My Photos

Here is an easy link to view all of my personal spanking pics:


Known Truant with Erica Corvina


Crying Wolf with Pixie


Telling Off The Boss with Lily Anna


Bubblegum Brat with Pixie


Boarding School with Lily Ann


Father Christmas with Pixie


Leia and her Uncle with Leia Ann Woods


Naughty Truants with Leia Ann Woods and Pixie


Two Choices with Vanessa


Magical Mishap with Pixie


Limerick Lesson with Juliet Valentina


Naughty or Nice with Violetta, Pixie and Juliet Valentina

My work with Audrey Knight


Currently showing on Spank That Brat is the video I shot with Audrey Knight. Just scroll to the bottom of the provided link.

Also, if you click the above picture you will be taken to Miss Audrey Spanks where you will find two videos that I am in on the blooper page. Clicking the text link will take you right to the page. Don’t worry though guys, despite the title, you won’t be seeing Miss Audrey spanking Mr. Windsor 😉 The bloopers are from the Christmas shoot that we did.

The final piece of my work with Audrey will also be featured on The Spanking Digest

Go to the following link to see all of The Spanking Digests many sites.

The accompanying video on spankingtube has nearly 100,000 hits already in only 3 weeks!!

My work with Rosybottoms


Click the links below each pic to go to the product in the picture.

Fanny Warmer

Brat Whacker

Double cheek leather paddle

Antique wooden hairbrush paddle

Ping pong style leather paddle

The House ruler — Coming Soon.