This is on my mind because this week it will be a year since my last brother died,  and my father also died 20 years ago this week as well.

The reason that I bring that up is because one can’t help but think about their own mortality as well. Now don’t get me wrong,  I expect to be around for at least another couple of decades,  but my focus for the time that I have left has changed to a point that all I am looking for in life is positiveness. I bear no ill will or malice towards anyone,  in fact quite to the contrary,  I wish nothing but joy and happiness to everyone. At the same time my last days of giving a fuck have also long since departed. There are goals that I still want to achieve,  spanking scenes that I still want to do,  and people that I still want to meet and become friends with. You don’t realize just how short our time is until someone important in your life is no longer there.

Despite what I have said above though,  I am okay. There are still days where I get sad,  and there are days when I feel incredibly lonely. I’m not saying lonely from a physical point of view,  just lonely from the mental aspect where the most important people in my life are no longer there for me to reach out to in any form. It is also why I can’t look back though,  and I have to plan ahead for what is to come. I can’t change any of the events that have happened,  none of them,  nor do I want to. There is still so much ahead and I’m looking forward to it.

Obviously you have seen my travel exploits so far over the last year,  New York,  London,  Tokyo and Reykjavik,  and there are probably even more to come in the next calendar year. I’m 56 years old now,  why wallow in misery when there is so much excitement ahead,  this is probably my last shot at doing it all so I am going to take full advantage of it. This year I have two trips planned where I am going to visit 4 countries,  but as of yet I don’t know which countries are going to be paired with each other. More than likely it is going to be various cities in Japan combined with a trip to Taiwan,  which will also include a few days in Busan,  South Korea. The other trip will be to Hanoi,  Vietnam with a stopover in Seoul on the way back. There are other countries in Asia that I would like to go to but if I’m honest my plus sized body won’t cope well in tropical climates.

This brings me onto the topic at hand though,  Spring Cleaning. You know that one thing that I have thought of? If anything happens to me then I have nobody left to take care of my belongings,  and as any spanko will be aware,  that contains a ridiculous amount of spanking material. I’ve got a box of toys of which many have never even been used,  spanking mags all over the place,  and more DVD’s that you could shake a stick at.

When I first started blogging,  virtually every spanking website out there would send me DVD’s to review online,  I mean a stupid amount of DVD’s. Plus I have a collection of my own,  but the toys,  holy moly there is a pile of them.

What I am going to eventually do is give everything away. Some of the items I might be able to sell on eBay like the magazines shown below,  but not until I have scanned them all first. Below is just a sample of the vintage ones in my collection.

The next photo which is in the magazine that is second to the right,  is a photo that has been seen online before,  but hopefully I will be able to add updated versions to the Internet. While I initially thought that a great many people have had this vision of the boyfriend getting spanked by his girlfriend’s mom for part three of MOTHER SPANKS DAUGHTER  –  THE BEST FRIEND,  I also asked myself the question  “Am I the only person in the spanking world who notices the rotary phone in the photo”?  LOL.

As I am going through the spanking magazines it has also occurred to me that many of the photos in these magazines aren’t online yet. Like I said,  what you see in the image is just a sampling of the collection that I have. I’m going to have to put a block of time away where I can start to scan everything for online preservation.

I would like to continue but the Champion’s League final is on soon. Maybe I will expand on this tomorrow,  or perhaps for my Sunday classic I will scan some pictures for you!! At least you will have something to look forward to over the coming weeks. I wanted to write more but I have run out of time so I had to truncate this. Keep your eyes peeled though,  I’m going to be giving a lot of stuff away this year.

More Book Covers

Today I started part four of my Q and A responses that have been submitted,  but the way that things are going it is going to take me quite a while to finish typing the next batch of answers up. Please continue to submit your questions though,  I love the community aspect of submitted questions and I really do enjoy receiving them,  they make blogging much more enjoyable. So the next batch of answers will be posted on Monday,  and if you would like to submit a question and get a 23 minute spanking video in return,  then please CLICK HERE to do so.

Today I am going to clear some more of my vast archive by posting another set of spanking book covers.

The first one in the list has been chosen deliberately. While the cover of this catalog denotes 1996,  you can probably find everything in this catalog over on Amazon. I’m personally a Kindle unlimited subscriber,  so whenever a new book comes out I add it to my downloads. Even if you aren’t a subscriber though,  the books are cheap enough for a digital download. Now I have no idea who owns CF Publications,  and I have no contact with them,  this is just something that I personally use and I wanted to share the love with you all. Here is the vast collection of CF spanking books that are currently listed on Amazon. CLICK HERE.

Next on the list is a French publication and I have to say that I just love the artwork depicted here. I’m normally a person who only likes modern day representations of spanking art,  with my liking of historical spanking art capping at a limit of the 1930’s. More on that will be revealed on Monday as that is the first question on my next Q and A session,  what types of spanking art do I like.

The next image really made me laugh. Not so much the image,  but the title of the book!! If ever a book was written by a man,  this would be the book,  lol.

I’m somewhat intrigued by this next book. There seems to be some kind of abstract thinking going on and I would be lying if I said that it didn’t interest me. Can you imagine a spanking mirror where you could see whatever you wanted to see during a session?

Now I have to be honest when I say that I don’t know the origin of this book simply because I can’t read French. It is possible that this book is the printed version of the French film,  La Fessee. Please feel free to let me know if you speak French and can translate it for me.

*Update: Harry from MAINSTREAM SPANKINGS has informed me that this is a movie poster and not a book cover. Thank you for the update, Harry.

This is another book that interests me. Not for the story but for the 60 photos that are inside. It sold for 15 Shillings so it is an old British book,  and I would be very interested to see the contents within the book itself. Does anyone have a copy?

Mother Spanks Daughter - The Best Friend

This is probably one of the longest short stories that I have written and it took me the best part of the day to complete and edit. Even then it is only 6,250 words long,  but it felt like I wrote 30,000 words. You have the opportunity to leave feedback if you want. At the end of part one of this story I left a form for users to submit their ideas as to what they wanted to see in part 2. Many of you will see that I have included some of those ideas as best as I can. Once you read the story,  if you feel like leaving feedback or making a suggestion for part 3 then I will welcome it all,  whether positive or negative.

You can read PART 1  <—– by clicking on the highlighted text.

There are always bits of real life that are added to stories and the reason that I chose the year 1986 was because of a film that came out in 1983. 1986 was chosen because it was the year before I moved to America. In the 1983 film,  Joysticks,  Joe Don Baker tells his fully grown daughter,  Corinne Bohrer,  that she is not to old for a spanking. It was really hot and it spoke to me of a different time. So before the story,  know that a quick one liner gave me some inspiration,  and when you picture the scene described,  here is an image from the same film of the type of panties that girls wore in the 1980’s. Now onto the story,  I hope that you like it. To avoid any confusion Brittney and Bri are the same person,  likewise Elaine and Lainey are also the same person.

Before you read the story does include a lot of memories of spankings since past,  these include M/F,  F/F,  F/M and M/M. If that is not going to interest you then just look at the panty covered spankable bottoms below and move on  🙂

Mother Spanks Daughter  –  The Best Friend

Back in 1986 it was a different time, especially in Texas. It was long before a more liberal movement started to emerge regarding the use of corporal punishment, indeed, in this particular town if you weren’t subject to spankings growing up then you were one of the unusual ones. Sparing the rod and spoiling the child was as common as hot dinners.

The fact that Elaine’s mom still spanked her at 18,  going on 19,  wasn’t entirely unheard of at all,  especially considering that Mrs. Ferris had received her last strapping at the hands of her own mother when she was 20 years old. The old premise was more common than not,  as long as you are living under this roof you will follow my rules,  and the consequences for breaking those rules would be carried out the old fashioned way.

It wasn’t the same for everyone,  it had been four years since the F bomb had dropped out of Bri’s mouth. Four years since she was last staring at the carpet as the Paternal hand stopped the spanking to draw the last remaining piece of protection down over an already well spanked bottom,  and four years since she had to carry her father’s strap to the shed with him in tow to enforce to his charge that it would be the last time she ever dropped the F bomb in his house.

Even to this day she remembers walking to the shed with tears running down her cheeks,  hoping against all hope that nobody in the neighborhood was looking out of their window as she did the walk of shame. Fourteen well placed swings of the belt later on her bare bottom had her dancing all over the shed and promising that she will never again utter a curse word. She wasn’t just promising her dad,  she was also promising herself.

Four years had passed,  and even though she was about to turn 19,  she also knew that if she ever dared mutter so much as a single curse word in front of her Father then she knew exactly where she would end up,  that much was a guarantee. The strap still hung in his room,  even though it hadn’t been used at all for nearly three whole years,  and Bri would only have to glance at it sideways for her stomach to start flipping knots. It’s not like the spankings themselves weren’t something to be afraid of anyway,  but when the strap came into play and either herself,  her brother or her sister had to carry it to the shed with their father walking behind them,  the whole process took on a whole new psychological torment. Just the mere thought of carrying the strap that was going to be applied to her own bottom would make her go weak at the knees,  and even now just catching a glimpse of it would make her blush a deep red.

The fact that Elaine still got spanked was never really spoken about,  but Bri was fully aware,  just as she was aware of all of her other friends who were still subject to some parental discipline,  so it wasn’t unusual in that aspect. So when she called Elaine’s house two days later to make plans and her mom informed her that she was grounded for breaking curfew,  it was with a sympathetic nod that Bri mentally accepted that she was grounded on a spanked bottom. With her birthday just two weeks away to the day she very meekly asked how long Elaine was grounded for. Mrs. Ferris was as astute as a fox and she knew the reason behind the question,  so she simply replied “As long as I come to an understanding with Elaine,  she will be able to attend your birthday plans,  Brittney”

Once the phone was placed on the receiver Brittney let out an audible sigh of relief. Her birthday was on a Sunday so that meant a Sunday brunch with her family,  church,  and then a rather conservative gathering with extended family members. It’s not that Bri would complain about any of that,  but she did want to spend the day before her birthday with Lainey and a few other friends. There was no guarantee that Elaine was going to be at church today,  but past history in any family where discipline was involved would generally mean that going to church would be the one social outing that was accepted and allowed. Bri was hoping deep down that she would at the very least get to briefly speak with Elaine later that day at church,  even if that was in the presence of both sets of families in a cordial environment.

It is worth pointing out that the discipline of the time was common place,  nobody considered it unusual and it wasn’t conducted in a spiteful manner. Each family had a lot of love involved with them and the belief was that the installation of traditional family values helped to steer a young ward into the right direction in life. Most practitioners of discipline were themselves once a recipient of the same set of traditional family values,  and they were all deemed valuable members of society. Whilst it wouldn’t be commonplace,  it also wouldn’t be completely unheard of for a girl in her early 20’s to get a good strapping in the barn should she consider herself a bit too big for her britches. There were many different variants of old horse straps and bridles which continued to serve a purpose long after they stopped being used on the horse in many a barn across this quiet town.

Punishments were almost exclusively conducted within the same family,  it would be very rare for it to take place outside of the home,  though of course paddling was still employed with gusto. In fact most of the kids growing up had also heard of the rumor that the church minister himself was the owner of a school paddle in his office,  a rumor that grew into an urban legend.

Twenty five to thirty years ago the urban legend was more than just a rumor,  the most trusted member of the community was indeed a man whose services were required by many families. Christian discipline was,  and in fact still is,  thought of as a necessary component in a family’s life,  and in the 1950’s it wasn’t unusual for the minister himself to spare the rod at the request of a parent,  normally in their presence. It became a practice that slowly disappeared over the years to a point that it only became a rumor,  and then became an urban legend. Nobody knew if it was really true,  except perhaps for the older folks who grew up during those formative years,  and they were not people who would ever entertain discussing such a topic.

Yes,  while in this small town everybody seemed to know their neighbor’s business,  there were in fact some secrets that were never spoken about. There wasn’t a single person who ever admitted that they were once paddled or spanked by the minister,  and there was likely to be the same amount of people who would never confess that their  “Have to meet with the minister”  proclamations over the subsequent years were far from being meetings to discuss the latest church fundraiser. The legend started thirty years ago,  the secrets of many an adult remains until this current day.

Elaine and her mom were ready in their Sunday dress to make their way to church. Elaine was very mindful of her situation and she would never want to disrespect her mom,  so she was a little apprehensive when she clasped her hands in front of her as she looked at the floor and meekly asked her mom a question in a little more than a whisper. “Mom,  I know that I am grounded until next week, but would it be okay if I ask Brittney what she wants to do for her birthday”?

Mrs. Ferris was a strict mother,  but she was also a warm,  loving person who valued friendships. She had no intention of restricting Elaine from speaking with Bri at church,  and in fact she appreciated that Elaine had respected her enough to ask for her permission first. With a warm smile she said that she could,  but also warning her not to abuse her freedom at church today. A very happy Elaine suppressed her happiness and politely replied  “Yes,  Mama”

Tim was also going to be at church today with his own family,  but unlike the two girls who wanted to talk with each other,  Tim on the other hand was decidedly in favor of minding his p’s and q’s. His goal was to wait for Elaine to call him and if he was able to make eye contact with her at church for a quick smile then he would see that as a victory. It was mostly based on his desire not to get Elaine in any more trouble than she was already in,  even though the process was a bit of a foreign concept to him that he didn’t fully understand.

The environment that Tim grew up in was vastly different to that of his girlfriend and Brittney,  he grew up in a very progressive family who did not believe in corporal punishment. His experiences in that field he could count on one hand,  well,  after overhearing Lainey getting spanked he had now started on the second hand. He was aware of friends getting paddled at school,  and while his parents did not allow that for him it actually wasn’t even something he had ever given more than a second thought to. He had only ever been spanked once in his life and that was during a sleepover by his best friend’s mom. He had often wondered if his friend’s mom had told his parents about it,  he certainly hadn’t. Tim was embarrassed about the whole affair and the only reason that he wouldn’t tell his parents was through the fear of disappointing them.

He could only look back at the incident with some humor. Despite being in the unusual position of staring at a carpet for the first time in his life,  he distinctly remembers a joke that he made to himself as his friend’s mom pulled his pj bottoms down. The silly joke being that if he hadn’t worn underwear then he would have had his bare bottom showing. The joke was fleeting of course,  it was soon replaced by the unbearable sound and feel of a maternal hand landing on its upended target. Tim would have sworn that it went on for half an hour,  but it lasted less than a minute as he howled and squirmed with all his might. He then had to watch through tear stained eyes as his friend got the same treatment,  though it was significantly longer and harder than what he himself had got.

Then there was the time that his friend,  TJ,  had got the belt from his dad the previous night before. The reason that this was memorable was because TJ quite happily pulled his shorts down to show all of his friends what his bottom looked like as if it were some type of trophy. Tim sat there in awe at the slightly faded red lines that seemed to adorn every inch of his friend’s hind end. He had also seen another friend very briefly dance a merry tune as his dad swung the belt,  but in that instance he was petrified and ran away as fast as he could after watching the thick leather belt land two times.

The most memorable spanking that he was a witness to was one that was forever etched in his mind that had happened many years ago. It was the only time that he had ever witnessed a full on spanking to that day,  and he wasn’t likely to ever forget it.

Tim was with a group of friends when one of their gang,  Micheal,  gleefully joined them. The reason for his joy was quite apparent very quickly as he announced with a tremendous amount of satisfaction that Kimberly,  his older sister,  was going to get a spanking. Tim had a huge crush on Kimberly and as his friends started to leave he hung back slyly before slowly scooting off,  his intended destination being the Smith household. It seemed like a no loss situation,  he could amble around the property and if he was caught he had an easy out,  he was just looking for his friend Michael.

Upon arriving at the house it didn’t take very long at all for him to hear that something was about to happen. All he had expected was to hear the sounds of his crush getting a spanking,  he had no idea at that time that where the spanking was due to take place was in the basement where the laundry machine was. He discovered that by listening to the scolding that was taking place and following the sound of the single voice that he could hear. When he arrived at the final location where the voice had led him to,  his mouth flew wide open as he crouched down and realized that one of the small windows to the basement would allow him a birds eye view to the scene that was just about to commence.

He had missed the part where Kimberly was pulled over her mother’s lap,  he also missed the pulling down of the white shorts that now sat puddled at her ankles. He joined the proceedings as Kimberly’s hand was firmly planted on her bottom trying to protect the seat of her way too thin sky blue nylon panties. He kneeled there peeking in through the edge of the window as the battle of the loose hand commenced. Kimberly’s mother won that battle easily and soon the offending hand was tucked under Kimberly’s own body being held there solidly by the hand of her mother,  which was also tucked under her body holding on to Kimberly’s only defense.

What happened next is something that Tim will never forget. Apparently out of nowhere,  as if Kimberly’s mother had pulled off some kind of magic trick,  a stout wooden backed hairbrush was in her hand and it was heading down as fast as lightning upon Kimberly’s barely covered fanny. Tim kneeled there in awe as the hairbrush rained down at a steady,  rhythmic pace covered every single inch of Kimberly’s bottom. He could not forget Kimberly frantic attempts to avoid the smack of the brush as her legs kicked wildly and her pleas of forgiveness got louder by the second. His eyes transfixed on the thin nylon rippling at every smack that the brush landed upon them,  and how her frantic gyrations would cause those panties to ride up and up until the hard backed brush was striking nothing but bare skin as the spanking progressed,  repeating the same pattern of covering every inch of the scarlet bottom several times over before all was said and done.

The very instant that the brush stopped descending on the well spanked fanny,  and a tearful Kimberly started to stand up,  Tim scarpered like Carl Lewis out of fear that one of them would look up and catch him spying on the spanking.

When Tim overheard his girlfriend being spanked it was the image of this particular spanking that kept running through his mind as he tried to picture Elaine getting spanked. Man,  he remembered every time he ran into Kimberly from that day forward whenever he was with Michael,  he could barely look her in the eye. However,  whenever she left them alone his eyes were transfixed and never left the bottom that he had watched getting a spanking. It was perhaps his best day ever when Kimberly left for college,  he no longer had to blush at the mere sight of her.

He was sheltered in his life from spankings,  but the sight of Kimberly getting spanked and the sound of Lainey getting spanked were two events that he could quite happily relive in his mind until the cows came home.

Everyone was at church two days after the event in their Sunday best,  once the service was over it was time for the families to socialize and catch up with one another. Tim stood close by his parents and their time at the post service gathering was going to be very short,  perhaps only ten minutes had passed before they were all in the family car heading home. That was the only time that Tim actually saw Elaine during the service,  as he was leaving,  but she didn’t see him. Elaine had seen the back of Tim’s head in the church but their eyes had not met.

As the church service attendees milled around talking to one another,  Elaine and Brittney pulled off one of their best stealth modes as they expertly inched their way step by step closer to each other. Like skilled tacticians they had soon maneuvered themselves from a small gathering into a place where there was just the two of them. They talked as quietly as they could and Brittney tried to offer up some comfort to her friend. “I’m sorry your grounded,  Lainey” she said in her best pouty face.

While Elaine had no intentions of passing the buck for her own lack of responsibilities,  she did make it known in a backhanded manner that she did have some displeasure with her friend. “If we hadn’t have stopped off for Pizza I wouldn’t be” she replied in the most non accusatory manner that she could muster.

Brittney looked like she had been stabbed with a needle. “I’m sorry” she pleaded with her friend.

Elaine let it pass and soon they were on to the fun subject of talking about the plans for the Saturday,  the day before Brittney’s birthday. The first port of call would be for Tim to pick up Bri,  and then the two of them could drive over to pick up Lainey before the three of them headed to the mall. Later that afternoon they would all meet up with other friends for an impromptu picnic in the park. The two of them didn’t have long left with their brief conversation as most of the church goers appeared to be wrapping up,  so Bri asked Elaine  “Does everything sound good”?

Lainey smiled as she was delighted to have something to look forward to,  but the little devil inside of her still wanted to pass some of the blame onto her friend for her current predicament. So before they broke up she teased Bri. “It sounds great,  Bri,  there’s just one question that we haven’t answered yet”

Bri perked up,  trying to think about what she may have missed,  before asking  “Which question is that,  Lainey”?

The devilish grin widened  “We haven’t decided who is going to give you your birthday spankings yet”

Bri chuckled and playfully punched her friend on the arm as she replied  “Uh,  like,  nobody,  HELLO”

Elaine winked as she stepped back towards the oncoming parents  “Alright,  I’ll ask my mom to spank you on Saturday morning then”

“The heck you will” a playfully alarmed Brittney said as she chased after her friend. Just before they met with their respective parents Bri grabbed Elaine’s arm and whispered in her ear  “Don’t you dare,  brat, I’m warning you”

The parents arrived and Elaine greeted her mom,  full of joy. “Hi Mom,  thanks for letting Brittney and I discuss her birthday plans in two weeks’ time,  I’ll be sure that you get a chance to wish her a happy birthday before we leave for the day”

Brittney blushed and grew feisty,  not only did her friend get the upper hand on this day,  but as she was also grounded for the next ten days she couldn’t even get a measure of revenge on her in any way possible. If looks could kill.

That night Brittney sat on her bed,  pained that she couldn’t call her best friend. Not just because of what had transpired,  but also because it was going to be an awfully long ten days not speaking with the person who she normally spoke with several times a week. However,  the elephant in the room still took over her thoughts,  much to her despair. The first thought of course being  ‘I’m glad the brat got spanked’,  but those thoughts were quickly replaced by what Elaine had suggested.

Mrs. Ferris wouldn’t spank her she thought, then quickly corrected herself with a silent laugh, actually, she probably would. She even went one step further by admitting to herself that she probably deserved a spanking anyway for the small part that she had in Elaine being grounded in the first place. Brittney quickly shook her head,  trying to erase the foolish thoughts that were swimming around in her mind. The seed had been planted though,  and try as she might it was unavoidable that she would picture a vision of herself lying over the lap of her best friend’s mom while they all laughed. The same vision was sure to appear several times over the coming week.

Day after day had passed and Bri desperately wanted to speak with Lainey. It wasn’t through any fear at all,  it was just the apprehensiveness of the unknown,  did Elaine actually say something to her mom? That question was burning Brittney up. The funny part was though,  Brittney acted as if she had no say in the matter. After all, she was an adult and she could flat out say no and move on if she wanted to. Unfortunately for her though that wasn’t how her mind worked,  she just needed to know whether Elaine’s mom planned to spank her or not for her birthday,  she just accepted it.

Elaine had virtually forgotten all about that playful conversation until the Thursday that she was no longer grounded when she went downstairs for breakfast,  two days before the Saturday in question. Elaine reached the kitchen and kissed her mom on the cheek as her mom stirred the scrambled eggs. As she headed to the table Mrs. Ferris said to her daughter that Brittney had called several times that morning already and that she wanted Elaine to call her back. As Elaine sat down at the table she jokingly announced  “She’s just worried because I told her that you were going to give her a birthday spanking” she said as she laughed.

Mrs. Ferris spoke as a matter of fact “That girl doesn’t need a birthday to get a spanking”

Elaine’s eyes bulged at what her mom said,  and she gleefully continued  “I agree mom,  so you will give her a spanking then”?

Mrs. Ferris grasped the wooden spoon that she was cooking the eggs with and playfully waved it in the air “Like she was my own daughter” before breaking out in a laugh.

It was only a playful suggestion by Elaine,  she really didn’t think about what she had said for the week prior to that morning,  and even just now it was no more than a flippant remark. She had no earthly idea that for ten days straight Brittney had pictured the scene in her head several times a day. When the two of them finally got on the phone Brittney was dying to ask Elaine if she had said anything to her mom,  it was only when the conversation was coming to an end that the topic even come up,  and it was at Elaine’s doing,  not Brittney’s. They finally confirmed their plans for Saturday and as Elaine stated that she would see her friend on Saturday morning she was sure to teasingly add  “Oh,  and mom was waving a wooden spoon this morning saying something about how you need a spanking,  just so that you know”

A thrill of excitement washed over Brittney’s body as her mouth opened,  before she spoke loudly back to her friend “There is NO WAY your mom is going to use a wooden spoon to spank me”

Elaine made a clicking sound with her mouth and finished with  “You had better be nice to her then”

Come the Saturday morning a completely unaware Tim drove over to Bri’s house to pick her up. He watched as she came down the driveway,  her ponytail bouncing behind her tied in a white ribbon,  her knee length blue summer dress flapping in the wind,  tied at the waist with a white sash. The whole ensemble complimented by her white shoes and white ankle socks that had a few rows of ruffles at the top. Thankfully she had Tim with her for the ride to keep her mind active.

When they arrived at Elaine’s everyone took their shoes off and sat at the table as Mrs. Ferris served lemonade. It became apparent to Bri pretty quickly that it had all been a ruse,  a prank played with her as the victim,  she was sure that she had nothing to worry about based on how everyone was acting. The conversation itself was somewhat mundane as they were all discussing the different things that they may do that day.

The table that they were all sat at was against the back garden window with Mrs. Ferris sat with her back to the window,  Brittney was on her left and Tim on her right with her daughter sat opposite her. As the conversation wound down the three friends all stood up to say their goodbyes,  but Elaine moved her chair a few feet away from the table. She smiled at her mom and said that they are all going to get going now,  she then turned to Bri and with a big smile added “Once Bri’s had her birthday spankings of course”

Brittney’s face blushed a deep red as she turned to face Mrs. Ferris,  and while the feeling was nowhere even close to the feeling that she used to have when she would carry her father’s strap to be used on her,  a spanking is still a spanking. She was genuinely embarrassed and wished for any potential spanking to be over with as soon as was humanly possible. Mrs. Ferris stood up from her chair and chuckled at the blushing girl  “19 today is it,  we had better get started then”

Brittney simply retorted  “Yes,  Ma’am”  as if getting spanked by your best friend’s mom was a normal everyday occurrence.

Elaine eased past Brittney and sat in the chair that her friend had just vacated while a bemused Tim sat back down as well,  completely oblivious to the back story of what was about to occur. I mean,  birthday spankings happen,  he just wasn’t expecting one to happen right now.

Mrs. Ferris sat down in the chair that her daughter had so thoughtfully moved out for her,  straightened out her skirt and then beckoned the birthday girl over. Brittney’s face was the color of a ripe tomato as she looked at the wagging finger calling her,  and without hesitation she moved forward and put herself face down over Mrs. Ferris’ lap like she had done so many times before growing up.

Mrs. Ferris put one hand on the small of Bri’s back as Bri gently grasped the bottom rung of the chair with both hands,  quite happy to let her ponytail fall over and cover her face to conceal her acute embarrassment. As she peered at Tim’s socks out of the corner of her eye she quickly bolted upright as she felt Mrs. Ferris flip the back of her dress high up onto her back,  her hand flew back and she yelled  “JESUS”

With the expertise of a seasoned pro,  Mrs. Ferris caught the flailing hand and securely tucked it into her side all in one motion,  and without hesitation unleashed eight very sound smacks upon the flimsy light blue nylon material covering Brittney’s fanny. A chorus of sounds accompanied each smack “Ohh, Oww, Ouch, Ow, No, Oww, Ouch, Oww”

Mrs. Ferris stopped as Brittney gyrated her bottom,  trying for all her might to eliminate that wicked sting permeating from it. With a very stern tone of voice Mrs. Ferris stated “We DO NOT take the lord’s name in vain in this house,  do you understand me”?

A well chastised young lady was quick to apologize  “Yes,  I’m sorry,  Mrs. Ferris,  you just,  err,  surprised me. I didn’t expect you to do that”

Almost rhetorically Mrs. Ferris responded  “You didn’t expect me to pull your dress up,  what type of spanking would that be”?

It was second nature to Mrs. Ferris,  it wasn’t even a flippant comment,  it was a genuine statement. Having been the recipient on many an occasion herself growing up,  she was fully aware that the exposure of ones panties in front of a group of other people was almost as bad of a punishment as the spanking itself was,  so it was a perfectly natural thing to do.

Taking the role of educator for a moment though,  Mrs. Ferris decided to impart some wisdom on her daughter’s friend. “If that was a surprise to you then I apologize,  Brittney,  in this house however the least you can expect is a spanking over your panties whenever you get a spanking”. Mrs. Ferris then dished out a wisecrack as well  “Lucky for you, you are wearing such cute panties today”

Brittney buried her head in embarrassment as she heard all three of them all chuckle at that comment.

One thing about Mrs. Ferris was that she was a firm believer in her daughter being responsible for her own behavior. Nobody could be assigned blame for the choices that Elaine made. With that said,  three days after that dreaded last spanking Mrs. Ferris had a meeting with her daughter and they had discussed in detail what had happened on that fateful Friday night and why she had missed her curfew. For a fleeting moment before the birthday spanking itself began,  Mrs. Ferris looked at the bubble butt staring up at her and she felt like dispensing Brittney’s share of the blame for Elaine missing curfew upon those upturned cheeks. Missing curfew was Elaine’s responsibility though,  and while both Brittney and Tim had shared in Elaine’s decision making that resulted in her missing curfew,  the responsibility was ultimately Elaine’s. Mind you,  it was just her caring maternal nature to think that both Brittney and Tim would both benefit from the same spanking that she given to her daughter for their respective roles in the event,  and she would also be more than happy to be the person delivering those sound spankings,  so she felt not an single ounce of guilt for the spanks that she had given Brittney for taking the Lord’s name in vain,  in fact there was a little catharsis to it.

Mrs. Ferris placed her hand on the thin nylon seat and asked “Are you ready”?

Tim sat there with his mouth opened and Elaine beamed from ear to ear as Brittney replied  “Yes,  Ma’am”

Tim watched the hand slowly go up and then followed it down until,  just like what he observed years before,  it came smacking down and he saw the joy of her bottom bounce and her panties ripple like it was a trip down memory lane. That was one smack,  there were eighteen to go plus one for luck and one to grow on. Tim had a problem,  he had no idea how he was going to make it through watching the entire spanking and what was worse,  even less of an idea as to how he was going to hide his own embarrassment when it was all over and they had to walk to the car. He had seen Brittney in a bikini many times but this was vastly different,  he had full view of her panties and the little ruffled ankle socks he could see kicking in the background excited him more than he could ever have imagined.

Tim hadn’t thought of spanking as something erotic up until that point,  even if he had masturbated many times over the memory of Kimberly getting the hairbrush,  he hadn’t put two and two together that the two acts were related. However,  being that he was now perhaps only five feet away and listening to the sound of a spanking up close,  and also watching that part of the female anatomy bounce and jiggle and gyrate right before his very eyes,  it was a huge turn on for him. No matter what he could do there was one thing he couldn’t do,  and that was hide the sexual excitement he was getting from watching Brittney get spanked.

Elaine didn’t seem to notice,  she had her own birds eye view of her friend’s bottom getting a spanking and it was pure delight for her. She dare not say anything,  but man did she wish her mom would spank her a bit harder. Brittney just wanted it over with,  she was praying that Mrs. Ferris would just get on with it and hurry up and finish. She had been spanked before in front of others,  indeed just like now there had been more than one occasion when visitors were watching the seat of her panties as she was spanked,  but for some reason this seemed a little different. Is it perhaps that she was older now and it was more embarrassing to get a spanking at that age,  or was it perhaps that she herself had felt some responsibility for Elaine getting a spanking and she had felt deep down that she deserved a spanking as well?

Brittney would never admit to anyone that the latter was closer to the truth than any other excuse that she could come up with,  it was something that she had ten days to think about and perhaps that was the reason why it never crossed her mind to question that her friend’s mom was going to spank her. That was a secret that she would keep to herself. It was much the same as the feeling that a lot of the older women in the small town would encounter from time to time,  and just like Brittney it was a secret that none of them would ever share with anybody. The urban legend of the Minister with a paddle in his office was an actual secret shared by a good number of women in this sleepy town,  and each of them was happy to play along that this story was just an urban legend. It was like their own little secret society. The real truth of the matter is that the feeling of repentance is something that sticks around inside of a person until it can be released,  and some of the townsfolk had personally known the most trusted man in the town for up to 30 years,  from back when their own parents would seek out the disciplinary help of the Minister,  to the secrets of today where those same people could still seek out the help of the same Minister,  only under their own terms now.

“And one for luck”

That was the pronouncement that the maternal palm had landed on the pretty blue nylon panties for the last time. A total of 29 spanks in all when you count the eight seat scorchers that started off the spanking. Luckily for Brittney the other 21 smacks were delivered at nowhere near the intensity of the first eight,  however,  the first eight did satisfy her curiosity as to how bad it could be. She wouldn’t dare confide anything that was troubling her with her father,  could she with Mrs. Ferris though?

Brittney stood and smoothed down her skirt as Mrs. Ferris reached in to hug her,  Elaine also sprang to her feet to join in the hug. Ever the opportunist,  Tim saw a window of opportunity and in a nanosecond he bolted out of his chair towards the front door,  talking as he went that he was going to start the car. He wasn’t going to respond to anything that was said to him,  he was effectively deaf,  dumb and blind at that moment. The only person who could potentially see him as he bolted from the chair was Brittney,  but he had to take the chance. If she saw the tent protruding in his shorts then he would live with it,  just as long as Mrs. Ferris didn’t see it.

When Brittney and Elaine got to the car,  Brittney made a dramatic sound of anguish as she sat down,  it was purely for comedic reasons. She loudly went into Valley girl mode and staring at her friend she stated “I am SO going to get you back for that,  just wait until your birthday”

Elaine mocked her and replied  “WHAT – EVER”

Bri turned to Tim as he began to pull away and said to him “Please spank her for me,  Tim”

Elaine laughed and put her hand on Tim’s thigh,  far too close to the problem that he was still trying to repress,  and said “You wouldn’t spank little old me,  would you sweetheart”?

Elaine left the subject right there,  she had seen more than enough as she removed her hand to know that he probably would spank her.

End of part 2

So there you have it,  if you wish to leave a comment you can do so by leaving it at the bottom of this post,  or,  alternatively,  if you would like to make a suggestion for part 3 of the story then by all means do so by using the form below. Even if that is to offer some criticisms. I put a lot of work into writing this story so I would like to get some type of feedback for it.

As you will see in the story,  I have left a lot of open ended scenarios for readers to think of a suggestion.

Elaine of course has her mom,  but her friend has also suggested that Tim spank Elaine,  and Elaine seems to know that the idea would excite Tim.

Brittney of course has admitted to herself that she actually needed a spanking,  does she want to follow up with Mrs. Ferris,  or will she fall afoul of her father and slip up with a huge NO NO cuss word?

Then we have the minister and the secret society of parishioners who have secretly visited him,  some for up to 30 years,  to receive their repentance. Who are these people? Is Mrs. Ferris a member of the Minister’s secret society?

And finally we have Tim as a wildcard, whose girlfriend seems to know that he might spank her. I also received many responses the last time as well suggesting that Tim spank the mom. However,  he is also under the spanking radar of his girlfriend’s mom,  and hopefully Kimberly and her mom never found out what he did.

The choices are yours,  and based on the last time that I ran this questionnaire the responses will be a combination of all of the various scenarios described above.

Q And A Part 3

Thank you to everyone who submitted a question to me so that they could gain full access to my SPANKING VIDEO WITH TEN. So far I have received over twenty question which will be enough for at least four upcoming posts. Now don’t get me wrong,  I fully understand that people come to my blog to look at the pictures and to read the stories,  but it is nice for me every now and then to have an area that I very much enjoy doing,  with that area being answering reader submitted questions. This is something that I enjoy doing a lot so if you have a question for me then go TO THIS POST and ask me a question and in return I will provide you access to a free spanking movie that I have stored online.

Question 1:

What’s your most memorable spanking you gave to a non spanko/vanilla?

This one is an easy question to answer, and there is also a story where you can read about the spanking. In fact now that I think about it, the very first spanking that I gave was to a non spanko so I guess that qualifies as well.

The most memorable spanking that I gave to a vanilla was at a Shadowlane party in 2010. A vanilla girl was attending the party to support her friend and over the course of a couple of days the scene was set for a room party that had a lot of spanking action,  and culminated with me getting a call at 6.30am in the morning to come to a room to give a vanilla girl her first ever bare bottomed spanking. You can read THIS STORY HERE.

Question 2:

Girl/Girl Action.

Now I had planned to skip over the next series of questions as they came across as a bit demeaning to women. However,  there are two points that I think I can make in relation to this over obsession of focusing on things one doesn’t like.

The first point is that there are now many more female spanking producers. As a person who produces his own content from time to time,  I produce it exactly as I envision it,  so why shouldn’t the girls as well? It kind of goes without saying really,  if you don’t like what is being produced,  fill your boots,  start making your own videos tailored to what you like. I admire and support any lady producing her own material and I will promote them willingly in an effort to support their efforts.

Secondly,  F/F spankings sell!!  If they didn’t sell then people wouldn’t make them. A long time ago I was in a very friendly public discussion regarding extreme severity and graphic genitalia displays in every video. In the discussion I was the person who was opposed to both aspects being discussed. The people defending the practice were producers who didn’t get their panties in a bunch because someone was questioning them,  they actually took the time to engage.

The bottom line I was told was quite simple,  the videos that I didn’t like sold ten times more than the ones that I did like. This goes for F/F videos as well,  if you look at Clips4sale under the general spanking category,  fifty percent are M/F and the other fifty are F/F. I also have an ideal spanking scenario based on a deeply ingrained feeling that I have always had,  it is simply that of a Paternal or Maternal figure delivering a good hand spanking to the seat of a mischievous girl’s panties. That’s it,  I need nothing more than that for it to be a perfect spanking. Let’s be real though,  that scenario isn’t going to sell for shit. At best I am going to find just a few minutes in every video to enjoy,  but rather than bitch about it,  I make my own videos to satisfy what it is that I like in spanking films.

Question 3:

Of all the beautiful ladies you have spanked,  who would you say took the hardest overall spanking from you with hand only?

This is a difficult one to answer because at no time have I ever spanked a girl as hard as I can,  ever. That is not where the mindset is for me so if I go over and above what I consider to be my limit then I think that I am being abusive. With an implement especially I would be hard pressed to even go at 50% of what I am capable of.

There is also this to consider,  and you won’t likely find this written anywhere else in the spanking world,  lol. At only 5’6” I’m short,  and that has a huge impact in the severity level one can deliver in an OTK position. I don’t get the torque that taller guys get,  nor the distance,  or the body posture needed to deliver a good sound OTK spanking. It is different in a standing position,  but I prefer OTK so that is what I am left with. It doesn’t mean that a spanking isn’t going to hurt,  it’s just that the playing fields are different. It is why you rarely see me spanking a girl when I am sat on a bed or a couch,  that position further regresses my lack of height and any spanking given by me on a bed or couch is always going to look pretty weak.

If I had to pick anyone I would think an easy choice would be Ellee Evergood. With Ellee I am able to go to the upper limit that I am personally comfortable with where it will still be enjoyable to me.

What sorts of spanking drawings/illustrations do you prefer?

This question will be answered in its own post later this week. It is a very good question.

Question 4:

Would you agree that the pace of a spanking makes a difference between it being serious business or frivolous flirting? For example,  I prefer the steady and solid pace,  vs the quick pats.

In the times where I take things up to a serious level the distinguishing mark for me would have to be the severity level. In serious situations I believe in the appropriate scolding to accompany the spanking,  so I will pause and scold and then delivery 15-20 really hard smacks in different locations from the upper thighs to the meaty part of the bottom.

In a private video that I did with Ellee I lifted up her skirt before she went OTK,  then I delivered six stingers to the back of her thighs in order to  “Help her with her answers to my questions”. Serious business with me is easy to spot,  I’m a playful guy by nature so anytime that I am being serious there is quite a noticeable difference. It doesn’t happen very often,  but when it does there are normally tears involved.

What’s your most real spanking that you have given a vanilla?

I’m pretty sure that this question was from the same user in the first question. When the first question was asked it was prior to the video giveaway,  so I don’t blame him for asking again to get the video!!

Question 5:

Since you are in charge of security for the party, what will be the punishment for “offenders”? A spanking?

I will keep in the spirit of the humor that the question poses. Generally when we get an offender it is normally a curious vanilla trying to enter the party,  or someone losing their badge for the 50th time.

However,  in the spirit of fun,  if I had my way,  anyone who showed up and had forgotten their badge would immediately be bent over the desk and paddled,  and then sent to get their badge. They would also earn demerits to be dished out on the final night!! Hopefully that would improve their attention to detail.

Feel free to ask me your questions,  it makes a nice change for me to break up the normal schedule of sharing rare pictures with you.

Spanking Video Giveaway

Today I am off to the Boardwalk Badness Weekend party until Monday. At the party I am in charge of security so I don’t get a whole lot of time to update the blog while I am gone. However,  I have a video up on my Google Drive that I can access on my Cell phone, so what I am going to do is do a video giveaway during my 5 day absence so that you all have something to watch while I am gone.

The video that I have chosen is TEN  –  THE SASSY PA.

To get access to the video below all you have to do is one simple thing,  ask me a question in the form below the video. I had to remove the form previously because someone was abusing the spirit in which it was meant,  but it is back up for this post. My goal here is that when I return,  and hopefully with enough responses for a series of posts,  I will make a post answering all the questions that have come in. Seems fair,  right? A simple question for a 24 minute video.

Here is the form where you can ask me a question,  I would prefer spanking related questions but it is up to you what you want to ask me. I don’t use email addresses for any reason other than to send you a link to the video which is stored in my drive. Just fill in the spots where it says  ‘Your answer’  Be creative  🙂

You will get access to the video in your email box the same day,  more than likely within a couple of hours of submitting the form.

P.S. If you abuse the spirit of this post by using the form to bitch about the spanking industry,  I’m not likely to share the video with you.

Mother Spanked Her Daughter

While it isn’t something that I post about a lot on this website,  there always seems to be a huge audience for any Mother spanks Daughter related material. If you check the  ‘popular posts’  tab in the sidebar,  almost guaranteed you are going to find the CLASSIC MOTHER AND DAUGHTER SPANKING PICS post,  and my story MOTHER SPANKS DAUGHTER  –  OVERHEARD entry as the number 1 and 2 popular posts every day. Occasionally a recent post may take over the top spot,  but within a day these two will be back at the top of the list as they are now.

From a personal standpoint I’m not the biggest fan of any family genre when it comes to the scene,  however if it is done right then I can thoroughly enjoy a Mother spanks Daughter scene. If it starts getting into the girl has to get naked and get on all fours then it squicks me out in a heartbeat. How do you feel about family related spanking dynamics?

My Newspaper Article entry today is from the Des Moine Register in 1925,  featuring the ever popular FLAPPER getting a spanking. You will find the cropped version in the main body and then underneath is the full page which you will need to click on in order to save it. The full image is massive!!

If I was a betting man,  I’m going to guess that  “Betty”  was actually a gender bending  “Bobby”  looking to read real stories of girls getting spanked.  That’s just a guess though,  I have no foundation for that claim to be true. It happens all the time in the 21st century where people get  ‘Catfished’  all the time,  in fact it happened to me once where I had arranged a playdate after having spoken to someone online for months. The person may not have been a gender bender,  I’ll never know for sure,  but I did get stood up.

Anyway,  here is the newspaper clipping. This will be added to my WINDSOR’S SPANKING FINDS album where you will find all of my other newspaper clippings that I have posted over the years.


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