Audio Spanking

Perhaps it is because I am an older man who grew up in an era where we listened to the radio frequently, I am a huge lover of audio spanking stories. They are few and far between, in fact it is an area of my game that I need to improve as well because I have a stack of stories that I can record. So I want to draw your attention to the latest one on the Internet. Before I do that though, let me tell you what I have been up to for the last few days.

If any of you saw me in person while I was doing what I was doing, I swear most of you would say “Get a life, Rich” 🙂 I have started my own little project where I am deep scanning archived books, which involves having three tabs open to make sure that I have all sources covered. I’m starting with the 1950s and it is my goal to read every single page of every single book over the next few years. Now I do understand that I am not going to be able to search everything. By the time I am done many new books would have been added. As an example, I have already done 3 States of the entire collections of 1950s books, but I will be honest, they were very, very small States. The current State that I am searching will take an entire week of spare time, if not two weeks, to get through. I’m pretty sure that I won’t even get through the 1950s by the end of the year.

There is a payoff though!! At times I can search for hours on end without so much as finding a single spanking pic, but some of the finds that I have made are stunning spanking pics. Many of the pics that I have found (and it is less than 20 so far) are your standard, run of the mill fare, but the one that I found yesterday was worth the 18 hours or so that I have spent on my hobby for this week alone. Right on the very first page, there it was. A full page OTK pic that said something along the lines of “Upholding our principles”. I didn’t get the entire passage yet because the image was hard to download. I could have taken the reduced size and have the full page, or I could enlarge it which took away the exterior writing. Ordinarily I like to present images in full, as in every detail contained in the original image, plus any writing that accompanied it. In this instance I went with the larger version.

What I have found so far is my reward for my hard work, and I hope to find many more as time goes on.

Now then, back to audio spankings!!

Over on Dana Specht’s DOWNLOAD PAGE, you can purchase the entire 1 hour 45 minute audio spanking story that you can hear in a preview below. 105 minutes!!! It made me think of when I went to Japan to see the band BiSH. Each ticket cost me $150, though in fairness the band work their tails off and they never fail to perform for anything less than two hours minimum. Regardless though, I paid $150 twice to watch a 2 hour plus show. When it comes to an audio spanking story, you can get the same level of entertainment for a fraction of the cost, and unlike seeing a band, you can listen to it whenever you want!!

So give the trailer a listen!! I have already listened to the full story twice, it is so incredibly well done.