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What I like to do every now and then is go through some folders to see what pictures I have held onto for years without ever posting. The Kiss Me Kate spanking image today is one such item. On the properties of the image I can see that I found this one eight years ago in 2012, which means I have sat on it for eight years and haven’t given it much of a second look. Unfortunately I have hundreds of images just like this that have been sat in my archive for years.

Now I do have a KISS ME KATE folder where I add images that I have found, but I will be really honest with you, I couldn’t give much of a hoot about the folder. It has never been a favorite scene of mine and I only add images from the play if I think that I might have something new to offer. Mostly that is in the form of newspaper clippings that I have discovered and downloaded.

Anyway, for those of you who do enjoy Kiss Me Kate spanking pics, please enjoy today’s offering from seventy years ago.

5 thoughts on “From The Archive

  1. I guess I like KMK better than some of the others just because of the expressions and positioning. This one does look like they were trying to copy the album cover of Patricia Morrison and Alfred Drake and I enjoy her expresdion. Of course I always enjoy a spanker smiling as he does warm to his work.Thanks for sharing and have a great day.

  2. Hi Jim,

    I only wish I could remember where this image came from. The only thing that I marked on the image was Maryland 1950, so I have no earthly idea who is in the image. My goal is to try and release some of the material that I have sat on for years and never get around to posting.

  3. Ron,

    Perhaps he hasn’t started yet 😉


    I like that idea better. How many times is enough? There can never be too many times 🙂


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