Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 103

There are going to be a number of posts this week, I just don’t know in what order they are going to be posted in. More than likely I will post the top ten stories of 2020 tomorrow, and then on Tuesday I have a new story to post. Now when I say new story, I actually wrote it about 17 years ago, but I never posted it anywhere. It was sitting there in one of my archives and I rediscovered it last year. The story follows the same format as many of my other stories, one that is playful and fun and is focused on a young woman’s birthday. Like I said, just expect anything extravagant, it is just me enjoying what I like in our lifestyle.

Now I do want to do a follow up post to one of my top 20 posts of 2020, and that is the PAJAMAS AND PANTIES post. After posting the top 20 I focused my own personal time on the pajamas and panties post and watched my favorite scenes over and over again. As I mentioned before, the pajama spankings of Ten and Adriana in their respective DANA SPECHT spanking videos are two of my favorite scenes, and I edited the videos into one video that just features my favorite parts. As I have said a thousand times already, I am a connoisseur of clothed spankings, so to be able to create my own full length video of just that from those two Dana Specht videos is a great feeling. It is a bit reminiscent of MY FAVORITE SPANKING VIDEO which is Tony and Eve – A College Fantasy. Likewise in that film there are a plethora of clothed spankings, whether it be on a skirt, slip or panties. There is even one part where Eve is wearing two pairs of panties and is spanked on each of them.

That’s actually where I got sidetracked on New Years Day, but not with the Tony and Eve video which I have watched a hundred times already. Now I don’t have the full video, I only have the clips that Dana has posted on her website, but I got distracted by Dana’s video DISCIPLINED DAUGHTER IN LAW 2. In that video, Dana’s daughter in law has been on a panty stealing spree whilst out shopping, and Dana gets to the bottom of it by spanking her over all five pairs of panties, then 4, then 3 and so on, until all that is left is an ultra skimpy pair of nylon panties. I don’t want to get carried away right now though, I will save that for later in the week, but we will have another “Richard Windsor really likes” video by the end of the week 🙂

So let us post the Sunday Candid for this week, and hopefully it is something new for you. The spanking comes from the play “Icebound” which is a new find for me. Emphasis on the words “New find for me”. Now the play ran from the 1920’s until the 1990’s but this is the only spanking image that I can find from the play. So that leads me to believe that this was just a one off, localized spanking for this version of the play.

Be sure to pay attention to the spanking hand. The extra person in the background threw me off for a while, you will notice that the Maternal spanking hand of the woman sat down is up by her own ear, ready to come crashing down. This will be added to my VARIOUS SCHOOL PLAYS spanking folder.