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F/M Friday 65

Dude doesn’t post for weeks and now he is posting daily? LOL.

This past week I have been looking at an AI story generator. Now for my scripts for my Youtube channel I generally put into an AI for the purposes of editing it. What normally happens is I put a three page script in to be edited, and the AI spanks out a version that is about half the length of what I wrote. This is vital for my videos because I need to put a lot of narration into relatively short videos. The AI output is actually my writing, the AI just condenses it into a shorter form.

Obviously these AI sites are not very friendly when it comes to spanking material, but with a lot of effort and manipulation from what I can tell, you can get a half decent spanking story out of it. Well lo and behold I found a story generator this week that is void of the normal censors these type of sites generally put on, and they can be quite strict sensors at that. The site I found though doesn’t seem to have any, at least not in the terms of a spanking story.

My days of actually writing stories seem to be behind me, or at least at present I don’t have the motivation to do so. The only encouragement the blog seems to give are comments such as “Good story, now write me another one” 🙂

So tomorrow I am going to give it a shot. I will put instructions into the story generator and then whatever it turns out I will share with you all. It won’t be a proper story like I normally write, but it should be fun to see. I will share the links where the idea for this concept came from tomorrow.

F/M Friday 64

There was a small change that happened in last year that I had barely noticed. For the longest time the F/M COLLECTION page on this site was the most viewed page (outside of stories). It is still a close second however my PLAYFUL SPANKINGS folder has now taken over as the most viewed page on the site.

Obviously a big part of that is because I rarely add any pics to the F/M page, in fact this is my first F/M Friday post since October. For those who don’t know the difference, what you are reading is a post, the pages are permanent places on this website where I build my collections.

Anyway, for those of you who enjoy these types of pics, even those of you who pretend you don’t 🙂 Here is episode number 64 which is taking place on the beach. Top marks to the photographer who captures the arm in full swing!

F/M Friday 63

If you come to this site on a Friday solely for the weekly F/M pic, you will have to pardon me and indulge me for a second, but damn if I wouldn’t want to grab that paddle from her hand and give her six of the best on the spot myself, lol. It’s almost as if she is reading the viewers minds 🙂

This will be added to my F/M COLLECTION page, which always surprises me that it is the most viewed page on this website (other than the homepage).


F/M Friday 62

As you can see I am trying to get back into the swing of things. I even looked for some new pics last night, that was the first time in months that I started looking for new material. This was the old fashioned way as well, going through books page by page. There was only one birthday spanking pic that I found, but it was better than nothing.

Anyway, it looks like band practice has upped it a level, it appears someone wasn’t playing the drum correctly.

F/M Friday 61

Imagine there’s no spanking!!

This image was one that I posted way back in 2009, but the copy that I originally posted was dreadfully poor. Thankfully it was recently uploaded to Ebay and as you can see here, it is a crystal clear image.

I have no idea who is paddling John Lennon here, nor do I care much. Click on the image itself for the full sized pic and I will add this to my F/M COLLECTION folder.

Birthday Bonanza 4 – F/M OTK

Question 1: Can you tell me more about the tennis coach spankings? I haven’t heard about that one, happy bday!

Answer: I have read countless stories where the Female spanker is referred to as a tennis coach, former tennis coach or a tennis player. The emphasis of course is to embellish the strength of their arm.

Question 2: Rich: Happy belated birthday. I’m a big fan of spanking stories and videos when a younger male spanks an older female m/F. Could you direct me where I can find these type of stories ? Thanks

Answer: Hi, unfortunately, and this is just a personal preference, I don’t even read stories with that dynamic! The only place I know where you are likely to find multiple stories with that dynamic is the SPANKING LIBRARY. There may be blogs out there that feature that, but unfortunate as I said above, I don’t read stories like that so I have never searched for them.

The form below is anonymous, if you see your email address just known that it isn’t submitted, alternatively, simply open this page in an incognito tab and you can submit it anonymously.

Day number 4 of the birthday bonanza spanking pics, and today, being Friday, I will share with you the usual F/M Friday post, only this week it is three pictures instead of one.

F/M Friday 60

“No running in the halls” screamed the hall monitor as she swung her paddle at a passing butt, albeit with a huge playful smile on her face.

Less than a handful of days left now in my 50s, on Tuesday I turn the big 6-0. All 20 birthday posts have already been made and scheduled to run until June the 11th, including a set of three F/M OTK pics next Friday for those of you who come here specifically for the weekly F/M COLLECTION series.

I haven’t made a post for Monday yet, but I will certainly get one up the day before the birthday series begins to say goodbye to the 50s.

F/M Friday 59

This is the 9th day in a row that I have given you a brand new spanking image, and in 10 days time you will get a bonanza of at least 21 days in a row where I will post 3 images each day. That’s twenty days for the birthday bonanza plus an additional day before the theme begins.

For those of you who come here for the F/M COLLECTION, and I know that there are lots of you because it is the most viewed folder on my website, the birthday bonanza is going to interrupt the F/M Friday spanking posts. Not completely though. Next Friday the theme for the three birthday bonanza images is F/M OTK spankings, and then on June the 2nd I have a beach spanking post in which one of the three pics is an F/M spanking, which is what you would normally get each week anyway. Only June the 9th, the 18th day of the birthday bonanza, will there be no F/M spanking pic.

Right, I have to get posting. As of today I have only made one pre-post for the birthday bonanza so I still have 19 more posts to make.

The image this week is a schoolroom OTK spanking. Now, are the couple reliving the good old days? Or is this in fact the good old days? If you guessed the latter then you are probably correct, but the guy doesn’t seem to be minding having his bottom spanked all that much, not judging by the smile on his face.

I can’t help but wonder however the look on the woman’s face. It is almost like she is asking the cameraman “Do you have enough pictures yet”? And once the affirmative is given she will follow it up with “Good! Right young man, let’s get these pants down and we shall wipe that smirk off your face”

F/M Friday 58

It’s that time once again for you lovers of F/M spankings to get your weekly rare spanking find, and this week I have a unique little picture for you.

Of course there is no background story like all pictures that are found on Ebay, so we are left up to our own imagination as to who is spanking who. Is this a mom or aunt? Or is it likely that this is one of the neighbors? It could even be the boyfriend and the girlfriend’s mom, with the girlfriend taking the picture!! Which reminds me, I really need to start working on episode four of my Mother spanks Daughter series.

This will be added to my F/M COLLECTION folder.