A Delightful Saturday

Kat St. James was one of those young women who I never got the chance to play with properly. We did do a fun little photoshoot one time where I got to playfully spank her, so I guess that counts, but I would have loved to have made a film with her. She is one of those people who is super friendly and is really kind when talking with others, I had a lot of time for her, as I do for people like her.

This picture of course is a delight to see however, because as nice as she was, Kat was still naughty enough to need a spanking every now and then. I tend to love pics like this one, pics that clearly show that a pair of panties offers no protection at all 🙂 Hopefully, wherever she is, I hope that she is still getting wake up calls like this one 😉 Click on the image for the full sized version.

One thought on “A Delightful Saturday

  1. Indeed she was amazing and beautiful and so spankable. Love the shout out to the panty spanking wow just incredible and her bottom is perfect in a panty.

    Nice Sunday wake up thanks sir.


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